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Pottsgrove Exacts Revenge on Bayard Rustin 21-14

Written by: on Saturday, November 21st, 2009. Follow Paul Dale Plattenburg on Twitter.


It was a game that Pottsgrove put on their schedule exactly 364 days ago. It was a game they pointed to all year. They did not want to lose to the same team in the same round on their home turf two years in a row.

In the end, all the hard work, blood sweat and tears paid off as Pottsgrove defeated Bayard Rustin 21-14 at Falcon Field on Friday Night.

“We put this game on the schedule last year,” said Pottsgrove Head Coach Rick Pennypacker. “We knew we were going to meet them at some point this season.”

Preston Hamlette’s four yard touchdown run with 8:02 left in the game and two point conversion run that capped a 27 yard 10 play drive that gave Pottsgrove (12-0) the 21-14 lead. Hamlette, who was stellar on defense all night entered the game when Fullback Kayvon Greene left the game with an injury. The Falcons converted two fourth down plays on the drive. The Falcons got the ball on the 27 when Terrell Chestnut returned a Rondell White punt to the Rustin 42 and was hit late out of bounds.

“You can’t give a good football team like that short fields to work with,” said Rustin Head Coach Mike St. Clair. “We just couldn’t overcome that.”

Rustin (11-1) got on the scorboard first just three plays into the game as Rondell White went 66 yards for the touchdown. Will Mau’s first of two extra points gave the Golden Knights a 7-0 lead. White finished the night with 122 yards on 18 carries but other than the long touchdown run, was held in check most of the night.

The Falcons answered right back as Chestnut hit Angelo Berry with a 27 yard touchdown pass with 4:07 to play in the first quarter. Zack Robinson’s extra point tied the game at 7-7. It was the first score the first team defense of Rustin had allowed all season.

Pottsgrove then took a 13-7 lead as Chestnut went over from the 1 that ended a 62 yard 10 play drive with 6:21 left in the second period. Maika Polamalu caught a 30 yard pass from Chestnut and the drive was aided by two personal foul penalties committed by Rustin.

Rustin regained the lead with 53 seconds to play before halftime as Rondell White scored his second touchdown of the game on a four yard run.  Rustin recovered a fumble on the Falcon three yard line but again, another personal foul penalty set the ball back to the 18 yard line.

Whatever Pennypacker told his kids at halftime, it sure did work.

In the second half, it was Pottsgrove wearing Rustin down, not the other way around.

“The game was won on our offensive line,” said Pennypacker. “We looked at Rustin on film and we were just amazed at their physicality. We knew we had to be physical in this game if we wanted to win.

Rustin got the ball back with just over two minutes to play and had one last chance but a fourth down pass to Rondell White just fell off his fingertips and the Maroon and White started celebrating.

With the win, Pottsgrove now plays Interboro,  a 33-19 winner over Owen J. Roberts probably on Saturday because they have a Thanksgiving date with newly crowned District One Class A Champion St. Pius X of Pottstown.

“We’ll worry about it on Monday,” Pennypacker said. “We’re just going to enjoy this tonight.”

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13 Responses to “Pottsgrove Exacts Revenge on Bayard Rustin 21-14”

  1. YO says:

    that game was bull rustin deserved the win by ten miles

  2. MeetMeInTheTrenches says:

    “Pottsgrove win a district title before you talk.”


  3. KP says:

    “Never leave a game close enough for a ref do decide the outcome” Joe Paterno. So with that in mind, Rustin fans, do you need some tickets to the game this week?

  4. RecentGroveAlum says:

    I played on last years team that lost to Rustin and I just want to say way to win it for the Grove boys! Also to those who want to complain about penalties, Rustin was assessed 6 personal fouls. You have to call those or the field turns into a brawl and people get hurt after the whistle.

  5. footballfan says:

    they did lose because of penalties. pottsgrove got yardage handed to them. rustin fought for everything that they got if it wasnt for the refs pottsgrove would be sitting at home this weekend. Rustin hands down is better then pottsgrove everybody in the stae knows that. Pottsgrove win a district title before you talk. It took rustin three years to do it. its taking you guys 30+ years.

  6. Emmy Mark says:

    and for those who say they lost because of fouls, watch the game film.

  7. Trojan Fan 2 says:

    GO pottsgrove great game but one thing that bothers me me is all the flags the refs pulled out druing this game. I am a retired Referee and to see so many calls go one way was upsetting. I am sad to see our trogans win this way. They should feel good that they won but it was handed to them by the refs in this game. All around rustin did play a little better but no calls went their way. But good luck pottsgrove lets get us a real win

  8. PennFootball says:

    That game was like watching a movie. I have never seen referees that slanted against one team. Ball positioning, random penalties, it seemed the referees had one team already penciled in to win the game…

  9. Pottsgrove Alumni says:

    Way to go Falcons! My wife works in the Rustin School district and it makes me proud to be able to stick it to her that my falcons beat Rustin. Way to go boys, just play your game and stay loose. have fun at it.

  10. Trojan Fan says:

    As a Pottstown Trojan fan I loved it!! A very good game and a huge win for the Falcons and the Pac 10.”The Grove” was a big underdog in this game. Rustin punted the ball all but seven times this year. As big( I mean HUGE) and fast as Rustin was it was Pottsgrove’s quickness, conditioning, toughness and a few bone jarring hits that eventually wore Rustin down.Pottsgrove never let White get outside and continually shot the gaps. Rustin was frustrated and completely shutdown in the second half. As a matter of fact besides the long run on the 3rd play of the game and a TD off a Pottsgrove turnover on it’s own 4yrd line with 53 go Rustin really didn’t do anything. As Rollie noted previously “undiscipline” penalties hurt Rustin in this game but not as much as “The Grove”. They’re playing St.Pius( Dist 1 “A” Champ)Thurs. Hope they have something left for Interboro.
    P.S. What is nice is the support we have for one another in the PAC-10. Nice to see a lot of Pac-10 fans supporting Pottsgrove. Pottstown, St. Pius, Pottsgrove are literally brothers with each school separated by a mere 5 mins.(If that!) Go Grove!!! You make the Pac-10 proud of you!!

  11. Mike says:

    Wow dude, not a very gracious winner are you??

  12. Mark says:

    You are correct Rollie- I also have never seen so many penalties called one way. Refs had to much say in the outcome of this one. Schedule- I believe WC Henderson and Unionville are tougher then any one on Pottsgroves schedule.

  13. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Pottsgrove put a whuppin on them. Rustin must not have played a hi level of competition. Their 1st team “D” didn’t give up a TD all year & Pottsgrove hung 3 TDs on them & moved the ball really well all night. Rustin’s kids lacked poise. I’ve never seen so many Personal Fouls & Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties from a championship caliber team. They were mouthing off all night…& Pottsgrove was content to take 15 yds every time Rustin gave it. Lets just hope Pottsgrove didn’t leave it on that field & gives Interboro a good game.

Paul Dale
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