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Curry set to return to Berwick

Written by: on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012. Follow Jeremy Varner on Twitter.


The Berwick school board Monday night appointed George Curry as head football coach at a special meeting. The position became open when Gary Campbell, Jr. resigned to take his old job at Wahconah Regional HS in Dalton, Massachusetts. Curry has accepted the school’s appointment on a one-year interim basis only.


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66 Responses to “Curry set to return to Berwick”

  1. Mark says:

    @ Rick D

    Just to let you know that Dallas has a defensive coordinator who has coached 4 LB’s currently playing at the BCS level. Such as North Carolina and Oklahoma.

    As far as the Offensive line they average 250 across the line. They return 3 starters from the Oline and converted their TE to Guard. They have a new TE who is 6’3″ 220 Jr. Who is a big time Lacrosse recruit.

    Receivers are Siminovich and new transfer Dyreek Johnson. Dyreek is a 6’2″ long and rangy receiver. They have the ability to stretch the field on any play this year.

    We’ll see who is right. I say they will be better than last season. Only time will tell.

  2. RON says:

    Mifflin County will be @ Berwick, friday august 24 at 6pm. its on team info on this site.

  3. tim says:

    does anyone know where the mifflin vs berwick scrimmage will be played?

  4. mark d says:

    to sum it up as i said before the players from d2 are as good as any in the state so what is it coaching you decide !!!!!15 years no titles and very few competive games !!!!

  5. mark d says:

    @rick d you right i cant spell lol but the dallas team i watched aganist prep and valley view i didnt see that many different formations i guess i was missing something @jamie matt mcgloin penn state

  6. Rollie Ciffo says:

    D11 (with 47 schools) has won 11 State Titles across all classes by 8 different schools. Allentown Cent Catholic has the most with 3.

    D2 (with 36 schools) has won 10 State Titles across only 3 classes (ie no AAAA titles) by 5 different schools. Berwick has the most with 6. D11 has a lot more schools. Over time D2 has produced OK. But NADA since 1997.

    D2 compares better with D4 which has 33 schools. D4 has won 11 State Titles across only 3 classes (ie no AAAA titles) by 3 different schools. Southern Columbia has the most with 6. So, D2 compares favorable with them…OVER TIME…just not recently.

    D2’s top athletes compare favorably with any across the state. The real cause of D2’s football decline are many. Soccer likely takes a lot of good athletes as it does everywhere. D11’s population growth from NY/NJ caused an influx of athletes. I think D2 has generally had a significant population decline.

  7. bert says:

    Although a walk-on, are you forgetting Matt McGloin, from West Scranton?

  8. Jamie says:

    Opps, We (d2) AREN’T competing on the state level. Typo…

  9. RickD says:

    @ mark d

    Dallas used more formations the last few years than I have ever seen on the HS level. Even more than Curry used in the 90’s. While I agree with some of the points you are trying to make… is difficult to take you seriously when you say things that are completely untrue and also when you spell every other word incorrectly…..

  10. bert says:

    Let’s see, wide open offenses won all state titles last year. Wood played power football, granted they had the horses. Central Dauphin played power football. The year before, North Allegheny ran the most boring offense imaginable. All Southern Columbia teams ran power football. Everyone is focusing on ACC scoring 61 points, how about VV scoring 54 points on ACC, and dominating them with coal cracker offense. The teams that have the best players will always win, no matter what style they play. As for D2, the last 6 or 7 years, state finalists from D2, have run up against once in lifetime players, Dunmore against Tyrell Pryor, Abington and VV against Nosovitch. Last year’s VV team probably would have beaten most AAA teams in state except
    Wood and ACC, including D3, D4 and most teams in WPIAL. By the way, 2 of the 3 Penn State recruits who played in Big 33 game are from D2.

  11. Jamie says:

    I agree with you. D2 football has, over the last decade, gone down hll. We are competing on a state level. I said in my earlier post that d2 is in a down cycle. I only pointed out that d2 was once dominate, and that it is possible that it can happen again.

  12. Jamie says:

    What don’t you get? ACC had a D1 qb. You’re right, Valley View didn’t see anythogn like that up here. How many D1 qb’s are there? Especially one’s that are going to top 25 colleges? ACC’s qb was special, plus, he had great talent around him. Five lehigh Valley teams beat them? So what? Whenit counted, ACC showed what they were made of. There is no shame saying “we just dont see that type of offence around here”. No crap ! Who was the last D1 qb from d2? Exactly.

