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2015 Team Preview – Lancaster Catholic (3)

Written by: on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Bruce Harbachlancaster_catholic_a

Assistant Coaches: OC – Jim Cantafio, DC – Gerad Novak, OL – Clint Surgeoner, DL – Julian Williams, DB – Pete Anderson, RB – AJ Cunningham, LB – David Beck

Team Name: Lancaster Catholic Crusaders

2014 Record: 4-6

2015 Team Schedule

Key Starters Lost: Jared Kramp WR/DB, Nassir Weaver, RB/DB, Skylar Bender, OL/DL, Darius Goudy, TE/DE, Keegan Sheedy, OL/DL, Christian Kemp, WR/DB

Offensive Starters Returning: (9) Bryan Downey, Jr. QB 5’11’ 175, Jordan Scott, Jr. QB 5’10” 170, Andrew Bertz, Sr. WR/DB 5’10” 160, Kurt Harnish, Sr. 5’10” 220 RB, Alex Zaporozec, Sr. 6’1″ 220 TE, William Amidon, Sr. 6’3″ 290 OL, Guillermo Rodriguez, Sr.5’11” 240 OL, Noah Thomas, Jr. 6’4″ 295, OL, Ricky Poillion, Jr. 6’4″ 205 WR

Defensive Starters Returning: (8) Christian Sweigert, Jr. 5’9″ 150 DB, Bryan Downey, Jr. 5’11” 175, FS, Eli Crone, Sr. 5’10” 190 LB, Kurt Harnish, Sr. 5’10”, 220 LB, Alex Zaporozec, Sr. 6’1″ 220 DE, Guillermo Rodriguez, Sr. 5’11” 240 DL, Noah Thomas, Jr. 6’4″ 295, DL, Ricky Poillion, Jr. 6’4″ 205 OLB,

Key Newcomers: So. Andrew Kirchner, 6’0″, 170 WR/LB, Jr. Josh Houser 6’1″ 175, WR/155, Sr. Chris Tshudy, 5’11” 175 RB/LB, So. Sebastian Lewis, 5’9″ 215, RB/LB, So. Peyton Snopek, 5’11” 210 OL/DL, Sr. Eric Grill, 5’9″ 215, C, Fr. Cody Sparkiln 6’3″ 245 OL/DL,

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects: Noah Thomas, OL/DL, Rickey Poillion, WR/LB, Bryan Downey, FS

2015 Outlook: Please let us know the keys about your team on offense, defense and special teams. What are your keys to having a successful year?

We have to cut down on turnovers and penalities to be successful. Numbers are low, so we have to stay healthy. Way ahead of last year at this time because of new staff in place last season.

Have to control the ball. Kids feel confident and are working hard.

Defensively, we have to stop the run. Strength is WR’s and secondary. QB position is in good hands woith Downey and Scott.

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