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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 40 – Ridley (1) – Bonus Preview

Written by: on Friday, August 30th, 2013. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Ridley (1)ridley

Conference: Central League

Class: AAAA

Nickname: Green Raiders

Coach: Dennis Decker

2012 Record: 11-1

Returning Players – Offense: Jr. QB Collin Wright; Jr. WR Matt Borchert; Jr. WR Shawn Hackett

Returning Players – Defense: Jr. LB Lou Harrison; Jr. DB Jabree Savoy

Special Teams: “Our punter is going to be Matt Borchert. We have three soccer players battling for the kicker position. My kick and punt returners are gong to be Malik Jones and Matt Borchert.”


Coaches comments:

How’s your offensive line?

“Our line is set for this week. These are the starting players. At right guard is Nick Galiano. My left guard is Ryan Hanahan. Christian Carver will be our right tackle. Dan Acker is our center. Brian Cruice will be at left tackle position. Austin Anderson, Ed Bleacher, Kevin Murphy and Jesse Lesher will be in the mix. We don’t have a lot of experience on the line and we are small but quick.”


You have your quarterback back. Talk about Collin.

“Yes Collin Wright is back. He is the only returning starter on offense we have. He is a good size kid and very smart. He’s very accurate and knows the game of football. He is a guy that leads by example. He has worked very hard for the season.”


How’s your running game?

“We are going to be more of a single back set this season. Malik Jones will get a lot of carries for us this year. Tito Orjih will be in the mix along with Jaasir Minor. Tito is our bigger back. We have a little bit of speed this year and don’t have a lot of size. We are going to run a little more zone offense than we have in the past.”


How are your receivers?

“Matt Borchert, Shawn Hackett, John Herman, Malcolm Strand-Young will battle for playing time at the receiver position this year. At tight end are Tre Hinchey and Lou Harrison. Mike Cropper adds depth.”


How’s your defensive line?

“We don’t have anybody returning on the defensive line. The same guys on the offensive line are going to play on the defensive line. We don’t have a lot of depth. NIck Galiano, Christian Carver, Dan Acker, Austin Anderson, Jesse Lesher and Brian Cruice are all battling for playing time.”


How are your linebackers?

“Lou Harrison is a returning starter. Other guys that are going to battle for playing time are Pat Najmola, Nick Degragorio, Sean McLaughlin and Ryan Dougherty. Mike Cropper could see some time and Shawn Hackett.”


How is your secondary?

“The other safety we have returning is Jabree Savoy. Matt Borchert will be the other safety. At the corners we have Jaasir Minor, Malcom Strand-Young and a couple of other kids battling for playing time. Malik Jones and Taquan Harris will be in the mix.”


What is your concern going into this season?

“We lost 19 starters out of 22 positions from last year. We only have three returning starters, one is my quarterback, outside linebacker and one is a free safety. We are going to try and use our speed. We need to see how the young kids do. We have to see what they can handle early in the season.”


What are your strengths on defense?

“Our strength on defense is our secondary. Jabree is one of the best safeties around our area. He is athletic, quick and very smart. He and Lou Harrison are going to be our leaders. We are going to need our defense to keep us in games this year. We are gong to ask Collin to make plays for us this year.”


What is your key this year?

“As coaches we need to be patient with the younger kids. It’s our job as coaches to put the kids into position¬† to make plays. We’re taking things very slowly. We won’t ask them to do too much. My biggest thing is we come out and compete. We are going to be young and inexperienced. But as long as the kids come out and battle and give me maximum effort four quarters, regardless of what happens one the football field I am going to be happy with that.”

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One Response to “40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 40 – Ridley (1) – Bonus Preview”

  1. shaun z says:

    At the game last night and collin wright looks like he could be a stud he has a big accurate arm and is very accurate, offense of line is small and got handled early by the bigger Glen Mills line but they hung in there with alot of heart and by the second half started to show there speed, special teams is very good great coverage and good blocking with a talented pr/kr they scored a td on a 53 yard pr in 1st quarter and pinned GM deep often, defense kept them in the game until qb wright got going with 2 td passes of 44 and 52 yards final 21-6 Ridley

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