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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 10 – Penncrest (1)

Written by: on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


penncrestOffensive Preview:

Dan Fisher returns at quarterback and this will be his second year as a starter. He played a few games his sophomore year. Fisher is a good runner and they did a lot of play action with him last year. Last year he threw for over 1,200 yards and rushed for over 300 yards. Look for him to improve his totals from last year.

“We like to get him on the edge to make plays. He’s stronger and faster this year and more confident. He’s a good leader and ready to lead our team this year. If we run him five or 10 times a game and roll him out of the pocket that puts stress on the defense as well.”


At running back they have two juniors to keep an eye on. Jon Batipps and Ryan Kinnard don’t have a lot of experience coming back and combined had less than 12 carries.

“Both these kids were on varsity as special team players. Ryan has a little more speed and a guy that can get to the outside. Jon is a more physical runner.”

Diego Zubietta is going to be an h-back type runner for us this year.

“He will get some touches and we will put him in some short yardage packages.”


The leader on the offensive line starts with Senior Jonah Jackson. Last year he played tackle and you may see him at guard this fall.

“We like to match him up this year against the other teams bigger tackles. He has quick feet and is really strong.”

Carlos Ruiz played some last year and will be one of the tackles.

Sean Stitz is a returning player and look for him to play either center or guard.

James George and Jake Buchanan are the other two guys on the offensive line.

“Going into the season we have size with Jonah and we have some power. This offseason we’re moving guys around to see what works the best. We do have good size with these five guys.”


The wide receiver position is a question mark going into the season this year. Only Bob McCafferty has some experience coming back.

“Bob has some experience at receiver and he runs good patterns and has good hands. He will be our leader.”

Steve Moppert will be the other receiver this fall.

“Steve is very athletic and has some size. Last year he returned some punts.”

Zane Horne is another guy that will see some time at receiver.

“Zane returned punts for us last year. He’s 6-foot-1 and a playmaker. He should be a big time receiver for us this year. He has good leaping ability.”

Angelo Lochetto will be the third or fourth receiver this year.

“Angelo if very athletic and has very good hands.”


Defensive Preview:

Andrew Benecke is a returning starter on the defensive line from last year at defensive end.

“He’s very quick off the ball and he uses his hands well. He has good size and power.”

This year the Lions moved Tim Kinnard to tackle. Tim is undersized but quick to the ball. Last year he was an outside linebacker.

“He’s strong and very quick to the ball. He will put pressure on the quarterback.”

Benton King is the other end. He played in two games last year.

“We’re not that big, but we’re quick and strong. We have some concern about our size, but we just have to find a way to make things happen.”


At linebacker Chris Alyankian is a returning starter. He’s a three-year starter and two of those years are at inside linebacker.

“This year we’re looking at maybe moving him the D-Line. If we don’t make the move he will be our inside linebacker. He’s our leader on defense.”

This is Cody Newmiller’s first year starting at outside linebacker. He was a special teams guy.

“Cody is stronger and quicker going into his senior season. He did play some corner for us. He’s athletic.”

Diego Zubietta is a returning starter at outside linebacker. He had over 70 total tackles and five sacks last year.

“But if we move Chris down to D-Line, we may move Diego to inside linebacker.”

Sean Stitz could see some time at linebacker.

“He played a couple of games at linebacker his sophomore year.”


Free Safety Angelo Lochetto returns with experience in the secondary from last year. He had two interceptions last year.

“He started last year and part of his sophomore year. He has good speed and is very athletic. He plays smart and makes good decisions.”

The corners may be the two receivers, Zane Horne and Steve Moppert.

“We are going to have to rotate guys in there. Those two guys will see some time at corner.”

Bob McCafferty is a returning corner last year.

“If we can rotate all three of those guys, then we can give them a rest so they don’t go both ways too much.”


Special teams Preview:

Zane Horn and Steve Moppert are the kick and punt returners.

“They both did a great job last year, especially catching the ball.”

Sean Stitz could be the long snapper this year.


Head Coach: Rick Stroup

2013 Record: 7-3

2014 Schedule

Offensive Players Returning: (7) Sr. Dan Fisher QB, Sr. Jonah Jackson OL, Sr. Bob McCafferty SE, Sr. Carlos Ruiz OL, Sr. Sean Stitz OL, Sr. Diego Zubietta RB and Jr. Ryan Kinnard RB

Defensive Players Returning: (8) Sr. Chris Alyankian LB, Sr. Andrew Benecke DE, Sr. Benton King DE, Sr. Tim Kinnard DT, Sr. Angelo Lochetto FS, Sr. Cody Newmiller OLB, Sr. Darryl Townsend DT and Jr. Zane Horne DB

2014 Offensive Outlook: We lost eight starters, but have eight returning on defense and seven on offense. The outlook is good with 16 seniors returning.

Quarterback Dan Fisher returns to start his 2nd year. He is faster and stronger than last year.

This year I think we will be more balanced. On offense we need to take care of the ball. We need to run the ball effectively against good teams.

On defense our speed is an asset. We may have to put some of our bigger lineman on the line at times.

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