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Six Days to Friday

Written by: on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008. Follow Edsel Walker on Twitter.


Saturday morning, breakfast with the Bulldogs. Every Saturday the team meets for a review of Friday nights game. The team watches the game film of the district two championship victory over Abington Heights. The team eats Georgie’s Bagels. The bagels are provided free all season long. Coach Campbell talks about Wilson and Bangor of district 11. The winner will be at Wilkes Barre Meyers Stadium Friday night, to face the Dawgs. The district 11 title game is postponed until Sunday.

Sunday morning. Campbell is in the office at Crispin Field before 8:00 am. He watches film of the regular season Bangor – Wilson match up. Wilson wins, 50 – 40. The assistant coaches begin arriving. They will drive to Easton to scout the 1 o’clock match up. Wilson wins 34 – 0. The Berwick staff is impressed with Wilson QB, Tyler Smith. The junior signal caller has thrown for 35 touch downs.

Monday afternoon. Defensive coordinator, Keith Seely sits with defensive line coach Jason Kalbach, they are looking at Wilson’s offensive formations on a legal tablet. Gary Campbell is passing out packets of information of Wilson’s stats and tendencies. Coach Andy Mihaly says that the Wilson passing game gives everybody headaches. The team lifts weights and then hits the field for practice.

Tuesday afternoon. Many of the players have cut their hair, mohawk style, in a display of unity. I can only hope it makes them aero dynamic when they bring their hats ( helmets ) to block and tackle Friday night. A Georgetown University Coach is watching practice and asks about Ryan Coordingly, Brandon Welsh and Ryan Sitler. After almost two and half hours on the practice field, the team watches film. Campbell asks the team how many of them are on the honor roll this marking period? 26 hands shoot up. Stat of the week.

Wednesday afternoon. The Dawgs are focused and intense. The practice is inspiring to watch. The team hits the blocking sled with such ferociousness that Coach Scott Dennis wonders if the sled will survive. Campbell remarks what a great week of practice this has been.

The Dawgs defense must be physical and the offense will have to run the ball. The scheme is simple. Hit the Warriors in the mouth.

Thursday evening. As is the tradition, the Dawgs eat dinner together before practice. The booster club mothers serve pasta and meatballs. Hot tea is also on the menu. Campbell tells the team that mouths are for talking and pads are for hitting. It’s time to stop talking. The team hits the field for a walk through practice. Special teams, offensive and defensive game plans are choreographed. Kick off is 24 hours away and the team is sky high with energy and emotions.

Friday morning. The Wilkes Barre newspapers focus on the offensive struggles of the Dawgs. The 41 point scoring average of Wilson gets more attention than the 10 points a game that Berwick gives up on defense.

Friday afternoon. Jim Beaver and Lester Vandermark load the teams equipment on the bus. The team leaves for Wilkes Barre at 4pm.

Friday night. The Berwick defense sacks Tyler Smith 6 times and intercepts him, 3 times. The Dawgs celebrate a 13 to 6 upset victory.

Saturday morning. The team meets for breakfast and film review. Campbell charts the weeks practice schedule. There are 6 days to Friday.


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2 Responses to “Six Days to Friday”

  1. Coach says:

    You do a great job Ed! Your heart bleeds true Berwick and the team, coaches, and community appreciates it! Go Dawgs!

  2. WAalum says:

    Nice article. It really shows a lot of what goes into preparing for Friday night’s game.