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Nosovitch a One Man Show In Eastern Final

Written by: on Saturday, December 11th, 2010. Follow Armand Vanore on Twitter.


Bethlehem, Pa., Allentown Central Catholic Junior Quarterback Brendan Nosovitch was a human highlight reel for the Vikings in their AAA eastern final 49-27 conquest over District 12 power Archbishop Wood last night at Frank Banko field.

Nosovitch was the complete package and was too much offensively for Wood from the outset. Pinned on their own five yard line on their first series Nosovitch (out of the shotgun) ran up the middle for 25 yards on their first play while they had four receivers flanked to the left. On the very next play Nosovitch hit star junior receiver Kevin Gulyas in stride for a 70 yard touchdown and a 7-0 lead.

Later in the first quarter Allentown Central stud defensive lineman Shane McNeely was carried off the field with a leg injury and Wood immediately took advantage when junior running back Brandon Peoples ran for a 48 yard touchdown. Wood then scored again on their next possession after partially blocking an ACC punt and from Central’s 30 yard line they only needed three plays and junior quarterback Joey Monaghan hit junior TE Colin Thompson for an eight yard touchdown and a Wood 14-7 lead.

Not to be outdone by Wood’s quick success Nosovitch and company came right back in six plays ending with a beautiful pass down the right sideline to junior Jalen Snyder-Scipio and a 54 yard touchdown. Wood, trying to avoid a momentum shift then immediately went on a five minute, 11 play, 80 yard drive that ended with a Monaghan 10 yard touchdown run and a Wood 21-14 lead.

Right before the half Central tied the game seven plays later at 21 with a seven play drive (Nosovitch had a run of 38) and ended when the QB hit Scipio with a seven yard touchdown pass.

The momentum became a one team show in the second half both offensively and defensively for Central. The defensive charge led by Jarred Pitts, Noah Robb, Jack Sandherr, Colin McDermott and Connor O’Donnell began to bear down on the Wood running game and they kept Peoples in check after he ran for 150 yards in the first half. Offensively on their second drive Nosivitch then led Central on a seven play drive ending when he pounded the ball in from the one and a 28-21 lead.

The floodgates then opened when the Gatorade player of the year threw two more 64 yard touchdown passes (his third to Scipio and to Noah Robb).

Nosovitch ended his day with just under 200 yards rushing and over 400 yards passing. It was one of the greatest one man performances seen in these parts for some time and the type of game that can give defensive coaches nightmares.

The Vikings (15-0) now will represent the east in their state final against western representative Bishop McDevitt after their win over Erie Cathedral Prep. Archbishop Wood finishes their season 13-1 and dearly missed their star running back Desmon Peoples (Brandon’s cousin) who has been out since their PCL final win over Cardinal O’Hara a month ago. Wood also lost defensive star Sam McCain (injured ankle) in the first half.

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18 Responses to “Nosovitch a One Man Show In Eastern Final”

  1. JB says:

    Jeff, give us a break with your power index for high school teams who play no common opponents.

    That combined with a preseason, controlled scrimmage has you all worked up.

    Be happy for ACC’s success; again, if you think LaSalle’s DBs would let receivers run free all night like Wood did, you’re got another thought coming!

    Good luck to ACC Friday!

  2. JeffH says:

    MOOSE is right. While I’m a CCHS fan, any team that comes back from 21-3 to beat an Erie-Cathedral Prep team is dangerous.

    BTW, here are some more Born Power Indexes.

    Bishop McDevitt-Harrisburg 95.5
    Erie-Cathedral Prep 93.4
    Archbishop Wood 88.9

  3. MOOSE says:

    Uh, hey Mac…first of all, “wait till next year” is what losers say, and second, ACC is mostly juniors, too.

    Dog21…I told you you were wrong weeks ago and that ACC would beat Wood.

    Oh, and by the way everyone else, don’t be so quick to hand the gold trophy to ACC…Bishop McD is very, very good…should be a great game…see you in Hershey!!!

  4. JROLL11 says:

    all the classification crap is bull. kids in A can play at AAAA and coming from a person who played in both A and AAAA, Wood and ACC can win at the AAAA level. 2007 and 2008 steelton highspire was one of the biggest and fastest football teams and coulda won at any level

  5. Mac says:

    You guys are disregarding that woods best player had a broken foot. Wood is all juniors, wait till next year.

  6. P-D says:

    Gentlemen, Did I say that Wood would not be able to stop Nosovitch? Did I say that Mike Carey had to pick his poison? Did I not say that Central plays in these types of games EVERY WEEK in the LVC? @Armand–Why did you make it sound like this was a 1 time thing for him. This is the SECOND year in a row he has passed for over 2,000 yards AND rushed for over 1,000.

  7. NRH says:

    Just because they’re AAAA doesn’t mean that they’re the best team in the state. Archbishop Wood was undefeated until this game, and Nosovitch had 600 yards of offense BY HIMSELF. That alone is just unbelievable. ACC is by far the best team in the state

  8. JeffH says:

    For the record, Allentown Central Catholic DID scrimmage LaSalle on 8/21/10. Results of scrimmages are also included in the calculating of the Born Power Index (}. This index does not recognize classification.

    ACCHS’s is 102.5; the best in the state.
    LaSalle’s is 100.2; 3rd best.

  9. Joe says:

    Just because a team is AAAA does not automatically mean they are better than a AAA team. In this case I think ACC is every bit as good as LaSalle. And by the way, alot of knowledgeable football people across the state think ACC is the best team in Pa. Of course they need to beat McDevitt next week. Also, what do you base your comment on that LaSalle would shut down the ACC offense? Just curious. Because you said so?

  10. johnny mo says:

    thats what people said about wood and look what happened

  11. JB says:

    Johnnymo, don’t get carried away; LaSalle would stop ACC’s offense and really exploit their mediocre defense.

  12. anthony says:


    ACC beats LaSalle….check the match ups between the two teams on the field….and by the way…ACC…based on male enrollment in grades 10 thru 12 could actually play in the AA classification….the best team is the best team regardless of classification….if you think that just becaue your in AAAA you get the nod as the states best team….well then you don’t have the brain power to figure it out anyway…

  13. Woody says:

    LaSalle ain’t Wood and teams don’t have to stay small if they want to play up. Usually teams don’t have success playing with the big boys. And ACC looks like a really good AAA team they are still AAA and they still have a job to do next week so don’t get ahead of yourself. I am looking forward in watching that QB & WR as it will be a great appetizer before the main course…the big one the AAAA state championship for the best team in the state.

  14. johnny mo says:

    If only we could play la salle after states

  15. JB says:

    Nosovitch is the real deal; quite the perfomance this kid put on!

    Will be pulling for ACC next week and of course LaSalle and WC!

  16. Dog21 says:

    Yes ACC best team in state, I was wrong. Good luck.

  17. johnny mo says:


  18. fieldgoal says:

    OK, are you ready to put ACC as No. 1 in your rankings now? You know they should have been there all season long, just like everybody else had them! C’mon now!