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Halifax vs East Juniata

Written by: on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011. Follow Lezlee Witmer on Twitter.


After yet another canceled Friday night football game, Halifax faced East Juniata on Monday; this time with clear skies.   The high scoring game introduced several new faces and let the old ones have a bit of fun and well earned rest.  EJ put forth a good fight; although, Halifax’s seven touchdowns, compared to their opponent’s two, provided for an easy win.

Allan Kaufman put the first points on the score board halfway through the first quarter, as a result of a 53 yard run.   Ten minutes later, in the second quarter, senior Jacob Peck rushed for a second touchdown.  The extra point was blocked by East Juniata.  At their foes three yard line, Quarterback Robert Moretz threw a pass, parallel to the end zone at his teammate Mitchell Nebrosky.  Nebrosky ran his team’s third touchdown in easily for another six points.  Kaufman delivered the ball for an additional two points.  By the end of the first half Halifax was up by 21 with East Juniata scoring nothing.

In the second half, EJ was first to score, though they did not make the extra point.  Twenty-three seconds later, Junior Chad Meko collected the ball from Moretz in a scissors play.   Meko scored Halifax’s fourth touchdown of the night.  Besides two turnovers, the end of the third quarter was without incident.

The last quarter was action packed, although due to Halifax’s 32 point lead, it lacked incentive.  Kaufman scored his second touchdown with 7:59 on the clock.  The extra point was no good.  Throughout the game Kaufman ran 198 yards in 16 carries.  The most eventful minute of the game then occurred with two minutes to go.  It started with a touchdown made by freshman Nathaniel Enders: no extra point.  East Juniata then returned with a second touchdown but failed to score the attempted additional two points.  Mitchell Nebrosky made the final points of the game with 1:16 left.   It was a result of an 83 yard run.   The final score was Halifax, 47, and East Juniata 12.

The game was a boost in Halifax’s self esteem.  It was also the first skirmish they had won easily in several years. But not without cause, Halifax is a team who has come a long way.  They are conclusively a threat to their future opponents.


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