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2019 Team Previews: Pottstown Trojans (1)

Written by: on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jeff Delaney

Assistant Coaches: Levert Hughes, Mike Santillo, Todd Wallace, Madison Morton, Michael Hewitt, Herb Beekley, Steve Irick, Tyler Zilen, Anthony Wiggins Sr., Gary Allan, Eric Santiago, Robert Purnell

Team Name: Pottstown Trojans

2018 Record: 6-6

Twitter: @trojansofphs

Hudl Highlights:

Key Starters Lost: Destyn Snyder (OL/DL)m Nehemiah Figueroa (DB/Slot)

Offensive Starters Returning: (8)

Sr. OT Cole Miller, 6-3, 275
Sr. G David Hicks, 6-0, 230
Sr. OT Matt Walker, 6-2, 260
Sr. QB Josiah Wiggins, 5-9, 185
Sr. TE Jorge Mundo, 6-1, 225
Sr. RB Daniel Darden, 5-9, 170
Sr. RB Dereck Darder, 5-9, 180
Jr. WR Jahzeel Watson, 6-4, 190

Defensive Starters Returning: (8)

Sr. DT Daiwik Phillips, 6-4, 280
Sr. C/S Josiah Wiggins, 5-9, 185
Sr. DE Jorge Mundo, 6-1, 225
Sr. SS Jon Oister, 5-10, 180
Sr. C Daniel Darden, 5-9, 170
Sr. LB Dereck Darden, 5-9, 180
Jr. FS Jahzeel Watson, 6-4, 190
Sr. LB Ezra Figueroa, 5-11, 190

Special Team Starters Returning: (2)

Sr. Punter Jon Oister, 5-10, 180
Sr. Snapper Ezra Figueroa, 5-11, 190

Key Newcomers: (9)

Sr. C Zachary Griffin, 5-9, 200
Sr. T/G Sensair Wesley, 5-10, 215
Sr. LB Bob Richards, 5-9, 175
So. RB Malachi Neely, 5-10, 190
Fr. DB Joneil Oister, 5-9, 165
Fr. LB Jared Hewit, 5-9, 175
Fr. G/C Gary Allan, 5-10, 215
Fr. TE Gabe Hicks, 6-1, 175
Fr. K John Cipollini, 5-9, 165

Key Stats: New coaching staff, not sure what to put.

2019 Offensive Outlook: We return 9 starters but will be learning a new offense and will need the defense to keep us in the game early in the season. We need to be able to throw the ball consistently and control the LOS. We will also need some of the younger players to step up and play.

2019 Defensive Outlook: We return 9 starters on defense. Some positions may have changed but they are a seasoned group who will need to step up early in the season.

2019 Special Teams Outlook: Focus on the kicking game. We return our punter and long snapper but need to develop a solid kicking game that is consistent.

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