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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 2 – Muncy (4)

Written by: on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Muncy (4)muncy

Conference: PA Heartland Athletic Conference, Division III

Class: A

Nickname: Indians

Coach: Jay Drumheller

2012 Record: 8-3

Returning Players – Offense: Sr. RT Nick Ring; Sr. LT Justin Stipcak; Sr. QB Anthony Barberio; Sr. RB Teddy Clark; So. RB Junior Ramos; Sr. RB Teddy Clark; Jr. WR Maurice Brown; Jr. WR Kenny Koch; Sr. WR/QB Eli Warnick; Sr. FB TJ Moyle

Returning Players – Defense: Jr. DL Nick Roberts; Sr. DT Jeff White; Sr. DT Spencer Cotner; Sr. DE Brandon O’Connell; DE Sam Cutler; Sr. LB T.J. Moyle; Sr. OLB Teddy Clark; Jr. LB Scott Appleman; Jr. CB Kenny Koch; So. FS Cameron Good

Special Teams: “Kenny Koch is our punter. He averaged over 40 yards a punt. We have our kicker back, Joseph Titman. He is our extra point guy. Brandon O’Connell does kick-offs. We may use the Nixon kid too. Koch does our punt and kickoff returns. He is real versatile.”

Top Newcomers: Jr. TE Sam Cutler; Jr. C Nick Roberts; Jr. OG Levi Myers; Sr. OG Spencer Cotner; Sr. OG Jeff White; Jr. RB Dakota Nixon; Jr. DE Levi Myers


Coaches comments:

Who will be battling for the other spots on the line?

“We moved our offensive guard Sam Culter to tight end. At center will be Nick Roberts. He played defensive tackle for us last year and filled in at center. So he does have experience at that position. We have three guards that we are going to rotate. We do have players, but we are going to be a little raw in the beginning.”


You return your quarterback. Talk about how he is preparing for the season?

“Barberio was a 1,000 yard passer last season and has worked really hard in the off-season. He has also grown. He’s a big kid and is 6-foot-2, 215-pounds. He is really doing some good off-season stuff. He is going down to the Peyton Manning camp down South this summer. He is doing all the right things to make himself better.”


How do you look at running back?

“We have a stable of running backs. Our biggest loss was the Hembury kid. He rushed for 1,500 yards and 19 touchdowns. We are like man, how are we going to replace him. We have a Senior Teddy Clark. We had a freshman that rushed for 500 yards last year, his name is Junior Ramos. We also have a kid that transferred in from Hughesville. He was one of their top rusher. His name is Dakota Nixon. So we are going to have three tailbacks and we are going to use all three. Each one of them has a different style. Ramos is our breakaway back, Nixon is more of a true tailback type and Teddy just runs hard, he runs over people. He loves contact.”


How do your receivers look this season?

“We have two receivers coming back, Maurice Brown and Kenny Koch. Brown was our leading receiver last season. But he got hurt, he fractured his collarbone against South Williamsport. He’s put on 15 pounds of muscle this off-season and he’s having a good off-season. We have four out of our five leading receivers back. I have been at Muncy for a long time and this is the most receivers we have had back.”


How’s your D-Line look this year? 

“One of the guys backs is Nick Roberts. He had a outstanding sophomore season. We are expecting big things from him this season. He’s very athletic. The other defensive tackles are Jeff White and Spencer Cotner. The Defensive ends will be Levi Myers and Brandon O’Connell. O’Connell runs well and has experience. We also have Sam Cutler. So we have three capable defensive ends along with Nick Ring. Ring will play either defensive end or tackle depending on where we need him.”


How do your linebackers look?

“We are small at linebacker. The leader of the defense is going to be T.J. Moyle. He’s our outside linebacker. He had almost 100 tackles last year. He has a nose for the ball and is a good cover guy. I had multiple interceptions last year. The other outside linebacker is going to be Teddy Clark. He is solid and a good tackler. We have two new inside linebackers. We are moving Scott Appleman from defensive end to inside linebacker. He is a two-year starter. We have a couple of underclassmen that need to step up for the other spot.”


How’s your secondary look?

“Kenny Koch is our top cornerback coming back. The other corner is Dakota Nixon and Maurice Brown. We have some underclassmen that will get playing time. Our safety who is only going to be a sophomore, started five games for us as a freshman is Cameron Good. He played very well.”


What is your key this year?

“For us to be successful we need leadership. We had only five seniors last year. I think we have 11 or 12 seniors this year. They need to lead as a group. If they do that I think we are going to be very successful. On defense our strength is on the defensive line and at outside linebackers. The secondary needs some more experience. We have some depth on both lines.”

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