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Interview with Michael Frederick

Written by: on Friday, May 2nd, 2014. Follow Reed Hennessy on Twitter.


neshaminyNeshaminy High School has named a new head football coach, Michael Frederick, a member of the graduating class of 1990 who also was drafted in the third round of the NFL draft. Frederick also was All-State and attended the Big 33 football classic in which top high-school football players from around Pennsylvania play one another.

“I played for 3 teams in the NFL from 1995-2000. I was a defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns in1995, the Baltimore Ravens from 1996 to 98’ and the Tennessee Titans from 1999 to 2000’.”

Frederick will be replacing Neshaminy’s all-time wins leader Mark Schmidt, a record of 161-66, but Frederick is up to the task. With years of experience playing the game, and a former assistant coach at The Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland. “I was offered a handful of collegiate level jobs over the years, but have tried to transition to business,” Frederick said.

Frederick, a Neshaminy native, has a great feel for the community and football program at Neshaminy High School. “The community and the family feel of our football program and our school was what drew us players in and kept us on the field working to achieve a common goal,” Frederick said.

“I first began playing football at Neshaminy Middle under Coach Bob Emery,” Frederick said. Not only has Frederick been successful in the game he loves, during his time at Neshaminy the team enjoyed great success.

In his junior season, fall 1988, Neshaminy went 11-0 in the regular season and was one of four teams selected to compete in the first-ever Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association tournament. Fredrick’s positions on the football team were outside linebacker, defensive and tight end, and throughout his four seasons at Neshaminy the team’s record was 35 wins and 10 losses. Fredrick’s former head coach was John Chaump, and his former position coach was Tom Magdelinskas.

While there were several candidates being considered to replace Schmidt, when Frederick had inquired about the position the trigger was pulled immediately. “I had heard about the opening but didn’t really consider it until sometime passed and it seemed the administration was still looking, and that is when I inquired as to where things stood in the process.”Overall, the Neshaminy community is pleased with the decision that was made and it seems that a bright future is ahead for the Neshaminy football program.

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