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Bracket Update (12/18 @ 7:20pm)

Written by: on Friday, December 24th, 2010. Follow Jeremy Varner on Twitter.


***UPDATE*** Class A, AA, AAA, AAAA Brackets complete.

P.I.A.A. Class A Final Clairton Bears vs Riverside Vikings Friday, December 17 @2pm

P.I.A.A. Class AAA Final Bishop McDevitt Crusaders vs Allentown Central Catholic Vikings Friday, December 17 @ 7pm

P.I.A.A. Class AA Final South Fayette Lions vs West Catholic Burrs Saturday, December 18 @ 12pm

P.I.A.A. Class AAAA Final North Allegheny Tigers vs LaSalle Explorers Saturday, December 18 @ 5pm

Note: The following teams will be on the HOME side of HersheyPark Stadium: Clairton, West Catholic, Allentown Central Catholic, North Allegheny

Note: The following teams will be on the AWAY side of HersheyPark Stadium: Riverside, South Fayette, Bishop McDevitt, LaSalle

Stadium Aerial Links have been added for each game. Click on each blue Stadium Aerial for a photo of the host stadium. A special thank you goes out to everyone that has helped with this project. Good luck to all teams in their quest for a PIAA State Championship.  Any questions, comments or corrections please email Jeremy

Here are the direct links to each bracket.

Class A

Class AA

Class AAA

Class AAAA

Philly Catholic League

Eastern Conference

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482 Responses to “Bracket Update (12/18 @ 7:20pm)”

  1. George says:

    It’s a shame that Dallas high school fired it’s long time football coach Ted Jackson.You can either like him or dislike him but you have to admit Ted is a great football coach who won many games with not alot of talent.I think if some school district that wants to see it’s football program become the best they should hire Ted Jackson as head coach.

  2. Bob says:

    The Mount Carmel Red Tornados are going all the way in AA this year.

  3. WHspirit18 says:

    First of all, JB is incorrect. I am from Western PA, and I don’t know specific players from the East. But, when I started to research La Salle College, I saw that their running back, Abdur-Rahman, considered D1 schools, such as, Maryland and Purdue. So, how can JB say that they had no D1 recruits? I know he ended up picking Villanova, but still, he’s D1 talent. So, why did Abdur-Rahman choose La Salle College HS? Is he Catholic? Is he really concerned with his education? No! He wanted to go to a good football school! And the coaches that probably recruited him knew that. I don’t even know the kid and I can tell he chose Nova because he would be able to play more at that school. Would he have played as much at Purdue or Maryland? Nope.
    LS 1979- I pretty sure I have some proof for you, in addition to what I wrote above. Daniel Ezzo… from Jenkintown HS to La Salle College HS. Why did that happen? Well, the past couple years, I think Jenk HS had only 3 wins his freshman year… but La Salle College… they’ve been to back to back state championships. Hmmm I wonder why he moved schools and who got him to move schools. Now, unless there was an underlying personal problem which I don’t know about, I think it is very clear why he went to La Salle College.

  4. Buddy says:

    You should run for pope.

  5. LS 1979 says:

    Wow, I am stunned at the level of mean-spiritedness of some of the people who have posted here. Folks, we’re talking about high school kids who work their butts off in hopes of being Kings of the Hill in one of the most competitive high school football states in the country. These kids play their hearts out every single week, and some of you come on here and disparage them without knowing anything about them except where they are from, some scores, and maybe a few unsubstantiated rumors? Shame on you.

    None of these kids, nor their programs, nor the results in any individual game, is “pathetic.” Let’s have a higher baseline of decency here, and give credit to ALL of the (teen-aged) players and their coaches — who sacrifice time away from their families, contend with criticism from many sources, and work hard to build winning and CLEAN programs.

    On one particularly ignorant and offensive comment (of many) posted by WHspirit18, I issue a challenge. If you really believe that La Salle cheats, back it up — if you can. If you can’t back it up, that accusation is as vile as it is serious. I have all the confidence in the world that you’ll come up empty. And spare us all the name-calling and “in-my-opinion” nonsense in your response. Let’s see facts. Let’s see proof. Let’s see some integrity. Let’s see some sportsmanship.


  6. HeavyD2544 says:

    Why was my comment taken off of here? You guys let people come on this site and do senseless trash talking like WHSpirit and Dog, but a comment that addresses the racially charged bull being thrown on your live in game chat is not good enough? Their comments about West Catholic this weekend and the last one were offensive. I’m talking about coach hanni and some others of course. I guess you didn’t want your site buddy’s to hear they’re racially charged biased addressed. Moderation and favoritism are two different things.

  7. Buddy says:

    It’s over!!!! It was fun! We’ll cuss & discuss at each other again next year!!! Can’t wait. Have a good off-season!! Go Easgles!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. deo7 says:

    Meant to say D7 team

  9. deo7 says:

    Buddy…Just saying that it is hard enough to win states and then get back to the championship game in the very next year to defend the title. LaSalle is the only team in recent memory to do that in more than a decade and the only other team to do it was CB West (although they did it and then some) at least in AAAA anyhow. No D& team has ever done it to my recollection. NA is the best team in the state this year but lets see if they can defend their title on the last day. One state championship does not a program make.

  10. Buddy says:

    Who changed my posting below? Was #9. Didn’t know you guys had that editing power. @ WHspirit18: The only way WH would beat LaSalle is the same way NA did: turnovers. One can’t score points if one gives the ball away.
    @deo7: no idea what you are saying in your last comment?? Both NA & LaSalle will be in the playoffs next year, take it to the bank. The rest makes no sense.

  11. Kmac says:

    @WHspirit18. It is great to have school spirit and believe in your team. Woody High is a good team in the best league in the state (because of the number of good teams in all four classifications). But Woody is 0-3 in state championship appearances, so to say they would have beat LaSalle is little “out there”!

  12. hssportsfan says:

    WPIAL has been trash the past few years they win a title every once inawhile you guys out west need to be more consistent

  13. rimipi says:

    sorry, i meant district 7

  14. rimipi says:

    also, quit saying teams like selinsgrove, and mcdevitt are part of that east, west area. i know they want to define these schools as east vs west but they are more centrally located. saying selinsgrove is from the east is like saying state college is from the west. that is a gray area the piaa needs to clear up. perhaps altering the brackets to be more geographicly concise.

  15. rimipi says:

    the reason you don’t see teams from district 11 repeating like the teams from the philadelphia area is because the talent level is spread out in a greater base area. your so called one hit wonder theory has no basis. on any given year in district 11 you could have as many as 10 teams capable of winning states. which makes it extremely hard to repeat. what i see out of pcl is the same 3 or 4 teams competing with each other year in and year out. teams like lasalle, wood, west, are going to be there every year because they horde up all the talent and leave the rest to fend for themselves. i’ll take the west any day over the east. week in and week out is nothing but solid matchups while the east has to wait for their district championships to see a competitive game. i will take my NA’s and Clairton’s over their recruiting catholic teams any day of week.there is much more satisfaction when they win. granted they probably won’t be their to repeat next season, but that only confirms my beliefs from above.

  16. WHspirit18 says:

    LaSalle had to score some points to win the game… they didn’t score at all. That’s pretty pitiful.
    Also, now I know my team (Woodland Hills) would have killed LaSalle, too.

  17. WHspirit18 says:

    hssportsfan: I’m not a North Allegheny fan at all! They beat my team in the close WPIAL championship game this year. But, all I know is that they beat an overrated Lasalle team that cheats and still can’t win. I just think that’s funny. And sorry, we’re not talking about next year, we’re talking about THIS year.

  18. Deo7 says:

    Buddy – I have to step in here. The discussion between you and Woody was about La Salle (being a rich private school that recruits vs North Allegheny that supposedly does not) and that si (ok) some kind of Christmas present (thought you were not allowed to mix Christmas and a public school in the same sentence) and then you add in 6 other schools. Woody made it clear that between LaSalle and NA that LaSalle already won a state title and then got back to Hershey to defend their title and NA won’t be able to duplicate that feat and you got to love that “one hit wonder” line or whatever which I too predict NA will be.

  19. hssportsfan says:

    WHspirit18. you are full of yourself where will North allegheny be next year? It wont be the championship game garuntee you that. And one more fact for you Eastern PA by far had way better teams then Western PA.

  20. Buddy says:

    @woody: there are certain teams that are back every year. North Allegheny, Gateway,Pittsburg CC, Bishop MvDevitt, North Penn, Neshaminy, Ridley etc. and yes, probably LaSalle. All the above teams, and quite a few more, are never one year wonders. Their programs & coaches are too good not to be there every year.

  21. WHspirit18 says:

    Hahahahah you Eastern PA people are so full of yourselves! What did I say?! I knew Lasalle would lose! Now, I’m no North Allegheny fan.

  22. Woody says:

    Buddy…LaSalle won states in its 2nd year and got back to the state championship in its 3rd (hard to do) and I am willing to bet that North Allegheny will bow out next year without much of fight. LaSalle was young this year so they will most likely be back next year already battle tested. NA will be a one year wonder.

  23. hssportsfan says:

    north allegheny is good. But ACC was by far the best team in any classification in the state this year. Who dey think they gonna beat them vikings? NOBODY!!!!

  24. Buddy says:

    North Allegheny( public school) = 21

    LaSalle (private school) = 0


  25. JB says:

    Good Luck to WC and LS today; bring it home!

  26. JB says:

    Who is Chris, NPF? Sounds like a bitter dude to me!

  27. hssportsfan says:

    yea baby. ACC all day book it now they will repeat next year you can count on that. Mcdevitt give you credit you shut down the star qb but ACC has too many weapons.

  28. Woody says:

    Moose…How can the east be 1-0 before it even starts as first of all it had not started and Bishop Mc Devitt is from the West.

  29. Tony C says:

    Good luck to all sides and may all the contests be decided by the participants and not the referees !

  30. MOOSE says:

    Alright, everybody listen up…the BIG weekend is finally here.

    State Championships in Hershey…what every high school football fan loves.

    Today we are ALL Eastern PA football fans…none of this Public League vs Catholic League stuff or which district is better than the other.

    Eastern PA already has one winner before we even get started…Bishop McD and ACC are Eastern PA schools, so BOOM, 1-0 East.

    So join me in cheering on Riverside, West Catholic, and LaSalle in going for an Eastern PA sweep, and showing the good folks from District 7 and everyone else west of State College that the best high school football in the state is played in OUR part of the state!

    Let the beat-down begin!

    Beast of the East!!!


  31. LS 1979 says:

    Thanks, guys, Josh saw my post and connected with me.

    Looking forward to some good football this weekend.

  32. mr.flan says:

    Good luck Riverside comon back with the gold kidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  33. David Mika says:

    LS…I had his old email address on there…Try now…

  34. Jeremy Varner says:

    @LS, are you trying to contact Josh Funk?

  35. LS 1979 says:

    Josh, I tried to email you from this site but I received an error message saying “Delivery Failed.” Do you have an alternative email address?

  36. LS 1979 says:

    Oops … typo alert. I pick West Catholic in the “2A” title game, not the “@A” game. Doh!

  37. LS 1979 says:

    I guess this comment will double as my predictions for the 4A and 3A games and, for the record, I’m going with West Catholic in the @A game (admittedly because I’m a La Salle alum and want to see the PCL do well).

    Anyway, the game I’d love to see, just as much as I wanted to see the North Penn vs. La Salle matchup, is Allentown Central Catholic vs. La Salle. I truly don’t know which team is better this year. (I lived in Allentown in the mid-’90s and saw ACC’s dominating teams of that era, so I have great respect for the Vikings’ program.) Since both teams return their starting QBs in 2011, perhaps *that* should be the season opener next September.

    Still, I’m taking nothing for granted in this weekend’s 4A game, because North Allegheny’s defense is “capital-G” good. If you can’t score, you won’t win. Their suffocating “D” makes me nervous.

  38. MOOSE says:

    Johnny Mo…ROLL TIDE!!!

  39. johnny mo says:

    Moose just curious are you from(fan of) pottsville? Because two years ago and last year we played you. This is besides the point haha but i cannot wait till i get to see nosovitch if he goes to a d-1 school! Can you imagine the things he could do?? He could bring PA back into the spotlight if he goes to penn state

  40. bob bilder says:

    riverside over clairton 38 28 go vikes

  41. MOOSE says:

    No, but seriously Dog21, I’m just yanking your chains.

    This is a wonderful place for us high school football fans to exchange views and have a little fun and maybe disagree a little.

    It’s all good.

    Truth be told, I’m not really an ACC fan, but since my team was eliminated in Week 11, I’ve gone to a few of their games and they just flat out continue to impress me.

    My team actually played them when this bunch were sophomores and beat us by three tds, so I know who they are and what they can do.

    They’re gonna have their hands full with Bishop McD this Friday night in what should be a classic AAA championship matching two teams from (essentially) Eastern PA for the second year in a row.

    You’ll recall last year Selinsgrove beat Manheim Central.

    See you in Hershey!

  42. MOOSE says:

    Dog21…hope you enjoyed your meal.

    Do you eat your crow as is or with a side of “no clue”?

  43. Jeremy Varner says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know later Monday night or Tuesday morning we will be moving this Bracket Update topic to the news section temporarily to create space for the 8 team previews that will be posted. The news section is directly below 8 main sections of the site. We will relocate this topic back to the top later this week. Thanks

  44. Dog21 says:

    Please scroll up and read My “eat crow” posts # 420,421,428. You apparently did not see my posts. If you did ,and you are still acting like a fool, you give the other ACC supporters a bad name. I was flat out wrong and I admitted it. Johnny Mo(ACC supporter) and I exchanged some funny emails and he was very gracious in victory. After seeing ACC play, I am a fan and I hope they win the thing in Hershey. We all have our opinions before the game, someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. I was wrong and I WAS man enough to come on the board and admit it.

  45. MOOSE says:

    Dog21…you tore into me pretty good with your nonsense on post #379.

    Well, here I am…and I was hoping you could explain to me one more time about how Wood was going to put it to ACC.

    Perhaps it is you who should go into hiding…you’ve proven you don’t know a whole lot about HS Football…you just like to make a lot of noise.

    Now…why don’t YOU be a man and, with your tail tucked between your legs, go away!

  46. mr.flan says:


  47. AD says:

    Congrats to all Finalist. Should be great games, but ACC/McD game will be one-sided. ACC 40 -14! Good luck to all. Thanks !!

  48. football says:

    picks for championships



    South Fayette


  49. Tony C says:

    The absolutely best football game I ever attended.

    Dick Beck has done a magnificent job with the NP team. They should hold their heads high. They fought with all their heart and were unbelievable in converting 5, 4th downs. They played with incredible strength and determination. They didn’t lose,they just ran out of time and that is sad for such a team of class and determination.

    May the Knights enjoy much success next season and always

    Hats off to LaSalle. In what was considered a rebuilding year, they achieved what many would consider the impossible. Their poise and determination never waned and their improved play in the second half was the key to their success.

    The coaching staff at LaSalle is absolutely the finest in the state for the results and effort their preparation results in. Kudos to the players who Never rattle and execute so well.

    GO Explorers and best wishes for continued success in Hershey. Do the PCL and all of Philadelphia proud next week.

    I hope that this match up is scheduled again for next seasons opener.

  50. Woody says:

    Well we got the Philly Catholic League going up against District 7 in AAAA & AA and District 11 vs District 3 in AAA for state championships. Who do you all like? Sorry I did not check out A as we do not compete in A as the PCL has only about 13 or so teams spread out in AAAA – AA but we must include them also.

  51. Buddy says:

    Turnovers were the difference. NP had them, LaSalle didn’t.

  52. LS 1979 says:

    Wow! That La Salle vs. North Penn game was one of the best games I’ve ever seen. As Frank mentions above, there was no loser; the clock simply ran out on a classic battle.

    I read a post-game quote from N.P. Coach Dick Beck that was about as accurate as can be. Referring to the tipped screen pass that was intercepted by La Salle DT Ryan Geiger with 1:14 left in regulation, Beck said, “They were better than us by a fingertip today.” And he is right — these are two great teams with incredible heart who are evenly matched.

    More than the obvious skills and abundant athletic ability shown by both teams, to me the most impressive aspect of this game was the never-say-die courage and grit on display by the 22 young men on the field at any given moment. They played good, hard, clean football at the highest level and showed everyone in attendance the best of what high school football can be. It was a toe-to-toe heavyweight prize fight, pure and simple. That’s what you get when you put the kids on the field and let ’em play — and leave the adults out of it.

    Great job, North Penn! Great job, La Salle!

  53. StanW says:

    Well the high school football season is over for me. Having left the Pittsburgh area 38 years ago, I have lost contact and interest in the western half of the state. When the eastern finals end, the season ends for me.

    Have enjoyed the lively debate this year and if the fates allow, I will return next year to see what’s going on.

    My best to all and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year.

  54. JB says:

    Friday night I got to witness the most impressive individual performance in PIAA playoff history! ACC’s QB is the real deal!

    Today I got to witness the most exciting high school playoff game ever!

    Quite a weekend!

    Go LaSalle!

  55. Dog21 says:

    Not hiding at all, you obviously didnt read my post above. I guess the difference between PCL fans and D11 fans is that we are gracious in defeat, and you apparently are not in victory. As I stated above, ACC is the real deal and I was wrong and I will eat crow for it. Their QB is not only the best in PA, he might be the best on the east coast. But to be fair, if ACC lost their best player(Nosovitch), it would have been a diferent game. You take Peoples out for Wood and the dynamic of the game is quite different. We will see you next year in the semi-final for sure. Both teams coming back loaded wit Juniors. Hopefully both teams stay healthy.

  56. frank says:

    Wow! The La Salle and NP game was truly as good as it gets as it relates to a championship sporting event at any level. The Parents and fans of both teams should be very proud of these young men as they left it all on the field. We all can argue about public vs. private, but whatever you are for or against there is no agruging that the LSCH NP game was truly special. Now, as a LSCH parent and fan I encourage the young men of LSCH to finish off another special season with a win over NA! And to the NP team and fans hold your head up high and proud for this game had no losers it simply ran out of time!
    Go LSCH

  57. johnny mo says:

    Im sure if the scores were the opposite some of you would be commenting like i did yesterday but for that i apologize. i was still in the moment because it really was a great game (i was very very excited)

    your a man of your word and im not so sure about next year because were losing all of our line except tad but maybe someone will step up and maybe a rematch? i hope so!

  58. P says:

    Congrats to La Salle! Also, congrats to NP, they were 100% better than when La Salle played them in game one this season. That was probably the state championship game. Way to go NP, and let’s bring it home La Salle!!!!

  59. rick says:

    @ LB, Here is a PCL lover. A West Catholic supporter to be exact we came to D11 and COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED your OVERRATED BIG BAD NL TEAM. 41 POINT BLOWOUT. Not only was WC faster but much more PHYSICAL.You have a good team in ACC but let’s not get beside yourself…. the PCL has 2 teams representing the East

  60. jmac says:

    Had the pleasure of being on the sideline of todays semi final game between LaSalle and North Penn. I went to a high school game and it turned out to be like watching the Holiday Bowl games of some years ago, when the last team with the ball won. I really didn’t have a rooting interest although I am an alum of a PCL school (WC’74)I jsut wanted to see some good hard hitting football and man did I (everyone) get my monies worth. A Great great game, from the weather to the crowd to the final last minute. Two evenly matched teams; although the NP band was much larger (they must recurit). At the final whistle everyone in attendance knew what they had witnessed was an instant classic. Kudus to both teams and although LaSalle scored more points and deserves to win; North Penn didn’t deserve to lose but such is sports. Congrats on a great season Knights and here’s hoping the Explorers can keep the championship on the EASTERN side of the Commonwealth

  61. Ed says:

    Well, not only was that the best high school football game I have ever seen, it was one of the best sporting events I have witnessed in person. Great job La Salle! And my hats off to the North Penn kids. They certainly have nothing to be ashamed of.

