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Dawgs Roll to Eastern Final

Written by: on Saturday, November 30th, 2013. Follow Staff on Twitter.


After his Bulldogs rolled over the Bison of Clearfield, George Curry summed up his teams efforts: “You have to be able to run the ball this time of the year.” Berwick, led by C.J.Curry (147 yards, 3 touchdowns) and Dain Kowalski (119 yards rushing and 1 touchdown) plowed their way to the Eastern AAA final with over 300 yards rushing to top the Bison 44-7 at Mihalik Stadium in Lock Haven.

Clearfield took the early momentum stopping Berwick on the first series of the game in three plays. The first Bison drive wasn’t much more successful except that they pinned the Dawgs deep in their own territory on the ensuing punt. Two plays later Ryan Lezzer intercepted a Curry pass at the 40 and returned it to the Berwick 19. Christian Lezzer then called his own number 4 times, going in from 4 yards out to get the early lead. It was the last time the Bison would score, but certainly not their last chance.

Berwick answered with a 61 yard, 12 play drive. Curry took the ball in from four yards out and Olivia Seely tied the score at 7 with 9:30 to go in the second half.

On Clearfield’s next possession Dain Kowalski got his first of 2 interceptions on the night.(Kowalski would also later recover a key fumble for Berwick). Berwick ran 4 plays when Curry found a streaking Andrew Force down the left sideline for a 48 yard pass play to the Bison 5 yard line. Curry carried the ball over the goal line from 2 yards out to give the Dawgs a 14-7 lead that they would not relinquish.

The Bison again got great field position to start its next series at their 48, but on 4th down from the 24 Tyler Stratton was stopped short of the first down and Berwick took over with just 47 seconds remaining in the half. On the third play of the drive Curry was intercepted at the Bison 35. Clearfield had the ball with only 8 seconds to go in the half but it turned out to be a very bad 8 seconds. On the second play of the drive Lezzer launched a deep throw and Dain Kowalski intercepted the pass. Kowalski then zipped up the right side after avoiding a few tackles and 75 yards later Berwick celebrated in the endzone. Seeley’s kick gave the Dawgs a 21-7 lead going into the break. “Man, I saw that opening and just started running. I think that play really helped us get some momentum going into the second half” said Kowalski of the pick and run.

Clearfield received the opening kick of the second half and proceeded to march 66 yards to the Berwick one yard line. Tyler Stratton took the hand off and ran toward the endzone but a crushing hit by Kowalski jarred the ball loose and the DB just scooped the ball out of the air. “That play was a game changer” said Coach Curry. “Those turnovers, we both had them, but that one. Man, did you hear that hit? That one really fired our boys up”.

With some nifty cutback runs Kowalski led the Dawgs on a 99 yard scoring play, taking the ball in himself from 12 yards out for the back breaking score. “They (Clearfield) were biting on the fullback dive every time I lined up in it” said Jordan Stout. “We were able to just run the ball because they were being over aggressive”. Stout ran in the 2 point conversion and Berwick was in total control.

Berwick forced Clearfield to punt after only three plays and Curry padded the Bulldog lead with a 37 yard scoring strike to a wide open Ian Mazonkey. “We really wanted to try and get our tight ends open in the second half and it worked” said Coach Curry.

The Bulldogs closed out the scoring on a 62 yard run from C.J. Curry.
“I think that was my best game of the year. They just kept biting on the dive so I’d just keep it and run. We saw that in the first half and used it in the second” said the senior QB.

“That’s a good team coach (Tim) Janocko has over there that we beat tonight. They never gave up, even when their quarterback got hurt. My hat’s off to them, heck of a ball club” said coach Curry.

Clearfield’s season ends at a respectable 13-1 while Berwick will move on to face Archbishop Wood next week in the AAA Eastern final.

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56 Responses to “Dawgs Roll to Eastern Final”

  1. footballmom24/7 says:

    @RedDawgs77 Lol!!! Good one I guess he won’t be there, but I will cheering on my SON!!!

  2. RedDawgs77 says:

    Are you still going to Hershey?? TO WATCH Wood!!!!!

  3. Stephen Ridall says:

    That’s alright u will have 3 losses Friday and we will be going to hershey

  4. RedDawgs77 says:

    Seriously? Are you really asking that question?

