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Gonzaga over Neshaminy

Written by: on Monday, September 1st, 2014. Follow Reed Hennessy on Twitter.


reedweek12014This past Friday, Aug. 29, Gonzaga High School decimated their opponent Neshaminy High school in a 42 to 3 win. Gonzaga did not waste their time either. On the third play of the game, senior running back Reggie Corbin ran 70 yards downfield to make the first touchdown of the game early on.

“They were really able to do some great things early on,” new head coach of the Neshaminy football team Michael Frederick said. This was the first regular season game as head coach for Frederick, a Neshaminy alumni and former NFL linebacker.

Neshaminy’s first drive of the game did not bode the same results as Gonzaga’s. It ended with turning the ball over on downs. The only excitement that the Neshaminy offense provided was junior wide receiver Denzel Hughes, who received a 40-yard completion from sophomore quarterback Mason Jones. Hughes would continue to be the only offensive asset throughout the game as Neshaminy’s running back, senior D’Andre Pollard, was effectively stopped by the Gonzaga defense.

“We knew that if we were going to win that we really had to neutralize him,” head coach of Gonzaga, Randy Trivers said. While there were a few moments of hope for Neshaminy, before the deficit was too great, Gonzaga’s senior wide receiver Jabari Greenwood received a thirty-yard touchdown pass at the end the first quarter to make it 14 to 0. The second quarter of the game would be even worse for Neshaminy.

Gonzaga would start out the second quarter with the ball, after returning a punt to Neshaminy’s 11-yard line. Greenwood would receive yet another touchdown pass to begin the second quarter much like the first quarter began for Gonzaga. Neshaminy’s next drive would result in yet another punt on fourth and long.

Gonzaga capitalized on this again, returning the punt to Neshaminy territory. After bringing the ball to the one yard line Corbin would run it in for another touchdown. Neshaminy ended the second quarter with a field goal, their first and only time they would score. At halftime, the score was Gonzaga 35, Neshaminy 3.

Neshaminy received the kickoff to begin the second half of the game. On their first drive of the third quarter, Neshaminy again turned the ball over on downs. After taking over on downs Gonzaga would take the ball to Neshaminy’s 45 yard line. In an amazing effort, senior quarterback Nick Johns ran the ball 45 yards for a touchdown. This would prove to be the final mental blow to the Neshaminy football team.

The third quarter ended, Gonzaga 42 and Neshaminy 3. The fourth quarter was uneventful for both sides as backups were brought in to finish the game. “We came into the game knowing they were talented, but we just made too many mistakes,” Frederick said. Next week Neshaminy will be playing away at Downingtown West, who will be coming off a 31 to 2 win against Haverford. While this was not the ideal way for Neshaminy to start off the season, after such a brutal loss, it can only get better from here.

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