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Neshaminy downs Council Rock North

Written by: on Sunday, October 6th, 2013. Follow Reed Hennessy on Twitter.


reedweek62013Head Coach Mark Schmidt extended his undefeated record against Council Rock North Friday night to six wins and no losses. “I think that our coaching staff and players have been showing up ready and knowing that we are going to win,” Schmidt said. The Skins` certainly did show up to win, ending the game with a score of 42 to 20.

D’Andre Pollard rushed for 100 yards and three touchdowns, proving himself to be a deadly asset on the field. The Council Rock North defense could just not contain Pollard, stopping him for a loss only four times the whole game, each for no more than 3 yards.

“The offensive line has really been picking up the blocks and the receivers on the corners have been doing their job great the whole season,” Pollard said.

Neshaminy would start off with the ball Friday night, and they took advantage by striking early. After Pollard worked his way down the field to first and goal, Denny Lord took it into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game.

Council Rock’s possessions in the first quarter would be short, due to the Neshaminy defense. On Neshaminy’s last possession of the first quarter Tyler Wombough, quarter back, would move the ball downfield with a series of completions. On first and goal Wombough handed it off the Blake Sullivan for a 6 yard touchdown run.

The first quarter would end Neshaminy 14 and Council Rock North 0. However, this game proved to be the biggest challenge for Neshaminy so far this season. Council Rock North Quarter back Brandon Mcllwain completed a 27 yard pass to Devon Bibbens at the beginning of the second quarter for a touchdown , however the point after would be blocked.

Following the kickoff Pollard would run the ball for a series of short first down runs. Eventually getting to first and goal Pollard would run for a 9 yard touchdown. Then, on the Indians possession, number 44 Kevin Brown intercepted a pass giving the Skins` the ball back immediately.

Neshaminy would not waste this opportunity, Wombough complete a touchdown pass to Denzel Hughes ending the half with a score of Neshaminy 28, Council Rock North 6. The third quarter would prove to be the killer blow to Council Rock North. Wombough would complete a 25 yard touchdown pass to Hamiid Pack.

Council Rock North’s offense and defense’s morale was at its lowest point in the third quarter. The offense could not get anything started, while the defense was letting Wombough and Pollard downfield. After several more completions by Wombough, Pollard would again run it in for a touchdown, ending the third quarter Neshaminy 42, Council Rock North 6.

The fourth quarter would be the most productive quarter for the Indians. Scoring two touchdowns and converting for two points on the first the score came to 42 to 20. However there was simply not enough time to come back. Schmidt put in the backups, quarter back kneeled, and the game ended 42 to 20.

“That was a great football team we just played, that team is as good as advertised. We may have lost but we battled for 48 minutes, scored more against Neshaminy than any other team and I am proud of that,” Council Rock North Head Coach Adam Collachi said.

Next on the agenda for the Skins` is an away game at Council Rock South, were Schmidt and his Neshaminy Skins` are looking to continue their winning streak.

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