  13. mark d says:

    ron i agree he one of the best h.s q.b i ever saw but he was still one man and 5 other teams in the lehigh valley beat him last year i know all these kids from valley view is my sons class and belive me they were confused at what they were seeing from a.c.c we just dont see that type of offence around here @jamie both crestwood and dallas threw the ball still out of a base two wide set with a basic i back formation they just had good player see what they threw for aganist vally view i think i was a comdined 200 yards a.c.c threw for 500 !!!!!

  14. Jamie says:

    Are you a coach? Do you have every D2 team playbook? How can you claim every d2 team runs the same offence as they did in 1990? That’s silly.
    Numerous teams play out the spread up here. Hazleton used the spread, so did WVW. Crestwood passed the ball all over the place last year. And Dallas had just about the most balanced team in the state. Their QB tossed for over 1700 yards. Come on up here and watch some games, it’s not all “3 yards and a cloud of dust” like you seem to think.

  15. Jamie says:

    Wow, D2 hasn’t won a state title since 1997, yet they still have just as many (10) as d11.

  16. Jamie says:

    Ok, sorry 1992 Berwick won, not 1993. I mean when a team has six State Titles, it’s easy to mix up a year. Please all, forgive me for my horrible mistake.

  17. RON says:

    @mark d the difference was valley view went up against the best qb in pa,who will be attending south carolina this fall,and after attending college will be playing on sundays in the nfl.

  18. mark d says:

    not saying that d2 doesnt have great players that the point all i want is someone to explain to me how valley view went down to acc and got 61 point scored on them.this was a defence that gave up nothing in d2 all year. they were bigger and stronger up frount ,speed watched philps run past them speed in the secondary their members of the d2 gold medal 4×10 realy team so what was the difference that a 5and5 team scored 61 point on them !!!!

  19. edsel says:

    I hope its ok for my son to play football up here in District 2. They introduced the top 100 for the class of 2013 in Hershey at the Big 33 saturday night. 12 were district two kids. I only hope they can overcome their lack of coaching. My son plays for a legend and I am honored for his experience.

  20. Jeremy says:

    First of all Jamie Beriwck did not win the state title in 1993. Second yes they won a ton of state titles in the 80’s and 90’s it is now 2012. Football has since passed District 2 by. Here is why back in those days everyone played smash mouth football, and yo have to give D2 and D4 credit nobody lifted weights like they did back then. Today everyone lifts weights everyone speed trains. And they football part has passed district by, they are still running the same offenses they ran in 1990. George was a head of his time in terms of throwing the ball, that is why Berwick was largely sucessful.

  21. mark d says:

    @jamie it was 92 that d2 had two state champs valley view and berwick acc won the aaa in 93 and your right d2 had great coaches and at valley view their still running the same offence that frank ran hell they dont even use it at midvalley where he still coaching !!!!!!!!the rest of the state passed us off the
    numbers dont lie what happen in 92 97 or 2002 doesnt matter it what today and d2 hasnt been competive

  22. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Jack, I’m not invested in D4 in any way. Selinsgrove WON the AAA state title in 2009 over Manheim Central. That’s more recent than the arse-whupping Terrell Pryor gave Dunmore in 2007.

    Also, D4 is very strong in Class A…because they have a lot of schools at that level.

  23. Jamie says:

    Sorry, it was Marian, not Mahanoy Area, who won a state title.

  24. Jamie says:

    Ok, I have a few points.

    First, football, and sports in general, is cyclical. You have good cycles, and you have bad cycles. D2 is, no doubt, in a down cycle. Two state finalist in the last 10 years, with no State Champs. But let me point out, D2 was the most dominate district in the entire state for the first decade of PA state playoffs (1988-1997). D2 had 10 state champions in that period, including two in 1993, Dallas in AA, and Berwick in AAA. D2 has had its time in the sun. And it wasn’t luck d2 has those 10 titles. So as bleak as things may seem now, times can change. My point is, D2 has won before, and certainly can win state titles again.

