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2017 Team Preview – Central York Panthers (3)

Written by: on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Josh Oswalt

Assistant Coaches:

Andy Casale
Mike Cesarano
Matt Glusco
Andrew Horn
Jason Merritt
Justin Sowers
George Touras
John Tuttle

Team Name: Central York Panthers

2016 Record: 7-4

2017 Schedule:

Key Starters Lost:

Sakai Barton
Jordan Bowie
Noreaga Goff
Maurice Green
Todd Horner
Carter Luckenbaugh
Justin Paneto
Ben Ward
DeArnie Waters

Offensive Starters Returning: (7)

Sr. OT Austin Ilgenfritz, 6-3, 240
Sr. G Cody Southivong, 5-10, 220
Sr. WR Tim Sturgis, 6-3, 190
Sr. WR Eddie Santiago, 6-1, 170
Sr. TE Dustin Grim, 6-0, 200
Jr. RB Hunter Werner, 5-11, 190
Jr. QB Cade Pribula, 6-1, 185

Defensive Starters Returning: (10)

Sr. DE Cortland Sperry, 6-2, 200
Jr. DE Reid Hershner, 6-2, 180
Jr. DT Devin Gaffney, 6-2, 230
Sr. DT Jaden Fontes, 6-0, 240
Sr. OLB Joey Sauers, 6-0, 180
Sr. OLB Quinn Bacha, 5-8, 175
Sr. MLB Deontay English, 5-9 190
Sr. MLB Kollin Vaught, 5-11, 200
Sr. CB Obioma Anyatonwu, 6-3, 200
Jr. FS Darnell Johnson, 5-9, 160

Special Team Starters Returning: (0)

Key Newcomers: (1)

Sr. CB Rodrick Farley, 6-0, 180

2017 Offensive Outlook: Looking for new guys to step up on the offensive front.

2017 Defensive Outlook: With 10 returning starters, it is important to gel over the off-season and come into 2017 ready to compete.

2017 Special Teams Outlook: Finding a kicker that can replace 2016 All-State Punter, Carter Luckenbaugh


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