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2015 Team Preview – Dunmore (2)

Written by: on Thursday, August 27th, 2015. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jack Henzes dunmore_a

Team Name: Dunmore Bucks

2014 Record: 14-2

2015 Team Schedule

Key Starters lost: Dan Drewes, Tim Drewes, Matt Muracco, Jake Makowski, Bill Connor, Stephen McMynne, Kyle Oprisko, Joe Waters, Sal Marchese, Eric Deluccie, Tyler Lasher, Joe Maceyko, Joe Capooci

Offensive Players Returning: (5) TE Bob Stout, RB Colin Holmes, FB Pat Reese, RB Garrett Murray, WR Mike Dougherty

Defensive Players Returning: (3) LB Bob Stout, DB Colin Holmes, SS Garrett Murray

Special Team Starters Returning: (1) P Kyle Lasher

Key Newcomers: OL Michael Muracco, OL Cory Frick, OL Nick Shoemaker, OL Chris Coviello, OL Jerry Longo, OL Jake Sawka, QB Dominic Mesko

Key Stats: Colin Holmes rushed for 1,698 yards and 24 touchdowns.

2015 Outlook: Please let us know the keys about your team on offense, defense and special teams. What are your keys to having a successful year?

Offense: We have to be patient. We are going to be very young this year. We are going to have to start some freshman and sophomores on the offensive line this year and these are some of the guys, OL Michael Muracco, OL Cory Frick, OL Nick Shoemaker, OL Chris Coviello, OL Jerry Longo, OL Jake Sawka.

At quarterback will be Dominic Mesko. Pat Reese will be at fullback. At tailback we will have Colin Holmes and Garrett Murray.

Michael Dougherty will be at wide receiver along with Noah O’Malley

Defense: On the defensive line we have DE Ryan Williams and Garrett Murray. Nick Shoemaker will play DT along with Julio Ramos. At Nose tackle is Kyle Lasher.

The two inside linebackers are Pat Reese and Bob Stout.

At strong safety is Colin Holmes and Dominic Mesko will play free safety. At right corner will be Noah O’Malley and Michael Dougherty will be left cornerback.

Special Team: The kick returners will be Colin Holmes and Michael Dougherty. Pat Orr will compete for kicking duties and Kyle Lasher will do the punting.

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