  5. Stephen Ridall says:

    How Is Wood Ranked Better Then Berwick When They Have 2 Losses And We Have None

  6. Billy Splain says:

    yo D6…I’m heading to clearfield friday night and altoona saturday morning…you going to any games?

  7. John Timbrell says:

    I am not so foolish as to predict which team will win this game, but people who rave on about how talented Archbishop Wood is seem to forget, or be unaware of, how everybody was saying pretty much the same thing about Aliquippa way back in the prehistory of 1988. Aliquippa had 11 players who were recruited by Division one schools (If I remember it right)- including Sean Gilbert who went on to a fine pro career. Final score? Dawgs 13, Quips 0. Will this game be a repeat? I have no idea, but Berwick has George Curry and Wood doesn’t. That could be the difference.

  8. Tristan DiPippa says:

    Ill see everybody there friday night! GO DAWGS!

  9. Mike says:

    …weather may push the game back to Saturday…stay tuned…

  10. tom says:

    hay trad31. they better pull ahead in the first half. Berwick is a second half team. and besides George curry has them figured out already.

  11. Karl says:

    my predicted score from.reading this thread
    Wood 1,255
    Berwick -4

  12. Mike says:

    …too late 4 beat you to the punch

  13. Billy Splain says:

    It’s official, Friday 7 p.m. at J Birney Stadium

  14. trad31 says:

    Glenn..the Selinsgrove 2009 team was waaaaaaay better than this years Berwick team. So you can’t compare the 2. I’m a D-2 guy but I don’t think Berwick has much of a chance against Wood.

  15. Stephen Ridall says:

    Berwick is playing Friday night at 7 at j Barney scrum stadium in Allentown same place we played Bethlehem catholic

  16. d6football says:

    Nice article. I have read 15 posts and not a single one is related to this article. I am unsure who peed in who’s cheerios today but it is redundant.

  17. Colin says:

    Hey wait a second!….someone complained about schools recruiting and didn’t mention Imhotep! What is this site coming too?!

  18. Rob VP says:

    RedDawgs77 – My only prediction is there won’t be a mercy rule involved in the Berwick vs Wood game.. which is what you predicted. I know Berwick CAN beat Wood.. and I know Wood CAN beat Berwick. It’s a matter of which team shows up to play, penalties, turnovers, and costly mistakes (as in any football game). This is High School football where anything can happen… As Coach Curry said “It’s going to be a tough game, they are from Philly but it’s not like we have to play the Eagles”.

  19. JiveTurkey says:

    Yo Dawg, what you talkin bout Willis? What do you mean about taking a shot at you?

  20. Mike says:

    …Hey Tristan…go to Bandits for a drink or two on me and check in tomorrow morning for the site of the dawgs v wood game….enjoy

    P.S The popcorn is free…

  21. Stephen Ridall says:

    No i am not predicting nothing I know berwick will win

  22. Glenn says:

    I have one brief comment – SELINSGROVE 2009

  23. RedDawgs77 says:

    Rob V
    Are you predicting a Berwick win?

  24. Billy Splain says:

    so are we tristan, so are we.

  25. Tristan DiPippa says:

    Still waiting for the location of the Berwick vs Wood game.. Time and location please!

  26. Dawgs93 says:

    What are u talking about Jive ? Are u taking a shot at me?

  27. Mike says:

    …not so fast Dutch Boy…before the PIAA tackles the Catholic school issue they need to take a look at the brackets…HOW IS IT FAIR THAT A “BYE” EXISTS ANYWHERE IN THE PLAYOFF FORMAT…C’MON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. JiveTurkey says:

    You are aware that Wood played St Joes Prep and Ryan, right? Both of them teams have Lines that dwarf the lines of Berwick. You are generalizing your idea of what “Philly” kids are. No offense, but you have no clue about D12 football.

    I think the word you are looking for is AND. If you are a graduate of Berwick, you are insulting every person in that town every time you post.

  29. Rob VP says:

    Let the haters and the wanna be HS football analysts say what they want.. I personally like Berwick being the underdog. We bring our A game to these type of games. Also, it makes victories like these so much sweeter. Like when Abington Heights put up their banner at half time… It kinda makes them look silly now doesn’t it? Yes I would say on paper Wood may be the favorite.. but we aren’t crowning paper champions… Berwick has been the underdog many many times and came out on top.. its actually apart of our tradition to make big plays and win big games.. that’s Berwick Football and every single one of us Berwick fans have been foaming at the mouth for a crack Wood.. Go Dawgs!