  62. Dog21 says:

    And ACC has the best QB this area has seen in 20 yrs . The kid has all the tools. I am a Wood D12 guy, but I will be rooting for ACC. How can you not root for such an exciting team to watch. I still predict a rematch next year with Wood and ACC. Both teams return mostly Juniors. Wood has a very good team but unfortunately for them, getting to hershey next year will have to go through ACC again.

  63. Dog21 says:

    ACC is the real deal! I stand corrected and will eat crow on this one. At halftime it looked like it was going to be a close game back and forth. Actually lat in 3rd it was still a 1 TD game. But ACC showed its metal in the 4th and beat a very good AW team by exploiting mismatches. ACC would beat most AAAA schools, and I think they would give NP and Lsalle a run for their money as well.
    The LVC is still not that good as a whole but ACC is! ACC can only play who is on their schedule and they beat everyone who they had to play. ACC should get LaSalle,NP or some other contenders on their schedule for nextHhershey! Although I think the Championship game was played last night. ACC by 4 TD’s next week.

  64. deo7 says:

    LB & johnny mo… Is all see are gracious Catholic League people applauding ACC and wishing them good luck but I guess that is the difference between you guys and us guys. By the way Philly Catholic League are sending twice as many teams to Hershey than all of District 11 and we have sent no less than (5) teams to Hershey since we got in to the PIAA (2008) and ALL of District 11 has sent less than half (2) that many. We are defending our title in the grand daddy of them all (AAAA) the “big boy division”. Hell maybe the PIAA will let us enter our JV, Freshman or Parish CYO in “A” and we will send another. I heard of sore losers but you guys are sore winners?

  65. AL says:

    PCL lovers? How about those boys from la salle?

  66. deo7 says:

    Two Philly Catholic League teams going to Hershey…La Salle & West Catholic…Go PCL.

  67. hssportsfan says:

    dog21, where you at now? i dont see you commenting nomore. i told you ACC was going to kill AW. speed beats muscle everytime. it would not of mattered if you guys had peoples you still would of lost have fun watching PCN next weekend

  68. Kmac says:

    I am neutral in all this banter going on, but all the D11 over D12 because of ACC over Wood; didn’t LaSalle over Easton make it one each for D11-D12 matches?

  69. David says:

    Listen….You win with class and you lose with class….Two great teams played last night. One was going to win and one was going to lose.

  70. JB says:

    Well, AW played half a good game; ACC ripped them a new one in the second half!

  71. LB says:

    Where are all you PCL lovers??? ACC embarrassed what I thought would be a game Wood team. PCL can’t hang with D11.

  72. johnny mo says:

    So how about them vikings 49-27. How overrated is district 11 and the LVC?? Have fun watching us on tv

  73. deo7 says:

    Even though my Catholic school didn’t at least it was another Catholic school that beat us. Congratulations and good luck to ACC next week as I will be pulling for you…

  74. Play Maker says:

    Im a big Wood Fan but all hail to ACC! They played a great game and Nosovich is the real deal! good luck in Hersey.

  75. PCL Guy says:

    Listening to Wood game on radio with Wood down 14 with 10 minutes to go…does not look (I mean sound) good. Who is the defender or defenders that are giving up the home runs? Make that 3 touchdown lead for ACC…They are better hands down. Congratulations to ACC who I will be rooting for to win it all.

  76. deo7 says:

    Good luck to Archbishop Wood tonight as by the smack talk on here they are the underdogs…but we will see about that in just a few hours.

  77. Tony C says:


    What mathematical and statistical defense did you provide that has not had holes punched in it.

    So 3.3 Million are all males between 14 and 18?

    Thats a good one

    Stop whining. You do not want to compete against Catholic schools and that is the crux of your escapist arguments. Call it prejudice or hate , but thats what it boils down to.
    The Philadelphia Catholic and Public League is here to stay and all the truths you want to connect, still constitute a nebulous defense.

    You claim to know so much but you can not prove any of it. Just typing harder doesn’t validate your prejudice.

    LaSalle beat you once and they didn’t have Rahman in full health and they lost Marino for the last 3 quarters .

    Unless Beck has installed a new and effective passing attack. it looks like a Catholic Private school will be going to Hershey again !

    Have a nice evening.

  78. JB says:

    Will be at ACC / AW Friday and NP / LS Saturday; should be two great games!

  79. StanW says:

    Good afternoon Tony C. Did you read my post 388? I do not find anything shoddy or misleading in that post.
    I believe all of my previous posts state clearly where I stand on the argument. Some people here agree with me and some do not.

    If you do not, I certainly respect your right not to. I also understand that there comes a point in any debate, when there is nothing any of the participants can say that will change the other participants opinions. You, and the others who support you, and I have reached that point.

    I stand by my arguement that the open enrollment policy of the Archdiose of Philadelphia gives its member schools(I KNOW LASALLE AND ST JOE”S ARE PRIVATE AND NOT PART OF THE PCL) a distinct advantage over the public schools of District 1(I KNOW ALL ABOUT THE YEARS OF THE PPL AND THEIR OPEN ENROLLMENT) and that the “no geographical boundries” of LaSalle and other private schools(even with their entrance exams) does the same.

    I believe that the mathematical and statistical argument I and GoldenKnight have made is valid.
    If you and your supporters do not, that is fine.

    End of my discussion on the subject. If you and others wish to continue being critical of my statements, this forum certainly gives you and them the right and the opportunity to do that.

    My opinion again of two of Friday’s games remains:

    NP over LaSalle

    ACC over AW

  80. deo7 says:

    So we can listen to the Wood game on Friday night and watch the LaSalle game while listening to the West Catholic. What a great weekend for Philly Catholic League fans and football fans in general no matter what the outcomes. It is improbable for the PCL to get a clean sweep but it is possible especially with all the Angels and Saints cheering on our side…

  81. Buddy says:

    ……and on it goes.

  82. Tony C says:

    Stan So 3.3 million are all males aged 14 to 18?

    Open enrollment has not been countered by the specifics of the entrance requirements and religious factor?

    Get some hard facts with substantiation. Your defense of your opinion is shoddy and misleading.

  83. Dolittle says:

    Buddy…You got that right they will spew their meaningless statistics and numbers that make no sense and then someone comes on here and states some simple facts that make sense and they just fight on with like you said “much ado about nothing”. I think I read on here or somewhere that the Catholics make up only 24% of the general population and less than 5% of all students attend Catholic schools so I would think the Catholic education has bigger concerns than its football teams. So if you can’t compete with over 95% of all students you better look yourself in the mirror instead of making excuses.

  84. Buddy says:

    If LaSalle wins, will we have to suffer through more of this recruiting rhetoric?!? If NP wins, will it be because they had a bad recruiting crop?!? C’mon boys, it’s much adoo about nothing. I’m glad PCL joined the PIAA, makes playoffs even more competitive.

  85. Woody says:

    I understand that the Wood vs ACC game will have a radio broadcast on

  86. hssportsfan says:

    moose, thank you. yes wood is a good team but ACC is playing on another level and they will not lose. Wood players watch pcn next weekend. ACC will show you what it takes to win a state title. THE REAL VIKINGS AND THE GREEN MACHINE

  87. JB says:

    @Mike, D1AA is not what most folks consider D1.

    The point is that LaSalle does not have Penn State, Alabama, Pitt type players. So, for the recruiting enthusiasts on here; if LaSalle recruits they sure do a lousy job of it!

    Fact is they win with brains, guts, heart and great coaching but not with overwhelming atleticism!

  88. StanW says:

    Sorry P, nothing vague at all about my comments to Tony C.

  89. bob bilder says:

    riverside is going all the way there gona beat bishop carrol 44 12 and beat clairiton 38 28 were gona win states ya

  90. bob bilder says:

    riverside is going all the way there gona beat bishop carrol 44 12 and beat clairiton 38 28 were gona win states

  91. P says:

    Jeeze, Stan is still messing up. Dude, your statements are vague and sound very wrong. Everytime you have posted something on here, someone calls you out on it and you have to correct yourself. Stop leaving vague comments. Think before you say something.

  92. Dolittle says:

    I am glad to hear that I don’t have to go to PW and try to park and try to get a seat as that was sort of “The Preps” home field and parking was always horrendous and you were lucky to get a seat and unless things have change since about 2005 if it rained there was mud everywhere. They also used Northeast High sometimes as a home field (so did Ryan, La Salle, Father Judge, North and Dougherty at times) and I prefer that old place as I always got a seat and a close parking spot and the bathrooms were a short walk. You would think they could find a better facility than PW for such a big game…There will be alot of people standing and hopefully not in mud.

  93. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Buddy, I just released the internet/tv/blog schedule today. The LaSalle/North Penn game will be video streamed live on the web.

  94. Buddy says:

    @ Varner/Mika: Is the NP/LaSalle game televised anywhere? Lehigh Valley cable televises all their big games, I expect Comcast is too big & indifferent.

  95. StanW says:

    Tony C: Your first statement implies that in some part of my posts I was critical of the academic difficulty of the entrance exams of these two schools and, therefore, the intelligence of their atheletes and students. Your implication is wrong. At no point, did I explicitly state or imply in word or tone that assertion. You are misreprenting my posts

    If you are implying, that my statement on “open enrollment” means that “just anyone” could go to these two schools your implication is again wrong. I never said or implied that. You are misunderstanding my posts.

    If the intent of your implication is to ridicule my intelligence and, therefore, invalidate my assertion of the advantages of “open enrollment”, there are certainly some posters here who would agree that you have succeeded. I, and, some others here, would respectfully disagree

    If you wish to claim: “Hey I was only asking a question” feel free to do that. Once again, I would repectfully disagree that this was your intention.

    Lastly, I do not understand your point about St. Joe’s and its proximity to New Jersey. After rereading my posts, I don’t see any of my statements concerning St Joe’s location in relationship to New Jersey. If I am wrong about this, feel free to correct me. If I am not, then your last statement is meaningless.

  96. Woody says:

    Scratch that previous post about the size difference between wood and access as had incomplete information. ACC is plenty big enough to match up with Wood

  97. Mike says:

    Paul from Philly- Several LaSalle players from last year are playing D1 football. They are all in D1AA schools but it’s still D1.. Szostak at Penn, Brady at Lafayette, Sinnott at William and Mary and Feleccia has a full athletic scholarship to Delaware. And just to throw my 2 cents into the ring on the pub vs Catholic programs… along with paying local school taxes that support curriculum and extra-curriculars for the pubs out there, Catholic school parents are paying not only tuition and school fees, but also athletic fees for their kids. LaSalles football fee was $300 per season when my kid went there. We paid it and it was worth it. I strongly feel that the pubs should have to do the same for their athletics programs. Oh, btw, a good percentage of us parents are not elitists as some of you have been eluding to. There are plenty of regular middle class families who have decided to send their boys to LS and SJP. It’s a big sacrifice and well worth it.

  98. Play Maker says:

    Moose…Sure Wood’s #1 back (D. Peoples)is down and out but Wood is deep with many weapons. D.Peoples cousin Brandon Peoples can pick up the load… a one two puch that Wood had with both backs. Brandon had 225 yards rushing last week against Strath Haven…Can’t wait for the game!

  99. Woody says:

    Moose…I guess I mean the last time before last year as I forgot the Catholic League did it last year and if I am not mistaken they weren’t too shabby the year before that (2008) their first dance at states.

  100. Ed says:

    Moose, I happen to agree with you that the Catholic League wasn’t as strong this year as it was last year. O’Hara was a very solid team and Wood beat them twice, but Prep had a new coach and their team was way down talent wise from the team they had last year. Strath Haven was solid, but this will probably be Wood’s toughest test this year. That being said, I wouldn’t underestimate them, even with Peoples hurt.

  101. Woody says:

    Moose…Overrated Catholic League? I will admit the league is about as weak as it has ever been but when is the last time one league let alone district put one of their teams in every class one game from Hershey. What has surprised me is how weak Eastern Pa football has turned out to be.

  102. Woody says:

    I don’t know much about either Wood or ACC and never seen either in action but I looked at the rosters and ACC must be very good and very fast as it look on paper anyway like David against Goliath. ACC has only 3 players listed over 200lbs and only 1 over 225lb (235) while Wood has 21 players over 200lbs, 13 over 225lbs, and 7 over 250lbs including a few over 270lbs. I would love to see this game as you would think in this day and age internet and all I would pay to see that one from the comfort of my home as I can get up to the game. You would think Wood would wear them down over 4 quarters.

  103. JB says:

    @MOOSE, very over-rated Catholic league? You must be kidding me?

    Easton, the LVC and AAAA champ of D11 would be the 7th best team in the PCL (maybe the 7th best).

    D11 is the most overrated district in the east; head to head playoff results the last 4 years prove this out.

  104. Dog21 says:

    After Wood wins are you going to be a man and come on the board again, or will you go into hiding? I imagine we will never hear from you again.
    By the way, four of the teams on the ACC AAAA schedule couldnt beat half of the AAA teams. Whitehall? are you serious? I was at the Whitehall vs ACC game and not impressed at all. Whitehall had ACC on the ropes early with blitz schemes etc and they do not have nearly the speed as AW. Your boys are going down- they will be pushed around the field by AW’s Offensive and Defensive lines. Bank it!! Go Vikes! The REAL Vikes..not the fraud Vikes in

  105. Tony C says:

    RE Parking at Plymouth Whitemars ,Colonial Stadium.

    There are more lots just to the Northeast of the field just off of Flourtown Rd.

    Stan W , Could you meet the acceptance standards at LaSalle or St Joes Prep? By the way StJoes Prep is only about a two miles from New Jersey. Check a map and learn something .

  106. MOOSE says:

    HSSPORTSFAN…I agree 100% with you regarding ACC and their impending beat-down of Wood. OK, maybe not a beat-down but ACC should get a solid win.

    ACC plays a brutal schedule, which consists mostly of AAAA teams.

    Wood, coming from the very over-rated Catholic League is already making excuses that their running back went down…

    Pun intended…a tough break, but guess what?

    Injuries are part of the game…if losing one or two guys makes that much of a difference you prolly weren’t that good anyway…which is what most of us have been saying all along.

    Dog21..give it up, Wood’s good, but not ACC good.

    ACC vs McDevitt for all the AAA marbles in Hershey next week…enjoy the view Wood, you can watch it on PCN.


  107. MR.FLANNERY says:


  108. MR.FLANNERY says:

    LA SALLE 13
    ACC 42
    ERIE PREP 22
    B,CARROLL 21

  109. Woody says:

    I am rooting for LaSalle but they will have to play better than last week. I am hoping they were rusty because of the bye week. It will take their best game to beat NP who are hitting it on all cylinders at the exact opportune time. I have faith that the coaching staff we have them ready.

  110. Colin says:

    I will stay with my earlier predictions.

    LaSalle over NP
    Wood Over ACC
    West over Lewisburg
    Riverside over CArroll

    Could easily be 0-4 lol

  111. William Pabst says:

    riversie rocks

  112. NE Philly says:

    diddlypooh…By the way my son wrestled in high school and college and when we would go to these tournaments in high school I was always impressed with Neshaminy wrestlers as they were tough, dedicated…winners.

  113. NE Philly says:

    diddlypooh…refreshing to hear that there are real men from public school as I knew they were around just not on this site up until now. Thank you for squaring things up as you make up for all those cry babies…A friend of mines son attends Neshaminy and tore it up last year in basketball as a soph and I look forward to going up to Neshaminy to see him play this season his name is Archidiacono and he went to Catholic grade school then you guys “recruited” him and stole him away from a Catholic High School(just kidding) his cousin recently graduated “The Prep” and got a full boat to Penn State in football.

  114. paul from philly says:

    All you Pub boys, cry me a river. Berwick in the 80s, Central Bucks West in the 90s. No recruiting or fudging on the records for where a kid lives with those teams. The Pubs have been cheating for years and they still are. Mr. Shariff Floyd from George Washington High in Philly lived in Delaware County. He now plays for the Gators of Florida. Berwick’s QB in the 80s was from Ohio before he went on to Notre Dame. Not one of the players from La Salle’s team last year went anywhere close to D 1 in college. It’s the coaching, the program and the heart.

  115. StanW says:

    Only an opinion here

    NP over Lasalle: NP is playing some its best football of the seaon. Appear to be peaking at the right time. Highly motivated to avench the early season lost.

    ACC over AW: Nosovitch, Gulyas and a solid suopporting cast. Strength of schedele: having beaten Downingtown E. Nazareth, Whitehall, and Abington Heights. Just too much firepower.

  116. Dolittle says:

    Hurt Piece…I agree with you about District 12 Public. I am sure there is a ton of talent in that league but they are at a disadvantage for more than one reason but one of the biggest is the coaching as from what I understand you must be a teacher with senority to be a head coach and once you are coach you are sort of “coach for life” where you can’t be fired for the teams performance…some kind of union thing I think. Other reasons are socio-economic where many kids need to work or help out with younger siblings among other things.

  117. Diddlypooh says:

    As a Graduate of Neshaminy HS (90′), proud former player of that school & supporter of the program. First, Congrats to North Penn & best of luck the rest of the way… represent D1 & bring home the title!

    Next, this public vs. private school debate is old & tired. Nothing like class envy huh??!! The nature of competitive sports is to field the best team, PERIOD! Quit whining, lace ’em up tight, put your knuckles on the ground & knock the guy in front of you on their arse. Boo Hoo, they have more students, they recruit… WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

    The best are that because they work harder then the other guy. It’s just that simple. Want to beat the other dude. Get in the weight room & train, find a big hill & run up it a zillion times, study your opponent & yourself, & dedicate 100% to the sport. Those who worry about fair & unfair are destined to finish last!

  118. Buddy says:

    PW is a nice field, but I’ve seen more seating capacity elsewhere. Parking is problematic. Prepare to walk. I suspect this will be a sell out. Liberty is a really nice field with plenty of seating. Virtually no parking, it’s an inner city school. Both are markee games.

    NP: 27, LaSalle: 24 ( more improved than LaSalle from the first game, especially QB)

    ACC : 31, AW: 27 ( ACC too much offence, unfortunately for AW, those lost players will hurt)

    Don’t follow AA or A too much, but West catholic seems to be too big & fast for anyone at AA level)

  119. teacher says:

    Ricky Bobby- I am sorry but your reliable source isn’t so reliable. Peoples is in a cast and will be for the next game. Wood is not made up and built around one player. They will be a tough team. They are coached very well. As fa as the Catholic vs public, you can debate it all night long. Those athletes are not getting athletic scholarships. Most are Catholic. Most have to take and pass religion class to stay on the team. Yes Catholic schools must advertise for students to stay open. They do most of their “recruiting” in Catholic Elementary School and Catholic CYO leagues. Did you see the word Catholic. They do except students from other religions but that population is very small in the schools. I cannot speak for the private Catholic schools.

  120. JB says:

    @Dolittle, parking at PW may prove difficult; unlike Northeast, there is little to no street parking.

    I’d suggest an early arrival Saturday.

  121. Woody says:

    Ricky Bobby…how can that be I was talking with a Wood coach two weeks ago and he told me Peoples broke his foot and is done. Broken foot sounds like your done till next year.

  122. Dog21 says:

    Ricky Bobby
    u serious? Desmon eas on the sidelines in crutches on Friday night he broke his foot in two spots. It is highly unlikely that he can play. And if he can he will not be the same. I hope he is bc Wood is
    y team but I won’t believe it u til I see it.

  123. Ed says:

    Doolittle, the parking at PW is really tough. I got there about 40 minutes before the La Salle-St. Joe Prep game and found one of the last spots. I would expect that there will be far more people at this game and that parking will be even more difficult. They allow some parking on Germantown Pike in front of the school for games like this, so I would expect that they will allow that on Saturday. Bottom line is if you probably want to get to the field about an hour before kickoff.

  124. jake says:

    Riverside Rolls 45-6 bc there that much better than carroll

  125. David Mika says:

    Week 15 games: Who wins and why?

