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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 16 – Crestwood (2)

Written by: on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


crestwoodOffensive Preview:

The Comets returning quarterback is Jay Popson. He passed for over 600 yards and rushed for nearly 700. Look for Jay to increase both those numbers this fall, especially throwing the ball. He’s a three-year starter.

“He played as a sophomore and has really progressed each and every year. We expect a lot out of Jay this year, he had a great junior campaign. He really led the team and started to develop as a passer as well as a runner. This year we want to open up the field a little more keeping the same offensive philosophy.”


The Comets return a lot of experience at the running back position this year. Frank Aigeldinger is one of the top running backs in District two and is gearing up for a big year. Frank rushed for over 1,500 yards and almost nine yards per carry last year. Look for Frank to get a lot of touches this fall.

“Frank is a talented running back. He’s a big physical kid and he put on 20-pounds since last season. He is a very physical runner and can put a move on and run away from you. We like to motion him out of the backfield. We have some packages for him and we try and get him into space. He has great hands and is able to catch the ball in space.”

Matt Bobeck is another kid returning that teams should keep an eye on this year.

“Matt is a talented player and is physical runner like Frank. He runs well and is a great athlete. He played a lot of defense for us last year and he will be seeing the ball a lot this year on offense.”

When you talk about the running game, you have to add their quarterback to the discussion. Jay is another weapon running the ball.

“Jay is a very good athlete and will give a different look to the running attack. Frank and Matt are the physical bruising runners and Jay is a quick runner.”

The Comets can throw a fourth guy at you and he’s Tanner Kahlau. He rushed for over 700 yards and nine touchdowns last year.

“He’s our wingback and had a great sophomore year for us. The first half of the season he led the Wyoming Valley conference in rushing. He’s a nice compliment along with Jay to Matt and Frank.”

Another kid they are going to rely on is their fullback Jacob Zbegner.

“He didn’t carry the ball much last year, but this year we do plan on getting the ball in his hands more. He’s a big bruising fullback type. He’s a 240-pound physical kid that will punish you with his blocking.”

With this much talent running the ball you understand why they may not throw the ball that much at times.

“All these running backs bring something different to the table and they all compliment each other. They are all returning starters and have worked hard in the offseason.”


On the offensive line the Comets have three guys returning from last years team. Rodney Koch returns on the offensive line and he started last year.

“We’re going to rely on Rodney this year and he will be playing our outside tackle position. He’s a big kid at 6-foot-3, 298-pounds. He’s a physical presence on the line.”

Rob Hess is another returning lineman.

“Rob is going to line up at guard. He’s another 300-pound lineman we have. He’s very strong and had a good offseason for us.”

At the strong guard position they are looking at either Christian Kintz or Dan Kivler.

“Both are going to be juniors. So, they will battle for that spot.”

Our center is Noah Kita and he’s a returning starter.

“He had a tremendous season for us. He’s probably the most improved lineman based off workouts this offseason. He’s up to 265-pounds.”

Starting the season at weak guard is Frank Cordeiro.

“He started defensive end for us last year. If Frank isn’t the starter it could be either Christian or Dan.”

Joey Petro will play at Tight end. He’s a kid that has gotten bigger in the offseason and is a good blocker.

“He’s a athletic kid and we can get him out in space and throw to him.”


Their leading wide receiver is back from last year and he is Connor Sheloski. He averaged almost 21 yards per catch.

“He had a pretty good sophomore year. He has really grown and is 6-foot-3 now. So he gives us a nice tall target to throw to.”

Another kid is Lance Blass. He was a freshman last year and played some at receiver. He started last year as a free safety.

“He’s a very good athlete and this kid is going to be special. He will see time at receiver this year. We’re going to have two very good physical athletes on the edge this year.”

Some other kids that will give them support are Andrew Chang and Matt MacDonald. They also have some young kids to watch.


Defensive Preview:

On the defensive line they have both defensive ends returning. They are Matt Bobeck and Frank Cordeiro.

“Both are big physical strong kids. They have great motors. They give you everything every play. Both did very well and were excited about them.”

Both defensive tackles graduated. So look for Noah Kita, Rob Hess and Jacob Zbegner to rotate in this year.

“We’re going to have very athletic defensive tackles this year. We will be able to counter inside with a big kid like Rob Hess and also Rodney Koch. I think they can do a good job, but they need to develop and show us they are ready to play.”

