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2017 Team Preview – LaSalle College HS (12)

Written by: on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: John V. Steinmetz

Assistant Coaches: Dom D”Addona, Brett Gordon and Joe Wade

Team Name: LaSalle College High School (Explorers)

2016 Record: 6-5

2017 Schedule:

Key Starters lost: Sy Madden

Offensive Starters Returning: (6) Garrett Zobel, Sr, OG 6’3 285; Chris Maloney, Sr C 6’3 227; Colin Hirschmann, Sr OT 6’6 240; Dan Kuznetso, Sr OT 6’2 240, Try Holland, Sr WR 6’2 170, Liam Trainer, Sr TE 6’2 240

Defensive Starters Returning: (8) Garrett Zobel, Sr, DT 6’3 285; Chris Maloney, Sr DE 6’3 227; Colin Hirschmann, Sr DE 6’6 240; Dan Kuznetso, Sr DE 6’2 240, Austin Lemke, Sr MLB 6’0 220, Lian Trainer, Sr WLB 6’2 240, Devon Smith, Sr DB 5’11 165, Brendan Daly, Sr FS 5’10 215.

Special Team Starters Returning: (1) Dan Karrash, Sr P/K 6’2 180

Key Newcomers: (3) Isaiah Jones, Sr QB 6’2 225, Octavious Carter, 112 WR 5’7 150; Charles Wroten, Sr DB 5’10 200

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects: (9) QB/OLB Isaiah Jones, TE/LB Liam Trainer, OG/DT Garrett Zobel, OL/DE Chris Maloney, OT/DE Colin Hirschmann, OG/DE Daniel Kuznetsov, WR Troy Holland, DB Devon Smith, SS Brennan Daly

2017 Outlook:

Offense: Like the senior leadership on the offensive line and the speed we have at the WR positions.

Defense: Experience, we return seven starters, however we have a lot of competition and many positions.

Special Team: Karrash has a strong leg and experience from last season.

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