  126. Colin says:

    JB your post #342 is right on the money my friend. I posted on this site several times about the open enrollment policy that exists in phila. Its the same policy for the PPL as it is for the PCL. And your right no one ever complained because they were slaughtering the PPL teams. And the funny thing is the PPL has WAY WAY WAY more athletes to choose from than the PCL. The switching of schools by athletes in the public league will make you dizzy if you try to keep track. And there is no entrence exam or tuition to have to worry about in the pub. Trust me there is plenty of recruiting going on in the public league but its never brought up on this sight. Ok i said my peice enought of the pub/private thing. lets talk about the games coming up and the great teams and kids that will play in them.

  127. Brett says:

    I will defn attend the ACC vs Wood game now. ACC(Noscovitch) vs. (Wood) D.Peoples.
    These two kids are arguably the best at there respective positions QB/RB in the entire state.
    Should be and entertaining shootout. I have been waiting for this one all year.

  128. Ricky Bobby says:

    I just heard from a reliable source that D. Peoples will play against ACC. If this is true Wood will win by 2-3 TD’s. ACC hasn’t seen anything like the speed and skill of D. Peoples.
    This sounds like the end of the road for ACC.

  129. Dolittle says:

    I am not familiar with Colonial Stadium the site of the North Penn vs LaSalle and from the aerial photos provided by this site although the complex looks nice with all the green open space the seating and especially the parking look like they are lacking. Am I going to have a problem getting a seat but importantly am I going to have a problem getting a parking spot? I never had a problem getting a seat and parking my car where LaSalle played Easton in Philly as at least there was plenty of on street parking. Is there additional parking from what the photo shows?

  130. taz says:

    I think that public schools have an advantage in that Catholic students choose to go there instead of Catholic schools. There must be lots of Catholic kids at North Penn or Ridley or wherever you send your taxes. I want to see some statistics of Catholics in public school. Public schools are recruiting their middle/junior high schools to keep good Catholic football players in public school. I demand an inquiry. The illogical part of you public school lovers argument is that students don’t belong to any system. The point is that their parents choose for them. Please stop this nonsense and talk about football you blow-hards. By the way I am a Catholic school product and if my ironic humor is lost on you, you probably went to public school.

  131. Hurt Piece says:

    For those who feel that the PA Public and Catholic leagues are not balanced, take a few things into account. First, notice the cyclical nature of most teams. Usually when you are good, you stay good for a few years and when you are bad the same. LaSalle, Wood and WC will not make it deep into the playoffs every year. Secondly, the coaching quality varies from school to school. The coaches who’s teams make it deep are there for that reason as well. Factor a good coach with disciplined students, you get good products. (Philly PUB needs a change in culture to compete) Lastly, the more pride a school takes into their program, the better it does. If anyone looks up past years from some of these teams, you would could not predict their turn around and laugh at the idea of them being able to compete on the state level. I remember playing at West Catholic when we didn’t have enough players to hold the bags, the coaches did(00-04). A few big seasons, a couple of quality wins, STUDENTS COME OUT TO PLAY, WORK HARD and GET IT DONE.

    Basically just saying winning carries over but only for so long. The teams you see won’t be good forever…so just enjoy quality football. (JB you speak some good truth by the way)

  132. Deo7 says:

    Catholic Leaguers…In spite of any logical argument these people will never concede their basic philosophy is flawed and will just keep spewing out meaningless numbers and reject any and all simple numbers that disprove all they have to say. They deal in this ideology that has no bearing on fact, truth or common sense. This is the social price that we pay for public education in addition to the monetary price that we will always be on the hook for. At first I was annoyed at them not calling it a day in spite of proof that they are wrong hands down I now am just going to go with it for the entertainment value and keep pissing them off. The only other people I like pissing off more are “liberals” but we are probably talking about one and the same here so I get two for the price of one.

  133. rick says:

    Enough of this tired argument.Unless the PIAA feels there is a problem and as it stands they don’t your all pissing in the wind and calling it rain

  134. JB says:

    @StanW, you didn’t even post #341; would seem you really do have a problem with posting facts.

  135. StanW says:

    In typing up post 341, I neglected to identify Bucks County as part of the Archdiose of Philadelphia. Was thinking ahead to the next sentence.

  136. Jake says:

    To guest, what is the old saying, “you get what you pay for”. Take that chip off your shoulder, you sound bitter that your can’t for some reason be part of championship teams

  137. SEPA-Guru says:

    FYI, North Penn led Downingtown East 35-3 at one point… so saying DE played NP tougher than anyone in the playoffs so far would be a completely false statement.

  138. Deo7 says:

    These mathematical arguments are so absurd they are entertaining so let me add an absurd mathematical argument to the mix for entertainment value only. The scary thing is my exercise in absurdity might make more sense than the others.

    First how many Catholics do you people think are out there especially ones that have the desire and the means to support Catholic Education. The percentage of Catholics in the USA is ABOUT 24% and as I just stated public schools get a good share of them as not all Catholics have the will and/or means to pay tuition on top of paying for everyone else’s kids tuition. So what does that do to skew your numbers? Since some on here are statistical and mathematical geniuses with no common sense I am sure someone will come up with something probably more absurd and nonsensical than they did before.

  139. StanW says:

    P, first of all I would ask you to rereead my posts. You are misrepresenting what I said. Once again I NEVER said that any of the Catholic Schools or private schools RECRUITED. Would you please stop making the assertion that I said that.

    On the Archdiose website they identify the Archdiose to be Philadelphia north and south and the counties of Montgomery, Delaware and Chester. I checked Google for the population of Philadelpia proper and those 3 counties. Once again I never said “3.3 million football players” I said people

    I would ask that you please read Goldenknight’s post Perhaps he can explain it better that I.

    If you wish to be critical of the mistake I made on the population of the North Penn School District and the fact that there is a limited number of public schools that accept tuition students you certainly have the right to do that. Those were my errors. I owned up to those when I was told they were incorrect. I did my best to correct them.

    I stand by my assertion that open enrollment gives the Catholic and private schools an advantage. Supporters of those schools or others certainly have the right to disagree with my assertion.

  140. Dog21 says:

    Yes I was at 1 regular season game vs Whitehall, who byt the way, would struggle to stay on the same field as OHara, and I was at the Abington Heights game. Abington heights would finish in 3rd or 4th place in PCL.. Your boys are going down..

  141. JB says:

    Ironic, all this D12 whining.

    Nobody cared about D12 when it was the Philly Pub schools with open enrollment getting crushed in the PIAAs.

    Nobody cared about D12 when it was the Philly Pub schools with a bye week getting crushed in the PIAAs.

    Now that D11 finds it can’t compete with D12; there’s plenty of whining.

    I’d be impressed if everyone had whined about Philly schools 4 years ago when they had open enrollment and a bye week. Fact is, everyone in D11 and D1 wanted the cakewalk game in the playoffs against the Pubs

  142. JB says:

    Golden Knight, build this into your “scientific” approach.

    Private school (LaSalle / SJP) parents pay 18K a year to send their son there IF he can produce top scores in the entrance exam.

    Fact is, very few 8th grade students can even qualify let alone afford it.

  143. GoldenKnights says:

    Folks, this is a math exercise, pure & simple. No one is trashing the Catholic/Private school teams. They are no doubt, very, very good. Please put the emotion aside and look at the logic.
    For those of you that understand basic probabilities & statistics, your chances of getting more good talent increases as the potential POOL of total talent increases. This is the main logic behind having 4 classes of playoffs to begin with. Just like the pool of talent probability is less in a Public school that has school district borders encompassing 500 boys compared to 1500 boys ( ie; Henderson or Rustin (500 ) vs N.Penn (1500) ) …so is the probability of more talent in a “open” Catholic district of multiple 1000’s of boys ( ie; N.Penn= 1500 boys in the district to choose from , LaSalle = 5000+ boys to choose from since there are no boundries for the Catholic schools.
    By the way, this logic/math holds true for the Catholic schools themselves. The realistic, potential pool of boys is less for W. Catholic ( and they are very good ) than it is for LaSalle & St Joes Prep.
    Also, there is also a “proportion” issue. If there is a disproportionate amount of Catholic School teams in the last few rounds of the States compared to the total amount of schools, you can bet the PIAA will at some point do what N.J. does.
    Also, for those who would argue that LaSalle or St. Joe’s Prep only have 800 or so boys in the school, realize that the bigger the OVERALL POOL to chose from , the more chances you will get 22 very talented kids, compared to 11 or 15 very talented kids ( where the district boundries confine you to a limited pool) . Some of this is ‘football logic’ whereby the difference between 2 teams is the “depth” of talent, not just the kids who ‘start’
    So, bottom-line, it’s a math issue…

  144. StanW says:

    I agree with guest. Sounds like a workable idea

  145. JB says:

    @LB, AW is down their top running back and also a D lineman I believe.

    Long season but would be nice if all remaining teams were at full strength!

    Should be a good game; I think anyone expecting a blowout is mistaken. I do believe AW is a distinct underdog but at this point in the season, none of that matters at all.

  146. JB says:

    @oLen, you’re correct; LaSalle will have to play much better next week!

    Get to PW early; there won’t be nearly enough parking!

  147. JB says:

    @PhillyFan, LaSalle didn’t play their best game for sure but then again, they didn’t have to.

    Easton’s QB has one talent; he can run for his life and he needed to. Their only score was on a LaSalle mistake and at no time was there a feeling that Easton was even in the game.

    As for the best player on the field; you’ve got to be kidding me. You must be impressed by QBs who have to run for their life; the best player on that field was Rahman. Maybe you missed his two runs over 40 yards and his pick to seal the game.

  148. johnny mo says:

    Soooooo i guess you’ve been to all of accs playoff games to say that and the games during the regular season right?? cause i doubt SH has a backfield faster then ours nosovitch and mcdermitt are some fast kids but they’re athletic i think you should stop puffing your chest out and just wait for the game at basd

  149. hssportsfan says:


    you talk crazy. wood had a week schedule too. they played ohara. ACC played dtown east who was a solid football team they played north penn better then anybody in the playoffs so far. You talk so crazy i wouldnt be suprised if you actually thought wood can beat lasalle and north penn

  150. P says:

    Congrats to La Salle for beating a very tough Easton team. The Easton team this year was way better than the team from last year. La Salle did not look good today. Theyri offense was stagnant and their defense could not tackle. Kudos to Easton. They played very hard. I believe that this year’s Easton team was ten times better than past year’s Easton team. With that said, La Salle will have their hands full with a very good North Penn team. La Salle will have to play their A game to come out as victors. whoever comes out on top of this game will be state champs.

    Stan, please do us all a favor and stop trying to make you opinions sound like facts. I called you out twice now, and you have still addressed the fact. You said posters, when you meant posers. If you are going to insult somebody, don’t be wrong. You only insult yourself when you are wrong. Second, you claim that La Salle has open enrollment. True. You claim that since they have open enrollment they have a pool of players that is 3.3 people large. False. Dude, come on. You were wrong. In no was was I trying to be malicious, until you tried to defend your stupid point. I am calling you out on your stupid fact. The greated Philadelphia area may have around 3 million people, but the age range is from infant to elder. So the number of high school football players is not 3.3 million. To claim that La Salle, or any other PCL private school, has the ability to recruit because they are not restricted by boundaries is nothing short of a poor excuse. Stan, by saying that La Salle has 3.3 million to choose from is idiotic. That is like saying there are upwards of 6.7 billion people on earth, and anyone who wants to play football for La Salle can move into the area and play. Stan, please stop trying to make up for your stupid comment. Not every kid wants to go to La Salle. You got to get your facts straight. Trying to defend your statements which you claim to be true (which are not), makes you seem dumb. I do not know where you are from Stan, but check the population count in your area. I’ll bet it isn’t 3.3 million.

  151. rick says:

    Lewisburg underrated???? They are ranked #1 on this site.

  152. szam33 says:

    @ stan. You’re absolutely right about the large pool PCL draws & RECRUITS from. These guys are just gonna twist your words and try to insult you because the have nothing else. Now they’re pretending that these schools don’t have kids from all 5 counties (3.3 mil as you stated)? ?? Thyre a joke!!! Hey JB & P, I have that smoking gun you were asking me for. I’m not about to Call a kid out on this public site, so we gotta figure a way I can give the info privately. RECRUITED!!!!!

  153. Deo7 says:

    Guest..The PIAA (WPIAL) was founded in Pittsburgh in 1913 or abouts by at least three Private school principals so maybe the PIAA should be for privately funded schools and the publicly funded schools can go play with themselves…Catholics not only pay for their own kid’s education they pay for your kid’s education too. I’m just sayin….

  154. Mark says:

    How about the AA undefeated underrated Lewisburg Dragons putting away Trinity!!!

  155. Guest says:

    They should make a seperate championship for private schools since they can recruit. PIAA championships should be for publicly funded schools taht use athletes that live in the school district they play in. This isnt college here. Just sayin.

  156. oLen says:

    LaSalle will have click on offense way better than they did today if they are to beat NP who seem to really have it all going on as of late. Don’t matter that LaSalle beat them already as this is a brand new ballgame. I think the bye week actually hurt them today but the coaches seem to have them prepared enough to get the win week in and week out. I must get to that game.

  157. Deo says:

    LaSalle vs north Penn at PW on Saturday @ 1pm in the grand daddy of them all.

  158. Philly Catholic says:

    Can the Philly Catholic League get teams to Hershey in every class they compete? Unlikely…but possible. Wouldn’t that be something? There will be crybabies coming out of the woodwork!

  159. Dog21 says:

    Your Oline pushed around a bunch of JV teams the last three weeks. Woods line will be bigger and more athletic than anything ACC has seen. SH backfield much faster than ACC. And Wood shut them down. ACC is so overrated it is almost hilarious. Wood will shut down the QB and the Wr. And on offense Wood will jam in down their throats. By 3rd q ACC will be wishing they were playing that powerhouse Clearfield again.

  160. Colin says:

    Anyone know when and where ACC/Wood will be played?

  161. Colin says:

    Ok allow me to stir the pot lol.

    Of the 16 teams in the semi finals of the 4 classes 7 are catholic schools including all 4 in AAA. let the shouting begin 🙂

  162. LB says:

    JB – why do you say both you wish both school swere healthy? ACC is healthy

  163. Philly Fan says:

    Went to the LaSalle vs Easton game today and didn’t think it was going to feel that cold ad there was not much sun out. LaSalle offense looked rusty but defensively they looked better especially in the 2nd half. Easton had a great play for there only bright spot and touchdown. Easton’s QB I forget his name an Italian kid I think is a special player as he seemed to be the best player on the field today. He was eluded a couple of looked like sure sacks and at the last second and on the run put the ball in a tight spot and the receiver made a diving catch in the back of the endzone to put Easton ahead 7 – 3. It was the highlight play of the day and it is a good thing for LaSalle there was only one #7 or if he had a little help it might have gone the other way. I hope that kid is a senior so he can’t come back for revenge next year. In the 2nd half LaSalle’s D stepped it up and wore that kid down I think. Does anyone know where LaSalle plays next week and where?

  164. JB says:

    StanW, look you came on here preaching some agenda, not me.

    The only thing I’m mystified by is why everyone north of Quakertown thinks D11 invented football. Fact is, they can’t compete.

    That said, I’m looking forward to AW vs ACC; wish both squads were healthy!

  165. JB says:

    D11 bites the dust again; maybe you all should beg the PIAA to let you play anyone but D12!

    Easton was never in this game even when it was close; if not for a LaSalle mistake Easton wouldn’t have scored if we left them out there for a week!

  166. JB says:

    Stan, the minute you wrote that NP a school of like 3,000 students draws only from a 20,000 population that I’ve lived in for many years; I know you didn’t know a thing!

    Good luck to you!

  167. Philly Fan says:

    LaSalle wins 19 – 7

  168. hssportsfan says:


    ACC is going to spank wood all night long. you say that wood is in another league then SH. Well guess what ACC is in another league then wood and it will show when they get beat bad.

  169. StanW says:

    P. Go away. your comments here are worthless. I never said kids. I said 3.3 million people. Don’t twist my statements to support your thoughts.

    JB, I find your need to glorify the Catholic and private schools boring. And you are right. “You no longer know”

  170. P says:

    you should check your spelling stan…do you mean posers? not posters?…your facts are not right…there aren’t even 3.3 million people in philadelphia…let alone 3.3 million high school football players all wanting to go to la salle.

  171. johnny mo says:

    all i will say is that NL basicaly lost there defensive starters before the game and it just got worse as game went on if they maybe had some depth it wouldn’t have been by that much but then again i really don’t care about NL just acc and as a fan i am extremely excited to see next weeks game so lets just but all the judgement aside and enjoy some football

  172. StanW says:

    Len, the playing field between the public schools and the private schools is not level. End of my discussion on that.

    Up until my last post with you, my discussion with you was polite and respectful. I never ordered you out of this forum called your posts garbage or crap. Why do you feel its all right for YOU to do that? Who appointed you the guardian of all thats right and fit on this forum?

    I have a problem with that. I have a problem with posters who disagree with me and then feel its OK to call my posts stupid rather than pointing out where they may be mistaken, inaccurrate, or need to be reconsidered. I have a problem with posters who tell me to check my facts for accuracy and do my homework but failed to check theirs or do theirs.

  173. JB says:

    StanW, your entire arguement (whatever you’re trying to prove) bores me. In fact, I no longer know or care about whatever you’re trying to prove.

  174. P says:

    and Stan…go away…your comments on here are worthless…you stated that La Salle had open enrollment, which means that they have 3.3 million kids by which they can field a football team, compared to north penn’s mere 20,000? You are wrong, so stop arguing. Admit it dude.

  175. P says:

    Congrats to Wood and West Catholic. Way to do the PCL proud. Keep it up. I’ve wanted to comment on the La Salle vs. Easton game. Many people have commented how La Salle got lucky last year against Easton, stating that if the weather was not snowy, the game would have turned out differently. First of all, it was snowing outside for both teams; so there was no advantage or disadvantage. Second, if you took away Easton’s three big plays, essentially, that would have had no positive yardage. La Salle simply shut them down. The fact is that is the weather was nicer, La Salle’s winning margin would have been greater. Now, I hope nobody on here takes this the wrong way. Easton’s players (with the exception of a few players who tried to jump over La Salle’s linemen to get to the quarterback while kneeling for the win) were stand up gentlemen, especially the running back, Gatty (sorry for spelling?).

    This year’s bout between La Salle and Easton should be a good game. I just think La Salle will out-man Easton. I have seen game film and highlights of Easton, and their offense seems bland. I hope La Salle comes out on their A game. If not, they will have their hands full with a very good Easton team.

  176. StanW says:

    JB way off base about what? The population of Towamencin Twp? when I was first researching the pop. of NP a google article stated that North Penn was located in Towamencin Twp. pop app 20,000. I made the incorrect assumption that that meant the district. It turns out it did not. Len was kind enough to inform me that I had omitted several boroughs and twps in the school district that would add an addtional 70,000(post 280) I then added another 10,000 for the sake of argument and made it an even 100,000

    How does “learn what LaSalle and SJP are about.Its not atheletics” make my argument about open enrollment any less valid?

    Here is an excellent opportunity for you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK. In none of my posts did I ever state that atheletics was the only reason a student went to those schools.

    In post 273 you state: “StanW…….blows a hole in your LaSalle recruits crap” Again another opportunity to DO YOUR HOMEWORK, In none of my posts do I accuse the Catholic or private schools of recruiting. In post 248 I clearly state that these schools do not recruit.

    In post 253 you tell me to “get your facts straight…..LaSalle is not an Archdiose school”
    And once again another chance for you to GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. In my post 248 I say that LaSalle is “located” in the Archdiose of Philadelphia, The last time I looked 8605 Cheltenham Ave Glenside Pa is located in the Archdiose of Philadelphia.

    I reviewed my one post in which I addressed specifically you. My words and tone were not disrespectful, combative, or accustory. Yours have been, not only to me, but to many others here as well

    You attempt to hide your rudeness and disrespect behind the demand for “the facts” and for othwers to do “their homework”

    As an alum of LaSalle(post 59) you do your school a great diservice with your bitterness and resentment towards anyone who disagrees with you about Catholic or private schools
    You nneed to take the advice you give WH in post 175 and lose that “unattractive chip”

  177. JB says:

    johnny mo, history proves that D12 is far superior to D11.

