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2015 Team Preview – Scranton (2)

Written by: on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach:  Mike Marichak    scranton_a

Assistant Coaches: Jack Miles, Steve Shumbres, Jamie Higgins, Joe Watral, A.J. McKenna, Dave Demus, Jeff Field, Al Karaffa jr, Bill Lazor

Team Name: Scranton Knights

2014 Record: 7-4

2015 Team Schedule

Key Starters lost: Jake McCarthy, Brett Engleman, Scott Gorton, Charlie Pabst, Jordan O,Hearn, and Ramon Fields

Offensive Starters Returning: (6) Dylan Granahan TE, John Marichak WR, Julio Veramendi T, Jacob Watts TB/QB, Nico Bush T, Nate Corby FB

Defensive Starters Returning: (6) Dylan Granahan DE/OLB, John Marichak DE/OLB, Nico Bush DL, Nate Corby LB, Nasir Muhammad DL
Marcus Pacheco CB

Key Newcomers: Josh Williams (starter for West Scranton High RB/DB); Len Floyd OL/DL; Reggie Dickey WR/DB; Jake Jones 6-1 200 g lb so; Jacob Watts and Dylan Granahan


2015 Outlook: Please let us know the keys about your team on offense, defense and special teams. What are your keys to having a successful year?

If we stay healthy and get better on the Oline we will be very competitive. We have enough athletes to make plays its about putting it all together and get better each week.

Offense: We are going to need a team effort and everybody is going to have to contribute on Offense not just one athlete.

Defense: I think we are going to very quick and physical up front and our linebackers but we are going to need our secondary to get better and gel quickly.

Special Team: I think will be pretty good because we a lot of kids that are quick and athletic and that’s important on special teams.

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