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2020 Team Previews: Montgomery Red Raiders (4)

Written by: on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Paul Bozella

Assistant Coaches: Ty Drick, Nate Hakes, Matt Buck, Dale Shaffer, Brian Pick, Bob Kibbe, Max Furman, Ryan Solomon

Team Name: Montgomery Red Raiders

2019 Record: 4-7

Key Starters Lost: Steven Prince, Alex Hans, Kade Showers

Offensive Starters Returning: (9)

Sr. RB Kaide Drick, 5-11, 180
Sr. G Gage Mebane, 5-10, 260
Sr. T Gabe Wright, 5-10, 205
Jr. QB Logan Almeida, 5-9, 150
Jr. T Thayden Miller, 6-4, 240
Jr. RB Colby Springman, 5-10, 175
Jr. WR Maurice Walters, 5-11, 165
So. T Bradley Leon, 5-11, 225
So. G Weston Pick, 6-1, 210

Defensive Starters Returning: (10)

Sr. CB Kaide Drick, 5-11, 180
Sr. DE Brent Leon, 6-1, 240
Sr. DT Gage Mebane, 5-10, 260
Sr. CB Logan Pick, 5-10, 160
Sr. MLB Evan Strausbaugh, 6-0, 185
Jr. OLB Devon Deem, 5-10, 170
Jr. DT Thayden Miller, 6-4, 240
Jr. MLB Colby Springman, 5-10, 175
Jr. S Maurice Walters, 5-11, 165
So. LB Weston Pick, 6-1, 210

Special Team Starters Returning: (1)

So. K Gabe McNear, 5-11, 140

Key Newcomers: (2)

Fr. QB Caden Kinck
Fr. RB Peyton Hartman

Key Stats:

Kaide Drick – 966 yards and 8 TDs
Logan Almeida – 1143 yards passing and 8 TDs
Devon Deem – 107 tackles, 9 TLS, 3 sacks
Evan Strausbaugh – 97 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 sack

2020 Offensive Outlook: Our offense was young last year and gained much needed experience as the year progressed. We need to capitalize on the fact that many of our underclassmen gained valuable playing time last year and use it as the foundation for our offense this year. The keys to our offense is the ability for our Junior quarterback, Logan Almeida, to be able to distribute the ball to our many weapons around him. He started to run more toward the end of the season last year and if he can be the dual threat QB that he has the potential to be, it will be difficult for defensive coordinators to prepare for him. Kaide Drick and Colby Springman can prove to be a dynamic duo in the backfield with both power and speed. And our line, led by Thayden Miller and his 80 inch wing span, has the potential to be the best offensive line in my coaching career.

2020 Defensive Outlook: Our defense’s success lies in the athleticism of our linebackers and secondary and the push we can get with our 3-man defensive front, plus the stunts and blitzes. Again, we were young last year and are returning 8 starters on defense. Our defensive front, led by athletic lineman Gage Mebane was terrific last year and only looks to be better this year. Devon Deem leads the linebacking corp and was an absolute beast off the edge last year. Logan Pick will headline the defensive backfield with his skill set of man coverage and staunch run support.

2020 Special Teams Outlook: Our kicking game got a well needed boost last year with freshman kicker Gabe McNear. Gabe’s dedication to his skill is second to none and he gives us a chance to score every time we get to the 30 yard line. Gabe’s kickoffs help our field position battle tremendously and his his form on surprise on-sides kicks looks exactly like he’s kicking deep, which is also an added tool for our team.

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