    So what happened? Why so long? Did football in d2 go down hill? Or, did the rest of the state evolve and catch up, then pass d2. I think it’s a little of both. The all-time great d2 coaches who won state titles all got old. Henzes, Jackson, Curry, Pazzalla. These coaches were all old school guys who won in their prime, and it just seems no coach has really stepped up to take the helm. I really thought Harry Armstrong and Gary Campbell were those kind of guys, but both are gone now.

    Lastly, “coal cracker football” is some of the best football in the state. Berwick, Mount Carmel, Southern Columbia, all about 40 miles apart, have what, 17 state titles combined. Add in Mahanoy Area and Schuylkill Haven, and “coal cracker football” has darn near 20 state titles.

  25. Jeremy says:

    @Rollie how can you District 11 football has gone south since berwick went south??? how ignorant can you be? District 11 has been there 4 times since berwick last won one. and won 2

  26. Jack says:

    @RCIF, District 2 was in 2A state final in 2007, District 4 not since 2002. I think District 4 and District 2 Football is awful period. Terrible coaching very slow kids. I know it’s “coal cracker football”. But those days are long gone. District 4 3A is an abomination 4-6 was the district champ!!!! ACC could have scored a 100 on them and Wood could have scored 100 on ACC. In my opinion District 11 football is falling just like there neighbors to the North

  27. mark d says:

    let look at teams that played in state finals in the last 10 years in all classes d11 9 games d4 7 games d2 2 games d2 hasnt won a state title since 1997

  28. mark d says:

    rollie right d2 is behind the rest of the state i not saying you have to throw the ball 50 times a game but you need some blance team are still running the same offences they ran 15 to 20 years ago a few year back riverside went to the spread and no one could stop them last year valley view ran in to a 5 wide set shot gun team and didnt have a clue it coaching or lack of it you decide !!!

  29. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Its certainly possible given that D2 and D11 have a similar number of schools at AAA. However, since Berwick went south a few years ago, the quality of football at that level has suffered. Smashmouth? Hardly. Then again, who knows? Maybe d11 and D4 are down this year?

    I also find Jack’s comment amusing. No district has been worse above Class A than D2 over the past few years. What games have you been watching?

  30. mark d says:

    @w.w the way they played defence last year they really need thouse kids to improve to make any kind of statement !!!!!!if they get it together i think 6-4 at best

  31. RON says:

    @ Rollie.. Whoever wins d2 will take d11 this year. game will be played in d2 and acc will not be a factor this year since they lost all of their playmakers on offense. next is d4, which also will be played in d2. i would say d2 will be favored to win. which leads to d1-d12 winner. most people are saying wood will win this game but i feel d1 will give them a game. now, can take d2 winner take wood down? wood is going to be good this year but not as great as 2011. d2 teams play smashface football, can wood stop this kind of offense? i feel d2 has a better chance this year. its going to be a tougher road to hershey than 2011 for any aaa team.

  32. Jack says:

    District 2 will beat District 4 no question about it. District 4 is bad Bad BAd BAD football above the 2A level.

  33. Rollie Ciffo says:

    @Joe…and the D2 team still won’t get past the state quarters. Book it.

  34. Jamie says:

    Well said. Greta points. All due respect to the new coach, but this is just no way Dallas is a better team then last year.

  35. RickD says:


    How do you have all this inside info on Dallas? Like they are now playing a 4-3? If that’s true that will be a very difficult adjustment for kids who are used to playing the Ted Jackson specific type of 4-4. How do you figure they have 2 LBs back? Dunn, Roccograndi and Artsma all graduated!!

    Zapoticky is very talented but he was very good last year because Dallas ran the ball very well. They were by far the most balanced offensive team I saw play the last 2-3 years. Teams should be able to key on Simonovich. Who are these “several new receivers” you speak of? Besides Simonovich there isn’t one returning player who caught a pass last season!!

    Shutlock and Bullock are 2 big and talented OL. You said the whole offensive line is massive? Who else besides those 2 kids??

    In my opinion you are VERY, VERY mistaken to say that this year’s team will be better than last year’s.

  36. Joe says:

    Wood brings back 3 Offensive Lineman and will be bigger up front this year than they were last year. If you don’t think they have stock piled talent down there then you have no idea. District 4 is absolutely terrible the District 4 champ was 4-6 and got absolutely destroyed by the 5-5 District 11 champ who lost by 70 in the semi-final. District 4 stinks.

