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2017 Football Forum

Written by: on Sunday, January 1st, 2017. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official forum on high school football for the 2017 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

2016 Football Forum

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2,371 Responses to “2017 Football Forum”

  1. Mike A. says:

    Justin E
    If he’s unsure would he consider a college to attain military status like VMI, Citadel,Texas A&M, or Virginia Tech. In PA check into the Valley Forge Military Acadamy junior college (not sure if this has football though). Most join the military but I don’t think it’s mandatory. Not sure of the requirement or policies of these institutions but it might be something to look into.
    Just a thought.

  2. Toby Kimball says:

    Tully –

    I live in the District 3 area and am well aware of the history and accomplishments of Aliquippa but know little about Southern Columbia. Aliquippa needs to answer to no one. You should feel very proud of your public school football tradition and the tradition of your whole area. Don’t waste your time defending your schools to the insecure obscure individuals on here. But I will help 🙂

    Current NFL players from Aliquippa…. Darrelle Revis, Jonathan Baldwin, Tommy Campbell.

    Past NFL players…. Tony Dorsett, Sean Gilbert, Ty Law, Carmine DePascal, Anthony Dorsett Jr., Charles Fisher, Josh Lay, Curt Singer, Paul Posluszny, Bob Liggett, Willie Walker AND DITKA!!!!!

    Southern Columbia NFL alumni includes Henry Hynoski.

    Also I remember an ESPN 30 for 30 about Aliquippa…… I’m sure the Southern Columbia version will be out soon.

  3. Tully says:

    I am from the west (not Aliquippa) but am blown away by the ‘Brian’ post. To suggest the Quips play 3a because its the easiest path to a state title is absolutely ludicrous and at some level insulting. I agree this past year 3a was the weakest level on a relative basis (although Jeanette would not have won 3a) but the Quips CHOOSE to play up in what is proven to be the top district at that 3a level. Their DIVISION has won back/back state champs. They picked the hardest road to their own district championship and did it at least in part to play against their traditional rivals as their enrollment has shrunk. If they can compete there why not (something lost on many other ‘great’ programs). They are not dodging ANYONE. They could very possibly be back/back state champs if they ‘played where their numbers put them’.

    Making that suggestion even more absurd is they played up in the four class system when the levels were not watered down like they are today. The path for some ‘top’ programs to the state title are disturbingly easy now especially at 4a and 5a. The Quips are doing WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING FOR A DECADE or more and in the process prove themselves as a consistently fantastic program. They are not dodging ANYONE.

    So in summary what Aliquippa continues to do year in and out is THE most consistently impressive thing I have seen in the state over the past decade. A huge congrats to them for COMPETING at their weight class instead of chasing trophies like several of the other ‘top’ programs in the state.

    It is great to see their ongoig and well earned success. Aliquippa football is unique. To suggest otherwise is a very uninformed voice.

  4. mark d says:

    Justin he he wants the military and d1 college football try West Point or one of the other academies

  5. Walter White says:

    Hi Justin,

    As a former coach and the father of a player who was pretty heavily recruited I hope I can be of assistance here. First off; congrats on your sons high school career! Second; it is absolutely not too late to get him recruited now, but it will take some work from you and your son. Here goes:

    You now are his agent full time! I’m sure he has a hudl tape, if he does, make sure it is less then 4 minutes, and provides his GPA, accolades, height and weight, and HIS contact information (along with your coach who hopefully is supportive of his pursuits). Dont just show him tackling people in the same way over and over, show hustle plays, special teams plays, and any athletic plays on offense as well. Dont have a curse laden song playing in the background either; coaches hate that and turn sound off anyway. Once this film is up to date, use social media to get it out there! Contact sports writers and ask them for help in spreading the word. Get friends who have contacts at colleges to spread the word as well. Most importantly however, is your son sitting down and emailing and calling colleges that he may be interested in. They want to hear from HIM not you, and they just want to hear that he is truly interested in being recruited by this school. You’d be amazed that sometimes the only reason kids get recruited is because they showed true interest in that particular school when otherwise they may not have ever heard of him or seen him play. Its almost like the courting process in a relationship, the first step to a date is actually communicating interest. There are tons of schools that are not even close to filling their classes yet, so I would identify a number of schools to contact and simply reach out to the recruiting coach of his area (which usually can be found on the schools football website) with an introduction from your son, and a short explanation of his story, and request a meeting or dialogue. Have you son email his hudl tape with a short intro letter that briefly and clearly expresses his interest in being recruited by them. Follow that up with a phone call to the recruiting coaches office. Persistence pays off! Also be prepared to go to the campus for a visit, if you are offered to do that; do it! Coaches appreciate someone who is willing to make the trip to see them and their facilities; it shows you really are interested in them.

    I’m not sure of your sons ability level, but other then big big time programs, there is room on many recruiting classes right now at all levels. I personally had a great experience playing D3 football many years ago at a great school. If you are willing to put the time in, you will find opportunities, but you, your son, and your head coach are going to have to do your part. Hope this helps I kind of rambled on. Good luck!

  6. Fl says:

    Aliquippa didn’t move up in class to avoid the competition, that’s pretty redculous to think they would move up 2 classes to avoid 1 team come on! The 2A SC and 3A QV would beat all 1A teams this year. I heard they just like the competitiveness factor but whatever the reason props on them for always playing up, other schools could learn from that

  7. Justin E says:

    Can I get some advice? Im a parent of a football player that just finished his senior year.(for football not school) He was named to All-State team. He led his team in tackles since he was a sophomore.(5A team) He was dead set on going military so we did zero for recruiting. His head coach also knew of his desire for military so he told anyone interested that he wasnt interested in playing college football. Well, He has now decided against military. Im assuming its a little late to do anything as far as recruiting is concerned? Id assume any time of scholarships are accounted for? He is completely fine with just going to community college until he figures out what he wants to do but I thought if he had any interest from a school that maybe he would be open to play college ball. Any input on what do do this late in the game from a coach or a parent that had a kid play college ball would be appreciated.

  8. Brian says:

    Michael, my thinking on Aliquippa playing AAA is to avoid Bishop Guilfoyle in A and southern in AA. I know BG lost this year but they put together a run like Clariton and Southern did in A. Looks like Southern is now putting together a run similar to that on AA. 3 straight years there and two state titles with the expectation of one or two more to follow. Also they’ve only been in AA four years now. Not sure how Aliquippa didn’t win in all. I felt AAA was the weakest class there was this year. I believe both A and AA state champs beat Middletown pretty easily. I honestly believe the Quips play AAA because they feel it’s the easiest path to a state title.

  9. Footballdad99 says:

    @Mike Smoll how do you know NP doesn’t have those numbers or close to it? I remember sports illustrated did the top athletic programs in each state. In PA North Penn was #1. Look at the amount of sports they carry. 100+ on football, probably 50 on baseball, maybe more. Lacrosse, Soccer, cross county, track and field, winter track, a full wrestling program, all the swimming programs, including water polo, golf, volleyball, tennis etc. You are backing yourself into a corner here. NP like wood has a great culture of participation. I would imagine many high schools in the area have the same ratio. You are playing yourself here bud.

  10. Mike Smoll says:

    @D12FAN, when I say 130 minimum athletes in all Boys Varsity Sports I am only talking about Varsity, add another 130 for JV sports and you have 260 out of 350 total boys involved in sports, which comes out to an Unbelievable 75% of the boys in school involved in athletics. My question is how does that happen? There is no way any public school comes close to that, and I just truly do not understand it. I’ll probably be crucified for asking the question but. If North Penn HS for instance had anywhere near similar numbers they would have over a 1000 boys involved in sports.

  11. Michael says:

    Neumann Goretti will be playing AAA.

  12. Michael says:

    If Qup was 1A would they even have competition?

  13. D12FAN says:


    Rick O’Brien reported the tentative schedule for the 4 games at Rutgers, those will most likely happen. Still early, do not have schedule yet. From what I hear the other games including Coatesville are in the works. We will see..

    I don’t disagree one bit, not sure exaclty what you mean, and like any team not all roster spots are high level performers. Just pointing out that your run of the mill Archdiosean schools can compete with the Catholic independent schools and develop the highest level student athletes. Success and successful culture attract talented individuals. People forget that anyone can go to a PCL school and compete to get on the field or court, all the public school kids have that opportunity if they wish, no discrimination and plenty of options out there.

  14. Mike Smoll says:

    Keep in mind in that 130 plus I didn’t include Soccer, Track, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Volleyball and several more. So it’s a school for Athletically talented only?????????

  15. Mike Smoll says:


    Agreed that the PCL is one of the best leagues in most sports, but I’m still scratching my head how a school with 350 boys (Wood)has 130 or so top notch athletes in that group. Football 50, Basketball 15,Wrestling 25, Baseball 22, etc, so 40% of the students there just happen to be top flight athletes??? when stastically the number at a Public High School is more like 15%, seems awfully odd to me, doesn’t it to you?

  16. D12FAN says:


    You had me agreeing with get the helmet argument. But to not recognize what Devlin has done or what those players at Wood in all sports have accomplished is juts not understanding what Wood is, or for that matter any of the Archdiocesan schools, they all have their niches in grooming and preparing future collegiate athletes.You don’t need to spend 100,000 on HS to be a top student athlete. The PCL is the best league in PA in Football, Basketball, and Baseball hands down.
    If you want to spend 100k on HS, go for it. Or if you would rather compete with the best and get a great catholic education for less than half that good for those kids. Nothing like the PCL no matter what school. There is nothing run of the mill about the student athletes Wood or the PCL develops. The Wood athletic culture is off the charts…

  17. Frank G says:

    @ Frank G

    I realize my argument about there being more parity between private schools and public schools in the class with the biggest schools (6A now, 4A in 2015 and earlier) is very weak–full of holes, in fact. But the fact that in at least three of the years that Wood has won a state championship they didn’t play a competitive playoff game remains a curious one.

  18. Mike Smoll says:


    The Central Bucks schools back in the Pettine days, had open enrollment, if you lived anywhere within the district you were allowed to chose your school. As a result of all the success that CB West/Pettine had, the majority of the best players wanted to and did go to school at CB West. Then success just kept it going, until the end of the Pettine era, which coinsided with CB South at which time they made it much tougher to pick a school, due to busing kids all over, now 3 districts. However there were some instances, where players came from outside the district, by parent or parents moving in or other reasons. The one that comes to mind is a certain player, who would become a HS All-American, who suddenly moved from the Pennridge district to CB West district.

  19. Kevin X says:

    @ D12 FAN

    …and yes, Carroll drops to 4A. So you think then the PCL Red will be the six 6A and 5A schools, with the other 8 in the blue??

  20. Kevin X says:

    Wood (4A to 5A), Imhotep (3A to 4A), and Becahi (3A to 4A) are all playing up. Hats off to Aliquippa out west once again for playing up from A to 3A.


    Can you clarify your 3rd paragraph in your recent post…….How bout Wood vs Coatesville week 9……

    Do you have Wood’s schedule for next year already, or a list of opponents?? If I’m getting what you’re saying there, dang!!!

  21. Kevin X says:

    new classifications are out and official…..

  22. Frank G says:

    @ Jim,

    Am I right that you’re not from or living in Philly? Otherwise I doubt you’d buy into the “out- of-state players should not be allowed to compete for the PIAA championship” notion. If SJP attracted only football-playing students from jersey, there would be an argument, but the fact is that many Jersey students travel a shorter–and easier–distance than do students who live in Downingtown, Bucks County, etc.

    And do you really think it hasn’t been better to have SJP in the PIAA playoffs in four of the last five years. They’ve been involved in many of the best games, i.e. Neshaminy in 2013, Parkland and PR in 2014, North Penn in 2016, and Coatesville in 2017. By all indications, PR was really hoping to get SJP in this year’s final.

    I think the argument that private schools should play up a class or two has more merit. Wood’s dominance of whatever class they’ve been in for the last several years is more striking than SJP’s achievements. Wood, in fact, has rarely had a competitive game in the playoffs. It would seem that at the highest classification, the very large public schools have less trouble being quite competitive with the private schools.

  23. Jim Shields says:

    On a different subject…how do you completely exclude non–PIAA kids from All-State recognition?

    Don’t get it.

  24. D12FAN says:


    So I have been in the Islands since the Hershey weekend, back for Holidays. Happy Holidays!! I knew PR was the favorite this year and they deserve it, great team great coach, PJ will be playing on Sundays. Reminds me of Wentz but will have ND petigree. Prep could beat them though, just too many turnovers. Congrats PR!! Wood as of late, too easy. That is why they will play up to 5A next year even with only 350 boys, and play more of a national schedule.

    Hearing that Wood will play bigtime showcase at Rutgers next year 9/8/18. Wood vs BC again only Prep will plat St Peter’s, West Cath vs Hudson Cath and Gonzaga vs Dom Bosco. All same day….

    How bout Wood vs Coatesville week 9, in addition to Bergen Cath, Pope John 6 NJ, Paramus Cath, St Peter Prep, SJP. (lasalle will be down again, so not counting them)….And maybe Carroll drops to 4A and Blue division, allowing for a 5 non league games and 5 league if no byes. One would speculate on a bye with that strength of schedule…All speculation until confirmed.

    BTW the Pub vs Private debate here is so boring and so 2009…..

  25. McD65 says:

    Jim, The two private schools that I know of that have some out of state players are St Joe Prep and Erie Cathedral Prep. Those two are in close proximity to the border states in question and Neither school will stop having some players come from there IMO. They have had those players for many years before the state playoff system and its not like they all of a sudden decided to start in order to compete. I do agree I would rather not water down the state with separation,but am tired of the complaining.

  26. sausmann9 says:

    @Billy – I think if memory serves correctly I was told that same thing you just stated by Edsel (E.W.) years ago when we were discussing the “Decade of Excellence” dvd Berwick had made for the Booster Club.

    Public school coaches are under much more scrutiny when it comes to recruiting players onto their team, they have to deal with the residency issue, ALWAYS, private/prep school coaches need not worry about that issue.

  27. Mike says:

    Okay look, it’s pretty simple.

    PCL unfair? Yes. Of course it is.

    Is life unfair? You betcha. Get a helmet.

    If they have the chance to play, you send your kid to SJP or LaSalle- Every. Single. Time. Why wouldn’t you?

    For the record not a fan of Wood becoming a power house under Devlin. That’s your run of the mill archdiocesan school. Can’t say that for the other two. Facts of life.

  28. Kevin X says:

    @ JC et al,

    Just to follow-up on JC’s curiosity, been wondering somewhat the sort of thing, as in why is Bishop Shanahan and PJP II in District 1, and not District 12?? Not so long ago, Lansdale Catholic was part of D1 and the PAC, and now are D12. Devon Prep recently jumped ship from D1 to D12, yet Holy Ghost Prep remains D1. Wondering how it is determined if you are D1 or D12 if you are a catholic school, either diocesan or private. Do you simply choose what district, or petition to join??? Is there merits or reasons to being in one district or another other??? Guessing geography might come into play for Shanahan and PJP II.

  29. Jim says:

    Guys I cannot speak to “college coach” claims in particular. I am actually a college football coach in Pennsylvania. I read every message board quite frequently to get information on kids I may be or our program may be recruiting. So I have been lurking for years. Let me start by saying I am not here to make claims or tell you what I know to be true or not. I am not giving my name for obvious reasons. Why do we want to separate them now? I am asking legitimately. I can substantiate some of the claims being made regarding public schools and a lot of the private schools. My family has lived in several states and my children have gone to and participated in athletics at Public schools. I have no problem with what goes on at the private schools. This is less a Private/Public matter and much more a geographic problem. Everyone knows the geographic location I am speaking of. Having been in so many states I can You this with certainty New Jersey. And Maryland have it wrong. By separating the state playoffs you are going to create an environment where Recruiting becomes 100 times worse by the private schools. You may think it cannot get worse but it will be. However I do think that there are ways to level the playing field. I would start with the particular district in question. The PIAA must force that district to get everything under control with transfers, and players from out of state. Every transfer needs to be contested by the district and no out of state players should be allowed to participate in PIAA sanctioned competition. They can and one school may choose to do it, but they can play the national schedule they want. If you don’t adhere to the rule than sanctions will be put into place. I think that their should absolutely be a system set up where Private schools teams should play up a level or 2. Whether they base it off of a combination of success and location. These answers are not simple. I have coached and recruited private school kids who were successful in HS who were not recruited and some who were and vice versa with public school kids. These things are good to debate. And a lot of you against the private schools Sausmann in particular raise great points, I also think that there are great points on the other side I think “college Coach” in particular made great points and I do know some not all but some of the stories/facts he stated and the ones I think he is referring to are 100% accurate. Saying all that Sausmann your pint gets lost with your tone so to speak. And college coach you know better than to be on message boards outing kids and HS programs. Let’s solve the geographic problem and not separate the playoffs. Their are many more solutions and ways to fix before it gets to that extreme. Not that this should matter but the joke amongst college football players/Coaches is to have every kid who won a state championship in NJ stand up and you can have 24 kids from 24 different schools stand up. Don’t let Pa football become the joke the Nj football has become. Anyway my 2 cents… I will go back to lurking on all of these message boards.

  30. Billy Splain says:

    sausmann…i can also add that curry had quite a battle with the mom, telling her not to move to Berwick. that’s the truth Coach. Curry didn’t go out recruiting

  31. Billy Splain says:

    sausmann…i can also add that curry had quite a battle with the mom, telling her not to move to Berwick. that’s the truth Coach.

  32. JC says:

    Somewhat unrelated question borne of curiosity; why do the PCL teams that aren’t located within the city limits of Philadelphia compete in D12? I can only assume this was probably due to PIAA politics like everything else, but curious about anyone’s insight. Wood, Carroll, C-E, etc are very much not within the limits of Philadelphia that D12 supposedly ascribes to.

  33. PS Futility says:

    College Coach, I won’t go point by point over your post other than to say while I too have seen public school recruiting (I lump charters in with privates), it’s nowhere near the level you imply. As far as the private-public debate, let me put it to you in terms you deal with. What if your scholarship and recruiting contact limits were significantly lower than your competition… could you compete on a regular basis? That’s what public schools deal with. 24 of the 35 D1 FB signings in SE PA today are from private schools or Imhotep. Do you think that’s a coincidence? I have no problem with privates and charters recruiting top athletes, my issue is the almost 90% of schools in the state that don’t have that option shouldn’t have to compete against them. NJ has it right. Let the kids from one town/neighborhood play the kids from another town/neighborhood.

  34. PS Futility says:

    Buddy, I think open enrollment in the CB district was for a relatively short time in the 90s. I don’t doubt Pettine used/abused it, but the program there was great for the reasons you listed. It almost sounds like you played for him. IMO, It died for three reasons… 1) Pettine retired 2) CB South opened (West now has about half of the enrollment of North Penn) 3) Wood, which is about ten miles south, decided to really emphasize football and I suspect a few of their starters would have gone to CB West. We’re further away and lost our best player to Wood.

  35. Frank G says:


    All Catholic schools (e.g., Wood, Becahi, SJP, and LaSalle) give financial assistance to many students, including athletes. The tuition at the non-diocesan schools (SJP and LaSalle) is much higher (over $20,000) than at the diocesan schools (about $9,000). I’m pretty sure that very few students (including athletes) at SJP and LaSalle don’t have to pay tuition.

  36. JC says:

    @College Coach: If we are to take all of what you are saying as fact, which I’m still not convinced because there’s nothing we have to confirm that you are actually a coach of any kind, how about you try to be less defensive about your positions? You can make points without labeling someone as “out of touch with reality” and to “go back to your closet in your parents basement and keep typing on the computer”. Nobody here wants to see an argument devolve into that, so don’t bring it there.

    I think the line needs to be drawn between true recruiting, and the sort of “recruiting” where Mr. Jones is moving to an area, and to decide where to move, he chooses a house where Johnny Jones can play for the dominant program in the area. Maybe he reaches out to the coach to get a sense for how the program is run, and if he likes it, he moves there. This isn’t really a violation, this is just success begetting success.

    Now, IF Coach’s claims are true about players falsifying addresses, then that crosses the line. However, I do not yet see any proof that this is a widespread practice. Still, while public regulations can be bypassed, it takes generally more effort to do so since there’s a boundary involved. With non-boundary schools, that entire obstacle is gone, and the pool of players that can come to you without even moving their residence or fudging some paperwork is much higher.

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that all public schools are goody-two-shoes perfect angels in the football sphere. But the non-boundary advantage still applies, which gives those teams a leg up that PIAA has not yet taken steps to try to offset.

  37. sausmann9 says:

    What up Coach – well I’ll try to keep this quick and simple for obvious reasons;

    1. you can’t honestly think you are the only player and coach on this site and for God’s sake please don’t pretend you have all this great information. You are a generalization king if anything; you gave no names of teams or players based on any of my questions. You also pick two great examples that have passed away almost to make confirmation of anything you spew behind a screen name nearly impossible, lmao.

    2. I’m sure the “kid” you recruited told you it was all about football and it might have been, did he commute or live within district boundaries??? lol, exactly.

    3. Allentown Central Catholic question – ever been to Allentown? enough said but okay here’s more – ACC is only as good as their coaches are at convincing/recruiting kids to play there. In my area of the LEhigh Valley (born and raised in Bethlehem/Northampton, grad 90′) we have a few other schools that are very competitive with poaching the certain amount of talent we have in this area. if you notice when ACC is winning, Becahi isn’t always the best and vice versa (man coach I thought someone of your stature could figure that one out). Check out the records and seasons.

    4. Becahi same issue, when they had Stem, he convinced everyone to play there, even had the Danzet brothers (see coach those are names there) from Belvidere NJ playing on that team. when stem left and Mazza took over, he dropped the ball with recruiting/convincing and they sucked for a few seasons. When the right coach is there and he knows how to take advantage of the “advantages”, its a dream place.

    5. you mentioned a few times I have no proof of this and that, ??? to that I say you havent been around long enough on this site. what proof do you need? I have been in a location TWICE when Bob Stem and Rich Mazza went to players houses and spoke to their parents SPECIFICALLY about football. Heck I can even give the names of the players, dates and time (see coach, again thats real proof).

    6. off the top of your head your examples suck. please be specific, anyone can generalize. Which school has which players using business addresses??? I would love to hear your knowledge on that one. PLEASE DO TELL.

    7. LMAO, coach I don’t have to live with my momma anymore. Put my time in playing the game, coaching the game in three different states, and now working with Lehigh U on the side. And until we actually know you, I would tend to think you might be the one in momma’s basement closet.

  38. paul from philly says:


    Imagine that? CB West didn’t abide by the boundary with CB East!! Almost forced the East coach to quit! Didn’t Berwick get their games cancelled resently for recruiting? What, you think they just learned about recruiting now? Must be hard to learn there’s no Santa Claus.

  39. phillyboy says:

    Exactly Buddy. That’s been my mantra now for a while — to allow kids within a large public district to play at whatever high school, no boundaries within the district. That should be a no brainer. Nice to know my thought on this is in line with the late great Coach Pettine. Districts like Central Bucks, Bethlehem, Downingtown, West Chester, Central Dauphin, etc. could then field an elite team that could push back against the top select teams. If I were superintendent at one of those districts I’d make that change before you could blink your eye, are you KIDDING me?!

  40. Buddy says:

    I know that catholic schools have no boundaries, but can they give scholarships like the private schools? If not, that’s a huge difference between catholic schools ( Wood, Becahi, etc.) and privates ( Prep, LaSalle etc.)

  41. Buddy says:

    Several reasons CB West was so good.
    Pettine was a tyrant. Great coach, but a task master. Anytime the kids weren’t in class, they were practicing. I drove by War memorial field at 9:00 at nite and heard the kids practicing. Coach wasn’t there, that’s how they pulled it off.

    Mandatory weight training program during off season. Also, he talked the districting committee
    no boundary with CB East. You can go to CB West living in CB East district without having residence there. It pissed the then CB east coach ( Green) so much he resigned. I don’t believe you can do that anymore. I heard this from several sources, I’m assuming it’s accurate.

  42. College Coach says:

    @Sausmann9 you are laugh out loud funny. I recruited a kid from Berwick who was from the state of Delaware he played at Salisianum the first 3 years of HS and was very open about why he was at Berwick. I had great relationships with George Curry and Mike Pettine both. And if both we’re alive I think they would tell you that they openly talked to kids. Here is the thing your missing…. If private schools can recruit why is Allentown Central Catholic not good? They won state titles in the 1990’s and were very good in the late 2000’s. There was a period in the 2000’s where Becahi was awful. Philly teams by in large are not very good if you take the big 4 out of the equation. What are they selling the kids? How are they recruiting them? You have to practice off campus in not so nice neighborhoods, you have to play games on Saturdays because we don’t have stadiums? You are very clearly out of touch with reality. You claim to be a realist but more likely your someone who makes outrageous claims on a message with with no proof. You bring up the Lehigh Valley quite often so I will assume you are from there. Off the top of my head I can give you 4 examples… 1 HS did not have a RB from there School District for about a 6 year period. 1 HS openly recruited a kid at a private school who was from another school district, 1 HS raised the Allentown school district over a 6-7 year period. I’m not using names but I recruited everyone of those HS kids. In fact there is one HS where if records were checked it would show several good football players all resided at small business within the school boundary. Those are facts. You can take your lessons and go back to your closet in your parents basement and keep typing on the computer.

  43. sausmann9 says:

    Paul from Philly – are you actually saying a school from out in the boondocks cannot be perennial power for 8+ years like Berwick WITHOUT recruiting??? To not believe it could happen is embarassing, lmao.

    Okay quick lesson for the novice from philly;

    1. besides the rumbling and grumblings of the Gus Felder situation for one season, can you please name all the other recruits that Curry brought in from 1988 – 1998 that started at least on one side of the ball??? At this point, we’ll say Berwick “brought in” that one kid.

    2. How about Southern Columbia??? Can you tell me how many kids (starters or 3rd stringers) that Jim Roth has recruited to good ole Catawissa PA???

    3. Same question regarding Mount Carmel Area from 1994 – 2004???

    4. Besides Mike Oriel for his senior season, can you tell me how many other players that Mike Pettine recruited or brought in from anywhere else, PA???

    And then there are about five other rural school districts throughout PA that just simply dominate their area/region/district on a regular basis without making it to the big game for one reason or another (usually something to do w/ city schools loading up on talent or something like that).

    Oh by the way, first lesson is always free. Now if you really want to learn something, shoot me an email and I’ll let you watch a few of those “boondocks” teams in action.

  44. paul from philly says:


    If you think that a public school stuck out in the boondocks can have a run like Berwick did for, what was it, 8 years without any “outside” help you’re just embarrassing yourself. Then they just vanished from the standings? Same with CB West. They had the best football program in the state, THE STATE, for 9 years, without any outside help? They too vanished from the standings. They had a little help becoming bad when CB South was created but they still have never returned to prominence. Still believe in Santa??

  45. TomF says:

    Kevin X, I read that 200+ children from Puerto Rico are now in the Hburg School District due to the devastation to their homeland, the number might be quite larger than that.

  46. Toby Kimball says:


    Not sure why Harrisburg numbers are so wacky but they were not planned. Their success was due to Micah Parsons, not the classification they were in.

    Maybe they agreed to a Co-Op with another school? It’s becoming more common as smaller schools realize its not feasible to have soccer and football in the same season. This allows football players the chance to play somewhere.

  47. Billy Splain says:

    Sausman. He wishes he had that power. He’s got some good ideas but districts won’t move forward

  48. garyz says:

    I can get down with that, was not trying to be condescending. You said it best. It is about Football! Regardless that team accomplished a great deal of success, and I certainly do acknowledge that! Congratulations to those kids and the fans!

  49. Kevin X says:

    Unless I’m reading these enrollment figs wrong, how does Harrisburg go from 530 boys in this current period, to 670 boys in the next cycle?? That’s a 26% increase. Really?? Some form of re-districting going on?? Population boom happening in Harrisburg?? Some might look at this as H-Burg finagling their numbers to play in 5A and grabbing a state championship or two with their anticipated powerhouse teams, and maybe not thinking they’d have that same chance in 6A. Just my conspiracy theory…….

  50. Kevin X says:

    maybe this is it????

  51. Kevin X says:

    Guessing some of you guys already saw this, and I can’t seem to post the link, an article by Rick O’Brien from Philadelphia Inquirer reads that the PIAA is talking about implementing a 21 day wait period for in season transfers, but with possible exceptions, such as hardship, whatever that is. Go to, sports, high school sports…….

  52. Billy Splain says:

    as soon as they are released, we will post them McD

  53. McD65 says:

    Could someone provide a link that we can review to see which teams both east and west have decided to move up or down in classification. I read the initial report ,but cannot find one with the official changes. Thanks

  54. Bro47 says:

    Anytime that the open-borders schools lose its a good year

  55. College Coach says:

    The hysteria about private schools is absolutely hilarious. I have sat in countless homes visiting with recruits families who live 30/45 minutes from the school district they went to. I have had countless HS coaches tell me “don’t use the address on his transcript, that is just what we use to get him here” All in Pennsylvania. I can’t even begin to tell you how many HS coaches have told me they need to get a transfer at a certain position. Anybody who is crusading to separate public/private is severely ignorant to what goes on with just as many public schools as private schools. I have been in prob 90% of the HS’s in Pa. I have heard/seen the private and public schools recruit. They way it is done at Public schools is much much dirtier and frankly illegal. We wonder why kids today are not competitive! Look at the adults! I have no dog in this fight. But if you are on the private crusade you are sorely out of touch with what is really going on.

  56. PowerBomb says:

    When talking transfers, one transfer no one mentions is the one that took North Penn to the 6A state semi-finals. The QB played for CB West and lived in Doylestown as a freshman and sophomore, Then transferred to North Penn to start QB as a junior and Sr. and have the most prolific season for a QB in Suburban One History. Rarely does someone move from Doylestown (rated #1 place to live in America before) to Lansdale. So this transfer was likely for athletic reasons. Wihout the Qb North Penn doesn’t make it that far last year.

  57. Fl says:

    I came on alittle strong about that and I’m sorry, I’m not the ultimate authority on anything I’m just one person voicing my opinion. My big issue is the jabs taken at certain private/catholic schools that don’t deserve the criticism not just by you but many other people. I did put a disclaimer on my statement because I wanted to talk with my nephew who currently play’s football at BG to completely validate my info, I was almost certain about it but after speaking with him I’m 100 percent certain. I’ll be more then happy to provide you with any further info regarding any players on the team. Like I said earlier, with the addition of a great coach who lead central cambria to a 9-3 season( best team ever )Jimmy wheeler went to BG then with the addition of the Altoona junior highs combining into 1 school really discouraged some Altoona family’s, so they went to BG at 7th grade! As I mentioned I don’t like the jabs and undermining of catholic/privates, as a player who played football at a public school and who lost 3 yrs in a row to catholic schools in the playoffs we never cared or complained about that BS we embraced and loved the opportunity to beat the mighty catholic schools! And when we lost we never made excuses we looked at the film and realized we could’ve done better. Lifes not fair just like HS, when you rant about how these schools don’t deserve this and that and in some ways undermine the accomplishments of young teenagers by complaining about the various ways they’ve won championships instead of acknowledging the hard work and effort involved in winning. It’s not fair in my to the kids if IMO, but it’s an open forum and that’s what it’s about, arguments, discussion, and probably never any solutions!My good friends son plays for Erie Cathedral Prep and I introduced him to the western PA site and he was actually upset about the negative things and all the BS PARENTS and FANS write!Sometimes They forget it’s about the players

  58. JC says:


    SJP, Wood, Imhotep, and Cathedral Prep will all be in the finals, and we’ll all be having this debate again. That is my prediction. 😉

  59. sausmann9 says:

    paul from philly – since you mentioned those two schools specifically, could you name all the D1 or D1AA kids that played for the Berwick Bulldawgs in the 1980’s and CB West Bucks in the 1990’s that DID NOT live in those districts??? thanks.

    Also could you name all the kids that played for either of those two schools that DID NOT live in Pennsylvania??? thanks.

  60. Toby Kimball says:

    Colin –

    I live in the D3 area and can provide a little insight there for 2018

    4A – BC will be tough again and were able to get Central Dauphin and Malvern Prep on their schedule. McDevit was young last year as well. Should be a repeat of the D3 title game again.

    5A – I believe will be a repeat of Manheim Central. Their quarterback, Evan Simon, was a Soph and is legit. He throws more out patterns than any high school QB I’ve seen this year. Would be surprised if he is not a D1 QB.

    Harrisburg was moved to 6A under 2 year reclassification.

    6A – Central Dauphin and Wilson were both young last year and will be strong again in 2018. Most of CD linemen are underclassmen. Wilson started two freshman and about 6 sophs. Entire secondary will return. A name to remember is Troy Corson – Freshman.

    CD first 4 games – Wilson, BC, Manheim Township, CV

    Wilson first 4 games – CD, Mifflin, Spring Ford, Manheim Central

    Great respect for both of these programs for their consistency and approach to footabll. And as their non-league schedules show…. they want to play great teams.

  61. Ray G says:

    The SOCO Tigers will be there again next year. They are a young team with plenty of talent. Most have been playing together since 6th.grade. Also Garcia has a brother who is just as good. He will be a freshman next year

  62. Mike A. says:

    Coatesville comes immediately to mind. Gave SJP all they could handle and should be good again next year.
    Also, Southern Columbia will probably win championships for the next two years with a great group on underclassmen.

  63. Buddy says:

    @ paul:

    Comparatively speaking, they are squeaky clean.

    Where did PR & SJP wind up in the national standings? You PCL fans ( Mike, D12fan, etc) are strangely quiet. What sayeth yu-all?

  64. sausmann9 says:

    Paul from Philly – not on a high horse, never was and never will be. I call it as I see it, I’m a realist. And nowhere will you find me on here or anywhere calling public schools squeaky clean. I hate when ANY schools recruits or pulls players. Can’t stand it when Parkland does it or Easton or anywhere for that fact! thanks, that’s all.

  65. paul from philly says:


    You gotta get off your high horse and look around. Berwick in the 80s, CB West in the 90s, and then the rest of the pubs followed until now you have recruiting and transfers all over the place, in the public world. I understand the separation of privates and pubs and the advantage that is there. But don’t think that the Public community is squeaky clean! Far from it!!

  66. Colin says:

    Never too early to look ahead to next year. Who looks like they could be a contender next season? A team off the radar this season that could be returning a nice class? East or west doesn’t matter. Anyone care to take a stab?

  67. sausmann9 says:

    @ Billy – yes I do know that and all the more reason to get rid of a few of them at that level and location. I assure you he has more power to either “push” things through or “sway” things in a different direction even without that vote.

  68. garyz says:

    Great disclaimers, “ mostly” and “except one.” Not what I hear, however just happy they didn’t break the record and did get beat by a public. But of course, they deserve credit for what they accomplished, I do give credit. Hey beside your the authority on it, you sticking by they only had the “except one” come into that program? Nobody else? Lemme know, think it through, all those kids were in Catholic School whole way through? I may know a little more than you think, so it was just the “except one” correct??

  69. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @HP There are alot of great programs but to say Wood is the best is pure speculation. Do me a favor go to Southern Columbia tigers website and read their accomplishments you will be impressed. I know I was. There are many great programs in Pennsylvania but Wood is not the best my friend.

  70. NCfalcons82 says:

    @ HP
    Wood didn’t even win their league the last two years.

  71. JC says:

    @HP – I have no issue with Wood taking advantage of rules that PIAA sets out, but no program can be considered the best program in PA until they win playoff games in 6A. End of story.

  72. bog says:

    please stop telling southern colombia to move up in class.being a fan in d2, i want to know that if dunmore wins a state title, (or any other d2 team) that they compete against the very best teams and not win and then know that southern or any other team from the same classification can cast doubt on the validity of winning the title. congratulations to southern and hope to beat them in the future.

  73. Dre says:

    HP, if the program is so great at wood why do they so cowardly go and play 5A football in the playoffs? And no lol wood isn’t the best program in the state sorry bud.

  74. Mike says:

    I think if you want to play high school football you should immediately move out of the city of Philadelphia, move to the middle of the state, live there your whole life and force your son to play for the same team you did. That way we can all grow up to be Buddy and Saussman and scream from the comfort of our own living rooms at 15 year old boys on the internet. Very healthy.

  75. newman says:

    @ Toby, I’m not sure what you consider to be “big school”, but Wood won a state title in football and boys basketball, not to mention girls basketball, as well, last year.

    @HP, try to remain humble. You’re just giving the haters more fuel for the fire.

  76. D12FAN says:


    Wood has won back to back football state championships, their basketball team won the PCL (The toughest HS hoops league in the country) and the PIAA state championship last year. Look for them to make another run in hoops this year as some have them favored to win the PCL, and look for Wood baseball team to make a solid run at a title as well this year.

  77. Billy Splain says:

    Sausman, you do realize Lombardi has zero voting power right? all rules from the PIAA are created and voted on by the 12 Districts representatives. Nobody in Mechanicsburg has a vote in anything.

  78. JC says:

    I saw some of the classifications on this article:

    I remember seeing somewhere that Wood was choosing to play up in 5A as well, but I can’t find that one at the moment.

  79. Colin says:


    Great question my friend. I think Imhotep has done it before. Maybe even last year???…I’d need some help from the Philly guys tho

  80. TomF says:

    JC, Tep was at 4A this year along with Erie Cathedral Prep. Are you saying that TEP moved down to 3A? ECP still at 4A after 3 straight years in the final and 2 State Championships at 4A? Wood is at 4A classification wise but I cant imagine them not staying in 5A unless the PIAA says move up to 6A for a few years to give some Pubs a chance in 5A

  81. Ray G says:

    Instead of trying to punish the SOCO Tigers for having an exceptional program,why not use it as a motivational tool to
    get better

  82. Toby Kimball says:

    Pine Richland played in the 6A basketball and football state championships this year. Lost to Reading in basketball and beat SJP in football.

    Does anyone know if a big school has ever done that before?

    What a remarkable senior class.

  83. HP says:

    Hey News Flash,
    The PCL doesn’t care what a few over the hill Dad’s think. The PCL coaches don’t care what you think. The PCL cares about their TEAMS and the coaches care about their PLAYERS. Now tell me who do you think had a better HS Football experience… your little Johnny who went 3-7 four years in a row or the Players at WOOD who have a RING for every finger on their right hand (5 BABY) ????

    What you don’t get is PCL players are BIG, they can’t play pound ball like your little Johnny. They play CYO ball which is (no limit). Then pick a PCL High school. Then they win STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!

    Winners Win – WOOD has THE BEST PROGRAM in the state of PA – The Best PROGRAM! WITHOUT QUESTION
    There is not another PROGRAM in the state of PA that is as GREAT – They win every year they DO NOT rebuild!

    Times yours!

  84. JC says:

    I don’t know if anyone has brought this up, but Imhotep decided to stay at 3A next year and not move up. I hope that Beaver conference can stand those guys up, they have no business playing in 3A. Bethlehem Catholic was 3A by classification, but they chose to move up, perhaps influenced by Imhotep’s move but more likely because they play in a big-school conference.

    I hear Wood also moved up to 5A to avoid Cathedral Prep, so we could be looking at a Wood-Cathedral-Imhotep buzzsaw in 5-3A. My fingers are crossed someone else wins, but it’s hard to get excited when you know you’ll end up with those non-boundary teams in the finals at least.

  85. Fl says:

    Furthermore a few years ago Altoona school district decided to put the 2 junior highscools Keith Junior High, and Roosevelt Junior High into 1 school Altoona Junior High which is Huge. Many Altoona parents didn’t like that so they enrolled there kids in BG, Hollidaysbug, or Bellwood if possible,

  86. garyz says:

    Just my opinion but I see no reason S. Columbia to move up in order to appease anyone. That is the whole point of building a program, to make it self sustaining, not to have to rebuild just reload! They are not a Private or Charter, if that was the case I see reason for debate on both sides. However S. Columbia got beat handily last year by a superior Steel Valley team, so there will be teams that can beat SC. When Rochester did it to them it was just who the better team was. I have met Coach Roth once at a Coaching Clinic and he was all Class. The teams he coaches are just superbly coached and execute flawlessly. That’s what it is all about, there will come teams like Steel Valley who are better different years. Making them play up because of doing it the right way with kids that live within your district makes no sense. They just manage to get kids to over achieve and execute to an extremely high level, that’s what football is about! Hats off to Coach Roth and SC, they do it right and get it done!

  87. Fl says:

    Altoona all-stars, I’m from that area and the names on the jerseys of Bishop Gulfoyals uniforms are mostly the same as in the past they just put together a great run not unlike Southern or Clarion but I guess since it’s a catholic school they can’t build a program like these other teams and small communities that were able to create great success through a flow of great athletes and more important a great head coach. Altoona all-stars?? Every player on BG went through the system since youth football except 1 that I know. Quit talking about stuff you don’t know anything about, and give credit to the players and not just based on the success of the program. They were competitive for years in D6 before this streak happened. It didn’t happen over night it took years to build this program up and the new coach put them over the edge so quit bashing a program that build from the ground up over 20 years with a lot of the same family names on the jerseys. Know your info before you bash a team!

  88. garyz says:

    @Eric Weiser
    I think I know Football pretty well, I am certainly not a Q.V. homer either. I have coached for going on 17 years, 14 in HS and 2 at the DIII level of College and I also played at a DI school. Not any big time DI school, old school MAC DI. However my point was that I went and looked at the schools and conferences that Middletown would have faced, you are probably correct. They would have made the Playoffs in WPIAL In one of the weaker Conferences. But honestly they would have been dealt with in the 1st round in my opinion. I broke the film down a bit and made a prediction, same as you did. If you think you are more in the know than me, awesome for you. But two years in a row I have seen a AAA school on the field with a team they could not compete with. The margin of Victory, 17 points I think we all know is hardly indicative of the game that was played. Maybe that is just me because I know nothing about HS Football? IDK. I know this though, Class A Jeanette would have beat them easily and SC would have blown them off the field. If I am wrong, please explain it to me @Eric Weiser.

  89. garyz says:

    @jumper 273
    No disrespect meant to you or Middletown, I perhaps misinterpreted your statement “ no Q.V. is not better than 2016 Beaver Falls.” I respectfully disagreed with you and did not mean to sound ill, those kids deserve credit and I certainly commend them on their accomplishments. I promise you I am plenty mature, if I rubbed you the wrong way, I do apologize! It’s all about Football. I sincerely did not try to insult and I am CERTAINLY not a Q. V. homer, just interpreted your comment wrong.

  90. Kevin X says:

    The only way Wood moves up to 6A is if they are forced to. Why would they want to tangle with LaSalle and Prep in the first two weeks of the D12 PCL playoffs?? Bad enough we get LaSalle and Prep going at it every year in the second week.

  91. Tom F says:

    Toby Kimball, Cry baby Mike Williams had a hearing last year with State Reps over the “advantages” privates had over Publics in football. Williams was way out of his league. His presentation was awful, gave zero examples on recruiting and came across as a whiner. The Catholic league brought in their big time lawyers and tore Williams to shreds. He looked really bad and from what I hear about Cantafio, the 2 of them are wasting everyone’s time. If a handful of schools would move up-Tep, Wood, ECP, Southern Columbia, I think the recruiting complaints would stop.

  92. Brian says:

    Hey Jeff SCA did move up in class. They played in class A until 2012 and everyone and their sister said they’d never win anything in AA. Now that they’re in AA theyve played for the state title 3 of 4 years and won 2 of them. If SCA moved up to 6A and won the title every year you’d tell them to move up to college. I’m not saying they’d win 6A by any means just pointing out crying going on for teams to move up. That’s the problem with the world today everyone wants the easy way out. How about this… it is a challenge every year for Southern to maintain this level. Instead of making it easier for other teams to win by having them move up, those teams should put the work in line Southern does to get better. My team can’t win so the other team needs to move up so we can win boohoo crap. It’s called go get better. Remember Southern almost lost their football program because they perennially list. Then they got good and then the were the buffalo bills of high school losing 6 state titles in a row. Did they cry when Rochester beat them 3 times to move up. No they got better by fixing what they needed to do. Speed camps and strength training. Plus they adapted their wing t to add in passing features. The we can’t win because others are too good is a poor mentality to have.

  93. Mike A. says:

    Pennsylvania high school football final 2017 rankings (PennLive)

  94. RN says:

    Speaking of SCA moving up. SCA played Neuman Goretti in the playoffs. This is a school who brought in 23 players this year from a team that went from no wins last year to a state title contender in one year. Does that sound like an all star team to anyone out there? SCA is just a few students over the single A class and plays a lot of schools much larger than them. I would say they already play up. It is not their fault that some of the larger schools won’t play them during the regular season. I know in the past there was talk about playing schools like State College, Berwick, and others but none of these schools would play them because of the playoff points involved. If Southern lost to these schools they would still get a lot of points toward the playoffs but the larger schools would not benefit much at all. AND…just because they do the work every year that gets them to Hershey why should they be denied a state title in the classification to which they are assigned. If other teams in AA want that title then they should have to do the work that it takes to get to that level. When SCA was in single A all they heard was why don’t they move up to AA. Now that they are in AA it’s the same old song, why don’t they move up to AAA. It’s like they say, “nothing brings out the haters like success.”

  95. sausmann9 says:

    @ LT4666 – yes Ihop should move up, they play by the same rules as the catholic schools when they need to fill certain holes on the team. No they do not belong on the football field at the 4A level. They, like the other “advantage” schools will be the death of the PIAA and THANK GOD it can’t come soon enough.

    SCA should NOT move up. Here is the epitome of PA football. This is how to do it WITH THE KIDS YOU HAVE IN YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT!!!

    PA football was great until those idiots allowed a league to enter that refused from the start to play by the rest of the rules of the state. Lombardi thinks he is doing the state a favor and trying to “save face” for PA football but he lacks that common-sense factor which makes him look foolish at every decision.

  96. sausmann9 says:

    What a waste of time and money this weekend at Hershey!!! Thank God it wasn’t my time and/or money, lol. PIAA has crapped the bed so to say. Wood did not belong playing Gateway or any other public school out there. I would have LOVED to see Gateway verse any public school in the eastern brackets and it would have been 100% a better game. Same as 4A, would have loved to see a few disciplined public schools battle it out but nope, that’s not the case either. I am soooooo happy that SJP got thoroughly embarrassed and sadly that’s what it took, a team that had to “accept” or “bring in” other players just to compete. The 3A might have been the best of the weekend but still didn’t expect Middletown to take it that hard. Not sure why Wilmington didn’t show up, I know SCA is excellent but Greyhounds no slouch. Very shocking, not the win but the final score. Jeannette and Homer good one between two schools and not surprising either.

    I’m all for separating publics and privates. I really don’t care if I’m not seeing the “best” team in PA, I’m wanting to see some competitive football. Let the privates form their own league and kick the crap out of each other, somewhere else. I don’t need to tell anyone that PA has two separate title games or two separate leagues, it means nothing if you allow certain teams to LOAD UP and compete. Sad.

  97. phillyboy says:

    That was awesome, scintillating, sensational ….are you KIDDING me?! Pine-Richland is the 6A state champ baby. At the end of the game I couldn’t contain myself; I felt like Jim Valvano running around looking for somebody to hug. DID manage to spontaneously high five some strangers during the game. It was thoroughly enjoyable, literally haven’t had that much fun at a high school football game since North Penn beat PCC back in ’03. This PR team was absolutely the real deal. Right from the get-go they set the tone. Like Rand Spear the accident lawyer, they ate pressure for breakfast. An all-star team it was not yet by the same token they were very talent laden; one of the best high school QBs in the country and a bevy of excellent WRs. This Jordan Crawford kid is prime time, has the winner’s instinct, tough as nails and heady (waits for his plays to develop, forces TOs). Then on D you got this Cerminara kid at LB and Kenny White and Thomas Burns on lock down mode. Heck, I could almost name more players from PR than my beloved Eagles, lol. Then you combine that talent and chemistry with a great HC and a classy community that cares and that’s the template. Even so, they had to bring their total ‘A’ game, never let up and play a virtual tour de force to achieve the goal. We are…..PR. We are…..PR.

  98. Toby Kimball says:

    Twitter post from Cantafio.

    Coach Cantafio‏

    On Thurs Mike Williams and I will have our first of many meetings concerning PA Football playoffs .We will meet with State Senator Scott Martin. Mike and I have over 80 years of coaching experience behind us and we are going to push for change.

  99. Jeff says:

    @JC – you are exactly correct, the issue with the catholic/private schools is not at 6A, it’s at 5A and 4A where they totally dominate.

    Since the PCL joined the PIAA a decade ago at the highest classification public schools have won 5 titles and catholic schools have won 5…fact is the largest public schools can and do compete favorably with the largest private schools.

    The issue is at 4A and 5A where schools like Erie Prep and Wood just totally dominate. What does Wood have left to prove at 5A, after winning 5 titles in the last 7 years at the 2nd highest classification, losing to Erie Prep in the final in 2012 and to Imhotep in the D12 final in 2015, the year Tep destroyed ECP in the final. Wood plays a national nonconference schedule, takes on their fellow heavyweights in the PCL, and then steps way down in competition in the state playoffs. For what, just to win a state title to prove they can destroy public schools their same size?

    The multiplier deserves some consideration, but the rule I really like and wish the PIAA would have adopted when they went to 6 classes is the success rule. Had that rule been passed, for the next 2 year cycle Wood would play 6A, which is where they really should be playing, both ECP and Imhotep would be playing 5A for next 2 yrs, and Southern Columbia would move up to 3A.

    Speaking of SC, they will be an overwhelming favorite the next 2 years in 2A, why not challenge your kids and move up to 3A or even 4A, where they would still be a favorite to win a title. Wouldn’t that be more satisfying than mercy ruling every opponent you play next year?
    I have all the respect in the world for the SC program and coach Jim Roth, by all accounts a class act and one of the best coaches in state history, but isn’t it time to challenge your kids a little bit more and move up in class coach?

  100. Jeff says:

    @ Eric Weiser – the first statement garyz made was Middletown would not make the playoffs in the Beaver Valley Conference, and he is correct with that statement. Only the top 2 teams are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, and obviously Middletown is not better than QV or Aliquippa. A third team makes it as a wild card because the conference is so tough, that third team this year was Beaver, and I think Beaver is a better team than Middletown, or at the very least just as good.

    There is no doubt Middletown would make the playoffs in one of the other conferences in the WPIAL, but the Beaver Valley is another story, and until proven otherwise the 3A title goes through the Beaver Valley Conference.

  101. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I could just hear it now! Southern is a 3A school why don’t they play somebody their own size school instead of beating us up. Thank goodness I only have to listen to that nonsense for a couple of weeks and not for the whole YEAR. How would you like to hear that week n week out.

  102. WHS '01 says:

    @Budda @Tom

    It’s just the culture of HS football in PA right now. Any program Public, Private, or Charter that has success is unfair and they need to adjust themselves in order for other teams/programs to have success.

  103. JC says:

    @NCFALCONS82: Respectfully disagree, the 6-class system has produced a greater number of intriguing matches, in my mind. 4 classes is very small for a state the size of PA.

    Glad to see P-R take the 6A final! Of course we’ll see some idiotic WPIAL shills come over here to troll, which isn’t entirely unfair as D7 has some very good football, but it’s still a pointless endeavor. Based on D7’s success, other districts may really want to consider their conference model.

    This is not an end to the public/private debate. This was never about the 6A class, although SJP still remains a dominant power hopefully this motivates more teams to develop their programs to compete with the private sector; this was about 5A and 4A where private teams like Wood and Cathedral can dominate. This is why having an enrollment multiplier can help somewhat, the private teams would at least encounter somewhat closer competition from their public brethren, and the public schools from 4A wouldn’t be competing with as many private schools. Just my thoughts on the matter.

  104. TomF says:

    LT4666 Tep and Noble won’t move up just so they can avoid Wood, another team that just about everyone says should move up. See a pattern here? Tep Wood, ECP. You hear complaints about the same teams every year about the unfair advantage these schools have, that’s why the PIAA is looking into moving up these teams to make the playing field more balanced. Pop Warner? I’m sure all of Tep’s transfers over the years played for Pop Warner too.

  105. McD65 says:

    Congratulations PR on a great game and championship.

  106. NCFALCONS82 says:

    I wish PIAA would go back to the 4 classifications. This new system is watered-down.

  107. jumper273 says:

    i gave props and respect to QV as they earned it,you sir deserve neither. please try to mature a bit till next year.

  108. Powerbomb says:

    Does Pine Richland play “Streetball” or “ghetto undisciplined football” being that they don’t run so called “real football” or “traditional “ formations ( like wing T) as I have seen described on here .
    Asking for a friend

  109. billtown says:

    I think Pine Richland just burst the private \public argument.

  110. Kevin X says:

    Kind of agree, why would SCA or anyone else for that matter, voluntarily move up?? OK, a bunch of D10 schools do to avoid ECP, which is a totally joke in of itself, but other then those guys, only schools off hand that I know of that are “playing up” are Aliquippa in D7 (actually think the Quips are an “A” school enrollment wise playing up to 3A, could be wrong with that) and Imhotep (3A up to 4A). Any other schools/teams of note (I’ll let you guys decide what “of note” is) that play up??

  111. Buddy says:

    Noticing all the underclassmen SJP has, they’ll be in the same game next year.

    Just hope there’s a Pine-Richland waiting for them.

  112. Tom says:

    All this chatter about Southern Columbia moving up in class. C’mon people SC has an excellent football program. It all starts at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade level. This is coming from an extreme Dunmore Buck fan. The reason SC, Dunmore, etc.. teams have a consistent winning program is because of the support, determination, and dedication to their football programs at the midget, A, B, C, and D level football programs not to mention the great coaches from theses programs. So stop all the whining.

  113. Budda says:

    Just an FYI to the people that are suggesting SOCO to move up in class. SOCO is in #’s a very small AA school. They are close to being an A school. Don’t complain about a great program. Other schools should look to them as a shining example of a Class Program.

  114. jumper273 says:

    True story yesterday i was at Middletown QV game yesterday so about 5 or 6 minutes before half i go to take a leak and have a smoke couldn’t have been gone more than 5 or 10 minutes come back score is QV 21 Mtown 7 next play Mtown tries screen pick sic For QV 28 to 7. sO HATS OFF TO qUAKER vALLEY they came to Hershey and executed a great game plan played great defense and proved they deserve to be state champions. Also congrats to Middletown for their great year.

  115. LT4666 says:

    @TomF…it’s possible Imhotep might class up. Then you’ll complain about another school. True they have 17 starters coming back. This is a young deep team that had 3 freshmen starting. As for recruiting players, if you follow Pop Warner football, the team that won the D1 Varsity Championship (Philly NorthWest Raiders)shares the same practice field as Imhotep. The head coach of the Raiders is a volunteer assistant coach at Imhotep. So Imhotep will continue to get better than average players. Kids want to win at the end of the day, it’s about winning championships.

  116. Clark31c says:

    Did anyone on here go to the 6A game ? Want to see what everybody’s thoughts are on the game that was played…

  117. Mick says:

    Congrats to Pine Richland. Sad that I am from east part of state but can’t route for the recruits. Disappointed Preps coach for not saying to his player that cheap shot the Pine Richland player near end of game.

  118. Matt says:

    I also think Southern is challenged more in AA than they would be in AAA. They have to beat Dunmore and now NG (before west Catholic) in AA. AAA middletown would be only competition and we saw they are beatable.

  119. Matt says:

    @Brian, I agree….AAA is weakest classin state and second weakest in east behind A. Southern would walk thru the east in AAA. They basically did that in AA this year. Statewide A has Bishop G, Jeanette who would beat most AAA teams. Southern would win AAA this year. Hats off to Quaker Valley but look what Southern did to NG. Southern would be a final four team in east in AAAA this year also.

  120. garyz says:

    Awesome! 3 WPIAL Public Schools win in convincing fashion! P-R is the only Public that can beat a SJP ( Philly/Jersey) All Star team. A healthy Jurk at QB was huge, P-R was the All around better team though. Q. V. Dominated a highly overrated Middletown team, they don’t do well against WPIAL competition. Jeanette beat the brakes off that H-C team, was nice to see B.G. (Altoona All Stars) get bounced! Overall good Hershey trip for District 7(WPIAL)!

  121. Buddy says:

    several famous sayings come to mind:

    A classic from SNL:

    “Well wasn’t that special”

    From the late Jackie Gleason:

    ” How sweet it is!”

    More? I got ’em

  122. MCA94 says:

    @fl @McD65
    i think its a matter of perspective. I don’t think most players even think about what type of school they’re playing. You have a week to focus on your next opponent and that’s it. My Sr. year, we were also knocked out of the playoffs by a nationally ranked Catholic school. I don’t remember anyone talking about it at that time or anyone ever making an excuse. However as a fan watching HS football for many years, you have a different perspective seeing the trends over many years, especially recently. Same thing with pride, I’m sure any player anywhere is going to be extremely proud of winning a state championship. However, as a fan that can see how things are working from the outside, I completely understand @Ralph’s point.

    @Michael, I completely agree with @ Brian. There’s no reason for Southern Columbia to move up in class, and that’s coming from a fan of a school that has to get through them in the district playoffs. As a coach, I’d rather give my kids the best opportunity to get into the playoffs and play for a championship than see how the team does against larger enrollment schools for curiosity sake. In 1994, Mt. Carmel dropped to AA, which was our true classification, after years of playing up to AAA. That year we won our 1st AA championship and started a pretty good streak in AA. After that success, I often wondered how some of our teams from the 80’s and early 90’s that got knocked out of the AAA playoffs would have fared in our true classification and if we could have won a championship…

  123. Colin says:

    Looks like the shoulda switch the opponents in the 2A and 3A game….Quaker valley vs Southern Columbia and Wilmington vs middletown woulda been good games. Lol…a lot better then what we saw for sure.

  124. Eric Weiser says:


    Guys like you are such Homers…just because a team like Middletown lost to your beloved QV one time by 17pts,now they wouldn’t even make the D7 playoffs!! If you really believe that statement you obviously don’t know much about Pa.HS football

  125. Brian says:

    Why would sca move up in class? They got man handled last year. I mean holy crap people whined when they were in class A to move up to AA. Four years ago they move up to AA when the new enrollment numbers came out and they’ve been to 3 title games winning 2 of them. Now people want them to move up again. They may win one or two more in the coming years but after they graduate this sophomore class but after that they might not be this super team. I really think southern wins a AAA title this year and would go deep in the AAAA playoffs. I’m not saying they could win a state title at the 4,5, or 6 A level but I think they could compete and keep games close. I think AAA is the weakest class now that there is 6. I think Jeannette and southern would win the AAA title. Just my opinion though.

  126. garyz says:

    I told that D of Q.V. was nasty. I said it does matter that they do play in a brutal conference! You said “they are not better than 2016 B. F. Team” and cited a score, watch film and break it down my man. Middletown has a great team, but two years in a row I have heard how they would handle the WPIAL team with that vaunted rushing attack! No they don’t make the playoffs in the WPIAL!

  127. garyz says:

    Not better than 2016 B. F. Team? Middletown O-Line wrecking all year?? The 1600 yd backs, where are they at??? Have equal speed with Q.V.???? Really????? Hey don’t judge how good a team is by previous scores from the past year! Where the guys who scored a 100 TD?? I have coached in this conference for 16 years, no disrespect to Middletown, they would not make the playoffs in the Beaver Conference!!!!!

  128. Eric Weiser says:

    Really thought Middletown had the goods this year

  129. Colin says:

    Congrats to the winners so far but WOW these games are bad!….was gonna go out to Hershey this weekend but thank god I didn’t….hopefully the 6A game can save us from these blowouts.

  130. Michael says:

    Why doesn’t Southern Columbia move up in class?

  131. Eric Weiser says:

    Middletown 27-17
    Prep 28-24

  132. McD65 says:

    FL, I agree with you .I played for a small PCL school competing with Pcl schools twice our size and Not one player gave a damn. We always saw this as a challenge and worked harder. We were often beaten ,sometimes badly , which only made us more determined to beat those guys the next time out. I hate the damn whining that goes on. and I know will continue not by the players ,but as you said the poor us parents.

  133. garyz says:

    Respectfully disagree with your assessment, but we will see how it shakes out. I think this might be one of the better games this year in Hershey!
    @ Colin
    I can’t argue that, turnovers our the most important factor in most all games. However I do think playing in a brutal conference does better prepare a team. We will see!

  134. Kevin X says:

    Well wasn’t that just an incredibly awesome scintillating edge of your seat catch your breath two days of football.

    You guys can talk all day and all night about public/catholic/private/charter issue, but if there isn’t some better games this championship weekend (and last year wasn’t much better), I don’t care if we have 12 privates playing, just would like some competitive games for a so-called championship game(s).

  135. Fl says:

    On the post addressing that it means more or its more prideful winning a championship at a public school over a private. I’ll tell you this the players, parents, and school have concern and it doesn’t bother them a bit winning a championship at a private school. It seems to me that parents and fans typically make more of an issue on the private vs public then the actual players. I played highschool football on a team that lost 3 years in a row in the playoffs to catholic schools and at the end of the day we never complained and at the end of the day there’s always things that can be done on the field and you look back at that and except the loss, we never made excuses of playing against superior opponents that may or may not recruit. Just go out and play the game. Our coach always said life isn’t fair either is the way some teams are comprised with players from all over it’s just the way it is. We never complained we enjoyed the challenge and just had fun playing the game. I’ve talked to players over the years in similar situations as a public school player having lost against a private school and 9 out of 10 don’t care. When you go into the season you understand as a player there are going to be some really great teams you just except it and practice and try and perform alittle better.

  136. Ralph says:

    As I’ve said, Private schools/charter schools will own 4-6A piaa football. No complaints here but it makes quarterfinals/district finals the best most exciting games. Pitts was at Abington and left to go to Wood. Players from South Jersey and surrounding areas to attend St Joe’s Prep. Do the players/fans get anything out of dominating state championships beating teams where all the players are from the same zip code?

  137. jumper273 says:

    This years Quaker Valley team is not better than last years Beaver Falls team. 2016 QV loses to BF 34-0 Middletown lost 31-13. I think both QV and Middletown are excellent teams and both deserve their place in finals. good match up but i believe Middletown has as much team speed as QV and Middletowns front line has been a wrecking ball this year with both backs over 1600 yds rushing each and 50 rushing tds between them. Middletown’s defense is every bit as good as QV. I think Middletown wins it all this year in a close game.

  138. Tim says:

    In regard to the public/private debate…what I observed last year at Altoona watching the Port/PCC game was this…I literally counted the PCC fans in the stands across the field and there was less than 100. What a complete freaking joke that the only people who care to support the private schools are the families of the players. There is no community pride or backing. No one cares! So go ahead and field your all star squads and win it all 75% of the time, and then bask in the thought that no one cares beyond the kids’ parents.

  139. RN says:

    If there was any doubt in anyones mind about how good SCA is the Tigers removed that doubt this afternoon at Hershey. I am a big Southern fan but I can’t help but feel sorry for the kids from Wilmington. I know they played their hearts out but SCA was just too talented. The bad news for D2 teams is that most of these SCA kids have two more years to play. Congrats to the Tigers and good luck to Wilmington next year.

  140. Jut says:

    Let’s hope the rest of the championship games this weekend are a lot better than yesterday’s ones. By what I mean way too many pentalies. It was hard to watch. Teams playing for state championships shouldn’t be making these mistakes. AA game should be great to watch 2 well coached teams with discipline so shouldn’t be a many flags

  141. phillyboy says:

    Howard Eskiin always says: ‘If you’re scared get a dog’. Maybe that’s what I need to do; I’m just an incognito spectator and even I feel myself succumbing to the ‘Prep paralysis’, could only imagine how it is for their opponents. I feel like I’m ascending Steel Force at Dorney Park awaiting the initial drop; my palms perspire, my eyes water, time almost slows down and there’s nothing I can do but roll with it. When you hear the dude with the very professional sounding voice make the opening announcements at Hersey Park stadium you know it’s for real — you can’t wish it were three weeks prior.

  142. Colin says:

    Garyz and Jeff

    No one is sleeping on Quaker Valley. At least I havnt seen any posts that have eluded to that. I have this one as a toss up. I know QV plays in a good league but that can only account for so much. Berks Catholic plays in a pretty bad league but that didn’t stop them from beating Mcdevitt and playing ECP very tough. This Middletown team seems a bit different then last year’s squad. I think the 2 teams match up very well. These champ games usually come down to turnovers. Don’t turn the ball over and you should have a chance to win at then end.

  143. TomF says:

    Are TEP and ECP staying at 4A next year? If so, what a joke! Time for the PIAA to step in and tell them to move up. They might be the 2 best teams in the State this year. Look at what TEP has coming back next year
    9 starters on offense, 8 on defense plus 2nd and 3rd team players that would start anywhere else, they will mercy rule every 4A team next year by halftime, yet they say they don’t recruit players but 1/3 of the schools male population consist of football players.

  144. Fl says:

    I agree Quaker Valley wins in a very good game 28-21. Either way hope it’s a great game good luck to both teams

  145. Matt says:

    Nailed the second pick….Had Erie Prep by 11 and they won by 10. And pretty close to score too. I had 37-26 and was 38-28.First pick was a crap shoot…two Western teams didn’t know much but Homer beat Bishop G.

  146. Kevin X says:

    @ WPIAL Rules

    Yup, Matt off to an auspicious start with his predictions. I do like him to come back strong with his next 5….

    ‘Tep may pull a little surprise tonight tho…….

  147. garyz says:

    Quaker Valley is a VERY good Football team. They are extremely disciplined and well coached. They play in a brutal conference, have great speed and an Excellent front 7. I thought Middletown was very overrated last year, I know it is a different year. They were clearly not in the same class as B. F. Last year they could not match up with Beaver Falls, Q.V. is much better than that B.F. team. I have watched a bit of Middletown, they are a very good team. However Q.V. has an excellent front 7, they play physical, excellent speed and they HIT! Do not sleep on Q.V. or think they are under dogs, or make a judgement on the eye test before the game. All said, Q.V. 21- Middletown 7. Best of luck too both teams!!

  148. Frank G says:

    Toby Kimball,

    How is a player on Coatesville’s team more “true to his school” than all the players on the SJP team who began high school at SJP? Again, you seem to regard students/players as belonging to the public school closest to them. Thus, those who choose to go elsewhere are a sort of traitor or, at best, victims of luring. Weird.

  149. WPIAL Rules says:

    @ Matt, I think you were wrong on the first game? Jeanette Mercy Ruled HC.

  150. Jeff says:

    @ Dennis Pascoe – I would be very surprised if SC loses tomorrow, Wilmington has a very good team, but can’t see their defense stopping SC’s explosive offense, I like SC in this one 49-27.

  151. Toby Kimball says:

    The advantage of private school athletics isn’t about on school over a five year period such as SJP recently. Look back the last decade and the dominance of private schools in basketball and football. Football is Wood, SJP, Pittsburgh CC Erie Prep etc… Basketball is NG or all of the Arch Bishops, or Roman Catholic. Imagine if Wesstown was permitted to play PIAA with Mo Bamba and Cam Reddish and the rest of that clan. They could technically play 1A or 2A if they chose to. Occasionally there is a class like C-ville or a kid like Lonnie Walker who stays true to his school and can carry a team to a title.

    There is no way to deny being a private school is not a huge advantage in recruiting because relocation is not required.

    Who does this impact the most? The 5A and 6A schools and athletes that are not in the proximity of Philly or Pittsburgh. SJP and Wood have a 10mm people living within one hour of their respective schools. Pittsburgh schools have about 3mm with an hour drive.

    As an example…. These are the college recruits on PCC 2016 Team. How doea a public school in Disctrict 3 or 11 or 1 compete with that?

    Front Row (LT to Rt): C.J. Thorpe (PSU), Jake Trautman (Fordham)

    Second Row seated (LT to RT): David Adams (Notre Dame), Kurt Hinish (Notre Dame), Jacob Hinish (Yale)

    Third Row Standing (LT to RT): J.J. Younger (Lafayette), Donovan Slater (Yale), Calen Adomitis (Pitt), Jamain Stephens (Cal U), Clay Myers (Bucknell), Rodney Thomas (Yale), Shane Ferrick (Dayton), Evan Frazier (Dayton), Tim Terry (Buffalo), Justice Evans (IUP)

    Commits after signing Day include: Ben DeSabato (John Carroll) 2/5, Michael Pernice (Duquesne) 2/11, Taylor Bocka (WVU), Alex Navarro (St. Vincent), Tyler Jones (St Vincent), Jack Rielly (Wake Forest)

  152. Jeff says:

    I think the 3A game between Middletown and Quaker Valley is going to be a lot closer than most people expect, at least most of the people on this board, and I wouldn’t be surprised if QV ends up winning. Here are some reasons why I expect this to be a very competitive game and possibly one of the best of the weekend.

    Quaker Valley plays in the rugged Beaver Valley Conference, which is one of the best small school conferences in the state, at one point this year there were 4 teams from that conference (QV, Aliquippa, Beaver and Central Valley) ranked in the top 10 in the state. Last year’s 3A champion, Beaver Falls, is also in that conference, last year they lost to Aliquippa in the regular season, then beat them in the WPIAL final en route to the title, and QV is trying to follow the same script.

    No question QV has played a tougher schedule than Middletown, they have put up lots of points on every team they’ve played except Aliquippa, and the Quips didn’t give up many points to any team they faced this year. They also have a very good defense and have shut down some explosive offenses.

