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2018 Team Previews – Manheim Central (3)

Written by: on Monday, July 2nd, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Dave Hahn

Assistant Coaches: Tom Waranavage, Mike Williams, Frank Barton, Wes Geib, Caleb Walton, Scott Shelley, Shaun Buller, Taylor Groff

Team Name: Manheim Central Barons

2017 Record: 13 – 1

Key Starters lost: WR Jake Novak, TE Garret Fittery, OT Dalton Gainer, OG Jarod Hauser, DE Colin Erb,ILB Tyler Simon

Offensive Starters Returning: (5)

#6                     Jr.                  QB                  Evan Simon, 6-3, 190

#54                    Sr.                    OL                  Tyler Dougherty, 5-11, 270

#68                    Sr.                    OL                  .Josh Painter, 6-0, 275

#78                    Sr.                    OL                    Brett Wolgemuth, 6-0, 266

#24                    Sr.                    RB                    Tyler Flick, 6-0, 185


Defensive Starters Returning: (6)

$46                  Sr.                  ILB                  Landan Moyer, 5-10, 195

#54                    Sr.                    DL                  Tyler Dougherty, 5-11, 270

#24                    Sr.                    LB                    Tyler Flick, 6-0, 185

#11                    Sr.                    SS                    Isacc Perron, 5-10, 165

#2                      Sr.                    FS                    Evan Hosler, 6-1, 175

#16                    Sr.                    C                    Will Rivers, 5-7, 145


Special Team Starters Returning: (2)

#17                    Sr.                  P/K                  Nico Gavala, 5-9, 160

#25                  Jr.                  LS                  Jake Harbach, 5-9, 200


Key Newcomers: (10)

#4                  Sr.                  RB/C                  Chris Shaw, 5,8, 150

#44                  Sr.                  WR/S                  Brooklyn Bicksler, 5-9, 160

#70                  Sr.                  OT/DL                  Cayden Warner, 5-10, 240

#3                  Sr.                  P/K                  Hunter Hess, 5-9, 165

#59                   Jr.                  OL/DL                    Troy Kolk, 5-11, 220

#5                     Jr.                  WR/C                  Colby Wagner, 5-10, 175

#7                     Jr.                  WR/C                     Ben Wagner, 5-10, 165

#25                  Jr.                  FB/DE                  Jake Harbach, 5-9, 200

#10                  Jr.                  DE                  Tyler Hartl, 5-11, 175

#66                  Jr.                  OL/DL                  Nolan Weaver, 5-11, 240


D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects:

Sr. Tyler Flick (RB), Jr. Evan Simon (QB)

Key Stats: 

2017 Special Teams: We attempted 83 PAT’s, 4 Field Goals and kicked off 103 times.

2017 Defense:  We have 3 of the top 4 leading tacklers from 2017 are back on defense.

2017 Offense: QB Evan Simon, threw for a single season record of 2,597 yards, as a sophomore. 3 out of 5 starting OL are back on the line, as well as leading rusher, Tyler Flick. Tyler had 1,465 yards rushing last year.

2018 Outlook: Please let us know the keys about your team on offense, defense and special teams.

What are your keys to having a successful year?

 Offense: We have experience back on the line, running back and Quarterback position.  That should help us early on, letting our receivers get their feet wet.  Our receivers group is young and inexperienced but talented.  Evan Hosler is transitioning from QB to the TE position.

Defense: We have three years under our belt in our defensive scheme, we feel good about our learning curve and where we are at, at this point. We must be solid tacklers and pursuit to the ball, they are the keys to any good defense and we will place a major emphasize on it as well as turnover ratio. We will be led by returning defensive players, Tyler Dougherty, Tyler Flick, Isaac Perron, Will Rivers and Evan Hosler.

Special Team: Our kicking is a major point of emphasis right now.  We have 6 kids working at the Punting, Kick-Offs and Place Kicking duties.

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