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PA Football Writers’ All-State – CLASS AA

Written by: on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.







Brett Brumbaugh, South Fayette – 6-4, 195 senior

Kyle Datres, Loyalsock Township – 6-1, 185 senior

Tyler Perone, Seton-LaSalle – 6-3, 200 senior


Running Back

Hunter Hayes, South Fayette – 6-0, 190 junior

Keith Batkowski, Montoursville – 5-8, 155 junior

Kaezon Pugh, Aliquippa – 6-1, 205 junior

Donte Simmons, Bristol – 5-9, 180 senior

Colin Holmes, Dunmore – 5-7, 155 sophomore


Wide Receiver

Cam Richardson, Northwestern Lehigh – 5-9, 168 senior

Kyle Haines, Western Wayne – 6-2, 195 senior

Timmy Davis, Central Cambria – 6-2, 174 senior

Tevin Murray, North Schuylkill – 6-5, 192 junior


Tight End

Logan Sharp, South Fayette – 6-3, 220 senior

Nick Bowers, Kittanning – 6-4, 240 senior


Offensive Linemen

Connor McGovern, Lake-Lehman – 6-4, 280 junior

Dan Drewes, Dunmore – 6-2, 280 senior

Ryan Podgorski, South Park – 6-6, 275 senior

Trent Donlan, Southern Columbia – 5-10, 270 senior

Dan Harrison, Loyalsock Township – 6-3, 305 junior



Tre Tipton, Apollo Ridge – 6-1, 175 senior



Max Reed, Lewisburg – 5-10, 160 senior

Hunter Wirth, Newport – 5-10, 180 senior



Defensive Linemen

Karamo Dioubate, Prep Charter – 6-4, 260 junior

Tim Drewes, Dunmore – 6-3, 280 senior

Arrington Gipson, Aliquippa – 6-2, 300 senior

Saul Wilkins, Wilkes-Barre GAR – 6-0, 235 senior

Duane Boone, Tyrone – 6-2, 190 senior



Tre Nelson, Palmerton – 6-1, 225 senior

Logan McKeag, Montoursville – 5-8, 163 junior

Billy Barnes, Southern Columbia – 5-9, 160 senior

Major Jordan, North Schuylkill – 6-1, 200 sophomore


Defensive Back

Noah Osman, Chestnut Ridge – 5-11, 150 senior

Drew Newcomb, Lewisburg – 5-11, 180 senior

Ryan Markle, Bermudian Springs – 5-10, 165 senior

Andrew Pryts, Hickory – 6-2, 195 junior

Isaac Lutz, Berks Catholic – 5-11, 180 junior



Thomas Paolini, Wyomissing – 6-1, 195 senior

Taylor Breininger, Northwestern Lehigh – 5-11, 170 senior


Player of the Year: Brett Brumbaugh, South Fayette

Coach of the Year: Jack Henzes, Dunmore

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9 Responses to “PA Football Writers’ All-State – CLASS AA”

  1. coltfan says:

    Some valid points regarding the North Schuylkill selections. I agree that Nate Gadinski of North Schuylkill was the best Offensive lineman in small school football in the eastern Part of the state and Probably hands down. He is not the 6foot 5 300 pounder that D1 recruits are looking for; However he was very dominating in Class AA. Major Jordan is a good player but a little overrated as he has the catchy name which writers can remember and is only a sophomore. I think the Single A selection Nick Sully from our Marian Colts had a better season than him. As far as Tevin Murray he was 6foot5 or 6 from what I gather and it was not a real challenge in the anthracite league when 85 percent of the players in the secondary are 5foot10 or under. Our(Marian) tallest kid with secondary experience was by far 6’3″ Angelo Maskornick who actually played Defensive End against North Schuylkill.
    One other kid I seen this season that should of made All State was Wyatt Clements at Linebacker. Lehighton seems to get no credit statewide at all.
    Which confused me the most was the selections from the republican from what I seen they selected North Schuylkill’s least talented starting offensive lineman as an All area lineman. Also the Blue mountain selection made me wonder what film these writers were watching as he was not even their best lineman. This kind made me kind of confused. I feel Marian’s Joe Damiano and some other NS lineman should of made the all area offensive team. Pick the best kids for the positions!