Also Joey Petro will help out at the defensive end position.


The only returning linebacker for the Comets is a good one. Frank Aigeldinger is one of the top linebackers in Eastern Pennsylvania.

“He’s the only returner from last year and we lost three of the four linebackers. He has great lateral movement and he is a very powerful and explosive kid. He can play inside the box and does a very great job sideline to sideline.

I think his lateral movement separates him from other kids.”

They are going to rely on junior Josh Kaminski to step in at linebacker this year next to Frank.

“We have options that we can move back Matt Bobeck to that position. If that happens Joey Petro would step in at defensive end.”

Seamus Rother or Johnny Macri will battle for one of the two outside linebacker spots.

“They are two good juniors and they will battle it out.”

The other outside linebacker is Tanner Kahlau.

“We are going to move him from corner to outside linebacker. So we have options there, but they’re not tested. So the preseason is going to be very important to the linebacker positions.”

They are also going to take a look at sophomore Rob Geiser.

“He has done a great job this offseason and he is certainly going to get a look at the outside linebacker position.”


The strength of the defense will be the secondary. They return three players including two players that are three-year starters, Andrew Chang and Matt MacDonald.

“We return all three of them and Andrew and Matt are the experienced kids. Matt has done a great job in the offseason and has put some muscle on and has improved his speed. Both corners are tough kids and not only can they cover, they do a great job coming up and defend the run.”

They also return their free safety Lance Blass.

“He played 10 out of the 11 games last year. He’s an athletic kid and we expect big things out of him this year. I think he’s going to take that next step and start to become more of a pass defender. Last year he was a great run defender for us. I think he will take that next step and be able to defend a lot of balls.”


Special team Preview:

They are looking at Frank Aigeldinger, Tanner Kahlau and we may use Jay Popson back there as a kick and punt returner. Andrew Chang or Matt MacDonald will see sometime back there.

George Gendler returns as the kicker and punter.

“He has really emerged as a good kicker and punter. There is a good chance that going into the season he will have a division one offer. He had 22 touchbacks last year. He’s 6-foot-1, 210-pounds. He is a strong kid and in practice he’s consistent at 50. He also had four of five punts over 50-yards last year. He’s defiantly a weapon for us this year.”

Noah Kita is going to be the starter at long snapper.


Head Coach: Greg Myers

2013 Record: 9-1 (Regular Season) Overall 9-2

2014 Schedule

Key Starters Lost: Brandon Ruckle (DT), Kristian Givens (DT), Teddy Grozio (OG), Tim Tokash (WR), Mike Legg (OLB), Brandon Cole (OLB), Tyler Robinson (ILB)


Offensive Starters Returning: (9)

Sr. Frankie Aigeldinger RB/ILB

Sr. Jay Popson QB

Sr. Jacob Zbegner FB

Sr. Rob Hess OG

Jr. Noah Kita Center

Sr. Joey Petro TE

Jr. Connor Sheloski WR

Jr. Tanner Kahlau Wing

Sr. Rodney Koch OT


Defensive Starters Returning: (7)

Sr. Frank Cordeiro DE

Sr. Matt Bobeck DE

Sr. Andrew Chang CB

Sr. Matt MacDonald CB

Soph. Lance Blass DB

Sr. Frankie Aigeldinger ILB

Sr. George Gendler K/P


Key Newcomers:Jr. Seamus Rother OLB, Jr. Josh Kaminski ILB, Jr. Christian Kintz OG, Sr. Brandon Moran OG, Sr. Timmy McCue WR, Sr. Hunter May WR, Jr. Alex Makowksi ILB, Jr. Johnny Macri OLB, Jr. Dan Kivler OG

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects:Sr. Jay Popson QB, Sr. Matt Bobeck DE, Sr. Frankie Aigeldinger, Sr. George Gendler K/P

Key Stats: 9-1 Regular Season record, Frankie Aigeldinger 1000-yard rusher returning


2014 Outlook:

We are very excited about the way the 2013 season went and how the 2014 season is getting started.  We had an excellent off-season where we had great numbers in the weight room and key players turned in outstanding efforts.

We know we lost a bulk of our core players to graduation but feel we can replace them with some quality underclassmen.

We need to focus on the development of our offensive line where we will reply on a few young players to help us out.

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