    See W. C. – N. Lehigh!

  178. rick says:

    HOW BOUT DEM BURRS!!!!!!!!!!! let’s give NL some credit they have some talented young men, but West Catholic has a GIFTED group….ON TO THE NEXT ONE

  179. johnny mo says:

    that what it is my opinion you don’t need to rant and rave about it. who really cares its just hs football all we win is bragging rights, No matter what i’ll still believe in my team i just believe we had better competition and you had less of a challenge to get to this point

  180. Dog21 says:

    Wood played the worst game I ha e seen them play I’m 2 yrs and they still put up 24. The bye week early did not help them as they were very rusty. It shows how good they are. Horrible game but still won. They were 2 penalties away from a rout. SH offense completely neutrized except for a long kickoff return and one breakaway. Wood was missing their best RB AND their co captain And all catholic D lineman. AND still won. Strapper Haven not even the same class as Wood. Wood will be underdog vs ACC but they will pull the upset.

  181. WC_Boy says:

    West Catholic 55 Northern Lehigh 14…what’s your excuse about the PCL now!? If they hate then let them hate and watch the wins keep piling up!

  182. Deo7 says:

    I am still a little concerned that the bye week will do La Salle more harm than good if they come out a little stale and Easton gets ahead early. If that happens the result may be different than last year. Although La Salle’s stud running back is a year older and wiser they don’t have that intangible player that they had in Loughlin last year…that kid just got it done and refused to lose.

  183. Len says:

    Stan, you just won’t give up. So now I have to prove all public schools have “open enrollment” to prove my point or more like disprove yours. The point is there is no law against it so it is available to all school districts if they want to do it. Point proved…Really you spout out so much garbage as fact and you PROVE nothing and by the reaction of many on here they are tired of your crap. As far as what square miles has to do with anything? It was just to let you know that North Penn School District is that big and Towamencin Twp isn’t. Just a little geography lesson. Really why don’t you just talk football and stop trying to find reasons for the shortcomings of others teams. The WPIAL guy has it right about wanting to rise to the challenge and beat the best instead of conceding defeat before the season starts. The public schools out there beat the Catholic schools on a regular basis on them seem to like it that way. Come on stop it now.

  184. JB says:

    Buddy, I agree with you ….

    I think LaSalle will be an underdog against NP and the same for AW against ACC.

    That doesn’t mean D12 doesn’t win both games!

  185. JB says:

    One tip for posters on here; if you’re going to post “facts” so your homework first.

    If you want to post opinion, that’s fine but don’t confuse the two!

    Opinion is not fact!

  186. JB says:

    StanW, are you still on her spouting fiction?

    do some homework; first, learn what LaSalle and the Prep are about. It’s not athletics!

    Second, do your homework on North Penn; I’ve lived in Towamencin for 25 years. You’re way off base!

  187. JB says:

    AW played nobdy? C’mon, even a kid like you can’t be that naive!

  188. Scott says:



    LaSalle over Easton by 17.

    North Penn over Neshaminy by 10.

    North Allegheny over State College by 20.

    Cumberland Valley over Red Lion by 28.


    ACC over Clearfield by 35.

    Archbishop Wood over Strath Haven by 14.

    Central Valley over Erie Cathedral Prep by 10.

    Bishop McDevitt over Cocalico by 35.


    West Catholic over Northern Lehigh by 7.

    Trinity over Lewisburg by 7.

    South Fayette over Brockway by 21.

    Forest Hills over Sharon by 13.


    Bishop Carroll over Holy Name by 7.

    Riverside over Schuylkill Haven by 24.

    Clairton over North Star by 35.

    Farrell over Curwensville by 21.



    North Allegheny over Cumberland Valley by 7.

    LaSalle over North Penn by 10.


    ACC over Archbishop Wood by 10.

    Bishop McDevitt over Central Valley by 14.


    West Catholic over Trinity by 14.

    South Fayette over Forest Hills by 10.


    Riverside over Bishop Carroll by 17.

    Clairton over Farrell by 10.


    AAAA LaSalle over North Allegheny by 10.

    AAA ACC over Bishop McDevitt by 3.

    AA South Fayette over West Catholic by 10.

    A Clairton over Riverside by 17.

  189. Philly Fan says:

    Let’s hope you are wrong again on both counts.

  190. StanW says:

    Len, I always like to learn new information, and I have no problem being corrected when I am wrong. Thanks for the update on Neshaminy. When you can prove that all public schools are willing to take tuition students as all Catholic and private schools do then you have indeed proved a point. Until then, your ability to find the exception is irrelevent. You have proved “nothing, zero, nada” So please continue to do Your homework.

    I will give the general poulation of NP an additional 80,000 people. It still pales in comparison to the 3.3 million people available to the schools of the Archdiose of Philadelphia.(Once agin, LaSalle is not part of the Archdiose) No were in my argument do I state that there is a pool of 3.3 million FOOTBALL PLAYERS. The fact remains given a random pool of 3.3 million PEOPLE one’s chances of finding good football talent is greater than in a random pool of 100,000 PEOPLE.

    I would also like you to explain what square miles has to do with anything.

    Lastly do not tell me “don’t come back until you know what you are talking about” No one on this board has appointed you the Moderator.(By the way I did my homework on this) You do not have the right to tell any of us when we can return or when we can not return. EPAFootball is not you private site where you can dictate who posts, what they say, or when they say it! Until you own this site or until this site appoints you moderator do not give me or anyone else orders!

  191. WPIALguy says:

    To Billy, Riverside’s schedule is tough so they might make it a game in Hershey. What they did against Dunmore and So. Colombia is impressive . I don’t know a whole lot about single A teams on the other side of the state. Clairton has scored 610 pts and given up 4 TDs ALL YEAR. Their QB(6’5″ 230 Desimon Green) is going to Pitt to play DE. That should tell you something about what kind of athlete he is. How many of Clairton’s games have you seen? Probally none. Who did they play you ask, D7 might be the toughest in the state. Clairton beat Rochester 12-0 @ Heinz. Rochester was good enough to win it all. Clairton held Rochester to 64 yds. Farrell will give them a tough game in the semis. Farrell has the speed to keep up with Clairton but clairton is better. This team is really good. Most of Clairton’s team will be back next year.

  192. Buddy says:

    Back to football:

    LaSalle beats Easton, will then face NP in the Eastern final and subsequently lose. NP at States.

    Wood will beat SH, will then face ACC in Eastern Final and subsequently lose. ACC at states.

    Both Eastern finals will be great games. Very close……. of course, I’ve been wrong a few times before.

  193. Len says:

    Sorry I missed typed…North Penn has around 1550 boys in grades 10 thru 12 not the 1700 previously mentioned.

  194. deo7 says:

    I don’t know what it is about this site that people state things like they are fact and they could not be further from the truth. First off MOST states do not have more than one state champion and Delaware is definitely not one of them. As far as I can tell and I am not absolutely positive only three states do not in the end crown one state champion (one in each size class) and that would be New Jersey, Mass and Rhode Island. Now New York is very complicated as they have about four different different governing bodies that are all mixed up Catholic & Public in a couple just Catholic in another and just public in another and they each have their state champion but then they have a tournament from the winners of all of them to crown one TRUE state champion. Whew and some people think our system is screwed up. Its interesting that in NJ Catholic & Public schools play in the same leagues and conferences during the season then seperate for the state playoffs in football but in most other sports everything is as one.

    Another thing it would be great if the PIAA or the state or somebody would televise more of these games if not statewide then by region. You would think that in this day and age that would not be a hard thing to do.

    Remember the Catholic League has only won one stinking championship so lets give this thing time to sort itself out and see what happens.

  195. P says:

    I’m not trying to insult anyones intelligence or anything. I’m just calling out stupid comments.

  196. P says:

    It is not accurate to say that La Salle can pick and choose their football team out of a pool of 3.3 million players in the greater philadelphia area.

  197. P says:

    stan…I didn’t say you were stupid. I said your point that La Salle has 3.3 million to choose from is stupid, because it is a stupid thing to say.

  198. Deo7 says:

    I would bet that the only way the PIAA would have two separate champions is if they were forced by law. They don’t seem to have a problem out west where the Catholic schools get beaten on a regular basis. I think the answer is that if what you are is that the public schools in the east will just adapt to higher standard of play and in time will be as competitive as their counterparts in the west.

  199. tom says:

    Hey Stan, you speak of the population but you failed to mention the countless high schools there are in and around Philadelphia to choose from . That advantage you speak of significantly dwindles

  200. dwnbndtrn says:


    Thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to a good game. I too hope that Wood isn’t looking ahead to a ‘next game’, but I don’t think the coaches will let them. The haven’t before so I don’t think it will happen now.

  201. GoldenKnights says:

    Anyone ever wonder way most States in the U.S. have separate classes for Public and Private/Catholic for their state playoffs ( NJ, Del,NY, etc..)???
    A couple more years of PCL disproportionate entries into the last 2 rounds of the playoffs ( not necessarily winning the state), and I think we will see the division of state playoffs like most other States.
    Certainly would put the teams on a sort of equal playing field. You can bet the PIAA is thinking about it, even though public statements they make are against it ( for now..).

  202. johnny mo says:

    I only said they were overrated because wood had an easy schedule meaning they lucked out and didn’t play la salle and they are rated higher when i think they shouldn’t be. Sure they’re undefeated but they only played a few good teams ( ohara twice west) while and thanks hopefully we keep it going

  203. Len says:

    Well Stan…You asked for it so here we go.
    First you state that it is illegal in Pa for Public schools to have open enrollment and they take non resident tuition students then I proved to you that West York does (and they were in states this year AAA)and you state that is a rare exception and now I am going to prove that Neshaminy does indeed have “open enrollment” and takes non resident tuition students. Go to the student handbook Policy Section 500, Page 4, lines 11-25. Oh by the way they are in the District 1 finals tonight.

    Also you said North Penn is in Towamencin Twp and has a population of 20-30k but you failed to mention that the North Penn includes 4 other Townships and 3 additional Buroughs with an additional 70-80k people. Also in case you didn’t know North Penn High is only 10th thru 12th grades and has like over 1700 boys and the 9th grade middle school has another 500 boys and North Penn school district is about 45 Square miles whereas all of Philadelphia is only 135 Square miles.

    So Stan…You have nothing…zero…nada. So go home do your homework and don’t come back until you know what you are talking about.

  204. BILLY says:

    at wphial guy, I m sick hearing about this clariton team they didnt play anybody all year they might not make it past farrl and if they do Riverside will beat them rv played all AAA AND aa schools

  205. StanW says:

    P, nothing stupid about my point. It is clear and acurrate.

    No where in my post did I suggest that what YOU were saying was stupid, only mistaken.

  206. StanW says:

    PCLAlum. I fail to see how your experience in the PCL during the 1980’s has anything to do with the my argument. I am not talking about what the conditions were during your playing days. I never said or implied that the PLC players were not tough or disciplined, or well coached.

    The fact remains that today the PCL has”open enrollment” with gives them greater access to tough, disciplined football players that public schools

  207. JB says:

    @johnny mo, if you haven’t seen west or wood play how the hell can you call them overrated? Credibility; try to have some, even if you are in hs.

  208. JB says:

    @johnny mo, congrats on your ACC team having a great year!

    If they make it, I think ACC / AW may be the playoff game of the year. It will definitely be ACC’s toughest game of the year even if AW will be without a few starters!

  209. JB says:

    Chestmontfan, amen brother!

    Lots of boys playing this weekend that have worked long and hard for this opportunity! They all deserve to be praised for their effort and dedication; western, eastern, public, catholic, private it really doesn’t matter!

    Best of luck to them all!

  210. JB says:

    Stan W, the fact is LaSalle has accomplishe what they have the past 3 years without a single D1 player! Kind of blows a hole in your “LaSalle recruits” crap; they have great coaching and great heart … win or lose!

  211. JB says:

    @Stan W, sorry Stan but your argument doesn’t hold water.

    LaSalle has 800 very talented academic types; NP has about 3,000 or more students..

    LaSalle and SJP are the Penn and Princeton of hs football; NP is the Alabama of hs football.

  212. Colin says:

    WPHIALguy, Nice post. Very good to hear western pa guy call it down the middle 🙂

    Anyway. Didnt know that NA’s RB went down. I still think they will rep the west because it doesnt look like there is much in their way.

    I have the dish so I pick up foxsports pitt so i get a chance to see the western teams. I saw clairton a few times and they will be a load for the easte team to handle. Only one game tho so you never know.

    Brumbaugh is excellent!! so is his team. Idid pick Alaquippa but after watching S Fayette beat them i think SF will play for the title.

    Not sure if you know this but several of the PCL teams are outside of the city limits in district one territory. Wood is in Warminster about 20 minutes or so away.

  213. Ed says:

    Easton 56, read the comments, I really don’t think there are too many La Salle folks that are overlooking Easton, especially after last year’s game. Frank, I totally agree with you that La Salle’s defense is better this year, although I would be a little concerned if Easton has a big armed quarterback that can get the ball deep. It seemed to me that Roman’s receivers got open deep in both games this year. And Philly, totally agree with your about Jamal. He is so much stronger and tougher this year. He FINISHES his runs now. He could be terrific at Villanova.

  214. Chestmontfan says:

    This who PCL thing is getting very old..Lets just give the kids, coaches credit, they have great football teams..i have seen La Salla and Wood..but vey well coached…what ever happens, they should be very proud of the year that they have had…of the two teams, I would say wood is very impressive..they are very the kicker is that they are young..I believe they lose 3-4 guys from a very deep team..Lets the kids adults get live our past dreams from these great kids…good luck to ACC, AW, only happens once in your life..enjoy boys…God bless

  215. Colin says:

    Deos anyone know anything about Clearfield?

    I think NL/West is a toss up. Classic matchup. How will west handle a team that gonna run right at em and smack em in the mouth. On the other side how will NL handle a team that has much more speed and quickness than they have probably seen all year. I really think this is the best match up in the east this weekend. should be a good one.

  216. PCLAlum says:

    Stan, I would you suggest you drop your arguement..This has everything to do with the current success that AW, WC and LCHS is having in the PIAA…yes, its true, there is open enrollment..But the PCL has always been strong..I played in the PCL back in the early 80..back then you did not have the open enrollment..I remember in 80 and 81, the PCL north had 4-5 ranked in the top to of the state..I played against Judge, tought team, well coached, I played against Ryan, Big, and fast, well coached..I played against CD, the largest catholic HS in the country at the as hell, well coached..played against AW, not the biggest, but the toughest kids I played against, very discpline, well coached..So, the common tread, Well coached, tough..and there was no open, just except the fact that the teams that are in the final 8 are well coached…tough kids, that practice..lots of DISCPLINE>>>thats the fact…has nothing to do with 3mm people to draw from..

  217. WPIALguy says:

    NP vs LaSalle might be the real championship. WPIAL always represents the west well but NA’s stud rb Alex Papson(2,530 yds and 33TDs) is out with a broken collarbone. I like LaSalle to defend its title
    LaSalle over CV

    In the east ACC and Wood seem to be heading for a fight to Hershey. In the west new school Central Valley continues to suprise people. They are led by their D and a Devin Hester type in So. Robert Foster I expect CV to continue thier run to Hershey because there are no dominant teams in the west.
    Since I hate Philly I’ll pick ACC over CV

    Lots of talk about N Lehigh but West Catholic has been tested(week 3 loss to LaSalle 14-7). Would love to be at this game but 350 miles is a long way. Brockway features the most prolific passer in state history in Sr. Derek Buganza(9,413 yds and 113 TDs) but South Fayette has their own Standout QB in Christian Brumbaugh(2,875 yds and 39TDs). I hope the weather is nice cause there should be a lot of action Fri. night. Hey Pitt needs a QB maybe they should be watching this one.

    No team in the state has dominated their opponents like Clairton. They have scored over 500 pts but their D is what seperates them(26 pts in 13 games against WPIAL competition). Farrell is probally the toughest team they will face and the winner will take it all.Riverside should come out of the east with a tough match up this week. Clairton over Riverside.

    To all who complain about the private schools, it is the only way to determine a true champion. Best in the state. In the WPIAL we hate when Pittsburgh Central Catholic wins it all but it makes it all the better when you send them home for the winter.

    Still upset about BP’s loss in OT to Liberty in 08:(

  218. P says:

    Stan, my point…if you are going to make a point, don’t make a stupid one; like saying La Salle has a pool of 3.3 million people to choose from.

  219. BILLY says:

    Riverside Vikings 30 Haven Hurricanes 14,Riverside will win state title i dont care who this clairton team is they will be out coached and riverside has to much speed for anybody

  220. StanW says:

    P, I thought I clarified the LaSalle point in my last point. It is clear I did not.

    LaSalle is not part of the Archdiose. They do have the clear advantage of “no geographic boundries” which gives them access to a larger pool of potential high school football players.

    Next point. The chances of finding good high school football players is far greater in a general population pool of 3.3 million than it is in a general population pool of 30,000. Advantage to private and parochial schools of SE Pa.

    Len, I’m assuming you are referring to Rustin’s opponnet Neshaminy. I would like to have the link to which you are referring. I went to the school’s website and found nothing about accepting tuition students to the school. I did find a link that stated the district would seek tuition from a student who claimed that they were living with a parent or legal guardin who resided in the district when that student was not. While I am not 100% sure, I would say that that student was then removed from the district. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong

  221. jk says:

    @ dwnbndtrn
    For Strath Haven, look for Thurman Fortune. Very quick, shifty back. If healthy he’ll be the primary threat. Alex Hisey is a bigger back with sprinters straight line speed. Brent Collins is pretty good as well. QB James Griffin is a converted HB playing QB when the starter was lost in Rd 1.

    Haven has good O linemen, and a solid defense, but you rarely get to see the big guys work! Fischer is a tall receiver, but Haven doesn’t throw much.

    Haven can match Wood on talent, at least for a while. SH has nowhere near the quality depth that Wood has, and over the course of the game may wear Haven down. Haven needs to shorten the game by finishing long drives on the ground with a well executed Wing T attack. Wood’s passing game is a threat, as the loss of QB Downs also cost them a starting corner. Like any gmae, mistakes will be key.

    Haven will be a tough opponent, but Wood may be just too good. Unless Wood is looking too far ahead at a matchup with ACC; then they might be vulnerable.

  222. johnny mo says:

    I root for all of the district 11 teams still in the playoffs and no I haven’t seen wood or west because I go to all the acc games since I am a student there. On another note congrats to Brendan Nosovitch (ACC) for winning the pennsylvania gatorade player of the year.

  223. P says:

    Stan W…I understand that you’re trying to make an argument that LaSalle has a bigger pool to draw players from. First, this may be true since they are technically not held by any specific boundaries. However, you do have to be accepted into the school after taking an entrance exam. Second, you are tryin to make the argument that La Salle in the Philadelphia archdiocese. Incorrect; It is a private school. Third, you are saying that La Salle has a drawing pool of 3.3 million people??? “The Archdiocese contains Philadelphia proper, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties. The combined population is 3.3 million.” —so every single inhabitant in these counties is a high school football player? Sorry, but that’s wrong. The total population in these four counties combined may be 3.3 million, I really do not know, but to say that all 3.3 million of these people are in high school and want to go to La Salle is wrong.

  224. StanW says:

    JB, that is exactly my point. LaSalle and SJP do not have geographic boundries. Public schools do have specfic boundries from which they can take students. AW and WC are part of the Archdiose. Their population pool is 3.3 million. The population pool of the public schools is dramatically smaller, only 20-30,000 for NP. This gives the catholic schools a significant advantage. Can you imagine the kinds of teams NP, CBW, CRS, CRN, Ridley, Neshaminey, WCRustin, WCE, Pennsbury, Strath Haven would field if they had no geographic boundries or their population pool was 3.3 million? Their success would be off the charts.

