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2015 Team Preview – Berwick Area (2)

Written by: on Friday, August 14th, 2015. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: George Curryberwick_a

Assistant Coaches: John Jola, Mike Bennett, Mike Hall, Andy Mihaly, Dave Parmenteri, Scott Fetterolf, Brian Remley, Keith Seely, Jake Titus

Team Name: Berwick Bulldogs

2014 Record: 9-3

2015 Team Schedule

Returning Letterman: Kyle Roberts, Luke Fisher, Sean McCole, Kyle Pierce, Logan Eyer, Jared Levan, Alex Koch, Nick Koch, Anthony Cicini, Harrison Kuchka, Ryan Woodard, Zack Beckley, Matt Taylor, Randy Miller, Kyle McMillan, Len Wyda, Daquan Hellenthal, Trent Kowalski, Rob Harter, Austin McLaughlin

Twitter: @berwickdawgs

2015 Outlook: Please let us know the keys about your team on offense, defense and special teams. What are your keys to having a successful year?

Offense: The 2015 offensive line will be young but talented. Curry stated we have enough experience returning to get the leadership that great lines have. Leading the way is Kyle Pierce and Zach Beckley. Matt Taylor and Stone Force both lettered last year. Austin McLaughlin returns after missing last year with an injury. Ryan Woodard is a 6-foot-3, 305 pound lineman that has good quickness and size. Watch out for two talented sophomores in Chase Strothers and Tom Monico. Kevin Tanribilir, Joe Knipp and Joe Brewer add depth to the line.

At tight end is Kyle Pierce. He’s a dominant blocker and can play on the line anywhere. Stone Force saw action at tight end last year and could be a factor in the running game. Jim LeGrande and Max McCabe add depth to the tight end position.

At running back Len Wyda and Daquan Hellenthal are two guys who can turn a game around in a hurry. Another guy that will see action is Alex Koch. He hits the hole first and cuts well. Matt Shannon, Evan Klinger, Trent Kowalski and Anthony Cicini added depth at the running game.

At quarterback Mike Force knows the offense and has a strong arm and speed. Another guy who may see some action is Jared Marshman. Backup Noah Craig will be seeing duty at quarterback also.

Curry has depth at wide receiver, like returning letterman Harrison, Luke Fisher who are strong, confident receivers. Anthony Cicini is quick and has good hands. Nick Koch, Rob Harter and Randy Miller will see action this year. Denver Knorr, Malik McMillan, Justin Groshek and Jared Watts are battling for play time this year.

Defense: The Dawgs have five candidates for the two defensive end positions. They are Kyle Roberts, Luke Fisher, Trent Kowalski, Dylan Weaver and Joe Norce. They are all good athletes and run well. Roberts started a few games last year at linebacker. Also Nate Zanolini, Ben Stola, Connor Hanson, Ahren Slusser, and Jim LeGrand give the Dawgs a lot of talent to choose from.

On the defensive line All-Conference Sean McClole returns at nose guard along with All-Conference Kyle Pierce. Also, letterman Logan Eyer and Matt Taylor come back with experience. Curry is high on Chase Strothers, Tom Monico, Will Morey, Jared Levan and Austin McLaughlin. Adding depth to the line are Kevin Limas, Fernal Guavara, Stone Force.

There will be a lot of competition for the starting job on the defensive line in camp.

At linebacker the Dawgs return two of the best in the league in Randy Miller and Kyle McMillan. Curry’s concern is depth. Noah Craig and Joe Miller are working hard this offseason. Kyle Roberts can be moved back to inside linebacker if needed.

Returning at defensive back are the Koch brothers, Alex and Nick. Anthony Cicini and Justin Groshek have looked good in summer workouts. Curry thinks the secondary will be one of the strong points on defense. They have depth in Matt Shannon, Evan Klinger, Harrison Kuchka, Denver Knorr, Jared Watts, Alex Parks, Ethan Miller, Ryan Wright and Tom Smith.

Special Team:
Punters: Dylan Weaver and Trent Kowalski
Kickoffs: Jordan DiValerio, Fernal Guevara and Luke Fisher
Long Snaps: Kyle Pierce and Anthony Cicini
Extra Points: Jordan DiValerio, Frenal Guevara and Luke Fisher
Kick Returns: Len Wyda, Anthony Cicini, Daquan Hellenthan, Alex Koch and Harrison Kuchka

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2 Responses to “2015 Team Preview – Berwick Area (2)”

  1. Rollie Ciffo says:

    This is why Curry has been and continues to be a great coach…attention to detail. I believe this site asked him for a preview and this is what they returned. If that is the case, that’s great. I think more and more schools are getting it. Whether or not that is the case, they do EVERYTHING this way whether its practice/prep, game prep, scouting, motivation, marketing kids for schools etc. However, George is old. Hopefully these ways are rubbing off on his assistants…one of whom I assume will eventually take over.

  2. McD 65 PCL says:

    Great overview.

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