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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 35 – Loyalsock Township (4) – Small School Team # 3

Written by: on Sunday, August 24th, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


loyalsockOffensive Preview:

If you are going to talk Loyalsock football you have to start with their field general, quarterback Kyle Datres. Kyle is a three-sport star and has won two state titles in baseball for the Lancers. He’s a very good basketball player too. The last two-years he has 4,693 total yards offense and 65 touchdowns. Kyle was named one of the captains.

“Kyle is our field general. On the offensive side of the ball there are many times we go no huddle and the ball is really in his hands to make the call and checks at that point.”

In 2013 he completed 112 of 207 passes for 1,473 yards and 14 touchdowns. He rushed for 1,163 yards on 176 carries and 18 touchdowns.

“He has a strong arm and great vision and his biggest strength is his ability to interrupt and execute. He’s able to pick up things very quickly. He’s very coachable and he knows the offense. When we watch game tape he is always writing down notes on improving his game. He’s like a coach on the field. When you combine his knowledge of the game with his athletic talent that is what makes him stand out from other quarterbacks.”


The Lancers return running back Ikeem Fogan.

“Ikeem is a excellent back and really has worked hard in the offseason. He really dedicated himself to learning our offense. He’s newer to football and started playing in eight grade. He’s a powerful back and has good speed. He will play some receiver too.”

The other feature back is sophomore Marty Clark.

“Marty and Ikeem are very similar runners. Marty has a little more speed and bounces off tackles a little more. Ikeem is more of a straight-ahead runner. They both are 5-foot-10, 190-pound runners.”

At fullback you will see junior Nate Rainey and sophomore Alden Mileto.

“Nate had some injuries last year but was a good player for us last year. Alden is a little undersized but always sticks his nose in there. He really has learned the offense. The two of them gives us the foursome at running back.”


It’s always nice when you have a few players returning with experience on the offensive line. The Lancers have six guys returning that all have either started or played some on the line.

“The offensive line is our biggest strength. It really starts with what we’re doing up front. It’s being able to protect and run block.”

The leader on the line is junior left tackle Jake Glavin.

“He’s a big, aggressive and very strong young man. He has great technique and works hard at it. He’s very gifted and smart. His best quality at this point is his run blocking. He’s a devastating run blocker who really takes pride in getting the lower pad level and driving forward. His pass blocking is excellent and he is working every day to get better.”

The left guard position is up for battle between two players. Crae McCracken and Brennan Moodie are the guys battling.

“Both players are hard workers and physical.”

They have their center back. He’s Kaden Stensland.

“He was a first team all-league center. He moves well and is strong.”

The right guard is junior Dan Harrison.

“He’s a big kid at 6-foot-2, 305-pounds. He’s very powerful and has quick feet.”

Our right tackle is junior Justin Wood. He’s 6-foot-4, 285-pounds.

The guy behind them that will see a lot of playing time is Chase Dunkleberger.


At wide receiver, senior Fletcher Quigley is back.

“Fletcher is a back side or front side receiver. He has really worked hard this offseason to be a better receiver. He’s a track starter and was an all-district corner last year.”

The other guys that will see action at receiver are a cast of new kids. They are freshman Cole Cavanaugh, Nasza Short, Nate Krizan and backup quarterback Marcus Williams will get some reps on receiver. Larry Vanstavoren is a sophomore that could get some playing time this year too.

“We will be much bigger and faster than last year at receiver position. We are working real hard to getting the timing down in camp with the new kids.”

At tight end they’re looking at Aaron Weaver.

“He has nice size, is a good blocker and has real nice hands.”

The other two guys that will play some tight end are former fullback Dakota Bergquist and Braden Ray.


Defensive Preview:

The Lancers return their guys on the defensive line. Senior Brennan Moodie returns at tackle.

“Moodie is the leader of the defensive line. Than you have all the big offensive lineman will be playing as well.”

One other player that will play is James Jenks.

“He got some playing time in the middle of the year and did a nice job for us.”

Sophomore Crae McCracker returns as a linebacker or defensive end.

“He will be a defensive end when we go to a 4. He’s a big physical kid and moves well.”

