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2018 Team Previews – Wilkes-Barre Meyers Mohawks (2)

Written by: on Friday, July 6th, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jeff Labatch

Assistant Coaches:

Robert Ashton
Corey Brenner
Mark Schiowitz
Julian Truskowski
Tyler Smallcomb
Galen Shell
David Hagenbaugh

Team Name: Meyers Mohawks

2017 Record: 6-5

Key Starters Lost: Janssen Wilborn, Rajhan Woodson, Pedro Hernandez, Jason Castellano, Colin Browne, Kenny Macko

Offensive Starters Returning: Sr. LT Michael Horvath,6’4″, 215, Sr. RG Ryan Maffei, 6’1″, 280, Jr. RG Kevin Kaskey, 6’1″, 240, Sr. TE Najese Hood, 6’2″, 190, Sr. WR Reese Patronick, 5’10, 180, Sr. RB Kevin Dessoye, 5’10”, 185,

Defensive Starters Returning: Sr. DE Michael Horvath,6’4″, 215, Sr. DT Ryan Maffei, 6’1″, 280, Jr. DT Kevin Kaskey, 6’1″, 240, Sr. DB Najese Hood, 6’2″, 190, Sr. OLB Reese Patronick, 5’10, 180, Sr. DB Nazir Dunell, 5’10”, 185, Sr. DB Jose Rivera, 5’10”, 175, Jr. OLB Corey Brown, 5’9″ 180, So. ILB Maleek Robinson, 6’2″, 190,

Special Team Starters Returning: Sr. P David Kasper, 6’4″, 220

Key Newcomers: Sr. WR Darrian Tyson, 6′, 180, Sr. WR Tyler Yelland, 6’0″, 170, Sr. DB Ryan Judge, 5’9″, 165, Sr. QB Joevanney Martinez, 5’10”, 165, Sr. C Justin Eberhardt, 6’4″, 315, Jr. DT Ian Levy, 5’11”, 275, Jr. G Josh Woodworth, 5’10”, 240, Jr. QB, Talee Swinney, 6′, 180, Jr. T Josh Jones, 6′, 220,

2018 Offensive Outlook: The offense needs to take what the defense gives us and get the ball to our athletes. We need to play unselfish football.

2018 Defensive Outlook: Defense requires discipline. Each player will need to do their job, execute the game plan, and eliminate big plays.

2018 Special Teams Outlook: Need to find a replacement for PK Kenny Macko and eliminate the costly mistakes with the punt and punt return teams.

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