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Team # 3 Class 6A – LaSalle College HS (12)

Written by: on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: John Steinmetz (Head Coach and DC)lasalle_a

Assistant Coaches: Dom D’Addona (Asst. Head Coach), Brett Gordon (OC)

Team Name: LaSalle College High School (Explorers)

2015 Record: 8-4

Key Starters lost: Matt McDermott, Jim Morrissey, Nick Rinella and Chris Ferguson

Offensive Starters Returning: (4) Sr. RB Sy Madden, 5’9 205; Sr. OG Vincenzo Pelusi, 5’10, 250; Jr. WR Troy Holland, 6’1, 160; Jr. TE Liam Trainer, 6’2, 220

Defensive Starters Returning: (6) Sr. DB Tom Flavin, 5’10 175; Sr. DB Tre McNeil, 6’0, 190; Jr. FS Isaiah Jones, 6’1, 205; Jr. MLB Austin Lemkie, 6’0 205; Jr. DE Chris Maloney, 6’2, 225; Jr. DT Garrett Zobel, 6’3, 250

Special Team Starters Returning: (1) Sr. LS Cole Lerch, 5’9, 180

Key Newcomers: (4) Sr. FB/SS Corbin Mellee, 5’9 205; Sr. OL/DL Matt Weikel, 6’1, 250; Jr. DE/TE Colin Hirschmann, 6’4, 215; Jr. SS Dan Kuznetsov, 6’1, 215;

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects: Seniors: Sy Madden, Tre McNeil; Juniors: Isaiah Jones, Garrett Zobel, Liam Trainer, Chris Maloney and Troy Holland

2015 Outlook:

Offense: We will have some athletic players in the backfield with Sy (Rb), Isaiah (QB) and Troy (WR) and return all league TE in Liam Trainer, but we need to replace our OL and that will take some time and we need to find a second go to receiver.

Defense: We return 6 starters and we have a number of players ready to step in. I think we should be ok here if we can find another defensive lineman and a corner to replace Nick Renella.

Special Team: We return our long snapper in Cole Learch, but will have a new punter, place kicker and KO guy this year.

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