Jake Glavin returns at tackle.

“He’s as good as a tackle as a lineman. We’re looking for him to be a strong run stopper. Being able to stop the run is going to win you games on defense, especially in our league. The teams that beat us last year ran the ball and controlled the clock. So we are counting on Jake and a couple of other kids to do a good job at stopping the run and the long drives this year.”


At linebacker, the Lancers return a lot of experience. Dakota Bergquist will be the outside linebacker. Alec Graden will get some reps there too.

“They are both seniors. Dakota will most likely be the starter and Alec will get reps. Dakota not only works hard on the field but he does it in the classroom. ”

They have three inside linebackers. In the Sam position is going to be Crae McCracken. His backup will be Braden Ray.

“Crae has the size and speed. He may only be a sophomore but he’s ready to do it.”

Aaron Weaver is another inside guy.

“He brings a lot of speed and is a really solid kid. He will play the Mike position.”

The Will position is junior Nate Rainey who makes all the calls.

“He’s very intelligent and is first in his class. He’s a blue collar worker.”

The final backer is I-Keem Fogan.

“He’s a very good athlete and will get some time on offense at running back.”


In the secondary they return a free safety Kyle Datres and cornerback from last year’s team. Kyle was named all-state at safety last year and is a leader in the secondary.

“Kyle controls the middle of the field as a safety. He had two interceptions for us and one was for a touchdown. Teams don’t throw the ball towards his area. He’s a very physical player on defense. He’s made his name as a playmaker and a guy that brings big hits.”

Cole Cavanaugh will get some reps at free safety.

“He has similar attributes across the board. I’m very excited to have two safeties like that this year. They both are physical kids, playmakers and get down hill.”

At corner they return senior Fletcher Quiglety.

“Fletcher is extremely fast and has gotten stronger. He put on 15 pounds of muscle in the offseason and went to a lot of camps to get better.”

The third position at corner is a battle. Marcus Williams is one the guys battling for the corner spot.

“We have about six guys fighting for that last spot.”


Special Teams Preview:

Fletcher Quiglety will be back returning kicks. You may see Kyle Datres back there at times and host of other guys still battling at camp.

“Fletcher returns three touchdowns last year and did that with a broken hand.”

Punt return is an open competition in camp still.

“If the game is on the line I know who will be catching punts, Kyle.”

Austin Champion is back at doing kicking for the Lancers. Kyle does the punting.

Braden Ray is the long snapper.


Head Coach: Justin Van Fleet

2013 Record: 8-4

2014 Schedule

Key Starters Lost: Mickey Haller, Caleb Robbins, Phil Krizan, Steve Harrison, Luke Faubion, Robbie Klein, Robbie Newton


Offensive Starters Returning: (8)

Sr. Kyle Datres QB

Sr. Fletcher Quigley Wr

Sr. Kaden Stensland C

Jr. Jake Glavin OT

Jr. Justin Wood OT

Jr. Dan Harrison OG

Soph Crae McCracken OG

Jr. Ikeem Fogan RB


Defensive Starters Returning: (7)

Sr. Kyle Datres FS

Sr. Fletcher Quigley CB

Sr. Dakota Bergquist LB

Jr. Nate Rainey LB

Sr. Brennan Moodie DT

Soph Crae McCracker N/LB

Jr Jake Glavin DT


Key Newcomers: So Marty Clark RB/OLB, So. Marcus Williams SS/QB, Sr. Evan Moore TE/OLB, Sr. Brennan Casale TE/OLB, Jr. Aaron Weaver FB/LB, Fr. Cole Cavanaugh WR/FS

D1 (FBS & FCS). Sr. Kyle Datres QB/FS, Sr. Omar Little WR/CB, Sr. Fletcher Quigley CB, Jr. Jake Glavin OT, Jr. Justin Wood OT, Jr. Dan Harrison OG, Soph Crae McCracken LB/DE

Key Stats: Team Statistics sent last month with Datres Details.

2014 Outlook: We hope to improve on our record from last season and continue to build as a program.  Our goal is to become a top tier program in the state of Pennsylvania.

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