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2015 Team Preview – Susquehanna Township (3)

Written by: on Sunday, July 26th, 2015. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Joe Headensusquehanna_township_a

Assistant Coaches: Eric Ramsay, Doug Atticks, Rich Patucka, Charles Vaughn, Larry Holley, Rick Pierce, Brock Ward, Kody Mills, Terry Clark

Team Name: Susquehanna Township Indians

2014 Record:  3-7

2015 Team Schedule

Key loses: Long Tran DE (Carnegie Mellon) Jaquan Blair WR (Maine) Gary Penn DB (Kutztown)

Offensive Starters Returning: (8) #3 Sr.QB Ben Moser 5’10, #1 JR RB Trael Seegars, #34 RB Sylas Pope, #20 WR Sr Chris Ciotti, #9 SR WR Alonzo Rivera, OL #73 Sr. Jahkele Bascome, 6’3 278, #77 SR Ben Walker 6’2 250, #72 Kyree Downing 6’2 253

Defensive Starters Returning: (10)DT #55 Sr Aaron Seigle 6’3 275, DT #75 Sr Chris Uzokwe 6’2 280, DT # 61 So Corey Jett Jr 5’10 274, DT #77 Sr Ben Walker 6’2 253, ILB JR #6 Devin Evans, OLB 6′ Dre Banks, SS Trael Seegers, DB Malcolm Cobb-Wingfield, OLB Sam Allen, DB Isaiah Ramsay

Key Newcomers: Sr DT Malichi Murphy 6’4 240, Jr DB/WR Mari Wright

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects: Aaron Seigle ’16, Jahkele Bascome 16′, Trael Seegars 17′, Mari Wright 17′, Sam Allen 17′ Chris Ciotti 16′ Jonah Willimas ’17

Twitter: @hanna_tribe

2015 Outlook: Please let us know the keys about your team on offense, defense and special teams. What are your keys to having a successful year?

Offense: They Key to our season unlike last year is to stay healthy. We have never experienced the rash of injuries we had last season. We will see if the experience that our underclassmen gained will pay dividends. Offensively we will be as go as far as our QB play will take us. Ben will have 3 years in as a starter. Hopefully our experience upfront pays off.

Defense: We are cautiously optimistic about our defense. if we can line up and run to the ball we will have a good chance at being successful.

Special Team: We have one of the best kicker in central pa returning in Jonah Williams. Kick Returner Chris Ciotti has had 12 KOR for Touchdowns in the previous 2 seasons.

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