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Hurricane Barket Hits Communications Tech

Written by: on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008. Follow Willie McGonigle on Twitter.


PHILADELPHIA: The forecast for Friday Evenings PIAA Class A First Round between Schuylkill Haven and Communications Tech called for a clear cold however a Hurricane hit the South Philadelphia Super Site. The Hurricane was named Zach Barket. All Barket did was rack up 256 yards on 29 carries to pace the Hurricanes to a 43-0 victory over the Communications Tech Phoenix.

Heading into the game Barket already owned the record for most touchdowns in a season with 57 and needed 295 yards to break Austin Scott single season record of 3846. “Right now I got some good personal accomplishments but as a team we still got a few more games to go” is what Barket would say about his season thus far.

After a carrying the Hurricanes to the Phoenix 47 yard line Barket would fumble the ball which was picked up by CT’s Kyle Tubbs at their own 33 yard line. The Hurricanes defense responded forcing the Phoenix to attempt a Punt however Tyler Swoyer blocked the kick forcing the ball to go back to the CT 2 yard line. On the ensuing play Hurrican Barket hit a place he’s been so many times before and that’s the end-zone. Mike Georgevic would add the extra point giving the Hurricanes the 7-0 lead.

On the second play of the second quarter Barket would strike again this time he would strike from 74 yards out. Georgevic would add the extra point giving the Hurricanes the 14-0 lead.

On next Hurricane drive Barket would again carry the Hurricanes down and looked like he was going in for his third touchdown but he would cough up the ball lucky Zack Faust would fall on it for the Hurricanes. Barket would power his way in for the two point conversion giving the Hurricanes the 22-0 lead. “

Barket would close out the scoring in the first half with his one yard plunge. Georgevic would add the extra point giving the Hurricanes the 29-0 halftime lead.

Barket would put an end to his night with a 34 yard touchdown run. Georgevic would add the extra point giving the Hurricanes the 36-0 lead. After the game Barket showed a little disappointment with himself “I don’t think I had my best game by far here they (Phoenix) defense did a good job containing me for the most part.

Barket will need 39 yards to break the rushing record and his undefeated Hurricanes will take on Riverside. Next Friday night.

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14 Responses to “Hurricane Barket Hits Communications Tech”

  1. laces out says:

    I am not a fan of either squad but know a few things about both teams. First and foremost, If I was a hurricane fan I would not get too excited about beating a techinal school nor would I compare riverside to comm tech or williams valley. They are much faster and their offense is much more explosive. Haven will be able to run all day but they have to stop the big plays that the riverside offense thrives on. Quick slants and screen passes are how they break your back. Haven does seem like they tackle extremely well so it should be a very entertaining game. Good luck to both teams and I truly believe that the winner will represent the east at hershey.

  2. Riverside? says:

    riverside u r in ur own little land. u keep stateing these facts that aren’t true to 5 haven fans against one and u think ur opinion on any topic has a value. its doesn’t.

  3. Schuylkill Haven says:

    I would have to agree with you Todd. But, I am done with the name calling and rock throwing. I am a true blue Haven fan. I have been waiting for this game since Riverside beat Dunmore. It comes down to this: Haven needs to stop the deep ball and Riverside needs to stop all three backs…simple as that. I am just hoping for a really good game and a fair one at that. Hopefully the Riverside/Haven game doesn’t turn into a game like the WV game and that it turned into a brawl (which in my eyes)didn’t show me that they (WV) had any CLASS as a team. Best of Luck to you and your team.

  4. John says:

    Guys! Is all of this bickering back and forth really needed? A lot of what Todd had to say is legit. He did a lot of work on this subject. Good job Todd. I have had the opportunity to both of these teams play this year. I saw two of Riverside’s games and three of Haven’s games. I have seen a lot of teams play this fall. Most have been here in the Lehigh Valley, where we have some real power houses in Quad A. At any rate I just don’t see Riverside beating the Hurricanes. If you think that the Hurricanes are a one man team you are sadly mistaken. Chris Barket leads the entire Nation in rushing. Why? His offensive line is one of the best that I have seen in 30 years. You do not put up the numbers that Barket has without a good supporting cast. Does Haven have a weak link? I don’t see it. If there is one problem for Haven it might come IF they have to go a full game with their starters. Meaning, the only thing that could come into play would be whether or not they are conditioned enough to go a full 48 minutes. Coach Farr has pulled his first team in the third quarter of every game but one, because he did not want to run up the score and still the scores were lopsided. This much is for sure, if Riverside comes out and plays anything like they did against West Scranton, it will be over by halftime. I don’t expect that to happen. Sch. Haven has been behind in a few games this year after the 1st quarter, but has never let it bother them. My brother has seen them play every game. He is a guru of high school football and written for the Pottsville Republican in the past, but is retired now. Trust me when I say that he knows his football. He agrees with me that he just cannot see Riverside pulling this off. If they do it will be a major upset. My brother and I see this game going close for a quarter, maybe midway thru the second, but that’s it. It should be a done deal by the start of the fourth. We see Sch. Haven winning this game: 42 – 21. Maybe it will be closer, but I doubt it. Whatever happens good luck to both teams. Riverside, you said that Williams Valley was not a good undefeated team. I beg to differ with you. They are a good team. The problem was their team speed could stay with the Hurricanes. They were just outmatched. But, to say a team that is undefeated is not a good team is wrong. You don’t go undefeated without being a good team.