  225. Buddy says:

    …. keep an eye on Archbishop Wood.

  226. dwnbndtrn says:

    Who on Strath Haven are the players to watch? Any D-1 players on their team? I’ll be at the game and want to know who to watch.

  227. Bulldogs fan says:

    I don’t know enough about West Catholic to say they are overrated, soft, or anything else. I do know that NL is big, strong and FAST…I think it will be a great game tomorrow night.
    I don’t know if it will be the blowout they had last week, but I am sure hoping so…

    GO D11 and GO BULLDOGS!!!!

  228. Dog21 says:

    Johnny mo
    Have you actually seen Wood or WC play? If you did you would see just how good they both are, especially Wood. Who do you root for? Let me guess, your team is out already and you are jealous and now you want to put down the other schools still in it. WC wins by 10 and Wood wins by 10-17pts, book it! Yes ACC is very good and Wood might lose to them. Not too bad losing to ACC who is ranked Nationally at #84. I still think Wood can beat them,even without Peoples. We will just have to see.

  229. Buddy says:

    After Sat., there’ll be no more quessing eh men?

  230. JB says:

    Stan W, you need to get your “facts” straight; LaSalle is not an Archdiocesean high school, it never has been.

    LaSalle and SJP are private, Catholic college preparatory high schools. They have always charged tuition (even when Archdiocesean high schools were tuition free). They draw children who believe in their child being academically challenged and they have no “geographic boundaries”; never have even again, when Archdiocesean high schools did.

    “Open enrollment” has nothing to do with what students LaSalle or SJP draw.

  231. frank says:

    Last year’s LSCH team was special and I totally agree that Drew Lock was simply a winner who should be playing college ball. However, having watch my son’s team play every game last year and every game this year the bottom line this year’s team has a better defense hands down. Bergen scored the most points on them 22 and this Bergen team has 4 D-1 starters and a QB that is being recruited by several major D-1 school. With all this stated I know for a fact that the lsch boys are not taking Easton for granted. They are confident, but they respect the Easton team and expect a battle. Should be a a great high school game. Go lsch!

  232. johnny mo says:

    Imagine if district 11 sweeps the pcl champs well except for easton. i agree la salle is good but wood and west are so overrated it isnt even funny NL will beat west and if wood makes it ACC will beat them

  233. Philly High Football Fan says:

    Ed, I’ve been hearing through friends who have kids going to school out at Easton that they are pretty much the same team as last year. Didn’t get much on them and don’t know how I can trust them. None the less, I feel as if the La Salle vs. Easton game last year was greatly affected by all of that snow and a not-too confident La Salle team. La Salle started the game playing scared, not knowing what to expect. But once they got going, they really got going. It seemed as if Easton had on 50 yards on offense after the first five minutes. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a close game. La Salle had a big arm behind center last year, and Magarity hasn’t looked as good as expected after the NP game, and he’s young. Should be a good one, it should be Abdur-Rahman vs. all again for La Salle. It still boggles my mind how he doesn’t have boat loads of D-1 scholarships going his way.

  234. tom says:

    Northern Lehigh is ready to kick some West Catholic butt!!!! West is fast but soft and way overrated!!!!!

  235. StanW says:

    My argument against the Catholic Schools has never been one of recruitment. The Catholic Schools do not recruit. My argument is the “open enrollment” of these schools. Archbishop Wood and LaSalle are located in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Any student who lives in this diocese is eligible to attend these schools. Lasalle has a entrance exam as a requirement. I checked the AW website and could find nothing about an entrance exam for this school. The Archdiocese contains Philadelphia proper, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties. The combined population is 3.3 million. Since North Penn’s name keeps popping up I researched their population. The school district lies in Towamencin Township, population 20-30,000. Quite a difference. I called North Penn. They do not accept tuition students. Len’s example of West York is a rare exception. Not all public schools accept tuition paying students All Philadfelphia catholic schools do. The open enrollent gives the catholic schools a distinct statistical advantage. Len quotes the 1988 statistics as a example to prove the Catholic schools do not have a statistical advantage. PCL did not join the PIAA until 2007 These schools have been deep into the state playoffs since then and will continue to do so as long as the Catholic schools are allowed open enrollment.

  236. PJ says:

    I’m a little late to this website but I must say very good job. Without giving too much information away I went to a PCL school in the late 1990’s and this school indeed did pay students tuition to go there for athletics. It would be funny because every September when school started you would see a new student who was either 6’8 Center or 6’4 240lbs DE brickhouse and snicker because you knew this guy was getting to go to school free. I think the people who are hating on LaSalle right now would’ve went crazy on how SJP recruited kids in the late 90’s and early 2000’s before the PCL was accepted in the PIAA. Unless there have been changes in the last 5-7 years in regards making ALL students pay their tution, I am fairly certain kids with exceptional athletic prowless are still getting to go to school for free.

  237. Easton56 says:

    I concede LaSalle played 2 good teams in their non PIAA playoff schedule, I wonder what their record would be playing teams like Easton, Whitehall, Nazareth, ACC, Liberty every week? Kinda like playing a state playoff game week in and week out

  238. Easton56 says:

    I think at game’s end, LaSalle will be bloodied and battered…trying to figure out how a team that they “were sooo much better than (on paper)” is celebrating on the 50yd line!

  239. Easton56 says:

    I really enjoy reading all the LaSalle love on this site, just keep assuming that they (LaSalle) will have a cake walk to the state finals. Don’t worry about Easton, just look forward to North Penn!

  240. Deo7 says:

    I failed to mention either team by name but I was referring to the LaSalle vs Easton reach and it just seems they are missing something that they had last year and I think it comes in that “special player” department.

  241. Deo7 says:

    I agree that the Gordons and their staff are great coaches and get the most out of their players but if because of this ridiculous bye week they come out stale and fall behind early it may not end the same as last years game. Remember they don’t have Sam Feliccia or Loughlin this go around. That Loughlin was and is a winner and that is an intangible that will be missed. It is hard to believe that no colleges really wanted him. Does anyone know if he ended up playing anywhere?

  242. Dog21 says:

    You might be correct. ACC is very good and should be favored over Wood. I am a Wood supporter but Wood will need to be on their A+ game to win.

  243. Buddy says:

    …..but they won’t get by ACC

  244. Dog21 says:

    after Wood wins Friday I’m sure you will be hiding and we will never hear from u again. Wood would lose to LaSalle but beat NP for sure. Wood will beat SH by at least 14 and they will be playing shorthanded.

  245. Ed says:

    Haven’t seen much from the Easton folks on this site. Curious to hear how the Easton fane think their team matches up with last year’s team. Easton certainly gave La Salle all they wanted last year and it was a much tougher game than the Ridley or State College game. In my opinion this year’s La Salle team is not as strong as last year’s team, although as others have said the coaching is excellent, the defense has been very good, and Abdul Rahman has been awesome. Wondering what Easton has at QB and the skill positions. Thanks. Have a safe trip down to Philadelphia.

  246. Deo7 says:

    I am surprised with how slow this site is moderating comments considering we are in the thick of things with the playoffs. This a great site otherwise but could be out of this world if it was more immediate for people to go back and forth.

  247. Chris D says:

    Dog – I have not seen Wood play this year which is why I asked the question. Wood destroyed CB West in their scrimmage? You’re talking about a scrimmage!? Really, a SCRIMMAGE!? I know Wood is obviously a very good team but I don’t think they are better than LaSalle or North Penn as this site has indicated in the big school rankings. In fact, I don’t think they are better than Strath Haven which why I see them losing on Friday night.

  248. Buddy says:

    I know nothing about Clearfield ( I see they are undefeated ), but ACC has too much fire power.
    Strath Haven & Wood could be good ( especially without Peoples), but I’ll go with Wood. LaSalle has too much talent on both sides of the ball for Easton. Here’s the potential barn-burner: NP / Neshaminy. If NP has no turnovers, they will win. But if they do, they could be in trouble.

  249. Buddy says:

    @ # 209: Man, you are diggin’ up bones. Us NP fans are long past that game. Give it a rest.

    @ Varner: Can we start a new posting? This is getting a bit too crowded to take in.

  250. BILLY says:

    AAAA-Lasalle over Easton
    AAA-ACC over N.allegeny
    AA-Northern Lehigh over South Fayette
    A-Riverside over Farrel

  251. JB says:

    Szam, never said I was an attorney; shows you don’t really pay attention to the written word.

    Fact is, you, not me, came on here spouting off that you “know” LaSalle recruits. You didn’t expect anyone to ask you how you “know”? Most people deal in fact; if they say they know something, they can prove it.

    You didn’t; you can’t! You’re just hot air; a windbag is what they used to call it! Today, it’s just you have no “cred”. Call it what you want; in the end it’s all the same!

  252. rick says:

    agreed …. “because if it doesn’t fit you must acquit” lol

  253. Deo7 says:

    Football fan P&S – My sentiments exactly..:

  254. P says:

    well spoken

  255. Just a Footbal Fan Pure & Simple says:

    The Catholic/Public thing has been beaten to death so can we all agree that:

    1)Most Catholic players are not recruited.
    Most Public players don’t use a relative or friends address or live with there during the week just to play sports in another district than where they really live.

    2)Most or all Catholic players do not have have their tuition paid by the school just so they can play sports.
    Most or all public school players are not non-resident tuition students where their tuition is paid by their family and/or anyone else.

    I am glad we can all agree to that and agree by the PIAA’s own statistical numbers that in the end everything is fair and even and we can get on with enjoying high school football and not taking away anything from the kids and give them ALL their due.

  256. szam33 says:

    @JB… and I’m just seeing through your typical lawyer BS… Like any good officer would do! Now I know why you’re Defending what’s wrong. Lol. You have no answer or explanation for the questions I asked so you attack my character with “Ridley chip on your shoulder”. Who are you, Johnny Cochran? ? You know nothing about me or Ridley for that matter. We have different opinions on PCL and recruiting. Let not lose focus. It is only high school football. I suggest we stick to the issue at hand…. counselor! !! Lol

  257. Deo7 says:

    Moose – I am a PCL fan and I agree with you that they have a pretty easy road to the quarter finals but they play who they are told to play. The only people over rating them are these public people because they won one stinking state title and have made it to the finals a couple/few times. Very few of us are tooting our own horn because we know better and if you remember LaSalle lost to Washington the year before last. I hate the bye week and unless you have your best couple players banged up the bye week is a disadvantage it is too long for a high school players to be idle and early in the next game you will see it. So we in the PCL are not falling for the publics over rating us and hoping we believe it as to hope we overlook them. the PCL coaches are too good and too smart to fall into that trap and they will have their boys prepared and ready. It is all in the coaching.

  258. Dog21 says:

    Let me guess, you have not seen Wood play this year right? Be honest. Because if you did you would see that they are very very good. Wood destroyed CB West in their scrimmage. It was 49-7 at half. NP and CB West game was close most of the game until late in 3rd Q. By the way please dont tell me that the schedule that NP or Nesh plays is an extremely tough schedule…Nonsense

  259. Dog21 says:

    You could be right, and I hope we have the chance to see a Wood vs ACC matchup. ACC would be the favorite in that game,especially since Wood would be without Peoples and a starting All Cath def lineman. If Wood is knocked out ACC is the team I am rooting for..Just to piss off the cry babt Pubs about recruiting..

  260. MOOSE says:


    Wood’s road to the State Quarters hasn’t been all that tough…they even got a bye last week!

    C’mon man…what’s up with that??

    ACC plays a brutal schedule made up of mostly AAAA teams.

    I guess the best word to describe Wood is “overated”.

    For that matter, most of District XII, especially the Catholic League, is overated.

    If Wood does get to play ACC…I’ll take the Vikings…LOL!!!

  261. JB says:

    szam, you’re the one running your mouth on here about LaSalle recruiting! I just did what any good attorney would do; I asked you if you actually knew what you were running your mouth about or if you were all hot air. The only way for anyone here to know would be if you proved what you were saying.

    We all knew you couldn’t and wouldn’t; I simply asked you to name 1 kid by name that you knew was recruited. You can’t because you just run your mouth with nothing to back it up.

    sorry about that Ridley chip on your shoulder; take care!

  262. Chris D says:

    Why is Archbishop Wood ranked #1 in the Big School Rankings? Does this website really think they are better than LaSalle, North Penn, Neshaminy, etc?

  263. Matt says:

    that was for rick. my bad.

  264. Deo7 says:

    I meant Brett who is the current offensive coordinator. Last years team and I am sure this years team are and is extremely well coached. I am very impressed with the coaching.

  265. Matt says:

    @Kent….I believe it will be close and of course WC has a chance. I just think NL is playing really well and I will say NL 28-21 but it will be close and can go either way.

  266. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Kent, We just received word. Friday night Kemp Memorial Stadium Shamokin

  267. Deo7 says:

    Dog – That is easier said than done and although that would be nice if it happened I am thinking for good luck sake it is better to leave it unsaid. You know the PCL wins one stinking championship people want to steal the boys glory and belittle their hard work, dedication and accomplishments. Who knows when they will ever win another AAAA championship? And if they do win a couple/few in a 4-5 year period it won’t be because the PCL is so strong it will be because public school football is weak in the East. I think the PCL is weaker now compared to what they used to be and thaw LaSalle teams of today are not as good as those years when Brent Gordon played.

  268. Kent says:

    Any word on location of Allentown-Clearfield AAA quaterfinal?

  269. rick says:

    Jake and Matt do you guys really believe West Catholic has no shot against Northern Lehigh?

  270. Dog21 says:

    West Catholic


    Boy then the crying will really start from the whiners about recruiting..

  271. jake says:


  272. szam33 says:

    @JB…prove it?? What do u want me to do, stalk these kids??? That’d the stupidest thing anyone posted on here. Prove it!? How about you prove me wrong! Otherwise what you say is just hot air. You’re a simpleton. You brag about your Catholic education but have no common sense. You’re “prove it” argument works both ways. When I went to Catholic grade school I had 1 option as far as Catholic high school is concerned … O’Hara. Now Catholic school kids can go anywhere as long as the have a ride and pay tuition. Figured you would have nothing on my Peoples point. Nothing on my stepsons basketball buddies at Roman from ridley. & abington. You brag about tuition as if you’re well off. So then Tell me how these poor families from Philly are affording Lasalle & SJP??? I’m more familiar with poor kids from Chester going to O’Hara. You may have Monet but those families don’t. Explain that buddy!! Its called scholarship money. They find creative ways to give athletic scholarships without calling them athleti scholarships.. now stop the nonsense. You’re awfully defensive for someone that doesn’t feel they’re doing something wrong. They’re playing within the rules… for now.

  273. Kathedral Kathi says:

    You North Penn people are really a bunch of babies- Still whining about Ridley- you were over confident- A smaller school with 180lb lineman and a 150lb running back beat you-up Now you are complaining about our recruiting- We selectively recruit- so what- Why? Because we can- Get over it- You have 1800 boys to select from- I hope Neshaminy does the same thing Ridley did……

  274. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Buddy, according to the D1 PIAA site that is where the game is.

  275. Matt says:

    Mistake A should be Clairton over Riverside

  276. Matt says:

    I’ll take….

    AAAA- North Allegheny over North Penn

    AAA- ACC over Bishop McDevitt

    AA- NL over Forest Hills

    A- Riverside over Clairton

  277. Buddy says:

    @ Varner & Mika: Are you sure NP/Neshaminy is at Council Rock? NP just played there plus that’s kinda close to Nesh I believe. I had heard a rumor it might be at William Tennant. Please confirm. Thanks guys.

  278. Mark L says:

    Hey P, I have a bone to pick with you.

    “With that said, I challenge the public schools to beat the PCL. Stop making excuses. If you want to be the best in the state, then beat the best; otherwise, the title doesn’t mean anything.”

    The PCL won one AAAA state championship and they are “the best”? They sure had a close game with Easton at BASD Stadium. I recall a 17-14 win by the Explorers in a game they trailed 14-0 early. I don’t recall the PCL dominating AA or AAA either?

    I never once cried and complained about Catholic schools having the ability to recruit. I went to elementary school and middle school with 3 kids who after freshman year of HS transferred to a Catholic school. This same school would hammer our football team pretty much every year. Who cares, I ended up going to an Ivy League school will they want to JC. I am proud of my public school education. What cost someone 85k to send to LaSalle I learned on my own. I paid my way through college with absolutely no help from anyone. I appreciate the PCL coming into the playoffs and forcing everyone else to raise their game.

  279. JB says:

    WH, really, I said I’m done with you and I am. You’re a kid; you’ve got quite a lot to learn.

    Szam, I was sure after running your mouth about LaSalle recruiting you would not be able to back up one word of it. Somehow, you went to Ridley and some kid at Roman.

    Do yourself a favor; stick to things you actually knows FACTS about. Otherwise, your argument is nothing but hot air.

    Good luck to Ridley in ’11.

  280. Anthony says:

    On the AAAA bracket it says that Easton is 12-2. Actually they are 12-1 because the P’burg game does not actually count on their schedule. The P’Burg game is an annual game that does not count on the postseason or regular season schedule

  281. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Deo7, their was no audio stream of the Easton/Whitehall game that we were aware of. Only tv coverage.

  282. jake says:

    A-RIVERSIDE OVER Clariton{upset of the yr}

  283. Deo7 says:

    The stream and/or radio station does not seem to work

  284. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Deo7 check out our streams schedule

  285. szam33 says:

    @P. Of course we all want to beat the best. But this isn’t the movie Hoosiers. There’s a reason why they made a movie outta that story. Because is a huge accomplishment for these smaller schools to beat bigger schools… and schools that recruit. U said it yourself … it was easy for Lasalle. You were disappointed with public school competition!!! That’s also why are different classifications. PIAA says its not fair for a AAAA school with 900 boys to compete against an A school with 200 boys in the playoffs. But its ok for a school with 900 play a school with 1500??? Or a team That recruits its top players. Just using common sense here fellas…

  286. Deo7 says:

    I meant Easton

  287. Deo7 says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to see or hear the Wasting and/or District 7 games tonight on the internet or whatever?

  288. Len says:

    Colin, the publics won’t let it die even with real hard data to prove them wrong. They have nothing just the same lame tired old bull with absolutely no proof or data to back it up. You would have thought the kid who takes the AP classes and the 4.3 GPS would be able to come up with statistics or proof to put his brains where his mouth is.

  289. szam33 says:

    @JB… I couldn’t name individual players. I’m not from Lasalle. I do know that they had at least 2 guys from NJ on last years team. What I can tell u is that my stepson goes to Roman and he has 2 new buddies. Both on the basketball team. 1 from Ridley, 1 from abington. Ridley teams consist of KIDS THAT LIVE IN RIDLEY! !!!!! How can u not see how that’s an advantage? ?? Jealous? No. Disappointed they lost to Lasalle last year? Yes. But the better team won. No doubt. But of course its a better team When u can recruit! They had a line bigger than some college programs! Let me put it another way. Peoples from Wood just decides to leave SJP and go to wood. PCL has that luxury. I’d love for interboro and strath haven kids to be able to go to ridley! !! I’m friends with guys from both schools who would have loves to play ridley. Football. But their parents woulda had to move to ridley. You keep bringing up money & tuition as if to pat yourself on the back. Who cares?? I pay for Roman. What’s your point?? You’re avoiding the issue. The issue is Lasalle has Great athletes from all 5 counties plus NJ ans Del.. Your arrogance is why I hope NP hands it to Lasalle.

    Also, go back and read. I said before they lost that Ridley was overrated & could take an early exit. I’m a realist. You should try it sometime. Ridley has a great tradition. They Can’t win every year! So don’t go getting too high on that horse. Lasalle has been good for 2 years after decades of being dominated by SJP & O’Hara.

    Sorry if typing errors. Sent from my phone.

  290. edsel says:

    Wow- what a buzz saw here. Lots of debate and smacktalk. I want KathedralKathy to be on the 12th man show!