    QV is a senior laden team that has been building for this for years, Max Preps still has them ranked #1 in 3A, and their power rating is 8 points higher than Middletown, so all signs point to this being a very competitive game that could go either way.

  153. Matt says:

    Quick final picks..
    Homer Center over Jeannette 20-14
    Southern over Wilmington 35-20
    Middletown over Quaker Valley 28-7
    Erie Prep over Tep 37-26
    Wood over Gateway 42-13
    PR over SJ Prep 31-28 in a great game.

  154. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Are the Southern Columbia TIGERS ready to go? YOU BET. WIN OR LOSE it has been an amazing year!

  155. jj D2 says:


    go to the top of the page were it says schedules, it goes back ten years, Dunmore has beaten Prep 3 out of 5 times. Dunmore played prep every year in the 70’s and 80’s into the 90’s and it was the “easy” week on the schedule. Prep has had a bunch of good teams in recent years but why beat your chest and say you’re going to stomp a smaller school. Prep draws players from all over the valley from carbondale to pittston, they should be doing much better.

  156. Jack1234 says:

    @stiles PR has a trio of very good recievers. Based on film the coatsville guys are slightly faster but PR has some speed too.

  157. Come on man! says:

    Seriously, why all the chatter about Dunmore and Prep. Let’s talk about winners. Teams that are still playing!

  158. Stop says:

    There’s no point in talking about dunmore and Scranton Prep. Neither team is still playing so who cares at this point

  159. Stephen Ridall says:

    @CavsFan Your Crazy Dunmore Would Murder Scranton Prep.

  160. Frank G says:


    So you think teams across the state in all six classifications should drop the playoffs because SJP has won three of the last four championships in one classification? Absolutely brilliant!

    Will you change your mind if P-R beats SJP on Saturday?

  161. Colin says:

    Whatever side you are on May the best team win. But say a prayer that none of these young men get hurt this weekend. As you can see with what happened to Ryan Shazier of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday something life altering is only a seemingly routine play away. Here’s hoping we have 6 great football games this weekend. Good luck to all teams!

  162. mca2794 says:

    According to PAPreplive, non-boundary schools comprise 24% of the PIAA but have won 35% of its championships (all sports) since the ’09-’10 school year.
    Here are some numbers since the ’08 season specifically for football:
    Class A had 5/18 (27%) NB schools in the championship, but a NB school won it the past 4 years in a row. Class AA was similar with 6/18 (33%) but still significantly above the 24% of NB schools in the PIAA.
    I previously thought that the larger public schools should balance out the NB advantage with sheer numbers, but the %’s show otherwise. Since 2008 Class AAA had 12/18 (67%) of finalists from NB schools and from 2010-2015, only 1 public school made the championship. Class AAAA had 8/18 (44%) of finalists from NB schools. 2016 Class 5A 1/2 (50%) and 2016 Class 6A 2/2 (100%). This year in Class AAAA, the final four were 100% NB schools.
    For people who say the private/charter schools are not dominating because they are not winning every class every year, just compare the numbers to the 24% of NB schools in the PIAA and its a huge discrepancy. I wouldn’t call it dominating, but with the advantages they have, they certainly should be. I am also curious as to how many of the 24% of the NB schools actually offer football as a sport. I’m sure the number is significantly lower than 24%. Then you have the situation at NG this year stacking their team and the situation at CE where the kid played for 2 schools and it gets downright ridiculous. Just putting it out there for the deniers because I don’t know how you can argue with math. I’m also surprised that the PIAA would not favor public schools over NB’s since community based teams have such higher fan support. It has to cost them $ in playoff and championship ticket sales.

  163. JC says:

    Hypothetical question here: What would be a more intriguing 4A final? A third straight Imhotep-Cathedral Prep matchup, or a Selinsgrove-Thomas Jefferson matchup? Curious which one would be more generally anticipated by you guys.

  164. Footballdad99 says:

    Bro47 great idea…bad reasoning. Getting back to normal expectations would be awesome idea. Hows about success is win your league and win the Thanksgiving game. If it wasn’t SJP you would be yammering about some other program. Keep in mind the idea of a state championship was long decided before the inclusion of District 12. They are playing by the measure of success that existed before they arrived.

  165. Stiles Streeter says:

    Anybody want to talk about an actual game? We can get back to the abomination of all schools non-public later. What will SJP need to do to stop PR? If anybody is familiar with the two, whose receivers would you consider better- Coatesville or PR? Coatesville had some seriously dynamic playmakers on the outside. A very talented group of young men. If PR has those types of athletes getting the ball from Jurkovec the Hawks are in for a long night. Obviously Jurkovec is the better QB but Ortega is damn good as well. As for the Hawks offense it will come down to McCray. Again anybody familiar know what type of DB’s or LB’s PR has? In my opinion this one will be a shootout. Thanks in advance for any answers to these questions.

  166. Jeff says:

    @D12 Fan – I am aware Wood’s enrollment will be 4A for the next 2 yr cycle, but doesn’t change my opinion they should be playing 6A. What do they have left to prove in 5A, as after Friday they will have won 4 of the last 5 championships in the 2nd highest class.

    And yes, they are huge favorites to win on Friday, think the final score may be similar to their game last week against Unionville. I have seen Gateway play 3 times and they have a very good offense, Brady Walker is a very good HS QB and Courtney Jackson is a big time receiver, so they will score some points, but I don’t see them stopping Wood’s rushing attack, expect Peoples to have a big game and wouldn’t be surprised if Wood rushes for over 300 yards against Gateway’s defense.

  167. NCFALCONS82 says:

    People do understand that private schools have to actively “recruit” non athletic/athletic students to keep their doors open. I don’t understand why someone can’t choose to attend a private school if they want to.

  168. No one cares says:

    Dunmore and Scranton Prep both couldn’t win in playoffs so why are we still talking about them

  169. Bro47 says:

    With SJP dominating year in and year out with recruiting maybe its time for public schools to drop the playoffs and return to traditional Thanksgiving Day games. Better for the communities .

  170. No Horse says:

    @ cavfan

    Scranton Prep may play big schools, but they are crap programs that consistently get embarrassed in the playoffs. If you want respect, play good teams from outside your area. Until that happens, enjoy being disrespected.

  171. Frank G says:

    @ Toby Kimball You say the Prep coaches must be insecure because they recruit. They’re not boastful, but after winning three state titles in the last four years, they’re hardly insecure. And how is a youth league a “public school program?” Are kids who go to Catholic schools or other private schools ineligible?

    Every non-public school recruits students because they have to. They try, in particular, to recruit especially promising (academically and/or athletically) students. In that sense, they try to “cherry pick” all their students.

  172. bog says:

    easy cavfan, prep has had some pretty good teams lately, but you are a little overboard with your claim of prep superiority. i realize prep shutout dunmore the last 2 times they play,26-0,and 21-0.congratulations,prep played great. now what about all the games that dunmore has beat prep? and lets not get carried away with preps schedule, i.e. abington ,they had a terrible year. coughlin, anybody scared .lake lehman, dunmore routed their best team with connor mc govern.dallas a good team but not great.wyoming area , same as dallas.valley view, a very good team this year and atime ago but not great for a long time.honesdale ,dunmore has beat them every year they played.western wayne,same as hones dale.west scranton, beaten them 11 of last 12.north pocono, beaten them consistently when they played.meyers, dunmore has routed them in the playoffs repeatedly.lakelehman,see above.loyalsock,dunmore has played them 2 times and won them both.middletown, a super team ,dunmore certainly not ready for them. point is dunmore might have,( might )1 loss before lgetting eliminated by middletown. prep is a good team ,program, and school. dunmore fans wish you guys well. i hope they do play again, i wish dunmore could play all the local schools like before the state playoffs changed everyone’s schedule.

  173. D12FAN says:


    Wood will be 4A next year only 350 boys and will most likely play up to 5A win or lose Friday.

  174. WVWFAN says:

    Why not have a playoff system for public schools and a playoff system for private schools. Then a game betweeen the winner of each. Then you could say you were the public/private school state champ or overall state champ etc. Seems easy enough. It lets similar teams play each other and then also shows who is the best overall team. Over time it would probably deter those from going to a private school for “athletic” reasons.

  175. Kevin X says:

    @ CAVFAN

    Sounds good, but problem there is Dunmore is locked into 9 division games. Leaves only one game to play with. Be nice if they test themselves right o f=u tot the gate before their overly weak division schedule. But didn’t they they play Scranton Prep early on in past years and basically got whooped?? Maybe the Lacka. Conference will do some realignment or tweaking based on the new enrollment figs, which would enable more non conference match-ups early on.

    How about though also Scranton Prep stepping up their non-conference schedule?? Sure they play some bigger D2 schools, but really, meh?? How about stepping out of your D2 comfort zone and seeking out a Catholic brethren or two?? Berks Catholic might be looking for a few new foes next year. Allentown CC or Becahi are not terribly far away. Or how about going all in and talk to Wood (down to 4A next year), they usually need a mid season opponent b/c cause of the odd number (7) teams in the PCL Red division.

  176. mark d says:

    @Cavfan that not going to happen it not just about this one playing that one it has a lot to do making a schedule work. Want Prep to play Dunmore then build you own field that would help with the scheduling ,Remember you have to work 3 team around Scranton stadium. Pluse no one want to play down in class it just not worth the points.Scranton prep plays a lot of bigger schools but their all 4 a and 3 a they dont have Scranton or Delaware Valley on their schedule. believe me it a challenge to put together a fair schedule in D2

  177. Toby Kimball says:

    Why are St Joe coaches visiting Downingtown Youth League football games? If the coaches are so great and the football program is so strong then why must they cherry pick talent from public school programs? Coaches must be very insecure.

  178. Honest Hank says:

    Let’s be honest. The PIAA isn’t going to come to this forum and ask you guys to fix “problems” in their system. It is fun to debate though. I think a multiplyer could actually punish teams instead of rewarding them. Imhotep in 2015 is not the same Imhotep in 2017. ECP will not be the same ECP they were the last two years, the next two years.

    8, 3, 1…public, private, charter.

    Let the kids play.

  179. Deo says:

    @ Buddy & Andy M,

    Getting back to the public school non-resident tuition students & PIAA eligibility, below is the email I received from the PIAA answering the question whether a non-resident tuition student can play for the school’s teams:

    Yes, they have the opportunity to participate in the sports the schools they are enrolled in sponsors, whether they pay tuition or reside in that schools district.

    Wendy A. Merlina

    Member Schools Secretary


    550 Gettysburg Rd.

    PO Box 2008

    Mechanicsburg, PA  17055

    So just because most public school families don’t want to pay tuition on top of their RE/school tax where they live doesn’t mean they can’t! Families that have been sending their kids to catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia have been paying double forever!

  180. Buddy says:

    Did you get all that Deo?

  181. CAVFAN says:

    I hope Scranton Prep plays Dunmore next season. I am beyond frustrated with the Dunmore nonsense on here. Scranton Prep plays big school after big school and they are AAA. I am reaching out to the person who schedules the games….Give them Dunmore week 1! Cavs 42 Bucks 6

  182. Mike A. says:

    @ phillyboy @ The Rare Breed
    Parkside is also good turn right on Park Ave (just before the outlets) and go about 1/4 mile and it’s on the left.
    Houlihan’s, about 1/2 mile on Park Ave, on the square in Hershey is also good.

  183. McD65 says:

    Jurkovic does not have Mono.

  184. McD65 says:

    K mac,I listened to that game since I was a CB West fan back then. I thought West had them and then POW. I have a ton of respect for both coach K and coach Infante. Phillyboy,Just a suggestion to you. I used to attend all the games for years and I highly recommend staying at the McIntosh Motel down the street from the stadium and watch all the games. Between games there is an Applebees across the street from the Motel for a few brews. Have a great time . I will be watching and taping all the games.

  185. WVWFAN says:


    what is the % of public vs private schools with football teams?

    Id guess much less than 25% ratio

  186. RN says:

    This is the year of the Tiger. SCA has been waiting for this opportunity for a year now and their time has arrived. Time for all of the hard work to pay off. GO TIGERS!!!

  187. Jeff says:

    @ Deo – Catholic Schools have dominated at the 2 highest levels for the last 4 yrs, of the 9 championships in the old 3A/4A and last years 4A, 5A & 6A Catholic schools have won 8 out of 9 dating to 2013, and the other school was Imhotep Charter in 2015 over ECP.

    You’re right the Catholic schools are not dominating the lower classes with the exception of Bishop Guilfoyle, and it was refreshing to finally see them get beat this year by a public school, but the private schools have been dominating the upper classes recently with SJP, AW, ECP and Pittsburgh Central Catholic.

    These things are cyclical, but I would like to see the PIAA make a few tweaks to the system, like no in season transfers for one, and forcing private schools who dominate at their level to play up a class in the following 2yr cycle, which would mean ECP would play 5A assuming they win this week, and Wood would play 6A after they win. Other states like Indiana do this and it has been debated within the PIAA, and I think it would help mitigate the obvious advantages the private/catholic schools have.

  188. sausmann9 says:

    @ Deo – lol, good one on those numbers. now look at the percents.

    remember we have around 500 public school districts in PA. less than 100 participating privates/charters schools.

  189. JC says:

    @Deo – I don’t think the public/private debate is focused on the lower classifications too much (although without the upset of Bishop Guilfoyle, maybe that tune changes). If you focus on the upper three classes, you have 6 schools, only 2 of which are classic Public schools. That’s where the debate is concentrated.

  190. TheRareBreed says:


    Don’t drive around looking for a Sheetz or Turkey Hill. The place to go between games is the Troeg’s Brewery, which is just down the street from the stadium. I’ll be happy to buy you a round (or two) there and talk some football.

    Looking forward to some great games this weekend!

  191. Deo says:

    12 – the # of schools in championship games

    8 – the # of Public schools in championships

    3 – the # of Catholic schools in championships

    1 – the # of Public Charter’s in championships

    Catholic schools really dominate huh?

  192. trad31 says:

    Jurkovic could have mono or lyme disease according to this article

  193. Kmac says:


    The current PR coach, Eric Kasperowicz was the QB on the 1993 North Hills team that beat CB West in the 1993 4-A State Championship game 15-14 with two TDs and a 2-pt PAT in the last 5 minutes or so of the game after being behind 14-0 up to that point. Lavar Arrington was a freshman RB on that NH team also.

  194. phillyboy says:

    McD65…..yeah I watched that PR–Wayne game on TV; on that one play Jurkovec galloped around the end for about a 65 yard jaunt, stiff armed the heck out of somebody and I was like ‘ok we got a PTPer here’ (prime time player as Dick Vitale would say). This will be only the second time all year that I will have seen a game in person since the disappointing North Penn–LaSalle opener. I blew off a few of those playoff games in the Philly area because I kind of knew how they would turn out, but there’s no way I’m not going to this one. I’ll get there early, check out the AAA final just for fun, then kill some time, maybe drive around looking for a Sheetz or Turkey Hill, lol, why not, all geeked up for this one, got to savor it. But in regards to the game, simply stated PR has a great offense with a pretty good defense and Prep has a great defense with a pretty good offense. Normally Prep has a coaching advantage, but not this time. This PR coach seems to have the whole enchilada — the Xs and Os along with the so-called emotional intelligence. Prep has the heart of a champ whereas PR is a tight-knit clan that is very hungry.

  195. McD65 says:

    phillyboy,I just don’t know how to handicap this Prep/PR game.Jurkovic is one of the best HS QBs I have seen,and I have seen a bunch. His performance against Wayne was tremendous. Notre Dame is getting a real winner. I don’t think the Prep can keep him in check even a little bit. PRs receivers are talented as well. The Prep had trouble with Ortega and company as we saw,but knowing the history of their coaching and having some pretty good athletes they will make adjustments. I’m just not sure they will keep pace scoring with PR. That’s why they paly the game. I’m hoping for the kind of game most of us are looking forward to.

  196. Matt says:

    Good for Texas football….I’m on an Eastern PA football forum and let’s talk about the 6 state championships going on in Pennsylvania this upcoming weekend.I think there’s a good matchup at A, AAAA and AAAAAA. In AA Southern should be favorite, as well as Wood in AAAAA. I think Middletown is favorite for AAA game. They have been killing some good teams.

  197. Colin says:

    I never thought I’d see the day but i think I have discovered something on this board that is more loathsome and annoying then the private/public debate. And that’s the “I’m from state X and every team from my state would best every team from your state by 50 points “. Oh my word who cares! …I’m pretty sure most high level teams from PA would beat most teams from Idaho by 50 points but I’m not gonna go on a Idaho high school football site and tell everyone about it!…I get it. Free speech..this is a football website blah blah blah…but oh Lord in heaven no one cares if Texas footbal is better then PA…….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we talk about the private/public debate some more??…I never thought I’d be so happy to see more posts about it.

  198. phillyboy says:

    Well here we are, it’s going to happen: Prep vs. Pine-Richland baby. Flat out, I think PR SHOULD win this game, if their offense is flowing they could even win somewhat handily. It’s a huge if though. My gut feeling all year has been that Prep is not all THAT. They have an excellent QB and a smattering of nice players. It’s just that they haven’t met another team with enough combination of talent and moxie and nerve to smack them down. Back in the day they used to talk about opponents of CB West getting the ‘CB West flu.’ With St. Joe’s Prep it’s like their opponents contract the ‘Prep paralysis.’ Prep’s talent, intelligence, class and reputation is so great, it almost seems to psych out or confuse their opponents. Even in those rare instances when Prep’s opponent has equal or better talent their fear is palpable, tantamount to a sort of paralysis. Will PR be the next casualty of the ‘Prep paralysis’? To use one of the Trumpster’s pet lines: ‘we’ll see’.

  199. Brian says:

    Will there be a preview show by pcn on Wednesday to discuss all 6 games?

  200. jumper273 says:

    Middletown looks ready for hershey

  201. Haddock says:

    Just stop you’re making yourself look dumb now. The amount of talent in a vast state like Texas is ten fold better then that big slow Yankee football y’all play up there. Look over college rosters and you’ll see plenty of kids from Texas. So I wrecken they teach defense. Katy is giving up under 6 ppg this season. Your beloved St Joes almost have up as much in one game as we have in the entire season! It would be 35-0 before you’d blink your eye. Get out of your little bubble and watch real football. Are you telling me that the 10 best teams in Nevada would beat the 10 best in Texas? Any state can recruit like st Joe’s does, wouldn’t matter. You’d get eaten up and beaten up! Go Tigers

  202. David Mika says:


  203. Clark31c says:

    Hello who ever did the Final state poll like last year…got the 6A game wrong…its St Joe’s Prep vs Pine Richland !!!! Not PCC…Needs changed thanks….

  204. RevTweak says:

    @ Brian

    Sorry I wasn’t clearer, I wasn’t talking about Southern. I meant the week prior when Dunmore hosted Ligonier Valley. In Hershey. How a District 2 team can host in District 3, I’m not sure, yet the year earlier District 6 got to host in District 6.

  205. Dave says:

    Congratulations to Southern Columbia on yet another trip to Hershey. Congrats also to Dunmore on a great season. They gave it their all but, like the rest of the AA classification, they could not slow down Coach Roth’s well- oiled machine. Mostly underclassmen too so the machine will likely keep on rollin’ next year.

  206. Michael says:

    Prep can’t beat them

  207. Michael says:

    You people are crazy if they think they can beat the best teams in Texas Florida and California

  208. Fl says:

    Prep would score 61 on your Tigers and beat them because like I said they don’t teach defense in Texas don’t know how to tackle evident in the college level. Yes teams in others states Utah, Tennessee can play football to. Hell Bishop Gorman from Nevada with no football at all to speak of in that state could beat any of your Texas teams the last 3 years and there from Nevada. So why do you think other states can’t field great teams. Typical uneducated Texas people if you want to stereotype we can do that all day

  209. phillyboy says:

    Come on man, Saint Joe’s Prep beat Coatesville through discipline, good technique and mental stamina coupled with opportunism. Are you kidding ME?! After they were down 21-3 Coatesville started giving out gifts like a department store Santa Claus and the hustling Hawks gleefully gobbled up the goodies. It seemed like every time I turned around they were spotting the ball to Prep at their own 15 yard line. At that point I couldn’t take it anymore, hearing the muffled audio of these 15 year old lads go ‘YEAAHH Prep with the snow ball rolling down the hill’ Yes, Prep is a very good team but that game was Coatesville’s for the taking. CANNOT take your foot off the gas, let that be a lesson for future opponents.

  210. 82kurtz says:

    Will any of the saturday games be streamed today?

  211. bog says:

    @ tony c, and @ stiles streeter, i think you assume i am anti-catholic school. not the case at all. i know they provide a great education opportunity,and a guidance system to raise fine young ladies and men. my question was concerning the economic situation that many of the athletes come from being able to afford the tuition.and i know anyone is welcome,i clearly stated that if it is about a better education and upbringing then great. but lets not pretend that sports is not the reason for going to a catholic school in some instances. and i believe all the success stories you point out,but i also would like to know who is paying for the athletes, and the stories of the kids who are there for sports only. you can and do have both.

  212. Kevin X says:

    @ TomF

    If his next residency is Holmesburg or Graterford, ummm yeah, pretty good bet he won’t be playing next week or for Penn State (or maybe anybody).

    What the heck was he thinking???

  213. bog says:

    congratulations to southern columbia. they were the much better team and i wish them well.dunmore will try again next year.southern is a great program and much respected by myself and the dunmore faithful.

  214. Haddock says:


    Papers rank teams from a bunch of states to get national readers. Do you really think Indiana, Utah, and Tenneseee high school football are that good? St Joe’s Prep has a nice team for Pennsylvania, but wouldn’t compete in Texas. My alma mater Katy High Tigers would score 60 on Prep. In Texas we’re hospitable and would allow you to grace our end zone maybe once or twice. Enjoy the rest of your playoffs. Luckily I’m flying back deep in the heart of Texas in about an hour.
    GO TIGERS, beat North Shore!

  215. Deo says:

    State Penn instead of Penn State…

  216. Kevin X says:

    @ Bleed R&B

    No disrespected was intended whatsoever. Maybe I just look at it with a much more critical eye. Granted I have only seen a few of their games live the past two years, against better opponents (the Downingtowns, Garnet, North Penn, etc), and in those games, there just was a good number of bad passes. Of, course a lot of really good ones too. The decision making, maybe that is more coming from the coaches and their play calling. I just think he runs too much. Maybe I just don’t like running QB’s. Last night he didn’t (maybe b/c he couldn’t). Only a Soph., looking forward to him only getting better and an exciting two years ahead for him (and the team).

    Crazy track meet of a game last night, absolutely not what I (or many others, I am sure) expected. What I do expect (no pressure) is C’Ville 6A state champs next year!!!!

  217. TomF says:

    Looks like Isheem Young won’t be playing in the State Championship for TEP, or Penn State for that matter

  218. Jeff says:

    PR has to be licking their chops after hearing Coatesville put up 49 on SJP. Not taking anything away from Coatesville, obviously they have a very explosive offense, but if they can put up that many so can PR, and maybe more. I think this game is going to be very similar to the matchup 3 years ago that ended up 49-41, and if SJP does defend their title no one will be able to say they didn’t earn it, that’s for sure, with 2 public schools giving them all they can handle.

  219. Jeff says:

    Berks Catholic went toe to toe with ECP, very entertaining first half with teams trading touchdowns, Berks started with clock chewing drive taking 8+ minutes off the clock to take a 7-0 lead, tied at 14 before BC fumble in their own territory, but then 2 plays later an interception gave them the ball back near midfield, marched methodically down the field to take 21-14 lead, but left a minute and half on the clock, plenty of time for Mischler to lead ECP to tying score with 26 seconds to go until half.

    ECP got 2nd half kickoff and in two plays and 21 seconds took their first lead of the game at 28-21. BC tried to answer and drove inside the 10 yard line, but settled for a field goal to make it 28-24. ECP drove to BC 27 yd line but turned ball over on downs. Then, on 4th and 1 from their own 47 BC in the turning point of the game decided to go for it on 4th down and were stuffed by Notre Dame recruit Matt Bauer and turned ball over on downs. I thought BC should have punted them in the hole and not gone for it, and in short order 4 running plays capped by 21 yd TD run by Billy Lucas made it a 2 score game at 35-24 late in 3rd quarter. BC again tried to answer and drove inside ECP 20, but on 4th and 11 an aborted halfback pass by Cooper Lutz and subsequent scramble came up short and ECP took over at their 17 with about 6 minutes to go in the game. A holding call on first down pushed them back inside the 10, then on third and 11 Billy Lucas broke free for an 84 yd TD run that made it 42-24 to ice the victory for ECP.

    Game was closer than the final score, Berks played well and were in the game until the 4th quarter, ECP just eventually wore them down in the 2nd half, too many weapons on offense, and defense got the stops they needed in 2nd half.

    Should be a great 4A championship next week with rubber match between ECP and Imhotep, I like ECP to win by a TD but would not surprise me if Imhotep pulls it out.

  220. Fl says:

    I think the people that rank these teams in high school football for a LIVING know alittle more then yourself like USA Today, Maxpreps. Don’t bring that Texas HS football BS into a PA website. Why if your highscool program so great all those Texas colleges can’t play defense maybe they should teach more of that in Texas

  221. Eric W says:

    Wish I would have gone to Prep/Coatesville game instead of SC/Dunmore……Wow!!

  222. Brian says:

    Dunmore was not the host for this game. Southern was. Check the brackets. Southern is on top this round so they’re the home district.

  223. RevTweak says:

    Also I meant to add that I hope the PIAA does indeed review how they select their sites in the future. While the field was nice at Danville, the seating was unfortunately not enough for the amount of people that were there. Not to mention I still don’t know how a District 2 home game where we were the host district meant a 2+ hour drive for the hosting team, yet the year before we had to travel to District 6 when they hosted. All things considered, a review of PIAA playoff site selection is in order.

  224. Fbfan says:

    I must say, after seeing that game tonight, southern columbia is just spectacular! My hat is off to them. Dunmore hung around for a quarter and a half and actually led 13-7. But southern is for sure a special team, I wish them good luck in the final.

  225. RevTweak says:

    Credit to Southern Columbia, they have an amazing group of talent. Good blocking too, I’m still amazed how quickly they can get into position and hold their blocks. A well-coached team and a credit to Coach Roth who is a class act.

    Dunmore had a good year and I hope the young guys they have can build on their predecessors’ successes and continue the winning ways, hopefully to going further on next year until we hopefully get back to a state title again someday. One town, one team – congratulations Bucks on a great year.

  226. RN says:

    SCA back to Hershey for the 16th time after mercy rule over Dunmore Bucks. No stopping the Tigers now!

  227. Jay says:

    Very entertaining game in Downingtown tonight. Coatesville pretty much controlled the game for three quarters but SJP showed why they’re the best by the end. Congrats to Coatesville for a successful season and for putting 49 on the board against a team that has given up under 100 total combined year to date.

    If it weren’t for that dropped pass in the third quarter and ensuing momentum shift… that poor kid is gonna agonize over that for some time.

  228. BlkGld7 says:

    Great season Bucks !!!!!! Wish your team and senior class lots of luck in there life’s future !!!! Good hard fought game and played hard, respectfully and didn’t try to hurt players intentionally after southern got to far to catch. Best wishes, hold your heads high your guys fought hard !!! Hope y’all will support us tigers on winning the gold one for the AA east…… Respectfully Southern Columbia Tigers Dad and community !!!!

  229. Haddock says:

    If St Joes Prep is a top 10 team in the country then this country doesn’t have great football. They’re sound fundamentally and disciplined but average at best. In Texas they’d be maybe a top 25 team? Allen, Katy, and Westlake beat Prep by 28-35 points. No contest. Big and slow with decent athleticism. No way they’d compete when spread out and forced to play in space.

  230. Deo says:

    Maybe spoke too soon as the Prep is only up 4 with 2 minutes left. What a game!

  231. Deo says:

    Should have went to the Prep/Coatsville game instead of the Wood/Unionville game as Prep was down 28-10 in the 3rd quarter & came back to win in decisive fashion. Coatsville has better talent but Prep was more basically sound, disciplined & better coached!

  232. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @Tony C: Admittedly, I’m unsure about PCL schools such as Judge, Ryan and Neu-Gor, but Prep and LaSalle have tuitions of approx 21-22K. The “prep” schools of the Inter-Ac (i.e. Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, G-town Acad, Penn Carter, et al) are approx 36-37K per year. Just sayin’, is all…
    PS: SCA Tigers are looking good at half over Dunmore!

  233. Michael says:

    Isheem Young is in Custody

  234. Eric W says:

    Berks Catholic,

    14 first downs/227 yds @ half,moving the ball

  235. Chief Red Raider says:

    Hi Mike,

    You might have missed my earlier comment — you have to go to Coatesville up 21-10 at half

  236. JC says:

    So, Coatesville looks damn good! I thought they weren’t supposed to have a chance in the D1 playoffs because of their weak league or something, much less against St Joe’s Prep?

    Berks Catholic-Cathedral Prep is also close. Hopefully this goes down to the wire.

  237. Mike A. says:

    @Fbfan Dunmore may not get mercy ruled but SC should win by about 3 TD’s IMHO

  238. Mike A. says:

    @Chief Red Raider -Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist or is not available. ?

  239. Mike A. says:

    @Jeff “Kids should not be allowed to play for 2 different schools in the same year, period, I don’t care what the reason, and it’s about time the PIAA had some guts and did something about it.”

    Not only did Parsons play on two different teams last year he played against the same team at least twice as a member of two different teams. As a player for Central Dauphin and again as a player for Harrisburg he played against Cumberland Valley and I believe that also applied to Carlisle last year. At the very least playing against the same team more than once while playing for multiple team should be prohibited.

  240. Brian says:

    @ go bucks. He’s kicked over 10 fgs this year with most of them between 30-40 yds and 1 that was from 41yds. He’s also 90-92 in pats. His kickoffs usually go inside the 10

  241. Chief Red Raider says:

    Hey Bleed Red and Black,

    Thanks for the nice response to my questions. You always have some good insights. Right now I’m just keeping my powder dry and hoping C’ville wins so I can shred some of the prognosticators and talent scouts, even though the forecast looks like it might rain.

  242. BlkGld7 says:

    Really ??? Broke the state record !!!! Nothing more needs to be said .

  243. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @Kevin X

    Mediocre at best accuracy and decision making? Please fill me in because I’ve seen every snap of 25 of 27 Coatesville’s games the last 2 years. I might be a bit of a homer, but the kid deserves a little bit of respect.

    Let’s look at the numbers
    Passing: 166/264 63% 2,841 yards 36TD, 2INT
    Rushing: ~ 800 yards rushing 8-10 TD

    63% completion pct is pretty decent for a sophomore HS QB with D1 offer(s), who is on pace to break Pat Devlin’s passing numbers. It’s not like he is throwing all his passes within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage as well, he takes at least 5-10 deep shots a game.

    If he is a mediocre at best QB accuracy wise what do you call McCray from SJP? He’s absolutely horrible according to your standards. 99/173 57% completion pct.

    I have never seen McCray play but I can all but guarantee nobody is calling him a mediocre at best QB, because he goes to SJP, one of the finest academic institutions in the Philadelphia area.

    As for abandoning the run game, their is some credence to that, but it has more to do with what the opposing defense do. Coach Ortega has made it abundantly clear all year if a team loads the box to stop the run they are going to pass the ball, if they try to take away the pass they are going to run the ball. Aaron Young has 1600 yards this year averaging 10+ ypc and hasn’t gotten more than 17 carries in a game all year.

    They didn’t get to this point in the season 13-1 with smoke and mirrors and luck. Is SJP the best defense they will see all season? Yes! If their was a time for them to implode it would have been last week and it didn’t happen, so I don’t foresee it happening tonight.

    Best of luck to both teams tonight, may the game be decided on the field by a bunch of 15-18 yr old kids!

    We’ll be always true and loyal to the noble Red and Black!

  244. PastorZack says:

    @Kevin X

    Watch for Cville to use Dapree Bryant and Aaron Young in the backfield at the same time with Ricky. This would also give them the option of using a tight set with Clifford or a slot with Alexander. They have motioned a back out of to the slot as well. All of this would allow Ricky to see what kind of coverages the D is in. If both backs stay in the backfield, it would precipitate a normal or under front and probably make Prep pull a safety down into the box to create single coverages on an outside receiver. Look for Cville to run more against SJP this week, though.

  245. Pafallguy says:

    @Jeff,@Mike and many others the PIAA rules plainly state that any player the transfers to another school during the school year MUST forfeit participating in any sports during that year.
    The only exception that I read at that time that the PIAA would wave that rule is if the student lost his/her parents through death, jail, social services etc. and HAD to relocate with relatives.
    I don’t know why Parsons was allowed to participate because of course the PIAA doesn’t see the value of informing us peasants.
    Reguarding the lack of any solution at all to deal with the “private” schools, see how I dodged that, dominating by recrutement. If the PIAA won’t address it there is a solution right under our noses. We still have the WPIAL league, they wisely did not dissolve the organization. We could simply expand it and create a sister league EPIAL and take it from there. Thank all this is a very civilized board which is a rare thing.

  246. ChesMontDad says:

    Looks like the C’ville vs Prep game will be broadcast on

    You have to create an account but it’s free

  247. sca fan says:

    Did anyone else here that Danville school district was going to charge to park tonight?
    Never heard of a school charging to park not even for a play off game. If they charge to park tonight the piaa should not allow then to host another play off game

  248. BigTuna55 says:

    Dunmore vs Southern Hype video will give you the chills

  249. mca2794 says:

    I haven’t seen Dunmore but I get the impression they rely mostly on the run. If they are 1 dimensional, I doubt they will hang with Southern. If nobody beats them this year, nobody is beating them the next 2 years either. Good luck.
    @ Go bucks
    The Southern kicker is very good. Supposedly one of the best in the state. He made at least 4 fgs in the 2 games against MCA that I can remember and one in the district championship game was a pretty good distance.

  250. Tony C says:

    @ bog.. you were questioning how can someone that is not catholic attend a catholic school.. the beauty of our schools is we take everyone.. that can pay.. all kidding aside.. the catholic school my kids attend have two different tuition rates one for catholic and non-catholic not sure why the charge a different amount..

    One reason someone outside the faith may choose to attend is they may not be happy with their local public school.. and most catholic schools are a less expensive alternative to a more expensive “prep” school.. in the PCL most charge about $8K ish fully loaded.. a prep school can start at about $18ish so it does become a less expensive alternative

  251. Stiles Streeter says:

    @Toby and Bog,

    Can’t speak for the rest of the state but you couldn’t be more wrong about SJP. The kids that choose to go there are receiving a top notch Jesuit education. Students come from far and wide, leave their group of childhood friends at home to be challenged as a young men both academically and athletically. The majority of these students are never able to make a team there at all. Why aren’t there more complaints around the state regarding the amount of national merit scholars we have each year? I hear a lot about the athletic talent we bring in, but rarely a peep about the academic talent that fills the school. It’s funny, if we were 0-13 would anybody have a problem with the area in which we draw our students from? I hear a lot about the athletic advantages we maintain over four kids of these young men’s lives, but never about the lifetime of knowledge you obtain from attending the Prep. Here’s the true beauty of the school; day one a doctor’s son from South Jersey sits next to a roofer’s son from Northeast Philly, and you know what, rarely in life is a better lesson taught. Anybody from anywhere is open to take these challenges head on. If you choose to be so obtuse that you choose to believe the only area in which we excel in is football be my guest, but I can give you 10 stories of a young man’s acceleration via academic progress to every one you give me regarding athletic advantages.

  252. Come on man! says:

    @go bucks

    90/92 PATs and 11/13 field goals. Long of 41. Not very good!!

  253. nepad2 says:

    @FBFan….I’ve been around long enough to see some of the better teams to ever come out of D2. This Dunmore team could very well be shutout by this years SCA defense (No dominant run game and SCA’s skill kids are better than Dunmore’s)…and even if the Bucks can slow down the SCA running attack (which they are capable of) they wont stop the Tigers passing game. I’m rooting for the Bucks…but honestly…*I* wouldn’t be surprised by a mercy rule in this one. This is *not* one of the better Dunmore teams to make a run…but the 2017 SCA squad *is* one of the best Coach Roth has had. This is one of those games that comes down to match-ups…and SCA just has too many advantages at the skill spots for the Bucks to get past them…unless there were injuries ect.

  254. nepad2 says:

    @Go bucks: The SCA kicker is 90-92 on PATs….that’s some pretty seriously good consistency at the HS level…I would say he’s pretty good.

  255. Billy Splain says:

    Another Stream: Tonight live on the @NFHSNetwork live stream coverage of the @PIAASports Class 5A semifinal. Manheim Central battles Gateway Link:

  256. Kevin X says:

    @ McD65

    I wouldn’t get overly concerned about Ortega. He has good wheels, a strong arm, and a nice receiving corp, but his accuracy and decision making is mediocre at best. C’Ville also seem to have abandoned their run game, which I don’t get, as you have one of the best RBs in the area, if not the state. Its all getting very predictable. Maybe the Sr. Ortega had something up his sleeve for this game. He better have. C’ville has not seen anything remotely close to a D like SJP has all year. I wouldn’t be surprised if C’Ville gets completely frustrated and self implodes at some point.

  257. Go bucks says:

    Is that Southern kicker even any good? Saw him on the news last night getting interviewed.

  258. Fbfan says:

    I see a lot of people picking southern to blow out dunmore. Dunmore is not like any team southern has seen all year, they are extremely physical and well coached. Mercy rule by southern? Highly doubtful! Should be a great game and I think will be much closer than most expect. The bucks will no doubt be ready and up to the challenge.

  259. Kevin X says:

    You guys are cracking me up talking about these linemen sizes. Swear I’m reading a sumo wrestling blog. Question really is are they any good?? Sure, size matters, but its not the only thing.

  260. Mike says:

    PIAA fumbled on the Southern/Dunmore site…far better sites than Danville in D4…DirecTV fans can view the game on My9…Enjoy!

  261. jack1234 says:

    imo linemen that are smaller but more quick and athletic are better than those big hogs than can’t move as well. Those are the guys that get gassed by halftime too and that makes a difference.

  262. NCFALCONS82 says:

    Prep 42
    Coatesville 7

  263. mark d says:

    Dunmore as i said before is like a left handed boxer they don’t look pretty but keep pounding on you.In the end i think Southern has to many skill kids 42 -21 Southern. it going to be a very physical game !!!!

  264. Billy Splain says:

    Live Streams tonight, The only one I know of is ECP/Berks, it can be found here:

  265. Budda says:

    Southern’s line? Are you kidding me? They absolutely punished NG’s line. NG had HUGE kids. I believe that they averaged over 280, if not 300. That Southern team is a machine. I’m a hs football fan, and I go to games of interest weekly. I saw Dunmore play Old Forge and I saw Southern twice, and believe me, Dunmore will need grace from God to even stay close. Two great/classy teams, but Dunmore won’t have enough to stop that train.

  266. MattG says:

    Don’t think Dunmore’s line can contain or penetrate the Tiger line. These boys are relentless, viscous and STRONG!! I really believe Dunmore’s line would have trouble with our second team front. I don’t bet, but if I did, the house is on the Tigers, and possibly a MERCY RULE blow out. EAT-SLEEP-WIN-REPEAT

  267. Chief Red Raider says:

    Heads up out there — looks like the C’ville/SJP game is not streamed as usual on Chesmontfootball — sends folks to a pay per view service now — too bad. The PIAA wants $4500 to broadcast a HS game — what a rip!

  268. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @Jimbo That is a difficult question both teams have good lines. Alot of people favor Southern. This game should bring out the best of both teams. It is a shame one has to go home. Jack will have his bucks ready. And Jim is ready to rumble. I just hope no injuries occur on either side.One of these teams will have one big final to win next week.

  269. Eric W says:


    Yes, SC DL very disruptive….I believe they are up to almost 50 sacks now…..they are very similar to Middletown D…..shut down the run,then pin their ears back…plus run the ball very well

  270. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @chief red raider

    Has it been confirmed 3ctv is broadcasting the ganme? Last I seen they weren’t going to pay the $4,500 fee the PIAA has put on to broadcast.

    Nobody has a clue how they choose the sites for the playoff games. Seems like every year school (s) are upset with the locations. If in fact Coatesville has the home side it’s a logical answer. They are a couple exits west of Downingtown on the Rt. 30 bypass and will have no problem at all filling the home side with all the fans that have been traveling with the team all year.

  271. bog says:

    @Toby Kimball I also wonder about the best athletes showing up on catholic football teams. i am catholic myself so i have no axe to grind,but i can’t help but wonder how the athletes,some of whom seem to come from impoverished situations can afford the tuition. attending a catholic high school in the scranton area costs in excess of 5000. per year. also i am hoping someone can explain to me how young men with names indicating a different faith,suddenly attend catholic schools. if it is about education,then that is all well and good, but it seems it is the best athletes and not the biology all stars that populate catholic schools.

  272. Jimbo says:

    I know Southern most likely has the advantage over Dunmore in the skills department but what about their line? Are they as good as Dunmore’s linmen?

  273. Kevin X says:

    Not to throw a wet blanket on, or be a Debbie Downer about this weekend’s games, but not seeing any of them really being that close, let alone be nail bitters. All by 3 TDs or more:

    SJP over C’Ville
    P-R over Manheim
    Wood over U’Ville
    ‘Tep over Becahi
    ECP over BC
    M-Town over CEC
    SCA over Dunmore

  274. McD65 says:

    Ricky Ortega could be a real challenge for the Prep to manage. He is still young ,but he has great passing and running ability. If the Prep controls him they win ,if not we got a game IMO. SunburyOwl,You should check out the Wyoming Valley West linemen size. Two over 300 and two around 285 YIKES .

  275. Buddy says:


    They switch every year. Last year it was in philly. This year in the burbs. Simple as that.

    It just can’t be at the home field of either team

  276. Clark31c says:

    Can someone please answer this for me…
    How did Dtown get picked for the eastern final game ? And how did Cville get the home side for the game ? Not sure how they pick where and who gets what side..let me know Thanks fans

  277. HaroldSakata says:

    The Dunmore-Southern game will be broadcast on WQMY with an accompanying live video stream on

  278. Chief Red Raider says:

    The C’ville/SJP game looks like it will be on ( tomorrow. They do a pretty good job (drives me crazy when they put the ads over the screen when there are stoppages though!). Go Red Raiders! Or maybe I should try out my new nickname: The Homegrown Steel City Boundary-limited All-stars!

  279. SunburyOwl says:

    Kevin X
    I have to totally agree with your comment regarding the PIAA and their lack of concern of the domination of private schools and their continuous all star teams. Just for my own sake, I went on the sites of Temple University and Lehigh University just to get an idea of the size of their offensive and defensive lines. It’s truly amazing that St Joe’s lineman are all within range and size of both of those colleges. It would not surprise me to see them either beat the colleges in a game or be within range of doing so.
    I also think it’s time for some public schools to break away from the PIAA and form perhaps a new unit that has some control of the programs and enforces the rules set forth.
    I know I will be battered by all the PCL people for this post, but many people talk about it and don’t post their opinion.

  280. Dawg Pound says:

    Anyone going to Dunmore-SC game at Danville, better get there early because there is only ONE entrance to stadium off rt #11. I can see traffic jam after game, will be horrible. Listening to game on WHLM 930 AM.

  281. Toby Kimball says:

    The question I would like answered is what is the correlation between talented high school football players and Catholicism? Do they discover this need to become Catholic in the end zone? How does this happen? Why does this need to become Catholic not happen to the 2nd string players of public schools?

  282. Toby Kimball says:

    Great Forum

  283. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Obviously they have to play much better than they did last Friday against GV to have any hope vs SJP. The few people on here giving them slack about GV clearly have never watched much football. This isn’t 1975 where everybody is running the triple option/veer offense. Those type of offenses are archaic. The HS game much like the college game has gone to a more spread/read option type look. Cville clearly had trouble against it because it’s something they don’t see too often. Even the teams that they faced this year that were run heavy DTE,Rustin, Pennsbury did it in more traditional ways. The coaches are putting in the work and they will be prepared for SJP, so that won’t be an excuse.

    You are right in that nobody is giving them a chance. Probably rightfully so, SJP is very, very talented or else they wouldn’t be a Top 10 ranked team in the country by some publications. Cville came into the 2012 game against LaSalle with the same type of slim odds. All you heard all week was the speed, talent of LaSalle would be too much for them to handle and we know what the end result was. I’m in no way comparing the 2017 SJP team to the 2012 LaSalle team, but it was the usual D1 team has no shot against the D12 powerhouse.

    Ricky was off last week and he will be the first to admit it. People forget he’s just a sophomore, who still at times shows tendencies of a young kid (i.e. locking onto WR’s, if the 1st/2nd read isn’t open pulling it down and running instead of going through his progressions, not keeping his eyes downfield when he does decide to run).

    I don’t know if playing at Downingtown is an advantage just because the opponent is SJP. They are no stranger to playing on the road at tough places. If it was somebody else I would say it’s an advantage. What it does give them is a sense of familiarity/normalcy. They play at the venue every year and it will be the 3rd time there this season. It’s a 10-15 minute drive from most of the city so they are going to have HUGE support from the fans.

    Like you said the game is played on the field, I think they are up against a wall. The players are already reading/hearing what people have to say about them having no shot. They are a close knit group of kids, a true brotherhood who are going to play for each other. Would I be suprised if SJP rolls? No. Would I be surprised if Cville pulls off an upset? Absolutely not!

  284. 2gaps says:

    @Chief RR. I saw that too. Made me chuckle a little bit.

    Good luck tomorrow night. I’m hoping the TO game goes Coatesville’s way and they use this board (my comments included) as bulletin material and play their A+ game.

    I’ll be there hopin for the best.

  285. Jeff says:

    @Mike – you must have missed my comments last year on this board about Micah Parsons, I said at the time it was a travesty he was allowed to play for 2 different teams in the same year, but some misguided people thought that was a racist position because of what happened at Central Dauphin. Kids should not be allowed to play for 2 different schools in the same year, period, I don’t care what the reason, and it’s about time the PIAA had some guts and did something about it. Any kid who transfers after the season starts should have to wait until the following season to play that sport at his new school, no exceptions.

  286. Jeff says:

    @ Guest – if anyone wins this game by 3 TD’s it will be Erie Prep, not Berks. Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to what ECP has done this year, they have all of their key players back from last year and are playing at a higher level than last year. Berks has a good team and I think they are better than last year too, but I don’t see how they’ve made up the 2 TD deficit from last year.

    @ Tom F – completely agree with everything you said, Berks is at least a 10 point underdog and probably more, and you’re right about ECP, they have more top notch D1 recruits than any other school in the state this year. Lutz needs to have a monster game for Berks to have a chance, and good luck against ECP’s defense.

    I see ECP winning this game 35-20, I will be there as it’s only an hour drive from Pittsburgh, and that’s the best game that’s closest to me this weekend, so I will post my reactions and thoughts after the game.

  287. sausmann9 says:

    Not like they need to but I wonder how Egan and their fans would feel if Middletown grabbed Micah Parsons and Anderson-Butts from Harrisburg before they made the trip this weekend.

    I mean its only fair right???

    Also on the Micah Parsons transfer – there were PLENTY of people up-in-arms about that crap too. Even though I do understand the reason for the school switch, he should have NEVER been allowed on that field for the Cougars.

  288. Hail Unionville says:

    @Phil for Unionville:

    Follow @HailUnionville for stats/information and live streams. Message that account with questions.

    Good luck to the fellow Public schools this weekend

  289. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Like I said before Dunmore and Southern are two teams I have seen this year and a fan of both programs. It is very hard to go against Southern this time of year when they played the seals and won that game showed this Southern team is for real.Dunmore has dominated all year do not take them lightly they are a very very good team.

  290. tom says:

    The field at Danville means nothing if the fans can’t see the game due to the visitors side seating capacity of 500. Bucks will have a few thousand fans there. Just poor decision on site.

  291. phillyboy says:

    @ John G

    Interesting article. The PCL all-you-can-recruit buffet is bountiful. Got a side of North Penn pot roast over here, some Downingtown broiled salmon over there, bon apetit. Like I was saying, if public school districts that have more than one high school would allow kids to play on any team within the district, then this Sanders kid might have stayed at Downingtown. According to the article he would have had to play at D West, seemingly the lesser of the two district teams. If large school districts like Downingtown, Central Bucks, West Chester, Bethlehem, Central Dauphin eliminated all the redundant teams and formed one team like Erie HS did this year there would be some beast teams that would fare much better in the big games. Or alternately, again, allow kids within a district to play on whatever team so that they could stack the most talented kids on one team. Otherwise with the status quo Central Bucks for example will continue to have mind numbing mediocrity. Is there a school district and superintendent out there with more of a Jerry Jones or Al Davis mentality, that truly wants to win? The one inherent thing these large districts have to their advantage is size, sheer numbers — yet they’re not availing themselves of it. The PCL teams, meanwhile, as far as winning goes have the killer instinct.

  292. PowerBomb says:

    @Cmonman I’m not saying Southern Columbia SHOULD move up, i’m saying they Could and would still be playing today in Eastern Finals 3A or 4A. SC even beat Aliquippa, who has always played up. They are now small 1A by enrollment and compete in 3A.

  293. PCLFB Guy says:

    @Cheif Red Raider
    The article states a coach came to their game to gauge their interest in the Prep. Well its quite obvious Sanders had interest in the school and the Young brothers did not. At no point has anyone ever said the Prep does not go out and actively recruit players for their school. They absolutely do, and quite frankly they are not shy about doing it. Go to a youth / CYO game and you see six guys in Prep gear. This is nothing new. Ask how many Public school coaches were at the CYO games, you would be amazed what schools from D1 were there. Everybody does it, the only difference is some have more to offer than others.

  294. PS Futility says:

    Mike, the PCL has an entirely different set of rules than public schools. It’s not bias, it’s just acknowledging a fact. How can public schools be expected to compete against the PCL if they’re not all playing by the same rules? I’m fine with the PCL doing whatever they can stomach… they’re the one’s that have to look at themselves in the mirror. Just leave the public schools out of it.

  295. Mike says:

    When did I say it was right? Here let me spell it out for you guys: NO TRANSFER STUDENT SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY SPORTS FOR AN ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR. Period. It’s wrong and should never be tolerated.

    Now that we cleared that up the point remains people complain about the PCL bending the rules far more often than they do when publics do it. Again I’M NOT SAYING IT’S RIGHT, PLEASE DON’T RESPOND TO ME LIKE I SUPPORT IN SEASON TRANSFERS. There is a tendency on this board and around the state to harp on the Catholic League’s wrongdoings while simply ignoring the wrongdoings from public schools. Please, for the benefit of my mental state, don’t try to pretend public schools don’t bend the rules too. Families move school districts, kids transfer in all the time for public schools. God I’m so sick of this, KICK THE CATHOLIC LEAGUE OUT OF THE PIAA once and for all. There is no benefit to winning a state title as a Catholic school. You’re belittled into some sort of Kevin Durant if you choose Wood over Truman and it’s INFURIATING to me.

  296. Billy Splain says:

    For any Dunmore fan complaining about going to Danville, when you get there and see the field you will change your mind. It’s amazing, and they’re STILL working on it! The visitor section also seats more than 500

  297. Bri says:

    Dunmore Southern, no disrespect to Dunmore but this game will not be close, Southern rolls 42-14

  298. JC says:

    @sausmann9 – Didn’t know that; in that case, this is real embarrassing from PIAA.

    @Mike – Just because other schools do it, doesn’t mean that the majority of culprits are PCL teams. Just saying we’re not allowed to call teams out on it because some public teams also do it sometimes is classic whataboutism. You transfer to another school in-season, you shouldn’t be able to play for your new varsity team. It’s that simple.

  299. John G says:

    Another Coatesville/ St Joe Prep article

  300. John G says:

    Coatesville and St Joe Prep articl

  301. Matt says:

    @powerbomb….you are right Southern could play up and be competitive. They would probably be favorite in AAA. Middletown could give them a game but I think SC would be favorite. And they did beat selingsgrove who was a two pt conversation away from being in 4A final four.

  302. Chief Red Raider says:

    Saw an interesting article today — one of the quotes from a St. Joe’s player stood out (This is when he was in the Downingtown Youth League):

    “One of the coaches came to one of our games and tried to get me and Avery and Aaron interested in (St. Joe’s Prep),” Sanders said.

  303. Mick says:

    Before the Phily Catholic league joined the PIAA and started recruiting, they could not compete with powerhouses of District 1. Coming from a Philly Catholic guy.

  304. Cmonman says:

    @Powerbomb Southern is a smaller AA school. There is no point in them moving up because they having nothing to prove. If they were able to “recruit” I would understand your point but you shouldn’t have to move up just because you have better coaches and work harder than your opponents.

  305. Pafootballparent says:


    It doesn’t matter who did it last year. Public or private. It’s still wrong and it did make a difference in the game. 6’4″ 250lbs two way starter. Regardless whether Palisades won or lost. It’s absolutely wrong and it’s in no way should be allowed. Again, Palisades didnt even have film on him because he came so late. This is high school football. It’s not college or NFL. Btw… they wouldn’t allow that there either.

    What ever happen to boys playing as a brotherhood all year. There is something fundamentally wrong with the way high school football is headed.

    @kevinX you nailed it right on the head and I couldn’t have said that better myself.

  306. Frank G says:

    What C-E did may not have broken any rules, but it was entirely wrong. There should be a rule that prevents such actions.

  307. tom says:

    AA Eastern state championship game is at Danville High School stadium. What could possibly be the thinking here? I’m from Dunmore and not complaining about traveling. My complaint is about the seating capacity. Dunmore will be on the visitor side with seating capacity at around 500. Dunmore travels extremely well and most will be standing many deep. Southern travels well also and even with more seating on the home side still SC fans will be standing. What a poor decision on this site. Nothing against Danville School District here but to the PIAA.

  308. PS Futility says:

    The Egan move might make a cynical mockery of any semblance of fair play in HS sports, but it’s perfectly legal. I’m glad to see others voicing concern about non-boundary school dominance, but the PIAA doesn’t care. I think it was the head of the PIAA who said the fact public schools occasionally win is proof the current system works, ignoring the fact that public schools (excluding charters) account for almost 90% of the schools in the state, yet win fewer than half of the championships in FB and hoops. Most public schools need the stars to align perfectly to win a championship while some non-boundary schools just need a decent recruiting year.

    It all comes down to priorities and if the priority is crowning a state champion, I guess things are fine. If the priority is promoting fair play the PIAA is failing miserably. I couldn’t find an overall mission statement to figure out what the PIAA sees as its goal. One possibility for the state of things is the is PIAA worried about being sued if it separates non-boundary and public schools (again). I’ve coached football in three different states and this is not just a PA issue, but the PIAA is far and away the most jacked up ruling body I’ve seen (not just because of the public-private/charter issue). I’d like to see public schools call the bluff and force change or drop the PIAA.

    Ironically, I’d bet a lot of money Egan’s season ends this weekend against a public school.

    BTW, the enrollment numbers you see only include three classes (9th-11th I think), so there are a few high schools in the state nibbling on the edge of 5,000 students.

  309. PowerBomb says:

    @TomF Southern Columbia has been dominating the smaller classifications for years. maybe its time they move up to 3A or 4A and play against schools that can compete with them. Hell they beat Selingsgrove a strong 4A competitor. Alliquipa has always played up, so does Imhotep and Wood and many other schools who would kill the smaller divisions.

  310. sausmann9 says:

    @JC – I was at the game and he made a huge difference. take him out and Egan doesn’t rush for all those yards and touchdowns. he played over top Palisades best defensive lineman and end. he also accounted for plenty of tackles and clogging up the middle all day long. BIG DIFFERENCE!

  311. Mike says:

    This is absolutely hysterical even from this group-Micah Parsons DID THE EXACT SAME THING LAST YEAR!!!! Am I taking crazy pills? A 5 star Penn State commit transferred schools and led his team to the state title. Seriously don’t remember anybody even having a problem with it. Still got thumped by Wood. I can’t find ANY recruiting info on this Burns kid. He isn’t rated at all. I guess if he transfers to a PCL school he must be going to the NFL though. Is anybody seriously trying to say this one kid is why they won the game? Look stop the transferring I don’t support it but even some of you, deep down, see the hypocrisy against PCL schools. You have to.

  312. Kevin X says:

    To the folks at Palisades, District XI, and any other public school district who wants a change, you’re going to have to channel your inner Howard Beale, rise up out of your chairs (or off the couch), go to the window, open it, stick your head out, and yell “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!!!”

    Then find some local politicians who will listen and actually gives a hoot, hire some lawyers, and go after the PIAA where it counts, in the wallet.

    If that doesn’t work, or as an alternative, just give the PIAA your collective middle fingers and say we’re outta of here, go independent (there is the PAISAA) or form your own conference or association and carry on……

  313. JC says:

    After that article, I don’t know how anyone can defend C-E. That’s a major shame. I don’t think it would affect the result on the day (although I do think if they were to play on a different week, the result could be different), but that’s not sportsmanlike conduct.

  314. Billy Splain says:

    Hi gang…want to give a plug for my nephew Wesley. Played LB for Bloom U. He will graduate with communications degree and he just started a sports blog, check him out:
    follow him on twitter @SPLAIN_IT

  315. TomF says:

    I dont think that anyone would have a problem with the open boundry schools if the same teams that people complain about-Wood TEP, ECP, Bishop Gorman etc would just move up to the classifications where they should be. Wood 6A TEP, ECP-5A BG-3A what also isn’t helping is that once powerfull coal region schools, except Southern Columbia are in economic and population decline. Many folks are sick of seeing the same teams every year in the semi’s and state finals. This could be the 3rd year in a row that TEP/ECP are playing for a 4A championship.

  316. Live4Fridays says:

    Really hate the way they scheduled the state championship games this year. I’ve been going to every game for many years. To do that this year I have to make the trip to Hershey 3 times and wait about 3 1/2 hours between games. It’s like they’re trying to discourage you from seeing more than one game. Hope they re-think this in the future.

  317. Buddy says:

    @ AndyM:

    Deo is misinterpreting what he is reading. But even if he didn’t, he’s going to believe what he wants to if it helps his case, albeit in error.

    @ Chief:
    I believe C’ville is in a world of poop. Actually, they looked better last year then this year. What team will show up? The one that beat DTE, or the one that barely got by GV? I’m rooting for ’em, but it looks dim.

  318. 2gaps says:

    To those saying creating a non boundary class or 2 would make the public championship a “B” league. What does that make our current Class 5A, is that a “B” league? What is 1A then?

    Also not sure who said there are schools with > 2,000 boys in a school is way off. Only 2 schools (Reading and North Penn) in the state have more than 1,500. In fact the average enrollment for 6A looks to be around 850~. The smallest 6A is Centeal Dauphin at 563.

  319. Zack Felter says:


    CV needs to attack the edges of Prep with running Aaron to be successful to begin with. This opens intermediate routes for Dapree and Mekhi in the slot. Garnet Valley played two high safeties and dared Ricky to throw. Why they did’nt run against a 6 man box is beyond me.

    On defense, they have to have Avery shadow their #1 receiver and roll coverage the opposite side. They also have to spy McCray with either a LB or S. Beyond that, their Dline has to be more of a factor this week, which I’m sure they will have a better scheme fit since they practice against this style of offense day in and day out.

  320. Southern fan says:

    Many southern fans agree with me that Danville is not an appropriate place to hold a state semi final game specially with two teams who travel as well as southern and Dunmore… it is an awesome feeling when two communities back their teams and both sides of the stadium are pack unfortunately PIAA doesn’t realize the away side at Danville will be very small for holding the amount of fans Dunmore brings out for support.. I know for fact many of us Southern fans aren’t happy about this along with Dunmore fans… I know it’s late but any chances the game getting moved to say a stadium like Shamokin, Selinsgrove, or even Berwick? Either way expect thousands of fans from Dunmore and SOCO good luck boys!!!

  321. Excitedfan009 says:

    Wow am I excited for Dunmore vs Southern Columbia both teams with great tradition and play respectful smash mouth football !!! Both teams with very strong and talented lines up front where these games are won I think SOCO has the advantage in skill positions but don’t count the bucks out… Dunmore has always knocked Southern out of playoffs and both coaches are very similar in old fashion styles.. I believe the big difference will be SOCOs defense who hasn’t had much attention but has been punishing teams who decide to try to run the ball on them… my score prediction is Southern Columbia 28 Dunmore 17 good luck to both teams and may the best team win!!!

  322. Clueless says:


    Throw the line in the water and see who jumps on the bait. Too easy for everyone on here.. But as usual its the normal wrong info to argue.. Roman did NOT beat Lasalle last year. Let me try this again. These D1 guys used to say PCL cant hang with the big boys when PIAA was thinking about letting PCL in.. 2009 Easton was favored by 30 over LS, Easton said district 12 a joke,lost. Then Ridley before Lasalle game said we wont be scored upon by a city team. 34pts . Now after them getting their butts kicked by all D12 its the usual, You Recruit. Hey we were the same league when you said we couldnt hang with the “Big Boys”?? Im not a Lasalle guy just a PCL guy who thinks that D1 is the most overrated league out there and now are crying like little kids. P.S. you have 2,000 boys in 1 school and you cant compete, and Im clueless.. ? P.S.S. Prep is the smartest school in the state and only a few play football, you would be honored to send your son to prep, for NO Sports..

  323. phillyboy says:

    Guys, that’s why I think it’s fantastic when a top public program is enhanced by key transfers. Pine Richland got talented player Kenny White before the season started. That’s just what the doctor ordered. There should be a concerted effort to stack certain public teams. For example, would have been perfect if Tarburton from Pennridge had gone to North Penn. Granted, due to life circumstances it’s not always easy to move into a different district. But to the extent possible this should be encouraged. Like FridayNightLights said earlier this year, ‘it’s not the most ideal or pure way, but rather a pragmatic reaction to new realities.’ To reiterate, every effort should be made to proactively stack the established top public programs to have a chance to win a state title. Otherwise there will be a plethora of 5-5 and 6-4 teams out there….yippee!

  324. McD65 says:

    sauseman9,Egan is not a team I follow. I was stating facts of the huge disparity of calls in a High school game. Have you ever seen this many penalties called? Look,I know you have seen hundreds of games as I have .This just is out of whack. OMG I have nothing to complain about I could care less who won.

  325. MB says:

    It’s ok, let these big city prep/charter non-boundary schools play. I guarantee none of their victories will be as rewarding as a boundary school’s. The Miracle On Ice of 1980 was epic. We beat Finland for the gold and some chumps along the way. The 1996 Olympic basketball “dream team” gold medal? Meh, beating Croatia by 32 with Michael Jordan et al. felt pretty empty to me. Winning… or losing with integrity and pride vs. a game opponent is soooo much sweeter. That’s not to knock the kids. They are playing by the rules put in place for them. I actually feel bad for them that they can’t experience what truly earning a title feels like. Maybe playing Mater Dei to start the year would give them a taste. …Nah.

  326. Pafootballparent says:


    Yea he transferred directly after his season was over in Nj. Then came over and played for Conwell Egan. So played in two different states the same season. Seems fair. Palisades didn’t even have film on him. D11fan has the link to the story in paper.

    Palisades did have great season. Small school taking on the big boys. I am just stating it’s not fair to bring a stud in right at playoffs. So who does Middletown get next week? Anymore coming?

  327. Phil says:

    Does anyone know of a website to get stats for Unionville. Or better yet, anyone want to post stats for their QB, WRs, and RBs. Thanks.

  328. AndyM says:

    @Powerbomb. We’re you actually watching the NG SC game? If so, you’d easily see the defender pushing off the receiver in that play you reference as a “bad call” as well as the holding that you claim robbed them of a touchdown. With as many penalties and turnovers as SC had, if NG still couldn’t beat them, they had no chance. It actually was one of the better officiated games I’ve seen this year.

  329. D12FAN says:


    Just like a 5 star player transferring mid season and playing for Harrisburg last year, he even played against his old team in the same 2016 season. Both public schools……Bad policies don’t care if you are Public or Private.

  330. D11 Fan says:

    Did anyone see this?

    2 teams in 1 football season: Late transfer helps end Palisades’ perfect campaign

    Click here

  331. David Mika says:

    Great job by St. Joseph’s Prep Food Drive…..

  332. AndyM says:

    @Buddy. I think Deo missed that “public school district in which you reside” part…kind of the important part. Honestly Deo, it doesn’t matter what that school district states, the important part “subject to PIAA regulations” said it all. The PIAA has pretty strict regulations regarding residency and participation in regards to public schools.

  333. Chief Red Raider says:

    Hey Bleed Red and Black,

    As a C’ville fan, what do the Red Raiders have to do Friday night? The consensus I’ve seen in various places is that they are going to get smoked, routed, and blasted (and somehow score negative points too). No predictions here, but the game is played on the field, and if C’ville plays as well as they have at times this year, then I think they definitely have a shot. I’m sure you remember what was being said before C’ville played La Salle a couple years ago. Also, how much of an advantage will playing at D-town be? I really think playing at GV last week impacted Ortega — I haven’t seem him that off since the CV game.

  334. PowerBomb says:

    @MCD65 The officials try to play equalizer when they think a team is outmatched or when certain teams play. West catholic had a TD called back last year vs Schukillhaven that hurt bad when they were up, then it got out of hand.
    Neumann Goretti also had 2 very bad penalties vs Souther Columbia. a pass interference when the ball was 4 yards out of bounds on 4th and 15, helped SC get their 2nd touch down. Then a penalty on a NG kick off return for a TD was called back as well.

    Gotta be twice as good and blow certain teams out like Egan did or the refs will control the outcome.

  335. Mike Smoll says:


    My niece resided in Quakertown, went to school at Pennridge, both her and her teammates won PIAA medals for Gymnastics. Quakertown has never had a Gymnastics team, so there are definitely excepts.

  336. Eric W says:


    I think your picks are close and agree
    with your winnners …I’ll add two more to the mix,

    PR over MT 38-17
    BC over ECP 31-28…upset special

  337. sausmann9 says:

    @McD65 – funny how you lecture others on their team getting wacked and making excuses/rumors but yet two posts later you are yapping about all the so-called penalties and the legitimacy of those calls as if refs were out to keep the Egan game close. Talk about coming up with excuses and your team even won the game, lol. Get a grip dude, Egan was that undisciplined and that sloppy. Also those two touchdowns youre crying about wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t holding and a chop block on those plays.

  338. McD65 says:

    Pa football parent,That transfer was in the works before the playoffs. Egan was just much better and I think you know it. Palisades had a very good year and they should be congratulated.

  339. jj D2 says:

    The complaint wasn’t how far, but why a field with little seating. The visitors side looks to hold about 300, the band has about 75, that leaves 225 seats for at the min. 1500 fans. What is your answer for that?

  340. mca2794 says:

    As much as I complain about the non-boundary (NB) school advantage, I would not like to see a separate playoff. 1A NB teams shouldn’t be in the same class as SJP, but they should at least move up a class. I’ve seen the suggestion for these schools to play up in class many times, so why can’t the PIAA come up with something like a multiplier number for the NB school enrollment? e.g. maybe 2x the current number of boys and play in the classification you land. Obviously this doesn’t apply to 6A schools, but I feel like the advantage is less in class 6A when a public school has >2k boys to choose from.
    I also disagree with those who say that because the NB schools aren’t completely dominating, or that SJP has been doing it for 100 years that people/ public schools shouldn’t complain. So the PIAA should just ignore fairness? As @2gaps said, I will always root for the public schools bc I like to see hometown kids who played together growing up. The only positive of letting things go as-is in my opinion is the David vs Goliath scenario that makes it exciting where the hometown team beats the NB all stars. Unfortunately more often than not, Goliath wins.
    The last 2 times MCA made the state playoffs in 2008 and 2011, we had pretty solid teams that were 13-0 and 12-1 that got knocked out by Lancaster Catholic. If we would have got by LC, we would have played West Catholic.
    Also, someone mentioned last week that public schools have the correct proportion of teams currently in the playoffs.
    Papreplive stats show that ~24% of PIAA schools are NB. Right now, Class 1A-3A has 0 NB schools left. However, Class 4A has 4/4 NB schools left, so if either AB Wood (5A) or SJP (6A) win another title, the proportion will either be 2/6 (33%) or 3/6 (50%) if both win titles which is a realistic scenario.

  341. mark d says:

    @jut i believe Dunmore fans are not complaining on how far away it is but ,the size of the venue I am told seating is very limited. As i posted was at the Dunmore SC game in 2012 when both were a schools their was 6000 people at that game.Both travel very well in supporting their teams

  342. Stiles Streeter says:

    Must be close to December because Saint Joe’s Prep is getting attacked again. Allow me to reiterate, as D12 and Frank G said as far as football players go, yes, they’ve been playing for the Prep for a very long time. Jim Leonard was a star at SJ Prep in 1929, went on to play at Notre Dame and later for the Eagles. He lived in Pedricktown, NJ. He was traveling nearly 30 miles in the twenties. This is not a new phenomenon.
    And if you think this is a school full of star athletes you couldn’t be more wrong. Tons of kids come from New Jersey and never play a sport in their 4 years there. If you think we’re about to close our doors to the best and brightest students based upon an address–at the behest of a couple of high school football fans mind you–we will fold the program before we let that happen. Good day.

