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Class AA, AAAA Finals Time Change

Written by: on Friday, December 18th, 2009. Follow Jeremy Varner on Twitter.


Due to the snowstorm heading for the east coast the Class AA & AAAA games for Saturday have been moved up.

Class AA now scheduled for 10am kickoff

Class AAAA now scheduled for 2pm kickoff

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2 Responses to “Class AA, AAAA Finals Time Change”

  1. LSCHS says:

    What a disgrace that the PIAA is making these kids play in these conditions!!!! These kids have waited a lifetime for this game!

    No matter who wins; you won’t know who the better team is!

    These games should have been pushed back to tomorrow; AFTER the storm, not played DURING a storm!

    Disgraceful PIAA!

  2. LSCHS says:

    Nice that they made an early move; hopefully, if they need to push back to Sunday, they’ll do that very early Saturday!

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