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PA Football Writers’ All-State – CLASS A

Written by: on Monday, December 22nd, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.



Ryan Williams, Clairton – 6-0, 170 senior
Michael Shuster, Camp Hill – 6-3, 190 junior
Mike Pietropola, Wellsboro – 6-2, 190 senior

Running Back
Caleb Kephart, Portage – 5-8, 175 senior
Dominick Bragalone, South Williamsport – 5-11, 210 senior
Sam McCloskey, Bishop Guilfoyle – 5-11, 189 senior
Lamont Wade, Clairton – 5-10, 185 sophomore
Braden Fochtman, Berlin Brothersvalley – 5-8, 165 junior
Grant Syster, Purchase Line – 5-10, 196 senior

Wide Receiver
Aaron Mathews, Clairton – 6-5, 185 junior
Jeff Yordy, Nativity BVM – 6-1, 180 senior
Riley Thomas, South Williamsport – 6-0, 165 senior

Tight End
Matt Gormley, Bishop Guilfoyle – 6-2, 238 senior

Offensive Linemen
Brandon Vocco, Portage – 6-1, 293 senior
Sam Buck, South Williamsport – 6-2, 275 senior
Chris Burkhart, Clarion – 6-1, 240 senior
Cody Nelson, South Williamsport – 6-4, 250 senior

Bill Williams, Camp Hill – 5-5, 168 sophomore
Brandon Roda, Iroquois – 5-8, 180 senior

Alex Gallaher, Camp Hill – 5-8, 160 senior

Defensive Linemen
Joe Damiano, Marian Catholic – 6-0, 270 senior
Andrew Berger, Bishop Guilfoyle – 6-4, 255 senior
Corey Souryavong, Old Forge – 5-11, 230 senior
Hunter Herb, Tri-Valley – 6-1, 230 junior
Dante Paul, Berlin Brothersvalley – 6-2, 225 junior

Tim Garlitz, Meyersdale – 6-2, 193 senior
James Lingenfelter, Kane – 6-0, 210 senior
Nick Sully, Marian Catholic – 5-11, 190 senior
John Peters, South Williamsport – 5-10, 195 senior
Anthony Snyder, Tri-Valley – 5-10, 180 senior
Greg Popatak, Sharpsville – 6-1, 200 senior

Defensive Back
Brandon Chadbourn, Bishop Guilfoyle – 6-1, 194 senior
Jaden Buchanan, Tri-Valley – 6-3, 175 junior
Ben MacDonald, Ridgway – 6-0, 195 senior
Bryce Zaparzynski, North Penn-Mansfield – 5-11, 185 senior

Michael Hope, Camp Hill – 6-1, 200 senior
Austin Myers, Conemaugh Township – 5-11, 190 junior

Player of the Year: Dominick Bragalone, South Williamsport
Coach of the Year: Justin Wheeler, Bishop Guilfoyle

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6 Responses to “PA Football Writers’ All-State – CLASS A”

  1. Billy Splain says:

    @ Tremaine….we don’t make the state teams, we just print them. It’s up to the local press to nominate players. Obviously the local press there dropped the ball.
    Glenn..Bragalone is a good back, no doubt. But not all rushing record breakers are D1 talent. I don’t understand recruiting fully, but there has to be a reason Bragalone doesn’t have a D1 offer…

  2. Glenn says:

    Hey Rob, Bragalones best games were against the best teams on the scedule & in the playoffs. He averaged over 390yds a game in the last three games of his career. O’Brian had up for three visits last year. As for what level he is on, people who have been covering high school football for decades say he’s one of the best they have ever seen, including former NFL RB Gary Brown & current NY Giant Henry Hynoski. Lets see in 4-5 years who has better college stats. Franklin seems to want a bunch of Percy Harvin types who when they get hit hard are going to be watching from the sidelines more than they are going to be playing between them. If you didnt know it before, this season showed in the Big 10 you better be able to run between the tackles in October & November & 170lb tailbacks just arent going to get it done 20-30 carries a game & be healthy enough to play an entire season.

  3. rob says:

    glenn you can post those numbers all you want but he played a crap schedule and is not on the same level as some of the running backs PSU is bringing in. If you’re going to slam Franklin you might as well slam Pitt and Temple, two lesser programs, who didn’t even offer him. Even Bucknell hasn’t extended an offer yet.

  4. Glenn M. says:

    To echo Jasons point, about the 8th week of the season I looked on Maxpreps & Dominick Bragalone was nowhere to be found among the listings for state or national rushing leaders. At the time he was leading nationally by a sizeable margin, with fewer carries than the next highest back.
    I find it curious that Penn State under James Franklin has shown no interest in a back who weighs 210lbs, benches over 400, runs a 4.4 (40 timed at Penn State this past summer), who can catch & return kicks. Instead they have been looking at a kid who is 40 lbs lighter, benches nowhere near what Bragalone does & isnt any faster. I hear Rutgers is in the running for the two time player of the year & though a life long PSU fan, if Franklin doesnt make a good faith effort to get this kid, I hope he gashes PSU every time he faces them.

  5. jason peters says:

    There is no doubt that this format is strange. how can AAA have 5 offensive lineman selected and A have only four offensive-lineman selected in the entire state! Since there is no second and third team selections no more this totally makes no sense to me. Pa is definitely falling behind some other states as far as organization in high school football; And this goes to show in the recruiting circles as there is some TV markets alone in Florida and Georgia that have more D1 recruits than the entire state of PA!

  6. tremaine jordan says:

    How are there no Pius x Athletes on here?? Not one? I really think you missed some kids!!

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