  343. Mick says:

    @ Clueless – you are

  344. TomF says:

    District 3 fan, BC has a chance, although they are a 1-2 touchdown underdog. BC is better this year but so is ECP, which probably has more star players than any team in the State. ECP’S QB is a superstar, he makes all the big plays in Big games. BC’S Cooper Lutz will have to really go off for BC to have a chance. Syracuse got a steal in Lutz.

  345. sausmann9 says:

    some of you guys are absolutely ridiculous when it comes to the thought process. nobody is saying privates schools should shut down and the answer to the question “how would these little prep schools survive if we couldn’t recruit players” is ignorant at best.

    would your beloved Prep survive and still accept students if there were no football program??? Of course they would so you don’t need football at your private schools.

    Now heres your answer – eliminate all private school sports and still send all kids to any private school you want but they all play for the district they live in!!!

    I know I know, we have a few Heisman winners out there w/ testosterone boiling out their orifices “how dare you not let me send my kid to any school I want in America, blah blah blah”. But yeah, you are the exception as usual and yes problem solved. I’m all for a catholic education for someone else, just bus them back to the home school when practice starts.

  346. sausmann9 says:

    @PAfootballparent – Egan NOT the only PA school that recruits in New Jersey. St Joes Prep had seven starters on their team two seasons ago from NJ. Had more than that Runyan’s junior year. And yet they thump their chest when they beat a team like Palisades, a team with homegrown and district talent, lol.

  347. sausmann9 says:

    And for those “advantaged school” fans out there that always whine that you can send your kid to any public school you want – bullcrap!!! Just heard over the weekend that public school Saucon Valley is somehow able to NOT accept kids (or tuition students as they referred to them) from outside of THAT SPECIFIC DISTRICT. And I can only assume SV is NOT the only public school that does that, especially near certain cities/areas in the state.

  348. sausmann9 says:

    @Mcd65 – I was at the game and Egan was one of the dirtiest teams I’ve seen in a while. Very surprising but those penalties were legit and a couple of shots to the groin or chin that WEREN”T flagged. #10 ejected as should have been but #5 somehow wasn’t??? that’s the only questionable call against Egan all day.

    @jrshooter – just wait until the hear all the crap about to hit the fan when fans see it for themselves that Bethlehem Catholic and Berks Catholic (two of the three top 4A schools in the state) will be dropping to 3A next season.

    PIAA is just sad! no other way to put it.

  349. phillyboy says:

    Just wanted to say to all my fellow bloggers that there’s some other imposter out there masquerading as ‘phillyboy’. Granted, I may say things that are edgy or whatever but I at least try to be a little witty or funny. This gynocentric idiot is using my handle in spite of my pleas to Mika to be wary. He’s making stupid coomments and seems to be from western Pa. based on what is said.

  350. JC says:

    @ Guest – That’s a very bold take. Let’s see if it ages well…

  351. PA Football Fan says:

    Thomas Jefferson was just as stout defensively before playing ECP. Plus, this was the 3rd year in a row they matched up with ECP so they were very familiar with them as well. Still gave up 42pts and could’ve been more.

  352. Deo says:

    @ Buddy:I assumed you read what I copied & pasted from the PIAA handbook regarding eligibility & from the school district handbook regarding non-resident tuition students PIAA eligibility but you must not have comprehended what you read! It’s in black & white for crying out loud!

  353. D12FAN says:

    If PA would separate privates and pubs, Phillyboy is right, it would be an A and B league. In fact what you would find is even more players would attend private schools for various reasons further diluting the public football programs like North NJ. That would be fine, Prep and Wood would just pick up more of a national schedule.

  354. D12FAN says:


    Are you for real? Complaining about lasalle rankings when then finished 3rd in their own league, again. No one cares what lasalle did to Roman, heck they lost to Roman last year. Isn’t it basketball or wrestling season for you?

  355. Guest says:

    I see Berks Catholic as the favorite almost. Take a look at what their defense has done this year, it’s incredble. They were over matched last year but have improved on defense, especially the secondary. I think it’s a close game, but doubt Cathedral Prep finds much success against Berks Catholics defense. I like Berks 35-14.

  356. Buddy says:

    @ DEO:

    Simple as this. Unless you reside in the public school district you are attending, you cannot play any sanctioned PIAA sport.

    Hopefully, now you REALLY know.

  357. Jut says:

    Dunmore fans always complaining when they aren’t playing a State game close by. You are on the bottom of the bracket so District 2 isn’t hosting. You complain last week playing in Hersey. Well guess what if you win this week are you going to complain again playing in Hersey? You complain now that Danville is west of SCA why play three… with other complaints too. Well District 4 is hosting. So you aren’t going to get that home game at Hazleton or Scranton that you want lol. Years ago you all complained so bad that your West Catholic game being played in philly was too far so they move it to a District 11 site.

  358. District 3 Fan says:

    Does Berks Catholic have a punchers chance against Cathedral Prep this week? Has anyone had the opportunity to see both teams play?

  359. jrshooter says:

    Yes, I’ve been officially tired of the public vs. private debate for some time now.

    Know your history, folks. We had separate tournaments back before football. And we never had a true state champion. I, for one, don’t look favorably upon stepping backward.

    If you win a public-school state title, everyone will be wondering whether the team is truly good, or if they couldn’t hold their own against the private champ.

    If a public school wins today, there’s no question.

  360. McD65 says:

    The Northwest super site in Philly is a nice venue for the Bethlehem Catholic /Imhotep game. There is some parking available across the street at a school on the Home side and usually on street parking available also. I think this should be one heck of a game this year .

  361. CaptainKirk says:

    Still can’t believe that they pick Danville as the site for the Southern Columbia / Dunmore game ….both teams have a large fan base and travel well. I would like to know what considerations go into picking the site. I’m sure there’s a lot of stadiums in district 4 that has enough seating for both teams” followers. PIAA not showing much respect for Dunmore in this situation. Very unfortunate.

  362. Matt says:

    Some picks for this weekend….not familiar with all teams but heres my picks.
    Southern over Dunmore 34-20
    Middletown over CEC 35-19
    SJ Prep over Cville 27-17
    Steel High over Homer Center 23-21
    Tep over Beth Cath 33-21
    Wood over Unionville 42-14

  363. Clueless says:

    The Joke of these rankings is this. Lasalle was tied twice with prep at half, lost both close games by 14. Down 7 in 4th in playoff game, but yet when it comes to rankings we MUST put the teams in front of Lasalle cause they lost last week. So tell me how a Parkland 49-7 loss, how would they beat Lasalle, they wouldnt. How about Roman is like a JV team losing twice to Lasalle by the mercy rule but they lead East 28-0 and Neshaminy needed late score to beat them 14-7.. Joke.. By the way Roman had -23 Total yards vs Lasalle but scored 28 on East???? If Alabama lost twice to Auburn in close games and Auburn blew out and Undefeated Temple from American Conference by 40, would now Temple be ranked above Bama.. NO.. Face it in 6A Lasalle is the 3rd best team in the state. Prep is proving it. And Prep would say it too..

  364. MB says:

    Lol, no, there is a proud A league and then there is St. Joe’s Prep etc… comprised of phony rosters pulled from highly populated metro areas where former NFL players and coaches choose to send their kids.

  365. Jeff says:

    @ Frank G – completely agree with your sentiments, no one would be complaining if SJP and to a lesser extent AW weren’t dominating the last several years. However, I would take exception with your comment about ECP, they get plenty of flak in the western part of the state, most schools in D10 either don’t like or despise them, depending on the school (General McLane is the most vocal anti-ECP school in D10), and the WPIAL coaches who lose to them in the playoffs, most notably Bill Cherpak from TJ, whine after they lose about the unfair advantage ECP has. It’s the same old public vs. private argument we’ve heard for decades that frankly I usually ignore because as of yet no one has come up with any solution that makes sense and is workable.

    The private schools don’t always win, the PCL did not dominate when they first joined the PIAA a decade ago, and Pittsburgh Central Catholic has not always dominated the WPIAL, just take a look at all the state champions over the last few decades. In the largest classification the private schools have won the last 4, but prior to that the publics won 3 in a row, and if PR knocks off SJP in a couple of weeks that would make it 4-4 over the last 8 years.

    If you want to be the best you have to beat the best, if anything the success of the SJP’s, AW’s and ECP’s of the state ought to raise the level of competition from the public schools to meet the challenge, isn’t that how things work in the real world?

  366. McD65 says:

    I thought it was a misprint until I spoke with someone at the Egan/ Palisades game. Egan was penalized 22 times for 240 yards !!! Some of course were legitimate, but according to the person I spoke with Most of the flags were just plain wrong. Oh yeah,two TDs were called back. I’m glad Egan won despite this nonsense. BTW Palisades was flagged 5 times. Heres hoping things like this get looked at . Its the playoffs and the players deserve the refs best effort regardless of the teams that are playing.

  367. phillyboy says:

    As much as I hammer the PCL and privates I have to agree with Frank G; should NOT separate the playoffs like NJ. Like he said, the public playoffs “play for a kind of B-League title”. It’s true. It would even exacerbate the disparity. Despite any potential injustices it’s still much better the way it is, to have a true unified state title. It’s not all the privates fault; a lot of these public programs truly could up their game; I try to give tough love when I bemoan the mediocrity or lack of chutzpah of a lot of these public programs that could do SO much better. I was trying to be creative earlier in the year when I suggested that some public districts that have more than one high school could allow their kids to play on any team, thereby allowing for an elite team that could better represent the community in states. Just one idea.

  368. Pafootballparent says:

    Wish Middletown the best at beating CEC! CEC actually brought a player over from NJ school after they didn’t make the playoffs. He was just added to CEC’s roster last week. PIAA did absolutely nothing about it. How do you get away with that? So you can just add players in the playoffs if you are a private school? What a joke.

  369. Fl says:

    D12 fan just because you’ve been doing something wrong for 100 years by having out of state players play for St. Joes doesn’t make it right. And furthermore yes people will continue to complain about the private/public because it’s just plain and simple a competitive edge so people have a right to be upset with how the system works. In making any kind of change in issues it starts in forums like these to spark conversation and discuss these issues to understand different perspectives on set issue. I went to a public school in the west and we lost 3 years in a row to a private school in the playoffs so at first I was always on the public side. But as I mentioned before in this forum sometimes more important then the actually game is the ability to get a chance to get a scholarship and better the education by transferring to a different school has ultimately changed my opinion because I’ve seen that situation play out. But having kids from another state play in PA you have to draw a line somewhere. Anyways this whole argument is a big part of highscool football and will continue to be so people that don’t want to hear it or say put it to bed! You can’t just not talk about one of the biggest issues regardless of how much people get sick of hearing it. That’s what this forum is for, don’t read the post then, anyone has the ability to not read something posted in here instead of telling people not to talk about it ! Ignore it if it bothers you

  370. JC says:

    @Frank G – You can’t easily compare NJ to PA, because the NJ public school championships are split up by region; there is no single “New Jersey champion” for any size school. If there were a single bracket to determine one true champion, I would guess it would gather more public attention than a “big-school champion of Northeast Jersey” bracket would.

  371. 2gaps says:

    @frank and @d12fan.

    In my opinion it is what it is in PA and yes I do think N.J. has a better model. Would be great to get to that at some point. The move to 6 classes was a welcomed changed. Maybe 2 more would be great??? Until then SJP and Wood and LaSalle will always be in contention. Good players, good schools, good coaching will only breed more success in the upcoming years for all of them.

    It’s common sense the bigger you cast a net the better talent you can get. Can’t see how you can argue that. I hire techies from around the world (just 10% from overseas, mostly for translating reasons). If I was limited to hiring just my hometown zip code I would be out of business.

    Also I found this board becase I follow college recruiting as a fun past time. I have 3 girls so I have to do something to pass the time. Occasionally you see a hometown for a kid on Hudl or Twitter that isn’t the same location as the school. Maybe they don’t update their location. Tough to believe they way some kids update everything online but would forget to update their hometown.

    For instance Coatesville has some really talented kids. They all come from Coatesville. If Coatesville could pick up a few from Downingtown they would be even more competitive deeper team.

    I’ll always root for the publics. I’m a fan of the “neighborhood” boys staying together. It’s an uphill battle for them to win a title. Yes, they can compete and make it deep into the playoffs. It’s just tough for D11 and D1 to get past D12 in the east side of the bracket.

    I also miss Thanksgiving games so don’t get me started on that…..

  372. phillyboy says:

    LOL PR recruited! They got 2 that transferred in Senior year! They both played last year for other teams. Kenny White played for WA when they won States last year. His grades were not good enough to get into any private school. PR is not home grown. Losing school districts are home grown!

  373. Deo says:

    Straight out of the PIAA handbook under eligibility:

    You must be enrolled in and in full-time attendance at a PIAA member school or a Charter or Cyber-Charter School, or be home-schooled.

    Generally, you are eligible only at the school at which you are enrolled or, if a home-schooled student, at a public school in the public school district in which you reside. If you are a student enrolled in either a Charter School or Cyber Charter School, you should consult with your Principal to determine the school at which you are eligible.

  374. Deo says:

    Buddy & Andy M,

    Below is straight out of the school district rules & regulations handbook. Buddy now you know. Philly especially the PCL is just better from coaching on down

  375. Deo says:

    From school district handbook:
    Rules After Acceptance
    Tuition students shall be subject to all policies, regulations and rules governing students.
    Tuition students shall be eligible for all extracurricular activities subject to PIAA

  376. Frank G says:


    Where do you see the list of all the players’ hometowns? I’m dying to find the Canadian.

    The issue of out-of-state players is a red herring. For a school like SJP, the part of Jersey where they have always drawn lots of students is closer to the school than many parts of the Philly suburbs where most of their students live. That is, Jersey is in their traditional catchment area. I am assuming that Erie Cathedral Prep draws a small proportion of its students from the corner of NY near Erie. All the complaints of out-of-state players makes it look like these schools are like IMG Academy that goes out hunting for players all over the country. SJP’s players come from where SJP students have always come from. So the issue is not having boundaries; it’s not getting out-of-state players.

    I wonder if there would be so much consternation about schools with no boundaries in the PIAA if SJP hadn’t won three of the last championships in the largest school classification. (Wood’s success also provokes some, but seemingly not as much.) I don’t get the sense that Scranton Prep draws so much ire or even Erie Cathedral Prep. Conwell-Egan will probably lose this weekend, so there won’t be much noise make about them. And Neumann-Goretti got trounced by a public school, so all their out-of-state players can forget about getting rings!

    I wonder if you would really like it if PA followed the lead of NJ. From what I gather, the “non-public” schools in North Jersey are widely recognized as having by far the best teams in the state and hence get the lion’s share of attention. The public schools play for a kind of “B-league title.” Is that what you would prefer?

  377. D12FAN says:


    Prep has had students and players from NJ for 100 years. Wood does not have any players from NJ, would be nice if they did, they are close enough. Guys like you will whine no matter what, take the PCL out of PIAA, and you will then set your whining sites on NP or Pennsbury for being too big.

    Same BS this time every year, yawn…

  378. JC says:

    On a secondary note, looks like 4A is the only class where the majority of schools are private, and the only public school is a charter (Imhotep). Aside from that one, the public schools are showing out well.

  379. JC says:

    I don’t understand why all the rankings take the playoff results as law. Just because Harrisburg lost in the playoffs, are we going to pretend that they didn’t steamroll through the regular season over ranked teams in other classifications? Drop them to 4 or 5, sure, but I can’t get behind dropping them fully out. Sorry.

  380. AndyM says:

    @Frank G:
    I’m in agreement with 2gaps. If your school is pulling players from a larger geographic area, you should be playing against schools who can also pull from a larger area. CMAVTS in our area is assigned to a higher class because they can technically pull from multiple school districts…like the private schools.

  381. mark d says:

    a few years ago i was at a Dunmore SC game and their were 6000 people their not counting the bands. both school travel well especially at this point of the season!!!

  382. Buddy says:

    @ Deo:

    Did you know that Deo? What Andy M said.
    Now you do.

  383. Kmac says:

    Kevin X

    The information you provide shoots my theory of back-and-forth district play full of holes. I thought that was the way they do it; and it may be for the top classifications, but as you say, West Chester is clearly D1 and hosting a D12-D3 matchup? Seems there is no clear answer.

  384. BlkGld7 says:

    I would guess both might be there at sca game prob for sure secv8 , that’s service electric cable vision channel eight local or there coverage areas , sometimes on channel 100 or wqmy has been doing local broadcasting of games but not certain.

  385. Duskell says:

    Silver Bowl at MCA with it’s storied history would be a great venue for SCA vs. Dunmore.

  386. 2gaps says:

    @frank G. You left off N.J. you can name a bunch from there that will potentially be playing for a ring, right? You want the names, look up the rosters of Eric Prep, or Wood or St Joes or Nueman G. Lol. Don’t have time to be arguing with people that do no leg work. You want to name the kids, go for it. I’m not. It’s not their fault it’s a flawed system.

    To your point Bishop G couldn’t hang in a big school non boundary league. But they also shouldn’t be in 1A right now either. They should man up and play up. 50-0 record says as much. The only reason for BG to stay in 1A is to win a title. They know they would have less of a shot in a higher class. Same with Wood staying in 5A. A top 40 school in the country should play in the largest class in the state. Same is true of Erie Prep in 4A.

    If the PIAA wanted to add 2 classes 1 big and 1 small for the non boundary schools go for it. I wish it would happen but it won’t.

  387. Route54 says:

    SCA, Dunmore. Of all places to host a game, Danville?

  388. Frank G says:

    @AndyM How in the world would private schools, which depend on having students from a broader area than any school district boundaries to survive, be able to “follow the same rules”? Would you apply this to all Philly public schools which have no geographic boundaries other than the city limits?

    Of course not having geographic boundaries is an advantage. But so are having full practice facilities on site, having all players living within a ten minute or fifteen minute drive from the school and from each other, and being able to field players who have a very wide range of academic abilities.

  389. McD65 says:

    Just for clarification NG does have 2 D-1 lineman Barrmore and Johnson.Both have oral commitments one to Temple and the other to Oregon. Two Gap ,Your statement on players from other states regarding Wood players are a compete fabrication on your part. Stop making things up and exaggerating .This is how false rumors occur about good programs. Just because your team got whacked you don’t need to make up phony excuses .

  390. Kevin X says:

    @ Kmac

    I guess I can say I sort of kind of understand the back and forth between hosting districts. Don’t agree with it or see a need, purpose or reason for it. And If that is the case alternating districts, the same 3A game last year was in Hershey (D3). So this year’s game should be in D12 correct?? Rustin HS is not in D12. There are no schools in Chester County in D12. What exactly is D12??

  391. TDT says:

    @RN Yes, from what I understand, QMY is broadcasting Dunmore/SCA.

    Yesterday was a game I’ve seen Dunmore lose many times in the past, so it was nice to see the Bucks hold on, especially in Hershey, a place that hasn’t been kind to them since 2007. Hats off to Ligonier Valley, they gutted it out despite some injuries and really almost pulled it off. The game was literally a few feet away from a completely different story.

    Dunmore has GOT to figure some things out offensively, much sooner than they did Saturday, if they want any shot at hanging with SCA. Dunmore has been plagued by slow starts, and they can ill-afford that against SCA.

    I think SCA’s athleticism and speed on the edge will give Dunmore trouble, and they can certainly match the Bucks in size. I’m not sure the Bucks can score with SCA, so the defense needs to play as good as they did against LV for a shot at this.

    All that being said…this oughta be a fun one! The last match-up was in 2012 at the 1A level, and it ended 35-29 Dunmore in a really emotional, action-packed football game.

  392. AndyM says:

    Yes, you can pay tuition for your child to attend classes in another district, but unless you physically live in that district, your child won’t be participating in sports in that public school.
    Not sure why anyone thinks it’s acceptable that public and private schools aren’t forced to follow the same rules.

  393. mca2794 says:

    @facts my bad if there was only one D1 lineman. However it doesn’t change the situation or my opinion. Just because Southern Columbia defeated NG doesn’t make assembling a team that way a fair practice. I read enough articles in the past few weeks to know what was done was not rumors and that im not alone in this opinion. Also, If you haven’t seen these stats by paprep live- since 2009 school proportion of non boundary schools 24.2% vs championships won 34.4%. Even if it ends up not being the case in 2017 football, the overall trend is there. Sorry but i don’t see this issue going away anytime soon. Some fans say that complaining about it takes away from the games but for me it’s the issue itself that takes away from the games.

  394. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Anybody know the percentage a host school district receives for field usage from PIAA. It cannot be much. How does the whole thing work? I really never thought about it until now

  395. RN says:

    Any chance the Dunmore/SCA game will be shown live on WQMY this Friday?

  396. BlkGld7 says:

    I agree !!!! Danvilles field is super nice but, the away bleachers are crazy small for a playoff game ! If Dunmore has a big band, the band alone will take up half the seating , no joke !!!!! Both teams travel very well , they deff should of had it at Shamokin . Probably the best seating and parking around !!!! Glad I’m a SC fan and we’re on the home side but, I love a huge fan base on both sides , makes it more fun yelling dumb s#%+ to each haha . I know you have to spread the games around and it’s nice to host a playoff game to help with funds for new field, equipment etc. but, if you don’t want to invest in bigger away bleachers then you shouldn’t get selected as a host.

  397. Frank G says:

    @2Gaps OK, please identify by name the players from Canada, Delaware, Ohio, and New York who are going to get PIAA rings? What Wood players are from out of state? Are you serious that Bishop Guilfoyle, Cardinal Wuerl, etc. should be in the same PIAA class as SJP and PCC? (I guess that in the eyes of some all Catholic schools look the same.) Does “open boundary” also apply to all Philadelphia public schools, which of course can draw students from across the city?

    And do you think Coatesville would rather be playing Parkland or SJP this Friday? And if P-R and SJP win this week, do you think P-R will be wishing they would be playing Coatesville or Parkland rather than SJP?

  398. Kmac says:

    Kevin X

    I like the choices you list as an in-between for the Becahi situation. But the PIAA alternates between the two districts involved. Another district, as D1 as you mention isn’t in the mix. Next years game will be in D11.

  399. D2 Fan says:

    Scranton Prep was without starting left guard, All State Linebacker Ivan Balavage was at 50 pct, and Prep gave a valiant effort. Credit to Middletown they are an extremely good football team and deserve to be marching on. Look for prep to be back next year.

  400. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @CaptainKirk Absolutely right! Coach Henzes never has excuses. Coach Roth might argue at times with officials but both are class acts in high school football and role models for their players.

  401. Kevin X says:

    Will not be traveling for the SCA/Dunmore game, but I agree with you guys on the location. No disrespect for Danville, but Isn’t Danville actually west of SoCol?? It be less travel time for Dunmore to play at SoCol than Danville. Berwick with the seating capacity, maybe Hazleton, would be the logical choices for location and seating. Guess its the whole “hosting” crap again.

    Some of the others are just as bad……

    Becahi must be having a conniption playing at the NW supersite. I’ve never been there, so I can’t speak for the site, but got to guess the parking and accessibility must be a challenge. Also, isn’t that the home field of Imhotep?? How about Upper Dublin, Soudy, Pennridge or Quakertown??

    Unionville going up to the NE Supersite?? Place is a dump (I have been there) with no parking and a laundry list of other shortcomings. Why not Plymouth-Whitemarsh maybe like last year?? Even Upper Dublin.

    CEC/M-Town, sure Rustin good geographically, but couldn’t you have a second game at Downingtown next weekend, a far superior facility and easier to get to??

    I get that availability and costs are probably the two biggest obstacles/issues in a site, but really, couldn’t the PIAA do better??

  402. CaptainKirk says:

    I’m not sure what game the previous poster was watching. I was there yesterday and two…yes two… LV players were out …mainly in the second half. For their coach to say they lost because of injuries rather than give credit to his opponent is not worthy of comment. Last year when LV beat Dunmore, Dunmore had two starters out for the game. Coach Henzes never used that as an excuse. Guess that’s what defines a legendary coach…class on and off the field.

  403. Deo says:

    Below is from North Penn School District rules & regulations & I’m sure that many other school districts accept tuition students so it’s the same thing as paying to go to the Catholic school of your choice except you don’t have to pass an entrance exam so you publics better stop whining & just improve your game!

  404. Deo says:

    From North Penn Scool District:
    Tuition Students: Any nonresident students who do not have a legal right to attend a district school and are approved to attend district schools must pay tuition. The tuition charge is computed annually and will be charged to the student.

  405. Mike A. says:

    Mike’s **UPDATED** East Top 10 6A as of 11/26/17

    Manheim Township
    Cumberland Valley
    Garnett Valley
    Dtown East
    Del Valley
    North Penn

    HM: Easton, Wilson WL, Pennridge, Neshaminy, Freedom, Emmaus

  406. Michael says:

    @2gaps – who has kids from Ohio NY and Canada on there team?

  407. phillyboy says:

    At halftime of the PR – State College game, had to check the score of Parkland – Prep. This young Prep lad on the audio stream goes ‘McCray with a perfect pass for the TD, Prep up 35-7’. Had to snort and shake my head, same old same old. The Lehigh Valley is hands down the best in the state in high school wrestling. And football isn’t far behind. Come on guys, you can do better than that. I would have loved to jam to Billy Joel’s ‘Allentown’ on my polk audios but there’s nothing to celebrate. Essentially Prep orders Parkland to ‘sit, down, roll’ and then they rub your belly. All the top players in the LV should go to Parkland, that should be the unspoken agreement. With a little righteous indignation and cooperation in the third largest metro in the state Parkland could be much better.

  408. 2gaps says:

    @frank G. Can you name 1 player on ANY public school team that lives in another state? As for your question to me, check Woods roster.

    The fact that a PA Champions ring will be mailed homes across the East coast again this season is a travesty. Assuming it plays out as looks right now. PA rings will be won by boys that live in N.J., DE, OH, NY and Canada. Nothing against the boys they earned them but is a state champion really earned when you get 50 kids from 50 zip codes?

    I guess it is what the PIAA wanted but they really need to spilt boundary school vs. non boundary by moving all non boundary schools into a Class 7a.

    @LeighHS. The brackets dictate who makes it this far. If it wasn’t for the brackets, it would be flipped.

  409. Come on man! says:

    Also, Danville is the worse choice to play game. Terrible seating capacity. I agree that Berwick or Shamokin would be better.

  410. Come on man! says:

    Ligoner played most of game with 3 all state players and 3 more starters on the bench and nearly won game on late pass attempt. Dunmore will have to be nearly flawless to beat SC.

  411. David Mika says:

    Facts….Agreed….It’s time to move on…

  412. Facts says:


    NG never had two D1 offensive linemen. They had one. A freshmen guard and a sophomore 175 lb center started on their offensive line. Please put the all star rumors to bed.

    Also, please put the private/charter having their own league argument to bed also. Those tough public schools are dominating with 12 out of the 18 teams left being public.

  413. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @NEPAffFan Could have been played in Shamokin I guess? But wherever it will be a good game. We could call it the Jim vs. Jack show two of the best coaches in eastern PA. NO. Pennsylvania.

  414. CaptainKirk says:

    Fitting that the two best small school programs in the east play in the AA east final. Two legendary coaches….well disciplined kids….great tradition. It will be a good matchup to say the least. Good luck to both teams;however, I’m partial to my hometown Bucks. Hope it’s a good clean game with no injuries.

  415. NEPAffFan says:

    Being a big fan of high school football I’m looking forward to Southern and Dunmore. I know Danville is a nice facility but this game requires a setting with more seating capacity. Both teams have huge fan bases that travel and require a location to accommodate them. This could be a great atomoshere, the PIAA should realize this.

    I know it is suppose to be close to Southern this year. But pick a bigger place. I know Crispin Field is in D2, but just barely. It would be a great spot.

  416. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I have a dilemma! I have 3 favorite teams I follow 2 will face off with each other Southern and Dunmore both storied programs. It will be ashame one will have to go home. I cannot pick or predict a winner usually I’am wrong ANYWAY. I will be there but which side of the field do I sit on that is my dilemma any input. Please don’t say stay home. GOOD LUCK TIGERS AND BUCKS.

  417. LehighHSfans says:

    24 teams remain across 6 classifications.
    18 public and 6 private

    Stop with the negative recruiting posts.
    The system obviously is a good one.

  418. mca2794 says:

    The worst thing about Southern Columbia’s sound beating of NG is that if the PIAA was ever thinking about doing anything about the’non-boundary’ school problem, its not gonna happen now. I only listened online but at no point was this game ever close. It was 21-0 before you could blink. @player2017 its amazing that SC won on the line of scrimmage when NG had 2 D1 linemen. I saw the highlights on the news and they are some big boys.
    @RC Red08 i enjoyed that coaches swag comment as well 🙂
    @J63 guess you’re glad now you didn’t put any $ down on my 2TD prediction!

  419. McD65 says:

    I wasn’t expecting ST Joes offense to be as effective as it was against a solid Parkland team. The Preps defense was as advertised .They are outstanding . I would expect they bring it again next week against Coatsville. I thought Parkland would be a tough game for the Prep. It appears at this point they may be better than last years super group that had D Andre Swift who is playing a good deal at Georgia as a true Freshman. It should be an interesting matchup next week.Prep by 14 IMO.

  420. NothingButSports247 says:

    @Clark31 CV vs SJP at Downingtown…Kottmeyer Stadium

  421. McD65 says:

    Too bad supporters of teams in many cases cannot win or lose with dignity and give credit where its due instead of making excuses and bad mouthing the opponent. There was a lot of that crap here and during game threads on other sites that really turned me and I bet many others off. THEY RECRUIT,they this they that OMG stop. So Columbia ,Garnet Valley.St Joe Prep ,Archbishop Wood,Beca ,Selinsgrove et al great effort. Super matchups next week in the Eastern Finals.

  422. Kevin X says:

    Early tentative site rumors:

    6A SJP/C’Ville Fri. @ Downingtown 7p (YAY!!!!)
    5A Unionville/Wood Fri. @ Northeast 7p
    3A Middletown/CEC Sat. @ WC Rustin 1p

  423. John G says:

    St Joe Prep /Coatesville tentive for Downingtown on Friday

  424. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @ Eric W. Also you forgot to mention how many times Southern had to help that poor QB to his feet. I really felt sorry for the kid. You are totally right. Roth did take the foot off the gas. Like I said coach Roth and his staff are a class act.

  425. CaptainKirk says:

    I was at the Dunmore LV game. What a great contest between two talented teams. It was an even matchup as the score indicates. Dunmore line controlled the game for much of the second half but LV quarterback was very strong in his effort. The Dunmore SC game should be equally interesting. Don’t count out Dunmore. They will be in the game…these kids have heart and are very well coached.

  426. jj D2 says:

    @jim b

    The player lives with his real mother and father in Dunmore, his brother has a different last name. Your info is wrong but that doesn’t matter does it?

  427. Frank G says:

    @2gaps Can you please name one player from Delaware who plays on a Pennsylvania private/Catholic school team? A few years ago SJP had ONE player who lived in Delaware (Armin (?) Ware) who went to the PREP because he was already there when his family moved from Philly to Delaware. As for Jersey, can you name a team other than SJP that has one Jersey player on its roster? SJP has had many (15-20%) of its students from Jersey for at least 60 years. The PIAA must have known this when it accepted–in fact, encouraged–the PCL to join the PIAA.

  428. Eric W says:

    Very surprised by the SJP score, was expecting about 27-17

  429. Clark31c says:

    Any ideas where Prep and Cville game will be held ?

  430. Mike A. says:

    @ERic W Yes it wasn’t really close except for a brief time in the third quarter. SC totally controlled the game and it was really never in doubt.

  431. Deo says:

    Looks like D12 is going 4-1 this weekend. PCL is going 3-1.

  432. Jay says:

    The way that the St. Joe’s Tri-State All Star Team is destroying Parkland right now, I don’t know how ANY team can beat them. Especially if Coatesville plays like they did last night. IMO, even if they play their best football, I’m still not so sure.

    I know it’s been a hot button issue for a long time now, but the PIAA should at least consider separating the private schools into their own classification, like so many other states do. And even if Coatesville should somehow miraculously beat SJP, I’ll feel the same way.

    I really don’t want to open a can of worms, though I probably will, because I am very interested in hearing the opinions of those who disagree with me. And good, solid reasoning – not “quit whining etc etc”. Is it unfair to keep it the way it is? Is it better or worse for PIAA football to leave it be?

    I just think that a powerhouse team like Parkland shouldn’t be losing 42-7 (at the time I left the game – could be worse by now) in a state quarterfinal. Just my opinion.

  433. Eric W says:

    What with these NG fans saying score was closer than you think and the refs were an issue? NG had negative rushing yds,about 7 first downs and 160 total yds,really? Unless is saw the wrong stats

  434. NothingButSports247 says:

    Coatesville/GV game last night was a good one. Not even close to the best I’ve seen them play but they got it done in the end. Ortega missed a couple of TD throw he usually makes and untimely penalties put them behind the chains. Garnet Valley played hard and physical in the trenches and kept the game closer than it should have been. 4th and 2 with the money on the line and Avery Young gets the 72 yard pick 6 for the go ahead score. A couple of plays later Avery sealed the deal with his 2nd pick and slid on what couldve been another pick 6. Great high school football game. I think a close dog fight is what CV needed after so many blowouts to prepare them going forward. Looking forward to Coatesville playing much better in the 6A Eastern Final…2017 District 1 Champions!

  435. 2gaps says:

    @chief. No disrespect to Cville. In fact I’m pulling for all of the public schools to beat recruiting schools. The deck is stacked against them when they have to play all stars not just from PA but from DE and N.J. too.

    All I meant to say is Cville can’t play that poorly against vs. SJP. Like I said, the offense was off against an average GV d. SJP is not an average D. QB wasn’t within 10 yards of his WRs in passes over 20 yds. The 1 deep Td he threw, was about 20 yds to the wrong side of the WR. Luckily the WR adjusted and the GV CB didn’t. Also pretty concerning the QB took a huge sack from a 6’7” kid right in his face coming from 15 yds away. How did he not see him? Because he locked on Young deep. Not a good sign. The Oline played pretty well overall.
    On D, the Dline was ok when they bear crawled or crabbed. When they weren’t they were blown off the ball. The LBs played well when pursuing. Filled the gaps well enough. The CBs wanted no part of the run game which isn’t uncommon. The covered the pass well when it mattered. The defensive scheme was really good. The coaches put the players where they needed to be. The execution wasn’t always there but kids will be kids.
    The O coaching was average at best. Cville had 2 if not more of the most dynamic players on the field. But the coach decides to run QB draws??? Daddy ball play calling was the discussion around the stands. I would hope not. When it mattered (down 28-21) they got the ball to The Youngs and they made it happen. They could have scored 28 in the 2nd half but the play calling was poor. No explanation on why the game calling went away from the playmakers for the 1st 3 drives of the 2nd half. Very simple analogy, In drives that involved the Young’s they moved the ball at will. In drives that didn’t involve them they didn’t move the ball.

    Hoping I’m wrong and Parkland upsets SJP. Maybe they are looking past them as I am. Would like to see a Parkland Cville matchup. That would be a good game. I just don’t think Parkland has the talent to upset the prep.

  436. Colin says:

    A few teams many thought were Hershey bound like Harrisburg, Alaquippa and Bishop G have been sent home early. Yesterday had a few suprises. Expect a few more today.

  437. bog says:

    p,s. and delaware valley, and wyoming valley west.thanks.

  438. bog says:

    for -JimB- I guess it depends on what the word is,is. Right? Maybe you are a lawyer and twist words for a living. you did respond to my question,but the discussion was about being underhanded in some way to get an unfair advantage.that is what you implied,although cleverly disguising it with an innocent scenario. then after hoping to create some doubt, you feign innocence. number 8 for the bucks is not being ridiculed by me. he is a member of the team,and a good one at that and i am glad for dunmore,and glad for him and his family. there is no ridicule of this young guy.the ridicule is of the example given, which was provided by you. life is complicated and sometimes families travel separate roads for a variety of reasons. i would guess when and if this type of thing happens it is not the same as moving to a community for the benefit of a football team or player. your use of this situation,and then doubling down trying to imply that myself and jjd2 were ridiculing a player is wrong. Good luck to dunmore today and congratulations to all the d2 teams, especially scranton prep,and valley view ,and old forge,who are among the best football teams in pennsylvania.

  439. Mike A. says:

    What a great day for HS football!

    Southern Columbia overwhelms NG with discipline, precision, technique, and great defense.

    Bethlehem Catholic barely survives a feisty Selinsgrove team 33-32 by stopping a 2 point conversion in the waning seconds.

    Middletown wears down and eventually mercy rules Scranton Prep.

    Coatesville needs a late pick 6 to oust Garnett Valley by a TD.

    Berks Catholic scores at will early and routs Bishop McDevitt 45-24.

    Manheim Central sneaks by Gov Mifflin 30-29.

    Now, if only Saturday is as good!

  440. Chief Red Raider says:

    So far C’ville is going to get “trounced” (stated by a guy who picked GV to win) and “lose by at least 21” (or something like that) against a team that hasn’t even made it to the next round yet. Some crow might be appropriate if Parkland wins. Anyway, no doubt C’ville did not play well on both sides of the ball last night (Yes, GV had something to do with that). I’ll look for the kids to settle the eastern final on the field, so no predictions from me, but I’ve watched C’ville all season long, and last night was one of their weakest performances — Ortega is usually much more accurate. If they play like they did against Pennsbury or DTE they will do well next week.

  441. SEAL FAN says:


  442. JC says:

    Really a shame that Williams Valley had so many injuries at such an inopportune time. A full strength team against Steel-High could have been a classic. Nonetheless, Steel-High has a shot to win it all, especially with Guilfoyle out.

  443. Jim B says:

    Not twisting facts here. It seems to me the Dunmore guys are the only one twisting, or denying, the facts.

    So lets review. D12 fan said good programs attract (not necessarily recruit) players. A concept which I totally agree with. D12 fan came up with a hypothetical scenario that included Dunmore. Even though it was only meant as a hypothetical situation, you and bog jumped to Dunmores defense. You guys claim that situation just doesn’t happen in Dunmore. Bog asked for names of players who did not grow up in Dunmore, and I provided him with one. This is a kid who choose to move from West Pittston, where his mom still resides (as far as I know, owning a business in a different town doesn’t establish residency in that town) and went to live with his Dad in Dunmore to play ball for your Bucks. That brother you mentioned, did he also live in West Pittston, or did he live in Dunmore his entire life?

    As far as ” ability to play at the next level and not his HS career”, that is totally irrelevant to this conversation. The kid is on Dunmore this year, contributing to your success. Bog never qualified his question to include “only kids who play in college”. He only asked for names of kids who didn’t grow up in your town. He never mentioned a players potential, did he? But by your logic, it’s OK to poach kids from Wyoming Area, or where ever, as long as they are under a certain height/weight, and have no college football potential. Got it! So, what is the height/weight limit that is acceptable? Under 6 foot? or under 5’10? under 200 or 180 pounds? I’d just like to be on the same page as you Dunmore folks.

    Funny, this kid moving from one parent to another, in junior high, to play football seems exactly like the scenario d12 fan drew up. A good program, not recruiting, but attracting players from other towns. But you and bog claim that just doesn’t happen at Dunmore, expect I proved that it has.

    My last point on this topic, if the success at the two schools were reversed, and Wyoming Area was the state powerhouse and Dunmore was merely mediocre, don’t kid yourself, I GUARANTEE this kid does not switch schools to Dunmore. He would have stayed at the powerhouse and currently be a Wyoming Area Warrior.

  444. Kevin X says:

    @ Chief

    SJP, Wood and Imhotep would all shut down the C’ville offense. Only have to worry about Prep tho, assuming they get past Parkland this afternoon.

    Still not fully on the Ortega (QB) bandwagon. I think his talented receivers make him look good. Great arm but really needs to improve his accuracy. Runs too much too IMO.

    Not quite the 2012 offense. Maybe next year. Not done this year yet tho!!!

  445. Player2017 says:

    NG offense had its chances was on the 2 yard line and couldnt punch it in

  446. Player2017 says:

    NG vs SC game was won on the line of scrimmage. #23 is not blazing fast but he’s stout player. #4 from SC has ton of potential. SC stuck with game plan that and didn’t deviate from it. They played covered zero, shooting the A gaps to take away the inside zone. Also, I noticed plays where #8 broke the line of scrimmage, they didn’t held grabbed and prevented any long plays. On offense they exploited all mismatches, they used the wing to seal n got outside …. it wasn’t for long runs but chain moving runs. They controlled the tempo…Even when NG got within 24-12. After player 44 was kicked out of the game, it was over. The refs did have some bias, but SC game plan was far superior to NG. Its so many why’s for NG, it would take a week to list….

  447. Kevin X says:

    Had a choice to make last night, and decided on SoCol and N-G. Really partly because I had no idea what to expect out of this one. Started off earlier in the week thinking I’d be rooting for N-G, in my judgement the underdog, and as quite the story going from where they were last year to now, despite all of the “recruiting” rhetoric. But the last few days, it appear that the silenced Berwick fans from last week simply became N-G fans with all of their annoying yapping. I just ended up just entering the game as a natural observer looking for a really good game. Opps, my bad, wrong game. I have never seen such and overrated, overhyped, unprepared, clueless, dysfunctional 11-0 team in all of my life. At least for the first half. Guess you could say that well oiled machine known as SoCol could do that to you as well.

    N-G come out after half a somewhat new team, and at least made it interesting at 24-12 mid way thru the 3rd, but that was it. Got to admit, SoCol looked basically looked like just an above average team in the second half. Turnovers don’t help your cause.

    Oh well, an OK game, glad I went, not what I was hoping for, the better team definitely won. Congrats to N-G on an exceptional seasonal turnaround and a great year. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    BTW, nice facility up there in Lehighton.

  448. RC RED08 says:

    WOW, NG DAD you really missed that one huh?
    “Coaches swag” as a reason why one team will prevail over another. Thats a new one!
    I am hearing that Monday morning is “national transfer back” day in south Philadelphia.

  449. phillyboy says:

    Hats off to Southern Columbia baby, big time PA ball like solid granite home grown from Mount Nittany. Some of these non-public teams? ….plastic assembled at the local Dollar General.

  450. McD65 says:

    So. Columbia did what they do. Great team ,congratulations and get that state championship this year ,and oh yea next year too with all the young players.

  451. jj D2 says:

    @jim b

    My reference to his size had more to do with is ability to play at the next level and not his HS career. If you need me to explain that then future exchanges with you will be difficult. No parents in their right mind would move a kid that small to another city to play football. Maybe I’m just naive and cant understand your logic. His brother played for the bucks for the last 3 yrs. and his mom has a business on drinker st. in Dunmore. It is easy to twist facts to suit your purpose and a common practice to vilify your opponent, but I never referred to his ability in my post. That’s on you.

  452. Budda says:

    Definition of “Street Ball”: unorganized, lack of rules, and short-lived. It has nothing to due with race or ethnicity. NG did try to play “Street Ball” and it didn’t work out for them. I lost count of how many penalties NG was given. I did see most of their kids end the game with class and dignity, except #44. He was throwing punches and had to be thrown out, typical street baller! So, good luck next year NG in the larger school class. This was the second time I saw SOCO this year, and they are the real deal. The score tonight could’ve/should’ve been a mercy rule but Roth took his foot off the gas with 9:00 minutes left in the 4th. Good luck SOCO and your great coaching staff.

  453. 2gaps says:

    Well my 28-27 GV wine wasn’t too far off. C-ville had no idea how to stop the triple option in he first half. Not sure why GV went away from what they do best in the 2nd half. A triple option offense in a single back set with 2-3 split out wasn’t effective at all for them. Luckily ville won’t see that offense again next week.

    Not impressed by C-ville O too much. They will get trounced by SJP next weekend. I was impressed by both Young boys. Heads above the rest of the players on the field. GV with a fairly average defense held them in check throughout the game. The deep balls was really poorly thrown. They missed at least 4 TDs if the QB was within 5 yds of the receivers. Really shocked GV didn’t try to jump all of the hooks they were giving up early. Could have been a game changer with the way the balls were just floating out there.

    Best of luck to Cville next week. They will need it. Prediction
    SJP over Parkland 34-14.
    SJP over Cville. 38-14.

  454. Brian says:

    So much for Garcia being too slow. He outran all those faster guys. Nobody was even gaining on him. Oh and Fleming yeah 58yd td catch and ran away from the faster guys. Fleming had a bad groin too and will get surgery in the offseason. Good thing they were sloppy and turned the ball pver 4 times otherwise it would’ve been worse. Refs calling holding every other play so Southern wouldn’t go further ahead didn’t help either. Better go recruit better players next year for AAA. Hopefully ones that won’t get ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior. Most disorganized and undisciplined teamive sen in along time.

  455. Chief Red Raider says:

    Thanks for the feedback Uncle T.

  456. Powerbomb says:

    Southern Columbia was good and jumped out to an early lead. There were a few questionable calls but that’s expected in coal country . NG has to play through that. The game was closer than the final score, though and was very entertaining . Hopefully SC fairs better in the state championship than last year

  457. Bob says:

    Just read the short story on Pennlive about the NG/SCA game. Looks like the “Philly Legend” coach has as many manners as his players. His team, was just beaten 2 points shy of the mercy rule and he still could not give any credit to SCA. I guess thats what they mean when they say he coaches with swag. One of your best players gets ejected for throwing a flurry of punches and as he’s walking off the field he throws his helmet and then pushes a coach out of his way….. If thats what’s called “Philly tough”, I’m proud to say I’m from the coal region.

  458. Jay says:

    @chief red raider

    I agree that Ortega was a bit off tonight. He overthrew his receivers at least 3-4 times. Nerves maybe? Otherwise they would’ve won by 3+ TDs. And their run defense needs to improve as well.

    They got the job done tonight, but if they play like that against SJP, they won’t stand a chance.

    Go Red Raiders!!!!

  459. Jay says:

    That Coatesville game… wow. Garnet Valley was driving deep in Coatesville territory with only a couple minutes to play and the score tied 28-28. I couldn’t believe Coatesville was about to lose the game… and then, PICK SIX! Garnet Valley still made it interesting there at the end, but the game-clinching interception sends Coatesville to the Eastern final in what should be a great game no matter who they play. I’m excited to head up to Bethlehem tomorrow for the SJP-Parkland game.

    And I guess I underestimated Unionville. Big win against a very talented Springfield-Delco squad.

    Huge night for Ches-Mont football.

  460. Uncle T says:

    @ Chief

    Coatesville/GV was a tremendous game. Two very good offenses and 2 defenses that obviously made huge adjustments at halftime. I was very impressed by GV’s defense overall- you knew C’ville was going to get their chunks of big plays, but GV contained them fairly well and forced what had to be a season’s worth of punts for the Raiders. The deciding factor was that Coatesville had the clear best player on the field, and he came up with the biggest play of the game. Hats off to both teams for an awesome final.

    Obviously gonna be tough from here on out no matter who you play. SJP’s defense is the best I’ve seen in the last 10 years, so I’d be pulling for Parkland to spring an upset if I were you. Good luck the rest of the way.

  461. Matt says:

    Surprising to see Bishop G lose tonight to home center. That ends their three titles in a row for single A. Quite a few upsets so far with Harrisburg, Aliquippa, and now Bishop G losing. All three were favorites for Hershey.

  462. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Bleed Red and Black

    What is your assessment of the C’ville win? I always appreciate your analysis. Would love to see them play SJP and beat them, but the defense looked a little suspect tonight — Ortega looked off a bit too — got real lucky on that bounced backward pass. A win, however, is a win — just win and move on. Go Red Raiders!

  463. Stroke says:


    At the Tep/VV game tonight. Too big, too fast. Isheem young is a freak. Penn St got a good one there. Good luck Bechai trying to stop that. I feel sorry for AA the rest of this year and 2 years after with SC there. Congrats to all winners

    @NGDad….you’re obviously new to high school football to come on here and say SC stands no chance. Lol Karma…

  464. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    Yo NG Dad: Yah I guess #23 was too slow, huh? Ate y’all alive, didn’t he? Well, ya still got hoops to fall back on. Enjoy the off-season.

  465. Jim B says:

    Dennis Pascoe gets credit for the comment of the night!

    “Come back to coal country anytime. And bring some better manners next time!”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  466. Jim B says:

    bog & jj D2
    First, why diminish a kid contributions to your team because of his size? Is he, or is he not, your starting safety. Didn’t he have a key interception in your playoff win last week? (I swore I read he that he did.) Point is, he contributes to your team, so again, why diminish, and insult, a kid because of his size?

    Next, he hasn’t lived in Dunmore for six years. He grew up with his mother in West Pittston and went to go live with his father in Dunmore when he was in junior high. Gee, I wonder if playing for your mighty Bucks had anything to do with that decision?

    Lastly, bog, why get so defensive because I answered your call? Here are your words:

    “for mr. d12 fan you surmise that dunmore may have attracted players from outside of dunmore. if you can tell me who they are ,please do so.otherwise it is not fair to create a story that does not exist.”

    Well, it looks like the story does exist, regardless of the players small stature. I’m presenting you with a current kid who grew up outside of Dunmore, and decided to move there in junior high, and play football. Maybe football didn’t influence his decision, but then again, maybe it did.

  467. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Congratulations Southern Columbia and coach Roth and staff. You are always prepared.

  468. BlkGld7 says:

    Wonder if NG def end gets some scholarships pulled for throwing punches and SC player???? Thrown out of game and refused to leave the sideline…. undisciplined is a understatement!!!!!

  469. Mike A. says:

    Expect crickets…a least for a while until the shock that another team could possibly beat NG wears off. I suspect at least a day and maybe two.

  470. Chief Red Raider says:

    2 Chesmont League Schools win District 1! — C’ville (6A), Unionville (5A). Watched the C’ville/GV game. I give A LOT of credit to GV — a quality team — haven’t seen C’ville’s defense struggle as much since the 2nd half of the CV game. The question is: Can anyone stop C’ville’s offense? Should be a good eastern final. Looking forward to the great games on tap tomorrow.

  471. Eric W says:

    NG Dad,

    You know what is scary, the too slow #23 and the too young #4 are only sophomores and the unmentioned #15 is only a junior…make sure the tape you are watching from now on is of SC and not of someone else

  472. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I really thought Neumann would give Southern a better game than that. Come back to coal country anytime. And bring some better manners next time!

  473. No Horse says:

    @ Jhon Robert

    We tried to warn you what would happen to Scranton Prep.

    Southern Columbia played a team game and except for a little bit in the 2nd half, they dominated NG. NG is very undisciplined. Very talented, but they are by far the most undisciplined team to play in that stadium.

    Great effort by Selinsgrove. I hope Becahi has everyone available next week.

  474. TomF says:

    Southern Columbia 45-NG 12

    “The SC Wing T eats up teams like NG and controls the clock”

    NG DAD, Pantherpride, would love to hear your take on the game.

  475. Eric W says:

    So much for the Scranton Prep chatter

  476. bog says:

    for jim b. i checked out #8 for the bucks. he is listed in the program at 5 ft. 7 -135lbs, but i hear he has muscled up to 5 ft. 8 -145lbs. he has lived in dunmore for 6 years now. are you serious? like jjd2 said ,you certainly have broke the story on the scandal.

  477. jrshooter says:

    “There are no odds makers on this forum, please stop with the SCA over NG. Theres no way The Tigers catch beat NG. NG is just to fast powerful and NG’s coach coaches with too much swag period. However I have watched tape of SC and they are well coached. Their RB#23 is too slow, and WR # 4 is the real deal just too young right now.”

    … and sometimes the jokes just write themselves. 🙂

  478. Matt says:

    Wow….Southern leads 24-0 at half….

  479. No Horse says:


    Bonnie&clyde’s on 1st street is your best bet. Sorry I know it’s late but it’ll still be open after the game.

  480. Frank G says:

    @ Buddy

    PW hasn’t been SJP’s home field since ’15 so the game could be played there even if SJP is in it.

  481. Eric W says:

    Besides BC rushing for 400 yds,don’t over look the fact that BC shut down McDevitt’s star receiver,Burnett(52/1120-15td’s) catches,plus 5 sacks and many balls batted down at line

  482. steve f. says:

    Im here at lehighton. Gentleman said 5 5:30 gates will open.

  483. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @Powerbomb the Beacon 443 diner near Kia garage check out their website. Or the Boulevard restaurant next to the diner on 443 and that is not far from the field.

  484. jj D2 says:

    @ jim B

    Well you broke the story, Dunmore, in its infinite wisdom, went out and stole a 5ft. 5inch. 135lb. QB.
    While all the other teams are concentrating on the 6ft. 5, 300 lbers Dunmore went for the sure thing……are you really going to say his parents moved because of his football future? Again 5″5″ 135lbs.

  485. Mike A. says:

    I was at the Cumberland Valley/Bishop McDevitt game (49-23 CV)and this game against Berks Catholic was very similar. CV had a 21-3 halftime lead and put up nearly 300 yards rushing and had good field position most of the game and never really needed to pass (0 for 2), McDevitt added a lot of yards and points in the third and 4th quarter after CV was up 42-10 midway through the 3rd quarter and had pulled many starters in the third quarter.

  486. Buddy says:

    @ Bleed:

    It won’t be at PW, that’s SJP’s home field (or used to be).
    They switch every year. I believe it was at NE last year, so it should be in your neck of the woods ( DTE?).

    Love to see it at Souderton, that’s my back yard.
    Stadium ( seating) is not all that big though.

  487. Mike A. says:

    Berks Catholic 45 Bishop McDevitt 24 FINAL

    McDevitt moved the ball better than anyone that Berks had played but just couldn’t stop Berks “O”.

  488. TomF says:

    Final-Berks Catholic 45 McDevitt 24 So much for the strength of schedule arguement. McDevitt unable to stop the WingT and couldn’t get the stops it needed on 3rd down. Lutz 200+ yards was a man among boys. McDevitt is young and will be very good next year. Several personal fouls at the end of game on McDevitt.

  489. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Your guess is as good as anybodies when it comes to predicting where the PIAA will have the Eastern Final.

    In the past 5 or so years it’s either been at Downingtown (LaSalle vs Coatesviile), NE Supersite or at Sounderton(Parkland vs Upper Dublin).

    PW would be the most logical geographically whereas NE would be more advantageous for St Joe and Downingtown for Coatesville. I personally would prefer Downingtown just because it’s arguably the best venue to watch a HS football game in SE PA. No track makes you feel like your sitting right on the field.

  490. Eric W says:

    BC..4 possessions,4 td’s…almost 300 yds of O,still in 2nd Q

  491. Eric W says:

    Berks Catholic pounding McD…..21-3 middle of 2nd,RB Lutz,over a 100 yds with 3TD’s

    BC out scoring their opponents this year 418-10 in the first half!

  492. PowerBomb says:

    @dennis Pascoe

    Where is a good place to eat. Family friendly. I like burgers but not fast food

  493. Jim B says:

    They started playing football at Catawissa High School in 1899.

    Route 54 & McD65
    Thanks for the info on NG!

  494. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Talk about old school football Mt. Carmel and Shamokin have been playing for that (coal bucket) since the late 1800’s. I’am sure there are more around coal country. The history runs as deep as the coal in high school football.

  495. Buddy says:

    @ trucker:

    It’s 70, not 72. I should have bet you!

    Assuming it’s C’ville & SJP, that goes to a neutral site of course. Is that Northeast high school this year? Maybe Plymouth Whitemarsh?

  496. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Southern NG game Looks like fans are arriving early. Please patronize local businesses they support high school football. Welcome.

  497. Mike says:

    phillyboy says “old school PA football” at the end of his post. Funny, South Catholic has been playing football since 1934, PCL members since 1935. Southern Columbia Area was founded in 1962. Love how you guys just make things up and diminish any and all history of the PCL. I guess to you guys they just started becoming a league in 2008. And please spare me the “OLD SCHOOL FOOTBALL MEANS HOME GROWN TALENT NOT TRANSFERS OR RECRUITS!” Plenty of history down here in the southeastern part of the state maybe you guys should look into it some time. Hmmm-maybe now that I think about it “Old school PA football” has a bit of a racial undertone to it. Throw it in with “streetball” and “athletes.”

  498. Player2017 says:

    All of this D1 talk is foolish, You dont think recruiters get it wrong. D1 is about size and potential, thats why so many kids get offers but end up transferring out by their sophmore season. Plus add in hype plus promotion. Finally, some colleges only recruit from certain schools. Late Bloomers( growth spurts) smaller kids lesser known kids and bad grades equal D2….

  499. Player2017 says:

    I hate labels, I don’t think #4 is too young he’s a baller. I dont think #23, 5 or 30 are slow i think they are game changers. However, the Fact that the SC faithful is dismissing the NG coaching staff is crazy.

  500. bog says:

    for jim b : thanks for the info, i will ask around to get more information.

  501. JC says:

    I’ll throw some predictions out there:

    Coatesville over Garnet Valley
    SJP over Parkland
    Cumberland Valley over Manheim Township
    Governor Mifflin over Manheim Central
    Springfield over Unionville
    Wood over WVW
    Berks Catholic over Bishop McDevitt
    Selinsgrove over Bethlehem Catholic (upset pick)
    Imhotep over Valley View
    Middletown over Scranton Prep (but closer than some here think)
    Palisades over Conwell-Egan
    Southern Columbia over Neumann-Goretti
    Dunmore over Ligonier Valley (upset, I guess? D2 has shown out well these playoffs)
    Steel-High over Williams Valley (but WV if Rabuck is a go)

  502. LehighHSfans says:

    Update for Seal’s:
    Becahi will be without its top two wr”s/athletes scratched due to injuries.
    This definetely is a game changer making this matchup more competitive as originally predicted.
    Should be great one in Shamokin!!
    Good luck

  503. phillyboy says:

    @ Dennis Pascoe

    You’re the man, man. Great call on the live streaming of the Southern Columbia game. Your story checks out. Apparently it’s not video but audio streaming — I’ll take it. At least it’s not live texting; you know you’re a die-hard when you follow that, lol. I’m still tempted to go though, can hear the 80’s Clash tune in my head.

    Best wishes to SC baby, old school PA football.

  504. Eric W says:

    NG dad,15yo #4

  505. Eric W says:

    @NG Dad,

    Too young #15..10 D1 offers/1200 yds 17 yds this year

    Too slow #23..1800 yds/30tds/12 yds a carry…QB 2100 yds/25TD’s passing…Defense 40 sacks and 21 TO’ were looking at some bad tape!

  506. McD65 says:

    Mike Smoll,Hollenback was a great coach at Pennridge . His teams always came to play and he will be missed. I haven’t seen Palisades this year ,but I hear that their running attack is potent and no one believes Eagan has a chance against them. I’m with you on this .Eagan is very young but I have seen RB Garow and man can he go. It could be closer than most think.

  507. McD65 says:

    Jim B In addition to what Route 54 provided , a few of my favorite NG players are LB Campfield,WR Jaron Macon and Chris Wells RB. Wells is very fast and explosive.

  508. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    I believe: his TDs: rushing, receiving, punt return, kick-off return, interception and fumble return. Very cool.

  509. Dennis Pascoe says:

    For those that cannot make the Southern NG game it will be on Black Diamond Sports Network. webcast starts at 6:40 pm. Just goggle: Black Diamond Sports. and just follow directions for webcast.

  510. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    *Zavarick? (Sp?)

  511. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    Yo MCA 94: Thank you for rooting for SCA tomor night! Much respect to the Red Tornados program too. You guys were the model for both Berwick and SCA. The famous Zararick trivia question is still one of my favorites. If I am correct: what HS kid scored every way possible (in a game or a season? Unsure)

  512. Skat says:

    @Mike Smoll,

    I wish I could agree with your Parkland over St Joe’s Prep. I just don’t see it happening. Parkland is smaller than they’ve been in quite some time on the lines. They’ll need to bring 7-8 in the box to have a chance to slow the run game down. Leading to play action passes v man to man coverage.
    Parkland has a great coaching staff and balance on offense. #1 Worth will have to have the game of his life to win.
    I think Parkland COULD keep it close for a while, but ultimately get worn down. I’ll think 28-14 Prep.

  513. Route54 says:

    @ Jim B…..

  514. TDT says:


    Dunmore is really tough to get a read on this year, because they’re not running the ball as much. They don’t have that dominant, go-to back. They’ve obviously got a committee with Damiano (the FB), and their two tailbacks (Buckley and Donvito), but they’re only just starting to gain heads of steam. Their whole line is back from last year, and they’re good again. Their QB is the state javelin champ, and he’s thrown for over 1300 yards, which is like having an Air Raid offense at Dunmore. They’ve got some decent, athletic receivers that can go get the ball. Their defense can dominate the line, especially Shoemaker, but, much like last year, their secondary is untested, because no one who plays Dunmore can throw like LV can. This game has potential to be really, really good.

  515. Jim B says:

    I’m headed to Lehighton tomorrow night so see the SC/NG game. Who are the NG standouts to look for?

  516. Fl says:

    Anyone have any insight into the Dunmore vs LV game, I’ve seen LV play once earlier in the season and they didn’t look quite as good as last year but still very good. The biggest difference was at QB as last years QB is now at West Virginia. If Dunmore is better then last year which is tough to judge just looking through their schedule as they haven’t really played anyone. Regardless I don’t see either team being able to beat or possibly even keep it close whoever comes out of the SC vs NG game. Also does Williams Valley have a chance to dethrown BG in 1A. I saw BG play a very good forest hills team who’s still in the playoffs and I just can’t seem then losing in 1A and I think they could win 2A championship if they played in it this year.

  517. Brian says:

    TomF NG fans don’t travel well because they have to fly from all over the country.

  518. Stroke says:

    @NG Dad

    Your words gave me a chuckle. NG will face something this week that they haven’t before. A far more experienced and better coach and More importantly, what happens to NG when they can’t score and dominate at will? Will they fold to the pressure? Don’t be so confident my friend. Just as SC has not seen a team this year with athletes like yours…NG hasn’t seen anything like SC. Time will tell

  519. Mike Smoll says:

    First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL! Next CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Hollenbach, Pennridge Coach who retired after their 34-6 win over Quakertown. Penna could use a lot more coaches like you.

    Just got a feeling that this is the year Parkland takes down SJP, in a nailbiter, but they need to bring their A game.

    Palisades better not sleep on Conwell-Egan as a Catholic League school they have played an extremely tough schedule, Palisades wins but needs to also play well.

    Coatesville over Garnet Valley

  520. NG Dad says:

    There are no odds makers on this forum, please stop with the SCA over NG. Theres no way The Tigers catch beat NG. NG is just to fast powerful and NG’s coach coaches with too much swag period. However I have watched tape of SC and they are well coached. Their RB#23 is too slow, and WR # 4 is the real deal just too young right now.

  521. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I hope to see a good turnout of NG fans at Lehighton. Easy to get to turnpike north to Mahoning Valley exit 74 towards Lehighton keep straight at the 4th light make right. You will see a Lehighton high school sign on your left. A new facility. I hope this helps.

  522. C. Jacoby says:

    I need to apologize, beginning of the year I gave my story & said that taking a different path not attending one of the pa big 3 schools wouldn’t make much of a difference if the kids talented he’ll get to where he’s going regardless. Well after this yr, I see I was totally mistaken. I never took into account a few things. Fear being the most evident. My kid came in, and some kids who he should of replaced. Lol That leads to sabotage, backbiting, he say /she say crap. Fear of the coaches, who obviously string parents along, not making necessary changes or obvious adjustments. Day 1 the question was “who’s job is he going to take”. Because as a good player on a poor team you would think the answer is obvious right? Better kids play. Non competitive organizations don’t care about winning and if they think that you think your poop don’t stink, they’ll make a point and not play him. Winning don’t matter, no accountability & no expectations = no pressure to make changes. If you think any of them schools would start a 5’9 235 pound tackle over a 6’3 300 one, let me know. Guess he couldn’t handle the complex offensive schemes, so they go with the veteran maybe? It’s a joke, and that don’t happen at the competitive schools u know the deal, survival of the fittest best kid plays period. Mediocre teams don’t care, they want to make their “point” known. Point was duly noted, so after a total waste of 2 yrs u have 2 left to get it done, get him noticed & to a college hopefully. So in that small window, as a parent you gotta make moves. Anyone who don’t believe me check the stats,or if your interested in a very good 2 way player let me know. As a parent, you have to do everything to get your kid the best chance at a better life. Can’t wait for a fresh start now that this train wreck experiment is over. Bottom line do what you have to & get him hopefully to the next level.

  523. Jim B says:

    Since you asked for names, #8 McDade. He grew up in West Pittson, not Dunmore. I think he even had an interception last week.

  524. Tom F says:

    Route54, Southern Columbia fans will outnumber NG fans 8-1 SC travels very well, classy fan base. NG doesn’t travel very well.

  525. J63 says:

    @mca2795 I would love to take your bet SC winning by 2 td!

  526. Matt says:

    SJ Prep 27 Parkland 20
    Middletown 34 Scranton Prep 24
    SC 27 NG 26 (best game of weekend)
    Tep 33 VV 21
    LV 34 Dunmore 28

  527. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @stevef Not sure about the gate opening. But it will be at the new stadium not the old. A very nice venue.

  528. David Mika says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  529. phillyboy says:

    @ Fl

    This notion that a talented kid should transfer to an elite program in order to procure better scholarship offers IMO is total BS. As has been said before, for crying out loud, let the college recruiters do their job. If the kid is legitimately a stud (probably 3 star or better), then believe me he’ll be noticed. Hypothetically speaking if Swift had gone to say, George Washington or Northeast, do you think he wouldn’t have gotten all those D1 offers? Josh Adams went to CB South, a good program, not great. He’s doing pretty well now at Notre Dame. McIlwain who went to one of the Council Rock schools is at South Carolina; there’s so many examples.

    So the bottom line is: if the kid is truly an elite talent he’ll be noticed wherever he is whereas if he’s merely a very good player then he’s not going to be getting calls from Penn State anyway.

    Plus, on a larger level, got to keep things in perspective. I remember years ago when Josh Hannum of Strath Haven (a stud WR) transferred from Penn State to a small college. He remarked in the paper about how Penn State football is big business. Sure, they’ll kiss your behind, but player could also be marginalized or dissed in the snap of a finger.

  530. Buddy says:

    On the assumption that SJP and C’ville win, where will that game be played?
    Also, how ’bout Parkland ( slim) and C’ville?

  531. Jprez1 says:

    @Sealfan – calm down! Its just someone’s opinion of what they think will happen. No one is taking credit from your QB or your team speed it’s their opinion. Becahi has a top rate QB and team speed also this doesn’t come down to what you feel what others feel or even what I feel but what those Kids do that night! We have no say in the outcome the kids do not us! So all we can do is root for our teams that’s it. With that being said Let’s go Golden Hawks

  532. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Coatesville has experience against the triple option, one of the West Chester schools used/still does run it.They have faced a fair share of run dominant teams this year DTE, Dustin, Avon Grove, Pennsbury. They might get fooled the first drive or two, but the defensive coaches make adjustments and it’s usually lights out after that. They are going to out 9-10 in the box and hit everybody that comes out of the backfield. GV has like 20 pass competitions on the year most to the TE so the wideouts won’t be a factor.

    North Penn was up big on GV until Beck got into his conservative play calling. Can guarantee Ortega isn’t going to take the air out of the ball unless he’s up 40 heading into the 4th.

    The GV secondary is terrible and if Ricky Ortega is given time to throw he will pick them apart. Does GV have a shot? Sure they are in the D1 championship game for a reason, but Coatesville is hitting their stride right now. Way too many weapons for GV to account for. Justice Henley from NP had a field day so I expect Dapree Bryant, Aaron Young and company to exploit them.

  533. Stroke says:

    How bout some predictions?
    SJP-34 Parkland-20
    Wood-42 WVW-14
    VV-28 Tep-26(Going with heart not mind on this one)
    Middletown-41 Prep-27
    Ligonier-33 Dunmore-19
    SC-49 NG-38

  534. Frank G says:

    @ Eddie G

    So many false statements in your post. SJP, like nearly every other school, has been up and down in many sports over the decades (though they have been a national power in a sport that involves as many students as football for several decades). I could go into detail about the ups and downs if needed. It’s true they were down in football for about 10 years before Brooks, but most of their teams in the ’60s and ’70s were winners and they were OK when Gannon and Costa later played there. Dougherty and McDevitt had a few good years but were never consistently good. If you think SJP has “let every athlete it” please talk to Speedy Morris. Plus, I could name several very good football players in recent years who had to leave the school (usually after freshman year) because they couldn’t keep up with the academics.

  535. Eric W says:

    We will see what BC and ECP are made of this weekend….won’t be easy

  536. steve f. says:

    Does anybody have any idea when the gates open up at Lehighton?

  537. timeline says:

    If Flemming not 100%.That could be trouble. Look for the running game to have the most the touches SC AND NG could be a good game .

  538. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Just heard a rumor Henry Hynoski might be near the sidelines of Southern Friday night that could be an uplift for his Alma mater The two best 2A teams going head to head in Lehighton PA.

  539. MCA94 says:

    I completely agree with everything you said. I’ve never seen a team at any level go winless (and not just winless, they got blown out every game), to state title contender the next year. I didn’t know how Imhotep came out of nowhere a few years ago, but now I understand. If this school were playing in the upper classifications, I dont think it would be as big of a deal, but to assemble a team like this and be playing AA is ridiculous. The coach might be a great guy, but I don’t like what he is doing. I almost always root for the public schools vs the catholics but I’m especially rooting for Southern this week.

