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2018 Team Previews – Academy of the New Church Lions

Written by: on Friday, August 24th, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Ty Klippenstein

Assistant Coaches: Kevin Junge, Randall Mattison, Walter Long, Troy Anusky, Ian Austin

Team Name: Academy of the New Church Lions

2017 Record: 2-8

2018 Schedule:

Key Starters Lost: Tim Radcliffe

Offensive Starters Returning: (11)

Sr. OG, Zach Anusky 5-10, 190
Sr. RB, Zahir Reed, 5-11 170
Sr. OL, Josh Haddock, 6-4, 200
Sr. OG, Colin O’Hara, 6-2 230
Sr. OT, Joey Dybalski, 6-2, 240
Jr. C, Jared Banks, 5-10, 270
Jr. QB, Jeb Brenfleck, 5-9, 150
Jr. RB, Devin Bryant, 5-10, 165
Jr. WR, Greg Clark, 5-11, 165
Jr. OG, Sean McCurdy, 6-0, 180
Jr. WR, Glenn Sabb, 6-1, 195

Defensive Starters Returning: (10)

Sr. LB, Zach Anusky 5-10, 190
Sr. DB, Zahir Reed, 5-11 170
Sr. DE, Josh Haddock, 6-4, 200
Sr. DT, Colin O’Hara, 6-2 230
Jr. LB, Greg Clark, 5-11, 165
Jr. DE Griff McGinley, 5-11, 195
Jr. LB, Glenn Sabb, 6-1, 195
Jr. LB, Michael Trost, 5-8, 180
Jr. DB Jordan Wilson, 5-9, 145
Jr. DB Devin Bryant, 5-10, 165

Special Team Starters Returning: (1)

So. K Jimmy Melvin, 5-9, 200

Key Newcomers: (1)

Jr. DB, WR Kai Allen, 6-3, 200

2018 Offensive Outlook: As our young players mature, we have many different athletes who are a threat to score on any play. The big questions are will we be able to maintain protection and be able to get the ball in the hands of these athletes.

2018 Defensive Outlook: Having only lost one starter, the defense looks to improve on last year’s performance. Improvement in linebacker play is a must.

2018 Special Teams Outlook: Our kick off return team was responsible for scoring 5 TDs last year and in other cases gave us great field position. We expect that productivity to continue. We will need to see improvement from our cover teams, though.

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