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The General steps away

Written by: on Thursday, December 4th, 2008. Follow Frank Kastreva on Twitter.

Facing health issues, coach Curry retires

By Frank Kastreva,

George Curry, Pennsylvania’s winningest high school football coach has officially retired from the game he loves.

The 64 year old football legend, who is known for guiding the Berwick Bulldogs to six state titles along with national accolades will not walk the sidelines anywhere according to his resignation delivered to Wyoming Valley West Athletic Director Sandy Mackay on Wednesday, December 2, 2008.

The resignation states: “This decision is very painful and difficult for me, since it will not only mark the end of coaching at Wyoming Valley West, but also the end of my coaching career.”

The letter also states Curry’s retiring is based solely on health issues, but does not go in to what those issues may be.

Curry is a very private person and of course does not want his health issues blotted all over the local papers and the world wide web, for that matter.

Curry has coached for three years at Wyoming Valley West after leaving Berwick, putting the Dawgs’ football program in the lime light. Why Curry left the Berwick football program was never printed and to some still a mystery, but the private Curry surely had his reasons.

After coaching the Spartans, Berwick’s fiercest rival, for three seasons with a record of 26-8 and qualifying for the playoffs all three years. Curry will no longer be making the route 11 trip up river each day. Instead, he will be enjoying the comforts of home with his family in a place he has always called home, Berwick.

Not coaching football will be Curry’s toughest challenge, next to his health issues. Coach has been walking the sidelines for 42 years, accumulating 413 victories while touching the lives of countless people, myself included.

It has been a pleasure for many to watch him teach, coach and just plain enjoy football and his energy put forth to the game and the student athletes that play it.

Curry’s successor at Valley West will be assistant coach Pat Keating, whom finished his first year at Valley West. Keating is a 1996 graduate of Wyoming Valley West and was named head coach shortly after Curry’s resignation.

After writing on George Curry’s career at Berwick and then at Valley West, I have had the privilege of watching one of the games finest teachers. Not just of football, but life itself. Curry instills that in everyone he touches, its just an ora about him. He is a leader and a damn good one.

When Curry left Berwick in November of 2005, I remember after the press conference, sitting on the turf of Crispin field just taking it all in.

I was just recalling all the games and memories. The stadium was empty, but the memories rushed back. It certainly felt like there was 10,000 fans awaiting the Dawgs to take the field to the sound of the siren while “The Cat” awaited for them on the sidelines.

And I thought………..Why does it have to end?

Just as coach surely feels right now!

For George it was time to come home and enjoy family, for me its time to come home and write and what Curry started. Non other then the tradition of Berwick Dawgs’ Football.

See all you Dawg fans on media day 2009. I will be the guy with the #3 ND Jersey, just keeping the tradition ALIVE!

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8 Responses to “The General steps away”

  1. Lenard Butzke says:

    I wanted to make an impression at a household reunion and recall the names of all of the new husband’s household members. There was one gent whom I’d asked his name and tried quite to keep in mind but failed repeatedly. Finally he bailed me out and mentioned his name was Dick. With out a thought I swiftly mentioned, “Gosh, how could I forget? You *look* like a ‘Dick’!!!”

  2. Deb says:

    growing up in berwick, we all respected and loved the coach… both of my kids also grew up in the coach curry era at Berwick/played in the band and just loved the fall season…thanks coach you are the greatest

  3. jamee says:

    george curry was an absoulte great coach for berwick.he put berwick on the map year after year from great championship wins.he coached great players out of berwick like ron powlus, bo orlando,tom robsock,jake kelchner,lance evina the list goes on and on thanks for the great memories coach curry bulldog fan.

  4. tony says:

    how much i did not like being a cougar fan, i did have respect for him. he was one of the greatest coaches around this area and it will be a little weird not seeing him on the opposite side. he should go on and coach notre dame like he was offered years ago. they certainly need his style out in south bend because as long as weis is there they are not going anywhere

  5. Former DEHS Cougar says:

    I know it says there it’s a mystery why he left Berwick to go to their biggest rival, but does anybody here have any insight into that?

  6. brad says:

    Very nice and hats off to coach curry for being a very good coach and a person to all them kids and to the winningest coach in PA good job and i no curry still has hes heart with the bulldawgs and still wonts to be with the blue and white.and we all hope george gets better

  7. AJunky says:

    Well written, well said!

  8. Keith says:

    Okay, let me be the first to say yes Coach curry did bring a winning legacy to Berwick football, agreed, and he did win. However he didnt’ start the Berwick football tradition. That spanned way before George Curry. It started in the days of the Stenkos, Ratamess,Dipippa’s, and Melchiorre’s. Berwick football was long a tradition before George Curry and it will be one long after George Curry. He has his place in the lore that is Berwick Football..