  540. Eddie G. says:

    SjP use to stink at every sport when I was coming up at one time they were alll about the academics couldnt care less about athletics but i guess that how they keep the alumni active to donate cash but real pcl football used to be judge Dougherty ryan mcdevitt then laalle started gettting good then all of a sudden Prep got sick of the trash talk and let every athlete in now everybody tinks they are a football factory but back in the day all the smart kids went there. I root against Prep every year Brooks started recruiting and everything got out of hand pulling for a Parkland win and I’m a life long pcl fan

  541. McD65 says:

    Although I’m backing NG in their game vs. So.Columbia,I think that SC has a tremendous Offense bot running as well as throwing the ball. I watched films of Julian Flemming who, for those who don’t know is one of the very best WRs in the country as a Sophomore. The QB can throw 50 yards with accuracy and is also an underclassman. They are the real deal young guns. As noted by many others ,this could be a great game if NG doesn’t get sloppy with penalties. Go Saints!!

  542. Route54 says:

    I’m curious if NG will bring their crowd. Sounds like this will be a good one Friday night in Lehighton. Anyone care to take a crack at how many SCA fans show up? The coal region locals alone should venture out to see a backyard brawl.

  543. SEAL FAN says:


  544. bog says:

    re:captain kirk amen.

  545. Dennis Pascoe says:

    GOOD LUCK to Southern. Williams Valley, and Dunmore,and Selinsgrove. These are the teams I saw this year all class football programs. Southern needs to be better at passing defense, and defensive punt returns. I would not be surprised if the outcome is special team related. This might be the game of the week!

  546. CaptainKirk says:

    D12 fan

    Dunmore roster is comprised of kids who either were born / raised here or have lived in the town for a very long time. Hardly any land for development in the community so the number of families moving into the town limits are minimal. The average class size is about 120 and as I indicated preniously the success of a team from one town is truly remarkable. I remember a few years ago when they played in Hershey against South Fayettev the announcer on PCN made several references to Dunmore having the largest attendance among all the games that weekend.

    Good luck to everyone this weekend and remember they’re only kids…..the hope is that they move on to success beyond the gridiron.

  547. David Mika says:

    Phillyboy….Got it.

  548. phillyboy says:

    Mika, you let somebody else use my handle at 6:13 am this morning. Did the turkey slip one by? Of course I was joking in regards to the comment about intellectual property and so forth, obviously. But in all seriousness please try to respect our handles as much as possible. Thanks Mika, phillyboy

  549. Kevin X says:

    Easton/Phillipsburg tomorrow morning @ 10a live on WFMZ Channel 69.

    Do not know if the game will be streamed live off of their web site or not.

  550. 2gaps says:

    Going out on a limb but 6A District 1 Champ will be Garnet Valley.

    I don’t think Coatesville will have the experience against that triple option to stop them.
    Also think GV will struggle against the pass of Coatesville.

    Final prediction is GV 28 – Coatesville 27.

  551. CoalR says:

    @Leheighton Fan
    I’m still standing not TKO’d yet, got a few rounds left. LOL. And congrats on a good season was pulling for you guys even though you had that 1 transfer.

    Your right, can’t get a little pregnant but you can have quadruplets or more all at one time (see my last paragraph below). Impact on life is much different. I don’t think you can classify one of those as a transfer, he had been at Haven whole life except for freshman year. The other two kids had an impact, no doubt. Doesn’t really matter though. My whole point around this is the private vs. public go by different rules. Did the two kids come to Haven to play football, maybe/probably. Did they follow the rules and move into the district? Yes and they moved homes in their Junior year around holidays. Did the NG kids follow the rules, yes. I am not faulting any kid for wanting to better themselves. I may even do it if I had the chance as well. But the fact remains they are different rules due to geographic capabilities of private schools being able to pull kids from anywhere at anytime. I am not ignorant to the fact that their are kids all over the state that transfer for one reason or another. I have no problem with a parent “moving” into an area for one reason or another. It has been happening forever and there are established rules around it that every public school must follow. I remember my friends in HS being told we can get your dad a job in Berwick, you should move here (they didn’t transfer BTW). However, the fact remains that their is a competitive advantage and the playing field is not level in the private vs. public situations, especially in the large cities due to the unrestricted geography private school have access too. It is the way it is right now. I just don’t like it.

    The NG situation IMO is extraordinary, as well. They gained 73 kids in grades 9-11 for next classification cycle moves them to AAA, which basically they are now. For reference Haven gained 2 kids for next cycle and still at the lower end of AA. (those 73 NG transfers don’t include senior transfers(2-3 Div 1 kids) which could be another 20-25 kid to pick from for this year). Plus they picked up several other very good players from other schools that didn’t close and basically loaded a team. Can anyone on here remember a team going 0-6 or 0-10 and not being able to finish the prior season, to going 11-0 and being top 5 in the state the following year and also being a “public” school?

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  552. ???? says:

    Kids went over to NG bcuz of Troy Gore Del Vals Head Coach before closing and currently coaches at NG. Great running back coach. Local Fire Chief in Philadelphia. Community Supporter. He coached me at Imhotep. Yeah thats right him and Albie worked at Imhotep together and can take some credit for that 6peat PUB championship. PIAA should have a statewide divison where 30 top teams compete 15 west and 15 east compete for a title to be crowned best in PA and allow recruiting STATEWIDE only for teams that enter this divison to even the playing field for lower classification that will compete in this divison. That would keep all powerhouses in 1 divison and show that PA highschool football is jus as elite. What Dunmore could take on PCC and actually have a chamce cause they could recruit state wide to greater there chances.

  553. LehighHSfans says:

    Parkland/Prep fans find Gate 2 behind home stands at Frank Banko field. There is a nice parking lot that goes unused often, I will be there as well.
    Also, Parkland LB is 100% ineligible for this game due to ejection. He likely is still practicing should they win.

    As for Palisades, I have seen them play several times this year and I’m not sold that they are a force. I wouldn’t be shocked if they lose to Egan or don’t get very far beyond.

    Becahi is the real deal and just getting healthy since prior to their Parkland game.
    If they continue to stay that way I expect them in Hershey against ECP.

  554. TomF says:

    Pantherpride, I played football and coached football for a long time so I am not a joke. Albie is a great guy, I met him a few times, however, TEP won a state championship by putting together the top all-star team in State History. NG is going against a coaching staff that has won 7 state titles. Take away St. joe Prep in the city and a Philly school has won one state title. Wood is in Bucks county, la Salle In Montgomery so they don’t count. Different kind of football? The Wing T eats up teams like NG and controls the clock. I said that Governor Mifflin would be able to run the ball against the supposed top team in the State-harrisburg, How did that work out?

  555. sausmann9 says:

    @phillyboy – same to you, take turnpike north, Lehigh Valley exit, rt 22 east into Bethlehem and from there you have a couple of options. SJP will be on the Elizabeth Ave side and plenty of parking all around the school. you may have a 5 minute walk at most parking farthest away.

  556. PowerBomb says:

    @CoalR How about we don’t have the PIAA evaluate “some” schools or “those” schools as you put it and have them evaluate “ALL” schools equally and have the transfer rules be even across the state. You are seeming to insinuate that A kid that transfers midseason because his family bought a house in Central PA is different than a Kid who transfers because his school closed or his parents bought a house in a different section of the city, or even moved from suburbs to the city. Rules Need to be consistent across the board.

  557. David Mika says:

    Buddy, I don’t know of any live streaming. I’ll be there on the sidelines.

  558. Buddy says:

    Been at Liberty several times. Parking is ( was) terrible. It’s kind of an inner city school. A lot like Ridley, very little parking. Maybe they built a large parking lot since then.


    You know of any live streaming for that game?

  559. mca2794 says:

    My prediction – Southern Columbia over NG by 2 TD’s.

    Even if SCA doesn’t win it all this year, most of their best players are sophomores, so I don’t see anyone touching them the next 2 years.

  560. No Horse says:


    I’m not playing favorites. It’s just reality. You don’t seem to have any respect for any of the teams outside of PCL and that is a mistake. There are plenty of excellent football teams that don’t play in PCL.

    SJP should win, but to get there they have to beat 3 exceptional teams the next 3 weeks. It wouldn’t surprise me if they lost any of those games since the other teams are that good.

    Wood should win. If they don’t, shame on them.

    Imhotep is extremely talented, but Bethlehem Catholic is as well. I think Imhotep will win this weekend, but its a much more even game against Bethlehem Catholic than you think. If Imhotep racks up penalties or makes stupid mistakes against Beth Cath, they’ll lose. If they play a good game, they should win. It’s not anywhere near the romp that you are predicting.

    Save some of the gravy from your Thanksgiving turkey because you’ll need it for the crow you’ll be eating after Southern Columbia and Palisades win this weekend. Palisades will probably lay a thumping on Egan.

  561. D12FAN says:


    I said I do not know that area well but any strong program which I hear Dunmore is, attracts players, including young families deciding where to send their kids to school for academics and athletics. More specifically, if a young family was buying a house in that area and had a son that thought would play football would they buy a house in Dunmore district or another one with no quality football program to speak of. Was not implying Dunmore recruits or anything negative, just that strong programs attract players.

  562. Player2017 says:

    @McD65 You are one of the authentic voices on this board.
    I’ve been around this game along time. NG is Top Heavy with Talent MIXED with alot of young talented pieces. Ive been too several games, I’ve saw alot of Midlevel FBS to FCS on NG. In regards to SC it should be a great game, tradition vs the New Kids on the block. I think all the whining on the board makes PA football look bad.

  563. David Mika says:


  564. phillyboy says:

    The Parkland/Prep game is at 1pm at Bethlehem Liberty?? Would that be Banko Field? And if so what’s the parking situation like? Anybody know, thanks.

  565. sausmann9 says:

    @ LehighHSfan – are you sure the Parkland LB was ejected and NOT pulled by the Parkland coaching staff??? All backers were at practice and all practiced.

  566. Jeff says:

    @ Mike – agree AW will win 5A now that Harrisburg has been eliminated, and they very well might have beaten Harrisburg. Don’t think Imhotep is going to win, they have to get past Beca first next week, and assuming they do will more than likely play ECP, and I think ECP will beat them again, we shall see.

    Also not so sure NG will beat SC this week, expect that to be a very close game that could go either way, SC has a few DI players as well.

    Agree SJP will beat Parkland in a fairly close one, but trust me, they are going to have their hands full trying to stop PR in Hershey.

    When all is said and done I think D12 wins 2 titles this year, not 4 like some people expect/hope.

  567. sausmann9 says:

    @ Jay – the field is called Banko Field and its located on Elizabeth Ave in Bethlehem. The place will be packed but there is plenty of parking on campus and around the campus on streets. Parkland will bring a huge fan base since so close and SJP will definitely bring their fare-share since they’ve been at that stadium a few times over the last 20 seasons or so.

    Come up turnpike, Lehigh Valley exit, Rt 22 east into Bethlehem, and from there you have two or three easy options.

    worth the trip!

  568. mark d says:

    @Stroke i will tell you why, go look at some film on imhoptep ,valley View doesn’t not throw the ball and when they do the passing game it like something from 1970. they don,t use the middle of the field or the tight end. to many left waggles with right handed Qb. kid got a great arm but is coached to look at one receive and throw their their safety’s are studs with them down in the box i dont know how Valley View will run the ball No we dont see schools like this in our area may Be Delaware Valley as for our defense they throw the bal well to the middle on the field where our coaching staff still has not figured out (watch film del valley and scr prep ) no my friend i think it going to be a long night for our kids they will play hard and fight all night imhoptep will probably get hit like they have not been all season but in the end just to much to over come

  569. Buddy says:

    Parkland/SJP, live streaming ?

  570. phillyboy says:

    I am a beast behind the keyboard, but a snowflake in person

  571. Lehighton Indians Fan says:


    Thank you for verifying my FACTS, you did indeed have 3 transfers/recruits on your team last year, as for the rest of your thoughts remember you can’t get a little pregnant.

    As for being upset about last years loss, no not upset Haven usually has a great reputation and plays hard nose football for a small school, no shame in ever losing to Haven but I think you’re asking the wrong questions.
    Would you of beaten us last year without the recruits/transfers? Would you of beaten NG without their recruits/transfers? We’ll never know. Although we can speculate, your record last year against larger schools 4-1, this year 1-4, those players didn’t make a difference?

    Look you don’t want to go 15 rounds with me on any of this because you’ll get TKO’d and this will be my last post so it doesn’t really matter. Do you think we (former players) don’t talk to each other even though we played for different schools? Lets just say that your transfers/recruits were more than just a stroke of luck, there always more than meets the eye when it comes to certain situations, so just let it go.

    Good Luck to all area teams moving through the rest of the playoffs! Looking forward to some great games!

  572. bog says:

    for mr. d12 fan you surmise that dunmore may have attracted players from outside of dunmore. if you can tell me who they are ,please do so.otherwise it is not fair to create a story that does not exist. good luck to your team in the playoffs. i was wrong regarding dunmore not winning once they got out of d2. i am happy that i was wrong. also i agree with captain kirk and his observation regarding dunmore. good luck to all, thank you.

  573. Come on man!! says:


    You give Coach Crosby way too much credit. I would like to see how he would do at a public school.

  574. Fl says:

    In the argument of private schools and recruiting the truth is it happens all over the country in every state at some degree. Ultimately the powerhouses that are nationally ranked year in and out St.Joes PCC, LaSalle help Pennsylvania stay relevant by having a team represent them and help bring in recruiters to watch these teams and other kids on other teams benefiting from this. Also in the much bigger picture of football is getting kids that would otherwise possibly wouldn’t get seen or scouted because they play for a lesser team. So if the family has an opportunity to better then chances of getting there son into college by changing schools and get a chance to further there education that’s the best thing that can come out of high school football. I’ve seen that process play out with a friends son and heard of many instances of kids getting scholarships bet they changed schools. It’s not always fair but it’s a good lesson for life because life isn’t always fair just have to persevere and give it your all. I always take pride in seeing a team from PA national ranked

  575. Skat says:


    The game is at Bethlehem Area School District Stadium (BASD stadium)
    Address: 1115 Linden St, Bethlehem, PA 18018
    (If you’re coming from near Philadelphia)
    Take the turnpike to Lehigh Valley exit. RT 22 east to rt512. Make a left off the exit and follow it until you hit Elizabeth avenue (it’s a one way coming toward you) make a left (Elizabeth avenue) and immediate right onto Grenadier BLVD. As you’re at the Center Street/512 you’ll see the lights on your left. It’s pretty much all street parking. There’s a lot on Grenadier (if you’re early). Otherwise when you turn left onto Elizabeth avenue you can continue straight passing the stadium until you get to the next traffic light. Make a right on linden street (takes you in front of the HS) when you get to the next street if you make a right there’s a parking lot. If you park there it’s a short walk thru the courtyard.

  576. HaroldSakata says:

    I like SCA in a close one. They’ll have the best player on the field and the benefit of all having played together for 3 plus years. They’ll get a key turnover and edge out NG.

  577. Jay says:

    @David Mika

    Thank you! Happy thanksgiving to you.

    And to all you knuckleheads as well 🙂

  578. McD65 says:

    NG is far from an all star team. Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong .There are IMO 3 D-1 players on the team ,two tackles and 1 RB/DB.Yes they have several other players that are very good but not Division 1 as so many people believe. I saw SO.Columbias roster that had 55 players and 20 were over 200 lbs. This is a more even matchup than people think. There have been so many ridiculous exaggerations regarding the NG team. How about just enjoying the game .

  579. D12FAN says:

    Coar Ir

    Total BS, you can’t have it both ways. 1 is ok but not 100. You have no idea what you are talking about. NG is a powerhouse in hoops, PCL and State champ at 2A in baseball, so add a coach like Crosbie, a closed del val charter, a couple of transfers and wa-la, more kids come out…Must be a pretty impressive coach to pull this off. Hats of to him, his staff, and the school for pulling this off.
    I could care less who wins but the more guys like you deny the hipocrisy in the pub vs private debate, I lean towards NG.

  580. David Mika says:

    Jay….It’s at Bethlehem Liberty HS.

  581. Jay says:

    I’m thinking of making the journey up to see the Parkland-SJP game this weekend. Everywhere I see it listed, it says “Bethlehem Stadium”… but google and google maps pulls up a few options for that.

    Is it Goodman Stadium? Or Rocco Calvo Field? Or something else??

    I’m from Philly suburbs and I’m completely unfamiliar with that area.


  582. CoalR says:

    At Lehighton fan. Get your facts straight. The kid from Nativity is a Haven kid, came up thru Haven midget system, went to Natvity his freshman year and then came back and played 3 years at Haven. The other two moved to Haven SD 9 months before, in the previous school year, after they bought and sold a house in the process. You stilll sore about last years loss to our double AA school. Heard you guys benefited pretty well this year from a in season transfer(not necessary a recruit). But that kid actually moved there from my understanding, so in my mind it is justifiable and fair by public school rules. Imagine if you got 10-12 high caliber athletes like NG did, considered the impact that your one transfer had to your program.

    There is a big difference between a kid here and there transferring and following the public school rules vs the charter and private school rules. This is not NGs or DelVal charters fault, kids had to go to school somewhere after DV closing. However adding over 73 kids in a year or so is much different as well as adding them right before the season. Also some of them transferring from other schools just happen to be very good athletes with some Div 1 recruits who cane over because of the new coach.

    Suggestion to PIAA would be to maybe be to evaulate those schools on a yearly basis and have a cut off of kids transferring to play sports or the school that have no boundaries have to move up one or two classes not matter what. Not sure if that would help, but just trying to throw some ideas out there. Other thought is go back to 4 classes but have private and public. Then winners of each play in state championship.

  583. Stroke says:

    Thoughts on “WHAT IF” Valley View could pull off the impossible and beat the mighty Imhotep? Please save the comments of “it’s impossible” “they can’t”. I know the odds aren’t good. But if Governer Mifflin could beat the unbeatable Harrisburg than yes it is POSSIBLE, no matter how unlikely the odds. Ok, go….

  584. Come on Now! says:

    News flash :::

    Middletown’s STARTING line
    5”10 – 6’5”

    6’3” – 6’5”

    I think Eric and no horse are correct in a way.. one of these teams hasn’t seen size like this his season.. they just chose the wrong team.. on the smaller side preps TE is only 6’2 225
    And qb is only 6’7” 225 with a rocket arm!

    Should be a fun game..
    Middletown misdirection, quickness, creative blocking schemes on The edge

    Prep —- RUN PASS OPTION – I formation – smash mouth

  585. SeasonedVet1965 says:

    @Lehighton Indians Fan

    Wow, thanks for a fair commentary on the NG vs SH fuss. I totally agree. When I took a look at SH I figured that they were the bullies of their area. Taking nothing from their coaching but chop blocks are used to slow down the faster and stronger NG front. They kept at it until a NG lineman was hurt and placed in the ambulance. I could tell that they weren’t use to being kicked in the rear end like that. The refs didn’t help much on both teams.

    If a player or coach tells a ref, hey this kid is chop blocking below the waist, and nothing is done, you will get some chaos. The bullies got bullied.

    Now, as for the lames that come on here and try to toss shade on NG, it’s perfectly fine to have your opinions. You have one of the best damn high school football coaches taking over a struggling team. Here in Philly coach Crosby is football royalty. Parents want their boys to play for him. So NG hired a winning coach. Check his resume you lames!! You all say anything just to make yourselves feel like great harm is being done to you or your kids. Play the damn game.

    If SC is everything you all profess, then we will see. Philly kids don’t run or dodge competition. We like to step foot in a bully’s rear end.

    SC is next! We welcome all of the teams who have been picked on by S. Columbia in that area to come out and support NG football. We Got Your Back!!!

  586. Kevin X says:

    @ Zack

    I’m going to just take wild guess that if C’ville and SJP do meet up in the 6A Eastern final, it will be in Downingtown. Ok, maybe that is also wishful thing. Kottmeyer IMO is probably the best HS stadium in SEPA. Prep hosted D1 North Penn last year at NE, two years ago the game between Parkland and Upper Dub was in D1 Souderton. So logic would have that D1 would host this year. The 2012 Eastern final game between C’Ville and LaSalle was at Kottmeyer in Downingtown. Then again, this is the PIAA, maybe it’ll will be in Oxford.

  587. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @Zack Felter

    I would assume if Coatesville/SJP both win it will be at a D1 site. Can only go on past experience but in 2012 when Coatesville played LaSalle in the Eastern Final they played the game at Downingtown. If not in D1 it will probably be at the NE Supersite in Philly.

  588. Chop block says:

    It was not cutting it was chop blocking witch is illeagle!!! NG will never get any calls. It is on the reffs, they try to neutralize the game. But the NG deserve to be Protected as well

  589. LehighHSfans says:

    Parkland game is Saturday at 1pm in Bethlehem. I’m hoping for a close game but Parkland had one of their top LB’s ejected last week and a shuffled offensive line.
    Not sure missing these couple kids bodes well for a competitive game against Prep.
    With all the pieces, I would have thought about picking a Parkland upset.

  590. Route54 says:

    Yeah, I think SCA will play their final game in Lehighton on Friday. It’s been said, SCA have best coaching, most wins and so forth, however I believe that is not going to help them against a very talented and physical NG team. Loaded with D1 talent. I also believe SCAs regular season schedule will hurt them. Kind of weak. Other than that I expect a full house Friday night in Lehighton.

  591. mca2794 says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying kids should have to sit out a year for transferring to a new school because theirs closed. Obviously those kids had to go somewhere and nobody can fault them for all going to the same new school. However, from other info posted here, players were from various different schools who seem to still be in existence, so maybe the rules should be a little different for those student athletes?
    How did this coach build the program at Imhotep? I never heard of Imhotep prior to 2014-15. Is it just me or does it seem that he is able to ‘attract’ good players from all over Philly? I just read an article how he talks about building a program ‘from the ground up’ when this situation appears to be the farthest from it. Its basically an assembled All-star team.
    How would you feel if you lived in a small town and played with the same kids your whole life, make the state playoffs in HS and get knocked out because many of the best players in one of the largest cities in the country end up going to the same school?
    I understand this is America and parents want to send their kids to a good school and if they want to pay for a Catholic school education should be free to do so. However, if you are going to assemble an all star team, at least have the decency to play up in class to a more fair level of competition. I might be old school, but I think this type of thing is completely against the spirit of HS football.

  592. PowerBomb says:

    @Lehighton Indians Fan thank you for bringing those transfers to light. They act if transferring is only an “inner city” thing when in reality it goes on across the state in all geographical areas. I have lived in both major cities in the state as well as rural pa, coached and/or played in each. And I have seen transfers occur at all classifications and (urban, suburban and rural) If a talented youth Player in Bloomsburg shows crazy potential and they have a relative in Southern Columbia SD. 9 out of 10 times that kids ends up at grandma’s house going to the football powerhouse.

  593. D12FAN says:

    Lehighton Indians Fan

    Great post!! I love this time of year and the back and forth. So glad you pointed out the public school hypocrisy. The number one recruiter in anything is success and number 2 is opportunity. When a program has success it attracts talent. Berwick, CBW, Nesh, Penns, Becah, CVille, NP, Pine Richland, Harrisburg, all public schools that over the years and recently attracted great talent due to strong programs. Good for them! You just pointed out Haven in another region I’m not as familiar with, but with the success of SC and Dunmore, I’d be surprised if they have not benefited from attracting players with their great programs as well. Including parents considering what school district to live in when their kids are in kindergarten based on academics and athletics. Nothing wrong with any of it.

    Go play the game, Harrisburg had a 5 star, one of the top players in the country transfer mid season last year and they could not win it all. Then as a rematch loomed with Wood, Harrisburg lost to a public school not willing to hear the noise about how good or how unfair the transfers are. If you as parents are complaining before the games that it is unfair, that filters to the players and that is not a good mind set heading into battle. The PIAA makes the rules, go play the game and try and beat the other team, who ever takes the field!

  594. JC says:

    I saw an idea on the western PA site forum; have a multiplier for enrollment numbers of private schools. If the multiplier is 1.2, then every private school’s enrollment number gets multiplied by that before classifying the school. The exact number can vary, but that could help even the playing field a little bit (especially in the lower classes).

  595. Mike says:

    “No Horse” seems to have a few horses in the stable- anybody not from the PPL or PCL. Parkland isn’t beating Prep. SC isn’t beating Neumann. Imhotep and Wood will both win states. And hey just to come at you from all sides I’d love to see an Egan upset- FEED GARWO! Looks like Palisades scores a ton of points though. Garwo could be the best player they’ve faced all season but he doesn’t have too, too much around him in terms of help. This will be an uphill battle but crazier things have happened at the old Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium!

  596. steve f. says:

    Too bad the sca-ng game wasn’t at schuylkill haven. Lol

  597. Buddy says:

    Any live streaming on the SJP/Parkland game?

    It’s Sat. at 1:00 right?

    I don’t live in the Lehigh Valley so I can’t get it on RCN or Service Electric.

  598. D12FAN says:

    Down & Out

    Is lasalle so desperate that they need to start recruiting on this site?? Really? How do you think your comments make the lasalle JV and Freshmen QB’s feel? Or any other underclassmen? I know it has been very frustrating losing 9 of last 10 to Prep and last 3 to Wood, but that is pretty low. LS was good when they supported their smart, tough, 2 sport athletes that were there for 4 years. When they started trying the transfer game things fell apart.

  599. No Horse says:

    @ Eddie G

    Palisades is physical up front on both sides and they have the backs to take it to the house. Their defense is extremely fast side to side as well. The best chance to beat them is to run it right down their throats, but that’s not easy. I think Palisades will win pretty easily. They probably have the best chance to beat Middletown. I’m not saying that they will, but they have the best chance.

    @ Down&Out

    PCL won’t be winning 3A and they’re already out of 4A. You should come up and watch SC eliminate NG too. Don’t sleep on Parkland!

  600. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @jut Just one word. AMEN

  601. Frank G says:


    You may have seen cars with Jersey and Delaware license plates at a West Catholic game, but I’m next to certain WC has never had a player living in either state.

  602. Facts says:


    Delaware Valley Charter closed last year and yes they made it to the 3A quarter finals (with a team full of sophomores and juniors) losing to Notre Dame. Where were those kids suppose to go and do we really want anyone having the power to dictate where students go if their school closes? Would you? Those students were welcome and allowed to attend many schools throughout the city due to the closing and it impacted several programs.

    Now here is the cherry picker, many Philly schools benefitted from that school closing but not the community it was in. Of course school enrollments went up in Catholic schools in Philly, you should expect that when the city has closed over EIGHT public or charter high schools in 2 years.

    So are you guys saying those students should have to sit out a year because the city mismanaged state funding forcing schools to close and they having to relocate? Stop it!

    It would be great to see intelligent minded adults like yourselves arguing the point that Philly closed high schools but at the same time they’re building new prisons and casinos more then seeing you argue that a student went to a catholic school after his high school was shut down.

    What is a family to do?

  603. WBCB Sports says:

    If you can’t make it out to Northeast High School this weekend. Watch this game below

    11/25: PIAA 3A State Quarterfinals
    Conwell Egan vs. Palisades

  604. Mike Smoll says:

    Pennridge Head Coach Jeff Hollenbach steps down after numerous seasons, with a career mark of 111-47, with one game to go. Congratulations Jeff but sorry to see you go.

  605. Lehighton Indians Fan says:

    Really looking forward to the NG-SC game this Friday, plan on getting here early for a parking spot but it’s going to be nice to have such a big game a our beautiful new stadium…

    As for the game, should hopefully be a competitive one, hopefully for SC sake this team doesn’t end up being the same type of talented squad they ran into in the state finals last year… going to predict that extra points could be the difference SC35 – NG 34

    As for the conversation on transferring/recruiting, lets not be naive, this goes on throughout the state and in every class, it’s just a lot more noticeable in the philly and pitt areas because they have such a large pool of talent to pull from in a smaller geographical area and this will continue to occur as until the piaa starts earning their money by doing something besides selling tickets…

    As for the Haven hypocrites… do you want the fans of this area to feel sorry for you? We didn’t forget about last year. Did Blue Mt. close? Did Nativity close? 3 of your top players last year were transfers from other schools, we didn’t hear you complaining then, you could try to explain it anyway you want but facts are facts, plus don’t even get going on sportsmanship when your classy coaching staff still plays their starters deep into 4th quarters of league games with 5,6,7, TD leads.. what goes around comes around…

  606. CC says:

    Imhotep doesn’t have a kid “just as fast” as the Valley View kid. Imhotep has a kid significantly faster.
    They literally ran head to head at states in the 100m. Lane one, and lane 2. He got beat by 10 yards.

  607. PANTHERPRIDE says:


    You’re a joke! I’ve broken down film on Southern Columbia. Hop off of their coaches’ loins! I don’t give a damn who they have, it’s football. Philly is a different brand of football. NG is going to show up and be ready to compete at the highest level. News Alert NG has played several teams that run the same scheme. So I hope

    Defensively: SC’s secondary is terrible. DBs are tight in the hips.

    Offensively, their scheme runs through 23 and 4. 5 and 30 are secondary options. Their little wing T offense is not that difficult to figure out. They have a tendency to pass on 1st downs.

    4 gets a lot of off man coverage. Lets see if he can deal with a press coverage and a secondary who can cover.

    It’s a different kind of football my dude.

    Coach Al Cosby will have his boys ready to get busy. Trust and believe that!!!

  608. Zack Felter says:

    Where is the Eastern Division of 6A hosting their Championship game? Is it neutral site or coin flip for a stadium closer to their home field?

    Assuming Cville and SJP win this weekend, where would a neutral site be that would be suitable for a fanbase to attend?

  609. Jut says:

    All these excuses about the Haven vs. NG game. There were tons of pentalies but and lost of mistakes made by both teams. The better team won. Yes more than half of the kids playing for NG didn’t play for them last year, if this was college they would have to sit out the season but it’s not. This is the reason why PIAA didn’t let District 12 play football in PIAA for years but later let them in. But didn’t change the rules. People gotta stop taking jabs at student athletes. It’s kinda sicken the things some posters are saying about the Haven rb. NG for what I heard will be playing AAA next year… where they should of been playing this year. Great season Haven! Great season for Lehighton too. Lost a tough one, could of won but didn’t. To have 2 teams from the Schuylkill still playing was great this past weekend. Lots people give the league disrespect every year. I think Lehighton was picked to finish last in division 1 preseason rankings and won it with an undefeated record.

    Good luck to Williams Valley vs. Stell-high. Will be a tough one game. Not sure if WV running back will be a full strength and or play since his injure last weekend but I do think they will need him to win this game.

    Also good luck to SCA! Take it to NG and ruin their all-star team season. Nothing against them but like I said in other post I normally root for public school teams against catholic/private schools

  610. Eddie G. says:

    Heres a name I don’t think has ever been on this forum before-Conwell-Egan HA. They got a great running back in Patrick Garwo 3-4 star recruit with a boatload of quality offers. Lost b only 7 to Neumann-Goretti in regular season…whays the word on Palisades anybody know who should be favored? Only game in Philly this weekend @ northeast so I will be there-how is their defense?

  611. Down & Out says:

    Any HS QB’s out there??? La Salle got Marvin Harrison Jr & Brett Malle back next year, They got no QB underclassmen so if yall know a 8th Grader or upperclassmen out there, make your move they both will make you a Beast

    By the way PCL wins all States.

  612. No Horse says:

    Steelton-Highspire over Williams Valley – losing Rabuck hurts WV a lot. They could still win, but there was a big difference after he went out vs Old Forge.

    2A –
    Southern Columbia Over Neumann Goretti – I think a trip to Lehighton may be in order to watch this one. A talented well oiled football machine vs a collection of individuals. I’ll take the football machine in this one.

    3A –
    Palisades over Conwell Egan – I’m guessing Palisades has its starters out in the 3rd quarter.

    Middletown over Scranton Prep – Prep struggled with a Loyalsock team that wasn’t exactly strong playoff competition. They’re going to get mauled on the lines in this one. This reminds me of the Saucon Valley/Scranton Prep game in 2015.

    4A –
    Imhotep over Valley View – Rooting for VV, but its a long shot.

    Bethlehem Catholic over Selinsgrove – This is a different caliber team than Selinsgrove has seen all season. Pottsgrove found that same thing out this past weekend and I don’t think Selinsgrove is any better than Pottsgrove.

    5A –
    Wood over WVW – Big physical team in WVW, but its doubtful thats enough to hang with Wood for very long. WVW will need to eat the clock in order to keep it close. This is the type of team that can give Wood issues, but I just don’t think that WVW has enough speed on the edges to stop Wood from scoring.

    6A –
    SJP over Parkland – This will be closer than people think. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Parkland win it. #bestgameoftheweekend

  613. CaptainKirk says:

    I can appreciate all the supporters of the private school teams. The fact remains; however, that these schools have the unique ability to attract far more ttalent with virtually no boundaries. I remember years ago Dunmore playing West Catholic and seeing license plates from New Jersey and Delaware.

    Same goes for schools made up of students from several communities. Tell me where in the state do you find a team like Dunmore with four state final appearances and an impressive state playoff record that is made up of ONE community. This is virtually unheard of in this day and age. Their accomplishments should be truly evaluated not only on their”.”””. merits but their geographic limitations.

  614. McD65 says:

    Kevin X ,OK I got it lol.

  615. CoalR says:

    Regarding the NG Haven Game. NG has a punch of talent, speed and size. They played well together. Both teams got chippy as it showed in the 300 +yds in penalties. Give Haven credit they didn’t give up and played as hard as they could. NG was the better team on Saturday – no doubt. But NG should be the better team. Their enrollment went from 142 to 215 for the next cycle(and ,most of those kids are in the school now and that usually doesn’t include the senior transfers), so basically they are a triple AAA team, that can recruit and they did it. Not faulting NG, that did what they are allowed to do. I understand the Del Val kids coming over and some of them made an impact on the game. Credit to #9, 31(hope he’s Ok) and 58 as they played a tough game. However, some of the other kids that had an impact came from Imhotep, Wood, McD and/or Delaware that I would bet were recruited over. Enrollment going up 73 kids in the middle of a cycle has a huge impact on the program, especially when you can pull some very good players over. PIAA does need to take a look a this before someone really gets hurt by a school loading up, basically an all stars team, especially at the lower classification levels. I think this washes out a big more at the upper levels. Goretti moves up to AAA next year. I would like to see them now take those 73 kids back out the school and play AAA, it would be a different story line, it would even be a different story line in AA. Good Luck to SC this week, you got your hands full.
    As for the comment below on chop blocking, you are allowed to cut block as long as another player doesn’t have their hands on you. I would teach my kids to cut block if they were 5’10” 200-220 lbs going against 6’7″ 320lbs. If they were chop blocking and refs weren’t calling it that is on the refs.

  616. mark d says:

    Some great games this past weekend.Valley View played a game that will long be remembered in Valley View and Berwick(sorry Stephen). Delaware Valley let one slip away, Dunmore showed they still belong at the state level. Scranton Prep pulled out an exciting game but might have lost a lot if their 2 best players cant play this week. WVW i think pulled the biggest up set of the playoff so far and Old Forge went down swinging.
    up next
    WVW and Wood WVW just doesn’t t have the horses to match up with them
    Valley View and Inhotep where Valley View has a fast 5-9 160 lb athlete they have one 6 1 and 200 and just as fast where Valley View has a 6-3 280 lb tackle they have one 6-5 and 305 to many miss matches I think Valley View will score some but will loose by 21-28 points
    Prep best chance for D2 if they are healthy
    Dunmore just don,t know they look like a left handed boxer don,t look flashy but just pound and pound and all of a sudden their up by 21 this week will tell the story good luck to all

  617. mca2794 says:

    @ Facts
    Which school closed that all the players went to NG? Was this closed school a state contender last year, and this is the only source of players for NG?
    I am just amazed because, even with ‘recruiting’ etc, I have never heard of a team going from 0 wins to an undefeated, state playoff team overnight.

  618. Brian says:

    Imhotep charter did not close so those transfers are not because of a school closing.

  619. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @TomF Hope you are right about 2A if you are wrong boy are you going to take the heat. I would like to hear some score predictions from the good O’ boys in Philly about 2A.

  620. TomF says:

    Eric W, here’s my Predictions:

    2A NG-SC SC-35-NG 21 SC has the best coaching staff in the State, 7 State titles, they have beat the privates, publics and everyone else, NG is next to fall

    4A BC28-McD-21 Difficult matchup to guage, McDevitt is hot, BC 1st team has not given up a TD all year. MCD could not stop Cumberland Valley’s running game and they will not stop Lutz and Company.

    3A Middletown-42SP-14 Middletown is looking unstopable

    6A SJP-Parkland SJP-21-7 Parkland has to show they can beat Prep, they haven’t yet

    MC-GM-28-21 MC Mifflin’s super bowl was against Hburg

  621. TDT says:

    Anybody with any insight into why Dunmore and Ligonier Valley is in Hershey this weekend? I noticed there’s a bunch of games happening at Hershey with all the D3 Championships for 4A, 5A and 6A, and that’s all well and good, but it struck me as odd that this particular 2A quarterfinal was picked to be in Hershey with those games.

    Being that last year’s game between these two was in D6, I thought they’d make this year’s edition somewhere like Hazleton, or, since Liggy is pretty far away, maybe a D4 site. Anybody else surprised by that? Not complaining, just curious.

  622. Facts says:


    Also, the kid you say from Delaware is actually from Philly. Play youth ball with the Olney Gators and lives comfortably with his father in South Philly. Know your facts before you talk.

  623. Facts says:


    How is kids going to another school because their school closed recruiting? If the school never closed, and all those kids transferred there, you may have a point but they transitioned due to the school abruptly closing, I believe. The Philly Tough statement is addressing the post that stated “Philly Players” play street ball. Also, many schools who played this weekend all had students who transition (not transferred) to their schools due to that school closing. Lastly, look at Goretti roster, they have freshmen starting on both sides of the ball. So go cry in your beer or cry that this city continues to close schools and people want to dictate where a student can go after their school closes. Crazy!

  624. Reality 101 says:

    Just wanted to say congratulations to

    Scranton Prep on their win

    Valley View big win at the DAWG POUND

    and yes the …….

    Dunmore Bucks …..

    They showed a lot of heart besides their usual brut strength …..
    and most of all they taught me a valuable lesson I might not have been a supporter all along the way but I can say my bitterness towards them has dissipated …..

    I truly don’t wish them any disappointments !!!
    those guys are still working their tails off like all the other schools all the Bucks players .coaching staff and parents

    Best of luck against LIGONIER VALLEY RAMS …..


    please accept my apology for being bitter it truly doesn’t do anyone any good ……

    God Bless

  625. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @ pantherpride You have made some very good points about philly football and enjoy your comments. Should be a game this week.

  626. Jhon Robert says:

    ***breaking news***
    Scranton Prep to forfeit this weekend !

    They havent played any good schools, havent played anyone with big kids, havent played anyone with good athletes!

    They figured they should not show up

  627. Jhon Robert says:

    Check a roster, Prep isnt small, nor are they pushovers! You dont score 40 plus points a game by accident , nor do you allow 7 points by accident!
    Keep looking ahead.

  628. No Horse says:

    @John Robert

    I didn’t forget about SP. They are going to get run over by Middletown. The Middletown vs Palisades game the week after will be a better contest. Palisades is going to probably be able to pull starters after 3 qtrs this week, so they can go into that game rested. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me to see both games be mercy rule games. SP just won’t be able to deal with the size of Middletown.

  629. D12FAN says:


    Arrest or no arrest

    A college cannot comment on a prospective student athlete until they sign a NLI. Player from Paramus Cath got into a fight with a teammate and coaches son a month ago and was a big PSU recruit as well. He and there star running back left Paramus Catholic, and is no longer committed to PSU, per the player. There were no charges filed in this situation.

  630. PANTHERPRIDE says:


    Wow, where do I begin? Were you one of the irate foul mouth Schuykill Haven fans/parents at post-game? What class do you guys have? Big Mad or Little Mad?

    Somehow there’s always some hater crying about Private, Public, Charter separation. Stop it, and please grow up. Go blame your local politicians who jumped into bed with corporations who are running the Privates and Charters. I guess you didn’t realize this would trickle back to impacting your precious boys. School choice. You’d be surprised at how less resources a school like Imhotep or NG has in comparison to where you live. No excuses. The coaches and players make due and play the game.

    Score: 44-7

    Penalties: both teams committed and took themselves out of position to score on some drives.

    Dirty Play: Schuykill Haven. I’ve watched the game and the SH linemen cut at the knees whenever the ball is going away (call side). Its dirty and a kid was seriously injured (dislocated knee cap).

    Seems like SH fed into their coaches article quotes and thought that NG was just an unruly pack of players.

    Field Location: Last year, Imhotep didn’t play in Philly through the playoffs. Games were at Northern Lehigh. No complaints. Trekked up to the Lehigh Valley and beat North Pocono and then BECAHI to advance to the 4A championship.

    We don’t cry or complain here. We make it happen with or without hometown or area advantage…true Philly spirit.

    Kick rocks…Spoiled Brat! Run home with your football now.

  631. phillyboy says:

    I have to admit I’m definitely partial to the upper enrollment tournaments, 5A and 6A. Having said that, NG vs. Southern Columbia is a beast of a game, a great matchup. Somebody mentioned it’s to be played up in the Lehigh Valley. That’s a game I would make a special effort to see, but goodness, having to drive up there from North Philly to the Lehigh Valley starting at 5pm on a Friday night; wish me luck on that one, lol. I’ll have to opt for the internet instead — if that’s an option.

  632. Tj Smith says:

    @ Facts

    NG won the game because they can recruit and public schools can not. Period.. End of story. It has nothing to do with being “Philly Tough”, better coaching, better game plan…. NG shut down their program last yr. they were 0-6 and had 15 kids at the end of the season. NG got a coach from another charter school and he brought in a bunch of division 1 prospects with him and then went out and got some more. Instead of trying to build a program up the right way- investing in a youth program, getting the community involved, it’s just easier to use the loophole the PIAA as allowed. Is the kid from Delaware still considered “Philly Tough” even if he is from a different state.

  633. Buddy says:


    Way I understand it, he has to be formally arrested. If that doesn’t happen, nothing from Penn State.

  634. footballfan10 says:

    @ panther pride

    people wouldnt bash the philly teams if they didnt have multiple personal fouls a game. They basically given the right of people to call them undisciplined from their on the field actions. Can’t wait for the matchup og NG-SC. Should be a good one in lehighton friday evening

  635. Eric W says:

    No disrespect to Scranton Prep, but not sure they’ve seen an animal like Middletown. Both of their backs can take it to the house on any play. Plus their OL is mammoth and good:


    We will see!

  636. Mike A. says:

    Mike’s **UPDATED** East Top 10 6A as of 11/19/17
    NO changes in the top 10.

    1 SJP
    2 Parkland
    3 Coatesville
    4 Cumberland Valley
    5 Manheim Township
    6 Dtown East
    7 LaSalle
    8 Garnett Valley
    9 Del Valley
    10 North Penn

    HM: Easton, Wilson WL, Pennridge, Neshaminy, Freedom, Emmaus

  637. Eric W says:

    Best four games next weekend, in order..

    2A NG-SC
    4A BC-McD
    3A Middletown-SP
    6A SJP-Parkland

    HM…5A MC-GM….if I wasn’t going to see D3 4 and 5A game would love to see NG/SC

  638. Eric W says:

    There was a lot of whining on
    about how the refs cost Hburg the game. Not true,Mifflin had 12 penalties as well.

    Only thing that mattered were the rushing stats
    GM 237 HB 93
    Parsons was 11/44…and Mifflin’s OL manhandled Hburg D line..they were gassed

  639. Mike Smoll says:

    Nick Tarburton
    Perkasie, PA

    Anyone know if Penn State will drop recruit due to whatever issue has him suspended for (what I hear) the rest of the year?

  640. PANTHERPRIDE says:

    UNDISCIPLINED: the trendy word that is used when you know damn well your team will have their hands full. often associated with predominantly coached african-american athletic inner city teams.

    WELL COACHED: generally given to a team that maybe has a smidgen of shade on their team, and coached by a predominantly anglo-american coached team.

    Anyone care to exchange views on this? Because it’s becoming apparent how when teams such as IMHOTEP and NEUMANN-GORRETTI are mention on this forum or another PA scholastic sports forum, these terms are used in trying to convince others how these teams play or are coached. IMO they can be taken as racial undertones.

    But I won’t harp on it too much. Just wanted to get some feedback on these terms that have been used to describe these teams versus the rest of the field of competing PIAA schools. I noticed how tightly officiated the PIAA championship games were officiated with regards to TD celebrations. IMHOTEP player does the bicep muscle flex after scoring and gets flagged. SJP star RB does the same pose after every TD and NO FLAG. Wood star RB makes multiple TDs and does the same muscle flex, and NO FLAG. Is this a officiating crew discretionary choice to call or not call penalties for TD celebrations?


  641. Fan 63 says:

    Neumann Goretti is for real!! Complete domination!! These team are not ready for there D

  642. PANTHERPRIDE says:

    @Budda We’ve been hearing that lame excuse for how long. NG played a sound game and destroyed the Haven offense. It’s just a different brand of tough football that Haven do not go against, as they bullied their way through their league. the NG defense soundly beat the snot out of Haven’s front and shut down the running lanes for their stalwart RB all game. Haven was out coached.

    Now, in terms of dirty play, that award goes to SH. They deliberately coach their line to chop block the opponent. The result of that style of play, was a NG kid dislocating his knee cap. Once, the NG kids a escorted their injured teammate on a stretcher to the ambulance, all hell broke loose between both teams in terms of penalties.

    Either way, NG was too much speed and sound execution of their game plan in taking away the SH run game. It was a lay-up!

  643. LehighHSfans says:

    Reclassification of Becahi is nothing new as they were 3A two years ago as well. They are forced into 4A by the EPC.
    Honestly, all the Catholic and Charter schools should be made to play up one classification. Potentially this could stop folks from crying unfair playing field.
    I said potentially!
    Good Luck to all of the teams which is shipping up to be another great week!

  644. phillyboy says:

    You got to be kidding me. I realize Governor Mifflin was a solid team; I scanned through their schedule. But still, come on, what the heck is Harrisburg doing? How do they destroy Cumberland Valley (who beat Coatesville btw) and then absolutely lay an egg?! So were they a fugazi all along or did they just suddenly forget how to play ball? To add insult to injury I can almost guarantee you that GM will get bounced in the next round. It’s a classic case of a lesser team spoiling championship aspirations for a stronger team and then summarily exiting stage right the next week. Granted, there’s going to be weeks when for whatever reason things aren’t flowing well, when everything’s a struggle. In those instances though a superior team has got to dig deep and grind out an ugly win. TJ and Manheim Central are still out there but the odds of Wood taking another 5A crown just increased a whole lot. To beat Wood or any PCL team for that matter you got to have discipline. It’s like trying to beat the computer in chess; major blunders are rarely made so you got to have mental toughness and stamina in addition to talent.

  645. Kevin X says:

    @ McD65

    Tongue firmly as one physically can planted in cheek……

    …..and I like your conservatism 🙂

  646. McD65 says:

    Budda, There was chippiness on both sides.There is no need to disparage NG. Keep it positive my man. So Columbia has a great tradition and a very solid team without a doubt. Their coaching staff is just super. All of the remaining teams left are good and deserve our respect. I watched the Harrisburg game and was shocked that the Cougars couldn’t get it done against Mifflin. I was looking forward to a Wood/Harrisburg final.

  647. Matt says:

    Looks like NG Southern game will be Friday night at Lehighton. It’s basically in middle between two schools….Southern is about an HR and a half drive from Lehighton and Philly is about an hour and a half from Lehighton for NG.

  648. RN says:

    Isn’t it interesting that NG not only gets to recruit all over the Eastern Seaboard, but then gets to play their playoff game on their home field. What happened to neutral sites. NG’s sudden appearance in the playoffs and their undefeated record is quite miraculous in just a one year period. The Pope must have interceded for them. But then I doubt he would from what I am hearing about the thug like behavior they exhibited against Schuylkill Haven. It’s about time the Public School coaches in Pa. grew a spine and did something about these private football factory’s. Give me a break. The time for this double standard needs to be dealt with before it gets completely out of hand. Or is it too late already?

  649. Facts says:


    I’m going to keep this as brief as possible because I’m tired of people as yourself throwing out full lies and half truths.

    1. There was a total 9 personal foul calls in the game. 5 of them went to Goretti.
    -Two for celebration (kid made a sack and shot an arrow in the air and another kid high stepped into the end zones on a TD; teenage boys, the NFL is worse).

    -One personal foul for the sidelines, one for a crack-back block and one for a face mask.

    The other personal fouls were on SH who was a tough scrappy bunch of kids.

    2. I don’t know what you see in those young men to call it street ball, but it sounds like a racial overtone to me. I’m not pulling the card but I’m showing you my hand.

    Now, any hardcore working union family man wants his son to be tough. So you call it street ball, we call it Philly Tough; South Philly for that matter.
    You a Rocky fan? That’s Philly Tough!
    You a Flyers Broad Street Bully Fan? That’s Philly Tough!
    You a Buddy Ryan Eagles Fan? That’s Philly Tough!
    You a right hook Joe Frazier Fan? That’s Philly Tough!
    You a Choclate Thunder Daryl Dawkins slamming the rim down Fan? That’s Philly Tough!
    Most of all, are you an Allen Iverson scrappy play hard and tough fan? That’s Philly Tough!

    We teach our kids to play Tough like this at the youth football level, that’s why every year we send more teams to florida for the Lil league championships in every league than any other city in the country.

    It’s not street Ball. It’s Philly Tough Football; a Lil rough around the edges, a Lil dents and rust spots here and there, may have to roll down the windows and hand adjust the outside mirror, but that tough engine gets our kids to Hershey in 3 to 4 classifications every year.

    Sorry you had to experience it, but when I got to the stadium with my family to watch a good game, SH was blasting their music in my quiet South Philly neighborhood. You just don’t do that in South Philly and expect not to get your ass kicked. That’s Philly Tough.

  650. Come on man! says:

    PIAA is a joke. They selectively enforce rules. I should say enforce rules only against public schools. NG/SH had 31 penalties, mostly personal fouls. In PA football you can target the head and get numerous personal fouls with little consequences. 15 yard penalty. College and Pro football your 2nd one results in ejection. The game last night got out of control on both sides. The only way to get the game under control is to eject players and coaches. PIAA will have a big problem if someone gets seriously injured, they are responsible for everyone’s safety. We will see if anything changes moving forward. Last nights game was embarrassing and the officials were incompetent.

  651. Budda says:

    NG is a good team that plays street ball. SoCo is a TEAM. NG played without class last night and several of their players should have been kicked out of the game for compounding penalties and unsportsmanlike conduct. NG is much like West Catholic from in 2015, and SoCo played as a WELL coached team and sent them packing! Good luck SoCo and Coach Roth, you’re the “Class Example” of the PIAA.

  652. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Nobody is talking about Prep and Wood because it been assumed by many/most on this forum all year that it would be Prep/Pine Richlands in 6A and Wood/Harrisburg in 5A.

    Obviously with the Harrisburg loss things on the Western side are up for grabs, but many still expect Prep and Wood to be heavy favorites on the Eastern Side.

  653. jhon robert says:

    @no horse

    I like that you can clearly forget Middletown is playing the best team in the state this weekend and looking ahead two weeks to the state final.
    I hope that works out for you

    90 points scored?? great defense.

  654. No Horse says:

    @Erik W

    Unless Palisades can hang with Middletown, they’re a shoe-in for the finals.

    Good game between Palisades and Lehighton last night. Could have gone either way but Palisades came up with a stop in the 4th qtr when the Lehighton qb missed an open receiver. Great game to watch.

  655. McD65 says:

    NG was without 3 starters against SH. SO. Columbia is a talented ,well coached team and could give NG a game. I’m still staying with the south Philly guys in this one . Nobody is talking about St Joe Prep and AW Wood . Prep/Parkland should be a great matchup next week.

  656. Eric W says:

    Meant win the final,for Middletown

  657. Eric W says:

    How about Aliquippa losing 2-0! Tough way to go out. Not quite sure I ever saw that score before, especially from them. Be curious as to the last time they were ever shut out? Feel bad for the D. Quaker Valley QB was 0-12 with 2 picks.Unless there is a big surprise that should put Middletown in the final for sure.

  658. Fl says:

    Harrisburg lost?? That’s a surprise if that’s right

  659. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Cville/ Garnet Valley game is at Garnet Valley

    @Uncle T

    I’m hoping for a good district final, but with the way Cville is rolling right now Garnet Valley better hope they can win in a shootout. Cville seem to do very well against run heavy teams. Like i said before the DTE game if they can get out to an early lead and force Garnet Valley to throw the ball (highly unlikely since they seem to live and die by the run) Cville should win comfortably. You can teach/coach speed and many teams seem caught off guard by just how fast this team is.

    You might have a point about the travel since they’ve played 7 of their last 8 games at home with the lone away game being the 5 mile trip down to Downingtown. With that being said Garnet Valley is basically a Ches-mont league game. Basically the same distance as if they would be playing Rustin or Avon Grove.

    There will be no shortage of support as Coatesville fans always travel well. The away stands at Garnet Valley simply won’t be able to support/hold the amount of fans that will be making the trip.

  660. SEALS FAN says:

    Seals are moving on. With a 37-3 win today. Looking for a good game next week. GO SEALS

  661. PANTHERPRIDE says:

    @DenisPascoe Try another prediction buddy. The game wasn’t a squabble. NG punished the SH offense all game. That kid might be the guy up there but I’m sure hes happy to be heading home for a Epsom Salt bath.

  662. PANTHERPRIDE says:

    @NoHorse You are a lie!!! Refs did a damn good job of penalizing NG throughout the game. Schuykill Haven offensive line were chop blocking the entire game until a NG kid was seriously hurt (knee injury) and carted off by the ambulance. At that point the refs felt the wrath of both fan bases and sidelines.

    That also trickled down to the SH and NG fans jawing at each other at the end of the game as everyone were exiting.

    NG defense shut down the SH running back. They didn’ let him breath but one time when he scored. Other than that NG did what they wanted to do on offense and defense. Their team speed was the too much for SH.

  663. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I really thought Haven could hang with Neumann. Wow I was wrong. Could Southern be next?

  664. McD65 says:

    Kevin X, I like your optimism about next weeks WVW/Wood game. Wood will win IMO by 2 TDs.

  665. Michael says:

    Goretti is good , can’t wait until next week. Anyone know where the game would be?

  666. Mick says:

    @Clark31C. The District 1 6A Championship Game will Be played at Moe DeFrank Stadium @ Garnet Valley

  667. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Clark31c

    Coatesville plays AT GV (they are the higher seed).

  668. McD65 says:

    Tom F, I concur with your description of the Harrisburg demise today. That fullback from Mifflin is relentless. I enjoyed the game.If Wood faces these guys IMO Wood will win, but at this juncture there are some interesting 5 A games comin up . Springfield will be a tough contest and I believe it will be them and Wood in the Eastern final.

  669. No Horse says:

    Wow, refs in the Nh/SH game must be NG alums. Overruled a NG turnover with a penalty after the play was over.

  670. Kevin X says:

    @ No Horse

    a mess is good…..

    WVW will take care of business next weekend 😉

  671. Jhon Robert says:

    any idea where middletown/scranton prep game will be played????

  672. Eric W says:

    @Kevin X,

    Thanks..yes,did think SC would win by more,too many turnovers

    Mifflin RB 36-170…that’s what you call a workhorse,it was cold/pouring the entire game…QB had 73 on the ground as well

  673. Clark31c says:

    Anybody know where Coatesville vs Garnet Valley game will be ?

  674. Kevin X says:

    @ Eric W.

    YES THEY ARE!!! Still an awesome post (11/15, 7:33p) despite your actual final score prediction, but I will still tip my hat to you!!!

    Mmmm, not so much your SC/DV post tho, but hey!!!

  675. No Horse says:

    Wow, 5A is a mess. Now all we need is Wood to lose.

  676. TomF says:

    Final-Governor Mifflin 26 Harrisburg 14 Mifflin spotted Hburg a 14 point lead and it was all Mifflin after that. Mifflin;s QB Wolf and Stud Fullback Ruoss carried the ball 54 times, nothing fancy and consistently moved the ball. Harrsiburg was outhit, outcoached, and out conditioned in this game. Penalties, miscues abound for Hburg. Once they were down by 2 scores in the 3rd quarter, body language told everyone they were done. I said if Exeter could run against Hburg, Mifflin- a bigger, more physical team surely could. Did the weather negate Hburg’s speed? Sure, but Mifflin had to play in the rain too.

  677. Mike A. says:

    Gov Mifflin 26 Harrisburg 14

    The weather, penalties, and Gov Mifflin’s possession game help thwart Harrisburg. Nearly the whole game was played in Harrisburg territory.

  678. Eric W says:

    The shot heard round Pa GM 26-14..Hburg down …Mifflin taking a knee

  679. Eric W says:

    Don’t look now…H-burg 14 Mifflin 14 @ half!

  680. NepaD2 says:

    @Kevin X…it’s the PIAA…obviously there was more money in it for them having the game in Altoona for some reason. Central Mtn was the obvious logical choice in my mind…but whatever. Your suggestion of an Eastern version of the WPIAL finals next week in D11 is an amazing idea…which means that it will never happen in a millions year with the PIAA making those decisions lol.

    @Mike…my apologies…you are correct…as soon as I posted that I knew I was going to regret it because I forgot to check the CV game stats. Either way…I feel like DV represented D2 and themselves well last night. They simply had a 2 minute laps in the 3rd qtr that literally cost them the game. SC scored all 21 points in less than 2min in the 3rd off of DV mistakes. Hats off to SC…they took advantage. The DV program has come a long way…competing with SC, Parkland, Downingtown East, Upper Dublin….ect…those are respected, quality programs that D2 has not historically stood up to.

    Curious to see if VV has anything at all to offer next week against Tep…

    As reported…Prep lost their best player in Balavage in the 1st half…now we know why that Loyalsock game was so close…fingers crossed he can come back next week because they will need all hands on deck for sure.

  681. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I really feel Haven can pull this off tonight. They are peaking at the right time. I think Neumann thinks of this game just a stepping stone for Southern. I’am not a Haven fan. I think it will be dog fight and Haven won’t quit.

  682. PANTHERPRIDE says:


    Tep vs Valley View will be played next Friday evening at Northern Lehigh field. Tep played there last year without ever returning to Philly. So it will be a homecoming for Tep. Saw some game recap film on Valley View and I will say this…Tep is a different type of team that VV has faced this year. Team speed and a tough brand of football. This year’s Tep team has their own tempo but when they get into groove, you can assure they will score in bunches. Defensively, VV will face two of the pound for pound top safeties. Up front they are tough, fast, and adjust to offensive fronts well LB level they have grown since week 1. They lure you into thinking you have a shot before slamming the door closed and wrecking shop.

  683. Kevin X says:

    Why is Selinsgrove playing Bellefonte in Altoona today?? That makes absolute no geographical or common sense. Do the powers to be at the PIAA have any familiarity with PA geography??? I’m guessing partly because D6 is “hosting” this game (OK, this is one piece of playoff nonsense that has to go by the wayside), but maybe try “hosting” the game at say Central Mountain or Penns Valley???

  684. Mike A. says:

    “no one had held the SC offense to 21 points this year”

    Actually Cumberland Valley led SC 29-7 midway thru the 4th quarter against SC before pulling some of the starters. After the game had been decided, the final half of the 4th quarter featured 3 TD’s two by SC. SC did score in the 2nd quarter of that game just before the half. Final was 36-21 Cumberland Valley.

  685. Kevin X says:

    …….and that leaves Friday night available for C’ville and Garnet Valley!!!!

  686. Kevin X says:

    So assuming Wood takes care of their business today against Gratz, any pipe dream reality of having them play WVW, Scr. Prep and Middletown, Valley View and Imhotep and SJP (again, assuming they get by NE) and Parkland in a Super Saturday quadruple header at either BASD Stadium, Crum in Allentown or Northampton (really nice stadium and complex) next Saturday, a la WPIAL D7 Championships?? Yeah yeah, wishful thinking I know, but I would call that a really good day of football!!!

  687. Mike Smoll says:

    Wow, what a game changer for Pennridge, their All-American candidate and Scout Recruiting #9 inside linebacker, suspended for game against Garnet Valley. Not only do they lose their run stopper in the middle, but also their short yardage fullback and TE. Absolutely a different game without that 6’3″ 240 lb monster in the middle stuffing the run game. Bad personal decision cost his school/teammates a chance of moving on. @Buddy, heard last evening that if Pennridge had won last night they had informed Quakertown they would forfeit on Thanksgiving Day, got that from one of the Band Leaders here in Quakertown, so at least now we know what that answer would have been. Also heard (I know rumors) that Tarburton will not be allowed to play in the Thanksgiving Day game also, but nothing official, just heresay.

  688. PANTHERPRIDE says:

    @TomF Tep plays Valley View next. After that I will entertain your boastful comment. BECA knows that Tep brings a lot to table. Didn’t skip a beat since last year’s semi-final. Be careful about what you ask for. WARNING.

  689. TomF says:

    BECA was very impressive. Watched the Pottsgrove game and Beca did whatever they wanted to do. They are Big, Strong, fast and very physical. Pottsgrove’s Fasion, a Div 1 back broke 1 and did nothing else, I did not see him in the 2nd half. I think Beca will beat TEP this year.

  690. Stephen Ridall says:

    @Stroke Congradulations to u and the cougars it was a back and forth game and the better team won yes we did have a couple personal fouls but so did u the ref just never called them but anyway good luck next weekend against imothep Charter and i hope to see u guys again next season.

  691. Uncle T says:

    In D1 6A, gotta hand it to Coatesville- they humiliated Pennsbury. It would be fascinating to see that offense go against the SJP defense, which is one of the best the state has seen in recent memory.

    I can’t understand why Pennridge didn’t air it out more against the Garnet Valley pass defense that got torched by North Penn before Coach Beck shut off his brain. GV’s run defense is solid, but their secondary is very suspect- even when they can cherry-pick desperate teams playing catch up.

    Coatesville would be a 10-14 point favorite against GV if it were applicable, and the only way I see GV keeping that game within reach is either by Coatesville turnovers, and/or long sustained drives by the GV offense that lulls C’ville to sleep. The one X factor that does go to GV is that when their unique option-veer scheme is humming, it really beats teams down by just churning first downs and clock. They were still running it when down by 28 to North Penn in the 2nd half and it helped them get right back into that game. I guess its possible the home/road factor comes into play too considering Coatesville has been at home all playoffs (and they looked very different last year when they had to travel to North Penn).

  692. Prep Dad says:

    Had to sit on Loyalsock’s side due to not being able to take an elderly relative across the field to the Prep Side! I announced to the Loyalsock fans (Moms and Dads) that I was a Prep fan and I would behave! Those folks were awesome! Concerned when a few Prep kids got hurt ! We both cheered for our teams side by side and respected the others kids! Those folks were 1st Class !

    Brings me back to what is all about and not all the silliness you read at times on boards such as these! It’s about kids competing on the fields of friendly strife for their schools their friends and their families!

    Hope all the teams compete to the best of their ability and all come home safe! Thanks to the Socks fans!! Top notch!! Your kids played hard and left it all on the field!! Well done!

  693. SCA Alumni says:

    Dang I really feel bad for Stephen, his poor dawgs blew it for him. If only this was 20 years ago maybe they would have won. Never forget Stephen, talk is cheap…

  694. jj d2 says:

    Just want to say three things:
    I don’t wish anything bad on any team…but thank god Berwick lost, the constant chestpounding of a clueless imbecile is over.

    @Reality 101
    If you predict the same thing every week, it might happen. A broken clock is right twice a day.

    and to all of you haters…Dunmore proved, at the very least, they do belong. They mercy ruled the dist. 3 champ

  695. Jon Robert says:

    Prep lost starting LB and leading tackler Ivan Balavage after he scored 38 yd TD on opening drive
    Lost sack leader DL Ben Koshinski early as well
    Game wasn’t as close as the score

  696. Stroke says:

    Well well, first my hat off to the Berwick kids. Aside from a couple personal fouls, they played hard. Berwick defense is for real. Shut down our main back most of the night. Turnovers were they key and also our own VV defense stepping up big time in a huge game in a hostile environment. Top 3 HS game I’ve ever seen. I know the Berwick faithful will have excuses but it really was a fantastic HS football game to both play in and watch so don’t ruin it with the woulda coulda shoulda.

    Side notes…I was wrong about pottsgrove, thought they had more to offer but Bechai just too much.
    Imhotep only up 21-7 at half to a 4-6 team? I’m not gonna sit here and say VV will win but they are much more bearable now than the monster team they had 2 years ago. Look forward to that game. Great games all over the area. Enjoy the last few weeks.

    @ Stephen Ridall
    No hard feelings bro, was a great game

  697. WVW Fan says:

    Great game by WVW tonight. They really dominated that game on all phases. Dwyer, Davies, and both offense and defensive lines played lights out. they got key interceptions from Blaski and Tyson. They couldn’t have played better honestly. The Whitehall scoring was on 2 big plays and a garbage time score. It sucks they didn’t start the season off this way but they are playing great at the right time.

  698. NepaD2 says:

    Thank goodness we don’t need to see any more Stephen R posts about the unbeatable Bulldogs. Hats off to WVW…NO ONE have them a chance at beating Whitehall and they circled the wagons and got the job done. Congratz to coach Keating and company.

    Del Val…what can you say…they played a hell of a defensive game but too many mistakes in special teams and a turnover that SC took advantage of. Great season by DV that should earn them some state level respect…no one had held the SC offense to 21 points this year…NO ONE…and shut th out for the 1st half.

    Dunmore was Dunmore…but the road gets much tougher moving forward.

    Valley View did what I figured they would. More physical than Berwick at the line of scrimmage.

    Prep got a SERIOUS scare and might not be quite as good as we thought…I didn’t see details other than it was close…maybe someone else can chime in if there were any injuries that crated that tight game or Loyalsock just played them tough.

    Old Forge…ugh…smh…you can’t spot a good team 3tds and have a chance to win…they have a lot of kids returning and a budding star at QB who was only a freshman…the Blue Devils aren’t going anywhere for awhile.

    That’s the District 2 wrapup for me…looking forward to week 14 🙂

  699. old dog says:

    Berwick and vv great game why they lost coaching and 5 turnovers Berwick out gained them but with 7 min left winning by 7 out there throwing the ball around what a joke threw 2 interceptions in 3 min but take your hat off to vv

  700. Stephen Ridall says:

    @Seals Fan U Shouldn’t Be Talking Your Seals Will Be Out Tomorrow.

  701. Spartans says:

    Spartans playing with a rocket up their backside

  702. TDT says:

    Drink of choice in Archbald, Blakely, and Jessup this evening will certainly be Dawg Tears. Congrats Valley View on a thrilling win in the D2 4A Championship game, and seriously, congratulations Berwick on a fine season. They’ll get back to glory soon enough, and they weren’t too far away this time around.

    Nice night for D2, overall. Big wins for WVW, Dunmore, and Prep, a nice outing for Delaware Valley and even a solid performance from Old Forge, regardless of a blowout. Love that they blocked a punt late and immediately scored. Those kids never quit.

  703. PANTHERPRIDE says:

    IMHOTEP 40, O’hara 7

  704. No Horse says:

    Interesting night.

    Bethlehem Catholic played as expected.
    Parkland rolled.
    Williams Valley looked great until their rb got hurt. I hope he’s able to play next week.

    CYA BERWICK! GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Great job Valley View. Enjoy Imhotep next week.

    Congrats to WVW on defeating Whitehall. Good luck against Wood!

    Nice win for Dunmore. Apparently they’re better than expected.

  705. SEALS FAN says:


  706. Cobra says:


  707. Eric W says:

    Berks Catholic 48-7…first string D has not given up a single pt THIS YEAR, pretty mind boggling…should be a slobber knocker next week vs McDevitt

  708. Chief Red Raider says:

    Coatesville mercy-rules again, maybe their best overall game of the year, but I think GV’s style of play might lead to a tight game for the championship.

  709. Michael says:

    Where are all the Berwick people @ ? LOL

  710. Buddy says:

    @ Bleed:

    True. He really let the team down. And yes, he is ( was) basically the whole team. Or maybe the whole offense anyway.

    I predicted they would beat GV with him in there. Not now. I say shame. A potentially good game just went in the tank.

    If Pennridge does win ( slim), could he play next week?

  711. SCA Alumni says:

    @ Stephen Ridall
    *acts like Berwick has been relevant the past 2 decades*

  712. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Don’t know anything about him, but if indeed he is their best player like you said just stupid on his part for whatever happened. I know these are just kids, but your in the semi-finals of the district playoffs with a chance to pull an upset and play for the district final next week just keep your nose out of trouble.

    I do feel sorry for the rest of the Pennridge team. Possibility that they would lose if he was playing no matter what, but I’m sure there are a large group of seniors who this might be their last football ever. Not how I would want my career to come to an end, when your best player puts himself and his actions ahead of the team.

  713. 2gaps says:

    @bleed. Thanks. I’ll be at Coatesville then. First time seeing the Red Raiders this season. Still predict a 41-14 final there.

    That reclassify doesn’t account for the schools that opt to play up a level though. So Shananhan may opt to go up to 5. Not sure what is in it for them though. Be he big dog in 4A or the smallest 5A.