  291. Colin says:

    Ok enough with the private/public thing already. Its a dead horse………..lets talk some predictions. I agrre with WHspirit18 the winner of the d7 final should be there in the final.There isnt much in front of them to say otherwise. whether or not they win it is a different story. either way the final should be great. I’ll say Lasalle/North ALL. In AAA I’ll go with Wood/ACC vs Mcdevitt. Cant make my mind up between Wood/ACC. AA NLehigh/West should be a dogfight. I’ll go with West/Allaquippa in the final. In A I just watched Clairton and their great D. Gotta be the best team in A. Clairton/Riverside in the A final…………SO lets here some predictions

  292. Deo7 says:

    Ok WHspirit, then shouldn’t those 1 or 2 schools dominate out there since they recruit all the good players, pay the players tuition and tutoring? Are you sure they don’t buy mama a house and car to boot?

    Didn’t you see post #174 where he comes up with hard numbers from the PIAA that Private Catholic schools make up 18.43% of all member schools and have won 18.3% of the championships? Seems like a pretty level playing field to me. In football they only won about 13% of the championships. I almost hope La Sale doesn’t win it for the 2nd time in a row and 2 in 3 years as you publics will cry and whine about it to no end.

  293. P says:

    Ok. So I’ve been reading this thread the past few days. My observations: it seems to me that there are a bunch of people out there wanting to bash Catholic schools because they “recruit” and saying that there is no benefit to an education at one of these fine institutions.

    Let’s start with recruiting. Well, I cannot speak for schools out west because I know nothing about the private or public schools out there. As for the PCL schools, I can guarantee that these schools do not recruit in the sense that you all are accusing them of. I am a La Salle alum (’07) and I had the privilege of playing on La Salle’s football team. During my time at La Salle, not one of us were recruited. PCL schools can’t give athletic scholarships. This I can guarantee. Now I do not know for sure, but if the other private Philly schools are like La Salle, only a handful of kids can get a full ride, and that’s based off their grades! To JB, I also would like the list of the kids who were “recruited” to La Salle’s team. szam, That’s an awfully bold statement which should be backed up. **The bottom line is, the PIAA let the PCL in. If it was up to me, I would go back to keeping the PCL to the PCL; there was better competition than what I’ve seen from the public schools. To all those people who want to bash the PCL teams for doing so well the past few years, get over it. You have to stop making excuses. You should be grateful that the PCL is bringing new competition into the state. To the public fans, if you want your team to be the best, shouldn’t you have to beat the best? If the PCL was not such a threat, do you think there would be these accusations of recruiting being thrown around? Probably not. It all boils down to game day. Both teams have to buckle up and play 48 minutes on that field. The team who wants it more will come out on top.

    Now for those who do not see a benefit to a Catholic education. You may not see the benefit because you were not educated at a Catholic school, so how could you? Can you get an excellent education at a public school? Absolutely. Can you get an excellent education from a private/Catholic school? Absolutely. The fact is that you get out what you put in. A 4.0 GPA from any school will look good on a college application. Now, I never attended a public school, so I will not bash a public education. Many of my friends and family went to public schools and most are in college or have graduated. My parents went to public schools, and they both have college diplomas. To bad-mouth a Catholic education makes you seem really arrogant. To say our parents are wrong for sending us to a Catholic school is the furthest from the truth. Most parents sacfirice a lot to give us the “privilege” of a private school education. The education I received at La Salle was top-notch. When I was freshman in college, I was shocked to see how better prepared I was than other kids from various schools. Just because you may not see the benefit, does not mean there isn’t one. Open your eyes; maybe then you’ll see.

    With that said, I challenge the public schools to beat the PCL. Stop making excuses. If you want to be the best in the state, then beat the best; otherwise, the title doesn’t mean anything. To JB and everyone else backing up Catholic and private schools, I’d like to thank you. It would certainly be a nice Christmas present having La Salle, Wood, and West bringing back the state titles.

  294. WHspirit18 says:

    Deo7- You want to know why there have only been 3 PIAA championships in football?? It’s cause the WPIAL doesn’t have many Catholic schools and most do more recruiting for other sports!! Use your head, man! I’m Catholic myself. But I’m against how much of an advantage Catholic schools have! I believe there are only 2 Catholic schools in WPIAL Quad A. One being Eric McDowell who is new to the WPIAL this year. And did you also ever think that 1 or 2 schools do the bulk of the recruiting? Well they do! So there aren’t that many other schools that can recruit the great athletes. Come on, man. I know several kids in western pa who have gone to Pgh Central Catholic that have been recruited from my area (Woodland Hills) and many other places. Some admit it, too! As they should. All I’m looking for is for you guys to admit that most Catholic/Private schools recruit.

  295. WHspirit18 says:

    Thank you szam33!!!! He seems to be the only one with some sense on here. JB- You seem to not understand the fact that these Catholic and Private schools give these students lots of tuition money and special tutoring to stay in the school. So that, along with the fact that they’ll have a better chance at a state championship and D1 offers are all part of the recruiting package. I’m sure there are some other things that we don’t know about, as well. Don’t bring that bull-crap about them not being with their friends into the conversation. We all know that has nothing to do with anything.
    Rick- I do not believe that your son got into Princeton with a 2.9 GPA. I’m sorry, that really is impossible. You must’ve made a mistake. My school offers AP classes that Catholic school do not! So, my GPA is just as impressive as a kid at a Catholic school with similar classes to me.

  296. Deo7 says:

    Szam 33 – The “dude from western penna” is anti-catholic school so I would not believe one word he said. If you saw the numbers from the PIAA going back 40 years? The playing field does not get any more level than that. If like he said Catholic schools recruit like crazy and also pay their tuition why is it then that in the strongest district (7) that has dominated the state has the catholic schools only won 3 of 28 state championships over the last 22 years. I am sure the PCL is not any stronger than the catholic schools out west it is just that the public schools are weaker in the east than in the west. But I am sure the overall quality of eastern pa football will get better as a whole going forward.

  297. JB says:

    szam, so bottom line is, you’re just another jealous poster with a chip on their shoulder. Maybe because LaSalle smacked Ridley around last year; both your team and coaching staff thought that could never happen. It did.

    Maybe it’s because everyone said you were overrated this year and you proved them right. Ouch, that hurts.

    Name all the kids on LaSalle that you KNOW were recruited and from what school. Please be sure to name the ones recruited from the other 2 states. You’re running your mouth on here and you seem to know everyone who was recruited so let’s name them. I’m thinking you won’t be able to name one.

    First of all, very few kids even pass the entrance exam. Even fewer can afford the school if they are accepted.

    Finally, is this the recruiting pitch LaSalle uses to a NP kid? Hey, come to LaSalle, all your friends, everyone you’ve played ball with for 6 years is going to NP but come to our school where you know nobody, will be challenged academically more than you can imagine and maybe you’ll be good enough to play one day. Oh, by the way, it will take an enormous financial sacrifice by your parents to the tune of 85K over 4 years.

    Sure, kids love going somewhere and being the outsider; they really love leaving behind their lifelong friends who shared a dream of playing at NP. They just love going to a school where they know nobody!

    So, name every LaSalle player you KNOW was recruited and what “package” they were offered. This should be more comedy in action.

  298. szam33 says:

    @NPMike, #153. Of course you’re glad Ridley is gone! They’re the one D1 team that doesn’t allow NP to push them around. And always cocky??? This was the 1st Ridley team I’ve ever seen that I’d consider “cocky”. They’re usually underrated, underestimated and disrespected. Ridley is usually a bunch of undersized, hard nose, hard working overachievers. This year was different. This year was a group of talented, uncoachable INDIVIDUALS with NO LEADERSHIP. Truth is, I’m glad they lost. NP would’ve spanked them this year. Now, the NP team that Ridley played last year was COCKY. And maybe for good reason. Undefeated, Ranked #1 in the state. Very similar to Ridley last year. Difference is, after losing NP cried “Ridley was dirty. They hurt our players. We were better”. After Ridley choked this year they said ” metal errors, Didn’t execute, too many mistakes “. Respectable! !!! Anyway, good luck to NP. I’m actually pulling for them to win it all. I hate PCL!!! Yes, because they’re good, & because they have a cake walk to the eastern semi final (not to mention the bye week they just had in the playoffs???), because they recruit, etc. And all of u that don’t feel they have and advantage are Crazy!!!! Here’s an example. Yeah, #’s matter. NP’s 1500 is a huge advantage over ridley’s 800. But now Lasalle steps in and takes 2 of the top players that would’ve gone to NP and 1 of Ridleys top players. Now they do this to schools in 3 states in a 50+ mile radius. No adavanage???? I give credit to the dude from western PA. At least he admits it. The PCL is like the huge dude at the gym. Everyone knows he’s on steroids!!!! He just makes himself look stupid by denying it. #’s don’t lie. PCL has done “very well” since joining PIAA. And they could reasonably get 3 more champions this year with Wes Catholic, Wood and Lasalle. That’s ugly!!!!

  299. rick says:

    Spirit I can speak FOR myself and some IN PHILLY area… DISCIPLINE AND STRUCTURE are some reasons that I feel the private/catholic education greatly benefits students.WE SACRIFICE TO SEND OUR SONS TO THESE INSTITUTIONS. My older son attended LaSalle he had a modest 2.9 gpa he was excepted to EVERY COLLEGE HE APPLIED…PENN, DREXEL PITT, PRINCETON AND LASALLE. This was money well spent!!!!!!!!!!

  300. JB says:

    Johnny, AW vs ACC should be an excellent game!

  301. WHspirit18 says:

    None of you have told me the great benefits to a Catholic/Private education, by the way.

  302. WHspirit18 says:

    I’m not talking about Philly public schools. How do I know “very little”, JB? I went to an academically tough private school for all my life until high school, so I think I have common sense, Len. You guys just don’t understand how things work in western PA. True WH has never won states, but we’ve won the WPIAL 5 times. So, we’ve been to the PIAA tournament 5 times. Runners-up a few times. You’re all just so blind to the fact that a lot of kids put athletics before academics. I’m not angry, I’m just trying to get you all to understand the truth. By the way, Len, we DID have 7 injuries in states last year. Timbers, Pitts, Gray, Mosley-Smith, and McClendon were among that group. They were all key contributers to the team. We’ll see what happens when Western PA meets Eastern PA.

  303. Stevefootballfan says:

    Look forward to seeing acc and wood play in two weeks. I think that game will be the best game in the state this year..on the catholic school vers public…let’s remember this is high school football. Were not talking about SEC football…I remember back in the day when it was common,that kids would move into CBwest to play football in their hey day..I am sure kids are doing it the catholic school as well..but the parents still have pay the tuition Which can be any 5k to 20k. At the end of the day, they still practice, they still work out, they still have to be coaches…they are kids that just want to play football..I also hear this argument about size of school…it’s not the fault of the kids for adults to (board members) to decided to split,’s a wast of tax money to have two to three high schools, two to three of everything…I don’t want to hear it about size. Vote them out ..the north Penn of the world are smart…why have two or three of everything when you can have one..this includes sports, admin. Etc.

  304. Bulldog fan says:

    Way to go NL, way to take it to GAR…Looking forward to next weeks game!

  305. johnny mo says:

    letsss gooo central catholic leads abington heights 40-0 thats right fourty to zero. this is our year bring on wood

  306. frank says:

    WH, why so angry? I for one never said that a catholic education was better than a public education. You get what you want out of your education no matter if it is private or public. What I wrote was it was my son’s and his parent’s choice. Why did we pick a “catholic” education? Our son wanted his faith to be part of his high school education experience and it was his opinion that La Salle would be the right place for him.

  307. JB says:

    WH, you keep saying you KNOW everything; you really know very little.

    I’m done with this; if I’d known you were wet behind the ears, I wouldn’t have wasted my time!

    Lose that chip; it’s unattractive.

  308. Len says:

    WHspirit18 – 4.3 GPA probably means you have no common sense as a Catholic school kid would not make excuses like “if we did not have those 6 or 7 key injuries we would have won the state championship and whipped La Salle”. Why not round it to 10 key injuries as it sounds like more to cry about as 6 or 7 key injuries is nothing to whine about. Also Your WH school I never heard of as it does not appear on the state champions list…ever! If you ever played any eastern teams I am sure you never won at least anything that meant anything. Also the PIAA executive director Brad Cashman when asked by a Penna State Representative about if the playing field was level between Catholic and Public Schools he answered with the following:

    Catholic or Private schools make up 18.45% of all PIAA member schools and their winning percentage since 1971 is 18.2%. This figure includes all sports and I am sure they are stronger in some and weaker in others. Catholic schools have won about 13% of all the football championships since 1988.

  309. Jive Turkey says:

    First off spirit check out the violence in philly public schools as oppossed to catholic. Now let’s check standardized test scores. OK now that that is settled we can move onto the maniacs that fill 90% of the public school population. Suburban public schools i would send my kid to all day long, Philly? I think not. This is why my son is going to continue to go to a Catholic or Private school to continue his education. Just curious spirit, how many Princeton grads came out of Simon Gratz? Does that answer your question?

  310. WHspirit18 says:

    All right, JB. I have a great appreciation for education actually. I work very hard and i have a 4.3 GPA, currently. I take 3 AP classes and the others are advanced. So, I wouldn’t say that if I were you. If WH gets passed NA, we will show you eastern pa teams that we’re much better. We like to be under the radar. I’m sooooo right about recruiting!!!! I know tons of kids that have been recruited and they admit it! Can you tell me how and why the Catholic education is so much better?

  311. JB says:

    WHspirit18; I’m sorry to say this but you really just don’t understand what you talking about. First, it appears you have NO appreciation for education; guess what? Others do.

    You seem to have a chip on your shoulder the size of Woodland Hills! Fact is, State College went to the AAAA and all we heard was how they would hand LaSalle their head! Hmmm, SC couldn’t even play with LaSalle.

    You’re wrong about recruiting; you’re wrong about looking down your nose at education but that is your choice. I’m glad I chose differently.

  312. WHspirit18 says:

    Hahahah you guys are all completely blind to what goes on, I guess. Catholic schools (at least in western PA) recruit their butt off!!!! I assume they do in eastern PA, as well. There is not much of a difference between a “Catholic” education and a good public school education. Please, somebody tell me what’s so great about the Catholic school education. I’m Catholic and chose to go to public school and I’m getting a great education.

  313. CR says:

    Frank, well said. Kids go to La Salle for the academics not for the athletics. That’s why you see a great deal of our players playing for Ivy League (or academically similar) teams when they move to the college ranks.

    Saw the game versus Northeast. It’s a very different team than the one I played for. We waggled right and left non-stop and threw in the run when needed. Glad to see La Salle making the PCL proud.

  314. Matt Alkire, says:

    Also surprised someone hasn’t brought up the public schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that recruit on a yearly basis, because there are plenty.

  315. Matt Alkire, says:

    The Public school vs. Catholic school argument is pretty one-sided on here. Few things, I don’t know about the rest of the state, but I know of a few PCL teams that literally have as little as one or two scholarship players and that is due to financial aid. They weren’t “recruited”. On one team neither start and it’s an excellent team.

    As for someone bringing up that at “Penn State you get a scholarship, but at Pennsylvania you don’t”, that’s semantically right, but incredibly wrong.

    I deal with recruiting for a living. I have several players at Ivy League schools and they’re all there on financial aid.

    Surprisingly, they also happen to be excellent at football which is what attracted the school to them in the first place. So, when one of my old players pays literally $2,100 per year to go to Harvard instead of $51,000 per year, was he on “scholarship” and “recruited” like Penn State would do or is he like a public school that can’t help themselves?

    Harvard for $2,100 per year sounds great to me. Sounds like recruiting to me. Sounds like a scholarship too. Of course, it’s called aid, grants, whatever.

    My response is aimed at some people on here getting pretty out of hand and ridiculous with specific examples, so there you go, specific examples.

    Justin Hymes, OT Yale – Pays under $3,000 tuition
    Eric Shrive, OT Penn State – Free Tuition

    Justin is getting three times the money to play that Eric is.

    Just some facts on it.

    But yes, if we’re getting into semantics, it’s technically not a “scholarship” offer. It’s an invitation to join the school and then money to pay your tuition.

  316. frank says:

    I find this banter on public vs catholic/private schools interesting. First off, let me say upfront, that my son goes to La Salle, and starts on the football team and baseball team. Second, he is not getting a dime in athletic scholarship money. Third, he goes to La Salle because he and his parents wanted a catholic education. Are there some athletes at La Salle getting financial aid? Sure there are some, but whatever aid they are getting doesn’t come close to the $17.5K it costs on an annual basis. In Fact, I would be comfortable stating that many of these athletes who are getting limited aid are getting the aid due to their academic standings and not their athletic talents. On a football note I can tell you all that La Salle is a solid team that has a bunch of good athletes who are extremely coachable. And this is where the real difference is, COACHING, plain and simple. This coaching staff is comparable to some Division 2 and 3 college programs. Guess what? None of these coaches teach at La Salle as they all have “outside” jobs and they are lucky to be making the minimum wage for their coaching duties when one adds up all the hours they put in. Don’t be surprised if La Salle does in fact repeat. If they do it will be in large part due to the coaching and the coachability of the boys.

  317. Len says:

    Golden Knights – Why don’t you complain about schools like North Penn that has over 1500 boys from 10th -12th grade and whos school district is 42 square miles (All of Philly is like 135 square miles) or even Rustin’s opponent tomorrow that accepts non-resident tuition students/players and I can send you the link where it states that if you want. You say that say La Salle has an endless supply of kids like there is an endless supply of tuition money. They have to field there team with kids first off that don’t live too far away they do have to go to school everyday), can pass an entrance exam and be able to pay the tuition and hopefully wants to play football. A public school gets to take every talented player regardless of their intellectual prowess. Again the numbers out in the west since 1989 don’t reflect any Catholic school advantage. And if it is how you say that Catholic school will dominate maybe that will bring a more competitive brand of football overall to the east because the west and District 7 have been kicking but over the long haul.

    High school kids don’t go to a school and have their family sacrifice so much just to play football they go for the Catholic education…Period.

  318. WHspirit18 says:

    JB- It’s not about education, I promise you that. It’s all about athletics. You think all those kids that Catholic and Private schools recruit pay full tuition??? You’re crazy if you think that. At least I know that over here in Western PA, Pgh Central Catholic recruits like crazy and takes care of the tuition for those kids. Catholic and Private schools have a clear advantage and the reason your stats about how many championships they’ve won is stupid is because we only have a 1 or 2 Catholic and Private schools in WPIAL Quad A. Now, there are a few more in the other classes, but not enough to make a difference. Len- you are partially right, then. District 7 just plays better football. If WH wouldn’t have had those 7 key injuries last year, they would’ve taken the state championship. So, I really think that whoever wins in the Woodland Hills vs. North Allegheny game will at least go to the championship and should bring the heat to ANY Eastern PA school. I don’t know why you all think LaSalle is going to walk away with the championship!

  319. JB says:

    Golden Knights, how many parents pay 15K to 18K to send a son to HS?

    It’s about the education; you think they pay that so their kid can play sports? The kid can play sports anywhere for nothing!

  320. GoldenKnights says:

    OK, so Lasalle and Prep do get kids from N.J. Which means the territory that kids can come from is approx 50 miles more than the average Public school… Folks , I understand everyone’s allegiance to their school.. but this is a Math Problem… It’s not the first 11-15 kids on a team that make the difference between a Private school and Public school…it’s the next 20 kids… So, if a Public school is limited by the District boundries, there is a limited amount of kids compared to an unlimited amount of kids (LaSalle/Prep )to choose from.
    Again, a few more years of a disapportianate number of Catholic schools in the District Semi’s and Finals, and the PIAA will go to a N.J. type of format.


    Male Enrollement:
    N.Penn = 1538
    LaSalle = 821
    Rustin = 512

  321. Deo7 says:

    Is North Penn still only 3 grades 10th thru 12th? I know La Sale is 4 grades (9th thru 12th) and the prep is even smaller. if that’s the case North Penn is huge. That’s an advantage of over 900 boys enrolled. With the usual good coaching and that many boys no wonder they are always tough to beat.

