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NPF Broadcast Schedule – 2019 Schedule

Written by: on Friday, August 16th, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.

NPF Broadcast Schedule

*DV Warrior Football Network
& Bulldogs Radio Network

Date Opponent Time/Result
23-Aug Lake-Lehman at Western Wayne 7pm
23-Aug Old Forge at Carbondale 7pm
23-Aug Valley View at Wallenpaupack 7pm
23-Aug Wilkes-Barre at Crestwood 7pm
23-Aug Lackawanna Trail at Northwest Area 7pm
23-Aug *Pennridge at Delaware Valley 7pm
23-Aug %Mid Valley at Wyoming Area 7pm
24-Aug &Berwick at Abington Heights 1pm
24-Aug Dunmore at Scranton Prep 2:30pm
30-Aug Abington Heights at Valley View 7pm
30-Aug Crestwood at Dallas 7pm
30-Aug Dunmore at Mid Valley 7pm
30-Aug Hanover Area at Old Forge 7pm
30-Aug Lakeland at Lake-Lehman 7pm
30-Aug *Delaware Valley at West Scranton 7pm
30-Aug &Berwick at Pittston Area 7pm
31-Aug %Wyoming Area at Scranton Prep 1:30pm
6-Sep Dunmore at Carbondale 7pm
6-Sep Lake-Lehman at Hanover Area 7pm
6-Sep Nanticoke at Wilkes-Barre 7pm
6-Sep West Scranton at Valley View 7pm
6-Sep *Wallenpaupack at Delaware Valley 7pm
6-Sep &Williamsport at Berwick 7pm
6-Sep %Wyoming Area at Northwest Area 7pm
13-Sep Holy Redeemer at Old Forge 7pm
13-Sep Lackawanna Trail at Dunmore 7pm
13-Sep Lakeland at West Scranton 7pm
13-Sep Pittston Area at Dallas 7pm
13-Sep Wyoming Area at Nanticoke 7pm
13-Sep *Delaware Valley at Wilkes-Barre 7pm
13-Sep &Wyoming Valley West at Berwick 7pm
14-Sep Valley View at Scranton Prep 2:30pm
20-Sep Dallas at Wyoming Valley West 7pm
20-Sep Northwest at Lake-Lehman 7pm
20-Sep Riverside at Dunmore 7pm
20-Sep Scranton Prep at West Scranton 7pm
20-Sep Valley View at Honesdale 7pm
20-Sep &Selinsgrove at Berwick 7pm
20-Sep %Tunkhannock at Wyoming Area 7pm
21-Sep *North Pocono at Delaware Valley 4pm
27-Sep Berwick at Valley View 7pm
27-Sep Dunmore at Old Forge 7pm
27-Sep Crestwood at Nanticoke 7pm
27-Sep Western Wayne at Lakeland 7pm
27-Sep Wyoming Area at Lake-Lehman 7pm
27-Sep *Delaware Valley at Hazleton Area 7pm
27-Sep &Berwick at Valley View 7pm
4-Oct Lackawanna Trail at Old Forge 7pm
4-Oct Nanticoke at Dallas 7pm
4-Oct Valley View at Western Wayne 7pm
4-Oct Wilkes-Barre at Wyoming Valley West 7pm
4-Oct Wyoming Area at Dunmore 7pm
4-Oct *Abington Heights at Delaware Valley 7pm
4-Oct &Hazleton Area at Berwick 7pm
11-Oct Dallas at Valley View 7pm
11-Oct Lakeland at Nanticoke 7pm
11-Oct Lake-Lehman at Mid Valley 7pm
11-Oct Old Forge at Riverside 7pm
11-Oct Western Wayne at West Scranton 7pm
11-Oct *Delaware Valley at Williamsport 7pm
11-Oct &Berwick at Crestwood 7pm
11-Oct %Holy Redeemer at Wyoming Area 7pm
12-Oct Dunmore at Susquehanna 1pm
18-Oct Berwick at Dallas 7pm
18-Oct Crestwood at Pittston Area 7pm
18-Oct Northwest at Old Forge 7pm
18-Oct Valley View at Scranton 7pm
18-Oct Western Wayne at Dunmore 7pm
18-Oct *Delaware Valley at Wyoming Valley West 7pm
18-Oct &Berwick at Dallas 7pm
18-Oct %Hanover Area at Wyoming Area 7pm
25-Oct Lake-Lehman at Dallas 7pm
25-Oct Lakeland at Dunmore 7pm
25-Oct North Pocono at Valley View 7pm
25-Oct Old Forge at Montrose 7pm
25-Oct Pittston Area at Wyoming Area 7pm
25-Oct *Scranton at Delaware Valley 7pm
25-Oct &Wilkes-Barre at Berwick 7pm

NPF TV Schedule

8/23 Lake-Lehman at Western Wayne
8/30 Crestwood at Dallas
9/6 West Scranton at Valley View
9/13 Lackawanna Trail at Dunmore
9/14 Valley View at Scranton Prep (2:30)
9/27 Dunmore at Old Forge
10/4 Wyoming Area at Old Forge
10/11 Dallas at Valley View
10/18 Northwest at Old Forge
10/25 Lake-Lehman at Dallas

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