    Not sure the PAC teams would like that proposed merger. They have a great setup now with playing 5 conference games vs. 6A, 1 game vs 1 small PAC and 4 non conference games of their liking. The smart teams (PV, SF, OJR) boost their D1 rankings by having total control of their schedule. And that week 9 crossover helps too. See my post during week 9 on that.

    Heard from a D east friend that they also play PV next year with West. So maybe you are on to something….

  714. Stephen Ridall says:

    3 hours to valley view’s season comes to a end at the dawg pound.

  715. Buddy says:

    @ Bleed:

    You got to be kidding!?! He doesn’t play, they lose! Their top player. I hope the infraction was major for them to pull him. GV has got to be drooling. Oh well. GV will have it handed to them the following week anyway ( Pennridge would too).

  716. JC says:

    @Jeff – I’m similar, I like following news and rumblings here (even if there’s an occasional fan skirmish *wink*). I think both Lehighton and Palisades would have a good chance at winning next round, but Palisades probably has a better chance in the semifinals.

    As for the classifications, I wouldn’t be surprised if Becahi stays at 4A. They move up a class every year in wrestling, and I would imagine the EPC might prefer them stay up. Time will tell, though; a shame that the entire complexion of some classes depends on what schools move up or not, but I guess that’s what happens when you have a combined public-private championship.

    On the plus side, PM East moving down to 5A next year means no more 0-10 teams in the D11 5A playoffs! For a couple years at least.

  717. Bleed Red & Black says:

    Time for Ches-Mont and/or D1 to seriously think about re-alignment of the conferences with the new classification that just came out.

    Not sure about SOL, PAC, Central but big ramifications in the Ches-Mont North division as Bishop Shanahan which had been a 5A school is now the largest 4A football school in the state. Chesmont will now have 4 6A schools is Cville, DTE,DTW, and Avon Grove 8 5A schools in WC East, Henderson, Rustin, Great Valley, Unionville, Kennett, Sun Valley, Oxford and 2 4A schools in Bishop Shanahan.

    Maybe the 4 of them can split and form a conference with the PAC-Liberty to have an all 6A football conference.

    Avon Grove
    Perk Valley
    Owen J Roberts

  718. Dawg Pound says:

    PIAA has released the enrollment figures for the next 2 year cycle: Go to
    Arch Wood drops to 4A
    Imhotep Charter and Beth Catholic drop to 3A
    Schools have until Dec 6 to move up a class.

  719. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Tom Moore sports columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times posted on twitter this morning that Pennridge would be without Nick Tarburton.

    Copy of his tweet:
    Tom Moore‏Verified account
    5h5 hours ago
    Sources: @pennridgefb star FB/LB Nick Tarburton, who is headed to @penn_state, won’t play in tonight’s District One 6A semifinal vs. @GarnetValleyFB due to school suspension. @bergerkg @WNPVScore @PennridgeHS @EPAFootball

  720. No Horse says:

    The league that SH is in(div 2) is trash. Marian Catholic(A) is the only other program that is ever any good and I don’t know that they will recover with their declining enrollment and closing feeder schools. Schuylkill Haven is a good program and Mahanoy Area has a decent team every so often, but Minersville, Panther Valley and Shenandoah Valley are really, really bad programs. The only time SH gets tested is when they play teams from Div1(Lehighton, North Schuylkill, Jim Thorpe, Blue Mt, Tamaqua) at the beginning of the season. The point is, its not really a down year in that league(div2), it’s the norm.

    That being said, Brish had pretty good games against the bigger schools too. Low center of gravity, good balance and he’s fast enough to not get run down most of the time. Good player. Probably the 3rd best rb in Schuylkill league this year(Lehighton and Jim Thorpe rbs).

  721. 2gaps says:

    What’s with the rumor of the Pennridge LB and QB not playing tonight? Can anyone validate it? If true, GV will take it to them tonight.

    If it’s true, I’ll go watch Coatesville instead.

  722. Jeff says:

    @ JC – I’m from the Pittsburgh area, but I enjoy following sites like this and others to get a feel for what’s going on around the state. I have heard and read some good things about Palisades this year, many D11 followers expect them to win this game and like their chances next week as well, wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be Palisades vs. Middletown in the eastern final.

    On the western side I don’t think anyone will beat Aliquippa, although Quaker Valley will give them a very good game at Heinz Field tomorrow, expect the Quips to be in Hershey to face whomever comes out of the east.

    Regarding other classes in the West, would be shocked if PR in 6A, Harrisburg in 5A and ECP in 4A don’t make it to Hershey, all three of those teams have a very good chance to take home gold.

  723. Jeff says:

    @ DawgPound – I am well aware of Berwick’s storied history, but my point was you haven’t been to the state final since 1997, and as you pointed out 2004 was the last time you made it to the semi-finals. No question you have one of the all time great programs in PA, but you haven’t been elite in a long time, and while you have a very solid team this year you can’t compete with the Imhotep’s, Bethlehem Catholic’s and Erie Cathedral Preps out there. IMO you will lose by at least 3 TD’s next week to Imhotep as you won’t be able to handle their overall team speed and athleticism, time will tell.

  724. Jut says:

    Not a 100% sure how many new kids NG recruited to their team this year but did hear some of them were from out of state and probably more than half didn’t play for them last year.

    @No Horse
    I agree with you. Haven rb could only play who is he plays against. Yes the league was down this year and he ran all over the place. Havens no league is all AAA and rival Blue mtn. which AAAA. He is a stud player. He’s only a kid not sure why people are attacking him.

    Unlike NG that is a team that was created, Haven kids play on the same team ever since middle school. They are very physical and love to hit. This will be a battle. maybe Haven gets blown out but they won’t back down. I always root for the public teams vs. these catholic/prep schools that build all-star teams. Not sure how PIAA thinks it’s fair. But yes I do think the winner of this game will lose the following week.

  725. Section EF says:

    So will PSU pull the scholarship of the LB given the school suspension and the game suspension from tonight’s game at Garnet Valley. Similar situation as the Hardy kid from NJ and PSU pulled that immediately. This one will be interesting…. Pennridge is trying hard to keep it wrapped up but if the QB doesn’t play tonight, that will be a tell tale sign. Hoping the best for all the kids involved that they get healthy soon. Wish GV got to play a 100% Pennridge team instead of a watered down version.

  726. No Horse says:

    D11 predictions

    Parkland over Freedom – Hopefully Parkland isn’t looking ahead. 28-3

    Whitehall over WVW – Whitehall is just a better team. 42-24

    Bethlehem Catholic over Pottsgrove – Will the team that wants a shot at Imhotep please stand up? 41-13

    Palisades over Lehighton – The way people are talking about the Palisades defense it reminds me of what people were saying about Jim Thorpe before Lehighton played them. Palisades certainly looks better than JT though. The two gamebreakers on Lehighton will keep them in it through big plays as they have all season. This will come down to turnovers. 45-40

    Neumann Goretti over Schuylkill Haven – SH will come ready as they have all year. Their coaching staff deserves some credit for how they’ve bounced back after having to deal with that rough early schedule. The Palmerton team that they ripped last week was very competitive in the Colonial league. Haven has a shot, but its a long shot. 27-21

    Williams Valley over Old Forge – I doubt Old Forge can stop them from running in this one. If they can’t stop the run, they’re in big trouble. 46-17

    The SH rb is indeed a sophomore. It’s as much the OL as it is him that’s producing the big games. If they played in Schuylkill League Div1 or the Colonial League he would probably have more like 1500 yards rather than what he’s at now(2657yds). The kid is talented and he will be a force the next 2 seasons if he keeps working at it.

  727. phillyboy says:

    @ phillyboy2

    YO sparky, stop trying to use my handle; it’s too close to mine (think: McDowell’s vs McDonald’s in Coming to America). That’s my intellectual property. I’ve spent years doing the legwork, going through the blood, sweat and tears of building the phillyboy brand and you’re just going to come along and ride my coattails — that’s weak dude.

  728. Eric W says:

    @ No Horse,

    Wyo schedule ok, but not great. Middletown is the real deal, but three Wyo fumbles(uncharacteristic)plus three starters on D that didn’t suit, didn’t help.

  729. RoverNation05 says:

    Easton’s record in playoff games during P’Burg week is 3-3.

    2003: North Penn beats Easton 38-24
    2004: Easton beats George Washington 15-10
    2006: Liberty beats Easton 35-14
    2009: Easton beats Parkland 21-14
    2010: Easton beats Whitehall 13-10
    2011: Nazareth beats Easton 28-21

    For comparison’s sake, in 2006 Easton lost to Liberty 17-7 during the regular season, in 2009 beat Parkland 14-3 during the regular season, in 2010 Easton lost to Whitehall 17-14 during the season, and in 2011 they lost to Nazareth 35-28 during the season. The Red Rovers were heavy underdogs to that great North Penn team in 2003 and the favorite against GW in 2004 (D12’s first year in the PIAA).

    I’d say they lost when they were decided underdogs (North Penn and Liberty) won when they were favorites (GW) and are 2-1 in toss-ups (Parkland, Whitehall, Nazareth). The game that P’burg seemed to have the most effect was the 2011 game against Nazareth, where Easton jumped out to a 14-0 lead, but faded down the stretch trying to defend the explosive Nazareth offense led by Dan Harding.

    Easton is 0-3 in the week after Thanksgiving, losing to Neshaminy in 2004 (21-14) and LaSalle in 2009 (17-14) and 2010 (19-7).

    Based on the way the last few years have gone, I don’t foresee this being a thing to worry about in the near future. Rovers are a long way off of their contending peak.

  730. TomF says:

    No Horse, Wyomissing had several starters out, their game against Berks Catholic last week was very physical. That being said, Wyo was overmatched, Middletown is as good as last year, #3 in the State for a reason.

  731. bog says:

    thanks to jj d2 for the informative post. scranton prep is a good team, and a great school, i will be rooting for them as i do for all the d2 teams including Prep,Old Forge,Valley View,Delaware Valley,and Dunmore. Prep has the advantage of all the catholic schools,being able to get kids from all different towns. they should be good ,and they are. but they have not had a lot of success,so let’s not get carried away. just as i acknowledged that i don’t think that dunmore is that good this year,i have to say that prep while better than usual plays in a division with teams that dunmore has routinely beaten . Because of the new 6 classifications dunmore does not play these teams anymore.they are playing teams as dictated by the league they play in. i think it is pretty safe to say that if dunmore was in prep;s bracket, this years champion would have come down to these 2 teams. and being honest i think prep is the better team THIS YEAR. the 2 years that prep shut dunmore out,they caught them in the first game of the year and dunmore was searching to replace the running back position after graduating some pretty good backs. good luck to all d2 teams tonight. thank you.

  732. JC says:

    Dang, people need to stop feeling so disrespected when anyone shows appreciation for players from opposing teams. These are high school kids. What more is that Haven kid supposed to do? He can only play against the teams his team is scheduled for. And it’s not like Philly where you can pick and choose who you play for. I’m not saying Philly kids shouldn’t do that, since they should take advantage of the opportunities they have, but up in the rural areas, that option isn’t there. I’m hoping for a good game and that the teams adapt to playing against styles they haven’t seen yet this year.

    Anyway, gonna throw some D11 predictions up:

    Parkland over Freedom – Should not be close but maybe Freedom makes it a game in the first half. This is Parkland’s to lose.

    Whitehall over WVW – WVW is hot of late but Whitehall is way more battle-tested. Matchup would be interesting with one of WVW’s better past teams.

    Becahi over Pottsgrove – Becahi beat Pottsgrove handily last year, and Becahi is not much worse this year, if at all.

    Palisades over Lehighton – Should be a great matchup. Palisades just destroyed a solid Notre Dame team, and look like they’re on a mission.

    NG over Schuylkill Haven – People are putting way too much stock in Haven’s start; Lehighton, Thorpe, and N. Schuylkill are very solid 3A teams, and they just beat a Blue Mountain team that’s better than its record with single-digit losses to Springside Chestnut Hill and Wyomissing. Still, NG probably has too many weapons.

    Williams Valley over Old Forge – Might wind up being the closest game of these six. WV looks like a state contender, Old Forge has shown a couple cracks.

  733. SCA Alumni says:

    Hey Stephen Ridall just to let you know we were all begging to play berwick every single year, especially in 2015.

  734. Rick D says:

    @ Chet R

    WVW beat Liberty 55-35 that year. Sure lots of points but WVW dominated the game and had a 3 or 4 TD lead throughout the game.

    And certainly they got beat up by Parkland the following week…..but so did everyone else in the state except PCC of course. The Parkland game was actually 14-14 in the second quarter and the WVW QB got knocked out of the game and it was all Parkland from there.

    Like I said…..much different WVW team this year with much less talent. Hopefully they can hang around.

    @ TDT

    Also forgot to mention WVW lost to Easton 35-34 back in 2013 I believe. So they have shown they can play and/or beat these big D11 teams in the last 4-5 seasons.

  735. JF says:

    @ No Horse.

    Its a little bit of A and B. Most teams on Wyos non-league schedule had down years & aside from BC their conference is weak. They lacked size on the lines, eventually you’ll get the matchup where that ends your season.

    Regardless – Middletown’s hitting on all cylinders right now. Whomever comes out of 2/4 better pack a lunch

  736. bog says:

    for Jon Robert you mention 2 of the latest scores between prep and dunmore, why not give a larger sample like maybe the last 20 dunmore vs. prep games.

  737. jj d2 says:

    @jon robert

    The funny thing about going back in history is that when you want to make a point that favors yourself you fail to include the whole history. Lets go back 10 yrs. of Dunmore Prep games and take a look at the whole story:
    2007 dunmore 35 prep 6
    2008 dunmore 35 prep 14
    2009 dunmore 21 prep 14
    2014 prep 21 dunmore 0
    2015 prep 26 dunmore 0
    Before 2007 Dunmore almost never lost to prep. They played every year from the 70s up to the late 90s. It is true that Prep has had very good teams in the past 3 yrs. and I think they will continue to dominate 3A for a while. I’ll root for Prep every post season game they play because I’m from D2, but why slam another team because your team won the last couple games. You almost sound like a Berwick fan.

  738. MCA94 says:

    Do you know how many kids they actually got from other schools? Every year there is the debate about Catholic/Charter schools having an unfair advantage but this situation seems extreme even by those standards. Nothing personal against kids but I’ll always root for anyone playing a team like that.

  739. Reality 101 says:


    Hey to your question about why I’m supporting every D2 team except Dunmore is a personal reason ..I have my reasons but I won’t sling mud how some people do. I felt the same way about Berwick years back but I am not the type of person to throw mud I just have my reasons I will keep it at that ….

    and before all the BUCK TOWN PROUD start saying its because they probably beat my team I support ….Lol in fact my team has never played Dunmore and never will we are too high up in the classifications …..

    and if Dunmore does find a way to upset Newport friday they won’t go much further in the state playoffs way too much talent in AA almost a 100% guarantee wink and a nod ;}

  740. Matt says:

    @seasonedvet…come on man. I was saying NG should win but curious to how Haven does….and it’s not the kids fault he doesn’t play in Philly. Kid is making most of his opportunity and is only a sophomore I believe. I’m not even a Haven fan or league fan. Just saying NG might be tougher matchup than some think. Of course the big potential matchup is vs southern the next week.

  741. No Horse says:

    Middletown killed Wyomissing. So is Middletown that good or is Wyomissing’s schedule that soft?

  742. No Horse says:


    SH is probably an hour away from Northern Lehigh, if not more. It’s not like that’s close for either team.
    However, having the game where NG plays all the time is just wrong. At least have in Spring-Ford or Quakertown so that both teams have to travel.

    As for the SH rb, he’s ok, but he isn’t a world beater. When they played Div1 of their league, he wasn’t able to do as much, but 2 of those teams had 10+ wins. As JC said before only Lehighton(12-0) really took it to them. They are very physical and they’ll be fighting all night. You’re right that they’re probably facing an uphill battle, but that’s nothing new.

    In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter because Southern Columbia is going to destroy whoever wins, but I’ll be rooting against the school that went out and bought a football program since last season.

  743. Eric W says:

    Middletown is better than last year…I think they go all the way…..many weapons on O and a lock down D

  744. Bob says:

    Does anyone know where the winners of SCA/Mt Carmel – Haven/NG will play?

  745. Jut says:

    NG supposedly went out and got a whole new team from last year. That was the talk of all pre season. PIAA did nothing about it cause they cater towards the Philly schools and district 3 schools.

    Yes Haven played West Catholic up in district 11 site but that was nowhere close to a home game like NG is getting this year. I’m pretty sure they have played most of their games at this site in the regular season. Haven isn’t going to cry about it thou. This will be a tough task for them as we all know. Haven has played down in Philly in 2008 and 2010 and won both of those games, they have played on this same field. It will be a tougher task in this game thou.

  746. Live4Fridays says:

    @Reality 101
    I’m not arguing your prediction of Old Forge over Williams Valley 14-10, but one thing I can say with near absolute certainty is that WV won’t have 10 at the end. They don’t kick extra points and they definitely won’t attempt a field goal. If you think they’ll only score once then it will be 6 or 8 points. That’s an explosive single A offense so far this year though. I think it will be an entertaining game.

  747. jj D2 says:

    @ reality 101

    Who are you kidding? I have read your posts and I know you have no decency.

  748. Jon Robert says:

    @Jacob C

    Prep vs Dunmore happened for a two game cycle in 2014 and 2015
    Those years Dunmore went DEEP in state playoffs

    Prep killed Dunmore both seasons Both games were Shutouts and in one Dunmore didn’t cross the 50 ( that was the season Dunmore went to state final )

    Prep will be 3A again confirmed by their AD

  749. Tom DelVecchio says:

    For those who say D2 isn’t nearly as good as WVC. take a peek at the last few years. Dunmore Bucks have represented the eastern half of the state in A and AA in hershey 4 of the last 10 years. Old Forge, Riverside also from D2 in Hershey. As for the Berwick chatters, where you been the last 20 years? As for Southern Columbia, no doubt dominant, have been beaten by Dunmore last two head to head match ups. Bucks have a history of dominant running backs. This year no stud in the backfield BUT a QB with a passer rating of over 250. watch out for the BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  750. mca2794 says:

    2016 NG record 0-9, avg scores: Opp.-47, NG-6
    2017 NG 10-0

    I’ve never seen a turnaround like that at any level. I wonder how that happened…

    Best of Luck to the SH Hurricanes!

  751. SeasonedVet1965 says:

    @Matt Why is this even a question. You consider this Schuykill Haven kid a stud putting up that many yards on terrible league competition? If you haven’t seen NG defense, please know that kitchen stoves and washing machines will be flying on that field. Trust that this isn’t West Catholic who they beat last year. They played in their neck of the woods last year. This year, they have to come to Philly.

    By the way, SH lost their 1st 4 games before heading into league play. Their league teams only average about 3-4 wins at best. C’mon man. It’s a different type of football. That kid wouldn’t be that good in a Philly league. Trust that. He’s the man in his own backyard.

  752. SeasonedVet1965 says:

    @NoHorse Really??? Last year, a majority of the lower classification Philly schools had to trek up to Northern Lehigh on a Friday night. West Catholic had to play Schuykill Haven up there too. Stop your blood clot crying. Bring the boys down to the city this year. NG will work!!! Schuykill Haven is a dead give away offense and their defense won’t be able to handle the NG arsenal of offensive weapons. I think it’s fair.

    Last year, Imhotep didn’t get a game in Philly. Our kids don’t complain. We play anywhere, and against all odds.

    Again, I ask how is Schuykill Haven getting shafted? I hope they do get off the bus and ready to rumble. This ain’t West Catholic either. Welcome To Philly!!!

  753. Chet R says:

    @Rick D,

    The last time Wyoming Valley West beat Liberty it was a shootout. How’d they do the following weekend?

  754. TDT says:

    @Rick D

    Thanks for the clarification! I hope WVW is up to the challenge! Would be nice to see them pull a surprise here!

  755. WVWFAN says:

    I dont think Berwick is as good as some believe. They are decent but to act like they are a powerhouse team is not warranted. Yes they did beat WVW West this year.(since i know that comment is coming) But it was actually a close game 30-22 in 4th quarter and WVW West wasnt playing very well at that point of the season. There was 1 very critical play that did WVW in that was a huge mistake on the refs part…late in the game with the score 30-22 it was either 3rd or 4th down berwick had the ball. The tailback moved to the point he put his hand down on the turf. The WVW whole team stood up pointing but the refs didnt see it. Berwick snapped the ball and ran the play and got a TD…That score sealed WVW fate.

    WVW has a very tall task ahead of them this week. The one good thing is that they are playing good team football as of late. The coaches have stuck to the teams strengths over the past few weeks and it shows. They won 5 of 6 games. They have limited the stupid penalties which killed them early in the season. All I can hope for is a good football game. I realize they are a huge underdog but Id like to see a competitive game at least. With any luck maybe they can pull it off.

  756. mark d says:

    @tdt the battle of insufferable fan bases i love it lol !!!! actually i think your going to get a good game Valley View is actually 2-4 AT crispin field so it not like they don,t know how to win their. My biggest concern is coaching this new coach from Berwick seem to be making the most with what he got.Valley View has a tendency to go in to a shell with it play calling and starts playing not to loose instead of winning and becoming very very predicable time will tell i will remind all again these are kids good luck to all

  757. Neutral Observer says:

    @ TDT

    Great question about Middletown. I have not seen much on here about them all year. I know they’re undefeated, but I’m curious how they stack up to last year’s team.

  758. No Horse says:

    Shame on the PIAA for sending Schuylkill Haven all the way down to South Philly to play NG. So much for a neutral site. I hope SH gets off the bus angry after being shafted like that.

  759. phillyboy2 says:

    Kenny White applied to 3 other private schools during the off season. He was denied because of his grades. They ended up at PR. His dad is a joke and coaches can’t stand him.

  760. Buddy says:

    @ Mike:

    He’s (trad31) right. whether your pompous ass likes it or not!

    Yea I know Mika, you can’t let that one thru.
    Even tho you know it’s true.

  761. Rick D says:

    @ TDT

    Wyo Valley West has beaten Liberty, Nazareth (twice), Emmaus and Stroudsburg in the past 4 or 5 seasons. This year’s team does not have the same talent but it is the same coaching staff so they know how to prepare and compete with D11 schools that are much larger than they are. Hopefully they will give Whitehall a game.

  762. Mike says:

    Yeah trad31 everybody’s gonna be knocking down doors to go to ole Pine Richland High School! They should start in California and Florida!

  763. Matt says:

    Some good games this week in eastern PA. Curious to see how Haven does with NG. Haven has a stud back and has won 8 and is on a roll. NG should win this game with the talent but Interesting to see of it’s close or not and if NG is looking ahead to the potential southern matchup next week. Also the old forge Williams Valley and Palisades lehighton game should be good games

  764. No Horse says:

    @Kevin X

    Palisades/Lehighton is going to be interesting. I don’t think it will be a 20 point win though. They both run the ball exceptionally well. Palisades probably has a better O line, but their backs aren’t as explosive. Lehighton has 2 kids that are just hard to deal with no matter if there is blocking or not.

    If neither side shoots themselves in the foot with turnovers it should be close. If Lehighton starts like they did the first time that they played Jim Thorpe they have a shot. If they come out slow, they’re in trouble. Either way the Lehighton RB is fun to watch.

  765. Dawg Pound says:

    @ Jeff
    Berwick lost to Manheim Central 16-13 in AAA 2004 Eastern Final in Shamokin.
    Berwick is ranked #13 in MaxPreps PA 4A
    Berwick is HM in PA Football News
    Berwick is playing for sixth straight year for a D2 title.
    Berwick has a great football program, with over 800 wins, which is 3rd in PA.

  766. Jacob C says:

    Enrollment parameters came out yesterday and classifications are supposed to come out tomorrow. Rumor has it in District 2 Scranton Prep enrollment dropped to AA?
    I find it hard to believe they dropped almost 75 kids in two years? Dunmore was one student away from being AAA last cycle.
    That would be a nice battle for AAA District championship for the next two years if the Bucks and Cavs were going at it.

  767. Jacob C says:

    Enrollment parameters came out yesterday and classifications are supposed to come out tomorrow. Rumor has it in District 2 Scranton Prep enrollment dropped to AA? I find it hard to believe they dropped almost 75 kids in two years? Dunmore was one student away from being AAA last cycle. That would be a nice battle for AAA District championship for the next two years if the Bucks and Cavs were going at it.

  768. TDT says:


    I’m super D2 focused (Born and bred), but I do think there are some interesting match-ups in almost every classification.

    6A: I’m really, really interested to see how Delaware Valley does against State College. They played on the road in Florida to start the year and held on for a victory late, and have been super physical throughout their run through the LFC. They’re balanced, they’re physical and their defense has been pretty solid. But they probably haven’t seen an offense quite like State College’s. Williamsport and Scranton are probably closest to it, in terms of weapons, but obviously nowhere near as efficient.

    5A: I’m not super-familiar on the 5A side with anybody other than Valley West. What’s their game going to be like against Whitehall? I feel like D2 never seems to fair well in the playoffs when it comes to D11 competition, Valley West especially.

    4A: Listen, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in the battle of the insufferable fan-bases when Valley View and Berwick meet on Friday. I think the game is certainly going to be a test for Valley View, on the road in a big game in a hostile atmosphere at a historic stadium…that’s a lot to deal with. But you better believe there’s gonna be pressure on Berwick to finish the job and snag a district title. If this board is any indication, they certainly don’t lack for confidence, but I get the feeling the game should be a good one, regardless of the outcome. Also interested to see how for-real Bellefonte is, They’ve put together a really nice season and have a good match-up with Selinsgrove this week.

    3A: Honestly, I think Scranton Prep should walk over Loyalsock, but ‘Sock’s offense probably has just enough to make it interesting, and it being in Williamsport doesn’t help Prep. I’m more interested in the Middletown/Wyomissing match-up. Any D-3 people on here with info on if this Middletown team is as good as last year’s? I get the feeling Middletown will be pretty big favorites to get back to Hershey, right?

    2A: Honestly, I think the “Eastern” side of the bracket in 2A has four really interesting match-ups. Dunmore is so weird this year. They don’t have a dominant, stud back in their backfield, so they’ve relied more on the passing game (QB is the state javelin champion) and it’s worked for them so far. The line is still massive, the defense is still good…but what happens when they play stiffer competition? Seems like Newport plays like Dunmore: They run the ball hard, are physical upfront and will try to limit you, defensively. If Dunmore has to rely solely on the pass…gonna be interesting to see how they do. I’m not sure what to make of Ligonier Valley, but I gotta think they should handle Bishop McCort pretty easily. Just too many weapons. Only way McCort stays competitive is getting a turnover here and there and playing good ball-control. Elsewhere, can Mount Carmel hang with Southern Columbia? Seems like a far-gone conclusion that they’re gonna steamroll their way forward…but is there any shot for the Red Tornadoes? Also, how about those Hurricanes! Nice little run Schuylkill Haven is on, and I think their match-up with Neumann Goretti is probably the second-best match-up of the round. Don’t know much about NG, but I’m assuming they’ve got good size, solid team-speed and they’re battle-tested.

    1A: Would love to see Old Forge keep it close with Williams Valley and give us a hell of a game. I feel like they’re two very similar teams in that they rely on their size and ability to run the ball with impunity. Old Forge always plays with such an edge, but we’ll see if they can match Williams Valley. Gotta think everything else will be chalk. Good run for Wyalusing, but you gotta think Steel High is gonna end that Cinderella run…right? Would love to see Guilfoyle lose, but I don’t see that happening until the state semis, at least.

    Well, there’s a lot of words no one asked for!

  769. jack1234 says:

    @phillyboy2 that isn’t a more false statement if I ever read and btw any proof that those two were recruited? You’re talking about high school kids loser

  770. trad31 says:


    Curious why you are saying good luck to every district 2 team besides Dunmore

  771. trad31 says:


    Pine-Richland will enjoy the run. Maybe they will just start recruiting guys from other states like SJP does. Then they can both meet in the state final every year.

  772. phillyboy2 says:

    Pine Richland should enjoy their run now…they will be starting from scratch next year. Unless they recruit a QB, RB and WR….like they did with Kenny White and Thomas Burns.

  773. Reality 101 says:

    @ Stephen Ridall

    First I would like to complement you on your team spirit that is awesome to support your team as you do ..How ever I as a fan and former player myself would like to say there are some gray areas and fine lines you have crossed . like for example you are telling all the Valley View fans not to waste their time or money going to the game because your BULL DAWGS are ranked and V V isn’t. here’s something to think about

    when my PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS went into Columbus Ohio
    they were ranked #2 in the NATION …

    What happened ? WE LOST
    same thing when we played Michigan St we were ranked higher but LOST ….fun fact of the day steve .. is that rankings don’t win games its what teams shows up to play who wins …

    look at Notre Dame they were #3 in the NATION before getting HAMMERED by MIAMI ..
    point is who wins depends on who shows up …and if they have your mind set about Valley View then Berwick already lost …..

    I’m just a little lost why you are saying Valley View is so bad when in fact V V just narrowly got beat by Scranton Prep 35-34 who are doing awesome again this year and must I remind you the same Prep who beat BERWICK in the District Championship a few years back

    Valley View also just narrowly got beat by juggernaut AAAAAA Delaware Valley 28-21 at the end of the game …

    Another fun fact

    Berwick lost to Williamsport so did

    Scranton Knights by the score of 38-34

    Valley View lost to Scranton Knights 28-21

    all of these are close games … to this I say how are you so pompous about Berwick when by no means they are not and will never be the same as the past STATE TITLE BERWICK BULL DAWGS because of certain reasons that I won’t mention because I have some decency left . On the flip side I wish your new coach the best in his career at Berwick high school

  774. Reality 101 says:

    first I would like to say best of luck to the following



    Newport 24
    Dunmore 6

    Valley View 17
    Berwick 14

    Scranton Prep 33
    Loyalsock 13

    Old Forge 14
    Williams Valley 10

  775. Eric W says:

    I think SC handles DV easily, as well, in 6A

  776. Eric W says:

    Also, Mifflin is better than people think…H-burg 34-20

  777. Eric W says:

    Unfortunately Wyomissing doesn’t have the O to hang with Middletown

  778. McD65 says:

    Garnet Valley/Pennridge game will be on GV website u tube. I watched last weeks North Penn Game and the video is very good while the announcers are of course biased to GV. If you cant make a game Friday its a good option .

  779. McD65 says:

    Stephen Berwick,FYI for future reference its spelled Imhotep.

  780. Kevin X says:

    @ JC and No Horse

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to add a co-best 6A and second No Horse’s SC/Del Val game. Del Val had some good, maybe not great, competition this year, but should be nicely tested by SC, and we’ll see how good they really are. I do recall a very good Williamsport team tripping up SC last year.

    Lehighton/Palisades, like to think so, and I do agree points will be scored, but think Palisades will be scoring about 20 more when all is said and done.

  781. Jeff says:

    I get a kick out of all the Berwick supporters who come on this site and talk smack, when Berwick hasn’t been relevant state wide in 2 decades. Stephen Ridall talks about rankings, but Berwick is not in the top 10 in any statewide rankings like Penn Live, PA Football News or Max Preps.

    I expect they will beat Valley View this week, and maybe handily, but it won’t be pretty next week against Imhotep, anyone who thinks they have a chance to win that game is blinded by loyalty and not dealing with reality.

  782. mark d says:

    all so lost to abington in the district playoff in 2012

  783. mark d says:

    Stephen if you going to just spout off here at least do it informed 7 years ago Valley View beat Berwick in an eastern conference game 2011 valley view was District champs 2013 valley view was back in the district playoffs in 2015 lost to acc in the eastern conference playoff and have been in the playoff last 2 years so you must have a terrible memory or just a real short one

  784. Dawg Pound says:

    Set the record straight part 2: Berwick is going for its 11th D2 since 1994. Berwick defeated Abington Heights 35-28 in 2013. Records against LFC teams: Scranton Prep 5-1, North Pocono 7-4, Valley View 5-3. Berwick is focused on WINNING another D2 title, not playing Imhotep Charter next week. Valley View will have to bring their A game to Crispin Field. Bulldog Nation will be there to watch the crowning of Berwick 2017 D2 4A Champions

  785. Skat says:


    Easton has won and they still played on Thanksgiving. Usually if it goes that route the PIAA (for what it’s worth) makes the next game on Saturday instead of Friday. I think Easton has performed that feat 4 times. I believe 1-3 in the state playoff game AFTER thanksgiving. Easton & PBurg would quit the state playoffs before they give their thanksgiving day game up.

  786. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @Joe Tiffy

    Not sure what/who on Coatesville your referring to as not being physical. If it’s the skill position players on the team I’ve never seen a collection of guys the likes Aaron Young, Ortega, Bryant, and Summers who literally try to run guys over any chance they get when they get their hands on the ball. Sure their OL isn’t huge but 6’5 300lb OL just don’t grow on trees in Coatesville. The LT Jr Ricky Santiago is listed 6’5 320lbs so he’s far from small, his brother is a frosh and is just as big and way more physical, he’ll be up next year. The rest of the line is between 250-290lbs.

    SJP is really, really good no doubt there is a reason they are a Top 20 team nationally. If Cville plays SJP could they lose by 21pts? Sure, but I also remember a LaSalle team back in 2012 that was supposed to beat the crap out of Cville in the Eastern Final, but didn’t quite turn out that way. I’m in no way comparing the 2012 LaSalle/ 2017 SJP Team, but anything is possible. In all honesty I think SJP beats Coatesville if they face in the Eastern Finals, but I will be rooting like hell for a Coatesville upset.

    Any way you look at it they will be facing good teams the rest of the way Pennsbury, Pennridge, GV, SJP, Parkland, PR. Not just going to show up on a Friday or roll off the bus and be handed a win at this point in the season.

  787. Stroke says:

    @Stephen Ridall

    Since you wanna go over Berwicks past 6 years…let’s do that. 2012 Berwick lost to an average at best Abington who in turn got pounded by PCC. 2013 Berwick had a decent team but got murdered by Wood in the semis. 2014 Berwick lost to crestwood who lost to Bechai who got smashed by Somerset who got lit up by wood. 2015 Berwick smashed by Scranton prep 2nd game of playoffs. 2016 Berwick got beat up by North pocono. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. On a positive note, Berwick gets to continue their streak of losing in district finals. No more talk. We’ll see what you have to say Sat.

  788. JC says:

    @Jeff: Thanks for the pointer, admittedly I am not super familiar with western teams, was looking pretty quickly and mainly went by rankings and name recognition. Always glad to learn more. I’m probably most excited for Lehighton-Palisades, but that’s mainly due to me being from D11.

    Also, it amuses me that our pal Stephen has issued 6 responses to Stroke. That’s impressive dedication to being thin-skinned and insecure.

  789. newman says:

    2012 Pennridge played Quakertown on Thanksgiving and then hosted Spring-Ford in the District One semifinal on Saturday. They will most-cetainly play the Thanksgiving game. It means too much to the people of both communities.

  790. D12FAN says:

    Not getting worked up at all, simply stated 1 fact and 1 prediction. Fact NP melt down is one of the worst in PIAA playoff history and that Coatesville returns a lot and should win D1 next year. Unless NP recruits more players from CBW, GA, Norristown, etc. Mick you should do some home work before defending NP against recruiting.

  791. Stephen Ridall says:

    @Stroke Make Sure U Bring Something Friday Night To Cry Into Cause U Have A Long Ride Back Home

  792. Stephen Ridall says:

    @stroke 7th year in a row playing for a title and up to this season i dont remember vv even being in the playoffs.

  793. Stephen Ridall says:

    @stroke and ya u guys won your 2 playoff games 91-7 but those 2 games were like scrimmages we beat both those teams 90-6 combined so its only 1 point difference u had sucky crestwood and sucky coughlin in the play offs we had wyoming area a team that we beat on the last play of the game in week 3 i think it was after trailing by 14 with 2 minutes left in the game and we mercy ruled them in week 11 and then we had north pocono a team that beat us last year for the district title and we mercy ruled them too so just to let u know the same will happen this week and the only chance u guys have on your side is that last night wnep did a segment that says this is are 7th consecutive time playing for the district title and we lost the previous 6 so i will see u friday night and after we win i will look for u and bring my berwick towel and shirt over for u to cry in and oh ya by the way how come this is are

  794. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy

    Good question about the Q-Town/PR Turkey day game. Initially I was going to say yes, now I’m not so sure. If PR does win Friday night and are to play in the D1 6A Championship game next weekend, what I would be almost certain of if they do play Turkey Day is that the Pennridge starters and key reserves will only get off the sideline for the post game handshake. Basically going to be a JV game for Pennridge.

    @ JC

    I’ll add to your “best” with my “best” to include potentially the most competitive and intriguing games.

    6A – Pennridge @ Garnet Valley
    5A – M-N @ Unionville
    4A – Valley View @ Berwick
    3A – Wyo/Middletown (maybe??)
    2A – SH @ Neuman Goretti
    1A – Old Forge/Williams Valley

  795. Stephen Ridall says:

    @stroke if u need help with the rankings u can go to too cause they even know who the better team is we been on there all season and lol i havent seen valleyview on there at all this season so what’s that tell u i will just give u a spoiler save your money and dont even waste your time coming to see the whopping friday cause theres gonna be 3 hits we hit valley view they hit the ground and the ambulance hits 90 i hope they got lots of coverage cause theres gonna be alot of hitting and u can think of us nextweek when were practicing for imothep charter and u guys are sitting at your kitchen tables eating your thanksgiving dinner and crying in your food.

  796. Jeff says:

    @JC – you forgot perhaps the most competitive game in the west this weekend, the 5A WPIAL final between Gateway and Penn Trafford, which will likely be the closest game at Heinz Field on Saturday. I have seen both teams play on multiple occasions and this game could go either way, I like PT to pull it out, but team that has the ball last might be the winner. As for the rest of the WPIAL, PR will blow out PCC for the 2nd time this year, I like TJ to beat Montour, and Aliquippa in a fairly close one over Quaker Valley.

  797. Stephen Ridall says:

    @stroke and did u see the rankings on here for 4a its the 3rd one from the top and berwick is on there but no valley view so if u guys are gonna win how come every page i go to it says were ranked better then vv so somehow if we lose which we wont it will be a upset to many people cause i havent seen a website yet that says vv is better then berwick

  798. Stephen Ridall says:

    @stroke u dont have to worry about us looking past valley view cause i’m telling u right now vv has no chance friday night i said numerous times in the last week are coach said last friday after the game that it will be the same result this week the game is over by mercy rule in the first guarter

  799. Jeff says:

    @Chief Red Raider – I would bet my house PR makes it out of the west, they will blow out PCC again this week at Heinz for the WPIAL title, that game will not be close, then likely play State College next week, assuming they get past a pretty good Del Valley team. SC will put up some points on PR but won’t stop their offense and PR will likely win by 3 TD’s, something like 49-28, if they play CV in the west finals they will blow them out as CV won’t be able to score nearly enough points to keep up.

    It’s been obvious to those of us in Western PA since very early in the season that PR is head and shoulders above every team in the WPIAL and the western side of the bracket and the only 6A team in the state that can beat them is SJP.

    Time will tell, but it would be a huge upset if PR loses before the state finals, the only team that has a remote chance is SC.

  800. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Joe Tiffy

    I totally agree C’ville wore down in the 2nd half of the CV game. But remember, that was the 2nd game of the season (and CV is pretty good). I think most would agree DTE is pretty physical, and C’ville beat them 2x’s in 4 weeks. Moreover, have you even seen C’ville play recently? Stamina might be an issue (maybe partly because they have mercy-ruled a number of their opponents and played 2nd stringers a lot), but I think they are quite physical, especially the Young brothers and the QB. It is true they don’t have huge lines, but that does not mean they aren’t physical. They will have their hands full with whoever they play here on out, but if they end up playing SJP I don’t think they will lose by 21. Besides, Parkland sounds pretty good too — would be great to see them take down SJP.

  801. No Horse says:


    6A – State College vs Del Val – Del Val’s first real opponent of the season

    5A – Harrisburg vs Gov Mifflin
    4A – Bethlehem Catholic vs Pottsgove
    3A – Lehighton vs Palisades – Can you say points?

    2A – Neumann Goretti vs Schuylkill Haven – Similar yet very different teams. Should be a slugfest.

    1A – Williams Valley vs Old Forge

  802. Mike Smoll says:

    @Buddy Well they have done it in the Past both Coaches are hometown guys. But results in the past was that neither could advance and at least Pennridge against Spring Ford a few years ago cost Pennridge from advancing. They lost their premier running back and an OL/DL and ran out of gas in the second half. I thought also there was a rule that players could only play so much, or had to wait 3-4 days before their next game. I LOVE the Thanksgiving game, it’s history, etc, but if Pennridge gets by Garnet Valley,,,, I don’t think they should play the T-Day game.

  803. Buddy says:

    I don’t see anyone touching SJP until the state finals. Then who knows. But I’m with phillyboy. I have a tendency to root for the public schools because of the recruiting AND scholarships.

    If Pennridge wins, will they play Q-Town on turkey day? Playoff game would be next day. I thought PIAA didn’t allow games that close together. Easton & P-burg get away with it cause P-burg is not in PIAA ( so I heard). Inquiring minds wanna know.

  804. JC says:

    And by best I mean most interesting combination of teams. If one team is great and the other isn’t, I wouldn’t necessarily consider that a “good” matchup because it’s an impending blowout.

  805. JC says:

    Just to slow down this string of heated comments a bit, what are everyone’s picks for best EPA matchup of the week in each classification? These are the ones I’d select:

    6A – Pennsbury v Coatesville
    5A – Manheim Central v Cocalico
    4A – Berwick v Valley View
    3A – Lehighton v Palisades
    2A – Dunmore v Newport
    1A – Williams Valley v Old Forge

    HM: Del Val-State College, Pennridge-Garnet Val, Hburg-Gov Mifflin, Selinsgrove-Bellefonte, Middletown-Wyomissing

    Also some WPA matchups which should be good: PR-PCC, Montour-TJ, Aliquippa-Quaker Val, Huntingdon-Forest Hills, Clarion-Chestnut Ridge, Washington-CW Cath, California-Imani, Clairton-Jeannette

  806. Stephen Ridall says:

    @Roaddog Don’t Count On It Cause Are Defense Is To Good Imothep Wont Even Score 35

  807. Joe Tiffy says:

    Coatesville has athletes but they’re not physical. If they would happen to play STJP it would be a 21 point win for STJP. Cumberland Valley is marginal and wore Coatesville down. Nobody denies they can score, but against a solid Prep defense? Meh not enough or much.

  808. Chief Red Raider says:

    It’s interesting seeing the predictions, rankings, and evaluations. I wanted to see for myself, so I just watched some of the Penn Hills/Pine-Richland game on Youtube. PR’s QB reminds me of Kerry Collins and how he was a man among boys, and they are well coached and know how to play. In my opinion, however, PR does not seem like a sure thing to win the 6A championship. Who knows, they might not even make it out of the west. I think as the elite teams continue to move on, it will be interesting to see which one makes it to the top.

  809. phillyboy says:

    Buddy is a loyal fan of North Penn and big time public ball, as I am. Youse guys are front runners. If Pine Richland is able to make it to the finals against Prep I’ll be rooting for them like nobody’s business. If PR takes gold, I’ll be walking around making faces at Prep fans like John Lennon circa 1964.

  810. Mick says:

    D12 Fan – Are you a Prep Grad or Front runner? Can’t knock NP they are solid every year and not recruiting from 3 states. They will bounce back. I am originally from Phily Catholic league, but no longer support them due to the recruiting.

  811. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I love this Berwick controversy. Please keep it going. I am not a Berwick fan. But could be!

  812. Stroke says:

    Dawg Pound says:
    Lets set the record straight: Berwick played their first 6 games with a backup qb since qb Jared Marshman was recovering from surgery on a broken ankle. If Marshman would have played first six games, Berwick would have scored a lot more points than they did. Berwick was ahead of Selinsgrove at the half 6-3 with a backup qb, who was injured the last minute of first half. Berwick played entire second half with third string soph qb. As far the upcoming game with Valley View, how can anyone pick Valley View to win at Crispin Field. Berwick will be a huge underdog against Imhotep Charter, but games aren’t won on paper.

    Your last sentence can explain why people will pick VV to win.
    Berwicks 2 playoff games 90-14 scoring difference.
    VVs 2 playoff games 91-7. Looks kinda equal to me and slightly in favor of VV and probably anyone that has eyes. So either way you look at it, on paper or on the field….Berwick will lose Friday. I can already hear the excuses from “dawg pound” and “Stephen riddell”. Berwick was looking past VV to Imhotep and that’s the ONLY reason we lost. LOL. Can’t wait for Friday.

  813. Buddy says:

    @Mike & D12:

    You guys just too easy to get your panties in a bunch! LOL!

    Actually, SJP won’t get past Parkland.

    And Mike, yes, smaller than that!

  814. D12FAN says:

    Like I said I’m rooting for Pennridge, but giving up those points to those teams is concerning. GV is not quakertown and perk valley. Hopefully the moves you site will pay off and they keep their mojo going. I agree, they would have beaten nesh had they made the QB move sooner, but nesh not a normal number 1 seed, as we saw.

  815. D12FAN says:


    Don’t worry about buddy, he is just mad that NP had the biggest collapse maybe in PIAA playoff history and that NP will be irrelevant next year. Coatesville will rep D1 and play Prep again for the trip to Hershey.

  816. Mike says:

    LOL COOL old timer! Small as a fly that hasn’t won a state title since 2003?! Or smaller than that?

  817. Mike Smoll says:

    @D12FAN , lets see if I get this right, you are concerned about a defense that threw back to back shutouts in the playoffs, based on what they did in the first game of the season against one of the top seeded teams in the district? All without acknowledging the 3 major player moves that have been done since that time. I’m confused???????? Are you and I talking about the same Pennridge team? And granted the higher seeded team at home should be at least a 4 1/2 point favorite. Still think you don’t make you’re living right at Pennridge all night long. The teams that have beaten Pennridge all threw the ball well.

  818. Road Dogg says:

    Can’t wait until Imhotep beats Berwick by 35

  819. Dog Pound says:

    @ Dawg Pound. Why the excuses? If you were up at halftime against the Seals it shouldn’t have mattered what QB was in the game weather or not its your first or third string. The team lost the game.

  820. 2gaps says:

    @D12fan. I’m pulling for Pennridge too. Froze my —- off watching them last week at PV. They will shit down the run pretty well vs GV. The played really well at PV and locked them up pretty well all night. PV didn’t help hemselves by going away from their typical O and running 40 times vs 25 passes. They played into Pennridge strengths and made it easy for them.

    Heard Pennridge struggles vs the pass and I think they have the same kids back there this yr as last when they struggled with pass def. that I saw. They didn’t struggle last week vs a pass heavy team (PV). PV’s longest throw was about 10 yards down the field. They forced the underneath passes and screens which again plays to their defensive strengths. So either good game planning by Pennridge or uncharacteristic play calling by PV. I would say former.

    Pennridge will need to fix their kicking game. It didn’t look good at all. Although the 1 KO worked out like an onside kick when it when off the side of kickers foot into no mans land and PV’s front line ran away?? from the ball. Not sure if the 4th score in a shutout can be called the dagger butnPV thought they were in the game even though down by 19-0.

    I think GV will be forced to pass or they are in trouble. I haven’t seen them pass much but can they effectively keep Pennridge honest?

    Pennridge 25 – 22. Game will be about 90 minutes long with all the running. Pennridge will miss 3 XPs and GV will go for 2 late to make it a FG game in the end.
    Coatesville 41-14. Pennsbury won’t have enough to keep up. Multiple deep scores for C-ville.

  821. Buddy says:

    @ Mike:

    Yep. Pine-Richland will eat them up then spit them out! For PR, it will be like swatting a little fly! I mean a REAL little fly!

  822. RN says:

    For those who want a Berwick/SCA game…forget it. Curry would never play SCA because it was never practical. why would you play a team in a lower classification. it’s all about playoff points. And…if anyone saw the 7 on 7 at Berwick this past Summer SCA’s linemen destroyed Berwick.

  823. Dawg Pound says:

    Lets set the record straight: Berwick played their first 6 games with a backup qb since qb Jared Marshman was recovering from surgery on a broken ankle. If Marshman would have played first six games, Berwick would have scored a lot more points than they did. Berwick was ahead of Selinsgrove at the half 6-3 with a backup qb, who was injured the last minute of first half. Berwick played entire second half with third string soph qb. As far the upcoming game with Valley View, how can anyone pick Valley View to win at Crispin Field. Berwick will be a huge underdog against Imhotep Charter, but games aren’t won on paper.

  824. Dawg Pound says:

    Jhon Robert
    Ron Powlus lived in Berwick all his life, his father was a teacher at Northwest and later became AD. Bo Orlando. Jake Kelchner, Dave Robbins were qbs that also lived in Berwick. Gus Felder chose to live in Berwick instead of Bloomsburg

  825. D12FAN says:

    I’m routing for Pennridge, but very concerned their D play against avg Nesh team, and below avg CRS giving up 28 and then the 26 to 0-20 Tennent. GV can put up a lot of points for a run team. GV beating NP has to be a 4.5pt favorite at home.

  826. Mike says:

    Buddy’s picking against SJP again, what a shocker! Same guy last year that first said PCC would beat the SJP, THEN doubled down after a 42-7 thumping saying another meeting would be close! Zero credibility.

  827. LehighHSfans says:

    Without seeing Selinsgrove play, I think Beca and the seals will be a very good game for the fans.
    Watching Beca this year, they haven’t been healthy since before the Parkland game and are just getting there now.
    If they survive this week against Pottsgrove which expect similar result as last year then they should be full strength for TyneSeals

  828. Stephen ridall says:

    @seals if thats true how come southern wont play us the only time they do is at 7on7s and we beat them every year

  829. Stephen ridall says:

    Anybody ready for berwick@imothep charter next weekend and berwick will stuff them like the turkey they ate the night before

  830. Dennis Pascoe says:

    The teams that are left GOOD LUCK. No predictions. Remember one injury is a disaster two injuries could be fatal to a football program at this time of year.

  831. McD65 says:

    Chief Red Raider, Parkland has a good offense and a respectable defense. Their offense however cannot compare with Coatsville. St. Joe Prep has played and beaten 2 out of state powers in addition to their regular schedule. Although their offense doesn’t have Swift this year they have scored enough to win all their games. If it comes down to Coatsville/St Joe it will be potent offense vs a very very solid high performing defense. Don’t sleep on the Prep.

  832. Mike Smoll says:

    Well time for this weeks picks,

    Coatesville 42 Pennsbury 28, too much team speed for Coatesville, although Pennsbury’s front lines will keep it interesting

    Pennridge 27 Garnet Valley 14, Just not going to make a living running at Pennridge all day long.

    Save a miracle comeback or implosion by North Penn I would have been 4 for 4 last week

  833. Jhon Robert says:

    When I read Stephen Riddles post I have a strong urge to get out a red crayon and correct all of his grammatical errors! Thank God i dont read well

  834. Jhon Robert says:

    Jim B

    You forget Ron Powlus? Father was the AD at Northwest and he “lived” in berwick taking care of sick grandmother!

  835. No Horse says:


    I wouldn’t want to be Selinsgrove in that matchup. Beth Catholic has a good squad this year. Only losses were both competitive games to 6A district final playoff teams. They destroyed Whitehall when they played them and they just got finished ripping a pretty good Saucon Valley team. It’s not the best team that they’ve ever had, but they are certainly looking like they are heading to at least the state semis.

    The way it looks, Beth Catholic probably has the best shot to knock off Imhotep. I can’t imagine they’re happy about Pottsgrove essentially having a home game this week though.

  836. Mike A. says:

    Coatesville has a solid offensive team, one of the best in Eastern PA. While they would be very competitive with both Parkland and SJP I still think they would be a TD underdog to Parkland and a 1-2 TD underdog against Prep. Definitely not an impossible task to overcome that with an explosive team such as Coatesville, especially with a few breaks. They can’t fall into a rut like they did against CV in the second half or they’d be in big trouble though.

  837. Buddy says:

    SJP claim to fame is their defense. QB is very good too. For C’ville to beat them, they got to connect on their passes. I think C’ville’s defense might be suspect against SJP.

    What I think might be a better game is Parkland vs SJP. Parkland got a superstar RB, and they have an outstanding passing attack. Their defense won’t keep SJP from scoring, so they have to out score them.

    None of the above get past Pine Richland. Seen them play. Offense looks like a D1 college.

  838. Jeff says:

    @ Eric W – the reason Berks Catholic is not getting much respect is because their schedule is a joke, who have they played that’s a decent team, stats don’t mean much when every opponent you play is a far inferior team? I’m not so sure they will beat Bishop McDevitt in the D3 final, as I think that game could go either way, McDevitt will be by far the best team BC has played all year, while McDevitt has played several teams who are as good or better than Berks.

    I would be very surprised if either of those teams beat Erie Prep, they are better than last year, if BC beats both of them and ends up in Hershey for the 4A final I will tip my hat to them, but they’re not going to get much respect until they beat some really good teams.

  839. Mike A. says:

    “Exeter surprisingly moved the ball on the ground against Hburg,”

    That they did, however, they struggled closing the deal when they got inside the HBG 30. In the mean time Harrisburg put up 40 points to start the mercy rule early in the second half. Imagine if they hadn’t used all that clock what the score would have been! I expect Harrisburg will win handily once again even if Gov. Mifflin does move the ball.

  840. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Bleed Red and Black

    As usual you nailed your assessment of the Coatesville/DTE game (and more). I like the addition of Bryant as more of a force in the backfield too, but I thought they limited Young’s carries a little too much. C’ville definitely got burned on some pass plays — not sure if lost focus, got gassed, or just need more work/instruction. Kicking game was better, especially how they handled onside kicks. Here is the big question: IF they move on, what do you think about a match up with SJP or Parkland (I have not seen either play). SJP has the reputation and rankings, but they have played 2 less games, and not sure their recent performance against LaSalle was that good. AND is there an offense in the east that is as skilled or explosive as Coatesville?

  841. Seals says:

    I’m a seinsgrove fan and watching the seals play both Berwick and southern, I would take southern beating Berwick by 3+ touchdowns this year. I also recall Berwick got a player from southern this past year that accounts for most of their defensive efficiency as well on offense. Nonetheless, I hope all local teams are able to do well and represent the area

  842. Drew says:

    If Selinsgrove and Beca win this week what do y’all think of that match up? Two high powered offenses.

  843. TomF says:

    Eric W, BC is better than last year, however, how good will be determined by McDevitt and ECP. It looks like elimination week for Eastern-(Mifflin, Wyomissing) and Western-(Wilson) Berks. The Mifflin/Hburg game will tell us if Wood can beat Hburg, Exeter surprisingly moved the ball on the ground against Hburg, if Mifflin can do the same thing then that tells us Wood has a shot against Hburg.

  844. Jim B says:

    I find it ironic, and a little sad, that Berwick people are talking about recruiting. If I recall, this is a school that had its off season program shut down a year ago because they were being investigated by D2 for recruiting players from Nanticoke. According to the recruited Nanticoke players social media account, a Berwick coach was literally “sitting in his living room”.

    I can also mention names like Hall, Fielder, Rostock, Brousarrd, Janoski (not sure of the spelling, but he started out at Valley View and ended up as Berwicks starting QB).

    And those names are just off the top of my head. I’m sure there were a few more players who didn’t grow up in Berwick, but ended up on their football team.

  845. Jim B says:

    Southern and Berwick have only played once, in 1965.

  846. mark d says:

    Stephen first off my hat off to Berwick that was a great game against a solid team. I think we will see a good game Friday but don’T sleep on Valley View they have the one thing you cant coach (thank god for that ) SPEED

  847. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Cville/DTE game never really got interesting. DTE got to within 13-14 pts mid way through the 4th quarter, but they never really had a shot. DTE had NO answer for the Cville offense. 602 yards and it probably could have been closer to 700 if they wanted to force it a little more.

    @chief red raider

    Like I said if they got up early and made Lauletta beat them through the air it was game over and that’s exactly what happened. We definitely have some things to clean up in the safety position. Safety got beat on a couple occasions. I loved the new wrinkle with Dapree and Aaron split in the backfield with Ricky. That is electric and a nightmare for opposing coaches to game plan for. I agree the penalties have to be cut down, but from the sounds of it Pennsbury is prone to the “stupid” penalty as well. I think the kickoff coverage was much better tonight and would be way down on my list of things to be worried about.

    I remember goal line stop by Pennsbury against Cville in the 2014 District title game. Their RB Snorweah who is now at Rutgers killed us that game. Questioned some of the play calls on the goal line stand, but the better team won that game.

    Should be a good game if indeed Pennsbury is their traditional ground and pound type of team. Their big OL might give our DL a problem, but the question always is does the opposing defense have the personnel to stop the multitude of weapons that Cville has at it’s disposal.

  848. Mike A. says:

    Mike’s **UPDATED** East Top 10 6A as of 11/12/17
    Cumberland Valley
    Manheim Township
    Dtown East
    Garnett Valley
    Del Valley
    North Penn

    HM: Pennridge, Pennsbury, Easton, Neshaminy, Freedom, Wilson WL, Perkiomen Valley, Haverford, Emmaus

  849. ROD says:

    Think about it. Selinsgrove beat the dawgs. I know southern would beat Berwick hands down. Everyone has to show up and play . the closer you get to the end it gets harder to win. Better Teams Rise to the top. IF Berwick and Selinsgrove keep winning ??? maybe a rematch in the making

  850. Kevin X says:

    @ Coddcatcher

    You probably can add Roman Catholic, Judge, Ryan, McDevitt, G-Town Academy and all the other public charter schools in the city to your list.

    Yes, Berwick fans crack me up anytime they bring up recruiting. Curry and Company wrote the book on it……

    @ NepaD2

    Thanks, I’m good tho, no Kool-Aid in my diet…..nor will there be.

  851. Colin says:

    Darn auto correct….that should say Imhotep lol

  852. Colin says:


    Yes In hotel is beatable. But not by any team from D2. I was at the Pottsgrove/Upper Perk game on Friday. I saw nothing that will make me think they can beat Beth. Cath….RB is very good but that’s about it. Hey anything can happen but I would be very surprised by a Pottsgrove win. Beca is a bad match up

  853. Stephen Ridall says:

    @stroke u are nuts valley view has no shot friday night i was talking to one of the coaches after the north pocono game and he said if we start like we did friday this game will be a mercy rule at half time to if someone vv gets lucky enough to win i will change my username on here to stroke cause thats what i will have.

  854. Stephen Ridall says:

    @kevin x no berwick dont play southern cause southern to scared cause they know berwick would kill them they said about playing years ago but southern never wanted to.

  855. Eric W says:

    Surprised Berks Catholic(D3)4A is not getting any love. Be careful! People complain about their schedule…but here are the facts.

    First team D has not given up a TD this year,yes that’s true. They have legit D1 guys on offense, their OL is big and fast and so is their D…and don’t forget they played ECP tough in Western final last year,losing 28-14

  856. McD65 says:

    Dawg Pound, stop with your every player on Imhotep id recruited. You have no clue what you are flapping off about with that statement. It was the same excuse Berwick used after Archbishop Wood pounded them a few years ago. BTW,Erie Cathedral Prep is the class of AAAA this year .I do hope one of the Eastern teams beats them in the final.

  857. Stroke says:

    First, to all that think VV has no shot, you’re sadly mistaken. We’re not Wyoming Area or Dallas or NP. We’re bigger stronger and much faster than what you’ve seen so far. Berwick is decent, far from unbeatable. I believe it will be a closer game than either team has had so far in the playoffs. But I like VV by 2 scores. Also, Imhotep is not the juggernaut they were 2 years ago. They are beatable also. If not by D2, then Bechai could do it and def ECP. 4A has some really good games this week. Don’t sleep on Pottsgrove, that game won’t be a blowout. Early D2 predictions…
    Williams Valley over Old Forge
    Dunmore over Newport
    Prep over Sock
    VV over Berwick
    Whitehall over WVW
    State college over DV

  858. Coddcatcher says:

    Haha Dawg Pound I was waiting for the recruiting excuse. Gotta love it. Talk a bunch of smack until you play a team that smacks you in the mouth and out come the excuses before you even play the game. Pathetic dude. Here’s a list of schools Imhotep has to “compete” with in the “recruiting” trail:

    St Joe’s Prep
    Penn Charter
    Chestnut Hill
    West Catholic

    Don’t understand why you guys think every team on Philly is handpicked. Imhotep themselves lost transfers to Neumann this year. Stop with the excuses and just go out and beat em! They’re not THAT good.

  859. Kevin X says:

    So calling all of you D2 and D4 guys (and all others with an opinion), how would a Berwick/Southern Columbia match-up/game go???

    Do they ever play each other?? Geographically they seem pretty close in proximity to each other. Looks like it would be a natural rivalry.

  860. Mike Smoll says:

    @frankie mc dermott, interesting comment about Neshaminy, Quakertown (who represented well against Pennridge- did about the same as PV) also is VERY young, they lose I think 3 or 4 starters, and also have a coach who is very unrated in George Banas, Their season was a great experience for them, as they were predicted to finish 4th or 5th in their division of the SOL. There were several young teams to make the playoffs this year in District 1.

  861. TDT says:

    If we’re ranking every team in the LFC, regardless of class, and throwing Berwick into the mix…they’re tied for fourth with Valley View. DV, Scranton Prep and (a healthy) Scranton are all ahead of the Dawgs…but it’s a pointless argument. Only one that matters is the match-up Berwick has against Valley View next weekend. I think it should be a seriously hard-hitting, physical match-up that could go either way.

    There are a lot of good games involving D2 teams this weekend. I’m hoping Delaware Valley and State College in 6A will the barnburner we all want it to be. Opposite end of the spectrum, Old Forge and Williams Valley in 1A will be power on power. I gotta think Prep can handle Loyalsock in 3A, but the ‘Sock usually plays teams tough. Prep just better not look ahead to a possible rematch with Middletown looming next round. In 2A, Dunmore is so weird this year that it’s hard to get a handle on them. They don’t have the stud back like usual, but they obviously have the line. Their QB can throw a bit, but does Dunmore have the scheme and ability to lean on it in the playoffs? I don’t know much, if anything on Newport, but they shut down a good offensive attack from York Catholic. The game is tough to get a read on.

  862. NepaD2 says:

    And I would agree that there is a very possible chance that Berwick would be the 4th best team in the LFC this year. If they can’t beat VV this week then that’s basically how you would have to judge it. VV lost to Prep and DV committed 6 turnovers in the game that they beat VV.

  863. NepaD2 says:

    All these Dawg fans on here talking smack…guys…Valley View is no pushover. They aren’t going to fold like the Trojans did…you have your work cut out.

  864. NepaD2 says:

    Kevin X…don’t drink the koolaid on Berwick. The Dawg faithful are eating up the win over NP but I honestly think VV is the favorite this week. Time will tell.

  865. Kevin X says:

    Actually the Berwick/Valley View winner plays the O’Hara/Imhotep winner. Most likely as most of you guys know will be ‘Tep. They started off slow tonight, only leading Bartram 7-0 at the half. Sounds like it was a sloppy undisciplined affair. Heard the game was called in the middle of the 4th qtr. because of chippyness. Anybody know anymore on that??? You guys got me anticipating a Berwick/Imhotep match-up. Hope Berwick (if it’s them), fairs better in the playoffs against a D12 team then they did a few years ago. I recall seeing Wood giving them an old fashion beat down.

  866. No Horse says:

    I didn’t see the Palmerton game. Always a happy day when they’re out, even if I’m wrong.

    Palisades v Lehighton next week should be fun.
    Beth Catholic is nasty. Poor Saucon Valley.

    To the Berwick fans: The last game you can win is this coming week. The attitude and disrespect shown to other teams won’t help you with that squad. D2 4A winner is going to get mercy ruled…early.

  867. frankie mc dermott says:


  868. Jeff says:

    @Stephen Ridall- the bracket is on this website, click on the 4A bracket and you’ll see the D4 winner will play the D12 winner, which almost certainly will be Imhotep Charter, so good luck with that. I have not seen either team play but I would be shocked if Berwick can stay in the game with Imhotep, and would be a huge upset if they somehow beat them. Berwick has a nice team this year but they are not on the level of the big boys around the state in 4A such as Imhotep, Bethlehem Catholic, and of course defending champion Erie Cathedral Prep, so enjoy the D4 title if you win next week because you’re going nowhere in the state tournament.

  869. Mike A. says:

    Harrisburg 20 Exeter 0 just into the 2nd quarter. Harrisburg has run 7 plays and scored 3 TD”s. Exeter had a nice drive inside the Harrisburg 30 but was stopped on 4th down.

  870. Dawg Pound says:

    @ Jim B
    Berwick would be 4th best team in LFC, I doubt it. Berwick will never get any respect from LFC. Don’t forget Berwick won 6 state titles playing in WVC. How can you compare Berwick to Dunmore and Old Forge, much smaller schools than Berwick? I will admit Scranton Prep would give Berwick a game. As far as Del Valley I would give Del Valley a slight edge because they are a much bigger school. Berwick will defeat VV for D2 title, but can not compete against Imhotep Charter who recruits every player that plays on their team.

  871. Mick says:

    Bro47- not knocking the kid, I just didn’t see a strong arm. He is a he’ll of an athlete and a field general. Good luck to both teams.

  872. Dawg Pound says:

    @Stephen Ridall: Winner of Berwick-Valley View game will play winner of Imhotep Charter-John Bartram game somewhere in Allentown area

  873. Bro47 says:

    Chief Red Raider obviously Mike is a Neshaminy diehard Pennsbury strength is the line play very good theQb has a good arm he’s a baseball player with a state championship throws when it calls for it

  874. Mike Smoll says:

    Hhhhhmmm, North Penn’s Implosion, has set up a very interesting game. If Pennridge were to play North Penn, I’d pick North Penn, but Pennridge playing Garnet Valley, I’m going to go with Pennridge. The weak link in Pennridge’s defense is their ability to Pass cover, although it’s a lot better than earlier this year, due to two secondary personel changes. But you just aren’t going to make a living trying to run all night at them,

  875. Mick says:

    Chief Red Raider – Pennsbury throws some but short passes. Quarterback does not have a strong arm, but he is very quick. Only knock on Pennsbury is they are a little undisciplined, They will talk a lot and take stupid penalties. Don’t get caught up in it. Head coach will make questionable decisions and I feel he disrespected the Pennsbury an Neshaminy rivalry in both games

  876. Stephen Ridall says:

    After berwick wins the district championship friday who will we play in the first round of states.

  877. Stephen Ridall says:

    i hate to say but valley view has no chance this friday so they better just stay home

  878. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Mick

    Thanks for the info. For as long as I can remember, Pennsbury is usually big and plays smash mouth football. I remember when they beat C’ville on a goal line stand a few years ago for the D1 championship. Does Pennsbury throw the ball at all this year?

  879. newman says:

    People questioning Dick Beck’s seemingly misuse of his timeouts must not have been to a North Penn game in the last 16 years. It’s what he does. And Buddy, I’m not sure they were the better team. I believe GV had three turnovers in the second quarter and another one on the first play of the second half that afforded NP to build their lead. If you want to blame the loss on turnovers you must consider the entire game. I’ll admit NP has more talented players, but I can’t say they were the better team. The played like the game was won and a third string, sophomore quarterback made them pay for it. Beck must be livid.

  880. D12FAN says:

    Philly boy,

    Well said, funny how the lasalle dad’s come on these boards pre season and after beating avg (or down for their expectations, with 1 playoff win) NP team, and 4 loss MP team and talk about all their returning players and this is their year, well how many starters will be back next year? A lot of money and resources being spent at lasalle to finish in third place in your own league…Ouch

  881. Kevin X says:

    That North Penn second half implosion was unreal. I haven’t seen a collapse like that in a long time. Turnovers will do it ever time. Useless time outs didn’t help either And that 4th down call on your on 30 in the 3qtr??? Guess Beck’s brain just froze at that point. Kind of remember a similar call and ensuing debacle game one against Lasalle that kind help turn that game……

  882. Mick says:

    @ chief red raider Coatesville should not have a problem with Pennsbury, but Pennsbury’s line on both sides of the ball is very good and big, which was why they beat Neshaminy last night. If Pennsbury can put together a smash mount attack on offense and kill a lot of time while scoring, then they can stay inme. I think Coatesville speed will be too much.

  883. phillyboy says:

    North Penn just had a strange season this year, starting out with a few additions to the team, lots of hype. A love those guys at WNPV, Kevin Cooney and company were getting me excited in that preseason clip. Then they get crushed by LaSalle, give up 61 to Downingtown East, then run the table against okay competition. Just when you think they’re positioning themselves for a deep run, they blow a 35-7 lead to GV. But it’s kind of par for the course this year.

    Btw, LaSalle this year is no doubt a solid team with their usual talent and discipline. But in my gut I didn’t think they were all THAT, they were definitely beatable. If North Penn was for real this year they could have beaten LaSalle in the same way North Allegheny pounded them 21-0 a few years back in the state final.

    Obviously NP’s defense was their weakness. The QB did okay; it’s hard to replace probably the best QB the program ever had. If the defense was anywhere close to the ’03 team it would take pressure off the offense.