  37. Rollie Ciffo says:

    What makes you think Archbishop Wood will be there this year? Sure they have talent. But they lost A TON of talent too. They lost 2 D1 linemen, 2 D1 RBs, A D1 WR and a fantastic QB. Not only that, any D2 will have to contend with D4 in addition to D11. Would love to be wrong, but I’ll eat my hat if a D2 team makes it past the state quarterfinals in AAA.

  38. Joe says:

    The “Dawgs” will be playing Arch Bishop Wood in the Eastern Final in 2012. George will out coach all of District 2 will beat a weak D11 and the beat the sisters of the poor in quarterfinal round. Than lose to Wood. And everyone will hail George as the king of HS football and the quote will be “Curry got them within a step of a state title”

  39. Jamie says:

    Parsnick will be tough to replace. But Coughlin does have a 1000 yard rusher returning in full back Zac Evans. Plus, a few returning O-lineman.

  40. rob says:

    Looking at WW’s schedule, I’m gonna say they go 4-6 . Prep,Coughlin,Riverside,MV,Dunmore, and Lakeland should beat them….and maybe Honesdale but I don’t know who they have coming back.

  41. WW says:

    A real D2 fan-

    first off, WA never pulled their starters, game film shows that. Obrien Never came out of that game. There is more to that team that just siclari. That have a QB who is pretty good, one of the best actually in the LL. They have an Ath in James Berger, and a LB in conner Rosensweet. As for the teams that they will loose to Ill give you prep and Dunmore. Mid valley will be a tough gamme. But they have a ligit chance of beating Lakelannd and Riverside who they dominated last year. I also believe that coughlin will bbe a toss up game, they lost prob their best player in Parsnik. It is hard to replace 1700 yards of offense.

    I have said that Dallas, Berwick, Valley View, Prep, Coughlin and Paupack will be the class of AAA. I just said to look for Western wayne, If they get their shit together they will be good. They lost 2 players on offense and 3 on defesense.

  42. Mark says:

    Rob, I agree with you to a degree. Brace was a shell of himself do due to injury early on in the season. Dunn had a terrific year on both sides of the ball, and will be difficult to replace. Roccograndi and Artsma were terrific inside and will also be difficult to replace.

    The new system will be a 4-3 on defense with two of the linebackers coming back from last season. Chris roccograndi looks terrific at Linebacker and they have an absolute stud as a Junior in Mike Mihal and ILB.

    This senior group will have a chip on their shoulder, and they are a very close group. Reminds me a little bit like Valley View from last season.

    Zapoticky is 100% from what I am told and he has gotten bigger. Siminovich is huge and several new receivers are also very good.

    I think Berwick, Coughlin and VV will all be there. I can’t wait for Kickoff. Good Luck to all of the players and teams for this season!!!

  43. rob says:

    Disagree Mark. Dallas loses two 3 year starters in Dunn and Brace at WR and they also lose their entire linebacker corps and secondary. They won’t be as good as last years team but I can see them going 8-2 or 9-1 anyway.

  44. Mark says:

    Great to hear that George Curry is returning to the sidelines. He is the ambassador of coaching and the football is much better with him in the game.

    My observation in D2 AAA is Dallas is the team to beat. Most of these players have played for Jackson for 2 seasons. They have been in his system for 3-4 seasons.. His demeanor is engrained in them, the work ethic the same.

    Team personnel: Zapoticky is finally healthy at QB and should have a huge year. Offensive line is massive and very very talented. Wr Siminovich is huge and should prove that he is the go to guy this season. They have several new players who have come out for the team that will help them sure up some holes. I think this years team will be better than last.

    New coach will be the recipient of having coached a great senior class.

