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Ofcharsky Scores 6 Times on Homecomming

Written by: on Sunday, October 26th, 2008. Follow Eric Galko on Twitter.

It’s amazing that such a terrible day for a high school homecoming could end up being one of the seniors best games ever. The ending score, 40-21 Abington Heights over Tunkhannock, doesn’t reflect the domination that the Comets had over their opponents. The game of football, especially in high school, is a team effort. The combined play of the extremely talented offensive line and lead blockers, and the speed and deep play ability of Eric Ofcharsky was fun to watch, even if the weather made the game almost not-bearable.

The rain soaked the bleachers and fans, but everyone who stayed the course and watched the game was in for a real treat. It was obvious from the first quarter how the game was going to play out. Arguably one of the best offensive lines in Eastern Pennsylvania, they dominated upfront once again. The two tackles, Senior Colin Bremer and Sophomore Morgan Craig did a great job at maneuvering the defensive ends to create gaping wholes. The guards, Juniors Evan Craig and John Price, did a great job at dominating the defensive tackles and the blitzing linebackers. And, finally, Sophomore center Adrian Brunori did a great job in his pass protection and has shown that although he is still young, he can be a great leader for this extremely talented offensive line.

The Tunkhannock team tried to keep up with Abington, but in the rain and at “the Pit” (Abington’s home field), the Eric Ofcharsky show was too much for coach Bernadelli. The team, however, did show many signs of improvement. One, they never gave up, trying to score late in the game even though it was almost out of reach. Two, they had some big plays and decent drives. Big plays are somewhat luck in high school, but having consistent drives is what makes teams go to the postseason. The Tigers looked better on offense than in years past, and could have a big surprise season in store next year.

The Comet show was, once against, dominated by the backfield, with Eric Ofcharsky doing his best “Boobie Miles” (running back from the movie “Friday Night Lights”) by scoring¬†4 touchdowns in the first half, 6 overall. Ofcharksky has outperformed almost every running back he’s faced this year, and his great agility, leadership, and some major help from that athletic offensive line, this team could be one of Abington’s best in the past 4 years or so. It should be interesting to see come playoff time if that will be the case.


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