  884. Jim B says:

    Dawg Pound
    Who said the LFC is better than the WVC? Just about every person who knows anything about high school football in NEPA, that’s who. Berwick’s win over North Pocono meanNs nothing in the grand scheme of things. I’m a WVC guy, but the LFC is dominate right now. It’s not even close honestly. DV is 12-0, Prep is 12-0, Dummore is 12-0, Old Forge is 11-1, and Valley View is a pretty darn solid 9-3 team. Berwick would be, at best, if they beat Valley View, the FOURTH best team in the LFC.

  885. JC says:

    No major surprises yesterday in D11, except maybe the ease of how Haven beat Palmerton. The real interesting games of Notre Dame-Palisades, Jim Thorpe-Lehighton, and Saucon Valley-Beth Catholic are today.

  886. TDT says:

    Berwick fans on here doing the impossible and making everyone cheer for Valley View next weekend. If there was one fan base that could do it, it was Berwick.

    Berwick has a great defense and clearly playing well, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they win D2 4A, but don’t sleep on Valley View. They’re big, they’re physical, they’re quick and they’re also playing really well. It should be a really, really good football game.

  887. D12FAN says:

    Sorry Kills, but just naming kids on the roster doesn’t make them superstars. That is 9 out of the last 10 and the 1 win was a miracle catch with a different OC. This was supposed to be lasalle’s year, wow back to the recruiting trail. Third place in pcl 2 years in a row. See ya next year…

  888. Chief Red Raider says:

    Coatesville’s offense is pretty amazing — and they didn’t really give it to Young very much. They still need to cut down on the penalties and improve on kickoff defense. Their defense was great the first half, but got ran over (or gassed) the 2nd half. DTE could give any team in the state a run for their money — Lauletta threw some nice passes tonight — congrats to them for a good season. How did Garnet Valley score 29 unanswered points? Turnovers?

  889. Stephen Ridall says:

    @mark d what u say now that we shut out north pocono

  890. Uncle T says:

    @ Buddy

    What was Beck thinking in the 2nd half? He torched through his timeouts like he had 6 of them. What a brutal way to go out for those seniors.

    GV/Pennridge is another toss up. There’s no way GV can play worse than they did in the 1st half against NP, fumbling 3 times and an INT.

  891. Stephen Ridall says:

    2 weeks in a row we won by mercy rule is valley view gonna make it 3

  892. Jay says:

    I left the Coatesville game at the half because of the cold, but apparently things got pretty exciting. Should be a great matchup with Pennsbury next week.

    The whole time watching the other scores I’m thinking “wow, Coatesville is going to become the highest seed after tonight”… And then Garnet Valley happened. 22-0 in the fourth quarter? Would have loved to be there for that one.

    Pennridge is looking unstoppable. I’m still picking Coatesville to win D1, but Pennridge seems to pose the greatest challenge with that amazing defense of theirs. Some incredibly talented teams showing their stuff tonight!

  893. Buddy says:

    Oh well.

    Every once in awhile you have a game where the better team does not win. That was the case with NP vs GV. Turnovers by NP was their down fall.
    Talent-wise, it should have been a mis-match. But hey, these things happen.

    Seriously though, I think Pennridge will beat GV. They run the ball as well as GV and can pass better. No one would have got by C’ville anyway

  894. Stephen Ridall says:

    Now That We Blew Out the north pocono condoms i mean trogans and the wyoming area warriors how bad is valley view gonna lose next week i was talking to are coach after the game and he said if we start like we did tonight next week the result will be the same.

  895. Dawg Pound says:

    Berwick defeats North Pocono 48-14. Who said WVC is weaker than LFC. Berwick scored all 48 points on their 7 possesions in First half. Valley View better bring their A game to Crispin or they will get mercyruled too.

  896. Route54 says:

    A few Neumann-Goretti hats floating around SCA game. Surprised to see that. Flemming didn’t see much play time. I think SCA will have their hands full if they run into them.

  897. TomF says:

    Mike A THATS COLD!!

  898. Repete says:


    That’s brutal. The worst game I was ever at was the 87 PSU vs ND game, where we upset the Irish and shut down Tim Brown. According to an article I just googled up “The game conditions were frigid. Winds were 25 miles per hour and the wind-chill factor was minus 8 to minus 20 degrees.”

    I went with no hat!? I was in the student section and ended up scoring two of those white pom-poms they hand out. I held them against my ears the entire game!

  899. Mike A. says:

    @TomF…”you really don’t know what real cold is unless you live in Chicago or Erie”

    Try living in Fairbanks,AK. Many times I was working with temperature below below -40F. Coldest I worked in was -68F.

  900. Stephen Ridall says:

    @Mark D 3 Hours To North Pocono Season Is Over

  901. Repete says:

    SCA should not need Fleming tonight, having already pummeled Central 42 to zip earlier in the season. I would NOT play him.

  902. TomF says:

    Not High School, but I was at the 1992 Snow Bowl-PSU VS ND at Notre Dame. It was so cold that families with young children were giving away their tickets for FREE before the game started. Wind Chill must have been -30 degrees. I lived in Chicago for a few years and you really don’t know what real cold is unless you live in Chicago or Erie, the lake affect goes right through you no matter what you wear. Coldest day I can ever remember.

  903. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    Your lips to God’s ears, my friend. I too feel (hope)LaSalle can give Prep a run for their money tonight. Admittedly, they’ll need some luck but the rivalry is fierce. By the way, that Burnham kid (All-Catholic Red First Team) @ FB is a stone cold beast. And, he’s All-Cath in lax (D) too.

  904. phillyboy says:

    Expect North Penn to win big tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised if they win District 1 outright; maybe the Smollster was right all along.

    In regards to LaSalle why the heck is Isaac Jones not starting at QB? Saw him in that North Penn game; kid is huge, runs like Dante Culpepper and can literally throw the ball 40 yards+ by flicking his wrist. It looked like some type of throwing machine in the warmups. Solecki should be playing WR, not the other way around.

  905. Mike A. says:

    @Kmac I was on the far side of the field. We almost ran over the spikes going the wrong way in/out of the parking lot. If I remember correctly it was early December and the temp was in the low to mid teens with a 20-25 MPH wind with higher gusts and the wind chill was below ZERO. I still remember footballs blowing down the field on their own on the artificial turf during pregame warm ups. Going towards the school the extra point try would go up and virtually stop above the goal post and drop straight down.

  906. Brian says:

    Should’ve said their toughest not they’re. Darn autocorrect

  907. Brian says:

    Bobby those two 10-0 teams and 9-1 South Williamsport are nowhere near the level of sca. However, MCA gave Southern they’re toughest battle along with selinsgrove. Anything can happen.

  908. Bobby d says:

    That last post is for Budda not Buddy

  909. Bobby d says:


    Fleming was cleared to play tonight but may only play one side of the ball depending on how the team is playing and would need his talent. Watch out for an underdog playing SC next week. Line Mountain beat two 10-0 teams back to back and Mt Carmel beat a 9-i team last week. LM & MCA play against each other tonight at MCA.

  910. Buddy says:


    Hope he’s 100%. We really need him for this game.

  911. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    Yo OF89:
    With all due respect to D2, Southern smoked 2 4A schools and a 3A school this year. If they get Dunmore and Fleming plays…no contest, bruh.

  912. JB12 says:

    Did I miss something? Is Imhotep I’m upset alert?

  913. FanNP says:

    @Buddy Thomas is playing.

  914. KillsTR says:

    La Salle beats Prep tonight…. Explorers can run against Prep as we saw in the first half last game. With Jones back at QB, Malle back in the lineup, with Quiles, Burnham & Carter i think Gordon pounds the ball and the Line does great an wins. 28-21. Prep is 100% Beatable tonight the streak ends.

  915. OF89 says:

    In response to Reality 101:

    I agree with most of your statements/opinions…Southern is most definitely a juggernaut as they are mostly every year, but before you trash Dunmore and district 2 competition take a look at Southerns schedule. Am I missing something here who have they beat this season that will make a run in the playoffs??? Ever since Henry Hynoski and company left, Southern has struggled vs District 2. Riverside Old Forge and Dunmore have all beat up on them, so pump your breaks a little bit before you start firing at District 2 with all due respect.

  916. Jhon Robert says:

    d2 predictions…(yawn)

    Old Forge over Delco
    Dunmore over Carbondale
    Scranton Prep over LL
    Berwick over NP, VV over Coughlin
    DV over Hazleton

  917. Jhon Robert says:

    @mark d

    Vincent Todd (coughlin) and Seth Vernon (VV) are two of the fastest kids in the district

    they were 1-2 in the 100 last spring (vernon)
    they were 1-2 on their 4x 100 teams (coughlin)
    they were 1-6 in the 200 (todd)

    i know people say there is a difference between track speed and football speed, but these two have speed to spare

  918. Kmac says:

    Mike A.

    I was there that cold windy day, and agree it was a freezer. We were on the top of the street-side stands with a wall behind us, but the wind seemed to be blowing THROUGH the wall! That is a big difference in 26 years, I will be watching video stream tonight, where 26 ago I was there.

  919. Kevin X says:

    Let me stand partially corrected, per today’s Philly Inky article, LaSalle’s QB Solecki is mentioned as questionable for tonight’s game against Prep. Even if he plays, still think SJP win’s fairly comfortably.

  920. Eric W says:

    Second coldest

    AAAA Western final,2008,Wilson West Lawn and Bethel Park at State College. Wind chill was close to single digits. WWL lost 35-34 in triple OT. Only time I ever saw coaches/players/fans go after refs after game. WWL flagged for 13 penalties for 120 yards and 2 second have passing td’s called back for phantom flags from across the field

  921. Eric W says:

    Two coldest games for me:
    1989 AAAA state championships game between Wilson West Lawn and Upper St. Clair..6 degrees at KO, snow in the bleachers at Hershey. WWL lost 12-7,Kerry Collins threw a pick on 1st and goal from USC’s five in the 4th..hard to believe he is 16th all time in NFL for passing yardage at 42K

  922. Kevin X says:

    @ Joe Gormley

    Not seeing Prep loosing. Solecki out for LaSalle, so that doesn’t help their cause. Actually don’t think its going to be close.

    For you wimps out there (me head wimp) who don’t want to venture out tonight to take in some cool clean fresh invigorating air, bunch of streaming options tonight. W-B Coughlin/Valley View also on live TV, WQMY up in NEPA, and they do do a nice job of streaming on their web site.

    DTE/C’Ville: 3ctv/chesmont football
    Garnet Valley/North Penn: on GV’s youtube channel

    Seriously, stay warm all if heading out tonight or tomorrow. Been absolutely spoiled with great football weather so far this season.

  923. Budda says:

    Anyone know if Fleming from SoCo is playing tonight?

  924. Mike A. says:

    Anyone remember the Coatesville/Cumberland Valley playoff game at Villanova in 1992. Still the coldest high school game I have ever attended.

  925. mark d says:

    @Rollie & KevinX i understand that the running back for Coughlin is one heck of a back young kid who going to be something in the future. believe me when i tell you it not easy to run away from Valley View secondary speed speed and more speed at least for D2 good luck let all remember their kids and anything can happen

  926. Coach H says:

    Are there any recruiting nights in the Eastern PA region for high school seniors to attend? If so what are the dates and where?

  927. NCFALCONS82 says:

    Prep 28 LS 14
    Wood 42 Ryan 0
    Conwell Egan 35 NHS 7
    WC 28 NG 14
    Imhotep 28 Bartram 21

  928. Joe Gormley says:

    Don’t be shocked if Prep goes down tomorrow night vs LaSalle. Preps the better team but LaSalle in my opinion is right there with them. They’re beatable and if not for a major red zone interception in the first game the result could have very easily been different. Looking for LaSalle to pull the upset then go down to Parkland or D1 winner for a Catholic-free 6A final.

  929. mark d says:

    @stephen not much, i worry about shutting out North Pocono before i worry about Valley View

  930. McD65 says:

    D-12 Fan, I like your picks for this weekend.

  931. Mike A. says:

    Updated 11/8/2017 3:11 PM
    OK EVERYONE, LISTEN UP… PLEASE dress very warm for the Friday night football games! It is going to be extremely cold and some areas could still experience winds in the 10-12 MPH range with higher gusts making for a wind chill in the teens and even single digits in the colder areas like the Poconos. Generally the winds will be a little stronger to the east and in the Poconos.
    Good luck to all teams and STAY WARM!

    East Central/East PA: Harrisburg thru Reading thru Allentown

    Fri PM Hi mid to upper 30’s 32-38
    Lo Sat AM mid teens to low 20’s 15-22 (record breaking lows in many areas)
    Game time (7-10 PM) low 20’s to upper 20’s 22-30, NNW 5-10, G18 (winds and gusts may diminish slightly, 4-8 MPH G16, by game time in some western areas of this region)
    Note: A few areas may be a bit colder and could dip into the upper teens by 10 PM

    South Central/SE PA: Chambersburg thru York thru Lancaster thru Philly

    Fri PM Hi mid to upper 30’s 34-40
    Lo Sat AM upper teens to low 20’s 18-24 (possible record breaking lows in some areas)
    Game time (7-10 PM) mid 20’s to low 30’s 24-31, NNW 6-12, G20 (winds may diminish slightly, 4-8 MPH G16, by game time in some western areas of this region)
    Note: Some areas may stay in the upper 20’s while others will drop to the mid 20’s during the games

    North Central/NE PA Williamsport, Sunbury thru Hazleton thru Scranton, Poconos and the northern tier

    Fri PM Hi mid 20’s to low 30’s 24-32 ( a few spots may get above freezing)
    Lo Sat AM mid teens to low 20’s 14-22 (record breaking lows in many areas)
    Note: Overnight some areas in the Poconos could drop to the low teens and even single digits are possible in some areas
    Game time (7-10 PM) upper teens to mid 20’s 18-26, NNW 6-12 G20 (winds may diminish slightly, 4-8 MPH G16, by game time in some western areas of this region)
    NOTE: Some areas, especially in the Poconos, could be in the upper teens at the start of the game with 10+ MPH winds and higher gusts.


    Disclaimer: As a retired former DOD meteorologist and National Weather Service employee I am no longer authorized to issue official forecasts, weather watches, warnings and advisories. This information is intended for specific users. These are my projections, opinions, and analysis and as such should be used by others only for information and planning at your own risk.

  932. Buddy says:

    @ all North Penn fans:

    Hope I’m not the only one!

    Anyone know if Owen Thomas is playing this Friday?

  933. Jeff says:

    @McD65 – who are the experts who don’t think Harrisburg-AW will be entertaining? Anyone who follows HS football state wide knows that should be a tremendous game with lots of points scored by both teams, it will take a monumental upset for either of these teams not to make it to Hershey. I don’t see a team on either side of the bracket that can challenge let alone beat either team, it’s been pretty clear since early in the season that Harrisburg and AW are by far the 2 best teams in 5A.

    And for those of you that think Harrisburg will win comfortably I wouldn’t count out AW, they have played a much tougher schedule and have competed with teams just as good or better than Harrisburg, I think this game could frankly go either way and the winner will be the team that makes the fewest mistakes/turnovers.

  934. SamJB says:

    Does anyone know when Chesmont All League players will be published?

  935. McD65 says:

    Neuman Gorretti/ West Catholic this weekend should be.. a good one. NG is undefeated , but I don’t think they will be a big favorite. Both teams have penalty issues that continue and that could be a major concern moving forward. NG is very talented. The big question is can they be disciplined vs the experienced very good teams that they will meet in the future rounds.West Catholic if they win will have the same concern IMO. AA will be interesting from here on out.

  936. McD65 says:

    Harrisburg has it all this year as we all know. I have seen both Harrisburg and Wood this year and I believe assuming they both make the finals again that this game will be much more entertaining than the experts think. I don’t think any team can prevent Harrisburg from scoring a bunch ,but I believe Wood may be able to keep pace. Wood is very disciplined and when necessary can throw the ball to a couple of very talented receivers . Wilkerson the QB from Harrisburg is the key to the game IMO. Parsons will always be a major factor on both sides of the ball.Woods Peoples is a stud RB. It should be a great match up. Hope it happens.

  937. Ernie from Erie says:

    Thanks guys!

  938. D12FAN says:

    Prep 35 LS 17
    Wood 49 Ryan 7
    Conwell Egan 35 NHS 21
    NG 28 WC 21
    Imhotep 42 Bartram 21

  939. Stephen Ridall says:

    @ kevin x the district 2 4a title game is at berwick next friday.

  940. McD65 says:

    RN, 2 players that I know of Johnson and Wells.

  941. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Bleed Red and Black

    I agree with your assessment, especially about Lauletta playing perhaps his best game (that I’ve seen). C’ville definitely has more options on offense. Hopefully the coaching staff has a good game plan, because I still remember the second half of the CV game when they were out-coached and manhandled (especially in the 4th quarter), and DTE is somewhat similar to CV. It’s too bad that perhaps the best 2 teams in D1 have to play in the 2nd round. I would really like to see what C’ville could do against St. Joe’s or Parkland (or maybe even P-R), because if they play well and knock off the stupid penalties, I think they have a shot at anybody (Well, maybe not Harrisburg 🙂 — glad they are 5A)

  942. bog says:

    i agree with craig brown, lakeland had some great teams but had the misfortune of having mt. carmel eliminating them in close games when mt. carmel was steamrolling.

  943. bog says:

    ror reality 101’s comments, i agree with some points. i have seen most dunmore games for 50 plus years. this years team is very over rated and i believe they will get beat soundly when they get out of d2. however they have been more than good with 3 appearances in the state championship game in the last 10 years.unfortunately they ran into terrell pryor with jeanette, clairton, who had won a state record 50 straight games, and south fayette, who had won the previous year,destroying the unbeatable imhotep, and had pa’s all time leading quarterback leading south fayette. dunmore has won more than their share of state playoff games, they have lost in the state playoffs to 2 other teams that went on to win the title, west catholic,and dallas. the year that they won they scored 50 plus points against keystone knox who had given up something like 17 points for the whole year. not a bad showing for a small 1 town team(not a jointure}.

  944. Mike A. says:

    @Ernie from Erie I would give McDevitt a slight edge but it’s pretty close. McDevitt has played much tougher competition. It’s hard to gauge Berks Catholic because their schedule is so weak in comparison. On the other hand they have blown out everyone so we know they are good. I will say they haven’t seen a QB nearly as good as Chase Diehl and some of the other athletes that McDevitt has in the skill positions.

  945. JC says:

    @Mick: In theory, I’d say Easton has the best shot of defeating Parkland of the remaining 6A teams. But Parkland has been too balanced and consistent, and after getting their wake-up call last week against Liberty, I don’t really foresee another slow start. I expect a more competitive game than their first meeting (a 42-7 Parkland victory), but a Easton win would still be a major upset.

    Fun Parkland fact, their lowest score in any game this year is equal to the most points they’ve given up in any game (23). The EPC South is one of the stronger divisions in this half of the state, and to go through by beating all comers by more than one score is not insignificant. A loss before reaching the D12 champ would be a decently-sized shock.

    @No Horse: I’m not sure I agree with your assertion that Haven got “pounded” by anyone but Lehighton. Regardless, it’d be nice to see Palmerton win their first district title since 1993.

  946. No Horse says:


    It’s very doubtful. Easton always has some players, but this isn’t one of their better teams. Parkland needs to play a full game from here on out if they want to keep advancing. They haven’t exactly been ripping through teams like they should be at the beginning of games.

  947. TomF says:

    Ernie, McDevitt and BC will meet in the D3 4A finals. MCDevitt’s passing game could give BC some problems and they are on a roll, 6 in a row with several blowouts. BC probably a slight favorite.

  948. Mick says:

    @JC I know little about District 11, but does Easton have a shot at beating Parkland? The highlights of Easton on the Big ticket looks like they have some players.

  949. Ernie from Erie says:

    Any predictions for 4A District 3 playoffs. Is it going to be Berks again or has McDevitt rebounded at all?

  950. frankie mc dermott says:


  951. Mike Smoll says:

    @gaps2, I could seriously see myself being wrong on all 4 games, 3 of them (at least in my mind) are tossups, Neshaminy could certainly beat Pennsbury again, Downingtown East could knock off Coatesville and that would not surprise. Garnet Valley could take down North Penn. And when you are dealing with 16-18 yr old kids, if Pennridge doesn’t come in with the right attitude, or the ball takes a couple funny bounces, who knows. Most confident about Pennridge, I just think they are too big and too physical for PV.

  952. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @chief red raider

    I think Cville wins…. way too many weapons. Coach Ortega has been preaching all season it’s pick your poision. Are you going to gear up to stop Aaron Young? Then Ortega, Dapree, Avery, Kahtero, Alexander are going to beat you in the pass game. If you gear up to stop Ricky, Aaron is going to shred your defense.

    I think DTE played almost a perfect game last meeting. RB Garvey had an outstanding game, and Lauletta was way more accurate then his season numbers seemed to indicate.

    If Cville gets up early, it could turn into a rout if DTE is forced to throw the ball. If they are able to string together long drives Cville still wins a close one.

    I don’t think this game comes close to matching the electricity as the last meeting, just hoping for a close hard fought football game unlike the 1st round of the playoffs for the most part across D1.

  953. RN says:

    Just one question. How many players from Imhotep Charter have transferred to Neuman Goretti?

  954. No Horse says:


    I have mostly the same winners in D11 this week.

    Parkland over Easton
    Freedom over PM-W

    Whitehall over Southern Lehigh. Good luck with Whitehall D2

    Bethlehem Catholic over Saucon Valley – SV looked good this past week vs ACC. This could be interesting.

    Palisades squeaks by Notre Dame – Should be a close one.

    Lehighton over Jim Thorpe – Jim Thorpe doesn’t have the playmakers to keep up with Lehighton and they certainly can’t stop them from scoring.

    Palmerton over Schuylkill Haven – Haven got pounded by the better teams in their league all season. Palmerton at least has 1 quality win over Saucon Valley. Palmerton getting D11 before a quick exit in states against Neumann Goretti.

    Williams Valley will continue rolling towards Hershey.

  955. NEPAfootballfan2017 says:

    Does anyone know why Brown from Neumann Goretti hasn’t played in 5 games?

  956. JC says:

    @BobD123: I wish you luck with that, but I’m not sure there is a single source, aside from contacting the PIAA D11 office directly. An ELO predictive system would be interesting to see, though (although you’d need results from a few past years as well, most likely).

    Quick D11 predicted winners this week:
    Bethlehem Catholic
    Jim Thorpe
    Schuylkill Haven
    Williams Valley

    3A easily the most interesting, with two revenge games. I see both as essentially tossups, but I have JT starting off stronger in this game than in Week 10, and Palisades being too strong at home. 2A could be a good game, but Schuylkill Haven should be able to handle it. 6A, 5A, 4A, and 1A should follow chalk barring a big upset.

  957. Buddy says:

    some notes:

    The PV game with Pennwood was a tale of 2 halves. It was 30 to 20 ( Pennwood) at half. PV never let them on scoreboard in 2nd half. Lots of unsportsman like penalties on Pennwood. Lot of smack talk from them. At the end, player was cussing at the ref.

    Re. NP/GV game. If Owen Thomas is still out for NP, don’t see them winning. Even with Thomas, it’s a toss-up.

  958. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Bleed Red and Black

    Thanks for the detailed info — they need to do much better on kickoffs (and extra points) if they want to go farther in the playoffs. What do you think about the DTE game? My guess is if they have a better officiating crew than last time, then Coatesville should win, but it might come down to a better game plan and coaching.

  959. 2gaps says:

    @Smoll. I see the D1 6A the same as you. In order of marquee matchups, some really good games coming up.

    Pennsbury over Neshaminy 20-17
    Coatesville over Downingtown East 42-38
    North Penn over Garnet Valley 28-24
    Pennridge over Perk Valley 21-17

    @Buddy, I heard the PV was a tale of 2 halfs. Can you confirm?? 1st half was awful gave up huge plays and over 2 TDs over 80 yds. And not much going on O at all. Heard they were outplayed but a few athletes Pennwood had. 2nd half came back from 30-14 down to win 38-30. Also heard 1 kid on Pennwood got a 45 yd penalty with 15 seconds left. How’s that possible?

    Neshaminy over Spring-Ford was exactly what I hoped wouldnt happen but was destined to. Neshaminy just pounded away at them.

  960. Mike A. says:

    Get ready for some cold football Friday night! Here is the way it looks now. This could change a little up or down as more information comes in but the bottom line is…it’s going to be MUCH colder, coldest night of the fall season so far.

    Central/East PA: Harrisbug thru Reading thru Allentown

    Fri Hi upper 30’s to mid 40’s 37-44
    Lo Sat AM low-mid 20’s 22-27
    Game time (7-10 PM) low 30’s to upper 20’s 33>28

    South Central/SE PA: Chambersburg thru Lancaster thru Philly

    Fri low-mid 40’s 41-47 possibly 50 in some areas
    Lo Sat AM mid 20’s 23-28
    Game time (7-10 PM) low to mid 30’s 36>30 possibly upper 20’s in some areas

    P.S. I used to work as a meteorologist for DOD and NOAA so I’m always following he latest forecasts and model runs.

  961. Kevin X says:

    @ Jim B

    Thanks for the info, that was the one result that caught my eye from the games over the weekend. Guess VV is happy of that result as well as they get another home game. Will be a tough task for Coughlin, but stranger things have happened. I think NoPoc may give Berwick a better game then some may think as well.

    Question, is the D2 4A final at the home of the highest remaining seed or a neutral site game???

  962. Rollie Ciffo says:

    @JimB – I have a relative who starts for Coughlin. Dallas was way over-confident…some to the point of being disrespectful. (Why wouldn’t they given the early season result?)

    Even at the end of the game, he said some of the mouthier Dallas kids were like “I can’t believe we lost to THESE GUYS.” Disrespect is a powerful motivator.

    Coach Cinti got his OL squared away so he could give premier talents like Vince Todd and Jake Cole cracks to run through. Once Todd is in the open…

  963. Jhon Robert says:

    I dont pull any punches…Im a Scranton Prep fan…

    Berwick will have NO PROBLEM handling North Pocono. if Coach Dohlan can establish the run , and score that way… Watch OUT…

    I am not sold on his offensive ways, he beat a Pittston Team solidly even after giving up almost 300 yards in Offense. North Pocono had about 130 yards on Scranton Prep. Scranton Preps defense 10x better than Berwick. Period.

    The team to beat, in 4A as I said in week 8, 9 , and 10 will be Valley View, IN SPITE of the COACHING! Tough, Strong and Speed to spare.

  964. BobD123 says:

    Is there anywhere I can get all 2017 D11 game scores week by week? I want to ELO score the teams with the algorithm 538 uses for the NFL and see how good of a fit I get. I’d rather not have to enter all the games by hand. I might if I have to but would certainly prefer to just pull it. Thx.

  965. Bruce Traney says:

    Mick –

    I’ll second that nomination for Coach Wilmot. He is tops and after coaching under Mark Schmidt since the mid-’90s it was great to see him take over after Mike Fredricks’ one-year stint.

    Coach Wilmot is 30-6 three years intro his stewardship and has two SOL National Conference championships and he has put the ‘Skins in the playoffs all three years. And with the youth on this year’s team and what’s coming up the ladder the future looks very bright.

  966. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @Cheif Red Raider

    Never really paid attention to who was on the kickoff coverage. I know in the beginning of the year the Kicker Pat Ahmed had multiple kickoffs that reached the endzone for touch backs. I don’t know what has changed, whether its the colder weather or strategy but they seem to be more directional and try to pin the ball on one side of the field. If that’s the case it comes down to positional football and guy knowing their assignments and staying in their lanes. You might be able to get away with it against Reading, WC East and Henderson but the better teams are going to exploit it.

    I had to go and watch the opening kickoff against Truman and the only noticeable players that I seen on kickoff coverage where WR Crews #8 and DE/RB Kirk #22. Everybody else seems to be combination backups, which is what you would expect to see most of the time.

  967. NepaD2 says:

    Stephen…it’s pretty obvious you’ve never played a down of varsity football. NP beat the Dawgs by 2TDs last year…that’s not luck pal…that’s the better team winning…they held you to 1 TD…and if your defense is so great how is it that they gave up 32 to Williamsport a week ago? Comon man…it’s can admit that youre a 13yr old kid posting from dad’s laptop…it’s ok lol. Listen…just look at the strength of schedule and go from there. Concentrate on beating NP first haha.

  968. Mick says:

    Neshaminy’s Steve Wilmot District 1 coach of the year? I have been a coach for over 20 years and this guy is a class act

  969. jj d2 says:

    Reality 101 – Do you just make things up? SC beat LV 31 to 27, not really a hammering. Dunmore has been to the state finals 3 more times after a state title in 89.Dunmore also has a winning record in the state playoffs. I think you are just a fan of another school that dunmore plays and are bitter over your defeat.

  970. Stephen Ridall says:

    North Pocono Got Lucky Last Year Knocking us out of the playoffs but it wont happen twice.

  971. Stephen Ridall says:

    @nepad2 are defense is to good so i dont see valley view beating us by 2 touchdowns cause i dont think they will even score

  972. Stephen Ridall says:

    @nepad2 no i’m not a kid in high school im 32 years old and i doubt what u say cause are defense is to good i dont see valley view even scoring more a less beating us by 2 touchdowns

  973. Johnny says:

    Reality101- you must be on some good drugs. I’m a district 4 guy but Dunmore has been a good team the past few years.

    Fb fan- it’s fair to say LV has a weak schedule but Southern doesn’t have a so called “easy” schedule. They could get a harder schedule, I agree there but teams with higher classification like Berwick, Williamsport and so on will not play southern as it does not benefit their playoff points by beating a double A school. Yes it would be entertaining to watch but it doesn’t benefit them to beat a school of that size . So southern can only play who is willing to play them

  974. NepaD2 says:

    As for Randall….You are CLEARLY a young kid in HS at best from your spewing of sillyness. Be careful what you wish for…and you better take care of business against the Trojans this week before you look towards your defeat that awaits if you make it to VV. The Trojans are not to be taken lightly..and Coach Dohlan will have his kids ready to play. You BEST be able to take advantage of ANY opportunities that they give you. I’ll call it now….*if* the Dawgs get past NP then they lose to VV by at least 2 TDs. And no…I’m NOT a Cougars fan. They simply have the better talent…dispite some questionable coaching at times.

  975. Craig Brown says:

    Wow…someone has a real distain for Dunmore ehh Reality??? Lol. I agree the Bucks are not likely worthy of that #3 ranking…but to say that D2 AA has been down since 92 is pretty rediculous as well. Dunmore has been to the state finals 2 or 3 times since then and a number of semi finals as well. Stop drinking the kool-aid. This year…yes…AA is very down in D2…but that hasn’t been the case since 92. Lakeland also has had state level conoetetive teams in the past. They just happened to run into Mt Carmel during the Tornado’s glory years. No worries…youre probably just a young buck that hasn’t been around long enough to know anything beyond the state title teams that you can easily find online.

  976. Brian says:

    Hey reality 101. SCA didn’t hammer Ligonier Valey. If I’m not mistaken SCA won the game 31-27.

  977. Fbfan says:

    Reality 101, how can you say d2 has been in a drought for AA since valley view won in 1992? Dunmore was in hershey in 2014 losing to a very good south Fayette team who I believe won their 32nd game in a row and their second straight state championship. And as far as dunmore not having a competitive schedule I agree, but neither do southern Columbia or ligonier valley.

  978. Mick says:

    @ chief red raider
    Neshaminy does not put their best players out either to defend kick offs

  979. Stephen Ridall says:

    @ jim b your right valley view will be coughlin pretty easy but the only bad thing is they come to berwick then for the title and will get crushed

  980. Eric W says:

    Very surprised by the Wellsboro score….would be nice to see a Goretti/Southern Columbia match-up

  981. Reality 101 says:

    P.I.A.A STATE PLAYOFF predictions for AA
    atleast part of the state .


    will have lots of talented teams aiming at them this year although I truly believe coach Roth and staff will be well ready as usual !!

    from District 6 tons of talent will try to knock SC off but from last season LIGONIER VALLEY got better they will face
    CAMBRIA HEIGHTS next week

    also from District 6 a talented BISHOP McCORT will play
    WESTMONT HILLTOP to see who moves on ward

    District 2 – The DUNMORE BUCKS will be giving it another try but before states they face CARBONDALE AREA who is in the District Championship game for the first time since 2001 when they played in class A ….

    NOTE Carbondale lost to Dunmore in regular season play 49-0

    don’t look for much from District 2 they have been in a drought for class AA for some time ever since VALLEY VIEW won the STATE TITLE in 1992 for class AA

    and with all due respect to Dunmore their lite schedule hurts them in States if you look at their schedule all the teams they beat are all having down years . In the recent game against Mid Valley they actually got a very slow start while many NEPA football fans know Dunmore is known for their power run game however this year is different they don’t have a strong run game but they do have sort of a pass game here and there but again thats against losing teams …you may be wondering why I’m focusing on Dunmore its only because they are ranked 3rd in the State all year for what reason I’m un sure
    last year Dunmore got HAMMERED by LIGONIER VALLEY who then got HAMMERED by SOUTHERN COLUMBIA and with LV returning several players from last year don’t expect the DUNMORE BUCKS to drive too far down STATE TITLE LANE there are way too many quality teams that deserve to be there far more then they do and will definitely throttle the high hopes Dunmore Bucks ….

    the pace of the game has changed too much for them since they won the P.I.A.A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP way way back in 1989

    ……..But in their small fish bowl LACKAWANNA FOOTBALL CONFERENCE and DISTRICT 2 let them feel all proud to be undefeated …enjoy STATE RANK #3 DUNMORE BUCKS
    because it most certainly WONT LAST ..nice run though haha
    maybe next year …..NOT

  982. Mike A. says:

    Yahmir Wilkerson, Micah Parsons lead Harrisburg to win over Cumberland Valley, Mid-Penn Commonwealth title

  983. phillyboy says:

    Wow, Harrisburg over Cumberland Valley 56-14. Maybe just maybe Wood will finally meet somebody in the final that will push back. Bravo to Harrisburg, keep it rolling dudes, keep it rolling. Gonna have to put in my personal day request at work this week for that Friday.

  984. Mike A. says:

    Cumberland Valley fumbles three times early, once inside the Harrisburg 30 and twice in their own territory on the first play of the series after a Harrisburg score, and the Cougars roll to a 28-0 start/35-7 halftime lead. The Cougars needed four plays several times to complete the scores but when your starting at the opponents 35 and 20 yard line you’re already in 4 down territory. It’s hard to stop them on 3 downs let alone 4 downs. Looked like CV was getting ready to pull some starters late in the 2nd quarter until Harrisburg fumbled and the CV starters were inserted to finally score. CV pulled all the starters at halftime and most of the second half was played by backups on both teams. Final was 56-14. That being said Harrisburg is in a class by themselves. No one has come close to beating them. Athletes and speed all over the field at the skill positions and a very stiff defense. I’d be shocked if they didn’t play for a 5A state championship. I think the only way they can not win the state championship is if they beat themselves through either turnovers or penalties or both and even then they STILL might win. The team that beats them will have to be relentless, minimize turnovers, have a balanced attack, and have to devise a scheme to stop both their explosive running and passing plays. CV stopped Parsons time and again in the first quarter and then boom…just like that he goes 80 yards for a TD. Good luck to whoever has to play them!

  985. Jim B says:

    Kevin X,
    Yes, the Dallas-Coughlin score was correct. And you’re also correct, Dallas beat Coughlin 56-7 in week 0.

    The difference between then and now? Despite two seniors 1000 yard rushers, Coughlin is very young. They are starting one freshman and a lot of sophomores on both sides of the ball. That game in week 0 was their first varsity action, and the team made a lot of mistakes. Basically a deer in the headlites, to be cliche.

    And I think they have a punchers chance at Valley View next week. If Todd can break a few long runs, like he did last night with a 98 yard TD run, and a punt return TD, and of course a few bounces go their way, it could be a closer game than most people expect.

  986. Stephen Ridall says:

    @ Mark D What u Think Now That We Blow Out Wyoming Area And The Same Thing Will Happen This Friday To North Pocono.

  987. Kevin X says:

    Did I see that score correctly, W-B Coughlin 28-0 over Dallas?? Didn’t Dallas give them a nice old fashion beatdown week 0/1???

  988. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Bleed Red and Black,

    It seems that C’ville doesn’t have their best players out there defending kickoffs — am I right? A lot of coaches put their best athletes out there — and that makes sense. It seems like they have given up a lot of field position all year long on kickoffs — it was driving me crazy during the DTE game. Go Red Raiders!

  989. Buddy says:

    @ Kevin:

    Yep, if O. Thomas is out, that will be HUGE. The 2 best players on the team, by far, is J. Henley and O. Thomas.

    NP’s entire defense is problematic. The only way they beat GV is to out-score them. May not happen.

    I was at the PV game. Pennridge will destroy them.
    PV really looked bad.

    Again, anyone know of live streaming for the PV/NP game?

  990. Mike Smoll says:

    District 1 Round 2 6A Playoff Predictions

    This is going to be run

    Coatesville 28 Downingtown East 27, two eveningly matched teams, Coatesville team speed wins out.

    North Penn 35 Garnet Valley 31 a repeat from last year with repeat results

    Pennridge 25 Perkiomen Vally 7 closer than game one a Pennridge 29-0 win, but pretty much the same results

    Pennsbury 21 Neshaminy 20, a reversal of two weeks ago.

    Almost all these games could go either way, but that’s the way I see em.

  991. Uncle T says:

    @ Buddy

    Garnet Valley streams all their games live via their youtube channel: Garnet Valley Football.

    Should be some awesome football next Friday. 3 toss ups, and what I believe will be at least a 2 touchdown Pennridge win over PV. Garnet Valley and North Penn have a common opponent, Haverford, which each handled by different styles: NP has game-breaking ability that changes everything in 1 play, while GV almost lulls teams to sleep by a methodical, slippery ground attack and a bend-but-don’t-break D. Pretty cool to get them together again after last year’s final, this time at GV. Let’s hope for good weather, since it feels like a 2 point conversion will decide it.

  992. frankie mc dermott says:

    next thrilling game pennsbury at neshaminy…… next nov 11..rival game

  993. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Sorry, I’m assumed your were throwing hate at Cville with the earlier comment about DTE beating them next week and then Truman possibly having any shot at an upset.

    I will gove Truman credit they have a lot of athletes. Was talking to a Cville coach before the game and he mentioned that they had a bunch of track guys but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the field.

    Regarding Worley he blew his knee out his Sr season at Cville, redshirted a year at OSU, played his fresh year and transferred to Duquesne and by the looks of it has only played limited action this year as a junior.

    Very much looking forward to DTE coming to our place next week. Our special teams were a disaster tonight, missed 3 or 4 extra points and gave Truman a short field on their first 2 possessions after giving up long returns. It will be another chess match for sure. Can DTE have success running the ball? Can Lauletta manage the game like he did 3 weeks ago? Is Aaron Young going to be held in check again? I think Stocker is the X-factor if he is able to spy Aaron as well as he did in the last meeting it’s going to be another close one!

    If Cville gets out to an early lead and is able to force DTE to throw the ball I think they can win comfortably, otherwise it might come down to who has the ball last again!

  994. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy again…..

    You’re in luck. Garnet Valley live streams all of their home football games on their Youtube channel. Just search for Garnet Valley Football on Youtube. You can do some scouting in your free time this upcoming week and watch the replay of their game tonight against CB West as well (and many of their other games this past season).

  995. Mick says:

    Some great games next week. Wish I could see a few of them. Will be at Neshaminy game who will have their hands full with Pennsbury. Could go either way. PV and Parkland pulled it out tonight after trailing at the half. Pennridge looks like they are on a roll.

  996. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy,

    Nice prediction, albeit chalky of course, but spot on. Not necessarily boring games tho with your Knights and PV. NP better find a pass defense. Then again, Mosley can make any pass D look pretty bad. Suppose it also didn’t help with O. Thomas in street clothes. Luckily Garnet Valley is all run, all the time…..

  997. Buddy says:


    Live streaming of the Garnet valley / North Penn game?

  998. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Mick

    Worley blew out his knee but still went to Penn St. as a DB. I believe he is at Duquesne now. Also, I didn’t take your comments as a knock against C’ville. I teach H.S. and I know that H.S. kids can do some weird things — almost anything is possible out on the football field.

  999. Stephen Ridall says:

    i just saw that he is only a sophomore so that means he has to more 2 years of getting beat up by berwick unless he figures out in the off season that he sucks and quits playing

  1000. Mick says:

    Good luck to all tonight with no injuries

  1001. Mick says:

    Not knocking Coatesville just throwing it out there. A lot of respect for them after watching them beat Neshaminy a few years back. What ever happened to that RB Worley? I remember he dominated that game?

  1002. Pete says:

    Chief red raider abington shut Truman out 14 0 so I doubt you guys will have any issue with them! You might end up doing to them what you did to us last year

  1003. Mike A. says:

    @ David Mika…Thanks!

  1004. D12FAN says:

    Coatesville mercy rule over Truman. Not trolling, Truman is very small and not deep, they have some nice players and new staff has done a nice job, but they are not ready for this.

  1005. Buddy says:


    There will be no upsets tonite.

    My prediction ( boring I know).

  1006. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Mick

    Bound to be some upsets, but would definitely be huge if Truman wins. I have not seen Truman play, but I’ve seen the ‘ville quite a bit — very skilled and fast, but I have seen them get burned defensively a few times.

  1007. 2gaps says:

    @Mick. If Truman beats C-ville. Ugh, never mind there isn’t an analogy crazy enough to compare.

    Just looked at the D1 5A bracket. It does stink. D1 should combine with another district if possible and only take 8 D1 5A.

    As for the 6A bracket. I love the 16 bracket. There will be an upset tonight and surprise us all. Every yr. there is a 12 or worse team that makes the final 4. Last year Garnet Valley. Was it Neshaminy the year prior? NP was an 11 seed a few years ago. Perk Valley was a 15 seed that played in the district final 4 years ago. Spring-Ford was 12 seed last yr that was a yard from taking the lead at NP last yr in the 4th. In short, D1 6A is the toughest dist top to bot in the state they need to be represented.

  1008. Bleed Red & Black says:


    What’s with the Coatesville hate? Still upset they beat DTE in the final seconds to win the Ches-Mont? A game where in addition to arguably playing their worst game of the year had to beat the refs as well.

    Coatesville doesn’t turn the ball over! Ortega hasn’t thrown an INT since the 3rd game. They have 5 fumbles and 2 INT’s this season on offense, meanwhile they’ve forced 23 on Defense. This game is not even close.

    Congrats to Truman for going 7-3, but have you looked at who they’ve beaten?

    Methacton 0-10
    Avon Grove 5-5
    Tennent 0-10
    C.R. South 4-6
    C.R. North 1-9
    Souderton 3-7
    Bensalem 5-5

    Not 1 team above .500. Only way this game stays close is if they are looking ahead to DTE next week. You can’t practice for the speed of Coatesville, which teams in the past have found out in the D1 playoffs.

  1009. David Mika says:

    Mike A. Per coach….It’s 2pm…It’s on his Facebook page

  1010. Mike A. says:

    Please confirm the game time of Cumberland Valley and Harrisburg on 11/4/17. The Eastern PA schedule I printed before the season says 11/4 @ 1PM. The schedule NOW says 11/4 @ 2 PM.


  1011. Mick says:

    How many eyes would open up if truman upset coatesville? A couple of turnovers and truman having players at the skilled positions…

  1012. JC says:

    It is a little bit cruel that the 6A and 5A Public League teams do not get to test their mettle against out-of-district teams because they’re stuck with Prep and Wood in the district. Tough situation for the hard-working kids on those teams.

  1013. FridayNightLights says:

    Does anybody know of a radio or video feed of the NP-haverford game tonight?

    While I’m at it, since I haven’t posted all year…

    Neshaminy, Pennsbury, Coatesville, DT East, PV, Pennridge, GV, NP.

  1014. Mike Smoll says:

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring of District 1 6A predictions (1st round)

    Neshaminy 31 Spring-Ford 14, Neshaminy plays in an overall tougher league

    Perkiomen Valley 30 Penn Wood 20, Just got a feeling this game may be closer than most think

    Garnet Valley 21 CB West 7 GV just most the ball too efficiently of CBW.

    Coatesville 42 Truman 17, Coatesville is the real deal, Truman had it’s best team in at least a decade.

    Downingtown East 35 OJR 17, have seen a little of DE but know almost nothing about OJR, on rep,

    North Penn 38 Haverford 24 Knights on a roll, but Haverford always tough out.

    Pennridge 38 Quakertown 17 Pennridge has made player adjustments since earlier in the year, Quakertown was never supposed to be here, next year was supposed to be their year, a Senior laden team vs a Junior/Sophomore laden one.

    Pennsbury 24 CB South 7 Pennsbury’s going to make someone pay for last week. Based on CBS still down to 3rd string QB, if QB Johns plays it could be much closer.

  1015. Frank G says:

    @phillyboy At least at the 6A level District 12 gets no bye. As for the Prep having two byes already and that being some kind of unfair advantage, the fact is that they had one bye at the end of September. Teams can choose to play a game or a have a second scrimmage in the week before Labor Day. The Prep chose to play St. Joe’s Regional for their second scrimmage after playing Bergen Catholic in their first. Would it have been easier to play a regular game against Gratz or Council Rock North or South?

  1016. Rollie Ciffo says:

    @D1Football – Excuse me. PV beat Upper Dublin 31-9…self-correcting!!

  1017. D12FAN says:


    Kevin X was referring to this week’s games againts Judge and Roman as byes and the city title round where PCL champ plays pub league champ, he is considering that a bye week. Funny ask the District 1 number 1 seed, how their bye week went against Roman week 1?
    Also, the PCL reps may cruise past the pub champs, but Gratz, Bartram, and Northeast all can play….Very very few teams state wide can hang with Prep and Wood.

  1018. Eric Weiser says:

    Good games in D3 this weekend

    Wyomissing/Berks Catholic..both 9-0
    Cumberland Valley/Harrisburg

    4 state ranked teams…35-1 combined

    Plus,CD/State College and CDE/McDevitt

  1019. Coddcatcher says:

    Yeah, phillyboy, what a bunch of primadonnas! Because the kids make the schedule and all. What did you want them to do, play O’Hara on their bye and beat them by 40 with their backups? Anybody else travel across country first game of every year? Infante rested them week one sue him. Schedule out of state powers year in year out. Yeah blame the scheduling that’s why they win.

    Also you were wrong about 5 times there champ. D12 does not get a bye and Terrell Owens used the chamber.

  1020. 2gaps says:

    @Ciffo. The bottom 3 PAC school aren’t much different than the bottom 3 Sub1 Nat schools. Or even the bottom 3 Cont. schools. Or the bottom 3 in Chesmont Nat. Every league has their weak and strong teams.

    The only difference is the PAC does the crossover as the week 9 which can net 0-90 additional win points since no team on SF or PV schedule will play a common opponent. Frankly, I applaud the PAC for think outside the box on this and giving their teams a better seed. Only a matter of time till Chesmont or Sub1 realize it. Their teams can only net out 30-60 additional win points in week 9. Only a matter of time till someone notices. Lol.

  1021. JC says:

    More teams make the playoffs than miss in D11 in every class. I feel like you could cut one round out, expand Eastern Conference back to two rounds, and it’d be better from a spectator perspective. Of course, schools like saying they made districts, so it probably won’t happen, but one can dream!

    Looking at sub-regionals would definitely be a good move, though. Again, way too many teams making the playoffs with losing records. Really gotta fix that.

  1022. Rollie Ciffo says:

    @D1football – Totally agree that D1 4A is weak, weak, weak…absolutely no argument there. With what Pottsgrove graduates and with Pennypacker out of coaching, D1 4A should get even worse. Maybe PJP2 can draw some kids and become a kind of Archbishop Wood or something.

    I’m not saying D1 6A is weak or complaining about PV’s schedule. I’m just saying the PAC 6A teams are for the most part bad. Yes, PV beat pedestrian 6A D-West & 4A Interboro teams. They were dominated by a 5A Upper Dublin (6-3, 5A #6 seed) & 6A Pennridge (8-2, 6A #7 seed). My issue is in no way with their OOC. The PAC 6A teams are the issue. IMO PV is not a top 6A team in D1. They just garnered lots of points from bad PAC 6A teams. Could they win a couple playoff games? Sure…these are teenagers. I would be absolutely shocked if they got by their 2nd round playoff game.

    As far the PAC splitting, I agree with you there too…150%.

  1023. Kevin X says:

    @ No Horse, et al

    Marian C, Catty, Salisbury, Wilson, Pottsville, Liberty, and worse of all, ES North (really, 0-10???), do not deserve to be in the playoffs, nor should they be. Any team with a loosing record does not deserve nor should be in the playoffs at any level in any district. Fine, play one or two more game as a contingency game(s), Turkey Day, or that relic the Eastern Conference.

  1024. 2gaps says:

    @D1. Yes the big school PACs have on paper a pretty good OOC schedule. PV is 7-1 against them with the only lose to a good Pennridge team this yr. SF was within 6 inches of a W and 4-0 OOC last yr and was 2-2 this year. I would love to see Sub 1 do a similar cross over approach to have a single league champ rather that 3. Talk about watered down. JK. Sub1 guys seems to get fired up easily.

    @ciffo. I agree the yds were way out of wack. Grove had 76 plays and PV only 23. I saw on twitter that the TOP was 12:xx to 36::. From what I saw PV sat in their 3-5 or 2-6 nickel defense all game. No idea why against a team that runs the ball 95% of the time and does so really well.
    They must know what their doing because the only thing that matters was the 44- 26 final. Also saw that PV was pretty confident coming into it and had Champ shirts printed up in the parking lot. They were carrying them in as I was leaving. I saw them hand them out on the field postgame. Really neat superbowl stylish.

    Anyway any thoughts on how (if) SF can upset Neshaminy? I’ll be there and I think if it gets to a shoot out SF has a small edge. Hoping for a good game. It’s the only round 1 D1 game I see a chance of an upset. If Neshaminy sticks to the ground they will roll.

    My D1 predictions
    SF over Nesh. 31-30
    PV over pennwood 38-16
    GV over CB West 28-14
    Coates over Truman 48-14
    D East over OJR 42-7
    NP over Haverford 28-20
    Pennridge over QTown 21-17
    Pennsbury over CB South 20-7

  1025. phillyboy says:

    Somebody mentioned that D12 might get a bye at some point in the playoffs. I thought they eliminated that unfair advantage. That is an obvious injustice if that’s the case. I mean Prep has already had 2 byes, are they going to have a third? I guess they’re well rested — you think?! Maybe they should each get a personal masseuse and use the hypobaric chamber like B Dawk while they’re at it.

  1026. mark d says:

    @ no horse what the difference in 5A D4 has no 5A teams and D2 only has 3 this year no D2 5A has a winning record. most of these playoff need to look at a subreagional format and get rid of these mercy rule games

  1027. D1football says:


    While the PAC 6A may not live up to your expectations, there are a few teams that play very good teams in their OOC schedule. PV has played Pennridge, Upper Dublin, CR North, Interboro, etc. recently. Spring-Ford has played State College, Wilson WL, Exeter, Whitehall and Unionville amongst others. Yes, the other 4 teams have played a weaker OOC schedule. OJR has gotten better. Boyertown is an anomaly.

    What iIS weak is the 4A playoffs. 4 teams of 6 make the Playoffs. Might as well just hand the trophy to Pottsgrove every year. Interboro is the only team that can compete year in and year out.

    While I know you will disagree, the BEST thing ever for the PAC was to split Liberty and Frontier. Pottsgrove was the only team that could compete with the 6A schools. They are still the #1 seed in 4A. And will play either PV or SFord most years in the crossover game for the championship.

    You can’t argue with PV or SFord OOC schedule versus playing Phxville, Pottstown, PJP and Upper Perk every year.

    Good luck to Pottsgrove in Districts and beyond.

  1028. Buddy says:

    @D1 football:

    I wasn’t talking about D3 at all. I was talking about D1 only. So yes, I did my research.
    You need to read a post correctly.

    Sending 16 of 33 is over-kill, so is sending 8 of 16. No doubt about it. Most would agree.

    @ Smoll:

    Yes. I was at the NP/Pennridge game. Which, BTW, was at Pennridge. No argument, they are a tough team. Very physical. They will beat PV, but they will not beat NP or GV ( whoever comes out of that game.)

  1029. Joe Gormley says:

    Where do we see D11/D12 have byes before they meet D1 winner? What am I missing?

  1030. No Horse says:

    @Kevin X
    D11’s playoff situation isn’t bad in 6A, 4A, 3A & 1A. Those teams deserve a shot at the post season. There will be some massacres the first two weeks of the bracket though. However, just because some of the contender vs pretender matchups will be mercy rule games doesn’t mean that those programs with winning records shouldn’t get a shot at the post season.

    D11 2A and 5A are a joke and they should be lumped in with another district’s bracket. Then again, I seriously doubt that D2/4 would want to play Whitehall that early in 5A.

  1031. Rollie Ciffo says:

    @2gaps – Regarding Pottsgrove @ PV, I saw PV play good all around complementary football…good spec teams, no turnovers and a bend-but-don’t break defense. Their D gave up yards? No, they hemorrhaged yards. PV was rushed on to the tune of 362 yards while PV only rushed for 46 yards (passed for 130 more). PV was dominated at the Offensive and Defensive LOS. The reason PV won is pure and simple…they won the turnover battle 5-0 (a pick-6 & a Fumble-6). They did not beat themselves. Are they a good team? Yes. Being good in those areas is the hallmark of a well coached team. That they are a 2 seed in the D1 6A playoffs is purely a function of acquiring playoff points due to playing in an absolutely horrible league loaded with poor 6A teams(Pioneer). They might get by 15th seed Penn Wood in the first round. I expect them to get slaughtered by Pennridge. Why? Because Pennridge already beat PV this year 29-0. This is EXACTLY why there should be 16 team brackets…to weed out the frauds who acquire playoff points in a subpar league.

  1032. Mick says:

    Don’t count Neshaminy out since they know how to win, but it wont be easy. Hats off to players and coaches for winning their league. 2017 was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Downingtown east will beat Coateville this time. North Penn will not be able to stop GV running game. Downingtown East will win District 1

  1033. Kevin X says:

    @ Eric W. and Buddy

    As much as I would like to agree with you guys on this, there are better examples of too many teams/overkill in the playoffs. You still have less than half the teams qualifying (16 of 33) in D1 6A, and they all have winning records. In fact, you have 3 teams with winning records who are shut out. Yes, D1 5A should go with 8, maybe 12 with the top 4 teams getting byes.

    Where is it that D11/D12 have a bye week waiting for D1 to finish?? No break there, unless you want to consider that LaSalle/Prep basically have a bye week this week and in two and a half weeks for whoever wins their re-match, they will have another in essence bye that week before taking on Parkland.

    Just look at D2 5A and 6A, D11 the whole district, and the PCL from D12 (ok, maybe all of D12) if you want some good examples of running jokes of playoff situations.

  1034. Mike Smoll says:

    @Buddy Have you actually seen Pennridge? They cause big (meaning big as in their size) problems for almost everyone. They play hard, their Linebackers are as good if not better than any in the state, and their Linebackers (middle two) average in the 6’2″-6’3″ 240 range and trust me they can run. They will be a tough out for anyone in District 1, not saying they will beat everyone, just that they are more than capable of beating anyone too.

  1035. JC says:

    Honestly, the playoffs are pretty bloated in most eastern districts besides D3. If D1, D2, and D11 all took away one week of the playoffs, it’d take away a lot of noncompetitive matchups (and teams making the playoffs with losing records).

  1036. D1football says:


    D3 only has 16 6A schools. D1 has 33. So the numbers are the same. Same % of teams making playoffs. If sending 16 of 33 is overkill, then sending 8 of 16 is also overkill.

    16was a perfect number with 44 teams. 1/3 make playoffs. Nobody had a losing record. Almost no team had 3 losses. It has to get watered down going to 6 classifications.

    5A u may have an argument…

    Do some research…

  1037. Buddy says:

    @ Erik:

    absolutely. When states started (’88), D1 only sent 8 teams for quite a few years. When we had only 4 classes there were 44- 4A schools in D1, now that we have 6 classes, I believe there are only 33- 6A schools in D1. sending 16 teams is definetly over-kill. PLUS, the other half of the playoffs ( D11, D12 etc) have a bye week waiting for D1 to finish. ridiculous.

    Also, 5A should only send 8, instead of their current 16. Again, over-kill.


    PV vs Pennridge in the 2nd round should be a good game. Hope PV wins, only because my daughter teaches there. But I suspect pennridge will. Game will be at PV. The Pennridge gets their wish, either NP or Garnet Valley will be next.

  1038. McD65 says:

    Mike Smoll, I agree with your comments regarding Pennridge. It seems every year they have a solid hard hitting team with the ability to beat most teams in the area. I do wish they could get to the D-1 final . They are a deserving bunch.

  1039. Bro47 says:

    Neshaminy seems to be the biggest over-rated #1 in a long time. Will make it to the second round but no farther. Downingtown E or Coatsville should be #1

  1040. Eric W says:


    Yes, I believe D1 should do what D3 did and go to 8 teams in 6A……this would eliminate blowouts/3Q mercy rules that happened in D3 in first round playoff games on a regular basis

  1041. D12FAN says:

    Don’t count out Spring-Ford they could win 2 before bowing to Coatesville. They will be well coached with an experienced QB and decent size.

  1042. JC says:

    As a side note, it’s a bit of a pipe dream, but I’d love to see Bartram upset Imhotep. Hoping for a good, competitive game, at the very least.

  1043. JC says:

    @ No Horse:

    I guess I just get the feeling that that game was more of a trap game for ACC. They had not lost to any EPC North team in their time in the division yet, and ES-S definitely had some extra motivation on their side to become the first to hand them a loss. If they can come out with that same fire, then I feel like a win could be likely, but I’ve seen too many lapses in concentration this season to give my full confidence.

    As for D11 teams playing D1 teams, EPC teams don’t have room in the schedule to play OOC games right now, as they’ve got 8 division games and 2 inter-division games set for the forseeable future. Perhaps that will change, but unfortunately no regular season matchups can happen there anytime soon.

  1044. mark d says:

    Stephen if i were Berwick i would not be worrying about Valley View and North Pocono i be getting ready for Wyoming area 3 point win in September! a team that getting another life after a tough season 4- 3 point losses 1- 1 point loss. not the type of team i would over look keep looking at Valley View and other teams and you be watching them from the stands !

    in over some

  1045. Buddy says:

    Talkin’ D1 playoffs here.

    The 1st round games are all yawners. Maybe the exception being Pennsbury/CBS ( but I doubt it)

    The 2nd round games are killers. They should really be the semi’s. DTE/C’ville and NP/GV. Doesn’t get any better then that. Hate to say it, but Neshaminy & PV don’t really have a chance even though they are #1 & #2 seeds.

  1046. No Horse says:

    @ Kevin X

    D1 could always travel north to pick up 6A games. D11 has plenty of them and the Lehigh Valley isn’t that far away.

  1047. bog says:

    friday night i watched the old forge vs. dunmore game on a local tv broadcast. i almost always go to the games,but for family reasons watched this game on tv. it is surprising to me the lack of preparation along with the lack of observationally the broadcast team. i know it is high school football,and done on a shoestring budget. but it seems a simple look at the stat sheets would be necessary. a case in point is the announcers repeated reference to dunmore’s strong running game. a look at the stats will show that dunmore does not have 1 running backing in the top 10 for yards gained in their division. also no mention of the fact that dunmore did not have a tailback carry the ball until late in the 3rd quarter when the game was already decided and the 2nd team was getting playing time. the fullback for dunmore had all the carries to that point. dunmore does not have a running game this year and it will come back to hurt them once they get out of d2. old forge is a good team, and plays hard. i think old forge’s running stats are a little skewed. for instance their top back was on the field against holy cross in the 4th qtr. adding to old forge’s rushing stats with a 60 yard td run with the game long decided. against dunmore when the 2nd teams are on the field they ran him again. could be a reason that is not readily apparent,as old forge is a very small school with roster size and injuries always a concern. my only reason for mentioning it is that i have heard complaints from holy cross fans, and some others that old forge is sometimes slow to take the foot off the gas pedal against teams that are not very good. i apologize in advance to the old forge fans and team because i know they will not appreciate this comment. i’m just saying, as part of conversation i have heard this complaint numerous times. they are a great program and good luck to dunmore and old forge in the playoffs. thank you

  1048. Mike A. says:

    Mike’s **UPDATED** East Top 10 6A as of 10/31
    Cumberland Valley
    Dtown East
    Manheim Township
    North Penn
    Del Valley
    HM: Easton, Pennridge, Neshaminy, Pennsbury, Central Dauphin, Garnett Valley, Perkiomen Valley, Nazareth, Wilson WL

  1049. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy

    understood. Just trying to say there was potential for a few more “bonus” points. Running the numbers, if everything would of worked out in C’Ville’s favor, they only would of traded places with Garnet for the #3 seed. Only would of been an issue if they would met Garnet in the D1 final for home field. Spring-Ford also has two outstanding D3 games that they left potential bonus points on the table as well. Again, don’t think they really mattered. They’d still be the #16 seed.

    One tweak in the ratings/rankings for D1, maybe just count games played against other D1 schools in the ranking averages. Since they are ratings/rankings for the D1 playoffs. That would also let D1 teams have less “point” pressure and play more freely outside of D1 early in the season.

  1050. sausmann9 says:

    I just love the way the PIAA does everything in their power to make sure you cannot see both games in one day or have to buy two tickets and spend all day if you stay for both games. Sadly they lose a lot of money this way. Another example of the blind leading the blind, lol.

  1051. Jeff says:

    @ Kevin X – no one in the west is going to challenge Harrisburg, they will beat the WPIAL winner (either PT, Gateway or McKeesport) by 3 scores, they beat WA last year 42-10, and last years WA team was better than any team in the WPIAL in 5A this year (I’ve seen all the 5A teams in the WPIAL in person the last 2 yrs as I have 2 kids in the Woodland Hills Band). Based on the way AW handled LaSalle last weekend it’s a virtual certainty there will be a rematch between AW and Harrisburg, and that game could go either way, but I wouldn’t bet against AW.

    In 6A no one in the west will challenge PR, even with their top receiver Ray Falcone likely out for the season after getting hurt against NA, they will still win the WPIAL title and beat State College in the quarters and the D3 winner (presumably CV) in the semis, setting up a showdown with SJP, I had that game as a tossup if PR at full strength, but definitely give the edge to SJP without Falcone, time will tell.

    Someone asked earlier about the east winning 4A, I don’t see Erie Prep losing, they are better than last year and can play with any team in the state regardless of classification, IMO they will handle Berks Catholic in the semi-finals just like last year and beat Imhotep (if they get past Bechai, which is no sure thing) in the final again.

  1052. No Horse says:

    I’m more impressed with the victory over ACC. If they play like that, they’ll win. Not that this is the best ACC team, but I think ACC is better than Southern Lehigh.

    Any guesses for the most points scored in D11 this week? I’ll say Williams Valley followed by Lehighton, Whitehall and Palisades.

  1053. Stephen Ridall says:

    I Heard North Pocono And Valley View Is Thinking About Forfeit this weeks playoffs games cause they dont wanna play berwick is that true.

  1054. Bri says:

    I see a pennridge vs north penn in the semis with a coatesville vs neshaminy game. Tough to beat north penn @ north penn but pennridge can play with anybody. Curious to see how perk valley does in this bracket

  1055. Mike Smoll says:


    Pennridge is still a load, and that kid Tarburton is as good of a LBer as you will see around these parts.

  1056. Uncle T says:

    @ Buddy,

    Garnet Valley is in the southwest part of Delco, just above the Delaware border at the Route 1 and 202 intersection. It’s at least a solid hour drive for North Penn, up to 90 minutes with traffic. But GV had to go to Neshaminy and Perk Valley last year though and crushed both of them, so it’s a non-issue for a good team.

    I see it like you do- the winner of GV/NP is in the final against the C’ville/DTownEast winner. Those 2 second round games will be dynamic. Perk Valley is ok, but I think they’ll struggle to get through Pennridge, and Neshaminy or Pennsbury will get blown out by Coatesville and/or struggle mightily with DTown East. As someone else said though, as good as Coatesville is this year they will be a wrecking crew next year, maybe the best team in the state.

  1057. Bleed Red & Black says:


    Coatesville is already playoff experienced with this young team. They made it to the D1 Semi’s last year losing to NP, probably a year sooner than many “experts” predicted.

    Ricky Ortega was a freshman starting QB, RB Aaron Young was the featured back as a soph, WR/DB Avery Young (Rutgers commit) was a JR, leading WR this year Dapree Bryant also played a huge role last year as a freshman. They are also returning a few OL and Defensive players from last year’s team.

    Things aren’t changing next year either with the starting QB,RB and #1 WR all returning. Barring injuries they will be right back in the talk as top D1 teams again next year.

  1058. 2gaps says:

    What D1 6A school will be the first to be upset? I’m going with Nesh. Way out on a limb but saw both play 2x’s this yr. SF has a big talented Oline and quick deceptive RB that will give Neshaminy fits. I think both will score in the 30’s. Nesh. will be able to grind the ground game at will but it may not be enough.

    2nd possible upset Pennridge vs Q-town or PV vs Pennwood.

    Every other game will have the favorite winning by 20+.

  1059. JC says:

    @ No Horse:

    Pretty much agree with most you have there. Only one I would doubt is ES-S over Southern Lehigh. South has lost big in every road game they had against a half-decent team, and after their shootout against Dieruff I have concerns about their defense. It’ll be closer than last year but I still see Solehi coming out ahead.

    Of course, whoever wins gets pasted by Whitehall in the following round, so it’s not really all that consequential in the grand scheme of things.

  1060. David Mika says:

    2017 PA HS Football District & Statewide Brackets are up….

  1061. Buddy says:

    If NP can get by Garnet valley, not a given considering NP’s run defense is their weak link, they will be in the D1 final. Not really a very profound statement looking at the brackets.

    In the other half of the bracket, I see parkland & SJP. Could be a better game then most expect. Parkland can both run & pass.

  1062. No Horse says:

    Let me not go out on a long limb here with some D11 predictions.

    D11 6A
    Parkland over Liberty
    Stroudsburg over PM-W

    D11 5A
    Whitehall over ES-N
    ES-S over Southern Lehigh. Southern Lehigh’s soft schedule doesn’t do them any favors getting ready for this.

    D11 4A
    Becahi is going to roll over Pottsville this weekend.
    ACC over Saucon Valley – closer than most expect.

    D11 3A
    Palisades over Wilson
    Lehighton over Salisbury

    D11 2A
    Palmerton over Catasaqua
    Schuykill Haven over Mahanoy

    D11 1A
    Williams Valley all over Marian Catholic – Williams Valley looks like they want a shot at the state final.
    Tri Valley over Nativity

    Not quite as easy games to pick:

    Nazareth over Easton
    Freedom over Emmaus

    -Tamaqua beats Jim Thorpe after the physical game JT had to suffer through last week. Tough Tamaqua team has to be angry about the hail mary a few weeks ago and they should come in angry against a banged up JT team.

    North Schuykill and Notre Dame should be fun, but I think ND will outscore them at the end. This may be the most fun game to watch in D11 this week.

  1063. T. Football says:

    SeasonedVet1965 says:
    October 24th, 2017 at 12:13 pm
    PIAA Rule for In-Season Transfer…any rules on this process. If a student athlete decides to transfer from a PIAA participating school to another during the specific sport season. Can this happen? Is the student-athlete deemed ineligible? Does the receiving school in jeopardy of taking a kid in-season at this moment? Must this student-athlete re-register with PIAA under the new school?

    There is a rule, but it is obviously a bad one.
    Case in point:
    Last season a player (at the time suspended from school) transfers mid season from Central Dauphin to Harrisburg and actually plays against one of the opponents twice. Once for CD and then again for Harrisburg. Honestly?!

  1064. 2gaps says:

    @tom F, I was at the PV game too. PV seems to like the bend and don’t break D. Pottsgroves 1st 2 scoring drives were only successful because of 3rd down penalties by PV that extended the drives. They get stops on those drives and their D probably doesn’t get worn out. I would have liked to see PV offense get going a bit because they are probably the 2nd fastest team in D1 behind C-ville. Their 4 defensive scores put their O on safe mode.

    @ciffo. Not sure what you saw but Grove had the best player on the field but PV was heads and tails better all around. Their D gave up yds but swarmed to the ball better than any team I’ve seen this year. If they figure out their LBs are better moving forward that sitting on their heels, they will stop a lot of drives faster and make a nice run in that side of the bracket. Garnet Valley knows how to run at them so they could get killed against them again if they don’t change their d read and react plan.

    As for the bracket, I agree the points system doesn’t rank the teams always correct but every coach knows the system and it’s their choice to play a team with 2 scrimmages and potentially losing win bonus points. I would have loved to go to NP/Cville week 2. I guess I’ll settle for D-east vs C-ville repeat.

    D1 top 8 teams are probably the toughest group of 8 in the state and potentially any of them can move on. Not sure who can beat SJP though.

  1065. Mike A. says:

    “That CV/H-burg game should be a good one tho.”