  45. A real D2 fan says:

    Can you please just change your name to Western Wayne already. It is obvious you are a huge supporter of there program and there is nothing wrong with that, but to come on here and constantly talk WW in every single one of your posts is starting to get old. Lets just let time tell how good the wildcats will be and if Sicalri is as good as you advertise him to be, not sure if this is true or not bc i wasint there but in his huge game agianst WA was it true most of his damage came after WA had built a huge lead and then pulled the plug alittle to early allowing WW to mount a comeback mainly agiasnt the second team then returning the starters who had sat for more than a quater back into the game? I just cant see how a team that was 6-14 in the previous 2 seasons can all of a sudden compete for a AAA championship?? Esp one that plays in the LL Div 2, which is comprised of mainly A and AA teams! To even make the playoff is AAA WW will have to go 9-1 at worst to get in and looking at the schedule i cant find 9 wins can you? I would think loses to Prep, Coughlin,Riverside, Dunmore, Lakeland and Mid Valley as a game that can go ethier way so im my opinion 6-4 at best and that by far does not get you into the AAA playoffs
    Well anyways enough of my rant I wish WW the best of luck as well as all other d2 teams and to Robbie best of luck coming off a devistating injury please go out and prove me wrong, i will be the first to admit if i was mistaken

  46. mark d says:

    heard George on his way to new orelans to see if Breese has any eligibility left since he not signed lol lol

  47. Old Timer says:

    berwick is returning some good players, but it is the underclassmen about to rise that is scary. That freshman team last year was rediculous. The team was all athletes top to bottom and deep at certain positions. Curry is gonna get the credit, but I think just about anybody could’ve won with this group coming up. But with the legend leading them it should be fun to watch. Go Dawgs.

  48. Jamie says:

    This is what I wrote on another site, this is my breakdown of the WVC AAA. Of course that was before Curry came back.
    Also, I thought Harrison for Berwick was a senior.

    “In AAA, I like Coughlin. (Not sure what the Lackawanna AAA schools look like tho)

    The Crusaders should be better then last year, and even play an easier schedule (dropped Strousburg and Valley View). They return a 1000 yard rusher in bruiser Zac Evans and the team has three quality starters back on the O-line, including state Heavyweight placer Brad Emerick (6-2, 275). I have Coughlin returning 6 starters on Offence, and 7 on Defence. Of course, trying to move on without a three year starter like Joey Parsnick will be tough, but with an easier schedule, and a strong group of returning players, I think Coughlin goes 8-2.

    Dallas should be tough as always, especially with their QB Ryan Zapticky returing. They also return Buddy Shuttlock (6-4 275) an outstanding lineman. But I have to wonder what they will look like without Teddy Jackson, or Teddy Jr on the sidelines. If this new coach can get the team to buy into him and his system, Dallas has the talent to stay on top of WVC AAA. But, replacing a legend is never easy anywhere, and I just don’t see this new coach (all due respect to him) being very successful. I think Dallas struggles, goes 5-5, and makes the Eastern Conference.

    Berwick will be an interesting team. They finished 9-3 last year, and won the AAA EC playoffs. But the Dawgs lost a lot of production to graduation. Gone is starting RB Jermey Freeman (1750 yards, 24 td’s), starting QB Jarod Pierce, Kicker Alex Oliver (best kicker in the WVC last season), and their best linemen Jake Jola and Adam Harrison. That’s a lot to replace. But, Berwick only had about a dozen seniors on the roster, so a lot of underclassmen saw playing time.

    As for some other WVC AAA teams:

    Crestwwod lost a fantastic QB Nick Aigeldinger and a great lineman in Tony Morgante. I don’t see them returning enough talent to get back into the district playoffs, or even the Eastern Conference playoffs.

    Pittston area may be a sleeper team. Last year, first year head coach Mike Barrett seemed to have gotten the program moving in the right direction. They have a great athlete in Jordan Houseman returing, and could surprise a few teams this year. They may be able to win enough games to qualify for the Eastern Conference playoffs, but I don’t see them being a district playoff team.

    Tunkhannock, I hate to say, is going to have a tough, tough year. They were bad last year, really bad. I saw them play against Coughlin, and Parsnick could have rushed for 500 yards if the coaches left him in during the 2nd half. The Tigers don’t pass the eyeball test. They don’t look like a AAA squad. They look small and would struggle with a single A schedule. The coach has an uphill battle.”

  49. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Coughlin lost their best player, Joe Parsnik. They must have a lot coming back to be so highly regarded. Any details?

    Regarding Berwick, Pierce (QB) may be difficult to replace but if Cos Curry is any good, it might not be a problem. Freeman…yeah he was tough but replacement there won’t be difficult if Berwick has a good OL coming back.

