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2020 Team Previews: Elizabethtown Area Bears (3)

Written by: on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Andy Breault

Assistant Coaches: Matt Bleacher OC/DB, Shane Houser DC/DB, Steve Remley STC/WR/DB, Pat Danneker OL/LB, Tim Livingston RB/DL, Jeff Polites OL/DL, Denny Gable OL/DL, Kirby Breault WR/DB

Team Name: Elizabethtown Area High School

2019 Record: 4-6

Key Starters Lost: Cole Rice, Joe Sikora, Cole Hitz, Adnan Traore, Alex Miller, Anthony Pagan, Leon Allen, Tristan Mabee

Offensive Starters Returning: (7) Sr OG Jett Kelly 6-2 225, Sr. OT Billy McNitt 6-3 280, Jr. QB Patrick Gilhool 6-3, 185, So. QB Josh Rudy 5-10, 170, Sr RB Riley Drager 5-10, 175, Sr. OG Gavin Gray 6-1 230, Jr. TE Brandonn Frey 6-1 185

Defensive Starters Returning: (7) Sr. DE Jett Kelly 6-2 225, Sr DB Riley Drager 5-10 175, Sr. LB/DT Gavin Gray 6-1 230, Sr DE Hayden Stahlman 6-1, 220, Sr. DE Elijah Reitmeyer 6-2 200, Sr LB Bobby Walters 6-2 180, So. LB Logan Lentz 5-9 200

Special Team Starters Returning: (3) Sr. K/P Cade Denlinger 5-9 180, Sr LS Billy McNitt 6-3, 280, Sr KR Riley Drager 5-10 175

Key Newcomers: Sr. WR Isaac Thomas 6-2 185, Jr FS Brock Belmont 6-0 185, Jr WR/DB Braxton Cicero 5-10 165, Jr WR/DB Addison Johnson 5-10 170, So WR/DB Elijah Macfarlane 5-10 185, Sr WR/DB Caiden Herr 5-11 180, So OL/DL Zackary Lippold 6-3 285, So OL/DL Lynden Olsen 6-3 295, So LB/G Gage Caldwell 5-10 200, So WR/DB Owen Dommel

Key Stats:

Passing 118/227/1601

55 TFL
22 Sacks

2020 Offensive Outlook: Having more success running the ball this year will be key. We will be filling a number of positions, so getting those players up to game speed will also be key.

2020 Defensive Outlook: Filling in positions lost to graduation and getting those players ready by game one will be key. We will need to fly to the ball and get off the field on third down

2020 Special Teams Outlook: Getting the ball into field goal range so we can utilize our talented kicker more often, only attempted 2 FG’s last year. Both were good at 43 and 47 yds. Continue to prevent the long returns will also be key.


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