  2. drleach says:

    Sorry, try this website instead of the one in the previous posting:

  3. drleach says:

    Agreed NS89 If you look at the most credible all star teams in the lower Anthracite that Gadinski kid was named Offensive Lineman of the year, First team Defensive line and this team was selected by the Schuylkill County Coaches association and not wanna be sports writers. These guys made their picks based on film and actually playing against the all star squad selections. Check out:


  4. WW Fan says:


    I agree with you about many great QB’s getting left of this list. Western Wayne had a QB throw for 2,122 yards in 11 games, Not only did he throw for that many yards but he completed 64 % of his passes. He is a true pocket QB, good thing for him he is a sophomore. But how many Sophomores put up those numbers?

  5. d3fan says:

    Hey NW, NWL & SCA guys – at least you got two guys each on the team – Wyomissing was within 1 play of going to Hershey and got one – just like in 2012 when Wyo won it all and had one – seems wrong.

  6. Brian says:

    Southerns’ offense missed their top 4 offensive weapons. 1 wide receiver, and 3 running backs went down throughout the season. I think they did just fine using their 4th, 5th, and 6th running backs depth wise and their #2 or 3 wide receiver. I think SCA could’ve given both teams in the AA state finals a game if healthy, but thats the name of the game, injuries happen and SCA wasn’t able to overcome them.

  7. John says:

    *going against kids in different classes in the South fab 22…*

  8. John says:

    you got to look AT THE competition, many great dual-threat QBs in AA and they all got left off because of Brumbaugh and the Loyalsock QB were excellent. The SLS QB not making all-South Fab 22 but making this list is kind of weird but he was going against kids in different kids in the South Fab 22 team. Payton Fath was another really good dual-threat QB that got left off. Braydon Toy from Kittanning, Zach Royba, etc. The fact NS got a WR on the list is kind of a nod to the QB.

    No guard is normally going to make all-state. I bet all those kids play tackle. Maybe the 5-10 kid from Dunmore isnt a tackle, the other 4 surely are. I assume NS must run plays where their guard pulls a lot? Still, you just arent going to see many guards or centers make that team, the writers think the tackles are the top OL. Centers actually have a better shot than guards, I havent looked but maybe PCC’s center made it in AAAA. kind of surprised Gipson from Aliquippa wasnt recognized both ways, OL/DL.

    Welcome to AA football.

  9. nsfan1989 says:

    I have been a North Schuylkill fan for over 42 years and played for the Spartans in the late 80s. I was at every game this season including playoffs and I do not understand the All state selections from my own team!
    Nathan Gadinski from North Schuylkill should of made this team.. Totally no offense to nearby Southern’s Trent Donlan as he is good to. But Gadinski at Guard was more exciting to watch in 2014. North Schuylkill at 11-1 rushed for over 2500 yards behind pretty much running behind him all year long. The Spartans had pretty much a first year starting running back John Rupinski who rushed for 1600 yards and24 TD’s mostly because of this line play. No offense but Doutherns production on offense was not the southern Columbia of old this season. North Schuylkill production was much more impressive making Gadinski a better selection. The Sports writers need to do more research before they make their selections in my educated opinion.

    Bobby Grigas should of got consideration at the Quarterback position as he led that team with his talented feet and arm and also very accurate throwing only 2 Ints all season long and also throwing for over 1500 yards. He also played great in the secondary and was very physical. At the quarterback position he was the leader of the troops and kept this solid team together.

    No offense to Jordan or Murray who are nice young athletes , but Gadinski and Grigas were the two the best players on the Spartans 2014 squad. Jordan had 100 tackles but the Spartans had the biggest and strongest defensive line in the region with big experienced guys like Dane Tarentelli, Paul Dean and Gadinski freeing up linebackers all season long.
    Murray at 6foot6 is a good athlete, but he did not play defense much at all, so he was fresh on offense and most defensive backs defending him were 6foot or much smaller – Odd selections in my opinion.

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