    Not so sure but I hope it is. Harrisburg will be favored by at least two TD’s, maybe more. Their closest game is a 19 point win (made closer only by two late Imhotep TD’s in mop up time against the JV’s) and a 23 point win over State College where they exploded in the third quarter after SC tied the game at 21. Harrisburg is really good, maybe the best team in the state regardless of class, and if they get any kind of a lead I can see CV pulling some of their starters, especially after the half. CV may be able to hang close for a half with ball control and some HBG mistakes but it’s tough to contain their explosive offense an entire game with the athletes they have. I can see both team playing lots of subs in the second half if Harrisburg goes up by more than two TD’s. CV can tie for the mid Penn Commonwealth title, which may give some motivation, but why take a chance on injury if Harrisburg pulls away when CV has the District 3 6A #1 seed pretty much locked up anyways…even with a loss? I think CV’s D3 lead is too much to be caught unless a bizarre set of circumstances were to occur. Even then they would be #2.

  1066. phillyboy says:

    Are you kidding ME?! ….CV vs. Harrisburg ‘oh by the way’ as a last game. That’s the type of game that should be played at the beginning of the season. Would expect Harrisburg to take it but that’s a tough situation for them. It’s better to have an easier game at this point so as to conserve physical and emotional energy for the playoff run. On the other hand a big win over a very good 6A team to close out the regular season is a statement and confidence builder which could carry over.

  1067. Jay says:

    Last comment for now, I promise. A lot to say I guess. I’m Really looking forward to these playoffs. In AAAAAA I’m not sure anyone will get through SJP, other than maybe D7 Pine-Richland, but as far as in the East… Parkland? Doubtful. D1 champ? A few teams have a shot, but I’m really liking Coatesville and North Penn as the best chances to go to Hershey.

    Also, a note on Coatesville… they are fantastic this year but if they get some good playoff experience this year, with their biggest star players returning next year, they will be the team to beat in D1 next year… and possibly the entire east.

  1068. Jay says:

    How come the District 3 regular season ends next weekend when everyone else has already wrapped up theirs regular season? How does this affect the playoffs seedings? For instance, Coatesville played Cumberland Valley, who will most likely lose to Harrisburg next week. So wouldn’t that loss affect Coatesville’s bonus points? Or is there a cut-off of some sort? Sorry if this has already been discussed, I don’t comment too often until the playoffs begin.

  1069. Jay says:

    District 1 AAAAAA Playoff Matchups

    #1 Neshaminy vs #16 Spring-Ford
    #2 Perkiomen Valley vs #15 Penn Wood
    #3 Garnet Valley vs #14 CB West
    #4 Coatesville vs #13 Harry S. Truman
    #5 Downingtown East vs #12 Owen J. Roberts
    #6 North Penn vs #11 Haverford
    #7 Pennridge vs #10 Quakertown
    #8 Pennsbury vs #9 CB South

    Results are not official until 24 hours after the seeding meeting, which was scheduled for 10am this morning.

  1070. David Mika says:

    They are all done….Just need D7…

  1071. Buddy says:

    Brackets are on PIAA District one.

    ( Can’t wait for Mika 🙂 )

  1072. Buddy says:

    @ Kevin:

    Any games played this coming weekend (like CV vs H’burg), does not count in our ( D1) playoff points.

    @ Smoll:

    Np beat Penridge AT Pennridge.

  1073. Kevin X says:

    @ Zack

    Ok, a little bit of follow-up. And you guys feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this, as I’m far from an expect with these points, ratings, and ranking.

    First, I don’t believe C’Ville is penalized, or loosing (missing out on), any “win” points. They already played all their games, and have been calculated. What they may be missing are the “bonus” points for wins by their opponents. I don’t know if C’Ville got another 10 bonus points for Simon Gratz’s PPL playoff win this weekend. Also, CV plays Harrisburg this weekend, good chance they won’t win that game, so no 10 points there, unless CV upsets H-Burg. Same with Reading, they need to win next weekend as well for C’Ville to grab 10 more bonus points. Thinking that game may be a toss up. You D3 guys can handicap those two matches. That CV/H-burg game should be a good one tho.

  1074. Vikings98 says:

    Wood not only beat lasalle they put up more total offense, 379 yds for Wood to 274 for lasalle. Take away some unforced errors and penalties and would have been worse. Too many play makers for lasalle? The play makers showed up, and they were on Wood. lasalle’s line was supposed to be too big. I think they had 40 yards rushing and Wood’s D had 3 picks. So much for a 2 score lasalle win.

  1075. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @zack felter

    Sure they might be getting penalized “win” points, but is it a certainty that Gratz would have beat whoever their 10th game would have been against? Is Reading going to beat a Muhlenberg? Is Cumberland Valley going to beat Harrisburg? Possible but not a guarantee. Even if they all win those 10th games they would have been at best the #2 seed.

    The issue is they blew a 14-0 2nd half lead to Cumberland Valley! A game that they They win that game and they are the #1 seed no question asked.

    They are one of the best teams in the district. Your going to have to beat good teams to win D1 if that means going through DTE, Neshaminy/Pennsbury and NP, to win the title then so be it!

  1076. Kevin X says:

    @ Zack,

    They made/choose their schedule, not the PIAA or D1. They made their own bed, now they have to lie in it. They should of taken care of business early on out at CV and this would be a non issue.

  1077. Kevin X says:

    @ D12FAN

    Easily??? Handled, yeah, maybe. Easily, hardly. LaSalle was one 4th down overthrown wide open pass for a touchdown that would of tied the score in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Next play Peoples rumbles for 60 plus yards for a TD. Turning point No. 1. Then Pitts short Int. return for TD a few minutes later being turning point No. 2. Despite that, LaSalle was still in the game to about the middle of the 4th quarter.

    Agreed, Wood and H-Burg most likely in a big time rematch in Hershey. Just wondering if any 5A school in D7 can step up against H-Burg. No one in the east is going to challenge Wood. Seen this script before.

    Shame that LaSalle and Prep will meet again in two weeks. Once again, only 3 6A teams in that other eastern bracket, LaSalle, Prep, Parkland, with any chance of facing the D1 rep. Getting boring quick. Love to see some form of a 16 team 6A super regional mixing up D2 (now playing in the western bracket, really?), D11 and D12. Seed them 1 Prep, 2 Parkland, 3 LaSalle, and 4 Delaware Valley. Potential semis of SJP/DV and Parkland/LaSalle would be a welcome change (at least for me). Fill in teams 5-16 with whatever…….

  1078. Buddy says:

    @Uncle T:

    Is that the way it shakes out?
    Hope you’re right. I had heard it was C’ville and NP 2nd round.

    It’s screwed up. You got the 4 best teams on same side of bracket. You got Nesh & PV top 2 seeds, they would be destroyed by the other 4 ( or I know NP would beat ’em).

    BTW, where the hell is Garnet Valley?

  1079. Mike Smoll says:

    I think everyone is counting Pennridge out of the District 1 playoffs, but they are a team who could surprise many, they lost to Neshaminy at Neshaminy early in the season 23-14, in a game that was 16-14 mid to late 4th qtr, they lost to North Penn at North Penn 45-35, in a game that was 28 all at the end of the 3rd, and beat a good Perkiomen Valley 29-0. They will be a tough out for anyone in District 1.

  1080. Zack Felter says:

    Coatesville is penalized “win” points due to playing 2 District 3 schools and a Simon Gratz team that only played 9 games….how can PIAA allow for this regarding seeding for playoffs?

  1081. D12FAN says:

    Surprised how easily Wood handled Lasalle, not surprised Wood won again. Looks like 2 trains heading down the tracks in Hershey for a Hburg and Wood rematch. Both need to take care of business, but would be fun. Unless lasalle wins states that will be 9 loses in 2 seasons. Prep/PR would be another great rematch….

  1082. UncleT says:


    Looks like Garnet Valley gets the 3 seed and North Penn gets the 6, so we’re set up for at a D1 final rematch in the 2nd round, this time at Garnet Valley. That, along with Coatesville/DTown East also in the 2nd round, will be the best game of the tournament other than the final. Those are the 4 best teams in D1, and 2 of them will be out after the 2nd round.

  1083. Walter says:

    When will we know the Eastern Conference Playoff brackets?

  1084. Rollie Ciffo says:


    Pottsgrove choked. They ran over, around, and through PV to the tune of 334 yards and 27 First downs but…they lost. 5 huge turnovers. Gotta give it to PV. They had inferior athletes but they played mistake free football.

  1085. Clark31c says:

    What day will the play off bracket be in for District 1 6A…

  1086. Tom F says:

    Pottsgrove/Perkiomen Valley Pac 10 championship was a very bizarre game. Pottsgrove only punted once all night, had 325 yards on the ground and ran 3 times the number of plays but got blown out due to 5 turnovers, 2 which led to defensive scores. Been a while since I’ve seen a game like that.

  1087. David Mika says:

    Buddy…..As soon as we get the matchups I will update the brackets….

  1088. Buddy says:

    @ Mika

    I believe the seeding committee meets on Sunday. Will you have the playoff brackets by Monday?

    @et al:

    Funny how the standings shake out sometimes. The top 3 seeds are not the 3 best teams in D1. But hey, that’s the point system. I personally don’t think there is a better way.

  1089. frankie mc dermott says:

    I am so proud neshaminy hs rallied to beat pennsbury 21 to 20 in 7 min left despite pennsbury 20 to 7 ..good luck to district playoffs

  1090. Bro47 says:

    Neshaminy wins but was out played, check stats, will be district one best team in playoffs

  1091. Bro47 says:

    Neshaminy wins but was out played, Stats, will be district one top team

  1092. Mgguy says:

    With Wilson West Lawn win tonight clinch 42nd straight winning season. Last losing season 1963. Congrats on bouncing back after loss last week.

  1093. Mike says:

    The St. Joe’s Prep community is reeling after the sudden death of a junior in south Philadelphia this past week. The senior class lost a young man, Ryan Gillyard, on the practice field a few years back. Sure they have all the talent in the world and not getting into any sort of debate about that but my hat will be off to this team if they can maintain focus all the way to Hershey…all I’m asking is that we give these young men a little credit in this difficult time and if you’re so inclined say a prayer for the Prep community this weekend. Sometimes life shows you it’s bigger than football. Health and happiness to all the PA schools hitting the gridiron this weekend. AMDG.

  1094. frankie mc dermott says:


  1095. Michael Smoll says:

    @Buddy yeah, I could easily added a few more, Palisades vs Saucon Valley Colonial League title on the line, Upper Dublin-Upper Moreland SOL American title on the line, and how about Lehighton-Jim Thorpe?

  1096. TomF says:

    Kevin X, miss those days of Curry’s Berwick teams taking on all comers. Saw them several times, they played a tough Glenn Mills team down here in Montgomery County.

  1097. mark d says:

    @Blakely Dallas should not be forgotten real tough at home valley View always has a tough time playing their AAAA is wide open i still feel that Valley View has the best talent, but they also have that side line problem i think it going to be exciting playoff in AAAA
    AAAAAA DEl valley
    AAAAA Wallenpaupack
    AAAA Valley View
    AAA Scranton Prep
    AA Dunmore
    A Old Forge

  1098. phillyboy says:

    Noticed that one of Neshaminy’s star players is the son of former Eagle Vaughn Hebron. Just wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Hebron. There are actually some individuals out there, some independent thinkers; not every former pro football player has to send their son to an elite private school. There’s several rock solid suburban school districts that are excellent both academically and athletically. I think Vaughn deserves a cheer: H-E-B-R-O-N Hebron!

  1099. Buddy says:

    I think Nesh. wins that ( tho I hope not).
    I’ll take LS over Wood.

    Bigger then those is Pottsgrove at PV ( PAC-10 championship). Want PV to win but Pottsgrove will.

  1100. No Horse says:

    @Kevin X

    Maybe BC should reach out to Berwick for a non conference home and home series. They’re both 4A and could use quality opponents on their schedules and they’ve always been willing to play a bit away from home. Besides, getting top programs from D2 and D3 together would be entertaining to watch.

  1101. Michael Smoll says:

    A couple big games this weekend, Pennsbury-Neshaminy, I’ll take Pennsbury (better front 7 on defense) LaSalle-Wood (I like Wood)What’s other people think?

  1102. Kevin X says:

    @ Eric W

    Yes, it is a shame. Wasn’t that a homecoming game as well?? Would of been a memorable weekend if they beat Imhotep on homecoming. What was the coach’s reaction?? Thinking maybe the AD was taking the heat for the coach with that excuse. This maybe stating the obvious, but isn’t this week 9?? Get ready?? Not like Imhotep had anymore time to prepare. Anything riding on the game for BC, like playoff implications (seedings??). Oh well, what could of been, water under the bridge at this point, let’s hope they meet next season….

    Oh, and not to let Imhotep off the hook, what was that scheduling of Paul International last week?? Why/who cancelled the game. Probably good thing, worse mismatch then any of BC’s opponents this year. They (‘Tep and BC) seem to be in the same boat as being a mid level schools that are really good and no one wants to play them. Victims of their own successes????

  1103. TomF says:

    JoePa, FWIW, BC’S HC Keeley said that TEP will be on the schedule next year. Since both teams are having difficulty scheduling opponents, it should be easy to do.

  1104. mark d says:

    @Stephen have you seen Valley View or North Pocono play ???? or film of them ???. i think that most people would agree the the WVC is having a down year and teams over all are not as strong, i have seen Berwick on film and to be honest not impressed, but i have your word that their world beaters and will win the district which i not sure is a reward !!!

  1105. Beca4Ever44 says:

    I am back after a hiatus and writing for Dave from 2006 till 2010 or so. I also was upset with my Alma Mater Bethlehem Catholic as I did not approve with the way the program was run as far as the Personal Fouls and disrespect to the program.

    With that said,I think the East (including Harrisburg) has a shot at 6A, 5A, and 4A


  1106. Eric Weiser says:

    @Kevin X,

    His excuse was that they “needed more time to get ready”. I’m sure that BC would have been fine if they were playing an 2-6 team where they would have been winning 49-0 @ half. BC is taking a lot of heat in Berks County and D3 for that decision…a real shame. Mercy ruling bad teams is easy, playing/beating good teams is hard. Plus Tep was willing to come to BC for the game,very sad

  1107. Stephen Ridall says:

    @ Blakely Bear What U Talking about dallas they aint gonna win nothing berwick already beat them once and they will do it again

  1108. JoePa says:

    I agree with Eric W. regarding Berks Catholic. You have to put up or just shut up regarding scheduling. BC AD needs to do some homework regarding the scheduling to get non conference games. Now is the time to begin to get stronger tier teams to play even if it is away and away for two years. Maybe Tom F. CAN GET THE BALL ROLLING.

  1109. Blakely Bear says:

    People talking about Berwick, NP, and Valley View, don’t leave Dallas out of it.

  1110. mark d says:

    ps where did North Pocono win the district last year ?

  1111. Stephen Ridall says:

    @ Mark D I do Watch Berwick Play I been to every game and i don’t need some website cause i know we will win the district championship and be going to states.

  1112. phillyboy says:

    @ Jeff

    There’s always that chance Springfield could be better than one imagines. Problem is, a lot of these public teams who play local so-so opponents occasionally go undefeated only to get routed by a strong private a couple, few rounds into the playoffs. After you’ve seen that scenario play out a few times it effects your outlook on it. I still remember back in 2009, only the second year of the PCL membership in the PIAA, when LaSalle played Ridley in the Eastern final. That Ridley team had a great defense and smash mouth offense. I still have respectful memories of that team, but it was upsetting to see an ostensibly very strong team get taken apart. It kind of recalibrates your expectations.

    Btw, you think NA could pull off a huge upset over Pine Richland this week? The conventional wisdom says no but NA is definitely not chopped liver. After all, they are the University of North Allegheny, right? Somebody else referred to them as such, thought that was pretty good. lol

  1113. mark d says:

    @Dawg pound WVW a 3-6 team that avg giving up 30 point game not the best example.And a AAA team that got blow out by prep your not scaring me.Berwick is real tough at home but Valley View has won their before. but i still believe that North Pocono is to physical for them time will tell

  1114. No Horse says:

    @ Jeff
    If they win D1, Pottsgrove will get their shot at Becahi in the playoffs. I don’t think that will go well for them. Becahi is pretty impressive.

    State semi-final in 4A will likely be Becahi v Imhotep. It should be a much more competitive game than people think. Both of those teams play rough schedules unlike Berks Catholic or Pottsgrove. Beating bad teams is very different than being playoff ready.

    Southern Lehigh will find that out when its time for playoffs too. Despite any rankings that you may see, Whitehall is going to maul them.

  1115. NCFALCONS82 says:

    Lasalle Vs Wood should be an exciting game to watch. I think Lasalle pulls off the victory. Prediction: Lasalle 28 Wood 21

  1116. Jeff says:

    @ Michael – I didn’t say I thought Springfield could compete with Wood, I was merely asking the question. I live in Pittsburgh and don’t see any of these teams other than what I read on sites like this one and others, so I was curious if anyone in the east thought they had a shot. From afar it appears they will lose by 3 TD’s, just wondering if those that follow D1/D12 thought the same way.

    While I’m at it does anyone think Pottsgrove has a chance against Becahi or Imhotep? Or are we headed for a rubber match between ECP and Imhotep?

  1117. Dawg Pound says:

    @Jhon Robert
    You are not aware Berwick played their first six games with a backup qb. Since Marshman returned, berwick is scoring an average of 40 points a game including 44 points against WVW. Berwick will be #1 seed in 4A D2 playoffs this year, so VV and NP will have to win at Crispin not up in Scranton area.

  1118. mark d says:

    @Stephen MAX PREP ??? thy dont get on the field ranking mean nothing.I will he surprised if Berwick get passed North Pocono to even see Valley View try watching team actually play and not a poll on some web site !!!!!

  1119. Kevin X says:

    @ Eric W

    What was the BC’s ADs lame excuse for not playing??? I’m guessing Imhotep would of travelled up to Reading for the game.

  1120. Jhon Robert says:

    @Mark d @Stephen Ridall

    I am a Scranton Prep fan , not Valley View,
    I have seen every 4A School in the playoffs play this season.

    Valley View by far is the Toughest and Fastest in the District. They lost close games to two 6A schools, and the 2nd ranked team in 3A

    Tested much more than Berwick…lost to Selinsgrove , was held in check by Dallas , Wyoming Area, and play Williamsport this week.

    Berwick hasnt faired well against the Lack Conference as of late, Berwick is GOOD but Im afraid this year like the last couple VS the Lack Conference…NOT GOOD ENOUGH

  1121. Eric W says:

    Very sad that Berks Catholic AD came up with a very lame excuse,as to not play Tep this week. I’m sure BC coach not very happy. I live in Wyomissing and went to WWL and have followed the Bulldogs my whole life. The way you get better and get respect throughout the state is to play the best,when possible. Not mercy rule every team inferior team with losing records.

  1122. Michael says:

    @ Jeff if you think Springfield is actually can compete with a Wood you’re crazy

  1123. Stephen Ridall says:

    @ Mark D What Are u Talking about according to berwick is better then both valley view and north pocono and north pocono is worse they valley view

  1124. SeasonedVet1965 says:

    PIAA Rule for In-Season Transfer…any rules on this process. If a student athlete decides to transfer from a PIAA participating school to another during the specific sport season. Can this happen? Is the student-athlete deemed ineligible? Does the receiving school in jeopardy of taking a kid in-season at this moment? Must this student-athlete re-register with PIAA under the new school?



  1125. No Horse says:

    @ ND Fan

    Notre Dame will play North Schuykill in the 1st round as 4v5. This week will determine who is 4 and who is 5. The loser of the Jim Thorpe @ Lehighton game will get Tamaqua. Thats a much harder game than what the winner gets with either Wilson or Salisbury.

    Palisades can only be #1 or #2 depending on what they do against SV this week. Win and they’re #1, Lose and they’re going up to the mountains for the final.

    Anyone have a prediction on Palisades v Saucon Valley?

    The Jim Thorpe @ Lehighton game should be fun. They hate each other and the teams strengths are going to clash. Lehighton scores piles of points if you blink and Jim Thorpe wins on playing very good defense. If I have to pick one I’m betting on Lehighton. Tamaqua gave JT all they could handle and Lehighton is a bigger, faster, more skilled version of Tamaqua. JT’s defense is extremely quick, but they can get bullied by a tough running game. The Lehighton RB and O-Line relish getting to hammer defenses all night long. You can see it in how the games get out of hand after halftime. Lehighton allows points though, so it could very well be a shootout.

  1126. mark d says:

    @ Stephen Ridall i watch what what i wish for, they way the bracket is falling i would worry about getting by North Pocono before thinking about Valley View !!!

  1127. No Horse says:

    @ND Fan

    I don’t like their odds of getting past d11. Palisades is better and the winner of Jim Thorpe v Lehighton this week will be sitting there undefeated as well. Lehighton and Palisades both score a pile of points and have weapons to spare. Jim Thorpe really only has one dangerous player on offense, but they are really quick on defense.

    Personally I put ND 4th in D11. I’d love to see them play Tamaqua or North Schuylkill in the first round. Tamaqua is smashmouth all night long and they have the players to hang around. That would be a fun one to watch. If Bonner’s kids get a little confidence going for them, Tamaqua could win a game or two in D11.

    NS would be a bit easier for them I think, but they’re still a solid team. Certainly better than most of the team’s that they’ve played in their conference this year.

  1128. Jeff says:

    From the accounts I read sounds like Springfield-Delco looked pretty impressive in their victory over Garnet Valley on Friday. Assuming they win District 1 (and I know they will get challenged by Unionville and others) do they have any shot against Archbishop Wood?

    Since very early in the season it’s seemed all but inevitable Harrisburg and AW were headed for a rematch, and I fully expect Harrisburg to be there as it doesn’t appear there is a 5A team in the west on their level, is there any team in the east that poses any sort of challenge to AW?

  1129. TomF says:

    BC/TEP not happening. Too bad, BC’AD not interested. Don’t know why, but an 8-0 TEP, plus a 9-0 Wyomissing next week, then a 8-2 McDevitt then on to a 12-0 Erie Cathedral Prep might be a little too much.

  1130. ND #1 Fan says:

    What do you think of Notre Dame Green Pond’s chances of advancing past the District 11 3A tournament this year?

  1131. ed says:

    Imhotep Standard‏ @Coach_Linc 2h2 hours ago
    More Imhotep Standard Retweeted DeanBeersEPA
    We are definitely interested and will play anyone. Just contacted by Berks AD who said it wasn’t a good idea.

  1132. Mike Smoll says:

    Another thought, if a team brings their A+ game to the playoffs, there is any number of teams in the East 6A bracket, that could seriously challenge for the date in Hershey, St. Joe’s is the obvious, but LaSalle will get another shot, Coatesville (barring in disciplined play), Parkland, Neshaminy, Pennsbury (don’t know much about them), maybe even Emmaus, and I never rule out North Penn at this time of year. Their QB who had not started a game there against LaSalle, has grown up a whole bunch in the last 7-8 games.

  1133. McD65 says:

    Wood /LaSalle this week.This one should be an indicator of Woods chances in the coming playoffs in 5 A.

  1134. TomF says:

    District 3 Fan, also saw this: Let Fleetwood play Kutztown and then Mifflin/BC matchup can happen. An official Berks County Championship. I think BC would commit to the game, not sure about Mifflin. Whoever host that game is looking at a potential gate of 6K-10k fans. A dream matchup.

  1135. KillsTR says:

    Just a note, IF LaSalle doesn’t throw a INT on the 3 they go up 14-0 at half and receiving the ball to start, that could have changed the entire outcome. The next time they meet up i do believe Explorers will win. Prep was not that much better IMO, La Salle dominated the 1st Half an Prep dominated the 2nd. I can’t wait for the rematch

  1136. TomF says:

    Berks Catholic VS Imhotep this week? Both teams are open this week….Kutztown is down to 13 players and will probably forfeit to BC this week, TEP has nothing scheduled and is looking for a team to play. Would be a great matchup with the #2 and #3 ranked teams in 4A.

  1137. District 3 Fan says:

    I’m hearing of a potential showdown between Berks Catholic and IMHOTEP this week. BC ‘s opponent will likely forfeit and Tep has an open date. BC is willing to play, I hope Tep is willing to play them.

  1138. David Mika says:

    Kevin X…Yes you did. It’s on the main page.

  1139. Kevin X says:

    Did I see that correctly, two Championship games now on Thursday in Hershey?? I thought one was bad enough.

    @ Michae P

    They are a very junior heavy team this year. Lots coming back next year (as of now, anyway).

  1140. phillyboy says:

    Comparing apples with apples this year’s Saint Joe’s Prep team is not quite as sexy talent-wise. Seems like they’re more of a lunch pail bunch, enough to make the old Anthracite League proud. Admittedly I only saw Prep when they scrimmaged Bergen Catholic; to say they were underwhelming is the nicest way I can put it. Apparently these 10th and 11th graders stepped up and filled the void left by graduation and injuries. Meanwhile on the other side of the state Pine Richland is looking the the high school version of the New England Patriots the year they almost went undefeated. Bottom line: PR better bring their ‘A game’ and not let Prep play the role of the New York Giants. (if they meet of course) Which leads me to my next point; the natural inclination is to root for the perceived better competition to lose in earlier rounds so as to have an easier time in the final. Foreget that, I want Prep to make it to the final. It would be so much sweeter to knock out the glamorous big dog — in the same way it would have been more satisfying for the Phillies to have beaten the Yankees instead of the Rays.

  1141. Jeff says:

    @F1 – if your picks are for the state championship games you have teams on the same side of the bracket playing each other. In 4A Berks Catholic (D3) plays on the Western side of the bracket, so ECP and Berks would play in the semi-finals, just like last year. I agree ECP will win that game and likely play the winner of Becahi and Imhotep in the final.

    Likewise in 5A the D3 winner is in the western bracket, so Harrisburg would be playing WA in the semi-final. However, there’s no chance WA is getting that far, as they are not going to win the WPIAL title. I saw them play on Friday night and they are very limited offensively with virtually no passing game, although their defense is solid. They may lose in the first round of the WPIAL playoffs if they get matched up against McKeesport, and if they win that game they are not getting past either Penn Trafford or Gateway, WA is about the 5th best team in 5A in the WPIAL this year and nowhere near as good as last year.

    You have the same problem in 1A, BG plays in the eastern bracket so they would play Williams Valley in the eastern finals, not in Hershey.

    As for your other picks I don’t think Huntington is going to beat Aliquippa, and we’ll see about NG beating Southern Columbia, at this point I’d take So. Columbia.

  1142. Michae P says:

    @ Kevin X – why is imhotep going to invincible next year?

  1143. Mike Smoll says:

    I see a lot of people are saying PR over St. Joes, just something for thought, using MaxPreps as a resource. St. Joe’s has played 4 teams ranked in their National Ranking in the top 250 teams, PR has played one, the average opponent for St Joe’s has a National Maxpreps ranking of 1460, PR’s opponents have a National Maxpreps ranking of 2241. Based on that St. Joe’s has played a significantly more difficult schedule. This may be an advantage come playoff time.

  1144. Stephen Ridall says:

    Plus i wouldnt get your hopes up cause i just looked at there schedule and with all those losses to lucky if they even make it to berwick

  1145. Stephen Ridall says:

    Your Right John Roberts if berwick plays valley view it wont be close cause berwick will crush them just like they did every team this year

  1146. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Kevin X

    I think you make some good points, and I don’t want to talk about the refs anymore, but hopefully the Chesmont league has some kind of review process because I’d hate to see officials influence the outcome of a game . Going forward C’ville needs to clean it up somewhat, but they shouldn’t be put into jeopardy based on a reputation.

  1147. Fl says:

    Almost playoff time going to make a few predictions
    6A- PR over St. Joes
    5A-Harrisburg over West Allegheny
    4A-Cathedral Prep over Berks Catholic
    3A-Scranton Prep over Huntingdon
    2A-Neumann over Wilmington
    1A-BG over Williams Valley

  1148. Mike A. says:

    Cumberland Valley’s Cole McCoy goes up and over but it’s a 15 yard penalty for hurdling.

  1149. Mike A. says:

    Final: Harrisburg 51, State College 28

  1150. Kevin X says:

    @ Chief

    Yes, can go on and on about the refs in that game. That called back onside kick runback call is a complete mystery. Only thing I can think of is maybe a really quick whistle if the mini scrum if a ref lost sight of the ball. I really don’t know…….

    Think many of these calls are almost reputation calls. C’Ville has a history of bad penalties and personal fouls, warranted for not. I’m afraid that good smart disciplined teams are going to see that, goat them into doing dumb stuff, and taking advantage. I don’t see C’Ville having the disciple to turn the other cheek and just walk away. They are not going to loose because of lack of talent.

  1151. Kevin X says:

    @ Rollie

    I can’t disagree with you, wish I could tho.

    Don’t go to sleep on Pottsgrove in 4A. I don’t think Becahi or Imhotep are invincible this year in the east (‘Tep will be next year). ECP is a different story. P-Grove may have the best RB in the state with Faison.

    No Neumann-Goretti in 2A???

  1152. phillyboy says:

    Yeah for the first time in quite a while there’ a solid chance that the two top classifications will have public state champions, Pine Richland and Harrisburg. And boy oh boy will that be awesome. If you see some crazy guy doing the Donovan McNabb air guitar this December at Hershey Park stadium, you know who it is.

  1153. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Bleed Red and Black,

    Any idea on why they took the TD away from C’ville on the onside kick? On the replay it just seems like a blatant ripoff — no reason whatsoever to deny the score. I looked at the replay on the long pass they called back too where they said Young stepped out — it doesn’t even look close — but harder to see. I could go on and on — just glad C’ville won — I think they are the better team (but D-town is better than I thought). It seemed at times that they had 3 opponents (D-town, themselves, and the refs).

  1154. Mike A. says:

    “posters who were making their top 10 of “Eastern Teams”, which I took to mean the top 10 teams in SEPA and the Lehigh Valley”

    A lot of posters on here ignore anyone west of Reading. I know where you’re coming from. The Harrisburg area, although in central PA, is definitely more east and generally plays teams that are further east. This site realizes that and includes them in their rankings. If you want to limit your rankings that’s fine just make a note that it’s just those two areas you are ranking. The west is mainly concerned about places from State College and west of there and ignores the Hbg area. The east, at least on this site, is more than just EPA and Lehigh Valley

  1155. Bleed Red & Black says:

    Coatesville should a lot of toughness and the makings of a championship caliber team tonight.

    Hats off to DTE and Coach Matta, they stuck with the run game, the combo of Stocker and Jonassaint was very effective. They mixed in play action passes to perfection, which caught Coatesville off balance on multiple occasion. The were able to get pressure to QB Ortega on multiple occasions.

    Bunch of questionable calls went against Coatesville or didn’t get the benefit of missed calls, but they overcame and still won the game. It was probably their worst played/coached game of the season and were still able to amass 440 yards of total offense. Ricky Ortega still at times looks to his #1 option and if he’s not open pulls it down and runs (remember he’s still a Soph).

    The had some injuries which lead to some confusion at times. LT Santiago missed part of the 2nd quarter and most of the 3rd with an apparent hand injury. Stud RB Aaron Young was hampered with a lower leg injury (possibly cramps) late in the 3rd.

    Soph WR Dapree Bryant is an absolute stud. He might be the most explosive player on the Coatesville team and that’s saying alot. He has great hands and has unbelievable chemistry with Ortega. Another 2 years of Ortega and Bryant is going to be exciting.

    The team showed a ton of heart in a week where the school district was faced with a lot of controversy and media attention.

    Coatesville and Downingtown East are going to be very tough outs come playoff time. I can only hope for a D1 Championship or Semi rematch with these two teams, because tonight we lived up to all the hype and excitement.

  1156. Rollie Ciffo says:


    Yes, GV-SFDelco was a good game. That said, which of these teams will challenge SJP for a berth in the PIAA championships? My opinion…none of them. But that’s OK. With Philly/D12 now in the PIAA we now have true state champs. No more WPIAL rolling the rest of the state. I think 6A title is SJP or PR, 5A is AWood or Harrisburg, 4A…Imhotep or CP, 3A the Quips, 2A SoCol, Dunmore or Steel Valley. 1A Guilfoyle. As much as it pains me to say it, another goose egg for us in D1.

  1157. Chief Red Raider says:

    Big win for Coatesville! As a C-ville guy though, they better tighten it up if they expect to go far in the playoffs. Officiating was horrendous (watch the video — on Youtube). Their offense is pretty darn good and D-town East is better than I thought — watch out for D-town in the playoffs.

  1158. Buddy says:

    @Kevin X:

    Yes, CV, geographically, is in the east, but their football “world” ( meaning playoffs), is in the west. However, I’m surprised western football site does not rank them.

    @ Rollie:

    Once again, my opinion. C’ville would beat LaSalle, rather handily. Not sure about SJP, but we’ll find out, cause that’s who will meet in the eastern final.
    Therefore, that makes the DTE/C’ville the game of the week, as much if not more then LS/SJP.
    Personally, I don’t think the latter will be close at all.

  1159. Kevin X says:

    @ Rollie

    I will stand corrected, Game of the Week is actually Springfield Delco @ Garnet Valley, which no one is talking about. Two undefeated teams, both Number 1 in their respective power ranking classifications for D1, and a lot more at stake with this game (both undefeated seasons, Central League Title, and most importantly, retaining that Number 1 playoff rankings for home field throughout the D1 playoffs) and probably a more competitive game then the aforementioned two other heavyweight tilts.

    My own facts?? State titles?? Huh???

  1160. Jeff says:

    @ Kevin X – I understand why this site ranks D3 teams with the east, you have to rank them somewhere and as you and Mike A noted they are not included on the Western PA site. You also have the lower classifications in D3 playing on the eastern side of the bracket and the top 3 classifications playing in the western half to balance the brackets. My comment was more directed at the posters who were making their top 10 of “Eastern Teams”, which I took to mean the top 10 teams in SEPA and the Lehigh Valley, being from Western PA I don’t really think of Harrisburg as part of the “east”.

    @ Mickey – we’ll see soon enough if SJP is 14 pts better than any other 6A school in the state, I don’t think they beat LaSalle tonight by that many points and in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose tonight, although I do expect them to win the rematch in 3 weeks when it really counts. Regarding PR’s defense, they are very good and much better than their defense from the 2014 squad, and I would expect them to stop SJP’s offense on occasion, time will tell, has all the makings of a classic game.

  1161. phillyboy says:

    It’s either put up or shut up for Downingtown East tonight. This is their chance to make a statement, to silence the doubters, to shut up the naysayers. If D East does win, especially if they win emphatically, then they will have gained phillyboy’s respect. I’m not holding my breath though.

  1162. Bleed Red & Black says:

    Quote From Downingtown East Coach Matta “On offense, they used to be a home run team, which they still are, but now can go the long way if need be. This is attributed to the quarterback. On defense this might be their best team since this coaching staff has been there. They play very fast and hard. We will need to play our best and catch a few breaks along with them not playing well for us to have a chance.”

    Seems like he thinks his team doesn’t have a chance! Cville returns their entire offense that destroyed DTE last year 40-7, and they are even better this year!

    I don’t expect a 33 point win tonight by Cville, something more like 42-21 or 35-21. I hope it’s a lot closer, but if Cville jumps out early DTE will have a hard time trying to play catch up throwing the ball.

  1163. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Kevin X,

    Coatesville vs D-East? Really? I live in District 1 and love our football but a D1 school hasn’t won a state title since 2004 (Lansdale Catholic in AA). Meanwhile the PCL has won 7 of the 18 state titles in the last 4 years. Prep-LaSalle is a game between teams that will legitimately challenge for a state title. You can have your opinion but you can’t have your own facts. Call me back when one of our D1 big schools actually wins.

  1164. Brian says:

    Yes I meant district 1 and Phila. I’m not familiar with the northern or Lehigh valley schools. Meaning I haven’t watched film on them yet.

  1165. Jack1234 says:

    PR is different from PCC. PCC’s offense last year was 5 plays out of the I formation and once they play a team with equal talent (St johns college and sjp) they get shut down. PR has the best offense in the state and it’s not even close. If this matchup happens between PR and SJP it could go something like the 2014 game between the two. PR might be the favorite, their offense looks unstoppable and prep looks like they have one of the best defenses, if this happens it will for sure be a top 10 match up in the country.

  1166. Mike A. says:

    “agree with your comment on CV, why rank them in the east when the winner of D3 gets a birth in the western finals”
    Well the western pa football site doesn’t rank them either. They’re not considered part of the west except for the playoffs so they don’t get ranked. District 3 plays mostly eastern teams and is more east than west so it makes sense to ranks those teams with the east teams.

  1167. Kevin X says:

    Correction on my part, I meant to say/write that Christian Barmore of N-G…… “and is now in the nationwide ESPN 300.” I did not intend to imply he was second overall in the nation. He is 75th in that ranking (2nd in PA!!!), still not too shabby!!!! Guess my coffee did not fully kick in at 8a this morning.

    @Jeff and Buddy

    CV is ranked in the east, because well, CV is in the east, geographically. This side of the forum/website covers D1, D2, D3, D4, D11 and D12, the eastern geographical region of the state. If we were ranking like you guys assumed, based on playoff brackets, Bishop Guilfoyle would be ranked Number 1 in the east for “A” for the past 3 years or so.

  1168. Mickey says:

    Parkland isn’t very big nor stout up the middle defensively. They’d have a chance against D1 teams but they’re not beating St Joe’s. This in my opinion isn’t one of their better teams at Parkland. Better than last years team but nowhere near the 2015 team.

    PR is very good, they’re certainly an offense tough to stop. Jurkovec is the deal deal (QB ND commit). I still question can their defense get ANY stops versus Joe’s….mobile QB’s give Prep problems….and they’re susceptible to being passed on as PR’s Ben DiNucci did in 2014….in PR’s 49-41 state finals loss,

    Joe’s is most likely 14 points better than any 6A team in Pennsylvania.

  1169. mark d says:

    @Bret it was a great play by that kid.And yes second guessing is easy it wasn’t just throwing A play action pass to the tight end probably would have scored as Valley View has a tendency to blitz in that situation it was going shot gun that confused me.

  1170. Jeff says:

    @ Eric W & @ Mike – Some of the WPIAL guys certainly thought PCC would win last year, I was not among them, I thought the game would be a lot closer than it was but I predicted SJP to win and did so on this board.

    This year’s PR team is a whole different story and is a significantly more balanced team than PCC was last year, if they play SJP in the finals I think we’re in for a tremendous game, and would expect a high scoring affair similar to the 2014 final. Based on what I’ve seen and read I’d say PR is a one TD favorite right now, but that can change depending on injuries, weather, etc. and it would not surprise me if SJP wins again. One thing I do know is SJP’s defense will be by far the best PR has faced all year, and the same is probably true that PR’s offense is the best SJP has faced…has the potential to be a classic matchup.

  1171. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ all

    Some great match-ups this weekend, any thoughts on which outcomes will have the most impact or shake up some of the strange rankings I’ve been seeing out there?

  1172. Mike says:

    @ WPIAL Rules,

    Were you saying the same thing last year about Pittsburgh Central Catholic? 42-7. We’ll see in December. Not even slow them down? I don’t know about that.

  1173. Jeff says:

    @Buddy – agree with your comment on CV, why rank them in the east when the winner of D3 gets a birth in the western finals, which this year is the right to get blown out by PR. I’m not ready to crown PR the champs yet, but at this point they would be the favorite over SJP, and if SJP gets upset would be an even bigger favorite against whoever else comes out of the east.

  1174. Eric W says:

    That’s what you guys said about PCC last year

  1175. Kevin X says:

    @ Johnny

    I have not, but like you and probably many others, thinking a potential clash down the road against SoCol is a must see game.

    They may have their toughest game of the year tomorrow night at Cardinal O’Hara (4A). Only one loss, a game that they should of have won, and they have 4 shutouts to date.

    Also, the PennLive website has a nice article from a few days ago on N-G’s DT Christian Barmore. He came out of almost nowhere and is now the second rated PA played on the ESPN PA recruiting rankings and in the nationwide ESPN 300. Originally committed to Temple, but now garnering a lot of attention and other offers.

  1176. Johnny says:

    Have anyone seen Neumann goretti play this season? I’ve seen and read about some of the division 1 talent they had. This potential matchup against southern Columbia has me excited as southern has beat multiple teams in the past with multiple division 1 recruits. Thoughts????

  1177. Fl says:

    I went and saw 2A ligonier valley play last weekend as I have family in that area, they look big, fast and vey athletic. I know they lost there D1 QB last year but have a really good replacement. If Dunmore makes it to this spot again like last year I think it will be a very good game. I don’t see anyone in D6 beating Ligonier so it should bring up an interesting rematch from last year. I haven’t seen Dunmore this year but hear there really good should be a good one.

  1178. AJ says:

    In 6A the only team in the east that could challenge SJP this year is Parkland. SJP should meet Pine Richland in the championship, and that should be a very entertaining game.

  1179. Mike A. says:

    East Top 10 6A as of 10/18
    Cumberland Valley
    Dtown East
    North Penn
    Del Valley
    Garnett Valley
    HM: Manheim Township, Emmaus, Pennsbury, Pennridge, Neshaminy, CD, CD East

  1180. fkd45 says:

    @Bob Hines what the hell are you talking about no difference between Frankford and NE? NE has 3000 kids Frankford has 1000. Frankford was the best team in the league 4 years ago and just because they play with the 1000 kids in their school you shouldn’t feel bad for them. They are young and have a chance to be very good next year if schools don’t come poaching for their players next year. The HC there is a HS football coach and refuses to treat this like a college job. I feel sorry for anyone who treats HS like a college or pro sports. Having respectable hard working kids who are from your own school is apparently looked down upon now if they aren’t good enough. It’s a shame that is the culture of the grown ups around here. The game is a No Contest because of a serious incident that you may know about it you read the papers. If you really are a Frankford grad sad to call myself one. Get a clue dude not everything revolves around winning and losing a HS football game.

  1181. Bob Hines says:

    Kevin X,

    I don’t believe they’re playing the game at all. Frankford would be heavy underdogs so I assumed they decided to forfeit to NE when I first saw. Appears I was wrong. I won’t get into it on the board but it’s a safety concern for all. Still a very sad state of affairs.

  1182. D12FAN says:

    East Top 10 6A

    Cumberland Valley
    North Penn
    Garnet Valley

  1183. WPIAL Rules says:

    PR will win 6A States in 2017. STP nor any team in the East have a defense to stop nor even slow them down.

  1184. WPIAL Rules says:

    Pine Richland will win 6A States in 2017. STP nor any team in the East have a defense to stop nor even slow them down.

  1185. Buddy says:


    I see Parkland & Prep meeting in the playoffs.
    Potentially a very good game ( winner then plays the D1 champ).

    Don’t see C’ville beating DTE by 3 scores. Maybe one.

    Note: CV does not play in our eastern playoffs. Don’t see why we would rank them when talking eastern football.

  1186. Kevin X says:

    @ Bob Hines

    What do you mean by “NO CONTEST” ?? Sounds like only a scrimmage now.

    @ Brian

    Your 6A top 10 for the east, you meaning only for SEPA (Districts 1 and 12) only?? If not, no Parkland, Delaware Valley, Cumberland Valley, etc.???

    Not thinking either the SJP/LaSalle or C’Ville/DTE games are going to be that close. Both games by 21 points/ 3TDs, Prep 35-14, C’Ville 42-21.

  1187. No Horse says:

    @ Brian

    I seriously hope that you just forgot Parkland. Otherwise, you need to watch them play a game.

    Same with Del Val…only to a much lesser extent, lol

  1188. No Horse says:

    Is the State College v Harrisburg game being televised anywhere? Live stream maybe?

  1189. Bob Hines says:

    Prep-LaSalle in the grand scheme of things is somewhat unimportant. Like Kevin said they’ll meet again in November for the 6A crown. Now the PCL red title is at stake for SJP who can bring home the plaque with the win. Still important to philly people.

    As for the game I think it’s going to be pretty close too. Prep D plays the run very well but they’re vulnerable through the air- always LaSalle’s specialty. So I think the Explorers will put some points up on them. Only problem is they won’t be able to stop Prep. They’ll ground and pound them all night with Mason and Burrell. I’m gonna go: SJP 42 LaS 30.

    Was at the Imhotep-Frankford game last week. I played at Frankford back when we were a dominating public league program under Al Angelo. It’s a shame how far Frankford has fallen compared to the talent that Imhotep has. This week’s game against Northeast is actually a NO CONTEST! They’re not even playing the game-seriously SAD. No difference at all between Northeast and Frankford “recruiting” wise other than what the Phila school district has become. Feel bad for everybody from Frankford’s program past and present.

  1190. Brian says:

    6a top 10 (top 10 east in my opinion)
    1. St joes (#8 nationally maxpreps)
    2. La salle
    3. North Penn (tough to beat this team in a shootout)
    4. Garnet Valley (smash mouth football)
    5. Pennridge (very underrated, this is my dark horse, tarburton)
    6. Coatesville (Aaron Young is the real deal)
    7. Neshaminy (sophomore qb very good, well balanced)
    8. Downingtown East (early exit)
    9. Perk Valley (good team, 29-0 loss to pennridge…)
    10. CB South

  1191. McD65 says:

    St Joe Prep is highly ranked by everyone, but there hasn’t been much written as to the team make up this year as opposed to prior years. One thing for sure and that is they are typically big, fast and very well coached. They are the champs and until someone beats them IMO they deserve the respect of a champion. This weeks matchup vs LaSalle will definitely be a tremendous game . Prep 24-21.

  1192. Bert Silvestri says:

    Mark D
    Pertaining to OT in NP/VV game, run would have been my first choice too, but give the kid who intercepted credit, he made great break on ball. They tried to run on last series of 4th quarter, and were stuffed, so I guess coach wanted to mix it up, could have run on 2nd down. Easy to second guess.

  1193. Jhon Robert says:

    @MArk D

    I have seen this as well. Two seasons ago..NP vs Scranton Prep…NP would drive WITH AUTHORITY to the Prep 30…and start passing..and of course drives would stall!

    Last season, NP was being coronated the League champs..had a great backfield (which they did and they were DISTRICT CHAMPS IN 4A) but Prep was winning 21 -0 when they decided to keep running the ball and wear Prep down

    NP is a LOT MORE down than last year…Western Wayne held them all game and to be honest Prep made a statement on Friday night!WW was over matched in all aspects of the game

    There is only one team more physical than Valley View and I think it is Scranton Prep

  1194. eggo says:

    I am going with La Salle 35 Prep 24.
    Explorers have some healthy weapons back in the lineup.

  1195. Zeke says:

    Really looking forward to the Dunmore vs. Old Forge game at OF Veterans Memorial Stadium on Fri. 27 Oct. Barring an upset this week, both teams should be 9-0 entering the contest.

  1196. Buddy says:


    Nah, that won’t be much of a contest.

    Game of the week: DTE vs C’ville.

  1197. Mike A. says:

    @Eric W
    Good luck to Harrisburg and good luck to anyone playing Harrisburg. They are a juggernaut for sure!

  1198. Kevin X says:

    @ NCfalcons82 (and all of you other PCL peeps)

    Hardly. Game of the week is Coatesville @ Downingtown East Friday night. The LaSalle/SJP game looks great on paper and for rival enthusiasts, but in the grand scheme of things, the game is irrelevant, other than some short term bragging rights. Their game November 10/11 is the one that will actually have something riding on it.

  1199. paul from phillyp says:

    @ NCFalcons82

    I agree that this is the game of the week. I also agree that it will be a one possession difference in the score. But I think the defenses will keep the score down to something in the low 20s high teens like 24-17. Should be a barn burner. Nice weather predicted for it too.

  1200. mark d says:

    @jhon Roberts was at the Valley View North Pocono game, was the most physical game i have seen in a long time.Great high school football game one of those games it a shame some one had to lose !! But i have to question North Pocono final play they were running the ball with authority and their first play in over time they go shot gun and pass i don,t think they went shot gun all night??

  1201. Eric W says:

    I guess if there was any doubt about Harrisburg’s skill set, that was answered this week.

    Harrisburg 48-10 over Central Dauphin

    Wondering if Manheim Central can give them a game?

  1202. NCfalcons82 says:

    Game of the week Prep Vs Lasalle. Prediction: Prep 35 Lasalle 28

  1203. Rollie Ciffo says:

    @Jim B

    I hope you are wrong and WVC will see better days but I think the population shift and overall demographics will prove otherwise.

    The NE part of the state is no longer a major population center. SE PA is growing by leaps and bounds as people flock to where jobs are. In the past 4 years 7 of the 18 state titles were won by District 12. Can they have a team win an occasional title? Sure. But right now, the WVC is among the worst conferences in the entire state.

  1204. TomF says:

    Eric W, It was discussed about BC moving to Section 1, however, the schedules are set until 2020. I can’t see them moving over to Section 1 until then. In addition, BC has open dates on weeks 3,4 and 5 next year, they cant find anyone to fill out the schedule. If they switch with Twin Valley, that will cancel out Exeter which is on BC’S schedule next year making that 4 openings. Based on Paul Robert’s tweet-(below) it looks like they tried to move.

    Fans should know that Berks Catholic was willing to move to Section 1 next year and Twin Valley made an effort to stay in Section 2.

  1205. mgguy says:

    Friday night big game upcoming in LL1, WWL at Manheim Twp, last team to beat WWL in league play was Manheim Twp, WWL has 68 game league winning streak. Should be a barn burner in Neffsville

  1206. Jim B says:


    Well said. And finally another Coughlin guy. The WVC is in a down cycle. That happens. I still can remember the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when the conference was utterly dominate. Everything goes in cycles. I’m hoping for better days for the Wyoming Valley Conference and Coughlin. Unfortunately, as you probably know, our Friday nights (and occasional Saturday) with the Crusaders are dwindling. Times must change, I suppose.
    Enjoy the game tonight and lets beat those Millionaires! Crusader Pride!

  1207. Lombardi says:

    Keep this forum positive. It is 2017. There is so much negativity that our student athletes are exposed to, can’t we just keep the gridiron a place where hard work is respected. Root for your team, promote your program, but don’t run down the players who are busting their tails, or the coaches who are out there teaching kids about football and life. Keep the negative whining for facebook.

  1208. Zack Felter says:


    my rough calculations has Coatesville with 960 win points and 250 bonus points for a total of 1210 and average of 151.25 while has them with 900 win points and 240 bonus for an average of 142.50. Wins over 6a teams Reading, DtownWest, and Avon Grove, wins over 5a teams, Simon Gratz, and all three WC schools. What am I missing?

  1209. Blakely Bear says:

    Amen to AJ and Dave posts urging people to keep talk about football and away from personal attacks on coaches and posters. I wonder how many of these people have set foot inside a high school since they graduated, or interacted with high school students outside of one with football uniform on.

  1210. phillyboy says:

    Say it ain’t so: Rollie Ciffo is in the house. It’s almost nostalgic; havn’t seen one of your comments since like 2011.

  1211. Jhon Robert says:

    Communicated with friends in the stands at four different games tonight ! Seems that this was a great week for some football !!

    1st off …Valley View vs North Pocono…FINALLY no collapse by VV ..they fought back against a TOUGH NP team. Toughness shows!

    2nd, Berwick vs surprise here …WVW who has won many of these match ups over the last ten years , didnt have the same luster. Berwick soundly solidified itself as the top seed in 4A. Tough road awaits!

    3rd, Pittston Area moving it to 4-4 over a Nanticoke team who I thought after three weeks was a D2 contender. Congrats to Coach barbieri

    Finally , 6-1 Western Wayne…6-1 and their weaker schedule SHOWED. Scranton Prep held Western Wayne to 23 offensive plays TOTAL. Totally Dominant performance

  1212. Eric W says:

    Iggy Reynoso,RB,WWL,breaks Berks County record tonight, gets his 71st TD…also goes over 5,000 yds of offense for his career as well.

  1213. Eric W says:

    Just heard Berks Catholic moving to Berks 1 next year, which should make it a little tougher next year. Not sure what difference that’s really gone to make anyway. I’m assuming they will still play Wyomissing. Now at least they will have to play Mifflin, for what that’s worth

  1214. AJ says:

    This is the worst year of talk on this forum. Let’s get to talking 2017 football and quit all the BS.

  1215. Kevin X says:

    Guess I’ll jump into this D2 chat as well…..with some predictions and thoughts…..

    6A – Delaware Valley will not be challenged. Scranton, Bill-town, and especially Hazleton, are having a nice years, but all are a notch or two below DV.

    5A – Who cares, 2 are mediocre at best, AH, well, umm, nice run last year. Get ready for hoop season. I hope someone realizes that a 4 team subregional with D11 is the way to go next next year. Kind of rooting for ‘Paupack just to see someone new in the mix. Moot point really, as whoever survives that brutal 3 team bracket (yes, tongue firmly planted in cheek) is going to get hammered by Whitehall anyway (who in turn will be hammered again by Wood, some things just don’t change).

    4A – Most intriguing and competitive of the classifications. Right now, slight nod to Valley View over Berwick, if for no other reason I think they (VV) have played a tougher schedule. Once again, whoever wins out regardless, enjoy the D2 crown, as Imhotep is next up. Enough said there.

    3A – Scranton Prep – Yawn
    2A – Dunmore – Yawn 2.0
    1A – Old Forge – Yawn 3.0

  1216. DV Warriors says:

    Isn’t Ted Jackson Jr’s wife also named Robin? Small world….

  1217. WVCD2 says:

    Delete the blog, it’s getting to be a disgrace and it’s proving the character people lack in NEPA. I go to every Coughlin game for 17 years and enjoy Friday Nights. Never once have I bad mouthed a player or coach for giving full effort. Respect these kids and respect the people who put in countless hours teaching your sons lifelong lessons. Win or Lose it’s about much more. Coughlin has struggled for years but it’s the only thing I look forward to every week. Happy Friday everyone!

  1218. Neutral Observer says:

    Interesting conversation on how to evaluate an Offensive Coordinator (“OC”).

    I think people rely too much on pure offensive numbers without giving them any context. The goal of a good OC is NOT to just pad his stats; the goal is to call the game correctly given the actual game situation. The other criterion should be how effectively the OC uses the talent he has.


    For example, if a team has a dominating defense (i.e. Scranton Prep), then the offense’s stats are massively skewed (both positively and negatively) by that defense:

    (1) Takeaways lead to short fields means fewer offensive yards making the offense look bad in yardage,

    (2) Points from D/ST touchdowns inflate the points per game making the offense look good, and

    (3) The team pulls its starters and essentially shuts down its passing offense when mercy-ruling the other team in the second half, making the offense (and individual players) look bad.

    Given all of the above, are those numbers still an ACCURATE depiction of the quality (good or bad) of the OC?


    @Robin cited Wyoming Valley West’s numbers of 31pts/400yds as numbers that shouldn’t be criticized. Those numbers need to be taken in context.

    Let’s say that I take Neumann-Gorretti’s team of FBS scholarships and I have them play WVW’s same schedule where N-G averages an identical 31/400.

    I don’t think anyone would argue that WVW has anywhere near as much raw talent as N-G, so since both teams have the same offensive numbers, then the WVW OC is making MUCH better use of his talent than the N-G OC is. Or, conversely, the WVW OC is “better” than the N-G OC.

  1219. David Mika says:

    Enough bad mouthing coaches or I will delete your post.

  1220. Robin says:

    @ WVW FAN

    Still don’t have the courage to give your real name huh?

    It honestly is not even worth my time to respond to your comments. Inside screens….yeah that’s the problem haha. Clueless!! You obviously know everything…….why not apply for the job?

    Having your OPINION is fine. But bad-mouthing coaches and doing it in such a cowardly way is a disgrace. Keep watching from the bleachers and complain about the plays. Loser.

  1221. Robin says:

    @ Jhon Robert

    First of all I was not even speaking to you but thanks for your ignorant, arrogant response… usual. Secondly, I am neither a Mrs. nor a Jackson.

    Go back to your Scranton Prep dream world.

    By the way I am wondering if the Purple and Gold faithful had respect for Coach Jackson the last time he was a head coach. Beating your beloved Cavs 3 times in 2 seasons to the tune of combined scores of 113 – 38.

    You are a clown just like all the others tough guy know-it-alls that hide behind their computer screens.

  1222. Eric W says:

    Would like to see BC/Tep play, although Pottsgrove looks pretty good,as well as Beca High(gave Parkland all they could handle

  1223. Eric W says:

    Would be nice to see Berks Catholic play Cathedral Prep,again. I know most don’t give them a chance, plus they have to get through McDevitt in D3 playoffs…some good teams on Eastern side of AAAA that are very good as well. Couple of interesting tidbits about BC…6-0,50 pts/game,6 mercy rules,First team D has yet to give up a pt

  1224. Jhon Robert says:

    @Robin AKA as Mrs Jackson.

    I would like to focus on one important aspect of your post.

    If your team has kids who miss practice and the coaching staff ALLOWS IT…the team chemistry afoul IS ONE HIM and his staff.

    Sounds to me that the players are running that team as opposed to the coaching staff if that is allowed to happened.

    If you are quoting turnover ratio etc , you are definitely a coach or related ! (why my AKA Mrs jackson reference)

    Ted Jackson isnt feared or respected. Thats why he hasnt been a head coach in the conference since his DISGRACEFUL DISMISSAL in 2011! Comparing him to Gentlemen who I believe are/were great coaches : Bob Barbieri, George Curry, Jim Roth, Jack Henzes, isnt even fair to the comparison.

    WVW as I said earlier in these threads are undisciplined. Penalties turnovers missed practices….. DISCIPLINE

  1225. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Man, lots of D2 talk here. Is the WVC the worst conference in the state or what? I mean seriously, its even worse than the Pioneer in D1. I guess not every league can be the EPC (D11), PCL (D12), Suburban (D1), WPIAL (D7) or Mid-Penn (D3).

  1226. Spartans says:

    @ WVW FAN

    Are you kidding me man?? We have the best OC! Check the CV Gameface. Valley West is 2nd in the WVC in both offensive yards and points scored. 2nd only to Billport. And they beat Billport by the way! And that is while playing half the season with a backup QB! Plus no none has played a tougher schedule! Our OC should be coach of the year considering all those things! The job of an OC is gain yards, move the chains and score points. That is certainly happening despite some HUGE problems with this team. Just think if they didn’t have all the turnovers, fumbles and penalties!! The job of the OC is NOT to give the ball to your son every play. You are a clown!

  1227. WarriorFan says:

    Valley View defense is very poor, they have a hard time stopping the run. North Pocono is very vanilla and are having difficulties scoring points. This game is going to come down to speed, which VV has the edge. This is a football blog, we are on here to discuss football in Pennsylvania at it’s highest level. I agree with Robin, stop critiquing your son or daughters coach in any sport and respect their abilities. Ted Jackson is an excellent OC and has done wonders with the Offense. I am a DV guys and I respect what he has done to us in years past. None of us on this site are at practices every day or see the day to day operation of a football team. Enjoy your friday nights and let the kids be kids, coaches be coaches. Go Warriors!

  1228. mark d says:

    @john Roberts have not seen North Pocono play but was told against Del Valley they could not handle their physical line. i think that Valley View is as Physical so i have to agree with you

  1229. Dawg Pound says:

    @John Robert
    If Valley View has to play Berwick for D2 4A title, they will certainly be surprised how good Berwicks defense is. Berwick graduated 18 seniors from 2016 team, but the players have worked very hard to be a tough team to beat. Nobody in Berwick expected the bulldogs to be top seed in week 8. Havent heard anything about how good VV defense is, just how good offense is.

  1230. Robin says:

    @ WVW Fan

    It amazes me how you come on here and hide behind your computer to bash play calling at WVW. WVW averages 31 points per game and has gained over 400 yards per game on several occasions. You are completely clueless and do nothing but embarrass yourself and anyone involved with the WVW football program anytime you type on your keyboard.

    Instead of being a coward why don’t you post under your real name so people know who you are. My guess is your son does not play or doesn’t get the ball enough (according to you).

    Instead maybe try to focus on the real problems with this WVW team because if you think its the OC you are a fool. They are by far the most penalized team in D2. They have no senior leadership. They are like minus 18 in turnover margin. They have kids that do not show up for practice and could care less about the “team”. Despite ALL that they still average 31 points and 400 yards per game. And that is while playing the toughest schedule in D2!!

    But blame the OC. You make me sick to my stomach. Ask around….your OC is one of the most respected and feared coaches in D2. And he has FORGOTTEN more about football than you will ever know. Go back to playing Madden….that way you can call your own plays and give the ball to your son every play!

  1231. WVW Fan says:

    @John Robert

    my response was to Wallenpaupak being picked to win

    WVW record sucks but they aren’t as bad as their record. I’ve never talked up Bleich

    I did talk up how good I thought their run game was going to be but their offensive coordinator refuses to be a running team. yet our only 2 wins were RUN HEAVY.

    WVW absolutely needs to consider a coaching overhaul. AT least offensive coordinator. Someone on here said how great he was blah blah…hes killing this team.

  1232. Jhon Robert says:

    @Mark D

    a few implications with the NP /Valley View game

    playoff seeding
    bragging rights
    the pleasure of smacking the WVC in the MOUTH

    Seeing Prep beat VV and watching NP on film…I think Valley View clobbers NP

  1233. John Robert says:


    100% AGREE …Berwick got destroyed the last two years when playing the LACK…If they play Valley View this year it wont even be close.

    Doesnt matter who the QB is or for that matter isnt!

  1234. John Robert says:


    District Champions 5A …WOW…AH has one win, WVW has 2 WINS, Paupack has 3 WINS…

    Were you not the same fan talking crap this summer when I specifically said how Scranton Prep threw ALL OVER WVW in that scrimmage. And how PREP dominated the INSIDE RUN drills?

    Then I heard about Bleich and all the other over exaggerated talent you thought WVW had! FOOEY!!!!

    CMON No discipline , worse coaching !! Time to get some NEW BLOOD at WVW the program cannot not sustain!!

  1235. Dawg Pound says:

    @ neutralfan…… Dawgs play WVW Friday and play @ Williamsport week 10. If dawgs run the table, they will be top 4A seed in D2 and play 3 playoff games at Crispin. Berwick has played a vanilla offense with a backup qb. Defense is very good, can stop the run and all 4 dbs have outstanding speed. Also have a great kicker who has 10 touchbacks on his kickoffs.

  1236. neutralfan says:

    Berwick doesn’t have the athletes to play with Valley View. Look for Hazleton to surprise people come playoff time. Interested to see how AAAAAA shapes up in late October.

  1237. TomF says:

    NG, if they get by West Catholic in the playoffs VS Southern Columbia in the playoffs will be very interesting. NG obviously has more talent, however, having seen SC play several times, their system/coaching overcomes talented teams. SC has the top coach and coaching staff in PA, they will find a way to win that game.

  1238. Brian says:

    I guess come on man hasn’t heard of Southern Columbia

  1239. Dawg Pound says:

    @ John Robert Berwick defeated Hazleton 24-10 @ Hazleton with backup qb. Hazleton bashed Scranton 34-8. Qb Marshman is back and Berwick will now have their offense rolling

  1240. mark d says:

    hey D2 guys big AAAA game this Friday who do you like Valley View or North Pocono

  1241. phillyboy says:

    Yeah on my way back from a long road trip this past summer I made it a point to check out Berwick, had never been there before. Was interesting and educational. Has a small downtown but the residential area is somewhat expansive. Was neat to see Crispin in its context; it’s located in a kind of industrial part of town. But the coup de grace were the 3 national championship banners, are you kidding ME?!

  1242. WVW Fan says:

    Mark my words. WVW wins the 5A district. They had no business losing to Wallenpaupack. Won’t happen twice.
    Crucify me for this but WVW could be a 1 or 2 loss team.

  1243. Matt says:

    This is from a D11 fan that have seen people doubt Southern before (ie. west Catholic two years ago).

  1244. Matt says:

    @bobby and @run4daylight…. Southern Columbia still is king in AA east….with all thier state champs and coaching I would expect at least a good game vs NG. Remember SC plays a weaker schedule than D12 schools but brings it in playoffs. They beat a very good west Catholic and aliquippa team two years and has the talent to beat NG. They don’t have that many state championships by mistake.

  1245. Buddy says:

    @Tom F

    I was at that ’98 Berwick game. For such a small town & small stadium, I never seen so many people. I had to stand outside the fence and peer in. Population of that town must have doubled.

  1246. phillyboy says:

    @ DV Warriors

    Thanks for the Berwick info, that was awesome. Lastly, are there any miscellaneous big time out of state or cross state matchups that were noteworthy in the last few decades that are worth mentioning?

    Come on man! makes a great point. For a small classification school to have such an enormous talent advantage is even more egregious. At least the very large publics have some numbers on their side. For NG to assemble all this talent out of nowhere, then probably rampage to a state title, doesn’t pass the smell test; seems ill gotten.

  1247. Come on man! says:


    Nobody stacks up to NG at the AA level. They have at least 6 kids with D1 offers. No other school in PA has that many offers for their players. I am not talking about FCS, they are FBS offers. Alabama, LSU, Florida, Temple, WVU, Oregon, etc. Not bad for a team that was 0-9 last season. I say great for the kids, use this opportunity to make your life better.

    This is a serious issue for the PIAA. Public schools play by a different set of rules then private schools none more evident they what NG has done this year. They did not do anything illegal. They just took advantage of very weak PIAA leadership. I personally feel this situation is over the top. NG should be playing 4A in the playoffs. I hope PIAA gets a set and makes changes especially at the A and AA levels. These are small schools from small communities. Those teams should be able to have a chance at a title. NG has a huge advantage that no other AA school can match.

  1248. John Robert says:

    @ dawg Pound

    Berwicks last two trips to through districts were both ended by Lackawanna League Teams.

    in District 2 heres your champs this year

    4A-Valley View
    3A-Scranton Prep
    2A- Dunmore
    1A- Old Forge

    See a recurrent them??

    Those puppies arent tough enough….the Lack new saying WETSU

  1249. bobby d says:


    SCA has some talent in RB Garcia and receiver Fleming (#1 in the nation by some sources)and run the Wing-T to perfection. With that said, SCA has not been tested yet and has a weak schedule so far. Mount Carmel gave them all they could handle in the 1st half of their game but because MCA play 7 players both ways and SCA plays 7 players one way, MCA tired out and lost 29-7. I doubt many SCA starters have played more than 60% of any game. Selingrove will be their toughest test but considering Shikellamy beat them 28-26 and MCA beat Shikellamy 31-14, what does that tell you?

    As for NG, if size is any factor, NG should win but how does the team play overall. If they have a great defense, I still say NG, if it’s only average, I’d say SCA. If NG is just a so-so team with a weak schedule, I’d say SCA. Take your pick!

  1250. DV Warriors says:

    Happy to help!

    Berwick played tons of out-of-district games, so this is going to be a much longer list. They were once D4, now D2, so I won’t include those two districts. Playoffs not included.

    1968 to 2010 -Berwick versus District 1
    ’68 lost to Council Rock
    ’86 win Council Rock
    ’89 win Glen Mills
    ’90 win Glen Mills
    ’91 lost to Glen Mills
    ’92 win Glen Mills
    ’93 win Glen Mills
    ’94 win Glen Mills
    ’95 win Glen Mills

    1966 to 2010 – D3
    ’66 wins Central Dauphin & Middletown
    ’69 win Trinity
    ’72 win Lanister McCaskey
    ’79 loss Harrisburg
    ’83 win Harrisburg
    ’84 win Harrisburg
    ’85 win Harrisburg
    ’86 win Harrisburg
    ’91 loss Central Dauphin
    ’04 & ’05 loss Bishop McDevitt

    Lehigh Valley
    ’80 & ’81 win Allentown Allen

    Western PA
    ’89 win Lock Haven
    ’98 win Hollidaysburg
    ’99 loss Hollidaysburg

    Out of State
    ’82 win Gonzanga – Wash DC
    ’85 loss Binghamton – NY
    ’90 loss Fairfield – Ohio
    ’92 & ’93 wins Bishop McNamara – Maryland
    ’94 & ’95 wins HD Woodson – Wash DC
    ’96 wins Woodson & Anacostia – Wash DC
    ’97 win Woodson – loss St. Ignatius – Ohio
    ’98 wins Anacostia & St. Ignatius
    ’99 win Vestal NY
    ’02 & ’03 wins Woodson

  1251. John Robert says:

    @ No Horse

    Prep played Saucon Valley …a few years ago, SV had a great LINE and great backs…Prep keeped it close then SV revved it up…then SV beats Selingrove , then IMOHTEP HANGS 60 on SV in the FIRST HALF.

    D2 is definitely DOWN…

    I agree with you about “different teams”

    D3 Championship i like Wyomissing vs Middletown
    D4 Championship i like Danville vs Loyalsock
    D2 Championship i like Prep vs Western Wayne
    D11 Championship i like lehighton vs notre dame

    No real upsets , but these are some solid teams ..I gave notre dame the upset over Palisades (if ND is the 4th seed)

    Everything else should be true to form…

    Lets enjoy the last three weeks !

  1252. John Robert says:

    @dawg pound

    oh , and FIVE shutouts! Veni, Vidi, Vici

  1253. John Robert says:

    @dawg Pound

    Scranton Preps Defense has given up 51 ….THE best defense in District 2…Thank You

  1254. WVWFAN says:

    @Dawg Pound

    If WVW plays to their potential it should be a very good game. If WVW play calling doesnt get better and/the team doesnt stay disciplined(penalties) then WVW in for a long night.

