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Halifax vs Millersburg

Written by: on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011. Follow Lezlee Witmer on Twitter.


Everyone knew that Friday night’s football game would be anything but boring.   Expectations were high on both sides of the rival relationship.  Millersburg’s stadium was packed as occupants from both school districts filled the cold, hard bleachers.   As the sun went down the lights turned on and lit up what would be the battlefield of endurance, sweat and eager adversaries.

The first half of this anticipated game was exciting yet, uneventful on the scoreboard.  Both teams allowed various interceptions and fumbles, in addition to crowd stirring runs, throws and devious plays.  But neither opponent could deliver the ball into the end zone.  At the half, Halifax had created six first downs to Millersburg’s four, but they had no proof to show for their accomplishments.

As the teams returned for the second half you could almost touch the tension in the air.  Within the first two minutes, the ice was broken.   Joey Kauffman received the ball around his opponents’ eight yard line and he never stopped running.   The 42 yard run put the first points on the scoreboard at 10:28, but Millersburg refused to let go so easily.  Five minutes later their quarterback, Josh Howard, weaved into Halifax’s’ end zone evening out the game once more.  Less than a minute after that, the opposing quarterback, Robert Moretz, ran 66 yards for six points.  Kauffman rushed for the extra two.

By the end of the fourth quarter, fans from both sides were on their feet, holding their breath.  Both teams made a touchdown toward the beginning of the final quarter.  For Halifax, Kauffman scored his second touchdown of the night on a 68 yard run.  With less than three minutes remaining in the game, the score was 19-20, and Millersburg had yet to attempt their extra point for their third touchdown.  As both teams took their stance, the crowd hushed.  Millersburg faked the single point, going for all or nothing.  During an exchange of the ball between two Millersburg players, Cody Enders from Halifax got his fingertips on the football.  Millersburg had lost their last chance for victory, and they weren’t given another one.

In the last minute of the game, two things happened.  First, the whole student section from Halifax migrated to the end of the football field.  They wanted to truly show their support for their favorite football team.  Second, Kauffman was not finished yet.  Identical to his first touchdown in yards, Kauffman ran his third and last trip down the field.  When the game was called, the score was 19 to 26.  Halifax was triumphant.


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