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Neshaminy over Abington

Written by: on Sunday, November 24th, 2013. Follow Reed Hennessy on Twitter.


reedweek132013This past Friday’s game resulted in yet another Neshaminy victory over Abington High School. The game ended with a score of 35 to 14, the Galloping Ghosts sent home and Neshaminy to move on in the playoff race.

The first quarter started off well for Neshaminy, clearly setting the tone for the rest of the game. Receiving the opening kickoff, Neshaminy, managed to bring the ball within scoring distance, in the red zone, on their first drive. However, senior quarter back Tyler Wombough threw a fourth down attempt interception that would have most likely resulted in a touchdown were it not for the Neshaminy wide receivers who kept the Abington defensive back within the 20 yard line.

Abington was not able to capitalize on the de-moralization of the Neshaminy varsity squad after the interception; they would be forced to punt to senior Cole Craton, who would return the punt to Abington’s 42 yard line. After series of runs by junior running back D’Andre Pollard, once again, Neshaminy found themselves in prime scoring position.

However, this time Neshaminy was able to take the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. Senior running back Denny Lord, after receiving the ball, leapt over the Neshaminy and Abington linebackers into the end zone. The point after went through the uprights, referees raised both arms up proclaiming the kick good and the score was seven to nothing, Neshaminy was up.

The Abington and Neshaminy special teams squad came out on the field prepared for the kick return. The Abington receiver would be stripped of the ball, the fumble was recovered by Neshaminy senior defensive back Devon Brown. Wasting little time, Pollard would immediately run the ball in for a 37 yard touchdown.

The point after was good, the score was chalked up to Neshaminy 14, Abington 0. The rest of the first quarter was uneventful; Abington turned the ball over on downs, but managed to recover a Neshaminy fumble before switching sides at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter began with high hopes on the Abington side of the field, yet the Neshaminy defense made sure they would remain just that.

Forcing them to punt on fourth and five yards to go, Craton was called out again. “We really wanted to guard Pollard, we, so to say, overcooked Pollard last game, Trokon did a good job of picking up the slack,” Neshaminy head coach Mark Schmidt said. Pollard, while still running the ball a considerable amount would be intermittently put in and out throughout the game.

Regardless, Pollard worked the ball downfield on this drive taking hit after hit. The big play however came when Craton received a swing pass that went for 22 yards. After a short series of runs, Lord would run the ball in for a touchdown, the point after was good.

The Abington offense, after returning the kick, fumbled the ball immediately on a failed running play. Craton returned the ball to the end zone for a 28 yard touchdown, the second quarter ended with a score of Neshaminy 28, Abington 0.

The third quarter would not go as well as Abington had thought coming out of the locker rooms at the beginning of the second half of play. Abington, starting off with the ball, would be forced to punt after a 1, 2, 3 and out series. However, following the punt Neshaminy fumbled the ball and Abington would recover.

With extreme haste, Abington would hand the ball off for a touchdown, the first score of the game had finally came for Abington early in the third quarter. Answering right back, Neshaminy fought their way down field where Wombough handed the ball off the Pollard for a 12 yard touchdown.

The third quarter ended, Neshaminy 35 and Abington 7. “ The Neshaminy defense played great, everyone always talks about their offense, but their defense is just lights out,” Abington head coach Tim Sorber said. The fourth quarter was an absolute spectacle; both teams were butting heads on both ends of the field.

Unfortunately for Abington their final touchdown came too late in the fourth quarter to start a comeback, although it was an impressive 66 yard touchdown run it was simply a result of the Neshaminy defense letting up. The game ended Neshaminy 35, Abington 7, Neshaminy’s next game is now at Souderton on Nov. 29 against North Penn.

“We are extremely excited right now, excited to hear that we are playing North Penn,” said Pollard. Neshaminy is now in the State Quarterfinals; all eyes will be on them Friday night.

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