  1255. TomF says:

    Berwick and St Ignatious played a home and home in 1997, 1998. Both schools were nationally ranked at the time. The 1997 game at St. Igs was a surprising blowout for St. Igs. The rematch in 1998 was a classic with Berwick hitting a field goal in the last minute of the game to win 30-28. Many attendees at that game…(not from Berwick) thought some home cooking aided the berwick win……2 personal fouls in the last minute against St. Igs.

  1256. Dawg Pound says:

    What a return for Berwick qb Jared Marshman, in his first game from his his injury threw for 3 tds and 175 yards in barely 3 quarters in dawgs 36-0 win over Pittston. Friday hated rival WVW comes to Crispin.Look for Marshman to put up big numbers against the Spartans. Berwick defense, which is the best in d2 has only allowed 54 points this season.

  1257. phillyboy says:

    Btw I meant to say St. Ignatius played Berwick a time or two, I believe. Anyway I should know better; took a week vacation to Cleveland a couple years ago. Iggy is actually located in the city, not far from the downtown. I arrived a little early the day of check-in, was killing some time walking around the neighborhood and looked up and whoa I saw St. Ignatius by chance. It has nice old architecture. Ended up watching one of their practices. They don’t play their actual games at the school though. There’s this huge stadium way out in Parma, it’s a hike. St. Edwards is in the suburb of Lakewood, incredibly nice, which is just outside of Cleveland to the west a few miles. They play their varsity games at the public high school in Lakewood.

  1258. Run4daylight says:

    How Does SCA stack up to Neumann Goretti?

  1259. phillyboy says:

    Thanks guys for all your tidbits regarding CB West regular season games against opponents outside of District 1 during their heyday.

    DV Warriors ….wow, very interesting, thanks for that info. As I suspected the regular seasons were pretty conventional back in the day. But they played Cardinal O’hara, AB Ryan and CV. Smoll mentioned that they played Easton a couple times at the beginning of the year. Might those have been just scrimmages? Yeah, could you please do the same thing for Berwick — list their regular season non-district games for their heyday. I’m pretty sure they played St. Edwards a time or two. Perhaps Berwick was a little more proactive in that regard.

    Buddy ….I’m a little surprised CB West never played any of the Public League teams. They should have played Frankford at some point. From what I understand Al Angelo was to Frankford what Mike Pettine was to CB West so to speak.

  1260. No Horse says:

    @ John Robert

    It’s a weird year in 3A

    Jim Thorpe can score points. Their halfback is very good and they are quick all over the place. That being said, I think Lehighton will beat them fairly easily just before the playoffs start. Just too much fire power there. Both teams have to deal with Pottsville(4A) yet. If they both handle Pottsville as they should, it will make for a very interesting game to end the regular season.
    Palisades’ competition isn’t any better than Jim Thorpe’s or Lehighton’s. The Colonial league seems to be down this year across the board. ND is the only decent team that they’ve played all year and they barely escaped that one.
    District12 isn’t scaring anyone in 3A. 6A? sure. Not 3A though.

    Wyomissing is really the only team in Prep’s half of the bracket that has any quality wins and they haven’t looked that good either.

    It looks like an odd year in 3A. I think we’ll see some schools that we don’t usually see going deeper in the east this year.

  1261. TomF says:

    Phillyboy, you can look at past playoff results for CB West. Their 2 titanic clashes with Erie Cathedral Prep in the finals are regarded as 2 of the greatest games in PIAA history. The talent on those 2 teams were unbelievable! ECP had the 1st game all but won except CB West blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown in the last minute of the game. The Eastern final against Bethlehem Catholic had 30,000 people in attendance. CB West also had a 59 game unbeaten streak broken in the finals against Lavar Arrington and North hills. NH hit a touchdown pass with 25 seconds left and went for 2 and won. Just HS football at its best.

  1262. Dave says:

    @Kevin X

    Regarding Southern Columbia’s remaining schedule, I’m not sure about Danville’s or Central Columbia’s chances, but Selinsgrove, if they remain healthy, should give them a good battle.

  1263. HaroldSakata says:

    I think SCA would need to get by Neumann Goretti before Dunmore would even see them. At least if the brackets are the same as last year.

  1264. Bob Hines says:

    Phillyboy it was well past their prime but I was at two St Joes Prep-CB West games in 01-02 and they split. Prep went on to win the CL both years but in ‘01 CB West was still a much better team in a down year. Those late 90’s teams would have steam rolled the Romans and LaSalles. They were seriously dominant.

  1265. DV Warriors says:

    CB West, between 1970 and 2000, only played 11 teams outside of District 1 (non playoffs). They are as follows:

    ’82: win vs. AB Ryan
    ’83: wins vs. AB Ryan and Allentown Allen
    ’88: win vs. AB O’Hara
    ’89: loss vs. AB O’Hara
    ’90: win vs. AB O’Hara
    ’91: win vs. AB O’Hara
    ’92: win vs. AB O’Hara
    ’96: win vs. Cumberland Valley
    ’97: win vs. Cumberland Valley
    ’00: win vs. Titusville, Florida

    Berwick, in that same time, played 17 out of state games.

    Any other teams you would like to know about?

  1266. John Robert says:


    Take a look at the Bracket…

    Prep will play District 4 first , then District 3, then IF and I mean IF , District 11 gets out versus District 12…Scranton Prep will be ready!
    Stars are healing, starters will be rested.. (Prep starters have sat a qtr in every game but the VV game.

    Prep’s offense is an enigma… Take what they give you philosophy

    Palisades is the Class of District 11…Jim Thorpe has played 1A and 2A schools!!

    Prep has the defense to stop and hold anyone…four shut outs to date! not too shabby

  1267. bog says:

    in response to route54 and FbFan i follow d2 football and i root for all our teams. dunmore has been the best representative in the state playoffs over the years.(I still don’t understand how they lost to clairton in2012.} dunmore is not that good this year, this years team could not compete with the teams of previous years. they cannot run the ball which has been the trademark of the bucks. the qb is good and they have athletic wideouts,and the o-line is very good, but over-rated.Defense seems very good but it is hard to tell because the league is very weak this year and they have little competition..I think old forge might beat them in week 10. old forge plays a weak schedule as well but they seem to be improving every week. the weak schedule comment is not a knock on either team,more so a knock on the other teams that they play.there is some bad football being played by some teams in d2. i do not think dunmore can compete with so. columbia this year. old forge has a much easier path and i might expect them to go farther. good luck to all d2 teams. thank you.

  1268. mark d says:

    i was not at the game but Scranton Prep had 400 yards and scored 35 points ? so what was wrong with the play calling ? it also kept Valley View offence off the field if i remember they had 276 yard but it was in only 27 plays that over 10 yards a play! i like to keep the ball away from that offence .as far as moving forward to the states yes i agree the offence mentality in D2 is still in the 80 they dont throw on first down the safety down in the box and it still power plays. Defense have no idea how to deal with a 4 and 5 recover formation becuse they never see it and on and on and hey tell me what games you going to and we all go out for a beer and talk about !!!!!

  1269. Buddy says:


    It’s gonna be a mis-match ( Prep/LS).
    Actually, C’ville has MORE skill players then LS.
    LS line is better though. And yes, they won’t meet.


    PCL ( nor PPL) was not in the PIAA back then. SO CB West never met any of them. I don’t believe they played Lehigh Valley either, unless they made it to the state final.

  1270. Michael Smoll says:


    Don’t remember any PCL teams, but started the season a few years against Easton, which is year in year out one of the better teams in the Lehigh Valley, also remember going to a game with my brother that was all hepped up, with Upper Darby (who papers said was ranked 12th in the state) at a time CB West was ranked #1. No contest.

  1271. Jacob says:

    @FBfan & Route 54

    Dunmore has played some really bad teams lately and overall the division is down. Their line is good but the RB´s are not very impressive. I think the toll of playing against bigger players will hurt them once they get into the state playoffs. If they get any injuries on the O-line it will be huge.

  1272. phillyboy says:

    Just for kicks I wanted to check out the year by year game results of CB West from the mid 70s to late 90s. I think the premier matchups at the beginning of the season are a relatively recent phenomenon. Wanted to see if CB West tangled with any of the PCL teams, Lehigh Valley powerhouses or whoever else back in the day. Anybody out there know if this information can be procured online?

  1273. No Horse says:

    @Neutral Observer

    Scranton Prep is going to have issues come playoff time. There are 3 teams in D11 that can take them to the woodshed. They will need to make some serious changes before the post season if they want to get past that part of the bracket.

  1274. prancer says:


    CVille will not beat LaSalle, they have way to many skills guys and a really good Line. They probably wont even play this year. Next Friday night is the game of the year, LaSalle/Prep… Gonna be great.

  1275. phillyboy2 says:

    If Pine Richland wins the WPIAL Championship, they will WIN STATES! The whole east sucks!

  1276. Chief Red Raider says:

    @ Clark31c

    It might be true the Ches-mont league overall is down this year, yet again a rebuilding D-town West team beat Neshaminy at their house (or Neshaminy would be undefeated), and C’ville mercy-ruled D-town West like they have with others (and D-town East put up 60 plus points against North Penn). Moreover, I can remember another time when people were saying C’ville wouldn’t be able to “hang” against LaSalle, but they won the game and went on to play in the championship game 🙂

  1277. Kevin X says:

    My bad, sorry, that should be DTE, not DTW, in my D1 6A final four…….

  1278. Kevin X says:

    Finally, Southern Columbia’s run of 8 weeks of scrimmages comes to an end (first 7 games, opponents combine record 13-36). Not saying that they will lose, or even be close, but thinking the SoCo starters may actually HAVE to play into the 4th qtr. the next 3 weeks (Danville, Central Columbia and Selinsgrove).

  1279. Kevin X says:

    I’ll stick to my D1 6A final four of NP, Garnet, DTW, and C’Ville that I referenced a few weeks ago, yeah I know, not exactly going out on a limb here, but I’ll stick with it. Pennsbury, Neshaminy, Q-Town, Perk and Haverford are all sitting there pretty at 6-1, but not seeing anything spectacular from any of them. Like you guys are saying, who has played anybody, really?? NP has played probably the toughest schedule out there to date (in D1). DTE taking on an undefeated 5A Unionville Friday could be a nice prelude to the big one next week with C’Ville invading Kottmeyer. Team to watch out for/sleeper in D1 6A is Pennridge.

  1280. Route 54 says:

    Fbfan, Dunmore defense only allowed 32 points this season. They basically blew out all of their opponents. I saw them play last year at Harman Geist stadium in Hazleton against York Catholic. Unfortunately,they fell short last year. I believe they returned loads of talent. I really don’t follow much of District 2. However, I would imagine they go 10-0 And eventually run into SCA. I’m hoping to see that matchup. I believe Dunmore can go real far this year. We shall see. I remember a few years back when Old Forge went against Southern and everyone predicted SCA would mercy rule Old Forge. Well, Old Forge walked out with a big win. I was there. The town of Old Forge showed up in Shamokin. Southern is loaded, and I am confident they can be beat. Their schedule is rather easy. Mt.Carmel slowed them down, so I would imagine it can be done by another team. Don’t underestimate Dunmore !

  1281. frankie mc dermott says:

    hebron ex phila eagles football halfback s son played 77 yards last fri for neshaminy hs wa tch out next year tha nk y

  1282. Buddy says:


    C’ville can and would beat LaSalle. But they won’t meet. Prep is once again another recruiting machine.

    I seen Pine-Richland play, they could beat Prep. I think those 2 will meet.

    @Uncle T

    yep, NP defense is the problem. Doubt if they resolve that by playoff time.
    Don’t mind Smoll, he gets carried away on occasion, especially if you have a differing opinion.

  1283. Joe breeze says:

    Anyone have thoughts on archbishop Carroll? Curious to hear what the people have to say about their situation??

  1284. Fbfan says:

    How good is dunmore?

  1285. David Mika says:

    Buddy….Working on it.

  1286. Buddy says:

    @ Mika

    Can you post the power points for D1?

  1287. NCFALCONS82 says:

    Inter-AC league play starts this week. Looks like anyone can win it this year. My prediction: Haverford School

  1288. Bleed Red & Black says:

    @ Uncle T

    Not much teams like Coatesville and Downingtown can do with the scheduling. There are stuck in the Ches-Mont and must play the likes of Avon Grove, Henderson, W.C. East and some of the Ches-Mont American league teams. There have been only a handful of Ches-Mont league games that have been decided by less than 14 points. It’s not fun seeing a 63-14 blowout of Cville against W.C. East, even worse is seeing a team like W.C. East not gain positive yardage until late in the 2nd quarter.

    Frankly unless your playing in the Suburban One league your behind the 8-ball right off the bat knowing you have multiple league games against AAAA or AAAAA teams.

    I think it’s time for D1 to reconsider the realignment of conferences for football for the benefit of all classifications.

  1289. RC RED08 says:

    My God, how long will this putrid display of coaching go on at Roman??
    42-0 in the first QTR last night against SJP.
    And NO it wasn’t just a difference in talent. Roman shoots themselves in the foot weekly. Delay of game comes once a possession. Play calls come in extremely slow. QB runs miles to the sideline to get the play call. The HC calls the special teams and is heavily involved in the offense. 2 punt returns for TD’s in the first qtr. The Punter is 5 yards away from the center on punts and literally has 1 second to get the punt off. The offense had less than 100 yards of total offense AGAIN and maybe 3 first downs the entire game. They run 5 plays on offense and do nothing to change it up. I don’t believe they care at all.
    This is PATHETIC. I really feel sorry for those kids(those who are left).
    The largest male enrollment in the Archdiocese can only muster 39 kids on their football roster? Does anyone else seem to be confused as to what in the world is going on down there? As an Alum I can say with absolute certainty, I am disgusted. I will not be attending another game under this current regime. CLEAN HOUSE!

  1290. David Mika says:

    Clark31c…When I post the ratings later it’s on there.

  1291. Clark31c says:

    Does anybody know when the state championship dates are ?

  1292. Neutral Observer says:

    @ neutralfan:

    Here you go, buddy.

  1293. Clark31c says:

    I got news for ya the Chestmont league where the Dtowns and the Coatesville play anymore are weak…really no good strong teams for them to go against to really see how good they really are..and for the playoffs that’s the different animal…im a district 1 fan by far and follow alot of games..but I don’t think Coatesville could ever hang with Prep or LaSalle…but time will see…

  1294. Neutral Observer says:

    @ neutralfan:

    Am I 60 years old or do I play video games all day? In my experience, the two do not often overlap.

    Perhaps the saddest and most telling part of your grammatically-deficient posts was that you seem to consider “counters, dives, reverses” to be a video game offense.

    Unfortunately, this sentiment is far too common in District 2. I’m a huge D2 fan and it frustrates me to see all of the tremendous talent wasted because of antiquated coaching philosophies. I know I’m not alone in this frustration because it goes well beyond Scranton Prep.

    No one is disputing Scranton Prep’s tremendous success. Coach Terry Gallagher has done PHENOMENAL things with that defense. Obviously, the “three yards and a cloud of dust” works in the friendly confines of D2.

    However, I want to see D2 have success at the STATE level. Scranton Prep is D2’s best chance. Old Forge won’t get past Bishop G. Dunmore won’t get past Southern Columbia. Berwick/Valley View won’t get past Imhotep Charter. The 6A schools can’t compete against the Philadelphia private schools.

    I will continue rooting for Scranton Prep. I just hope that, for the sake of the kids, Prep re-thinks the offense.

  1295. Uncle T says:

    Mike Smoll,

    I was talking more about the North Penn defense, and should have clarified that. Their offense always commands respect, so I thought it would be more obvious that the points they were allowing were a reason to pump the brakes a bit.

    I’m definitely not slamming them- as my other posts about NP show. They’ll be a tough matchup for anyone in D1. If you asked me at this point, I’d say they’re neck and neck with Garnet Valley, just behind DTown East and Coatesville.

  1296. Uncle T says:

    @ phillyboy

    I’m not sure how much you can read into the results of those backyard rivalry games. DTown West played probably as well as they will all season against an arch-rival that’s clearly better than them.

    What is apparent is that DTown East and Coatesville have played 2 of the easiest schedules so far out of the top teams. They each had 1 tough out of conference game (North Penn for East, and Cumberland Valley for Coatesville), but not much other than that.

    D1 could be wide open this year, with 8 teams having a legitimate chance to take it. Looks like some really good games will come around in the 2nd round.

  1297. Mike Smoll says:

    @Uncle T, Stomped? Really do you have any clue what you are talking about? Yes they lost by 13 to LaSalle in the 1st game of the season, but it was a 6 point game with less than 2 minutes left. And Downingtown East beat them by 17 and scored 14 of those points in the last 4 or 5 minutes. Like I just told Dale, I’m not a North Penn fan, but they are without a doubt at this point of the year a top 5 or 6 team in District 1, which isn’t bad for a team who only returned 8 starters from last year. You don’t need to slam, just enjoy the games and the kids who play them.

  1298. Mike Smoll says:

    @Dale, first of all I am NOT a North Penn fan, secondly, I can’t think of a public school who has a better record over the last 10 years, and oh yeah, last year they were the only team in the state that stayed on the field with St. Joe’s Prep, lastly this is for the most part a young team, who will in all likelihood play in District 1 semi’s. And I guess you have a problem with kids having some fun with it’s Knight Time? Relax enjoy the games…..

  1299. neutralfan says:

    @neutral observer. When your done coaching your Madden season with all your counters, dives, reverses, etc. maybr you can get on preps coaching staff to help them win games. Oh, I forgot they are 7-0, 19-2 last 21. Nice to know there are such knowledgeable people out there.

  1300. neutralfan says:

    @neutral observer. Your another joke who knows absolutely nothing about football. Your probably 60 yrs old living in your mommy and daddys basement playing on your computer. You were probably a loser in school and feel the need to rip on scranton prep bc your another jealous loser. Stick to video games old man.

  1301. Bleed Red & Black says:


    I might be a little biased being a Cville alum but I sorta agree with your sentiment regarding Dtown East. They are not going to be able to run for 300 yards against Coatesville. They are going to make Lauletta beat them through the air, which might prove difficult with Avery Young locking down their best receiver. I don’t remember seeing much Stocker in the 40-7 game last year, so he might be somewhat of an X factor. I fully expect a similar result to last year with Coatesville winning by at least 2 Td’s.

    North Penn in the playoffs, especially at home is a different animal. I still think they will be major players come D1 playoff time. Haven’t seen them personally, but by the looks they are struggling on defense, but they have the playmakers like Henley to put points up on most teams and keep it close.

    As for Coatesville, their defense has greatly improved from Week 0 against Gratz to this point in the season. Rustin who averages close to 250 yards on the ground could do nothing against them. They will play man on the outside and load the box to stop the run unless you prove to them that you are a well balanced team. On offense it’s literally pick your poison. Ricky Oretga, Aaron Young, Avery Young, Dupree Bryant, Mekhi Alexander and Kahtero Summers all have game breaking and big play ability. Eric Kirk their backup RB could be a starter for most team in the area and is rumored to be the fastest player on the team at 6’2 200lbs. Most teams in D1 cannot account for the amount of speed at the skill positions. They’ve cut down on the penalties, which killed them in the loss to Cumberland Valley. They are going to be a tough out in the playoffs and would love to see a Cville/ SJP Eastern Final.

  1302. AJ says:

    Public VS Private…..More like Boundaries (public) VS NO Boundaries (private,AKA MONEY TALKS)….NOT just football either.

    I am willing to bet this is across every sport boys and girls throughout the state/(country even???)

    a pretty bow and wrapping paper on dog poop? So what, it is still dog poop at the core once all the pretty packaging is removed. Correct? Lip stick and a dress on a pig? So what, it is still a pig at the core. Correct? Stop and think about it.

    No matter what person wants to defend Preps football. Redeemer softball. Sem Wrestling…Pick the NO boundary school. Pick the NO boundary sport and gender… It applies here.

    Strip off all the pretty bows and packaging (big and fancy words )that everyone Parents, Administrators, Coaching Staff, Students, Media, will use to make the NO boundary schools sound so pure and innocent. And hope most everyone believes that it is just the “innocent effort and dedication” of the personnel and coaching staff’s that makes the success of theses programs a success….Again this applies to any school, any sport, any gender.

    Once all that is stripped away. At the core of this debate what is left? What is left is. For the Large majority of public schools defined by hard boundaries and tight budgets. You do with what gene pool is dealt your program. And with the right mix of support, coaching, hard work, and blessing of talent. Maybe you have a chance for a few seasons. And for the VERY VERY VERY few. Maybe you found the perfect combo and have a strong run for a few years. But a very large part of it all deals with what do the boundaries of the gene pool hold for you?

    And for the private schools that have NO boundaries. All said in the above paragraph does apply here too. With one variation.. Private schools have a gene pool the world over. That is only bound by how deep the school is willing to reach into their pockets and support that program by any means necessary. Go google 2008 and 2010 GIRLS FH state champs.

    I’m not saying they should not do that/Be allowed to do that. If they wish to spend the money/invest resources that hard into any sports program to buy the rings. Go ahead!! it is the Schools/Booster’s money. Spend it as they see fit. As long as not ONE PENNY of public money goes into it. Off you go… Win 100 football titles in a row. If someone wants to stop you bad enough. Invest as much resources if not more than the other guy. and take it away from them. Just like MLB NFL or NBA.

    HOWEVER do it in your own privately funded league. NOT the PIAA. Or if your backed by the PIAA. the no boundary schools pay for the PIAA to administer the entire thing without the public money.

    When Prep or Redeemer or Sem or ANY private school. Takes kids from a pre determined geographical area relative to the size of what is equal to the size of all public schools they compete against. And STILL see all the same success they currently do. Than people can start beating a drum of any other kind. But any sane person knows that can NEVER happen. So what is the answer?

    Rather simple… Private schools of the no boundary no public money sort go spend a fraction of your private money and determine all your sports champs in your own league administered with your own money and rules.

    The Public schools bound by public money and boundaries will follow the rules of their own..

    Private school supporters. I have no problem with you doing what you do. What I propose would end this whole public vs private debate for ever..But if you don’t wish to do that. Please stop trying to get me to buy a bag of dog S&!T by telling me it is pure Hershey Chocolate.

  1303. Mike A. says:

    @ Jay
    “But Coatesville is putting up POINTS on teams this year.”

    Who couldn’t against that schedule? Beat a bunch of patsies and move up in the polls. ZERO POINTS and less than 50 total yards of offense in the 2nd half against CV. State College was also blowing people out scoring 45-70 points/game until they had a reality check against a quality opponent and only managed 7 points in 3 1/2 quarters before mop up time against CV, a team with a good defense and CV isn’t even a great team but they are a quality team compared to what Coatesville has been playing lately.

  1304. phillyboy says:

    I don’t know about Downingtown East, I think they’re paper tigers. If they want to assert themselves as the top dog in the east, you can’t be going through the motions against a slightly better than mediocre team. Let’s be frank: a 28-14 win against D West is lame. It’s looking like a Coatesville/SJP eastern final — which would actually be pretty intriguing. There’s that outside chance Parkland could get in there. They might be a quietly building storm, we’ll see.

  1305. Neutral Observer says:

    @ the fake NeutralObserver

    A “zone read” is when the QB “reads” the defense and then makes the decision to either keep the ball or hand off to the RB. The VV defense was keying on RB#3 and he just kept getting the ball. That is a pre-determined draw. Or, if it actually was supposed to be a zone-read, then the coaches should have been in the QB’s ear after the first 40 carries.

    I think you’re missing the point. The Scranton Prep kids played well DESPITE the play calls. If those 64 running plays had been a better mix of dives, powers, counters, tosses, sweeps, reverses, etc, then Prep could (should) have had 400 yds rushing with RB#3 (a beast), QB#9 (athlete), and that massive offensive line.

  1306. Buddy says:


    Except they didn’t follow your script the past couple of years, and they couldn’t care less about their conference record.

  1307. Jay says:

    Downingtown East vs West was fun to be at this year. 7-0 East is about to be tested the next two weeks against Unionville and then Coatesville. Both home games. But Coatesville is putting up POINTS on teams this year.

  1308. Dale says:

    @ Mike Smoll

    Don’t get too pumped about your N Penn. This is most often the N Penn season:

    Get stomped on by a better team or two to open.

    Steamroll through the conference (which SHOULD happen because of the sheer size of the enrollment).

    All the N Penn fans get beer muscles. “It’s Knight Time Baby!”

    Get stomped on again at the end by better teams. (“yeah but did you see our conference record?!”)

    Reality can be ignored, but not forever. Only usually in October.

  1309. NeutralObserver says:

    64 carries for 295 yds. rushing.
    11/24 152 yds passing.
    447 yds of offense.

    Pretty balanced and effective play calling.

    Those “shotgun/HB draw” plays were zone read plays.

    QB for prep had 40+ yd TD run

    Hard to stop the run when the defense is all spread out.

  1310. Neutral Observer says:

    To clarify my other post, the Valley View coaching was also atrocious. Let’s not give the VV coaches a free pass just because the Prep offensive coaches were also terrible.

  1311. Neutral Observer says:

    RE: Scranton Prep v. Valley View

    I disagree with the statement that Prep “outcoached” Valley View. I was amazed at how poor the Scranton Prep offensive play-calling was. Prep won DESPITE the offensive play calls. WAY too many shotgun/HB draw plays. I GUESS it was technically a run/pass option, but the QB kept it so infrequently that the Valley View defense didn’t really need to pay attention to the QB. Prep went Power-I some, but not as much as they should have given their personnel.

    If Scranton Prep wants to make any noise at the state level, they need to re-think the offensive strategy. Yes, obviously they should be a run-first/defensive team, but if you want to see how to do that, go find out how many shotgun/HB draws Dunmore runs a game.

  1312. JoePa says:

    To TOM F.

    You as usual mentioned inaccurate information once again. Wilson never ever backed out of the Tri-Scrimmage with BC and Boone. They had a schedule with another school from York County. But Governor Mifflin was in need of a zero week game to complete a ten game season so Wilson agreed to allow the York school to play Mifflin. If BC wants to compete with a higher caliber of schools then they need to adjust their PIAA designation in Football to 5A or 6A . Then those schools will be more than happy to accommodate them. As it stands today the power points systems in districts dictates a lot of schedule decisions. In the Reading Eagle this morning Mike Drago has a article regarding Berks Catholics dilemma. Suggest reading his opinion. Also why is it that the game wins/loss from district schools are delayed submission in D-3 fan poll rankings. It makes to sense to me for a mere minute or less a school does not report scores until 4/5 days after the end of the game. D-3 should penalize the school that are not responsive to the rules of reporting. I would penalize the school power points for failure to report. Then they will get the point !!!!

  1313. Uncle T says:

    @ Buddy,

    Agreed on Garnet Valley. They seem to have taken over Ridley as the best highest-classification program from that league. I thought they’ve been just a product of a possibly weak schedule (half of their league is 5A), but they destroyed Neshaminy and Perk Valley last year with the same scheme they still run and many of the same players. They just couldn’t handle Udinski and Johns last year in that D1 final, like everybody. For what it’s worth, I think North Penn was the best team in the East last year- Udinski just had his worst game of the year at the worst time (not taking anything away from Prep’s D).

    NP/GV would be a great matchup this year, but both of them are still a level below Dtown East and Coastesville in my opinion.

  1314. Jon Robert says:

    @mark d

    I say the same thing about talent and coaching

  1315. John Robert says:

    @Blakely Bear…

    or maybe it was just a roughing the passer penalty that was correctly called.

    I can sit down and analyze the film with you if you like and show you that VV had 12 offensive plays total in second half…why did that happen?

    Prep COACHES made adjustments…and VV COULDNT STOP PREP.

    Now with tissues, you need pepto bismol.

    “Hard Work beats talent, when Talent doesnt work hard” or in this case When Talent isnt coached!!!!!

    couldnt be right?

  1316. mark d says:

    @john Robert and Blakely the refs are the refs over the years i felt that valley view was on the short ends of the calls but hey if it called it called if it not it not you still have to live with it and move on.Fact is good or bad calls two flags go different Valley View is probable 5-1 and not 3 and 3 . in my opinion Valley view problem walk the side lines not on the field. both team will make the playoff so we will see from their !

  1317. Blakey Bear says:

    John Robert
    Let me guess, you’re a Prep fan! Read my post you!re referring to. I was responding to a post that declared local refs have negative bias toward Prep because of public/private thing. I never said Refs gave Prep game, merely that key call in game was roughing passer, which I guess if refs are biased toward Prep, they wouldn’t have got. Read posts before you comment, and put the crybaby comments where they belong, in the trash.

  1318. Buddy says:

    @ uncle T:

    That’s about right. The 2 toughest teams they played they lost. DTE & C’ville are the teams to beat in D1.

    Ol’ Garnet valley does come up with some good teams! I’m impressed. Don’t know if they have a tough schedule or not. Made the D1 final last year.

  1319. Jhon Robert says:

    @Blakely Bear

    Let me guess, you’re a Valley View Fan…?? Valley View has the biggest crybaby fans I ever seen.

    Got some still crying about QB roughing call…tissues are found in aisle 6 !

    Now some real comment…The Center and Sophomore Tackle on the VV offensive line have great technique and did a great job. Defensively the stand up ends did great also…

    I think they have the talent to win the District Title. I saw Berwick earlier this season…they are not that good! Good Line but they barely beat a dallas team!

    Good Luck ! You cant win them all…If VV could have put the game away they could be 6-0 (like Prep)

  1320. UncleT says:

    @Mike Smoll,

    North Penn has played about half of the best the East has to offer. They got smoked by LaSalle and DTown East, while the Prep, Coatesville, and maybe Garnet Valley are all still out there. Suburban One has been down the past couple of years too, so I don’t think you can put too much stock in their wins against CB West and South.

    NP could be a tough matchup for early round D1 games, but DTown East and Coatesville are the clear favorites in that district this year.

  1321. Kevin X says:

    @ Tom F

    I agree, seeing BC and WWL in Berks 1 would be an improvement. Demote Weiser (being 4A) or one of the perennial weaker larger schools to Berks 2, you’d have an 8 team B1, and a 6 team B2, makes for easier scheduling.

    I think the likes of Wilson refusing to play BC is because BC is only 4A. Not as many all important power ranking points at stake there compared to playing a larger, better school. WWL has Gov Mifflin (5A), Spring-Ford (6A) and CD (6A) on their non-conference schedule. Not exactly cupcakes.

    @ Jeff, I agree, our newly formed Berks 1 would be a nice competitive conference, but hardly among the state elites. Also, it might of even been you, saying that many of the D10 schools volunteered to play “up” to 5A to avoid ECP. Still SMH over that one. Yes, ECP should be playing 5A, the others back where they belong. We’ll see what happens next year.

    Wondering if Imhotep is regretting their decision to play up in 4A. Thinking if they remained at 3A, they would of taken the 3A championship last year, and probably again this year for what would of been 3 titles in a row. So some kudos for them for moving up and seeking more of a challenge. Word to you guys (Becahi, Bartram, D2 rep), better get to them this year, because they are going to be another monster next year unless they have more key Albie defections.

  1322. TEPALUMI says:

    I think for PIAA to be great they should make a elite class for the top 32 teams and in this elite class allow only teams playing in the elite 32 to recruit threw out the state of PA nobody would complain bout the elite 32 cause its even playing ground for all 32 this will allow schools to compete at a all time high level. Also this would make the playing ground even for teams remaining in A-6A classification cuz all power houses would be in the elite classification. Also would help PA high school football compete against better against other states elite talents.

  1323. mark d says:

    @John Roberts i agree as i said was not at the game but i have been to many Valley View got out coached espicaly in the 4th quarter from what i being told said in the beginning of the year 8-2 9-1 talent 6-4 5-5 record .

  1324. phillyboy says:

    For football it’s a little debatable what area is the best depending on the factors but for wrestling I’d say it’s a slam dunk: the Lehigh Valley. The Lehigh Valley is no joke, you got Easton, Bethlehem Catholic, Nazareth among others. You could even include Phillipsburg in there; although it’s in NJ still seems to be part of the LV culturally.

  1325. Jeff says:

    @ Tom F – in the unlikely event BC and Wilson ever move to Berks 1 and form the conference you mentioned that would certainly be a good conference, but rival any in the state is a bit of a stretch to say the least. I can think of 3 off the top of my head who are much better, the Mid-Penn Commonwealth in your own home district, as noted by Kevin X., PCL Red as mentioned by Buddy, and the Northern 7 in the WPIAL which includes PR, PCC, North Allegheny, and Penn Hills, which have won a combined 8 state titles at the highest classification.

    I’m sure the guys in D1 and D11 would also say those districts have conferences that are better than the conference you proposed, so I think your comment they would rival any in the state is a bit over the top.

  1326. Mike Smoll says:

    Just a note, North Penn is right where they want to be, they have played the 3 toughest teams in their division (back to back to back) and have played the best the East has to offer. They’ve made adjustments (primarily on the defensive side) and will not be an easy out for Anyone in District 1. As they like to say, it’s Knight Time.

  1327. Jeff says:

    @ Tom F – I completely agree ECP should be playing 5A, I’m from Western Pa. and have made that argument on the Western boards for the last 2 years. They were 1 under the enrollment limit for 4A, and as a private school they can massage the enrollment numbers, I’m not accusing the school of anything, but seems fishy to me.

    A school with their tradition should be playing 5A, they are one of the elite programs in the state. I for one would love to see them in 5A and play Harrisburg in the semis and if they beat them AW in the final, ECP is every bit as good as both of those teams, and both games would be tremendous.

    ECP is better than last year, so BC better be improved if they have any hope of beating them, I stand by my prediction ECP will win that game by at least 2 TD’s, time will tell, and if BC somehow wins I’ll be the first one on this board to congratulate you.

  1328. Footballdad99 says:

    TE/DE stop playing underdog. When one of the other teams beats LS/Prep/Wood then we’ll talk. That league is a grinder, and of course tough games for the top three when they play each other. But right now LS is guaranteed 4 wins..when that changes we will play the violin for your tough tough goings.

  1329. Tom F says:

    Kevin X, BC does play a weak schedule, not by design….none of the area large school powerhouses will play them, and that includes several in neighboring Montgomery County. They had the same schedule last year and rolled up 400 yards against Erie Cathedral Prep last year in the State Semi’s. This years BC team is better than last years. I expect them to get by a talented Bishop McDevitt team in D3 and have a rematch with ECP in the Semi’s again. BTW, how did ECP wind up in 4A? New Math?

  1330. Tom F says:

    JoePa, Wilson,Boone and BC had a tri-scrimmage last year, Wilson pulled out this year. Why? To scrimmage who? That Powerhouse West York, then replaced by another Powerhouse Reading high. BC AD Hess is 0-36 trying to get teams to play them next year. And some very big name schools said no. How about this, BC moves up to section 1 in Berks, Wilson moves over to Section 1 Berks. Wilson, Governor Mifflin, Exeter and BC would rival any football conference in the State.

  1331. mark d says:

    @Kevin X i think it a toss up between all 4 of those teams any ones game !!!!! I like Valley View because of their speed

  1332. mark d says:

    @neutral the more people i talk to seem they are under the impression that the refs handed Prep the game . like i said winner love then the looser has a problem with them.I wish Prep good luck the rest of the way hopeful they can make some noise in the states ,as for Valley View they still have a lot to play for.

  1333. TE/DE #82 says:

    HAHA Buddy so it’s only tough for the other 4 teams? Easy for LaSalle to draw Prep and Wood every year? LOL

  1334. Kevin X says:

    @ daryl

    Mid-Penn Commonwealth is not exactly EZ-Street (Cumberland Valley, Harrisburg, State College, Central Dauphin, CD East).

  1335. Jeff says:

    There is a distinct possibility the 4A semi-finalists will be the same as last year, with ECP playing Berks Catholic in the western half of the bracket and Becahi playing Imhotep on the eastern side. I agree with Kevin X. that ECP is on a different level than the other teams in 4A, I think they’ll beat Berks by at least the 2 TD’s they did last year. but I think Becahi might beat Tep, they played them tough last year and actually led in the 2nd half before losing 24-13.

    IMO ECP is one of the top 3-4 teams in the state regardless of classification, and I will be very surprised if anyone beats them this year.

  1336. John Robert says:

    @Kevin X

    Valley View has enough talent to beat North Pocono, that being said I would say for 4A

    Valley View vs Berwick is the District Title Game.

    Unless VV suffers another coaching lapse.

  1337. John Robert says:

    @Neutral Observer, Blakely Bear, Mark D

    PS.. all the team speed in the conference= 3-3, gotta be able to coach the talent you’re blessed with.

    Instead of belly aching about the roughing the QB penalty ask your coach why you had 3 DB’s in on 4th and 13th, 4th and 9, and 4th and 6??

  1338. John Robert says:

    @ Kevin X, Neutral Observer, Blakely Bear, Mark D.

    What I am about to comment on doesn’t have significant bearing on the outcome…Two brothers who start lost their dad the beginning of the week, it was the one year anniversary that Prep lost their coach on the sideline at VV, prep also lost three starters to injuries.

    Heres some food for thought:
    When you play a 4-4 defense one or two guys out of position creates holes with minimal blocking effort needed. Speed was NOT the issue as was the gaping holes created my mis-placed linemen!

    The referees had alot of trouble in this game..plays on both sides being “called down by contact”, mysterious holding calls, and spots that were ridiculous.

    But one of you said it crystal clear, the second half VV was 100% out coached.

    The most ridiculous thing on the Prep side was asked…Why didnt Howanitz GO FOR TWO to make up the blocked extra point???

    VV ran 12 offensive plays in the Second Half…The Prep Offense couldnt be stopped.

    Prep’s Defense held the high octane VV offense to 277 yds….half of which came on three plays.

    The BETTER TEAM won Saturday…Make that 5 in a ROW…there is a reason why VV is 3-3…Every year they have talent to SPARE…just like Wyoming Area in the WVC…Look to the coaches..

  1339. Footballdad99 says:

    @buddy you said a mouthful. It must be tough on the other schools knowing the top is not only really good, but perennial state champs.

  1340. JoePA says:

    To TOM F.
    Man you have to get your information more accurate. In the case of Wilson not having a scrimmage with BC is totally false. Wilson had an agreement to scrimmage West York but they backed out to have a first game with Governor Mifflin so Reading High was readily available which makes common sense to me to replace West York. If BC is a strong team as you seem to feel, then they have the opportunity to toughen their non conference schedules but do not and stay in the Berks League with only Mifflin as a power program. Exeter has up and down cycles but that’s it……So lets be fair if you are going to comment on something be sure, certainly sure your facts are accurate.

  1341. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 folks

    Best 4A team right now: Bewick or Valley View??

    Honorable mentions: Dallas and North Pocono (3 and 4 seeds??)

  1342. Kevin X says:

    @ TomF

    My two points are:

    1. BC plays a weak schedule
    2. They will get their lunch handed to them by ECP. ECP is on a completely different plane (even tho I do hope BC pulls off a minor miracle if they do so indeed meet-up in the semi’s again)

    Question: Can anyone challenge BC in the D3 4A playoffs??

  1343. Neutral Observer says:

    @ Blakely Bear

    After the game, my gut told me the Valley View kids absolutely 100% outplayed the Scranton Prep kids on Saturday. I was shocked when I saw the box score after (VV 285 total yds; SP 447). I said “superior” because (a) Scranton Prep is ranked higher, and (b) I think if they played 10 games, Prep would probably win 7 or 8. But Valley View was the better team on Saturday.

    You may be right about me sitting on the Scranton Prep sideline and hearing all of the boos. The buzz at the game was that the 4th quarter roughing the passer was the final straw for a few earlier non-calls on QB hits. Prep’s starting QB (#9, don’t know his name but looks like a tough kid) had his helmet ripped off on a QB sneak and took a few questionable hits on the Prep sideline.

    @ mark d:

    It looks like Valley View had 6 for 47, Scranton Prep had 7 for 77. So pretty close in number of flags thrown, but pretty disparate in yardage.

    All in all, it was a PHENOMENAL, hard-fought game. Both teams left it all on the field and all the kids should be proud.

  1344. daryl says:

    @ buddy i agree

  1345. Buddy says:

    PCL red division if you’re anyone BUT Prep, LS or Wood.

  1346. mark d says:

    @Neutral was not at the game but the paper had the penalty yards equal ? As i said was not their. but was told that prep super defense could not handle Valley View speed. Also was told that as usual Valley View got out coached especially in the 4th quarter it was good game as for the refs winner usually love them losers usually hate them.

  1347. OwlBDamn says:

    @ TomF Why do you have such a hard-on for Imhotep. Last I checked, the Philadelphia Public Schools are the most underfunded school district in this nation compared to the state public counterparts. Yet lames like you come on forums to attack them. Sounds a bit personal. Imhotep Charter has sent a great amount of students and student-athletes to post secondary institutions.

    The fact of this is that there’s been a Phila. public school that broke the mold. Won a state title. So, not only does SJP and Wood pose a threat year to year but this little mighty public charter school is also a perennial threat. So, instead of doing your research or taking a trip to visit the school, dweebs like you throw shade from afar from your ivory tower.

    Fret not, Berks Catholic won’t get to Erie Cath Prep. BeCa vs Imhotep rematch might be the one. If it happens to be Berks Catholic, Tep will hand them their return addresses back home.

  1348. TomF says:

    Kevin X, Governor Mifflin refuses to play BC. I wonder why? Wilson? BC would beat them by 3 touchdowns this year and they also backed out of a scrimmage with BC after BC took it to them last year. Wilson instead opted to scrimmage that powerhouse Reading high. And BTW, Wyo will also get Mercy ruled by BC.

  1349. Blakely Bear says:

    @Neutral Observer
    Concerning the VV/Prep game. Are you serious? Prep beat the refs too? Maybe cause you sat on the Prep side, you heard all the boos if every call didn’t go their way. I was at the game too. Yes, there were a few calls earlier in the game that could have gone either way, but the key call was in mid 4th quarter that Prep got on a roughing the passer call on an interception which probably would have salted game away. VV would have ball near midfield with 13 point lead. Not to mention 2 holding calls on successive plays on Vv later in 4th which forced them to punt, leading to Prep’s winning score. Not saying they weren’t holding, but Prep got the calls. These calls were at key points of game. As far as being superior, maybe so, but it took a fourth down pass with 54 seconds to play for Prep to win. VV couldn’t stop Prep’s power game, and Prep couldn’t stop VV speed. So please stop with the Prep business of being resented by the officials.

  1350. daryl says:

    whats the toughest division in the east to play in?

  1351. Neutral Observer says:

    @ Kevin X

    Great shout out to Western Wayne! That program has really turned around the last 5 years or so. Coach Randy Wolff has done a great job.

    @ mark d:

    I went to the Game of the Week which was Valley View @ Scranton Prep game on Saturday(sat on Prep side). You had previously mentioned that a lot of people in District 2 have a problem with Prep. Did we see that resentment manifested in the officiating of the game?

    I saw a lot of missed calls which would have gone against VV and a lot of bad spots hurting Prep. Valley View played one HECK of a game against a superior team, so I want to give those kids all the credit in the world, but, from what I saw, Prep basically beat both the Cougars and the refs.

  1352. Mike Smoll says:

    Well, have to say my hometown Quakertown Panthers have shocked the heck out me, in what everyone considered to be a down year or at best a rebuilding year, they sit at 5-1. More amazing to me is a HS team coming from behind in back to back weeks (15 and 17 points worth) on the road against two pretty good teams. Very young and probably not going to make any noise in the District play, but with nearly everyone back next year, it’s been an amazing run so far.

  1353. Kevin X says:

    @ TomF

    Really?? Exeter?? They are an average to OK team. Who has BC played?? Not exactly a murderous row type of schedule they are working through this year. Only really good team there is Wyo. How about stepping it up and playing Wilson or Mifflin, they are right in your backyard. Won’t be close against ECP.

  1354. TomF says:

    Berks Catholic absolutely destroyed Exeter, a perennial Disrict 3 5A playoff team 48-7, and it wasn’t even that close. Exeter came in with 2 tough losses to 6A Spring Ford and 5A Governor Mifflin, 2 very good programs. I am starting to think that Erie Cathedral Prep just might have some competition in 4A this year.

  1355. Mike A. says:

    Central Dauphin holds of Cumberland Valley at the CD 2 yard line to preserve a 20-14 victory. Claims first victory over CV in last 6 attempts. Great Mid Penn game.

  1356. Kevin X says:

    Hey guys, hope you don’t mind if I jump in here with some actual football talk.

    Western Wayne. Raise your hand if you have heard of this school if you’re outside of D2. Bet most of you have never heard of, let alone be able pin point the school on a map. Shout out and kudos to a 6-0 start to the 3A D2 school. Hope you guys can keep it up and continue rolling against the buzz saw portion of your schedule: North Pocono, Scranton Prep and Valley View over the next three weeks. But whatever the results, nice season guys regardless!!!

  1357. Frank G says:

    @ Bob Hines No, the great majority of the Jersey kids who go to SJP would not even consider Roman. Most would go to Bishop Eustace, Camden Catholic, Paul VI or Holy Cross. Some would go to a Jersey public school. SJP has always drawn a fair number of students, including football players, from Jersey. Roman has never had more than one or two here and there.

  1358. TomF says:

    Bob Hines, take a look at what schools Imhotep has had their star transfers come from…..St. joe prep, Father Judge, Archbishop Wood, West Catholic, Goretti as well as many good Public school football programs. Tep is nothing but a sports school and one of the worst schools academically in the City. Charter Schools in my opinion, have ruined Education in Philadelphia. Remember back in the day it was Frankford and North and no one complained about education, I miss those days.

  1359. Bob Hines says:


    No I didn’t take any exception to your post, sir. Your argument is sound and make sense. I was talking to the habitual complainers of the board who think they have the Philadelphia public schooling system all figured out. It’s just a bit more complicated than some people make it sound. Frustrates me to no end.


    Okay. That takes out two schools-SJP and LaSalle. Then they all go to Wood. Roman gets all the Jersey kids SJP does. Your “scholarship” solution isn’t going to change anything just change the hands in power.

  1360. TomF says:

    Brian, your quote is part of the problem-“Athletes in the philly area transfer from year to year. I’ve seen some talented play for 3 different teams in 4 years in the philly and Pittsburgh area” Multiple transfers is the 1st thing that should be outlawed in the PIAA

  1361. Buddy says:

    Imhotep is a Charter school. Not under the same rules that tax based public schools are.

    Hines: the kid can go to Gratz. If you live in south philly, and wanna go to Roxborough high, you can, & visa versa. No boundaries WITHIN PPL, and shouldn’t be. PIAA would never mess with that and won’t.

    NO, the kid from methacton should not be allowed to go to NP and play sports, unless he lives in NP area. If that was the case, NP would try to suck up all the talent in the area, from Souderton, Pennridge, Quakertown, CB West etc.

    They would be no better the SJP, LS and Wood. Actually, they probably would . But they would be just another “recruiting” school.

    BTW, been around public school football for 70 years

  1362. Frank G says:

    @ phillyboy You are assuming that there are scholarships given to students at the Prep based only on their athletic abilities. There are students who are key parts of the football team who receive no scholarships / financial aid because their families can pay the full tuition. And there are many, many students who don’t go near a football field who receive full or nearly full scholarships because their families don’t have much money. I’m not saying athletic ability / potential is not a factor in the amount of some students’ scholarships, but the amounts are less than many people think. For instance, a kid who’s a promising football player and who’s from a family with a modest income may pay $4K rather than $5.5K in tuition. (Full tuition is over $20K, and the $5.5 figure would be a result of an assessment of the family’s financial situation.) The family is still making a significant sacrifice to send their son to the Prep.

  1363. Run4daylight says:

    @phillyboy, your comments have so many under tones its crazy you hit the submit button.

  1364. Bob Hines says:

    Yeah Buddy I know how it works been around public league football over 50 years. I’m telling you why there will never be a boundary system in the public league. Too many moving parts. That kid should have every right to go to Gratz. Thing is I don’t care about the suburban public boundaries either. Let that kid go to North Penn if he wants.

  1365. mark d says:

    @Frank G you asked if people had a problem i said yes and why. i didn’t say i believed it to be true
    @neutral i think Valley view give them a tough game but they will get out coached prep 21-14

  1366. John Robert says:

    Scranton Prep does not accept transfer after sophomore year.

    I have been associated with that program for the last 6 seasons in that I have athletes that play.

    This year starters have ONE sophomore. The senior class have TWO three year letter winners. Most of the feeder schools are parochial where they DO not have junior high football programs, ergo, most kids in the Prep program start playing football ion 9th grade.

    While students at Scranton Prep may live in several different school districts.(19 to be exact) Most of these student athletes went to parochial elementary schools and middle schools.

    The coaching of these young men is truly the difference. Consistency! The same Freshmen Coaches for 10 plus seasons. Same coaching staff 8 seasons. my kids had the same coaches, none different.

    if they actively recruited , offered scholarships, they would be more powerful than a southern columbia, imothep , NG, name it. Especially since Scranton, West Scranton, Dunmore and Old Forge are within 10 miles of the school

  1367. phillyboy says:

    One thing that would end the talent advantage of the elite private teams is if they did not permit scholarships to be doled out for athletic purposes. There’s a lot of talented kids that would not attend SJP etc. if their family had to pay the tuition. The tuition is crazy expensive. That would solve the problem real quick. Even so, Prep would still be good but not SO dominant.

    Btw, I don’t care if it’s technically ‘financial aid’ or whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is that their is a major break on tuition that undoubtedly is very generous. And who is donating all the financial aid, a cadre of very rich alumni who want to “buy” championships? It’s cheesy, pure pepper jack.

  1368. Footballdad99 says:

    Bob Hines I hope you weren’t taking exception to my post. Read it, I said traditionally regarded border schools. This would include your philly public schools which while not having borders we can agree they are regarded as traditional public border schools. Now Imhotep may be in a different class, it is worth the discussion. Because it is a public school I would put them in the traditional border class though.The PCL schools I would not. The PCL teams I would all put in non-border category.

  1369. Buddy says:


    Including yourself.

    Again, apples to apples.

  1370. Brian says:

    Tom F you’re comparing apples and oranges. Athletes in the philly area transfer from year to year. I’ve seen some talented play for 3 different teams in 4 years in the philly and Pittsburgh area. You’re example of mt.carmel and southern Columbia doesn’t do justice for your point. MCA was a powerhouse and what has happened is the families have moved out of that district because the area is declining. So you’re seeing the parents that played for MCA moving into the SCA district. This isn’t recruiting or transferring. It’s relocating because of towns that are falling apart.

  1371. McD65 says:

    BOB HINES, well said thanks for making this topic more clear for some. Unfortunately there are many others that just don’t get it and never will.

  1372. David Mika says:

    District 3 is in the east……They are a east team playing in the west bracket.

  1373. Buddy says:

    @ Mika:

    Explain to me again why you rank CV in these standings. They will not be our eastern playoff picture.

  1374. Neutral Observer says:

    @ all of the D2 fans:

    Looks like a couple of big games this weekend!

    Williamsport @ Scranton

    Old Forge @ Riverside

    Valley View @ Scranton Prep

    Any predictions?

    I heard Scranton is pretty banged up so I’ll take the Millionaires (42-17).

    The good news for Riverside is all of the money/awareness they are going to raise for childhood cancer because I see Old Forge winning big (49-6).

    I think the explosive Valley View offense runs into a brick wall and Prep gets another shut out (28-0).

  1375. JoePa says:

    TOM F.

    Regarding public schools recruiting. If the PIAA would investigate the so called recruiting violations then this would be a mute point. Other wise if you have documented proof of recruiting violations then present your allegations or otherwise hold your thoughts to yourself. Or otherwise stick your head in the sand because nothing but speculation will continue under the money happy PIAA. They really do not have concerns until it affects their income stream.

  1376. Frank G says:

    @ mark d Does Scranton Prep recruit only athletes at other high schools? Do they recruit students at all grade levels, i.e. do they accept senior transfers? There’s a very big difference between getting a student here and there at the start of sophomore year and getting a handful of student-players at the start of senior or junior year. My understanding of Scranton Prep–I lived in Scranton for three years–is that they have to recruit potential students pretty aggressively to stay afloat.

  1377. Buddy says:

    @ Tom:

    Rumor has it was only 4. AND, they must have a residence in the school district.

    @ Hines:

    I believe it was conceded here that their are no boundaries WITHIN the city limits. So you whole point is moot.

    Another example, more apropo:

    You live in Methacton school district, you play football, their program pretty much sucks ( sorry methacton), so your neighboring district is NP, you wanna play for NP. Just go there right?

    YOU CAN’T. Gotta live in the district! So Hines, you gotta compare apples to apples.

  1378. mark d says:

    @FRANK G Many many people in the area have a problem with Scranton Prep.As in other places some claim they recruit from other schools in the area .

  1379. Jacob says:

    @ John C

    It worked when I looked at it but must have screwed up again. Here is another site that has the points up today.

  1380. Bob Hines says:

    Hate this argument but let me make a simple point. If every single student in Philadelphia went to the closest public high school they would be at a major disadvantage!! Imagine putting a superstar RB in the backfield of a Kensington or Strawberry Mansion. What a disservice that would be to that young man. So he decides to go to Imhotep where he has more than 20-30 on the roster and a line that can actually make ways for him against a team like Palumbo! Look you guys know absolutely nothing about how the city of Philadelphia works. Let me pose this to anybody who has made this ridiculous boundary argument:

    Your son is a superstar. You live at 2nd and Erie. Your local high school is Thomas Edison. They might have 18 guys on their roster. Horrible football. Your son can go to Gratz- not too far of a drive up and coming football program…but NO! We must keep the sanctity of the PIAA in tact! Give me a break. The boundary system means nothing to parents of these disadvantaged families in this city. Must be nice to live in a place where that isn’t a factor.

  1381. TomF says:

    Many public “non boundry” schools are just as bad as the privates when it comes to recruiting student athletes. North Penn-6 transfers this year for football, which I believe is more then Neaumann Goretti. Wilson West Lawn, for years they have been contacting athletes about “Moving in” to their SD for sports. Mt Carmel used to be the most dominant football team in the PIAA, now many kids are moving into the S. Columbia School District. It goes both ways, You won’t see a separation of Public and Private, some rule changes, yes, separation, no.

  1382. mark d says:

    @Jacob C and John Robert something up with the web site you go to football and you get field hockey standing !!!

  1383. Footballdad99 says:

    It’s all going to come do to a separation of traditionally regarded border and non-border schools. It’s just two different ways of operating (neither better or worse) with no real commonality between the two. I think this all takes time to evolve. It hasn’t been but what, 10 years since District 12 joined? And that event seemed to put a spotlight on the non-border teams and the way they operate. Maybe PIAA does nothing, but each year it seems to get clearer and clearer to most reasonable minded people that a separation may be beneficial for all.

  1384. CC says:

    @ Jacob C
    the piaa district 2 site under football and in your link opens field hockey standings instead of football

  1385. Route 54 says:

    What teams have a chance with SCA in the playoffs? SCA have a weak schedule.

  1386. John Robert says:

    @ Jacob C

    something must be up with their site…that link took me to Field Hockey NOT FOOTBALL/….thank you though

  1387. Frank G says:

    @jj D2 The boundaries would have to be more than “pretty strict” to do what some want them to do, i.e. prevent any kids from playing for a public school that isn’t nearest them. I’m curious: does anyone in NE PA mind that Scranton Prep has no boundaries? I know BECA faced lots of resentment 15 years ago or so.

    I understand the nostalgia for the time when communities marked off by geography supported local teams. But the Blakely Bears of 1960 are long gone and can’t come back. As Pennsylvania changes, there are going to be fewer and fewer “one high school districts” or districts in which students routinely go to the one high school whose boundaries include their homes. I can even imagine that at some point because of technological and population shifts that students in Scranton, say, could be enrolled in various schools around Lackawanna County–Abington Heights here we come! But that won’t be the case state-wide.

    In Philadelphia there are public high schools, e.g. Central, that have never had boundaries other than the city limits.

  1388. Buddy says:

    Anyone got D1 playoff points to date?

  1389. jj D2 says:

    @Frank G

    I don’t know about Pittsburgh, But there are 2 high schools in Scranton (West Scranton and Scranton) and the boundaries are pretty strict.

  1390. Jacob C. says:

    @ John Robert

    District 2 playoff points.

  1391. John Robert says:

    District 2 Fans…Where can one find the District 2 Points Standings …the website seems to be down the last few weeks

  1392. McD65 says:

    Run4 daylight, IMO the team that doesn’t commit too many penalties will have the edge. Both teams have not been disciplined thus far this year. NG has a big edge in talent ,so if they execute I think they win. This could be a very entertaining game if mistakes are kept to a minimum.

  1393. Frank G says:

    @ Buddy,

    I didn’t say all or most public schools don’t have boundaries, but it is true that some types of public schools, most obviously charters, don’t have boundaries in the usual sense. And to what extent is ANY public school in District 12 (the PPL) restricted in taking in students who live–or have some relation to an address–in the city of Philadelphia? And I wonder how firm are the boundaries in Pittsburgh or Scranton.

  1394. Kevin X says:

    @ Clark31c and D1 fans:

    Mark October 20th to your calendars, as C’Ville will be visiting D-Town East…….

    Nice three day HS football weekend ahead, kicking off Thursday with a slew of D1 games. Most notably a battle of unbeaten as Haverford visits Garnet Valley, and unbeaten CB South visits North Penn.

  1395. Kevin X says:

    Ahhh, so N-G found the recruiting loophole, they recruited the Head Coach, and maybe some of the staff!!! 🙂

    Seriously, If N-G was/is that guilty of recruiting violations, I really don’t see how the PIAA can turn a blind eye to the situation, as it is so well known. I just think the rules are pretty loosey goosey and need to be tightened up, if that is the way they want to go.

  1396. Cary says:

    Berks Catholic won easily over Lancaster Catholic but looked pretty sloppy with fumbles and penalties.

  1397. phillyboy says:

    @ Clark31c

    On the surface it would seem Downingtown East is the top dog in D1 but quite possibly Coatesville. Coatesville lost a tight one to Cumberland Valley. But CV is in the western bracket.

  1398. Run4daylight says:

    @MCD65 what do you think the keys of the game are between West Catholic vs Neumann?

  1399. Buddy says:

    @ Clark:


  1400. Clark31c says:

    Any thoughts on Downingtown East and the district 1 teams ? Who’s the best team in that district ?

  1401. McD65 says:

    Come on man, my comment regarding NG is based on watching them last week. Its not recruiting players are in fact choosing to go there because of the coaching change. I know because one of my old schools players transferred there due to this and was not recruited . They are going to be challenged this week by West Catholic so we should know more after this one.

  1402. Buddy says:

    @ Frank G:

    Wrong. public schools do have district boundaries.

    Do they stretch the rules on occasion? maybe.

    But the private ( & catholic) schools, don’t have any rules to stretch.

  1403. phillyboy says:

    @ Come on man!

    I love your passion, I hope they indeed make some common sense changes somehow in regards to the unlimited boundary issue. Then they’d get a total reality check: their cherry picking faux dominance would fade pretty quick.

  1404. Frank G says:

    @Come on man

    You say the state rep wants to do something in response to private schools “pulling kids from outside their boundaries.” News Flash: Private schools don’t have boundaries–and this is true for all of their students–and, increasingly, a good number of public schools don’t either.

  1405. MCA94 says:


    Absolutely agree. Mount Carmel and Shamokin have been getting worse and worse over the last 20 years or so. The families that have the means and want to stay in the area are moving to Elysburg and I cant say I blame them. Fact of life but unfortunate for MCA football. Jim Roth admitted this on coaches corner last year when asked about the MCA/SCA rivalry and what makes it so special. Looking at just this years roster, there are names of 3 kids whose fathers were athletes from MCA and 3 from Shamokin that I recognize. I can’t comment on rich/poor but I know some of their fathers were standout athletes at MCA/Shamokin and some of the kids are standout athletes already as sophomores at SCA. Southern already has a great system and the fact that they are getting so many of the best athletes from surrounding districts means they will be near impossible to beat in the forseeable future. MCA gave them a heck of a game this year with a roster number in the low 30’s- Score was only 15-7 with ~7 mins left. Coach Darrah and his staff are doing a great job with the numbers they are working with. They are playing tough, but unfortunately have no depth. Hopefully they can get the numbers up in the next few years.

  1406. Come on man! says:


    NG should be successful with all the recruiting they have done. Look for changes to be implemented for next year. PIAA has been taking a lot of heat from schools about NG situation. State rep from our area, he loves high school, is not satisfied with PIAA non response and is gathering support for changes with private schools being able to pull kids from outside their boundaries.

  1407. McD65 says:

    Neuman/Gorreti is putting it together .They will be a factor in AA .

  1408. Bobby d says:


    Just wondering, from your post it seems you’re saying mostly only rich kids go to SC. What’s the percentage of low income families that go to your school as compared to say Shamokin and Mount Carmel?

  1409. frankie mc dermott says:

    surprise that neshaminy walloped Truman 56 to 7..good news ex eagles mr hebron s twin sons carried 111 yards tyey are juniors

  1410. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy

    Owen Thomas played tonight. Played well, both sides the ball. Real nice catch on a 3rd and 24 with a little over 3 minutes to go to keep a drive alive that NP eventually scored on. He tho seemed to get banged up on that play and did not return. Thinking upper body issue.

    DePaul played QB the whole game. Henley not much a factor on offense. Two Int’s. on defense, the second one in the end zone to seal the game with less than a minute left.

  1411. Buddy says:

    @ Frank G:

    You’re right. That was a typo on my part. I meant 2003 ( when SJP was ranked 3rd in nation), NP wound up ranked 8th (nationally) that same year.

    One rabid PCL fan stated last year stated SJP would have beat NP by 3 or 4 Td’s that year.

    Nor sure about that. But as I’m sure you know, the word “fan” is short for fanatic.

    NP defense is their waterloo this year. Especially against run. They should get past CB South, then will run the table, make playoffs, but then will be in trouble I’m afraid.

  1412. Kevin X says:

    I believe that the CB South QB (Johns??) is injured and may be out for some time, if not the rest of the year. That’s a big blow for CBS going forward. A very uninspired win this afternoon at home against a Soudy team having a rough year so far.

  1413. frankie mc dermott says:

    good luck for neshaminy hs this afternoon against Truman

  1414. FridayNightLights says:

    Kevin and Buddy

    I agree that CB South is probably more talented. Both South and Pennridge will provide stern tests for the Knights. NP had had a lot of injuries so I don’t know who will be back, if anyone. NP better be ready for a tough, physical game tonight.

  1415. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy,

    Possible, not totally writing off CB South, but saw both them and Pennridge once so far, and more impressed with PR. Saw CB South last week @ CB East, first 4 or so minutes of the game thought I was watching the dark horse D1 6A champs, next 3 1/2 quarters not really impressed. Granted, the refs did not exactly have a stellar game either.

    Hoping for a good one tonight up at Perk.

  1416. bog says:

    @Fb fan 01 the league dunmore plays in is the lackawanna football conference. the league is divided into 3 divisions. dunmore is in division 3 because of size and classification. the league makes the schedule which consists of 9 games. dunmore has 1 open date to play outside the division. they play west scranton, a larger classification because west was always the thanksgiving day game,a traditional rival.

  1417. Buddy says:

    @ Friday:

    Here anymore about Owen Thomas? Or the QB situation?

    You’re right, we need Henley coming out of the backfield or receiving.

  1418. McD65 says:

    NCFALCONS, I agree that Roman should and could be a big factor if they can get a very good coaching staff. They have ben a major disappointment .Their football program should be able to mirror their basketball tradition.

  1419. BlkGld7 says:

    Sry for the late post but thx !!! Found it hard to believe rumors of 22 kids …As for other posts I read along the way , I would say the quips moved up voluntarily to aaa to dodge teams they knew they prob wouldn’t beat in the finals C bears A.. SC tigers AA..prob best shot was AAA at the time , highly doubt it was for better comp not to take anything from that great program .The way transfers are allowed in priv, chart, schools no one can say anything anymore about transfers to any public schools but I’d love to no how SoCo supposedly gets all these crazy transfers every yr . Name some names and you’ll be proven wrong SoCo just happens to be sandwiched between three towns that are getting worst by the day. The only available land or newer homes close to where they lived before is in southern territory , it’s the closest retreat where you can be still close to enough to family and your job . But still there isn’t any last minute transfers , the kids on the roster with the exception of one (2 yrs on team )have either bought built ( not rent ) and have been living there for at least six yrs or more FACT . Factor in a beautiful place to live , a storied FB program but where you are spending at least 200 grand on a home so yeh I’d be attracted to plant new roots in a school district where I would raise my kids till graduation and who has what few schools could only dream of ie. blue ribbon academic award (one of very very few in pa achieved) and storied FB program. As far as the cheat transfer excuse comments why southern is so good you need to check your facts cause it can be proven how long every kid has been living in this school district . But I’m not saying anything someone has already defended and yes believe what you want to believe . Ohh if the Vo-tech excuse was true SoCo would hide the couple kids there over from being single A the past 2 -3 yrs but I’m sure it’s just to get a rise out of someone . Ok Say someone is sensitive and yeh maybe , I hate seeing someone try to take away what high school kids put into there schools programs but jealousy is envy . Dunmore, old forge , mt. Carmel your tough great program as well , they got golden footballs to prove that…. weak schedules .. well that gets ya into playoffs easy but , still have to do the do to get to Hershey , so schools who have a weak schedule and not tested along the way but , still beat up everyone to Hershey what better statement can be made on what kind of program they have.

  1420. RC RED08 says:

    @NCFalcons82 I don’t know if we can assume that this will be his last year.
    As an alum I would be shocked if the school fired him.
    He would have to step down.

  1421. Frank G says:


    The year SJP was ranked #3 (by USA Today) was 2003. North Penn was the undefeated state champ that year, and there was much debate about whether SJP or NP was better.

    I think national polls and all the speculation about which states have the best teams are fairly meaningless. Some states allow spring practice. Some states have strict rules about transfers. In some states there is next to no attention paid to academic progress or achievement. The sizes of schools and the amount of resources devoted to sports (especially football) vary immensely.

    And even when schools travel across the country to play you have to wonder whether both teams are on an even playing field. Imagine having to take 40-50 15-17 year olds across the country and getting them settled (?) into hotel/motel rooms–they don’t travel like NFL players do. And then there are the refs and more than a few stories of teams on the road getting absolutely jobbed. Also , nearly all the inter-regional games take place in the first few weeks of the season. Results could be very different in November or December, especially if the weather is at all wintry.

  1422. Buddy says:

    @ kevin:

    Yea, Pennridge will be pumped for this game. Could be a close one.

    Actually, CB south, in my opinion, is a slightly more talented team then Pennridge.

    However, NP got CB South at home. Always helps.

  1423. Fb fan 01 says:

    Is holy cross in their division that they are mandated to play them? If not they get to schedule there own games so I can’t feel bad if they picked them up on their schedule.

  1424. Kevin X says:

    So can Pennridge take care of business and pull a mild upset at home tomorrow night, tripping up North Penn?? I think this is the last game NP will be challenged up to the semi’s of the D1 6A playoffs (NP, DTE, Garnet and C’Ville your final four). Not thinking CB South will be much of an issue next week.

  1425. NCFALCONS82 says:

    @RC RED08

    Assuming this is Coach Murphy’s last year at Roman Catholic. Are there any likely candidates to be the next HC? I still believe that Roman has the potential to be a great program.

  1426. bog says:

    tonight dunmore plays holy cross. in my opinion this is a waste of time for’s a waste for dunmore holy cross, and the fans. the score will probably be 21-0 in the first quarter,and jack henzes will have the 2nd and 3rd string playing.the fan turnout will be very low, hurting the groups trying to raise funds for the programs,and holy cross maybe gets practice and experience when dunmore plays it’s reserves. dunmore has played holy cross less than 10 times over the years. they have been pigeon holed into playing this schedule in co-operation with the lackawanna football conference and the piaa.with the 6 brackets it makes scheduling even more difficult. i am not sure what the answer is,but i know it hurts attendance. it also hurts the players. lets say you are a running back in your senior year. you have paid your dues and now you are a your opponent is holy cross. at dunmore,because coach henzes is a good sportsman,you will probably carry the ball 3 times and then you are sitting the remainder of the game because it’s a rout. so you lose the chance to really compete this week after putting your heart and soul into getting to this point. the same is true if you are on the opposite side,maybe you are feeling demoralized and wondering if all the practice is worth it. my attention here is not to blame,but maybe to find a better way. thank you.

  1427. Buddy says:

    I believe CB West was ranked 3rd in the late 90’s. I think SJ prep hit that same # in 2007.

    Prep was #13 last year ( depend what poll). I think they deserved top 10 though.

    You never know . These football factories down south and out west are just that.

  1428. phillyboy says:

    @ Michael

    I agree, Wood or even Prep would have their hands full against Mater Dei but who wouldn’t? They’re currently the #1 ranked team in the nation. The Philadelphia region has never had a #1 ranked high school football team — although I personally think the ’98 CB West team was worthy of it.

  1429. Neutral Observer says:

    What’s up with the fake “NeutralObserver”??? I have a space in my name.

  1430. Michael says:


    Wood only beat Bergen Catholic by 6 winning 27-21; while Mater Dei wins 62-14

  1431. mark d says:

    Thanks Neutral for some reason i thought it was Pottsville The reason was, i dont think they would have handled any 1 of the other schools in the eastern conference playoff !!!!

  1432. NeutralObserver says: