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Shootworks LLC is proud to offer and Shootworks Photography as products and services to our customers. We are honored to serve the image needs of all of our customers in all facets of their life. We believe that high quality service should be available to each and every customer when it comes to personal image needs. We promise to use the top equipment, top processing, top service, and top customer service to each and every customer.

We here at BIGUPS understand that fundraising is a vital part of most sports and social organizations. We are here to help, with 3 BIGUPS options that will greatly benefit your organizations.

BIGUPS Option 1

Introducing MiniBigups, a removable wall graphic just like BIGUPS and Fathead but the size of a sheet of paper. MINI BIGUPS are perfect for your School, Church, or Team fundraiser. The best part about the Mini BIGUPS is the Mini price only $4.50 each. We can turn your image, mascot, message, or logo in to a Mini Bigups in under 2 weeks. Mini Bigups are usually offered as a fundraiser for $7-$10 dollar price which most supporters see as a steal. Lets do the math, if you order 100 MiniBigups for 350 and sell them for 7.00 each you will net back you investment + 350.00. If you were to sell them for 10.00 each you would net back your initial investment + 650.00.

The more MINIBIGUPS you order the better the value:


Count             Price

50 –  500  $ 4.50  each

501 – 1000 $ 3.75 each

1000 – 2500 $ 3.00 each

2500 10,000. $ 2.75 each

10000 and up $ 2.00 each

Successful steps for a profitable sports fundraiser

  1. Select a fundraising program like minibigups
  2. Planning session – Set financial goals, fundraising time frame (we recommend 2 weeks for a fundraiser) and make sure you stick to the set time!
  3. Alert community about fundraiser.
  4. Promote fundraiser through parent letters, posters and community announcements.
  5. Hold a “kick-off” rally, which educates the kids on the fundraising programs, and build enthusiasm to reach fundraising goals.
  6. Start the fundraiser!
  7. Monitor progress and provide encouragement and incentives to keep the kids motivated.
  8. Once the fundraiser is complete, collect the order forms and money.

  9. Set time and place for student and parents to meet to pick up delivered products. Have parents and teachers to volunteer to help distribute product in an orderly fashion.
  10. Check for damaged products and any mis-orders and make the necessary arrangements with the fundraising company for replacements.
  11. Have they student deliver their products that they sold. A personal thank you letter by the students can’t hurt.
  12. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and start thinking of ways on improving your next fundraiser.

We look forward to serving your image needs

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