  322. JB says:

    CR, you’re absolutely right; these people don’t understand the financial sacrifice that every family makes to send a son to LaSalle and many other private schools. Fact is, if you’re only interested in playing ball, you’ll be out after 1 semester freshman year.

  323. Ben says:

    Male Enrollment

    North Penn – 1538
    La Salle – 821

  324. Ed says:

    Buddy, well said. If North Penn and La Salle do play again it will be an awesome game. Still think La Salle is going to have a very tough time getting past the next game. I know I am repeating myself but I really wish La Salle had played Wood and O’Hara this year. They were way more prepared for the competition of the state playoffs last year after their PCL schedule. Really weren’t challenged much the last two months.

  325. Buddy says:

    @CR et al: I agree. Huge majority of students at these PCL schools are from Philly and surrounding suburbs. So let’s stop trying to find excuses when we lose to them, they just have good & well coached teams. Realize this also, they have very substancial male student body, which helps to assemble a talented team. As a North penn fan, we were just out- played on the occasions we have lost to them. We also have a large male student body, so no excuses. I’m hoping to see NP/LaSalle in the Eastern final. Should be a helluva game.

  326. CR says:

    As an alumni of La Salle (also member of the football team) I can tell you that people from NJ do go to the school and there are athletic scholarships that are handed out. However, these scholarships or grants are tiny compared to the costs of the school and they still have to pass an entrance exam. The academic rigors of the school are enough to force out anyone who is there to just play a sport so please stop with this non-sense that La Salle is a football factory. When I was there I believe 70% of my team was in the National Honor Society and we still won championships. And I’m sure the same can be said about SJP.

  327. Buddy says:

    @JB: you are right about the D1 playoff games, the one I discribe above was a regular season game. maybe they never did playoff games.

  328. Buddy says:

    @ JB: yeah they did, several years ago they had St. Joes at North Penn on a Friday nite ( live of course). It was a 20 second delay, but it worked ( got it on their website). They may not do that anymore. It’s ashame. They used to pick a marquee game every week.

  329. NPMike says:

    Sorry I got in on this late. First off, glad to see Ridley lose early, they were way over-rated and cocky as usual. Secondly, NP looed awesome last week. Their offense has so many weapons, they should be unstoppable. LaSalle will be facing a much different team if they should meet again. Needhammer recently broke the NP career TD mark, and he looks as fast as ever. If Mercer can come back, it’s all over. Go Knights!

  330. JB says:

    Buddy, can’t remember 6 ABC ever televising D1 playoff games!

    Nothing on their website.

  331. Ed says:

    Rick, you are right, the West game was close but Magarity was hurt and it was before the coaching staff figured out that Forster was a better option than a sophomore quarterback. And La Salle’s defense dominated West’s “speedy” offense, that was no contest.

  332. jake says:

    Riverside babbyyyy

  333. Buddy says:

    Does any one know if is televising any of the games this Friday nite? They used to do that on occasion. It would probaly be Nesh/Rustin or NP/CRS.

  334. JB says:

    @Deo7, every kid who goes to a private HS has parents who pay tuition in addition to their real estate taxes.

  335. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Ed, I just added the 4A eastern semifinal information to the bracket. LaSalle will play the Easton/Whitehall winner Saturday, December 4th @ Northeast 1pm kickoff

  336. Deo7 says:

    Len, I really didn’t believe you about non resident tuition students so I went to the west york area school district site and sure enough they accept non resident tuition students and did you compete in the piaa. it maybe legal but in practice who would wanna pay tuition in addition to their real state school tax ?

  337. rick says:


  338. rick says:

    Ed I guess the 14-7 win over West Catholic wouldn’t qualify as a tough game.Other than the only game they lost this year show me a closer score on their record. FOR THE RECORD LASALLE DOESN’T HAVE A PROBLEM VERSUS POWER,SPEED GIVES THEM FITS… YOU MUST GET IN THE RECEIVERS FACE AND PUT PRESSURE ON THE QB

  339. Len says:

    GoldenKnights…With all due respect I would bet my last dollar that a Jersey kid never attended La Salle it is just not reasonable unless of course they have a helicopter. As for St Joe’s Prep which is in the heart of North Philly they would have to close down as I don’t think the neighborhood families could afford the 15k or more tuition and they were weak the last few years…Why? Philly public schools already have open enrollment really. As i said in a previous post I know someone who attends West York Area High School as a non resident tuition student and they say they accept tuition students right on their web site so that is no different than the Diocese of Philadelphia Schools. And finally I listed 20 some years of tried and proven numbers of state champions and most of any district by far is District 7 (28 state champions – Catholic schools in district 7 won it only 3 of those 28). As for Philly Catholic in the east they won it one time and if they do have more success it is because eastern pa is weaker than western pa and District 7 for sure. Why are not the Philly public schools doing anything statewide especially in Basketball?

  340. JB says:

    @Highschoolfan, you seem to think you know who has seen certain schools play and who hasn’t.

    You made the definitive statement that AW would beat every AAAA team in the state. So, let’s focus on that.

    AW beat SJP by one point; check the LaSalle scores against SJP. While you’re at it, check the NPenn – SJP score.

    Is AW a very good team who will win AAA; in my estimation, yes. Would they beat EVERY AAAA team in the state as you stated; in my estimation, no they wouldn’t.

    By the way, you’re not the only one who has seen AW, LS and NP multiple times.

  341. Ed says:

    Meant to say that O’Hara and La Salle were great last year. Unfortunately neither Wood or O’Hara were on La Salle’s schedule this year, and Prep was down. Roman had a lot of talent but the coaching was mediocre at best. The next game will be the toughest they have had since September.

  342. Ed says:

    Does anyone know where the game will be between La Salle and the Easton-Whitehall winner? In any event, La Salle is clearly not as talented as last year’s team, and their road in the PCL was not nearly as tough as last year’s. O’Hara and Prep were both great this year and there were no teams like that in the PCL that La Salle played this year. They haven’t really played a tough game since Bergen Catholic. So even though I’d love to see it, it’s going to be tough for them to repeat. Great coaching staff though, they will be prepared

  343. Jive Turkey says:

    Stan, Philly pub schools may not have open enrollment per say, yet with our wonderful city any student from the hood can go to a school in a more desirable area. Free transportation and lunch to boot. That is why Northeast, Washington, and Lincoln all in prodominently white neighborhoods have a larger percentage of african american students than white students. If you are a pop warner star you go to Washington no matter where in the city you live. Now NE is getting them kids too. Open enrollment? You bet cha!

  344. johnny mo says:

    Wood may be good but acc is better. Nosovitch is the real deal, our linebackers can hold down the best running backs. all i can say is we make big plays and were experienced. Only thing is that if one of our players goes down we might be in trouble cause almost everyone plays both ways. At least we can all agree it will be one hell of a game haha

  345. Bill says:

    What are all of your thoughts on the defending state champions in AA going down so early and who do you think will win it all in AA?

  346. GoldenKnights says:

    Len, your post #129… The Phila Catholic League was not a part of PIAA until 2 years ago ( or maybe 3). So LaSalle, O’Hara, Wood, did not participate in Districts or States prior to then.
    So, if you check the “numbers ” going back to when the Phila Catholic League started to participate ( 2-3 years ago) you will find that it is pretty heavily weighted that the Catholic schools are dominating the Eastern bracket. Maybe not winning every class yet, but definitely dominating.
    Also, the big boys ( LaSalle, St.Joes Prep, O’hara, Wood ) definitely do get kids from way outside their “normal” territory ( unlike a Public school that can’t do that ). There have been kids going to St.Joes and LaSalle from N.J. hmmmmm.
    So, unfortunately, the “big boys” in the Catholic League do have an advantage over the Public Schools. You also see it in Basketball. Not all the Phila Catholic League schools, but the “big boys ” for sure. It must be different out West.
    I think a few more years of LaSalle, Prep, O’hara, Wood, and West Catholic dominating , will cause the PIAA to do what Jersey does… 4 Classes for Public schools, 2 classes for Private/Catholic schools.

  347. Len says:

    Oh by the way Northeast High in the Philly public league has around 1700-1800 male enrollment and the school sits in a neighborhood that is 90% Caucasian and the students and especially the athletes (football team is almost 100% African-American)come from all over the city….so hows that working out for them or for that matter any other Philly public league team in ANY sport on the state level?

  348. Mac says:

    Archy Wood is winning it all

  349. Len says:

    Stan, a friend of the family has there son enrolled in the West York Area School District as a non-resident tuition student. The school district also advertises this and I believe they are a member school of the PIAA. I don’t know if this link will get you there but you probably can go direct to the district website. I don’t think they would advertise it if it was illegal. But on the other hand you could say North Penn has an unfair advantage as there male enrollment is much larger than most. They had Catholic schools out in western Pa forever and if there was an advantage don’t you think it would show in the results?…/District/Tuition/Tuition%20Application.pdf

  350. StanW says:

    Len, I’m going to disagree with your assertion that public schools accept tuition students.Public schools in not legally have “open enrollment”. There have been cases when a high school was caught enrolling an ineligible student. There are severe repurcussions when this happens. This is not the case with Catholic schools. While they may argue they do not recruit, open enrollement accomplishes the same result- an unfair advantage. Give North Penn or any other public school the opportunity to enroll any student they want-see want happens then.

  351. Dog21 says:

    Wood is mostly Juniors as well. I hope we get to see a AW vs ACC matchup in a few weeks. Both teams will have tough games before that for sure. ACC QB is very good but I just cant see ACC’s smaller D line handling the huge Wood O line. Wood will use ball control and muscle their way.

  352. Len says:

    After La Salle won last year I thought I would here the District 1 people applaud them but is all I heard is about how much of an advantage Catholic schools have. So being new to the PIAA I figured Catholic schools were dominating hearing all the whining so I checked the numbers. Since 1988 there have been about 88 state champions across all the classifications and 77 of those champions were public schools so the numbers don’t support any advantage. District 7 holds a distinct advantage for some reason (more competitive football) as it has 28 champions of the 88 and only 3 of them were Catholic schools (Pittsburgh Central 3X). Many public school districts accept tuition students so there is a choice for public school students also. It is ironic that the PIAA was founded in Pittsburg by about 3 private school principals (Pittsburgh Central, Shadyside Academy and Allegheny Prep). Catholic schools are not the reason for the east lack of success…western pa football is especially District 7.

  353. ewww says:

    lower moreland would beat west catholic anyway

  354. MOOSE says:

    I’ll take ACC in AAA…nobody better, and they’re mostly juniors.

  355. WHspirit18 says:

    You guys need to see Western PA football. If you think LaSalle or one of the eastern schools will walk away with this championship, you’ve got another thing coming. You ever seen Lafayette Pitts play?

  356. Highschoolfan says:

    Listen, I agree the PPL is not very god,but that is not Wood fault…but as I said prior, I have seen many games over the years in league all over the Philly area..but with Peoples or with out, this team is very deep and I will stick to my prior comments that this team would beat any of the AAAA teams in the area and the I said, I am not a PCL Follower..I am a high school fan…that being said,I suugest that if ur going to post comments…go watch games all over, not just the team ur following…Wood is the real deal..North Penn is the real deal…LaSalla is the real deal. I just think Wood is the best is the Philly area and might be in the state with or without peoples

  357. Play Maker says:

    JB–Agree,don’t get carried with Wood. Beating Dobbins is no big challenge. The PPL is WEAK! as evident by LaSalle’s and West Catholics lopsided wins against the PPL this weekend. The real test is upcomming and without Desmon Peoples (Broken leg) this may be the end of the road. I’m sure the coach at Wood is kicking himself in the #@! for keeping him in late in O’Hara game.

  358. Colin says:

    AAAA LAsalle. AAA ACC or wood. AA west cath.

  359. Dog21 says:

    Wood would be one of the top teams in 4A this year as well. ACC Wood and Ohara would do very well in 4a. Lasalle and NP in the east are two teams that I would love to see Wood play. I have seeN all 3 play multiple times and they are very evenly matched.

  360. Colin says:

    Stan, Piaa will do nothing about the open enrollment. They knew how things run in the PCL when they signed them up. Remember the same open enrollemnt policy occurs in the PPL as well as the PCL. The PCL sticks out more because they are threats to winn states every year when the PPL isnt. It will get even worse with the inevitable addition of the INTER-AC league. The only thing that you could do is have a seperate private/public championship but the PIAA is already on record as saying they are not in favor of it.

  361. JB says:

    @ highschoolfan; don’t get carried away with AW’s performance. They were playing the PPL champ which is comparable to a decent middle school team elsewhere. I’m not insulting the kids but PPL teams in most cases have no fields, no equipment and subpar coaching; many kids are dodging bullets just to get home after practice.

    AW is a good team; very capable of winning AAA this year. Beat every AAAA team in the area; I doubt it!

  362. WHspirit18 says:

    I want to hear some Quad A State Champion predictions from everybody here!

  363. JB says:

    PCL 3 for 3; it’s coming!

  364. StanW says:

    When will the PIAA do something about the open enrollment of the Catholic league. The Peoples case at Wood is a classic example. Three schools in three years. Don’t tell me he’s seeking a better education. How is this a level playing field for the public schools? He even brings his cousin from Abington!

  365. jake says:

    Cant wait for Friday night When Riverside puts a beat Down on Southern Columbia Making it a Clean 3-0 against The Tigers All-Time.Its gonna be great prediction Riverside 42 Southern Columbia 14.Game of the state in small school.

  366. Bulldog says:

    Way to go NL, nice job beatin the NS Spartans. Let’s keep it going, bring on G.A.R.

  367. michael says:

    just for record keeping, the towanda-hughesville score on the AA bracket page should be 56-21. tx keep up the good work

  368. butch says:

    District 1 is so weak!

  369. Highschoolfan says:

    Went to the wood game…even with out peoples this team is very good. Base on all the high school games I have seen this year. Chesmont, suburban1,Philly public, deco. This team would beat any AAAA,AAA in this area. I also think in the state…the worst is that they return most of their players next year. Should be a top 25 team in the country next year. One of the best high school teams I have seen in many years. Just enjoy watching their game today…I am a big subur..1 fan

  370. Colin says:

    Piaa has to do something with the D12 bye week. Im a fan of the PCL but having all 3 PCL teams with a week off really isnt fair to their next opponent. ALl teams should play the same # of play offs games. not sure what can be done tho.

  371. hssportsfan says:

    Hey all you rustin doubters. Guess what we just got done spanking henderson 35-20.Bring on Neshaminy next week! KNIGHT TIME

  372. WHspirit18 says:

    Let’s go Western PA Football!! Especially Woody High!

  373. Len says:

    I also heard that the District 12 final is being televised live on channel 6 (action news channel) at noon. Wow…Big time…

  374. JB says:

    @Tony, no radio that I know of; as Jeremy said you can watch it online

    or Philadelphia Channel 6 ABC.

  375. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Tony.. you can stream it online. See our radio streams schedule page.

  376. Tony says:

    Is the LaSalle-Northeast game on the radio in Philly? Anyone know?

  377. JB says:

    Don’t miss the AAAA champion live at noon, Saturday Channel 6 or live streaming:

  378. Jeremy Varner says:

    @szam33 the other option would be to follow us on twitter if you use it. Score updates come in all night long. Follow @epafootball @wpafootball @prepnationradio @d11football

  379. David Mika says:

    @szam33..Thanks for the kind words about the site. You can get all the scores by clicking on the logo on the main page. Here is the link:

    You can join Keystonesportstalk forum to voice your opinion.

  380. szam33 says:

    @ David Mika…I love this site as well. Thanks. The info provided is excellent. However, I do wish there was a Blog so that people could voice opinions (talk trash)right on this site. Obviously people are interested in interacting with the 100 comments on this post alone. I also wish there were scoreboard updates of the games. The blog would address that matter as well by people posting updates of games they’re attending from their phone. Anyway this could be done??

  381. Buddy says:

    @hssportsfan: Don’t know a whole lot about either team ( Suburban one follower), I know of Rustin’s reputation ( always a good team), but Henderson has been shocking district 1 here lately. This might go to the home team.

    @ Mika: wish I could make that, but I’m stickly a 8:00 to 4:00 commentator.

  382. David Mika says:

    @ hssportsfan We will be talking about that game plus the rest of the games tonight on coveritlive. Come on at 7pm

    Here is the link:

  383. hssportsfan says:

    @ buddy who do you got in that game?

  384. Buddy says:

    I don’t believe Dave Mika will make predictions. He is part of the staff here. Hope I’m wrong though.

  385. hssportsfan says:

    @ david mika Who do you like in saturday afternoons game between Rustin and Henderson? And how far do you see the winner of this game going in distict 1 and the state?

  386. jake says:

    Holy name and pius x they dont play anybody in the regular season they both have soft schedules.

  387. jake says:


  388. Buddy says:

    Can someone tell me how the PIAA sanctions Easton playing a Thursday and then on that Saturday? Is it because P-burg is a New Jersey school, thus the PIAA rules don’t apply?

  389. David Mika says:

    @ Buddy….This is the most we ever had. Keep them coming!

    @ Jake…The teams you need to worry about are Southern Columbia, Holy Name and maybe Pius X if they win their District

  390. Buddy says:

    @ Varner: have you ever had this many comments on one posting?

  391. jake says:

    I want to know who out of the east in class A can beat Riverside they have to much speed?

  392. JB says:

    Tim, was there last year; next step would be to call Hershey Park Stadium. They should have a website.

  393. Colin says:

    In AAA its Wood and ACC. None of the other teams on the eastern bracket can match up. I would be shocked if its anyone else but these 2 in the AAA semis. The peoples injury could come into play then but not before it. He is their best player but they are so loaded at every position i wouldnt expect too much of a drop off.

  394. David Mika says:

    Easton will never give up Turkey day game. If they had a choice they would play the Turkey day game rather than a playoff game.

  395. Gerry says:

    I hear ya flippenphil…think they would benefit greatly but thats like asking the Detroit Lions not to play on Turkey Day!!!

  396. NEPAfan says:

    why do some teams get to play their second round game at home and others play at a neutral field?

  397. Tim says:

    Thanks JB. I don’t see any instructions on the website…any further tips?

  398. Buddy says:

    I applaud Easton for keeping the T-day game with P-burg. Oldest High school game in nation. They would drop the playoffs before they drop that game.I just don’t know how the PIAA allows that. They have rules on the days between games. Not sure how Easton gets around that.

  399. flippenphil says:

    ive seen Easton come away with hard loses over the last 7 years several times the weekend after thanksgiving. its nice to play a game on thanksgiving, but i think it would be wiser for the football program to forgo such a game and focus on the playoffs. I think Easton and Phillipsburg should look for another team to jump into that game if Easton or Phillipsburg are occupied in playoffs. (for phillipsburg i do believe that would be state regional champianship that weekend)

  400. Buddy says:

    Some great games coming this weekend. I mean great. D-town East/ NP ( will be close, high scoring). Nazareth/ whitehall, Nesh/ Abington, on & on. Very competitive year. LaSalle should have a cake-walk this week, but after that……………

  401. JB says:

    Tim, go to PIAA.ORG; instructions for tickets are on the site.

  402. Play Maker says:

    Steve Philly fan–Wood was the team to beat until this weekend. Their #1 RB Desmon Peoples got injured (Broken ankle ?)in the last 3 minutes of the game. This did not have to happen if the coach pulled his starters out with a 24 to 7 lead! What was he thinking! This may be the end of the road for the Wood faithful.

  403. Tim says:

    How/where/when do you get State championship game tickets for Dec 18th in Hershey?

  404. JB says:

    Frank, please stop with the Easton should have beaten LaSalle. Fact is, Easton was up 14-0 after the first 2 minutes (LaSalle jitters) and then was dominated in every way on both sides of the ball for the remainder of the game.

    The game was not nearly as close as the score would lead one to believe.

    Also, Easton chooses to play on Thanksgiving so let’s stop using that as an excuse.

  405. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Michael that is the time we were told and I confirmed it on Lewisburgs football website.

