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Easy Way vs Right Way

Written by: on Monday, March 14th, 2016. Follow Dr. Jarrod Spencer on Twitter.


It is your natural inclination to choose the path of least resistance.mindoftheathlete2016

Life is hard so you cut corners when you can.

This saves energy.

But the easy way may not always be the right way.

Inside of you is a voice that reminds you of the right way.

When it’s convenient, you listen, obey, and carry out the right way.

You feel uplifted, fulfilled, happier, and at times even tired from it.
The right way is the higher road that leads to your best self.

This road can also be lonely at times as it is less traveled.

If you want more in life, rethink which way your going.


About Mind of the Athlete, LLC

Sports are emotional. Mind of the Athlete, LLC exists to improve the emotional health of athletes. We believe there is so much more potential within athletes. The problem is this potential is often blocked by limitations of the mind. We unlock that potential by equipping athletes with cutting edge sports psychology content, resources, and skills. Our mission is to help athletes thrive. We do this by providing the highest quality one-on-one coaching, team consulting, and speeches. We know that athletes have limited time too. So we created the revolutionary Mind of the Athlete Program, a 10+ hour audio/video/worksheet curriculum, designed to work off of an athlete’s computer and/or smartphone. We are also passionate about getting sports psychology content to athletes through our extensive social media presence.


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