  5. Todd says:

    Our D has been lights out for the past 5 weeks. Your running game is average. Your passing game is decent. You have no clear cut edge. Haven doesn’t pass that much, true, but why would we have to. 13 teams have tried to stop Barket and 13 have failed (soon to be 14). When we need to pass its wide open, why? Because everyone keys Barket. Don’t fix what isn’t broke. Riverside is just another team for Barket to rack up more yards against and set more records. I guess I cant blame you for thinking your hot shit when you cant hack it in AA so you drop to A try to be competitive. Sorry cant take you too seriously when your road here consisted of 3 winning teams all regular season and a first playoff game against a 2-8 team.

  6. Schuylkill Haven says:

    I guess what it all boils down to, is that Riverside couldn’t hack AA so they came down to single A…and they will soon find out that they can’t hang with the single A teams either.

  7. Todd says:

    Since you Riverside fans want to try and make your team sound SO superior I decided to do a little stat searching and I came across this lovely tidbit that I thought you would enjoy. Lets take a look at who Haven played compared to who you played, their records and scores.

    Tri-Valley (4-6) 47-14
    Marian (6-4) 42-12
    Minersville (2-8) 55-0
    N. Schuylkill (7-3) 54-19
    Panther Valley (7-3) 36-20
    Shenandoah (2-8) 41-0
    Tamaqua (7-3) 48-7
    Jim Thorpe (6-4) 49-20
    Mahanoy Area (1-9) 64-12
    Blue Mountain (3-7) 42-15
    Nativity (5-5) 58-13
    Williams Valley (10-0) 43-7
    Comm Tech (9-0) 43-0

    Opponents with Winning Record: 7 of 13 (2 in playoffs)
    Opponents with .500 Record: 1 of 13 (1 in playoffs)
    Opponents with Losing Record: 5 of 13 (0 in playoffs)
    Opponents Total Wins: 69
    Opponents Total Losses: 60
    Closest Margin of Victory: 16 (to a 7-3 team)
    Most Points Scored in a Game: 64 (to a 1-9 team)
    Fewest Points Scored in a Game: 36 to a (7-3 team)
    Shut Outs: 3 (2 to 2-8 teams and 1 to a 9-0 team)
    Average Points a Game: 47.8
    Average Points Allowed a Game: 10.6
    Average Margin of Victory: 36.4

    Old Forge (8-2) 42-6
    W. Scranton (3-7) 22-21
    N. Pocono (2-8) 56-12
    Valley View (5-5) 32-20
    Honesdale (2-8) 44-0
    Scranton Prep (5-5) 42-20
    Lakeland (7-2) 44-13
    W. Wayne (1-9) 68-6
    Montrose (3-7) 52-7
    Dunmore (9-1) 34-20
    Meyers (2-8) 66-22
    Old Forge (8-2) 48-21
    Southern Columbia (8-2) 25-7

    Opponents with WInning Record: 5 of 13 (2 in playoffs)
    Opponents with .500 Record: 2 of 13 (0 in playoffs)
    Opponents with Losing Record: 6 of 13 (1 in playoffs)
    Opponents Total Wins: 63
    Opponents Total Losses: 66
    Closest Margin of Victory: 1 (to a 3-7 team)
    Most Points Scored in a Game: 68 (to a 1-9 team)
    Fewest Points Scored in a Game: 22 (to a 3-7 team)
    Shut Outs: 1 ( to a 2-8 team)
    Average Points a Game: 44.2
    Average Points Allowed a Game: 13.7
    Average Margin of Victory: 30.7

    So lets have a break down shall we? 3 of your regular season opponents had winning records 5 of ours did. You even play a 2-8 team in the playoffs!!! Your closest win was a 1 point win over a 3-7 team and ours was a 16 point win over a 7-3 team. The only thing you beat us at was most points scored in a game and that was a 68-64 difference. Our fewest points scored in a game was still 14 more then your lowest scored in a game. We average more points then you per game and we give up less points then you do per game. Out margin of victory is greater then yours per game.

    Am I here claiming victory? No because you guys have a damn good team. But for Riverside fans to come on here and say things like we dont play anyone is foolish. Stats don’t lie my friends. We have your team out done in every major category so far this year. Here’s to what it should be, a great game!!!

  8. Neutral Observer says:

    SCA rushed for like 230 yards against Riverside and outgained them in total yardage. Hold Barkett to under 100 yards? I don’t know about that. Should be a very good game. Anyone know where and when the game is?

  9. FOOTBALL FAN says:

    the vikings/hurricanes game will be very exciting to watch if your a vikings fan haven has not been tested yet because i agree they did play a verrrrry weak schedule riverside should dominate from from both sides of the ball sorry but the vikings are just THAT DAMN GOOD !!!!

  10. Riverside says:

    Good undefeated teams? Name them. WV? No. Comm Tech? No. Wait till you play a real team on Friday.

  11. Riverside? says:

    ok riverside keep ur confidence and get it pumped up more so u will fall harder on the leading rusher in the nation? no.

  12. Haven Pride says:

    Remember that phrase when you’re watching Sch. Haven play the Eastern Class A Final from the bleachers. Good undefeated teams have tried, and fallen against the Hurricanes. Riverside will be no different.

  13. Schuylkill Haven says:


    Haven 49
    Riverside (if your lucky) 14

    I will save you a seat in Hershey!

  14. Riverside says:

    You guys should be proud of the 13-1 record you’ll have after Friday night.