  406. michael says:

    Is the time correct for Lewisburg-Towanda @ Bucknell @ 4pm? I believe Towanda players were told 5pm.

  407. Steve Philly football fan says:

    Thanks for the updates. Love the site. Had the opportunity to go to the wood game, they are the real deal..I have attended 10 high school games this year,saw herderson,rust in,dtownwest,etc. Wood is the best team I have seen…they would beat 4a team in the phill a area or the state base on what I saw..

  408. johnny mo says:

    I don’t see la salle winning only because they will have to play (probably) nazareth not easton. Easton beat nazareth but that was early in the season since then their offense has exploded on the field the running back chuck dibilo is really good great size speed and vision and the air raid is really outstanding. they can put points on the board their defense needs work though. easton hasn’t played anyone great since whitehall (losing to whitehall) and never played central (they would have lost)

  409. szam33 says:

    @hssportsfan. Yeah, nice win for rustin. I had no doubt they’d get past boyertown. Should get past Henderson too. Like I mentioned earlier, I knew ridley wasn’t that great. WAY too cocky! ! You can’t turn the ball over 4 times, fail to score from the 1…ON 2 SEPERATE OCCASIONS, and miss an extra point and expect to win. Henderson Didn’t do much, but they did enough to win. Ridley had alot of talent but ZERO leadership. Very disappointing. Good luck though. Bracket seems to be wide open…

  410. D11 Football says:

    @ Rick – the North Schuylkill – Northern Lehigh game is being played next Saturday, Nov. 20 at 7pm – AT Northern Lehigh HS, in Slatington.

  411. rick says:

    Where and is the North Lehigh vs North Schuylkill game being played?

  412. Matthew Durandetta says:

    I want to say I really appreaciate the brackets that you guys make. It really takes the complexity of all the district playoffs, and matches and provides the most comprehensive listing for all the sports. I will tell your brackets have tought me alot about PIAA and there horrible bracket system. PIAA could do a better job of teaching US out of staters and parents how people get selected to get into playoffs and LOCATIONS of GAMES!! SO hats off to eastern and western pa football and the website managers for putting together these brackets it is so AWESOME!!

  413. Deo7 says:

    For years the rest of the state viewed Philadelphia Catholic League football as weak and I guess they are weaker than in yesteryear with the population shift, low enrollments and schools closing but much to my surprise in their first year in states they get two teams to the state championship games and the very next year get two or three teams to the big dance and come back the 4A state champs. I can not imagine what that league would have done in its heyday back in the 60’s & 70’s they would have won loads of state championships that’s for sure.

  414. hssportsfan says:

    szam33 and all you other i told you rustin is forreal in district one. we gna handle henderson like we did a few weeks ago. sorry for ridley but i told you your squad was weak.

  415. szam33 says:

    Like u said, we’re gonna find out. And I found out ridley was overrated. Bigtime! !!!! Good luck all.

  416. JB says:

    Kathi, NP will rip the heart out of Ridley; if Ridley even gets there. I see Nesh taking Ridley out.

    As I said, it’s a replay; NP vs LS and LS goes to Hershey AGAIN!

  417. szam33 says:

    @hssportsfan… I can appreciate the excitement you have for the rustin team, but I’d be careful with the woulda, shoulda, couldas. Like I said, you’re Real close to finding out how Good your team is. Don’t get ahead of yourself by saying they’re gonna spank ridley. They gotta get past boyertown first. Reality is, only 1 team & their fans are gonna leave this tournament happy. And crow tastes like crap!!! Trust me, I learned that lesson twice in the last 3 years With parkland & Lasalle.

  418. MOOSE says:

    KATHEDRAL KATHI…sounds like a girls name.

    What could you possibly know about high school football?


  419. Kathedral Kathi says:

    “Blowing one’s own horn is, at a minimum, tacky!”????
    Who is more obnoxious than North Penn and Suburban One {although BuddyBoy seems ok} Suburban One fully expects to run over and steamroll everyone! They’re still whining about Ridley- At least Ridley has some imagination on offense, too bad they’re a little school with little lineman who do not 2 platoon- Bottom line-Catholic league and LaSalle rule! Will probably be a Catholic School State Championship- Sorry JB- Incidently no cheap shots by Ridley {I attended} Tough football from both teams- As usual- North Penn was arrogant, cocky and figured they were on their way to Hershey before a tiny little stopover in Coatesville……

  420. Go Green says:

    @szam33…Well said. it is easy to sit here and say what we feel or what we have red, but the truth is it is just talk. I have not seen NP or LaSalle play this year, but I have seen Henderson play. Ridley should be fine tonight. Tonight it starts and the excitement will come to a boil. Good luck to all and we will see what happens!

  421. szam33 says:

    And I’m tired of people saying Ridley played dirty against NP last year. They played physical! The bully got beat up. That’s all that happened. NP thought they were gonna push ridley around and they got smacked in the mouth. It was a beautiful thing. Kinda like tyson- holyfield. When everyone was shocked that holyfield won the 1st fight & it was a fluke & Tyson would be “up” for the 2nd fight… well, holyfield smacked him again. IF Ridley and NP are able to get thru to the D1 final I’d assume both teams will be up for the game. Itll be a great game that we’re all hoping to see. Dont be ignorant and think that either team couldnt win that game. Remember, alot of the same guys that physically dominated NP will again be on that football field. Don’t think that doesn’t mess with the psyche. Fear causes hesitation, & hesitation causes all your fears to come true. Its gonna be fun!

  422. hssportsfan says:

    Rustin wanted to be in the ches-mont national divison its not their fault they cant play cville or dtown east but i can tell you rite now they would beat both of them. Rustin is better coached and is disciplined two things cville isnt. We would beat dtown east because as you can tell they have no run defense, Rustin runs the ball a lot and when you commit to stopping it they will throw it right over top of you. just ask henderson about that. See you in ridley next friday. szam33

  423. Frank LaBarr says:

    Easton gave LaSalle the toughest playoff game they had last year. That 17-14 LaSalle was dominated by the Explorers but the Red Rovers had the ball driving late in what could have been a game winning or tying score in a driving snowstorm. I think it’ll be a very interesting playoffs in the East. LaSalle is the favorite to return to Hershey. I think North Penn is hungry to get back to the D-1 final and win it again! Easton will have trouble (if they advance far) they will play their traditional T-day against P-burg and then 2 days later play Whitehall/Nazareth for the title.

  424. szam33 says:

    @hssportsfan… As a Ridley fan that goes to all the games I’ll agree that the Central League was terrible this year. Heck, maybe Ridley is a little overrated too. Who knows? I can tell you that the 2 games that Ridley really got up for (Springfield and Garnet Valley) they DOMINATED. I believe Ridley is very good. I also believe that they are not as good as they (the players) think they are. The Upper Darby game was a trap game, easy to look past after a big win over GV and right before the playoffs. Luckily they pulled it out. I could see this Ridley team winning the whole thing, or I can see them taking a disappointing early exit. All depends on what team shows up. But as mentioned above… Ridley usually comes to play this time of year. As far as Rustin coming down to Ridley and dominating…. I don’t see that happening. The 9-1 record looks impressive until you look at who THEY PLAYED (If you’re gonna say Ridley played an easy schedule I have to point this out). Their only decent win was over the 16 seed Henderson, they managed not to play the 2 toughest teams in Chest-Mont (CV & DTE), and they lost to a decent AAA team in Shanahan who got destroyed by the 3 other AAAA Chest-Mont playoff teams. As I see it, Rustin and Boyertown both have the POTENTIAL to be OVERRATED. But what the hell do I know? Me, along with 90% of us on here only know what we read about the other teams and leagues… That’s what makes this time of year so exciting for high school football fans. We’re ALL about to find out how good our teams really are!

  425. JB says:

    Yo Kathi, as a LaSalle alum can I request that you lay low a bit. Blowing one’s own horn is, at a minimum, tacky!

    North Penn wants Ridley bad; real bad! Lots of cheap shots last year from the Ridley boys and NP wants revenge! Look for North Penn to take D1.

    Then the rematch with LaSalle …. stay tuned!

  426. Jeremy Varner says:

    If any fan was curious as to why the kickoff time for Bloomsburg vs Lewisburg in D4 Class AA is Friday @ 5pm. This from the D4 Treasurer Charles Carr, “the only time Bucknell is available.”

  427. Kathedral Kathi says:

    The Penn Wood Patriots are coming- You folks in Lansdale better buy some dogs- I know you’re scared…..Oakman controls his side of the field!

  428. Buddy says:

    @ Mike: that’s kind of what these ( your) sites are all about. Good nature bantering back & forth between different fans. Differnet folks conjecturing about outcomes. Without this back & forth repoire, you have no web site. Having said that, us rabid high school football fans really appreiciate

  429. David Mika says:

    I never knew you could win games on this site….We will find out in a couple of weeks who will move on. Good luck to all the teams.

  430. Buddy says:

    Well there Ridley Fan, I see your point. I agree, Ridley should, and is, seeded #1 in the district. But technically, one would have to say LaSalle is the best team ( as much as that pains me to say being a NP fan). They are defending state champs. Until they are de-throned, they are top dog. After the 1st round, D-1 playoffs will be exciting. I mean real exciting. LaSalle’s rosd to the Eastern final appears easier. Easton ( maybe Whitehall)might give them some problems. D-1 : wide open.

  431. hssportsfan says:

    Ridley is 10-0 because they havent played anybody this year the best team they played was coatesville. garnet valley is nothing like they were in past years and you barely beat upper darby who wouldnt beat any of the teams that made the playoffs from the ches-mont. Rustin cant wait to go into Ridley next friday and dominate.You see rustin has the best qb in the area and most definetly a future d-1 wide reciever who is 6’5. Rustin baby. What time is it? KNIGHT TIME

  432. Ridley Fan says:

    Ooop’s forgot, the comment about Ridley Lineman…it seems they have done the job all year so far…give them the credit they deserve. Skill is better then size at times. Let them all play and settle things on the field as good teams do.

    Thanks all for reading

  433. Ridley Fan says:

    Wow why is there such a talk about other team when as I see it Ridley is the only team in D1 that has not los a game and until they are beat they surely are the team to beat. All team that make it past the 1st round are good and heck that made it that far. As for Ridley this is when they show up and play FOOTBALL. And with home field all the way …….They deserve the #1 ranking. Nobody else is 10-0, and other teams also play in weaker districts and well you get the picture.

    As they say until they lose Ridley is the team to beat.

  434. Kathedral Kathi says:

    Uh- who went to Hershey last year and who lost in the Eastern final? I think it was the little green and white team who did not quite measure up, which does not say much for the Mighty North Penn Knights this year and last…..

  435. Mick says:

    @ Buddy, Ridley is in Delaware County very close to the Phiily airport, Coatesville is in Chester County almost to Lancaster County.

    @ Kathedral Kathi, LaSalle didn’t even play Ridley!

  436. greenraiders11 says:

    @Buddy…not sure where you may have driven from last year…but mapquest has Coatesville being 35 miles from Ridley High School and 38 miles from North Penn High School….sounds like a pretty neutral site to me….

  437. Kathedral Kathi says:

    District one not very good- LaSalle has already disposed of Ridley and North Penn- Watch-ot for those Penn Wood Patriots…..

  438. Buddy says:

    Believe me, no one is underestimating Ridley, especially if you’re from North Penn! IF Ridley & NP meet, it could only be in the District 1 final, which is at a neutral site. Of course when I say neutral it might be a misnomer, last year it was at Coatsville, not a very neutral site for NP. That’s Ridley’s back yard right? Hey, we are getting way ahead of ourselves, but that’s the fun. It’s what these blogs are all about right.

  439. Cody says:

    fist off ridley is going to come to play no matter what. every one thinks they can guess what will happen but it all matters who comes to play on friday night. NP/good team Lasalle has no room to talk they can get players from any where they want.Any team that has made it this far is a good team just look at last year when pensberry lost first round.. and Penn wood has no idea what is about to hit them they play in the easyest leauge out there.. and when and if NP and ridley play agen it will be a good game.. what ever you do not look past Ridley..

  440. Gerry says:

    Dont underestimate anyone in D1….gonna be great competition!!!

  441. Buddy says:

    Eastern Final: NP: 31 LaSalle: 24. Take it to the bank.

  442. Go Green says:

    Ridley might be a little overrated no question, but to write them off like some out here would be a mistake. They have homefield throughout and that is a VERY difficult place to play. They will handle Henderson. Rustin would be interesting as this is the first year playing with the big boys in D-4. Rustin might have trouble with Boyertown as they have a decent team out there. Either way, playoffs look much more competitive this year.

  443. Kathedral Kathi says:

    Ridley is 2 and 2 lifetime Buddyboy vs North Penn- Very difficult for them to play several Suburban 1 teams consecutively I love your analysis- Be careful with Coatsville- do not underestimate the Red Raiders- Ridley, Penn Wood, North Penn- Who cares- LaSalle all the way-CRS will go early…..

  444. Buddy says:

    Ridley plays at another level this time of year. Henderson only beat D-East because they gave them the ball ( turnovers). Ridley’s biggest problem will be Neshaminy. NP’s problem will be CR South ( maybe D-East). All us NP fans want a Ridley/ NP rematch. They have had our number recently.

  445. hssportsfan says:

    ridley is going to struggle against henderson first of all buddy. and if they do get past that game they will play another west chester team named Rustin who has had a ton of success since becoming a team. So i would not bet on ridley being there at the end in district 1

  446. Buddy says:

    Well now Kathedral, surely you jest. The LaSalle pick isn’t that unrealistic, but Penn Wood? They are entering another level now, could get ugly. But I love your enthusiasism. Keep the faith!

  447. Kathedral Kathi says:

    Penn Wood- Then of course, LaSalle all thr way!

  448. Buddy says:

    I’m talkin’ Quad A above

  449. Buddy says:

    Who do you pick in the District one final? Who do you pick in the Eastern final?

  450. Stoltz13 says:

    @jim: I hope jesus is ready for the southern columbia tigers from d4

  451. flippenphil says:

    Teams may opt out of districts in week 9. This normally happens with Lourdes Regional who opts to play in the EC.
    EC teams are picked in regions, aslong as there is 3 teams with a 5-5 or better record the next point scoring team with a lossing record will jump in the open slot. There are also 3 regions and a wild card slot, but if only 2 regions will the braket, then it turns into 2 wild card slots. A few years ago when they first expanded the Districts an addition week the EC took a huge hit and had several 1 week contests. The EC and WPIAL were an additional root to reach the playoffs, i personally would like to see th EC play the Open week coming out of D12/D1 – but oh well.

    I once drove a few miles down the highway to see Calvary Christian play Schuylkill Haven. If my memory is correct Haven won 21-18. But i was chearing on CC from the home side.

  452. Jim smith says:

    Calvary Christian Academy will be
    Ready for all Class A teams..
    This year we will represent JESUS !
    Our Lord and Savior ..

  453. David Mika says:

    Yes they can.

  454. dw says:

    David Mika—Thanks, but do teams decline? Why Parkland in AAAA with a losing record?

  455. Buddy says:

    Now – now fans, you are getting way ahead of yourself. A lot of games to be played. However, if LaSalle meets Ridley or North Penn, and subsequently loses, I promise, as a public school fan, not to gloat.

  456. Huck says:

    Hey Public School, I’d like to thank you for posting such an insight analogy.

    It’s good to know that every kid that plays for a catholic school is there on a scholarship and recruited.

    Thank you for being so brilliant!

  457. David Mika says:

    dw – The Eastern Conference is basically the NIT of HS Football. Teams that missed the playoffs may get picked for the Eastern Conference.

  458. dw says:

    How do the Eastern Conference teams get picked?

  459. Jeff Rieppel says:

    Thanks for your work. Our district 4 website
    has no info on playoffs.

  460. Kathedral Kathi says:

    quit whining about recruiting- you’re just not good enough- archbishop wood would win your pathetic district one in 4a and 3a

  461. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Brad, Once the Eastern Conference champions are determined the season is over for those teams.

    @Michael, We are still waiting word from District 4 on dates, times and locations.

  462. michael says:

    Dates and times for D4 AA are not listed

  463. Public school says:

    @Kathi…catholic schools have the luxury of “recruiting” that public schools do not have, of course skill level is going to be a little different…its like Penn St playing the University of Penn…Penn St can give athletic scholarships, UPenn only gets students who can afford the school

  464. Brad says:

    What happens with the four winners of the Eastern Conference bracket? Is this a consolation bracket or are they not eligible to play for the state title in their respective class?

  465. Jeremy Varner says:

    @Todd, the Eastern Conference dates, times and locations will be announced tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned!

  466. Kathedral Kathi says:

    ok you public powder puffs- you have your brackets- now play with each other until the catholic league swoops down and flies back to hershey- Ridley has midgets for lineman and North Penn has no skill…………

  467. Todd Schafer says:

    Do you have dates and times for the Eastern Conference yet? You guys are doing an amazing job. I can’t begin to tell you how many calls this has saved me making today.

  468. Jeremy Varner says:

    Thank you Paul. I had just updated the brackets prior to your post.

  469. paul says:

    d 1/12 AA semis:

    Comm Tech @ Bok
    Del-Val @ West Catholic

  470. rick says:

    thanks for the info Phil, but the reason i asked is there have been some rumors that the district 1 2A teams don’t want to play in the tournament. Which i hope isn’t the case.

  471. phil says:

    It is not Power points, that should be a great unofficial look. but the system goes like this:
    4 classification: A-AAAA
    When you beat a team in your classification you are rewarded with 100 points +/- 20 points for each classification higher or lower than you are. So if a AA team beats a A team they are 100 – 20 = 80. But it a AA team beats a AAAA team they are rewarded 100 + 40 = 140. As bonus points, for every win the team you beat has you will be rewarded 10 addition points. So if a AAA team beats A team who was unbeaten in their other matchups and went 9-1, the point score is: 100-40=60 plus 90 = 150 points. To find out your playoff points for districts, do this to all the teams on a teams scheduel in which your team has won. Say you went 6-4 and played alot of teams higher in classification you may end up at 760 plus bonus points of the 6 teams you wons wins for a total of 310 more points for a total of 1120. Now when you compare all the teams there might be 9 teams in your classification and 4 make it in. suppose your team is in the #4 spot in point totals.
    team a #1 went 9-1 and has a score of =1540
    team b #2 went 10-0 but played teams under them and scored a =1480
    team c #3 went 8-2 and got =1290
    team d #4 is your team at 6-4 =1120.
    team e #5 went 6-3 (only had a 9 game scheduel) and =1090

    Now you get the total and divide it by the number of games played:
    #1 team a 154
    #2 team b 148
    #3 team c 129
    #4 team e 121.1

    missing districts and possibly clinching EC if they are in that region: team d at 112.

    last case i know of this happening was with Calvery Christian in either A or AA a few years back.

    ** teams that playa 7 game scheduel are elligable for playoffs, and if you play a team more than once you only get the bonus points once. So point wise it is better to play a 1-9 team 3 classifications twice a season and get 160 + 10 points for them once and 160 once than to play a 3-7 team in your class who would result in 130 points.

  472. Jeremy Varner says:

    D1 AAA has been entered on the bracket. Rick the D1/12 2A bracket is very confusing. In a nutshell we are waiting to hear the 4 teams. We do know West Catholic & Bok will be 2 of them. As soon as we hear we will enter them in. The AAAA D1 bracket will be up shortly

  473. Kevin says:

    District One brackets are up.

  474. rick says:

    what’s the story on district 1 2A are they going to play in the tournament?

  475. Redwolf says:

    You can see D1 brackets at Not official, but always right.

  476. Buddy says:

    OK boys. Don’t know why they are so slow. It isn’t rocket science. The power points are what they are.

  477. Jeremy Varner says:

    Yup as soon as we get the information we will get them on the brackets.

  478. David Mika says:

    Hi Buddy. District one hasn’t release their brackets yet. As soon as they do we will have them up.

  479. Buddy says:

    What’s up with the district one seedings? Got all the others.

  480. Afan says:

    Keep up the good work guys and gals.