  30. DutchCoDan says:

    I can not wait for the Berwick-Wood Match Up.I see a dangerous trend emerging in Pa hs Football.The Piaa needs to crack down on these schools that are recruiting.Hey they had to crack down on UCLA basketball. I AM NOT ATTACKING CATHOLIC SCHOOLS.However when these schools have a unfair advantage over other schools then people need to speak out.Hs sports should be about sportsmanship and fairness.I ask all readers what do you see next week.Look at all the schools in the state semi-finals.You have Wood,Pitt Central,Mcdevitt,Berks Catholic,Cathedral Prep,StJoseph Prep all schools that recruit. Stand Up and be counted Pa. hs football fans we need to keep parity in the game.We should never ever have to see a mercy rule game in the playoffs.Lets have some intelligent feed back on this

  31. RevTweak says:

    As an outside observer, a D2 guy who has seen his share of Philly teams as well, there are two things for sure:

    1) Berwick has not seen the athletes all over the field all year long like they will against Archbishop Wood, and

    2) Wood has not seen the physicality and toughness on the line all year long like they will against Berwick.

    It may just be a generalization, but D2 teams typically have big linemen and are very physical up front on both sides of the ball. D12 seems to have those teams that have so much athletic ability all over the field and can blow by most teams. That’s just the style of play in both regions. Classic football matchup of size vs speed. Should be interesting.

  32. Billy Splain says:

    piaa waiting for todays results before releasing next weeks sites

  33. Dawgs93 says:

    Well said billy splain well I to seen wood play 3 times this year once live an twice on utube and I would say theirs 3 kids that would start for wood on becahi team and they would make wood a hell of a lot better team to becca QB an those 2 big fast receivers are better than anything I’ve seen from wood this year… What does impress me about wood is that big physical O an D line now u take that line with becca QB and them 2 big fast receivers now that would be an impressive football team..

  34. Mike says:

    …what is the big secret…please announce the site of the DAWGS vs WOOD game?????

  35. Dawgs93 says:

    We’ll let see here Reddawg77 why berwick people get so riled up and pissed on here cuz it’s big mouths like u on here that I’ve been listening to for a week or so now about how ber don’t stand a chance they will get mercy rolled an beat by 40.. Ya u got your opinion but if u don’t wanna get blasted on this forum then keep it to I also remember A lot of people back in 09 talkin how a Little AAA public school called selinsgrove in the same so called weak area as ber that didn’t stand a chance an what happened WOOD got hammered 28-0 now were not quite as good as that seals team but we aren’t no weak sister push over to be honest wood coach Steve Devlin couldn’t hold George Currys jockstrap. An do u know how many catholic recruiting schools we’ve beat or played with over the last 30 years the wins an playoff wins an state titles speak for their selves over the years and it won’t be the first time we were underdogs and came out on top that’s why they play the game fella.. O and they keep saying o wood is so young this year check both teams starting offense of rosters ber is just as young plus ber lost 2 big offense of lineman and a Temple recruit tight end/ D end lost for the year so u got a young berwick team that’s only about 85 percent strength right now an I think we will still give wood a good game…

  36. brad says:

    The last tme i seen woods record it is 12
    -2 i believe they can be beat hmmm lets go dawgs

  37. tom says:

    will see billy

  38. RedDawgs77 says:

    First of all not from Philly. Second, just an opinion not arrogance. You people get so defensive about your teams it is borderline creepy. It’s HS football, not life or death. Take a chill pill dude. Simmons is a very nice player, but the fact is that he would not start at Wood at WR. He might play but not start. This is an opinion board and hence people leave their opinions. I respect your opinion, although disagree with you for sure. But no need for the hating.

  39. Keith says:

    Krock sorry to correct you, but i just wanted to point out that Curry never beat Lesean McCoy or Bishop McD… In 2004 he had a great chance but came up short. Hopefully this time (if we can get past WOOD)he will get his chance to finally beat McD! WHO DAT!

  40. Billy Splain says:

    “Becca had one decent skill kid Simmons… And he wouldn’t even start at Wood.”

