Playoff Pressure Builds

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The second week of the post season did not disappoint local high school football fans as there were several so called upsets of high seeded teams. The weather cooperated with cool and dry conditions and that should be the case again this Friday.

It is now time to dive right in with predictions on five of the most competitive contests this week.

Playoff week two predictions were below average with only two of the five teams winning as predicted. Abington and Neshaminy advanced as predicted while Pennsbury, West Chester Henderson and Pottsgrove all dropped hard fought contests and failed to win as predicted.

The last seven years the prognostication record stands at 353-148 while going 36-19 for this season and 7-3 this post season.

The top game to watch in District One AAAA this weekend could be the clash between the Perkiomen Valley Vikings visiting the North Penn Knights. If you were to look at the pre playoff seeding these two teams should not have advanced to the third playoff week. As we should all know by now high seeds are of little value on the field. The Vikings dominated number ten seed Central Bucks West last Friday night with a 60-20 win. This week will be a much tougher challenge for Coach Scott Reed. The North Penn Knights may have lost their first three games of the season but have not lost another contest. Last Friday they traveled to Pennsbury to face the undefeated three seed. The Knights took an early lead and never looked back with a 31-21 victory. It is hard to see how the Vikings can contain running back Nyfease West and QB Austin Shearer while they are on their present hot streak.

North Penn  35  Perkiomen Valley  20

The next playoff showdown to watch has the Abington Ghosts seeking to advance over the hometown Neshaminy Redskins. The Ghosts made it to this week’s game by winning on the last play of the game over top seed Garnet Valley 26-21. Garnet Valley led this contest all the way until Abington QB David Kretschman hit receiver Khari Jefferson in the end zone for the winning score. The Redskins D’Andre Pollard exploded with four TD runs and 178 yards in a 56-27 win over Spring-Ford. Look for the Neshaminy ground game to carry them to the District One AAAA final next weekend.

Neshaminy  41  Abington  23

The rest of the fearless forecast:

Glen Mills  27  Academy Park  20

Schuykill Haven  38  Bristol  27

Southern Columbia  31  Old Forge 28

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19 Responses to “Playoff Pressure Builds”

  1. Joker1 says:

    Buddy, PV scored 4 more then I thought and NP scored 5 lees then I predicted.

    #11 was a problem in the first half, then shut down after half! Then he was ejected for punching a NP player after he tackled him.

    As predicted the 3-5 defense gave up lots of 5,10, yes runs.

    NP was again efficient and his receivers made great catches and runs.

    Tough task next week, goal should be to contain the running game and win the turn over game.

    NP is playing as good as any other team left in the tournament.

  2. Brian says:

    please don’t just state the refs were one sided, a freaking chopblock on the 1 yd line really, thats never called, just like the bush push. don’t make it seem the refs favored one over the other, they were equally horrible. enjoy the win old forge deserves it, their 2 way starters on the line impressed me because they didn’t tire and SCA’s’ one way starters weren’t able to do much. SCA didn’t score after pinning old forge at the 1 on the punt to start the 4th and they went 3 and out, SCA had the ball at the old forge 31 and couldn’t do squat with it. Thats when I said SCA would lose the game. again congrats on the win, old forge probably will end up in hershey against sto-rox if they play like they did tonight

  3. DougD says:


    OLD FORGE 19

    Awesome game keeping the PRIDE of the Lackawanna
    Football conference ALIVE !!!!!
    Despite facing a solid Southern team
    The Devils faced an even worse opponent
    The REFS !
    Sooooo many BAD calls against Old Forge
    but they were better then both odds

    Old Forge 22
    Schulykill Haven 0
    Good luck Devils –
    Believe it ……Achieve it …!!!!!!!

  4. Joe Stokes says:


    Watch the Football Game Live Stream

    Friday, November 22, the Wilson Bulldogs Varsity Football team will take on Lower Dauphin at Gurski Stadium for District 3 Semi-finals. Can’t be there in person? Watch the Live Stream beginning at 7:00 p.m. at This stream is brought to you by Wilson Media Productions. Go Bulldogs!

  5. Buddy says:

    Fortunately I already have tickets.
    The daughter works at PV.
    If PV wins, it would be their biggest victory in school history.
    Hate to tell you, I doubt that will happen.
    My Knights are playing red hot right now!

  6. Perk Valley '75 says:

    @ Buddy I’ll be at PV-NP also. If you can’t make it, you can listen on:
    There should be a huge crowd there. You’d better leave Barto around noon if you want a seat! Lucky for me I now live in Lansdale. I was thrilled when NP beat Pennsbury. 5 minute ride instead of a 50-60 minute ride, plus it will be a great game. PV and NP haven’t played since 1985 and NP holds an 11-4 series advantage with 7 of the victories coming via shutout. Of course, that was a looong time ago.
    GO VIKINGS!!!!!

  7. Joe Stokes says:

    It appears that you can see playoff games on Saturday & Sunday night delayed broadcast streaming video. Does not indicate specfic contest.

  8. eric says:

    My picks are catty 35-20 parkland 38-35 bewick 28-13

  9. yeahyeah says:

    Go Old Forge!

  10. Buddy says:

    I hope your right and I’m wrong, that’s for sure.

  11. Jim says:

    That’s right a mission. Look out. SCA ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

  12. Joker1 says:

    I hope it doesn’t rain Buddy.

    Saw PV QB and I think he is a triple threat. He has a good arm, but he is inaccurate at times. I would expect NP to make changes to manage the passing game. They beat Rustin and West on busted 60 plus yd TDs. In both games they punted 3/5 times. You can’t give NP the ball back that much without scoring. The NP D is really playing well and should pick off a few balls.

    They have a lot of key players (like 6 or so) going both ways and I think that will take its toll on PV by half time.

    The PV 3-4 D and blitzing LBs won’t work against NP. West will burn them more then once.

    I’m thinking more like a 3/4 TD game.

  13. ragone says:

    @dougD…. southern looks like their in one of those mission’s again, just too much for old forge…. I think some still believe troy isnt contender, i think their a sleeper team….berwick should win this week by two scores, their only real threat is how they handle the ride down, seeing how they havent traveled lately…

  14. footballdad2014 says:


  15. Buddy says:

    Thanks Joker,
    I live in Barto, near Gilbertsville, but I have Dish TV, not sure if I get PCTV.
    I plan to go to the game anyway, unless it rains. I’m not that avid!
    PV has the best QB in the District ( not even debatable). With him he has several outstanding receivers. If NP has an archilles heel, it’s pass defense. What do I think? NP by 1 TD.

    Having said that, another prediction:
    NP will be in the Eastern Final against the Prep.
    Trust me, it will be a close game.

  16. DougD says:

    My predictions

    Southern Columbia 32
    Old Forge 17

    Also I predict that Berwick will win
    And also Lake Lehmen will
    Win 22-20

    Congrats to my Lakeland Chiefs
    Who again reached the district championship
    On a down year.
    Next season starts NOW in the weight room
    GO CHIEFS !!!!
    Also congrats Lakeland freshman fooball
    Who finished their season 10-0
    Beating formally unbeaten Riverside
    In the Championship game
    Lakeland’s football future will shine again !

    Good luck to all teams and may God
    Keep all safe !

  17. Joker1 says:

    Buddy, PCTV (Pottstown) will be airing the NP/PV game.
    I think they have live stream capabilities if you don’t live in that area, just not sure if the game will be live or shown later that night.

  18. Joe Stokes says:

    Hi Buddy

    Can’t find any live video scheduled yet but last week’s game involving North Penn was shown on this site.

  19. Buddy says:

    Will any of these games, particually NP/PV game, have live streaming?