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Neshaminy over Harry S. Truman

Written by: on Sunday, September 29th, 2013. Follow Reed Hennessy on Twitter.


reedweek52013Yet again Neshaminy defeats their opponent bringing their record to 5 and 0. Friday night’s game against Harry S. Truman ended 35 to 7.  The season so far for Neshaminy has been going extremely well, with only two touchdowns having been scored on them this season so far.

“We’ve been smart with the ball so far this season and we’ve managed to come out on top, we just come out ready to go,” Neshaminy Head Coach Mark Schmidt said after Friday night’s game.

The game started with a defensive display by Neshaminy. While Truman was able to come out with a couple successful runs and completions by quarter back Jake Zolna, soon enough Neshaminy found the holes in Truman’s offensive line forcing the special teams onto the field to punt throughout the whole game.

Clearly standing out on Friday nights game was the Skins’ running back, number 21, D’Andre Pollard. Running, yet again, for over 100 yards in a single game, and also scoring three of the five touchdowns for the Skins’.  Signs were shown early of Pollard’s unstoppable running game, with a 47 yard touchdown on the Skins’ second play from scrimmage.

At the end of the first quarter the score was 14 to 0, Skins’. The second quarter proved to be just as successful for the Skins’. After a failed series of runs, Truman was forced to punt at the beginning of the second quarter.

Fortunately for Truman, the Tigers were able to hold the Neshaminy offense behind mid-field with fourth and ten to go. Unfortunately for the Tigers, Head Coach Mark Schmidt had his offense stay on the field, and number 12, quarter back Tyler Wombough, would complete a pass to D’Andre Pollard putting the Skins’ at first and goal on the Tiger’s one yard line.

Immediately succeeding this fourth down conversion was a one yard touchdown run by number 10 Denny Lord. At the end of the half the score was 21 to 0, Neshaminy. At the beginning of the half, Truman kicked off to Neshaminy, receiving the kickoff was number 2 Hamiid Pack. Pack then proceeded to take the ball all the way downfield for a kickoff return touchdown.

Truman, trying to stop the momentum Neshaminy had at this point, made several failed play action passes and runs. Truman would have to punt to Neshaminy after having the ball four three downs.

Pollard, on second and ten following Truman’s punt, would run the ball into the end zone for a 54 yard touchdown. The third quarter would end Neshaminy 35, Truman 0. The fourth quarter would start with Truman’s only touchdown of the game, after taking over on downs, the Tigers would run it in to make the score 35 to 7, Neshaminy.

The rest of the game would be marked by Neshaminy keeping the ball for as long as possible, killing the clock with short running plays for first downs. “Neshaminy is a very good team, they’re a team that makes you pay for your mistakes, overall this was a team loss for us,” Truman Head Coach Ed Cubbage said after the game.

After a short series of home games Neshaminy will be hitting the road against Council Rock North. “This was a nice Homecoming win, it’s very nice to have a good home win before going on the road, we’ve still got to improve and we are going to,” said Assistant Coach David Ferrara. With a 5 and 0 record Neshaminy looks to continue their winning streak, showing no signs of slowing down.

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