    Simmons is an extremely talented player that would start anywhere.

    you philly guys remind me of the way wpial fans USED to be, arrogant. They’ve grown up and accepted that they are part of a bigger whole. Some day I hope Philly fans get that way also. How many state titles ya’ll got?

  41. RedDawgs77 says:

    Are you sure you have seen Wood? Becca had one decent skill kid Simmons… And he wouldn’t even start at Wood. You are silly.

  42. Mike says:

    …a bite from a DAWG is far worse than a splinter from a piece of WOOD…

  43. dennis farrell says:

    I appreciate this website from which I get most of my information regarding district 2 H S football.

  44. Tristan DiPippa says:

    Hey guys its Tristan DiPippa.. Played football for the dawgs back in 2002-2005.. Was wondering where the dawgs are playing next week for the Eastern final? If anyone knows the location please let me know.. I would like to go see them as its the first time they have been back to the Eastern final since my junior year! Will be checking throughout the day.. Thank you!

  45. Kevin says:

    Berwick is mammoth underdogs. I’ll say this much…Wood doesn’t have more skill player talent then Becahi but far better line play. Obviously there is always a chance whether big or small. Just hope the Dawgs come out and give 100% and that’s all you can do. Coming from an LVC fan. D-11

  46. RedDawgs77 says:

    Bill Murray
    Becahi is no where near the level
    Of Wood. Not even close. Becca best player the WR Simmons would not even start at Wood. You are funny.

  47. RedDawgs77 says:

    Bill Murray
    It is St. Joe’s Prep, not St. Joe. Yes Wood is very good this year. I am not a Wood fan, but a PCL fan and I hope Wood and St. Joel’s Prep advance. I do think Wood will lose to Wrie Cathedral or McD as West is much stronger this year. With that being said I think Wood will win rather easily against Berwick.

    Why are you Berwick people so defensive when someone gives their opinion? Geez. How dare anyone say anything bad about the mighty Dawgs of Berwick? Seriously? It’s just an opinion guys. I know you guys are excited to be where you are and you should be- it has been a great season. Curry is a great coach. Actually the best PA has ever seen in my opinion. I do expect Berwick to be prepared. BUT I think you will all see that Wood is just too big and too athletic for Berwick this year. I would be shocked if Wood did not win this game by 28+ points. No need to get crazy mad, just an opinion.
    I respect your opinion as well. I’m sure we will find out in 6 days who was right.

  48. Krock says:

    You have to understand something. When George is coaching anyone can be beaten. Archbishop wood is an excellent team however they have never played Berwick. If you look at the curry Era look at what NFL stars he has beaten. Leshon Mccoy, Sean Gilbert to name a few. Berwick has beaten St. Ignatius, Bishop Mcdevitt with Mccoy, Aliquippa, HD woodson, Glen mills, ACC, Becahi, Manheim central, Bishop Mcnamara, should I keep going. Archbiship wood plays great football but they have never played the beast called Berwick. Make no mistake win or lose Curry comes to play and he will have these boys ready to play. It will not be a blowout trust me.

  49. billmurray says:

    RedDawgs…because Wood is “that” good? Berwick should stay home? Nobody can beat them? Funny, Ryan and St. Joe did…how’d that happen? I’ll tell ya, they played the game.
    btw, it’s Berwick, not Bereic…lol..and…you saw a Becca team that is just as talented as Wood, Berwick and many others. I’ve seen Berwick play…I’ve seen film of Wood…This should be a great game.

  50. Jim B says:

    This isn’t the first time The Dawgs are big underdawgs deep in the State Playoffs. George will have his team ready, to be sure.

  51. tom says:

    hey red dawg 77 stay home then we don’t need you or your coments

  52. RedDawgs77 says:

    Watched Bereick vs Becahi and have seen AW 3x now. Sorry but be happy if Dawgs aren’t mercy ruled by Q3.

  53. Mark says:

    Congratulations to Berwick. Unfortunately they will succumb to Wood next week.

  54. Billy Splain says:

    thanks Armand, I try. Not too bad for a hack eh? see ya in 2 weeks buddy

  55. Stephen Ridall says:

    Bring on wood then after we beat them we will Erie cathedral prep in Hershey on Friday the 13th

  56. Armand says:


    Great story on the game with a ton of player/coaches comments. Almost feels as though I was there.