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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 14 – Downingtown East (1)

Written by: on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


DowningownEastOffensive Preview:

Quarterback Andrew Hudson started a few games last year after the Cougars starter Ryan Rumor got hurt. Now, he returns for his senior season as the starting quarterback this fall. Andrew is a very smart quarterback and makes good decisions. He has been around the program for four-years and has learned a lot behind the starters. He’s a guy that can do a little bit of everything.

“He started a hand full of games for us last year. He came on in the end and started the last three of four games for us. He’s a great leader and the player’s rally around him. His biggest strength is, knowing where to get the ball too. We run a lot of no huddle stuff and he’s good at managing that.”


At running back, Jack Kincade is a guy that has a good first step and runs really hard. He will be the feature back this year.

“Jack has good size and is a tough runner.”

Keith Conner is another guy that will get some carries. He can block and catch the ball.

“He was our backup half back last year. He will be our fullback this year. We will probably run the fullback more than we have in the past. It’s because Keith runs the ball very well. He does all those things our fullbacks have done in the past.”

Another kid to keep an eye on is Tommy Hockenjos. He has good hands and can block.

“Tommy tore his ACL last year and didn’t play. He can play some fullback or backup tight end for us. Sometimes he may be fullback and we will move Keith to half back. He will be the third guy that we rotate in there.”


Billy McGinley is a returning starter on the offensive line. He played all over on the line last year.

“We’re looking at him to play left guard this year.”

Tyler Zuraski played tackle last year and they are moving him to right guard.

“Tyler is a strong hard worker and a good student.”

The two tackles playing this year have some size. Left tackle Mike Clark is 6-foot-8, 260-pounds and Mike Reichwein who is 6-foot-3, 260-pounds will be battling for playing time this year. Omar Mottaleb is another guy that will play on the line at right tackle.

“This is one of the bigger lines we have had the last couple of years.”

Jay Ingram is going to be the center for the Cougars.

“We have been blessed over the years with some pretty good centers and we think Jay is going to be a good one.”


Returning at tight end or wide receiver is Cary Angeline. He’s a tall kid at 6-foot-7 and tough to defend. His role is going to be very similar in what we did with Tyler Kroft. They are going to move him around a lot this year.

His best attribute is, he works hard. He has a lot of natural God given ability. He’s a very humble kid and likes to compete. He wants to be the best at everything. He has good hands and the basketball experience teaches him that. He has great body control and we can throw the ball up and let him make plays. He can block and he’s a big physical kid.”

Dan Chisena returns at receiver. He’s a fast kid and ran a 4.52 up at the Penn State camp. He’s a three-year starter.

“He has nice size at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds. He can run and won the 200 meters and second in the 100. He’s a smart kid and runs good routes and has great hands.”

Saunders Healy was a quarterback last year and is a division one Lacrosse player. He’s going to be a junior and they are moving him to wide receiver this year.

“He has good height at 6-foot-3 and he is very athletic. He can jump and run.”


Defensive Preview:

DE Caleb Fell is a returning three-year starter on the defensive line and is a top level Rugby player. He’s strong and very athletic.

“He’s very aggressive. He’s very intelligent and really knows what we’re asking and what we’re trying to do. He also understands what the opponent is trying to do. He’s a national-level, youth rugby player for his age group. He’s able to see the field a little bit more than most defensive lineman. He can see what the offense is trying to do by the way they are lined up. He’s really good at figuring things out and reacting.”

Thad Stevenson-Pancisan is a returning three-year starter at defensive end. He’s a physical kid and very strong rusher.

“Thad is the strongest kid we have ever coached. He has really improved every year and he should have a big year for us.”

They are going to be joined up front by a kid named Chris Harootunian. He’s a big kid at 6-foot-5, 250-pounds and is athletic.

“He has good technique and is a strong kid.”

The other end is Coach Matta son, Pat Matta.

“He’s a little undersized, but is quick and aggressive kid.”

Another kid in the mix is Josh Mills.


The strength of the defense is at linebacker. They have all the starters back from last year.

“We had some growing pains with them last year, but we’re expecting them to be good this year.”

Adam Stata returns and is a very quick tough football player. He’s a very good Lacrosse player.

“He’s very athletic and his strength is blitzing. He plays in space real well. He’s a big hitter.”

Returning at middle linebacker is Tyler Buban He’s was all-conference last year.

“He had a pretty good year for us last year. He has worked really hard in the weight room.”

The other kid that is returning is junior Brody Wilson. He’s another kid that is a good Lacrosse player and committed to Yale.

“Brody has good size and can move. He’s a good hitter and tackler. He’s a very intelligent player. At times we may move him to defensive end.”

Another kid that is going to be in the mix is Tyler Beasley.

“When we move Brody down to end at times Tyler will be in at linebacker.”


In the secondary they have two returning safeties.

Justin Cohen has great instincts, is a big hitter and led the team in interceptions. He’s a three-year starter at free safety.

“He has great vision and last year he had like six or seven interceptions for us.”

Kevin DiStefano is a returning safety that has good speed and is very quick to the ball. He’s also a track guy.

“He’s a guy that likes to throw his body around. He’s a big hitter.”

They have a couple of juniors battling for the corner spot. One of them is Mark Mastrog. He’s a good athlete and very smart player.

“He’s a guy that does everything really well. He can run and defend well.”

The other guy is Matt Boorman who is a three-sport athlete.

“He’s very competitive and wants to be the best.”


Special teams Preview:

Kevin DiStefano, Ethan Harris, Keith Conner and Jeremy Jennings are our kick return guys.

“Ethan and Jeremy are both sophomores and are track stars. All four of those guys have good speed and can make plays.”

Dan Chisena is the punt returner.

“He has sure hands and you want a guy back there that is going to handle the ball.”

The kicker will be Drew Brennan.

“He kicked last year for us as a sophomore. He had a pretty good year and has gotten bigger and stronger. He does punt some.”

Caleb Fell who is a nationally ranked junior rugby player also punts for the Cougars.

The long snapper is either Saunders Healy or Dan Chisena.


Head Coach: Michael Matta

2013 Record: 4-6   (2-4 Conference)

2014 Schedule

Offensive Starters Returning: (5)

OL Tyler Zuraski

TE Cary Angeline

WR Dan Chisena

QB Andrew Hudson

OL Billy McGinley


Defensive Starters Returning: (8)

DE Caleb Fell

DE Thad Stevenson-Pancisan

LB Adam Stata

LB Tyler Buban

LB Brody Wilson

FS Justin Cohen

CB Kevin DiStefano

DL Jason Gibson (out for the season)


Key Newcomers: QB Andrew Hudson

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects: TE Cary Angeline and DE Caleb Fell


2014 Outlook: Our offense revolves around the running back. If we can run the ball I think we will be okay this year.

We have worked really hard in the offseason. We have gotten stronger and have worked on getting better. We have had great leadership in the offseason workouts.

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