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2018 Team Previews – Middletown Area Blue Raiders (3)

Written by: on Saturday, July 28th, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Brett Myers

Assistant Coaches:

Dustin Green
JJ Ortiz
John Dickey
Mike Schatz
Rob Brodish
Mike Dupes
Steve Boyland
Josh Rytell

Team Name: Middletown Area High School

2017 Record: 14-1

2018 Schedules:

Key Starters Lost:

Brady Fox
Tre Leach
Kyle Trusdale
Chris Plummer
Tyreer Mills
Ryan Highes
Brendon Douglass

Offensive Starters Returning: (8)

Sr OT Ethan Miller 6’3 245- All League
Sr OG Cole Senior 6’0 220-All League
Sr Cen Joe Gusler 6’1 265-All League
Sr OG Morgan Billman 6’0 225
Sr TE Trayvon Joseph 6’0 195
Sr FB Lamar Venture 6’0 190
Sr QB Scott Ash 6’0 165
JR RB Jose Lopez 5’10 186-All League

Defensive Starters Returning: (5)

SR DE Adonis Tarveras 6’2 220- All League
SR DT Cole Senior 6’0 220-All League , All State
SR DT Joe Gusler 6’1 265
SR DE Trayon Joseph 6’0 195
SR LB Gage Radabaugh 5’10 175

Special Team Starters Returning: (0)

Key Newcomers: (5)

SR DB/RB Richie Sykes 6’1 195
JR DB/RB Chris Joseph 5’10 160
SR CEN Matt Lugo 6’0 270
JR DB/WR Jarrod Pugh 6’2 170
SR DB/WR Tyler Petroski 5’10 160

Key Stats: 2017 Gave up less than 90 yards rushing per game. Gave up 9.4 points per season. Outscore opponent 621 to 141 over the course of 15 games.

2018 Offensive Outlook: For our offense to have a good year we will need to continue our focus that has made us successful in the past, blocking being unselfish and playing at a fast pace. If all 11 players on the offense can improve their blocking and fundamentals we will continue to grow offensively.

2018 Defensive Outlook: This year’s defense will need to find its own identity. To play at a high level it will still come down to giving great effort in our pursuit of the ball carrier. For this unit to lead our team it will attempt to be perfect in its alignment, effort and improve every week as tacklers.

2018 Special Teams Outlook: The special team will take on a look that matches our offense by playing fast and being unselfish. It will also look to equal the effort of the defense and be great tackling every week..

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