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2020 Team Previews: Danville Ironmen (4)

Written by: on Sunday, August 23rd, 2020. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


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Head Coach: Mike Brennan

Assistant Coaches: Jeremy Winn, Mike Gurski, Marty Palm, Roger Legg, Roy Dennis, BJ Farrow, Brian Raup

Team Name: Danville “Ironmen”

2019 Record: 4-7

Key Starters Lost: Colton Sidler, Trey Miller, Joe Harris, Joey Rinaldo

Offensive Starters Returning: (7) Sr. QB KJ Riley, 6’2″ 200; Sr. H-back, Ian Persing, 6’1″ 185; Soph. WR Carson Persing 5’8″ 175; Sr. WR Jagger Dressler, 6’2″ 190; Sr. OT Tyler Simas, 6’2″ 250; Sr. OG Gabe Erdly, 5’10” 280; Sr. OG Brady Hill, 6’1″ 230;

Defensive Starters Returning: (7) Sr. DL Tyler Simas 6’2″ 250; Sr, DL Brady Hill 6’1″ 230; Soph. LB Mason Raup 5’10” 175; Jr LB Gabriel Benjamin 5’10” 180; Dr. OLB Ian Persing 6’1″ 185; Jr. DB Jack Smiley 5’9″ 160; Soph. DB Carson Persing 5’8″ 175;

Special Team Starters Returning: (1) Sr. K/P KJ Riley 6’2″ 200;

Key Newcomers: Soph. RB Ty Stauffer 5’9″ 185; Sr. TE CJ Outt 5’11” 180, Sr. WR Brandon Zimmerman 5’11” 170; Jr. OL Jesse Davis 6’2″ 180; Soph. FS Zach Gordon 6’0″ 170; Sr. DL Reed Shultz 5’10” 230

Key Stats: QB KJ Riley has thrown for over 5,000 career yards. Soph. WR Carson Persing had 761 receiving yards in 2019. Sr. Jagger Dressler had over 400 yards rushing last year and Sr. Ian Persing had over 400 yards receiving. Soph. LB Mason Raup had over 100 tackles last season as a freshman.

2020 Offensive Outlook: The skill players have shown good productivity. Our offensive line must continue to work hard, develop, and become effective pass protectors.

2020 Defensive Outlook: We must do a better job of running to the ball. Our physicality must improve. We must minimize missed tackles.

2020 Special Teams Outlook: We have an experienced kicker and punter who is one of the best athletes in District 4. We also have two kick and punt returners in Ian and Carson Persing who have successfully returned kicks in the past.


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