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Adding 2015 to State Championship History

Written by: on Sunday, December 20th, 2015. Follow KMac on Twitter.


The 2015 State Championships was in itself special in that it was the last time for four classifications – A through AAAA.

In that vein, we had NOT A SINGLE TEAM participating that had not been there before. All 8 teams had been there before, many holding prior championships. It was the first time for this since the 2000 championships. Perhaps this is the best argument for the new 6 classes; maybe we get some “new faces”; but that will have to be determined by history also.

This year’s games produced three blowouts and a blowout for three-quarters of the fourth game. The average margin of victory was 27.5 point per game, the third biggest MOV behind 32.3 (2004), and 28.5 (1998). Only Parkland’s late-third and fourth quarter rally of 18 points saved the MOV from being near record-setting.

We had 6 districts represented in the title matches – two teams from D7, two teams from D10; and one each from Districts 4, 6, 11, and 12. It scales one over the 28-year average of 5 districts per championship series.

This years’ type breakdown was 5 public and 3 Catholic schools which brings the 28-year total participation appearances for types to 175 public, 45 Catholic, 2 private, and 2 Charter, which is public but I feel needs its own count. The official count would be 177 public and 47 private if separating only two types. Either total is 224 which is the number of team slots to be filled for 8 slots (4 games) a year for 28 years.

Since there were no new teams that haven’t been there before this year, the actual schools that have played totals remain the same as last year: 104 different schools have accounted for the 112 games played in 28 years. They have been – public 81, Catholic 20, private 2, charter 1. Again, for only two types it would be public 82 and private 22. Only 18% (104) of 577 schools have participated in a state championship.

There were four records of note for this final 4-class championship; one in each class.

In AAAA Pittsburgh Central Catholic by appearing for the 6th time and winning for the 4th time; ties the class 4A tops in both categories with CB West of the East. Ironic that this would occur in the last time in class 4A for PCC. CB West maintains the record in 4A for three championships in a row 1997-1999; and four appearances in a row in 4A 1997-2000.

In AAA Imhotep Charter of D12 accomplished the first state championship for a Philadelphia Public League School. All previous D12 champions were from the Philadelphia Catholic League.

In AA Southern Columbia won its 7th State Championship in its first appearance as 2A, and 14th overall state appearance, eclipsing any team in any classification for number of State Championships; and certainly state final appearances.

In A Bishop Guilfoyle became the first-ever repeat champion from District 6, playing for the East again.

In the regional scheme of things, another 3 east victories puts the 28-year totals at 63 east wins and 49 west wins. The difference is now 14 games between east and west.

The class standings for titles won are now:

AAAA – West 15 East 13

AAA –     East 18   West 10

AA –       East 17   West 11

A –           East 15   West 13

Totals     East 63   West 49

Four different districts added wins to their total championships. District 7 earned their 39th title, far and away the most of any district. Southern Columbia’s win for D4 broke a three-way tie for second with 11 titles (with D3 and D11), and moved D4 into second with 12 titles. Imhotep adding the 8th title for D12 jumped over D10 with 7 titles into 7th position in total titles. Bishop Guilfoyle’s D6 title gave the district 3 championships, staying behind D10 in 9th position.

Because every team was a repeat entry from some prior championship the number of teams sent by each district did not change; with an exception. Farrell previously appeared from D7 it’s three times, and in 2015 is from D10. The District order and number of different teams they have sent are D7 (36); D3 (13); D11 (11); D10 (11); D1 (9); D2 (7); D6 (6); D4 and D12 (5); D9 (2); D8 (1); and D5 (0).

The count of total teams per district is over two because two teams have competed in two different districts and to give the districts proper credit have to be included in each; but they are the same teams. These were Mount Carmel in both D11 and D4, and Farrell in both D7 and D10.

Our next category is total participation. This is a district’s total appearances whether new teams or repeat entries.

District 7 provided two teams on the western side. They now have sent 80 entries to finals. Because the participation average is determined by the district’s number of teams entered over 28 years by the total teams entered for 28 years (224) there is usually little change in standings year-to-year in this category. However, District 12 has only been participating for 12 years and the base is 96 possible teams in that time. As D12 has sent 13 participants their average is 14% and behind D7 (36%) in second position. The rest of the districts in order are D4 – 11%; Districts 1, & 3 – 9%; D11- 8.5%; D2 – 8%; D10 – 7%; D6 – 4%; Districts 8 and 9 – 1%; and District 5 – 0%.

After the results of 2015 the win percentage records and standings are as follows, first D12, 8-5, .616; second D2, 10-8 .556; tie at third D3 & D11 11-9, .550; fifth D4, 12-11, .522; tie at sixth D1 (7-7) & D8 (1-1), .500; eighth D7, 39-41; .488; ninth D10, 7-10, .412; tenth D6, 3-6, .334; eleventh D9, 0-2, .000; and twelfth D5 not applicable as they have not appeared at finals.

Changes in the Districts individual class cell brackets:

AAAA – D7 win improved cell to 13-10, .566   D11 loss made cell 2-4, .334

AAA – D12 win improved cell to 4-2 .667        D10 loss dropped cell to 3-3, .500

AA – D4 win made cell 5-3, .625                        D7 loss dropped cell 8-12, .400

A – D6 win made cell 2-2 .500                            D10 loss made this cell 1-3 .250

And so we close the books on the 4 classifications championships in Pennsylvania history.

We look forward to a new era with many details to be worked out; or at least made public as of yet. One of these is that the 6 championships next year will be one on Thursday night, two on Friday, and three on Saturday. The sequence of who plays when will be interesting.

The points system will need tweaking with 6 classes. We will have to see how this will be determined with 6 classes.

Two things for certain, we will have our first ever 6A and 5A champions for next season. New records for these two classes will be set first game as it will be the ONLY game so far in each of those two classes. Now we will have to be careful to separate each class record, and yet accord a cumulative total of wins and losses for each champion if they had played in other classes. This job will get a little trickier, or time-consuming anyway.

Despite the antagonisms and feelings expressed during the heat of battle of the seasons’; let’s remember who is actually out there playing the games. These are young men, and rare cases women; not paid athletes who will make a living at it for the greatest percentages of cases. Let’s support all Pennsylvania high school football in a positive manner and in return we will reap the bounty of enjoyment from it. Happiest of Holidays to all, however you may celebrate!

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