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Council Rock South Ends Garnet Valley’s Sensational Run

Written by: on Saturday, November 26th, 2011. Follow Armand Vanore on Twitter.


Newtown, Pa., Quarterback Brian Donnelly and the Council Rock South Golden Hawks once again exercised precise ball control with Coach Vince Bedesem’s triple option offense and did not have to punt until the fourth quarter as the Hawks cruised to a 38-24 District 1, AAAA quarter final victory over the Garnet Valley Jaguars at Walt Snyder stadium.

Down 7-0 after the Hawks 59 yard drive culminated in an Anthony Alimenti ten-yard touchdown, the Jags were stuffed at midfield on a critical fourth and one. Three plays later Donnelly scored on a 36 yard jaunt giving the Hawks a two score lead with five minutes left in the first quarter. Garnet Valley countered immediately with star running back Justin Pyle’s six yard touchdown and for a moment it appeared that a track meet was in progress.

On South’s next drive Donnelly executed another sensational play fake and hit University of Maryland commit P.J. Gallo for a 32 yard gain setting up Christian Crane’s six yard TD giving the Hawks a 21-6 lead.

Hoping to gain some momentum to start the second half and down 24-12, The Jags season appeared to hang in the balance when quarterback Ryan Corkery hurt his knee on the second play of the third quarter. A Hawk interception on the next play and an impending six play drive resulted in another Alimenti touchdown (from the one) effectively put the game out of reach.

The win gives Council Rock a berth in next week’s final versus North Penn at a venue to be determined. The Jaguars ended their magical season with the Central League title and an 11-2 record. Coach Mike Ricci’s squad entertained many in SE Pa with their high tempo offense.


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10 Responses to “Council Rock South Ends Garnet Valley’s Sensational Run”

  1. andy c says:

    lingman rules!

  2. Big C says:

    @jp Thank you for the thoughts and prayers for Ryan. He will be back because he is a competitor.hope to see crs next year they have a great program and great players.good luck next week. @suburban1 why don’t you get a life your CBS team move on. Stop crying about a bad call. Gv still made the next play to win the game.

  3. James Loney says:

    @JP, @at the game

    I know the home announcer is always more enthusiastic about the home team, but unfortunately I was not the only one that was annoyed. A bunch of the other moms were saying a lot of stuff about him and making worse comments that I cannot repeat. To me and the away crowd it did sound like he was disrespecting Garnet Valley. About accusing CR South of running up the score, that wasn’t the issue. There is nothing worse than being on the field in the final minute of your high school football career knowing that it’s all about to end. I’ve experienced this myself. I just thought that Council Rock South should’ve taken that into consideration and just take a knee. And I am also not angry just because GV lost. I would’ve made the same complaints had they won.


    At every GV game there are a lot more than TWO PEOPLE working at the concession stand…I was literally standing in line for 20 minutes during the half at CR South and there were still like 60 people in front of me…That’s ridicoulous. As for our STUDENT SECTION, not all of the fans, they are very enthsiastic and more passionate than most schools in the District One area. They are bunch of kids under the age of 18. You have to expect them to be rowdy. They’re just having fun.

  4. Jeff Smith says:


    Thank you you are a very respectful CR South fan, i hope that you guys go far in the playoffs and hopefully win states. Corkery has a torn ACL and hopefully he will be able to recover. I definitely thought that coming out of the half that GV was going to make it a close game only down 12 points. Gotta give it Allimente though, i heard his name 1,000 times lol. As for the announcer, he probably loves CR South football and enjoys his job, and i have no problem with that, its just where were from in Garnet Valley we’ve never seen an announcer not mention the away team’s name once. Best of luck the rest of the season, hopefully we’ll see eachother next year in playoff

  5. Suburban1 says:

    Interesting take on CRS’s home field. I attended the CB South/GV game the previous week and I felt the same way about GV. Great stadium setting, but the concessions set up was jammed, and after GV squeaked it out, the chanting and “hey, hey goodbye” singing made it seem like you won by mercy rule, instead o an officials gift. It’s called karma. Humility in victory, respect in defeat.

  6. at the game says:

    @ james loney;

    agree with you on the concessions and announcer. He has been this way for the last few seasons.

    As far as takin a knee – CRS took out starters w/ 8min to go. GV keep 1’s in to try and make a miracle comeback < ok, no problem. After two quick scores CRS put 1's back in. CRS got ball back w/ 4 min left w/ 1's and were going to ensure GV did not get ball back. There we TWO plays run inside of 2 minutes and BOTH were fullback dive. that is not rubbing it in GV face.

  7. hentz says:

    @ James:

    We will


  8. steve says:

    true dat

  9. JP says:

    @James Loney… WOW! Other than the long lines at the snack stand, I am not sure why you are so angry. Yes there are two teams playing but there is such a thing as a home field advantage. Our announcer knows all of our players and is certainly a little more excited when the home team does well but at the same time is respectful of the other side. That is what you experience at just about every game. I guess you would petition the Eagles to play music and shoot fireworks when the Patriots score this weekend???
    After you purchased your ticket you would have walked through the gate and seen several of the South boosters selling programs and helping to direct people to restrooms and the visitors side (always with a smile!). I can honestly say I have never met a nicer bunch of people than the GV crowd. You guys came in numbers and it was a pleasure to see. Many of the crowd stopped and chatted with us. Other than that I am not sure how you would have even interacted with the home team fans as you would have been completely across the field.
    As for taking a knee, I guess as upset as you are, I can see how you would take that personally. I don’t see you mentioning how our coaching staff emptied the bench LIBERALLY in the 4th quarter. We could have kept the starters in instead of putting the JV team on the field on offense AND defense. The starting offense only came back in because we wanted to end the game and your starters made a lopsided game close against the JV team. If the Hawks were really trying to punish the Jaguars would the JV players EVER have seen the field? It’s a shame that your slanted views and comments would attempt to paint a different picture.

    Having said all the above, I hope you can regroup and take an objective look after the emotions of a tough loss wear off. I also hope your QB recovers from his injury. No one ever wants to see a competitor go down like that. The thoughts and prayers of the Golden Hawks are with Ryan Corkery for a speedy recovery!

  10. James Loney says:

    I hope Garnet Valley never has to go play in that stadium ever again…The home crowd could not have treated the away visitors any worse and the snack line was seriously like a mile long because only TWO PEOPLE were working it. It’s a District One Football Playoff Game, not an afternoon field hockey match…THINK!!! And whoever announced that game needs to know that there are actually two teams playing and should give the away team some credit whenever there’s a tackle made or when someone is carrying the ball. As for the actual football team, when you’re up by two touchdowns with a under a minute left, take a knee!! The seniors on defense already know that their season and high school careers are over. You don’t have to shove it in front of their face. I seriously hope that North Penn punishes them all night long next Friday and gives them a taste of their own medicine. Other than that, Garnet Valley had a terrific season when nobody thought they had a chance. Everyone in the community could not be any prouder of those boys. Best of luck to those seniors and to the team next year!!!

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