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By George, He’s Back

Written by: on Monday, June 11th, 2012. Follow Frank Kastreva on Twitter.


By Frank Kastreva,

The deep green grass that once covered what some say is “the place the football gods sleep” is gone, replaced with a more durable, stronger surface.  Years back, by the time November came around the surface at Crispin Field was pretty much beat up, but the “DAWGS” roaming that field on the other hand were just tuning up. Ready for another playoff run under the tutelage of “The General”, Pennsylvania’s all-time win leader and icon in the high school football world.

Crispin Field home of the Berwick Bulldogs and 6 state titles has not quite been the same over the past few years and the hoopla that once followed the storied program from “Dawg Town” has certainly been on a lesser level. Wins have been tough to come by on a regular basis and the “Berwick Swagger” that once flowed through town like a rushing river has dried up a bit.

Well, if your glass be empty, may it fill again! By George, he’s back!  George Curry is returning as the head football coach at Berwick High School. And for a football program that put Berwick on the map, there could not be any better news. Administration at Berwick announced after a meeting Monday evening that Curry will coach on an interim basis for the 2012 season.

The buzz coming out of Berwick is major, all I have spoken to are very excited and I would expect the town to be buzzing from now to opening night. Long lines are back in Berwick and I’m not talking about the local super market.

Curry will have his work cut out for himself, but he won’t have to worry about getting lost making it to the field house or finding his way around town. Berwick is Curry’s home and when he’s coaching Berwick Football home is normally the field house. There are not many in the business that put as much time in as Curry and he expects as much from his players. It won’t be a picnic for many, but winning will be more of the norm if all buys in.

Vince Lombardi once said “winning is contagious and so is losing.” If you’re a true sports fan you know how true that statement is. It’s time to go old school Berwick fans, bring back the ribbons and bows, hang out that “Fire Up Dawgs” sign, let that siren blow, how about dawning those red socks during a playoff run once again. Where are those white helmets, we still got, break em out.

Berwick football will again be the main story in the coming season. Curry will have a chance to coach is grandson, who was the back-up QB last season. The son of Coz Curry, who I expect will be helping dad out again as in the old days.

The Dawg’s schedule is not quite as strong as it was in years past, not sure if that will be a good or bad thing for Curry. We all know George always approves of a very strong schedule. To be the best you have to beat the best.

I’m sure if you spoke to Curry, he expects to win and he will be instilling that attitude in to his players right from the start. Attitude is half the battle and bringing back that winning tradition comes with the right attitude.

I have been watching Berwick football for many years, making my way up river during Curry’s stent at Valley West and enjoyed calling many of the games with George at the helm in Kingston. But the Friday nights that I spent watching the Dawgs at Crispin Field are my finest memories. That day George stepped away was a tough time for me and many others, it kind of felt like something died in me. Like and empty space was left. For the first time in many years, that space is again filled.


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9 Responses to “By George, He’s Back”

  1. edsel says:

    Nobody ever accused me of having a man-crush on George!

  2. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Frank, I definitely took a shot at you with the man-crush comment (which I stand by).

    However, I also must commend you. Your writing has vastly improved. I don’t know if you took a class or simply proof read your copy. But, the improvement definitely shows. Keep up the good work.

    I look forward to your Berwick wrap-ups.

  3. Jamie says:

    Saying George Curry was a “decent” football coach is like calling Michael Jordan a “decent” basketball player, or Tiger Woods a “decent” golfer.

    Anyway, please explain what you mean by “deceiving ways” and “politics”??? Who or what did George decive in, say, 1982?? What politics were involved in Berwick winning the USA Today National title? I’ll wait for your response…..

  4. Tom says:

    Curry was a decent coach however I doubt he will be able to do some of the things he got away with in the past (you know what I am talking bout). Remember what happened that season when Berwick was 13-0 , had all of it’s wins taken away briefly and then given back (Gus Fielder?)There were a lot of politics back then that went Berwick’s way and a lot of it was because of their coach, I agree … I kinda doubt Berwick can be back to its old and deceiving ways in just 1 season… Just my opinion…

  5. Rollie Ciffo says:

    What I actually said was I said I don’t think his record would have been BETTER than Campbell’s. Remember, people get old. In his prime Curry was the best…NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. But he got old and the kids changed. It’ll get the town revved but coach that he is today is not better than Campbell today.

    Curry’s record at WVW certainly wasn’t any better than Michaels would have done with the same lineup.

    He’s a legend. But legends get old. Babe, Joe D, Mickey, Mays, the Duke…they all get old.

  6. frankiek says:

    Rocco…I can’t believe you think Curry would of had a worse record then campbell the last six years. With a statement like that I can see you don’t do your homework…man crush or not Curry better then Campbell…hands down!

  7. billmurray says:

    “bring back the ribbons and bows, hang out that “Fire Up Dawgs” sign, let that siren blow, how about dawning those red socks during a playoff run once again. Where are those white helmets, we still got, break em out.”

    AND THROW THAT CONFETTI!…..whatever happened to that tradition? I remember every stadium littered with sliced newspaper under the bleachers, only in Berwick it was ribbon cuttings.

  8. Rollie Ciffo says:

    While he is probably one of the two greatest coaches in PA HS history, Frank, you do have a man crush on Curry. I don’t think his record at Berwick over the last few years would have been better than Campbell’s. You need to have the horses. Curry went to WVW and did no better than his predecessor. The dummies on the WVW Board had the right coach but they drank the Cool Aid. Curry’s bailing out Berwick because none of the current assistants had the guts to take over the program. I don’t like the way Campbell’s leaving. 2 months notice before the season is not the way for a championship coach to leave…not fair to Berwick. Still, he’s not leaving the cupboard bare.

  9. edsel says:

    Welcome back Frankie!

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