    Also, agree on Dallas…perhaps not as good with the new, untested coach. I think other qualified coaches didn’t apply out of deference to Ted Jackson. If Dallas underperforms this year, look for the new coach to be gone. Then, I expect all the guys with experience (Michaels, Downing etc) will be tripping over themselves to apply there. Who knows? Maybe Jackson or his son will apply.

  50. mdodgson says:

    have to agree wirth rons list team are close i think coaching will make the difference like berwick and prep remember prep has owned valley view the last few years

  51. rob says:

    Agreed with Ron. Dallas might take a step back with the new coach. 3A in D2 is going to be tight. No clear favorite.

  52. D2 says:

    I guess we could agree on the top 5 just a diffrent order. Valley View is still loaded from a team that won the d2 championship last year…i do realize they will have a hard time replaciing 4 d1 kids but they have 2 lineman the qb rb and slew of wr/dbs return…

    The sleeper team to look out for will be Western Wayne. They return almost everyone. They have a player that not to many teams know of in Robbie siclari, He is an beast. They have their qb back who thew for over 1,000 yds, an 3rd team all-state DB in James Berger, honarble mention all-state LB in conner rosensweet. Im assuming that Siclari will be back on the offensive side again so WW will have a back up tailback that ran for 800 yds. There offense was 2nd offense in the whole Lackawanna leauge averaging over 350 yds a game. Their Defense was the big problem they were the 2nd to last giving up over 350 yds.If they could improve there defense they will be a force. Early games aginst Scranton prep and Coughlin in weeks 2 and 3 will tell a lot.

  53. Jamie says:

    I watched Berwick play twice last year against Coughlin. Freeman and Pierce were 99% of their offense.

  54. RON says:

    1. Berwick
    2. Scranton Prep
    3. Valley View
    4. Dallas
    3 WB Coughlin
    Berwick will be so much better with George Curry
    Dallas will really miss Ted Jackson
    week 3 Dallas at Berwick will be the game of the year,if Berwick wins they should be #1 seed in d2 playoffs.

  55. D2 says:

    well this changes a ton in the pre season rankings for AAA in D2 in my opinion…

    1. Dallas
    2.Valley View
    3. Berwick
    4. Coughlin
    5. Scranton Prep
    6. Paupack
    7. Western Wayne
    8. Pittston
    9. Abington heights
    10. Honesdale
    11. North Pocono
    12. West Scranton
    13. Tun
    14. Crestwood
    15. Montrose

  56. rob says:

    Harrison will be a senior this year but I agree with you anyway. Berwick is 2 years away from another good run.

  57. edsel says:

    Harrison is back. Groome is a monster lineman. Gavin Harter is another lineman. Skill guys Cashman, Steeber, Peccorelli and DiPippa. Forgot Klinger. Mausteller and Potter plus Updegrove and Dalberto. Dawgs are very good.

  58. Jamie says:

    Rollie, who does Berwick return?
    The Dawgs lost a lot of production to graduation. Gone is starting RB Jermey Freeman (1750 yards, 24 td’s), two year starting QB Jarod Pierce, Kicker Alex Oliver (best kicker in D2 last season), and their best linemen Jake Jola and Adam Harrison. That’s a lot to replace.

  59. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Berwick has a ton of kids coming back. Berwick would have had a terrific team with either Campbell or Curry. Of course, everyone’s happy as the prodigal son returns. Curry is set up for success with the kids coming back. At his age, I think Curry’s 1 year & done. Campbell’s leaving for the optimal family situation. Curry, being a great guy and understanding Campbell’s situation is doing the community a solid. Good things happening all around here.

  60. markd says:

    think it makes berwick a contender he a coach who keep up on things been running camps and watching a lot film from his sports shows he know what going on in the state and i bet berwick will throw the ball !!!!

  61. Kevin says:

    It’s nice to live right around the corner from crispin field. Since curry is back, I will attend the home games now. I hope he can turn things around and make a run into districts.

  62. Marv says:

    Its great to see my old coach is going back to Berwick. I wish him and the team best of luck this year!!

  63. Newman says:

    Friday Night Lights are back in Berwick, PA
    Welcome back Coach!!

  64. David Mika says:

    What impact will Curry have returning to Berwick?

  65. tim says:


  66. Steve L says: