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2015 Team Preview – LaSalle College HS (12) – Big School Team # 10

Written by: on Monday, August 17th, 2015. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: John Steinmetzlasalle_a

Assistant Coaches: Dom D’Addona (Asst Head Coach and OL/Dl); Ryan Doyle (OC), Vernard Abrams (QB)

Team Name: LaSalle College High School (“Explores”)

2014 Record: 8-3

2015 Team Schedule

Key losses:

Offense: Kyle Shumur, QB (2500 yards passing and 29 TD’s); Jim Herron, WR (71-931); Jordan Meachum, RB (141-857)

Defense: Keith Wagner, DL; Aiden Kerrigan and Ryan Brady LB’s

Offensive Starters Returning: (7)

Offensive Line: C: Jim Morrissey (6’3 290); OG: Matt McDermott (6’2 275) and Conor McCracken (6’2 270); OT: Ryan Schutta (6’2 245) and TG Garvin (6’4 260)

Skill Positions: RB/Slot Rec: Nick Rinella (5’9 180), WR: Charles Headen (5’8 165, 10.6 100 meter dash time);

Specials: P Mike Raczak and K Matt Savage

Defensive Starters Returning: (6)

Defensive Line: DE’s Matt McDermott (6’2 275) and Ryan Schutta (6’2 245); NT Anthony Piscopo (5’11 215)

Secondary: C: Jared Walls (5’8 190) and Nick Rinella; and Sam Hardy at Will LB

Key Newcomers:

Offense: QB Chris Furguson (6’4 220); RB Corbin Melle (Jr 5’9 185); WR Winston Eubanks(5’11 170)

Defense: DL Garret Zobel (So 6’2 240), SS Kohler Setley (5’10 2015); DB Tom Flavin (Jr) and Tre McNeil (Jr)

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects: Morrissey, McDermott, Schutta, Rinella, Headen and Raczak

Twitter: @LaSalle_Sports

2015 Outlook: 

Offense: Our strength will be our offensive line, if we can consistently run the ball; it should open up the passing game to get the ball in space to Rinella and Headen/Eubanks deep.

Defense: We should be solid up front with three returning players and a number of juniors and sophomores who are working hard in the weight room that we expect to contribute. Our LB’s are athletic, but will be young, . Our secondary is having a good summer and is getting better every day, they should be solid once the season starts.

Special Team: We return our Punter, Kicker and long snapper, so we will have experience at all three positions.

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5 Responses to “2015 Team Preview – LaSalle College HS (12) – Big School Team # 10”

  1. FballFan56 says:

    Interesting developments – thanks, Zues84. Perhaps Jones ends up being used like Jimmy Herron was used early on in his LS career. Sounds as if he can provide needed help in the defensive backfield, too. It will be interesting to see how Christopher Ferguson leads at QB, although what little film there is of him from prior seasons suggest potential to do well. Despite some significant player/coaching losses from last season, LS is well positioned to have a great season.

  2. DG says:

    Gonna be a great year!

  3. Zues84 says:

    Madden is there and has been looking very good from what I hear. They also have a transfer soph QB/RB/DB from GA Isaiah Jones who is very good to. Already an offer from Temple. Madden is going to have a great year running behind an experienced OLine like LaSalle. With Rinella, Headon, Eubanks, Madden, Jones they have a ton of Skill players.

  4. David Mika says:

    @ Fballfan56….I got these preview a few weeks ago. If he did it was after I got the preview. Just to let you know.

  5. FballFan56 says:

    Ted Silary’s site says that Syaire Madden, 1st team Inter-AC RB last fall as a sophomore for Springside-Chestnut Hill Academy, has transferred to LaSalle. I don’t see his name mentioned above. Anyone know if the transfer has happened? He’s not listed on either team’s on-line rosters.

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